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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 21, 1952
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PAGES TODAY 10 Read by over 25,006 Doily IOCAI FORECAST -- 'lv firvj cr)n!in:iM w.i.-in io ter-Iav 'Jl. low TJ. ! 1 a i.j. loday S3. Si nnsr ^ O". lunsrt I 3(, The Public Interest Is Tfce first Concern Of This Newspaper /OLUME 90, NUMBER 283 Associated Press Leased Wiro FArETTEVIUE. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 21, 1952 AP, Kirg and NEA Features PRICE FIVE CENTS Industrialist Of Italy Is Guest !n Fayetfeville . Works In Interest Of Democracy's Spread Abroad Baxter Honored By Friends Filipino Troops Beat By TED R. WYLIE Fayet-eville has been host this ] 1 week to an important Italian in-1 diistrialist, who also is a philoso- i pher. Quiet, unassumng and i hard working, Adriano Olivetti, I who m a n u f a c t u r e s typewriters, employing about 6.000 persons in j factories near Turin, Italy, is here i in the interests of helping demon- j racy grow and thrive in his na- ; tire country. ' Mr. Olivetti is in Fayettcvillc as the result of a year and a half j of study abroad by Dr. Frederick i George Friedmann, professor o f , philosophy in the University. Dr. · Friedmann met the Italian indus- tralist while the professor was on ! a Fulbright scholarship in Eu- ! rope. Both being interested in t h e . expansion of democracy in t h e . L. L. Baxter, president of the Arkansas Western Gas Companv, re- European countries, they became ! c c j V P 3 a p i n que from Clint Waldcn. at the Favcttsville Country" Club friends and fellow workers. And i i _, -iohi Mr. Olivetti is here in th? interest, " of a program he is pushing -- | that of extending the principles of j democracy in individual commu- · nitirs in Itsly. I There is need for the growth of democracy in Italy, if is to continue there, believes. In recent loca in Italy, Mr. Olivetti p. democracy received 51 per cent of : ' T T _ . , , , ., t h e v o t e . A n d , it national elections' L - L ' B a x t c r ' wesiter.t of the Arkansas Weslrrn Gas Company (Puska TIMESKOTOj e g i u w i n 01 j SliiGas Company At Dinner Session points out,! · * of Faycttevillc since 1943. and a on H@3rs were to be held tomorrow, IK t h i n k s democracy would come out country-wiJe about the same -- resident of this area j=inec 1332. with more than half of the vote. I was honored last night ;it the Fjy- Dui. he is concerned over what ; e'.'.eville C o u n t r y C l u b by his will t a k e place in the next throe friends from this and other sec- or four years. Both Communism : tinns of the state. Speakers paid and Fascism have much support, l r i b u t c , to B a x t c r f o r his E C rvicc ! and men and women in both I lo the nor thv/est area and lo t h e : movements a.-n cxceedmgy a c - : , , r A - 1 live. It is Mr. Olivetti's aim to see, · J t l l l c OI A l A t d h ' j t h a t democracy keeps up with, or j A plaque commemorating t h e ; Little Rock-(/P;-A Little Rock exceeds, these other two forms I occasion was presenter! by C l i n t ! i y w yor, \\-avne Upton is a sperial in its expansion. H must not i Waldcn, presiding chairman, a ^ ! commissioner' for the Arkansas only hold iis own he believes but the conclusion of a short program ! 3 u . )rt ,-, lo c o u r t j n O ic 'c'ise in- make headway against the other v/hich followed serving of a b u f f e t two ideologies if it is to succeed, dinner. Marshall Aid Helps , ^ T .' ,,, . , , A s M r . Olivetti explains the' ' J f 1011 f t t ^son iiitruaUL-ed o , . . . . situation, the Marshall plan aid : nu 2 lbei ; °- distinguished Eucsts. . c:»se before the court t h a t involves has done a great deal for his c o u n : ;md tlclcga'-iuns from neighborine . an earlier purchasing law. t;-y. "But you can't solve all the i tov.-ns. following invocation by t h e : Upton r:iid today he called the problems with m a t e r i a l aid atone," ,Rev. D. L. Dykus, Jr. C. H. Zachiy, situation to the a t t e n t i o n or the the way he puts it. "You need '· pieskient of the Southern Union ccuri v/hen it designated him Act Cose volvins "n net io regulate s t a t e ' pr.rehnsiiifi. He also is a member of a law f i r m participating ' WickardWill Speak Here Julyl Ozarks Cooperative Members To Hear ! REA Administrator I REA A d m i n i s t r a t o r C l a u d e I Wicknrci will be the principal · sonakcr at t h t annual member- I Klii[) moetin^ J u l y 1 of the Ozarks i Rural Klcrtrir Cooperative, it was ' announced today by Manager .·Chester F. Williams. Wickard will address the crowd of cooperative members before heading for ths dedication of Bulls Shoals dam by President Truman July 2. at M o u n t a i n Home. The co-op meeting will be held at the Fair Grounds. The program will open at S) a.m., with registration nf members, nn appliance display, demonstrations by 4-H .clubs, home economists and rales engineers, and a puppet show. A f t e r lunch, served by Washington County home demonstration clubs, the afternoon session | will get und?r way with opera- 1 tonal reports by the co-op man- ajjer and officers, and election of · a Board of Dircctorr-. Wjcknrci's speech will hishliaht the afternoon program. A f o r m e r 1 secretary of agrieluture in t h e ' , Roosevelt cabinet, he became head of ihc R u r a l Electrification A d - . m i n i s t r a t i o n in 1945. It was Wickard who approved a S10.50U.OOO loan IH m o n t h s ago for the construction of a co-oprra- live-owned steam Rencrating p l a n t ; at O/jrk and a transmission l i n e ' network to carry the power to three North A r k a n s a s co-ops, including the FaycUeville group.! The case i;, in the courts as the result of opposition. ; Miss Faycfteviile Is Selected | finalists last night IB the Miss FayotU'villc content were I r f l 1o r i g h t : ' i Hiss Rosalie Bent, FoyeUevillc, second place; Mary K l i / a h e l h CJani- ! We, Kayettcvilli, third place; Joan H i l l . West Fork; I'al Kelly. J-'av- j e l l e v i i l e ; Nurma Kennon. Fnycttcvlll' 1 ; Mary C l a i r Massey, Monticcl- i In; ficberta Massey. Tulia, Texas: Pal Monre. Kaycltevillc; Miss Fay- , ! e t t e \ i i ! c ; Bernadinc Strickland, .SpriM!daIr. Ai i-ip,hl, MI:;S Mooic i:o^e3 after announccjncnt ot her n w a i d . il'uska TIMLSFOTO) Miss Pat Moore Is Winner Of Beauty And Talent Contest Appeal Near Miss Mason Winner At Bentonville better idoas as well as food for Ihe stomach, and arms for t h e Gas Cunpi'.ny of Dallas, Texas, L-or.imi.-.'-ioner, but t h a t he v.*is spoke on "L. L. Baxter. Ihc Busi- · appointed a n y w a y . military." He t h i n k s it is nncessary nKsman." and Thud Rim-Jen, Jr., Uplon is hearing iostimony for · to implement_ tho economic _aids spn i LC , , m .. L _ L Baxter, the Em- HIL court in an action tiled Mayor Contest To High Court yet catastrophic." Mr." Olivetti the utility pi^sideni, ami nctcil puints out. He says the nation can the numerous rcrvlccd he l:at. i,i\en "be saved' 1 by new ideas, by new to the area a;:d t!;e state, forms of democratic organization.! Baxter n-.adc a short t a l k of ap- and he feels that w a s must bL., p r c c i a t ] o n f o r [h(? honoj . paid \ Q I Jnm, a f t e r accepting 'he plague found to channel support to the partie:: which represent democ- f r j c y . He feels there should be decentralization as a means of cn-nbatting t h e tremendous power of bureaucracy. He would do this by giving the people a chance to take part in local democracy. Mr. Olivetti not only makes from the master ot cc; cmonic-s. Here !iO Years Baxter came here 20 years ago from Dallas, Texas, ns district manager of the Arkansas Western Gas Company, \vhich then h a d , about i.VUO customers. Today the o n u t l e lishing business. He is the author j° v c r ;1 finally expanded area, he of two books, "Political Order O f j b e ' a m c president of the concern Communities," and "Society. State ^ ' n i3 ' 53 - and last night outlined and Communities." He also pub-; his philosophy when he, said "1 lishes a magazine. Helps Employes The industrialist i:; known widely for the labor-management relations he has sponsored. In 1932 he established a fund to give his believe in work.' Speakers \vere ouick tn point out last night in Hit it talks that the company's expansion lias co about m a i n l y ihraugh the u n t i r i employes a measure of focinl so-| c f f o r t s ° r tnc president. eurity practically unknown to Since he became president, the other Italian enterprses. As one company has developed the W h i t e appeal for writer has put it: i Oak field in Franklin County, whether inn November. 1; the petitions are voider!, tiie act beco;.ie.s effective without, being passed on by the volors. V a l i d i t y of the ;;ct itself, which was pu.'.heci t h r o u g h the legisla- t u r e by lorccj of Governor Mc- M ^ i h , is r.ot j n v c i l v e d . U p t n j ] v.'iil not m a k e the dci. 1 !- sinn in t!:o matter. Dut he w i l l m a k e a report to the Supreme Court, \vhich w i l l c'cride the ca; - e. The e f f o r t to vmci the potilion is hacked by the M c A l a t h a d m i n i s t r a t i o n , and one of the lawyers rc.-piTSP'itiMfj the iidministratio:i is Fred Piokens, Jr., of Newport. In the case involving Ihc earlier pur- ' chnsin.': -- of 194.'! -- Pirkens' and Upton':; lav; firms are on the same .side. The earlies lav: s Act 211 of ifH.i w j u r l j . oiher t h i n r r , i'nrbub state (ir!ici : ;ls to yell lo the ytate. T\vo suits nrc p e n d i n g be! ore i h r Supreme Court on a deter::iin;iliun of cr this act isiembrrs "Thanks to this fund, the work- which 'supplies n a t u r a l gas dh- " f hon r . i r v boanl.s i-an in.ike sales man was not forced to fall into tnbutcri by the company in N o r t h 1 1 " r-tat« d r n n r t p i c n t s o\ er which debt to pay for a funeral; nor for a n r i W est" Arkansas. " t h e i r hoards have no J lie is a native of Ashhnd, I 1 Texas. and timu Mc- lack of money was he prevented from visiting a parent stricken in some distant village or city. = Mothers were provided with beri-.,' vei ' sny Ol mattrcfses, shoes for their chil- t: j l ] R»t school. dron, and no family was left with- 'served as football coach in out wood for the winter; orphans Lci:i. Texas, Hi^h School. and widows received assistance; LJ:i.\tcr is a director of the Amer- and no one was forced to return In Ins job while weak from an ili- ness." Kew houses were built for tho workers, s kindergarten for the ;ipervjyiun. an a t t o r n e y for .some .e of the U n i - board members in one s u i t ; Up- Hc formerly Ion's f i r m in another. Upton said at one l i m u t h a t h", h i i n s e l f , li;:s t,-kt?n no part. The !iti;:ation n\-er the twu law.-, is no', fl;rrcl!- cAimec'.cd, but if tho IP-i!) l e g i s l a t i o n becomes cf- f e t l i v e . it w o u l d repeal the 1943 a r t . children was established, a plan v/as set up for expectant mothers Sleamlincr DcraHed Chic;tj:o-//Pl-Thirty persons suf- k:;:!i G;is Association and past p i f s i d o i i l of t h e Southern Gas As- POfi.'iLJ' n. For the pnr-t two he has been one of tho leading contenders for the honor "Man of Ihe South." l i e is a d i r o r t o r of tho to"take"a leave of 'absence! Resources and Develop- fcrc-d minor injuries last night prepare good technicians for tlu! 1 '"TM! Commission, president of the ' wnon (wo coaches of a Chicago factories, children of employes F;!.v('"cvi!!c I n d u s t r i a l Founrtn- ;:nd N o r t h Western R a i l w a y are sent lo a school, the more tinn and ;i director anri p;;st prosi- .^troamlinor wore derailed d u r i n g gifted to receive scholarships and dent of i h c Fayctteville Chamber r w i t c h i n j r operations in the North allonri the university. nf fnmmercr. W r ^ l r r n Station If Mr. Olivetti can continue -·- _ . . . . . _ _ ^vHh his works t h r o u g h o u t coin- From Eight European Countries In This Area To Study Poultry Industry Attorneys for Arthur B. Davidson, , automobile salesman and former ' sheriff, said today they will f i l e an anpeal wlh the Supremo Court, seeking reversal of a Washington . County Circuit Court decision against Davidson in his f i g h t to be named Fayetteville mayor, i Davidson was a write-in can, didate against Mayor Powell M. Rhea. the Democratir nominee, in last November's general election. He received more votes than did Rhea. But in an election contest suit Judge Maupin Cummings ruled the write-ins were not valid. The decision, handed down February J , 1952, followed months of court struggle and one appeal ,^o the high court by Davidson. Davidson was given 120 days to perfect his appeal. The time will expire J u l y 5. Attorneys for Davidson said today preparations for the appeal are complete. Arkansas Girl Drowns In Colorado River, Colo.-l/Ti-A IS-yc.'ir-oUl n i y t h c v i l l c Ark.. R i r l tlrmvm-d m the KryiiiK Pan R i v r r .-i m i l e c:ir.'. of IM.TC yesterday, bm ;i coin- pnniiui \v:is raved. Kvory liri'lsr ^ilnn;; ihc river Ijfl'.vcen I!;is;iH ;mcl Cllonwooci Spr.riRs, Cnln., v.-orc; m;in:ieil by -.vytcilors lonicinf; lor the body of the v i c t i m , Lonia L. Hornrr. The sirl nnd I.imin I.. T.iyldr. 1C. nh.ti of Bf-thpvil!c, were tr».s. 1 -.cri i n t o the river when ;i station wagon in which they verc n d i n n plunged down a steep embankment nnd i n t o the river. A carle: d of fishermen v:ere following Ih- slntinn wagon \vhen ihc vehicle went over tiic b.-ink. The mon sv.-am i n t o the water and Kr.Tbheri i,oth cirls. but ihc llorner Cirl slipped from !he Rta:,p of o::e re.s'ucr. from right European , - , , irf : t u d y i n g t h e poul- there is n qrowin^ crisis in his eountry, w i t h F.ipi'ism and Communism makinfi inroads because Ihese two ideologies are receiving i stronR biicklnj; from outside the | Visitors country. He f i R t u e s democracy.' starting In tile communities can c o l j n tnes -'' ronch th" people, wlm, when they try i n t h h ' t y "! N'orttnvf.t Ar!;an- see the values, will want to help u u ' , , , h i s ,.,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,. spread Ihe clemorralic philosophy.! . '_ ; d e r the Pmnl IV proeram fnr One Drallee In 10 Turns l^^^ ,S-.*£ A · · H it · · · 'course in p o u l t ; v m.innKf f i i e n t ar- Oul To Be Unacceptable , TMr,«\ » n, t ,,,v,, ,:v ,,, ,. 0 n P . · o i n t i n n w i t h tl.i- M u t i . n ! Sei-uri'y Washington - lV\ - .hist about' Aponcy. ! one out of (jveiy 10 men classi-l Tho ]." mm miii f t from A u - . l r i . i . : fied In Ihe d r a f t is t u r n i n g up a s j Iloljiium. Knuici-. HaU'. The N'cih- unflt f o r m i l i l a r y d u t y . orlands. Nrr\v;iy, t i n * U n i t e d K m n Selective Service reported yes- dom, and Yur,":lavia. All arc lorday that of 12.i1fi,12n yo 1 :is| Rraduiitrs of Knropoan roilo«r:.' c-xamined from 1048 lip to last ,-*p- kind imivorsitic,'-, and -ue cn;;.ii:rd i d 30, h total of 1,-il.Viiri had b e e n ' l n somo f o r m of p m i l i r v r d u r a - · I n ^ i f j o t i as 4-K. That's 11.fl p c r ' l j o n a l work or p t m l t t v p m m i r l m n ·-nt, ' i n I h r t r home roimtrirr. They ;MO accompanied l.y on i n t c r p r r t o r and three members "f t h e p o u l l r y d e p a r t m e n t ;it Purdue Univorr.ify. Tho wei-k's program inrlndrr. rpceinl i n s t r u d i o n by mr-mbcr:- of tho Col]of;o of A q r i c u l t u r o «;t;iff, n vj.'iil lo tho poultry rr.'T.irch f.trm at t h e main cxocnrnent .station, and tours of f r i r m r . liatchfrir-:-, prorer .inji pl-tnt.-.. u n r i feed MKIIIU- f.icturors m W a i . l i i n v t o i i and Kenton roimlies. S a l u i d : i v . Tur-'-diiy, and W e d n e ' d i j v r n o r n i n c s v;i)| bo : pc-nt in Wii:.hin^lon (,'ounty. On Mond.iy, Tuf:d:iy ;iitornofjr,':, n a d W r - d r f - f!:iy ,ifiorno(n Iho j;roup w i l l vi- it in H ^ n l o n C o i i n l y M.'ikuir! IIP I' 1 '* rii'onp ;m .lo-cf T;iir: " s i t / ;iiid O t t o 1-Nic-tn 1 . of A ' l - t i n : K. A. .Inn.-uiiH-. .I..H-. a n r l Cl.iu-lo S I . G Rinirr. of m-lK.un.. First nay Of Summrr Xew York - f, 1 ?) - Today i:; the fir:;t day ,,f .summer w i t h the o f - f i e i n l s t a r t of the .season .set at S:Ki n. m. (CST). Dr. A l r x - a n d r o - M a r i o Lutas, Andre N'ofl IViinlel, ;uid Hone Pern, of Franco; Fcdmcn C l o m n n t i and n / i f f a o l l o Quilic-i, of I t a l y ; Herbert Onrgo H a l l of the United K i n g d o m ; and P l a i jan Krivosit and Voljko M.-timkoMc. of Yugo- .slavia. A:::.oci:tto Piof. H M S m i t h M the University';; i m i m . i l i n d i i ; . t i y d'-pnrtmont is in rluirfio f,f tho wcok'.-; p t o g r i i m A ' - s i - t i n j ; ;iro othor s t n f f tnombcis of thf Col- lor^c of A g r i r i i l l m r : f;ul Ho^c ;md Horhoit Itu::.Hl, W.ivhinctdii nnd M o n t f i M ( V n m t v r A l o m i o n .-i^onl", and i rpro: i - n f a t i \ t " of the poulljy indu:;tiy i n the J I K , i . Ben ton vil!e-( Special) -Mirs Marjorie Mason, 13, d a u g h t e r of Mr. and Mrs. Henderson M;t:.on of Mason Valley was named Mi. 1 -. 3 Benlonville hist niyht to rejjre- scrit the city in the Miss A r k a n - sas contest at Newport June ^fi and 27. In the Teenage di vision uf the three- way contest staKfi'J at tin* high school a u d i t o r i u m , tup honors went to Miss Chailcnc Wolfenbarj-er, ]4, daughter o£ Mrs. O. E. Brown of Bentonvillc. Miss Mnsc,n, a 1952 hi^h school . graduate, nl;m.s to en'.c:' the L'm- i versity next f a l l . A mu.sjcian, sin; j specializes in ]ii;ii:o. wlm-h she ; \vi!l pby in t i i c Miss Ajkaii.-.,is i contest. | Second pljcc winner in the .Miss Bentonvtllo contest w.'t:; Miss Wanchi Ldwaid;., 1!), d a u g h t e r of j M r . ,'iiid Mrs. J. E. F.d \vanls and :a University student. Third ]l;jcc' winner was Miss Shirley Johnson. 18, cUi.tfitirr of Mr. ;HK! Mrs. 11. G. John::o;i of Bentonville. : I n the tcc'iiatje lii vision Miw: Connie Bucf!, H, '.von i,c-ond ; place. She is the d.'iUKhkT of Mr. :.iml Mr:;. R u d o l p h Buell of Btn- tonvillc. Third place w«nl to Mi:;s Joanne Kunley, 14, daujjiii'.'r uf Mr. and Mrs. Klino K u n l e y of Kcn- tonvillc. All three are hi;;h school slutlent^. j Ann Powell, daughter of Mr. ami MIT. Wilson U. 1'owrll of Ij-.-ritonviilc V.TIS declared winnor .f the Tiny Tot contest, w i t h P a t t y Shinn, d a u g h t e r of Mr. and Mrr. James V.'. Shinn of Bcni.Mn- ' v i l l e in ;:ccnnd pl:;cc. Third place v: i n n e r was Pamela \VoJfe, d.'iURli- lor of Mr. arid ?,Trs. Newton \Volfe of P.entonville. The cfink'Sls v/crc sponr:/i cil by t h f H r n t o n v i l l e K i v / a r i i s Club. · v i t h proceeds going i n l o ihc flub'.; c h a r i t y work. Hotel Project AI Springdale Abandoned . The Sprinfifiale C o m m u n i t y Ho' tel Corporation, formed to f i n a n c e construction rf a now lintel, will he dissolved and the.- .stockholders rcpairi at 90 cents on tho j Decision to ,'ihandoh the projr.-ct, for which land war. M one time purchased. v.;\y. made Wfdnf:-'i;iy n i l l h t at a Board of D i n - ' f i r s MH-PI inc in Sprinf/lalc. Tho proj'rt . w a s firifiin.'tlcd in 30.V). P u - i i i u i n - ;u pl.jns for consti u c t i ' u i of the hotel wen- ronr.idfrcd, l.ut a d r - ci'.icm nf'vcr p - a c h r - i T^e :.iti» for rnn- f - t r u c t i n n of I ho jirfiposr-d h n i l d i n g h;is been ' « i l d t - Dr. .1. W Pnr- M I L S rat Moore. 2 0 . h o a u l i f u l ; blonde U n i v e r s i t y art major and i d a u g h t e r uf Mr. Mid Mrs. R u d y | Moore was .--eleiMcd to r e p r e s e n t ' FayetteviMe in the Mis:; Arkan.'.a:;, conti-:.l at Newp(jrt next week by a p a n e l of J n u r judge:; ni-ht at Harrnun T l a y f i e l d . | The judges said they selected! Miss Moore over eight e t h e r beau- ! ties on the "originality of her t a l - J ent". Each of the nine I i n a l i : : t s i appeared before the judges i n a j formal gown, for a t a l e n t per-i formancc, and in a bathing :.tnl.! IMH- her t a l p n l performance Miss Moore read "Art Vision of the F u - . ture" w r i t t e n by herself. She ap- jirared fo;- this performative in a d r e r b designcdt and made by her- Two other Fayeltcvjlle R J I - I K won rccond and t h i r d place*. Hos-i nlic licnt, 18, d a u g h t e r of Dr. a n d ! Mr.v R. K. Bent, placed second. MJ:.S Fienl i;, n sophomore at t h e U n i v e r s i t y r n a j n r i n g m rnu;;ic. Slie played the piano for her l a l c r i t i act. Mary Elizabeth Gamble, 18,! d a u g h t e r of Mr. and Mrs. O. II.\ (jamblo, placed third-. MJ:,S Gambio i:; a IBM g r a d u a t e of F a y c t t c - i v i l l e Hi:;h School. She also p l a y e d ' the piano lor her talent act. I The I,ions C l u b presented an engraved trophy to the w i n n e r , Misj Moore and her ch;ipr-njne w i l l i leave Tuesday by p r i v a t e plane for Newport where ;;he w i l l com-- pete for the lUisi; Arknnsur; r o n ( to:;t .June ^5 and 20. The winner of the Miss Arkansas cnntr-sl w i l l ' receive an nil-expense paid t r i p to the A t l a n t i c City Mirs A m e n - ; ca pageant. I . i t t l o Susan CJray, three, d a u p h ter of Mr. ;md Mrs. f a i l d a y . won over ::omo Ji'J other c n l i . - j i i t : in the Mi:-::, F a y e t t e v i l l e Tiny Tot competition. The Tiny Tot:; were judged on appearance, a "lion:;.. and pei;:on;i!itic.s. J a n i c o I,ou Bi;^i'r, throe, d a u g h t e r of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. ili^er won second pl.icc in tlio Tiny Tot con tost, MI.-T Joan \','alker, f o u r , d a u g h t e r of Mr nnd Mi:-:. Jamc:, I,. W a l k e r p l a c f d ;hml. I ," laMor of rc-ronioniO!--, W i l l i e rn.'jall:: r . ^ t i m a l e d t u a t 1,9(10 peo- .l»l(.' MlL-ndr.'d the p.-t'-.c-ynt last nU'h'. | ,lud//s (1 f the- Miss l-'ayeitcvillr- ! ronlcL.t v/cre: U a v i d Uurst, head i of 1!:*- a i l . d e p a r t m e n t at tho l,'ni- v o i s i t y ; Jtjhn I',erRf:(:hnridi-r of ti:«.- U m v t i s i t y A r t D e p a r t m o n t , A n ton H e f i j;!ier, ;;u'\'.t i n s l i - u c t o i ; ri'oiman rjoinaron. K i n o A r t s ("tn-; tor manager, ;md Djgbfr: I.toM, of Caravan Here To Boos) Rodeo 0! The Ozarks ' A r i i r i v M i p u b l i r i / i : m tlv Ki;:h;h Rodi-'i (i! t i n - O/:;ikj. t'l I." hi M in Kprm;:H;ilf J u l y 2, .f .-iii'l -I, vi-:it-d K:ivi-!U-villf yc'rtrnljy cvi- Btf.ri i'i ;i M;IV n| IrwliNH lor thi- ff.-il'Ji-i-l t i n - p i u ^ n i r n .·:·: l i i- vi · I'm:: i t i . p p n l t,:\ t h e S:|u:i!i' .isri ' on l ) n k . . n r i S'.ivi't. Th.- r - i ! . i v . i i i I - f t Hri""'!:.l" :it 7 :i MI., v.-ciit :n Kin.·!',,·! SiM-i.'i 1 '. . l ! i - i r . :,'.', ·, Cm i-n F n r . - . t , I h i m «::, · lir:n:·.-,.".. C:i ; ..-.vil!i- .-,111! Ki-lij;n!:.i.. M n . . - i i i - l I ^ I I . M li-u-k l i v I 1 '!"";'.. ll"i:t.ii!Vl!l", K;iyi-ll.-vill-. H u n ! -'f.,r .'i I'll.HI I fin .1- p:il:::'.i:.\. t i i c I ' l . i - . i T . i l v M.r.i.- i l i ' ; i ; i r l : i ' . c : i l ' I h f ' I ' i n v '!,;· v.'M^ .uitlj.f-ii !,;, llcnnlil I|i-:idl y, Mit'h :.!.-l'.ur Bright Meteor Creates Stir In Wash'ngton W.V.IiilKJI-m - M'. - \V,.'':i!.·;".!! hnd ;i fnrolpn \'i ilrir l:i:.t tn-iht, rn:HI "HI 'if tlii-: wnrlil Tin' M iv . 1 1 1 , v : i l - i r | i f , i | . . | l,v c l n y i . i . v ill [iln.iu. i i l l - , l.-i ii.-w p r n n - r , i i n l i i - i - ,'m-l t ! n - n : i \ - . i l i-'n- luul .1 f l v i r i i ; !;;iilci r. A: liiinmiii is ni'l Illf obii-i-l wns pl'ph.ililv .1 n-,i ti-ni. · Tiii- - L i i . .-Hi- lull "( 1'ii'ln M ( 1 1 1 - Mr,:- i.l t).r yp;il," It ^ir rxpl.i.tidl Winners Named In Annual Sheep Show At U,A. Farm; Prize Money is Distributed I'nlk Hi.,,koi.! (if Sinn;;.'..ih-. K F A I - . . - - : . n - l r i : ' - · · - · ' I'.-i i : ·. I l i . i l l " -!. ;n:il Hoy W : i r r i r . - h nl t h i - " ·' ' ; : - '·"' ' ··'·'·'·· ·· ·"·" ·'·'''· H I M V I ( K - . ' t ! - n f ) : ; - . ilo- ...,, ' · : ' . J ; - , ' ' · |ir.v.i. .-ii'e n v / i i r r : of ·.·.·innci.s n; ^ · j j , ! ' , ' n l V i M O . ' l - ; in UK- t h u d ;.:;:iu;.l 'I (i · l.,; ; N i i l l l l ' . . i '. Ark - i : - ; i - : Shi-.-p H r c - i - 1 - ,|.- , . , . . - , -.- rr:. Shf.-..-| S:i!r lii-M -, i - . . l c n l . , v h- A : : \ o , .i'. t i n - p.v, i : i i i . i i on t h e rnr. c-r.:y ,\ i 1 ' I . u r n . i ; o i t h i:! l-';ivf'.;.-·. i l l i - c,,.-. .., \ Tho j u n i ' i r ( l i v i M n n . ri.iniio-.i-d |.,,., , , . - - . , . . . , - . , . ;.,.. . . - . . · ' · : ' d i i i l - . i i - . i K l i i - l i . i . r , i n i ; I - . - l - l l I ' l i i l . 1 . 1 , 1 . I . . , : , . I n - . . i ' ! . l l . , i , i n i - : , . - . l i l . i l KFA t,n.\s : i l i f l R i l l : : . v.-;is ,-,:, n , . , : . , .- v. . ,::· : . : . . : , · . I ·,,, f i e . . ( i i h l l o l - , , . ! f l - . l t l i l o !(,!· t i l l - f l l t J l - ; . . - . l . '.. · , [ , : . ..;l ., | . i , r , t l . i l . i - V . ' . l l n - A I . I I S u i t . , I , i,l H u r l . - I . . I , ' ..:, · : t i n - .·','. - - . i | - | . M i i ' - . H i . l i t i ' I . : i u . - . v ( - - l t i n - j T . n - l Tl.;.. ' · - . ; , - · · \v . |.|..-. i . . i - I !:mi - : i M H | i l ' ! i o! :!u- j i i n i m i l i v i i. f i . i i : - " ; - . I , i :':. r.r., '.'.". ,'.'.·· Ch.i.;:- . ivluch \v:i". ,1 l n i l - i - - - n o i i t ! i - o | . | I,,-, of I ' , , .-in:,-|i-,- ;,,,. o : i i ' - f o l i t i l . S i i r l l i i l i . V . - H 1 . 1 . - i D l l i i - i - ; -A I n . h:ul I.-.- '.hi- '- .1-1". (;'U A- u-..ili'i:i v . - j n i i f - i s i l l t h i s t l H l M o l i \ v i - l i 1 Cv A K ]\'.rr.i-v, \ 1. · | - T - - i l c r t ( I l l l n i - . t i l n l F . i y c l l i ' v i l l i ' . H . u i l c 4 . o f I ' . - ( i l - . l I ' M , ; - . , N':I:I.I!:.I! : : ! i ' i . M . . ' l i - l i i , f H u M n n . H i n - i M l l ' . l l i n : l i - v ^ n l ( ' . . · . . p u r . . , . n - l l-'n»l W. I . ..Hi I I . I M ' . I. . ' . - o i l ,1| . Uoll'l- 1 . II, - I - . '...I, , , | 1 - , , 1J..III-, I -'.ni-lli-. i l h - . O t h e r 4 - H C i i i : » .in.i V I M - jntU;,.-, o f !hr . - l i - i - v . "Chinese Throw 4,M Men, Tanks At Defenders Attack On T-Bone Hill Heaviest ; Since December Spun I, Kort'.i-'/T'i-Tou^h F i l i p i n o m f a n t m u o n ur-ini; bnyonots and. grenade:; today blunted the in: i t i a l t h r u - ; of a beefcd-up Chi- iid'O rrvnm.-nt n l t j i c k i n j j on a thiTC-rnilo sector in Western Ko- Tho Filipino:- nnd L*. K. -Tith Di- vL:n:i i i i f i ' . j i t r y m o n bcM back charge J : f l e r char:'/- in f i v e hours i f ::tvai;e l i f : h * m ^ to force the Chine:.'. 1 to w i t h d r a w . f tbjertivfr of the Hod-: y/a-. "T- Iloi'.c M i l 1 " ; ti'.l nearby key peaki The Hod:: t h r e w tanks and art i l l i - i y i n t u the battlr. A n ' o s t i - inatud H.Onn to 4.000 Chinese foot soldiers Mnarhrtl a^ Allied positions. Heavy Artillery Barrage More than 5.000 ir-unds of Comm u n i s t t i r t i l l e r y unri mortar f i r e pficndrrl into U. N. positions. It was one of t h e heaviest barrages of tho war nn a single sector. In thr; early strides of the fight :;orne A1 fieri u n i t s were cut off. . They battled the Hods hand-to- hand and threw them hack. Bc: fore dawn the mauled Chinese had . enough. Thcv befiun to pull back. ! The U. S. K i j f h t h Army said the ; Heds suffered' 550 killed nnd about ; .'ifiO wounded. This raised to more i than 3,000 Communist casualties in bloody f i g h t i n g for tho hey hills. American casualties were ; not announced. A. I*. Correspondent Milo Farn r t i reported from the 4"th Division t h a t tho Communist assail.i rivaled tho intensity of last December's "Little Gtbraller" fight- In-,'. When beaten back the Hods ! shifted their attack to two hill I positions defend^ by the 173th ' Regiment about three miles to the 'Southwest. Attain the Chinese were S beaten back. , Right Red Planrs Destroyed j American Sabre Jet pilots Te^*" j ported they shot down a Russian- j built jet over Pyongyang, the ; North Korean capital. Five U. S. i fi/jhtcrbombcir, reported heavily j damaging f i v e Red tanks, i U. -S. F i f t h Air Force head| quarters said Allied planes shot, down or damaged eight Red planes d u r i n g the past week with only two U. N. plane losses. A ' tank-supported Allied raiding unit killed or wounded 'M Chinese in h;ind-to-h;ind combat south of ' Pyonsjiaiiff. d u r i n g a 23-minute *ikirrni?h on the Central Front ear; ly today. I I Illness Proves Fatal . i To Miss Van Guilder I Mirs Kik-nc V. Van Guilder, 79, · who has been In the real estate business in Fayettevillc for the pa-;l several vears, died this rmirninc in the Washington County Hospital niter an illness of several week?. She formerly was in the r r n l o%t.'ite business in Chicago and Canada. A native of lmva, she. was graduated from the Cdlkfie of PMwation Jit Cornell Collide, Iowa. Shf w:ii a member of the First Chi istuin Church here, nnd was :i MK-inbor of the FayotteviHo Hoard of KfMltors She belonged to th' 1 A!tn;:a Club and to the Ilus:nt', s and Professional Women 1 :; C l u b . Surviving are three nieces, Mrs Ad:ibf-l Kingston ul Portland. O n - . Mr--. f!rvm Ri^o cf Oakland, O r e . a n d Mrs. A. R Rmge of J'nrt!;itri; and three- nephews, Roy R Mi-r; ; »rd of Alberta, Canada. W;i!r A. MeCord of Rossbui'fi. Ore . :i':\ C l a r o n r r Wayne of Oak- |:ui'i. Ore K u n c i . i l arnin^err.cnts. in charge of N'-'mn's Funer;f! How, are in-"tc. President Of Stephens College Resigns Job Ci.lumlji.i. Mo. - W1 - Hush S 11' p h i: M ... j u o s i d o n t of the o'f-hor.-i C;)Mfin- H u a i d of Cura- t o i - . ! .1* ii!inot;rnx-tl tho rcsiftna- tio!i of I ) i . Horm r P. Rairit'y as N c i i V c r I1;iinoy nor the bo;ud n f f t red ;ipy rxr!;nuition for the Dr. K.iinry i..nne t^ the college a f t e r IiMvinR the presidency of l l n - U n i \ o i : . i t y of Toxas nnd after his suliM'fiucnl unsticcossful » t - ti'inpt to win election as governor «t Ti-.\.ts. The Wcolhtr j Arkansas -- Clear H partly rloiidy And not much chnmge tn I r m p e r a t u i r s this HUcrDM% to. niRht nnd Sunday.

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