Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 20, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 20, 1952
Page 9
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NCXUNWKT AKAMSAS TIMIS, Foyrttovffl*. ArkoitMl Friday, Jon. 10, 195 Colu mn By HAL BOYLE New York-(#)-Ladies. there are storm signals in the news h i n t i n g that everything is rising in value today except wives. Are wives over-inflated? Should they be put under controls? These issues have been raised by two recent items NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D ADS Ihi.? chance to show Dr. Stevenson up. Any woman instinctively knows enough about double entry bookkeeping to prove her intui- i *"^ UIi - ecuunB ,, tion is at least 99 per cent correct j made after first --not a lame 60 per cent. Nor can we see many wives of interest to every t h o u g h t f u l getting t h i n from worry over the woman, and by that, of course, 1 ] professor 1 ? bugle call for a male Rate: 3 cent!; per worr iing l » in ·ertlon. Three consecutive insertions 7 cenu per word. Minimum order 42c. Classified adi cash in advance--nut Uken over the telephone. Deadline for rlaisifled id*: kO:34 tn daily; 9:30 a. m. Saturday Correction! and rerun chcrr fully ..'.--. insertion. No corrections or rerun made after ad has expired mean every woman: j rebellion in America. If husbands A British judge, granting a j have become worms in this c o u r t - j B R n *Ksfi7v?j5 N D» N ° divorce to a husband whose wife ran off with another man, cut the husband's claim for damages from $700 to $210, and said: "Her value lo her husband was diminishing from year to vear because of disagreements." 2. Dr. Samuel W. Stevenson, a Virginia professor, describing women as "the arch foe," called for a new St. George to emancipate American men and give them four new freedoms, to wit: "Freedom from nagging, freedom from backseat driving, freedom to relax in old clothes after a hard day's work, and freedom from indigestion." * * * Observing with sad hilarity that try it is through sheer laziness, the abandonment of masculine rospon- ' sibility to the philosophy of "let the little woman do it." Such ; worms are unlikely to turn in re; volt, They don't want any more '· authority. They'd rather go on be- ' ing spoiled and petted. | But that British judge's decision . is an entirely different matter, ii ; strikes at the very heart of worn-! en's theory of power. Does any I LEflAti NOTICES 1) Township 16 N -_ _ . thr Sen air ot tn* Stale of Arkansa* and ov thp HOUR* of Rrorpfttntarlvps. a Matortiy of All fhf Member* Bieoftd to Each HODS* Arminv rhrrcto* That th* follmvlns It nerrby nro- posed at an am^ndmeni to the Cor- *Hhitton of the State ol Arkansns and cinon rtpinc iiihnnttfpd lo (he dwtars ot th? *!t»te fnr approval oi rdTttnn a* fh* ifirt Funeral flrction (or Rf*nr«"- **nt,if|vfs and Senators. If a mstnrltv of fh* electors vntfnc thcrenn at «"c.h an elertlrm nrlopt «wh nmpnr1- ; ment. th* «arp* Khali rtpcnrnp a cart nf the Constitution of the Staff of wife w a n t ' i t written in the law- \ MS!TM?pXl!s° m n,V«" "MM books that her value decreases; created a state Riahwav commiMir-h 'from year to year because o f ! *'hirh shall rw vesirrl with all _ th. Range 29 \ v r n l . closerlbrd as lff{inriing n « a point 2d rodi W«t of the Smith- past rorn.T o( sutd f o r t y ai-rc I r a n , t h f i u - i - N o r t h ^.i IrM. Dunce Wt-,t lu a pijii.l due N i r t h of thr 'I' A. J e n k i n s reiidence. thence N o r ; h K f r e t : thrnctr West jf) j a r d s . lhcni;i» S o u t h S feet: ihi-m-e West to thv Wi-st I.snc (if =;inl f o n y iu-ri- true!, thence .South .'19 (rrl. thvnce East to Hit- jjlace of ICE inn i n g . Also n p a r t of t h e South- cast q u a r t e r uf Ihc N o r t h w e s t q u a r ter of Section 10 T ( . u n s h i p 1(1 N o r t h . n:mK«' -'-» Wi-M. doM-nbc-d as iK-Cinmni: at ihe Southwest ciirnrr of said J o r t y nrrt; truer. thciu-L- N o r t h ;;5 rods; t h e n c e fcust fi rod;.: ilicnre Southt-iistcrly to a p n i n t 11 rorlK (tut r a s t e r t h e dr- . - " M FOR SALE-LIVESTOCK old. Mark j U A Y horue. 6 yenn 5 year* old UK On !· and one h a l f r l a n d . ',, milt- horn rtd pic t h f i r c c : Hnu-hn NEW / E;iM I n n i l w h i t e t h i r d hoi .· P h o n e t w , mor . or k- A m i disagreements?" It is an uneasy! precedent. Husbands might start going into court, saying: "Judge, I want a divorce and men no longer deserved the title j don't give me anv nonsense about mice as \yomen are afraid of alimony. My mice, he said ivorms." "we have become It is high time, the good professor added, that men force the restoration of the word "obey" IP. the marriage ceremony. He thinks old lady and I have had so many disagreements she isn't worth a plugged nickel, and 1 hereby give her away free." Wives have just the opposite view. They figure the tears thov give a man during their best year's men also ought to decide when ! have a real dollar value to him. they need a haircut, choose their own clothes and their wife's hats "Why, if it weren't for the arguments I give my silly husband and decide whether "the Joneses: we'd both have ended up in t h e 1 of --are to be kept up with or not." } ponrhouse three weeks after t h e 1 * !l «TMtn«* But this was his most revolu- honeymoon." is the way they'd «' tionary idea: . sum it up. And it is certainly true I powers and duties Imposed bv law for the admi'niFtrB- tion nf the State Hlehwav U e n a r i m f n t , toeelher with all Dowrrs neepj«arT or nroner to enahlr the CommKKinn or anv of its offirprs or rmntfivpps to carry out fully nnd c f f r r f l v r l v t*ie 1 rpeutstlonn and ItiV! relating lo the i State Hlshwav Oeoartment j SECTION 2 Q u a l i f i c a t i o n s and Ap. ·. point ment of M o m b e r i -- T e r m i of Office flt First Co mm i* i Inn. W i t h i n tpn davs j after the conyenlne of the General AssemDlv of the State of A r k a n s a s in | the vear 1953, thr Governor, bv and i with the advice and conceit nt the , Senate, shall annomt five persons who I are Qualified electors of the Slnt* to ! constitute the State Hicruvav Commis| afon fnr terms of two. four, six eieht »nr ten vr-arf resDerflvelv [Tie. terms wrsons so appoint tht 1 quid nit (if t h e T i t l e 10 same in jifiHioners t h e r e i n All prr.wtiH c l n n m n i : n a h l lands, or a n y i n i o r c - i l i l i e r e m . ar« hereby w a r n ed to iippf:ir i n tin-; c o u r t w i t h i n h i x ; w p f h i fi-oin the d a t e nf the f i r s t , p u t ) ! teal ion of i h i s N o t i c e nnd sh-jii i muse why said t i t l r to s n i t i In ml* j i u l d not be confirmed in said pc- ' int'ES my h:\nd ns Clerk o! t h f ' n UK i n n Chaiicrrv C o u r t and Hit ', Sc:il thcrcuf un tins 29lti day of May (SEAI.t H i r h n r n Clerk iO H Crct-r J u n e C-i:i-20-27 J u l y MOVPY TO LOAN ·nlnslfi "No woman, married or single, shall be permitted to speak of her intuition until she had kept in writing for one year an accurate account of all her snap judgments that many a husband does need a i wife with a -permanent rave t o ! keep him from making bank- ' ruptcy a habit. ; Girls, it might be a good idea to i shall he annotated Congress!cmafc DIs- the FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, long terms UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone K03 NOTICE FOR best results, sell or consign your f u r n i t u r e , dishes, housenold a p p l i - ances, tools find articles of all kind* to the A u r t ion House. 1", msloi north of SprliiRdale on H i g h w a y 71. Phone U'M. S p n n q f l a l f A u r l i n n sa!"s Mondays n n d Thursdays, 7:10 p m fRANSPQUTATCON OFFERED , . , , and has compiled a record of at write to the wife of that British least 60 per cent accuracy." j judge and tell her to give him a , * * * \ good heart-to-heart talk on the The average wife would leap at t facts of married life. Springdale f Miss Maudine Farish and her mother, Mrs. Tom Farish; Jerry Kendrick and Miss Mary Sellars of Springdale, and Miss Maria Van Stein of Fayetteville have gone to California and Idaho on a two-week vacation. t Mr. and Mrs. George Lingcl- bach have returned from a two- week vacation trip. They visited points in the South including t Pensacola. Fla., Gulf port and Biloxi, Miss., and New Orleans, La. They also visited relatives in Little Rock. Mrs. Lingclbach is n member of the Springriale junior high faculty. Melvin L. Vaughan, minister of the HoRers Church of Christ,, is conducting a revival meeting at Clifty which will erfd June 25. Sgt. John W. Stone, son of Mr. and Mrs. John n. Stone of Route 2, Springdale, has notified his parents that he witnessed the atomic explosion at Camp Desert Hock, in Nevada. Guests in the home of Mrs. H. E. Ware on Huntsville Street are her granddaughter. Mrs. Jackie 'Woolen, and daughter. Betty Kay, ( of Jacksonville, Fla. They plan to I spend several weeks visiting friends and relatives in Spring- ' ·dale. j Several members of the Spring- I dale Kiwanis Club and their | families attended the chicken j barbecue at Lincoln High School | Thursday night. The barbecue was sponsored by the Lincoln Kiwanis Club, which extended in- · vitations to members of the Kiwanis Clubs in every city in Northwest Arkansas. The program consisted of a talk by Pat , Garner who is news commentator for radio ftations KFSA and KFPW at Fort Smith, and music by the Lincoln High School band. Thp Rev. Paul Watson, pas of the two Commissioner! from any single . trtct. i In the event ot rejection hr Senate of a oerson whose name ... : Wen «o submitted, the Govprnor shall wflhln five davs after receipt of writ. ten notice from the Secretary ot the ] Senate of such rejection Mihmit the · name of annthT anpntntte to fill snrh i vacancv In the event the Governor I should within five dav« thereafter f a i l ! to BDDofnt or fall to suhmtt tn the ; Senate for confirmation the namr nt \ any perion to be apnninied t h e Senntc shall ornceed to make tha apDolrtmenl · of Its own chnice i SECTION 3 Tcrma of Office ot j Memben. Urxm the expiration ot the i foreRotng terms of said Cninmissionrrs. a Kucrp5-«or Khali he appointed nv the I . Governor in the manner provided fnr I . tn Section 2 for * term nf tpn v p a r s which term of tpn years shall thrrr- ' . afler be for each member of the Commission. ! SErnnN 4 R e m o v a l of M e m h ^ n I -- Hearlno-- Review antf A p p e a l . A Com. { mlsstoner mav be removed bv thr · Governor only tor the same causrs as aprjlv to other constitutional officers aflrr a hearlne which mav De reviewed by the Chancery Court for the Flnt District with rlirht of appeal therefrom to the Supreme Court, such review and appeal to DO without ore- BUmplton tn favor of any f i n d i n s bv the Governor or the trial court and provided further, in addition to the rleht of confirmation tiercmabove re- terved to the Senate, the Senate m»r u_pon the written request ot at '.i-nnt FOR SALK--HOME NEEDS I'LATKOnM r u c k c r in ci«ri c o m l i t J o __Ph(tm-_ ir,7.'. WE HAVE GLAMORENE the Now Rug Cleaner LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. We_Deliver. Phone 246 DRAPERY and UPHOLSTERY FABRICS ri;:rn|)s and Oi-cjisional F u r n i t u r e . C u K t n m - m a d c Slini-overs and riraporics a Specialty BARRCTT QUALITY SHOP K'l U'os! Dicl-.isnn Thermos Jugs Picnic Baskets Charcoal Barbecue Tools LEWIS BROS. CO. OFTFKF.n _ EXCAVATING - BULLDOZINGTM Land i le.'irmj; :.:r. ifn; w,;r '.op- soil He.v.-v d u l y discing, l i r u - a r a k e - - j i ' i r u l r . H. H. JONES, Conirocior .v;: F [.iif.-i'.ciip. Hn, ni U m v e r d i y Sin mm rJirn» I H C _ _ _ _ _ F j y M i i - v l M e _ _ FORD, CHEVROLET AND" P L Y M O U T H DD you h n v r tro:;hlr? See Uoh Hal! ;il WHITELEY'S GARAGE C'nrncr nf M m : n t . i i n ,-iml School s,u,r--hrAi, EIITATV I 12 ROOM home one block from Uni- 1 vrrsity With o' without /urnJture. My r.'.ivr Phone 1S2^M. BY fi-.. n «-r. .1 a c r f of levrl well dfljln- fi fnnrt In new dlitrtct on Hlfh- f way 15 wit r.xrel]«*nt bur. Will «m at: rir f"»rt_ Phone 31MM MOOKR." r, rrvm hou . . _ . flf.nn 2 ' i hlfirki from Pott OffVI. Ifi'ltiirc n: TM-in-Ki»» Icj Cream Of \i-i N i r t h Srillnh. Spnncdale nv ~~^ _ _ f. itOOM h in'ftTi Mo^ Q U I C K "SKBVJCF. K A H I . S W A T C H SHOP W i t h Bn'wrt'. (?l...iiirri. I · l:m _ Tfh inrrmii*! hirdaft: hlofk and half f r o m Can. put. HIS Doufla*. __ U H O r E K Y tiirn h m l d t n t wilfh"~over li.iif-arr': frin'.age on H i g h w a y IS r IT r v i r t r r r t - iinrt. 40x20 Equlp- n en! m r i i i f i e t m^at raip. cajh T t f M i r r . x-rtl^i. Df!-lin« machine, ihelv- .inf) 'HI romptota or will q u l p m c n t Smill down'r rnsv termi. M l f f h t i i n g O R H«l*, phone c'c i ' i r a l $a . ?f, acrei culti- ,i.ilr and w a l n d t . a u t o m a t i c wato- LEWIS BROS BASEMENT Used Serve! Electrolux rcfrig- eralnr . S 70 00 Used GE rclngcrntor _ | Used M i i y t n g w a n h r r DRIVING lo Hobb*;. Now Mt'xiro. p m i Used lirndix u-n-ihcr 24th re-turn 29th. Cnn t a k e 2 pas- Urod lawn inowrr KPriRt-rs, share expense. I3ox 132, j Used (JE riisliwnshf.-r Ur;crl H o t p o i n t el Used Friftidflin Used ice box .... s MOO .$ 7300 S .1 Oft · t r i e "LION" ROARS ACAIN-Rudolfo Graziani, above-, one-thue Italian -Viceroy for Africa, who was called Mussolini's "Lion of Africa," helped to spark the resurgence of the neo-Fasrist parly, the Pight-Wing M.S.I., which made significant gains in the rcrcnt Italian elections. Gru- ziani, who recently completed serving a sentence imposed by an Italian Military Tribunal for collaboration with the Germans, spoke before enthusiastic rallies of his party. Today's Market-- St. Louis Livestock National Stockyards. 711. -(/Pi- USDA-Hogs 7.500; active; weights 1BO Ibs up 35 to 50 higher t h a n ' Five (S) of its memheis that « mem- I ber or members of the Cfimmh«inn | thoutd oe removed therefrom, proceed. ! when in lesslon. to nesr anv and alt { evidence pertinent tr. the reasons fur removal. TTie m t m h e r or members whont removal is so requester) shall be entitled tn DC heard in the mntter and to Pe i-enrpKcnied pnfoie the Senate bv '.i*fa\ Counsel These proceed- inns conducted nv thr Senate shall be public and n trnnacnot ot the testimony so heard shall fir prepared and preserved in the lournal of the Senate. The takmi of evidence either orally or by deposit ton shnll not he hound bv the tormal rules ot evidence. Upon the con i-Jus ion of the nearlne. the Senate, sitttnp as a body in executive session, mav remove salri member or members ot the Commission oy a majority vote conducted by secret hallot SECTION 5. Vacancies-Filling. Vacancies on the Commission due to resignation*, death or removal ifinll be filled oy appointment ot the Governor lor. ihe unexnired term ivlthln t h i r t y days from the date ot such vacancy, UDOfl f a i l u r e ol the Governor to fiU the vacancy within t h i r t y davs. the r e m a i n i n g Commissioner* ?hail I make the appointment for Ih* unex- i plrcd term. j SECTION B. The Commission ihall appoint a Director ot H i e h w a v B wno ahull nave such duties as mav DC prescribed by the Commission or bj it.ilule APPROVEU: March 20. i»i. Steielaiv of Itatr C. G MALL WANTED WANTED, f u r n i t u r e nnd Hums of fill Kinds. One piece or van load. C u t of town buyer. Write Box L-IC, f ,, Times. HEM' WANTED WANTED, bid coiTp fcTlo kink" n M r f 20 heed of calves. Will f u r n i s h I r c c . good 4 room house, m i l k , pgt:-; nn-\ Eiirdcn spot. On pavrd huelnv.i-. no \vnrk Tom Tnrris. G e n e r a l Delivery. ( J r . - i v e i t r . Atkansa:-. j . C'LL t i m e lini'iu- tr-ichcr i-iipiiljIr~~iTf I t e n c h i n d mu.-iir In /;radc am school. M i i h t meet i i i i n n n u m honia q u a l i f i c a t i o n s und Cdp^hlc of p r o t h i f i n K m u s i c a l propraim lor ihc scliool. Teachiny f c r t i f ^ - a t p m :i y be in n n y subject n i n t l e r Ii';ld Lcnno .lohnitnn. S u p e r i n t e n d e n t Welch. Oklahoma. HELP WANTED--MALE _ KXPKnfFI^CEb do^^r operatorT JMionc ""TEACHERSlVANTEb" i K A N S A S City. Missouri area, ( i n miles e f r i g e r a t o S 22 fill s i.Mn _ $ ft oo LOCKER supplies* e v e r y t h i n g nsrss- j a n r y fnr freezing foods. Lcu-Js Bros ' -A"" 1 . ·_ L nc - I CHKST of drawer*. $1250 nnd "S1935": ' u - T l n n t h r d r o o i n suite. S.'.O On. child'i · desk. ill.50: diaper 'washer. Slit Ml ' Lloyd's Trading Post. Highway 71 Smith, near Purdy's Store, phonft FOR SALB--imsCELLANEQUS FA'THA good, well buTf~VvhlTc~plne boat. J. r feel long. 4 feet wide. J8 _lnrhea_dct'p. S7S 00. Phonr 202.1 W. 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HELP WAXTKD--FEMALE EXPKRIENCKD waitress ;il IhTTTicw Mecca R r s t a n r a n t . lorrncly Crclgh- WARHINC ORDEK AND NOTICE OF PETITION TO QUIET TITLE In The Chancery Court Of ! Wathinfton County, Arkanta* Janirs A. StevL-n-ion and Eliznheth Thursday's a v e r a g e ; " lighter " i s*"TM"". Husband nnd Wife. Piain- weigrjts 25 to 50 higher; sows j vs Steady to 25 higher; choice Nos. ! Harry E. Sheffic.o and Marian A. , .. .. _. . . _ - . 1 , 2 and 3 180-230 Ib barrows nnd Sheffield. Husband and Wife. Dca-nd- of the Nazarene Church in Spring- | gnt s 20.75-21.25; latter paid for Gale, Is an official delegate to the several hundred he " SITUATION WANTED PRACTICAL nurdnV. rxpcricnced. best of rcforpm-c'.!. Prefer 'doctor's assistant. Phone JC74J. LOSTJ\NI FOIWD STRAYEbr'whHc shcphwd~dog7~Jfc- _wnril_if fou:«I.__Phone 2362J. LOST, M i l - i l l brown card case, bt'long- ing in Mrs. Richard F. Baldwin, nt t h u D r i v e - I n Tlieater Mondny. J u n e J f i t h . R e t u r n to John E. Shcomnker. ,il2 Mission. Re-ward. Phone 258SW. POn/THY D n n ' t t v n i t , (irdi-r t o d a y . LJookiiiij now fnr ( I H I v r r y J u l y and Aufiim Our niDlto " Q i i f t ' i i y First." Char lev r Chicks, phone CHIKCILLAS NOW ilablo. limited suppl q u n l i l r Chinrhillas. Rcfifstered N. C. B A Visitors welcome, rrce l i l c r a t u r c S e e j U C I y d f i Titnhrook. 518 Guritcr! DOGS-- CATS--PETS USED windowE. appio'ximotelv f o r t y _1riL-hts_sqiinre. J»h_nric_ H444W1. R A K E sale, Cook's P n l n t Storc"~9 T ftO S a t u r d a y marnliiR hy Central A«- ^scnihl.v tir_ Gori_ Church. NICK fait i r o n ~ p o r c f - l n l n " f o u r foot h a t h lull p n t *nnll sink. $15 00 _ M a h n n e y . ^ W e s t f o r k . FULLER ~»7ushesr DaRKcTf~A~ RamV- ilcll iDchutantcj Cosmetics. _G LnuJnp For q u l c k r r scrvli-f. phonr 2377R _ 12:00-1:00 or .',:tin-T.OO. SMALL h e n u t y Bhop tor~nalfi~nr~r7nT MoviiiR to new location. Write box L-24. S Times. _ GLADIOLI. I'nrtcr's 'Cllidiolf n^frirTT Phone r,38R4. FOUR iiicri flushn'yp(r~loil»'r"stooti 2Tr»iJO~\VA~rt~AC ""power ""unit, n l h f r inerchanriiBO. Hnssctl Second Hand _ Store ._h;jrk_or_Con9umcrs 1C A. USKD f!ect*rlc rrtriRprntor".~coriVl~pon"- d i t i n n . See at 12K East Davidsnn _af!cr_r, ?Mh 00~TREA'bLE "Si'nkcr "scw-mfTma- chine, new, 5100 0!i. V foot c t c r i r i r Frigidaire. A - l c o n d i t i o n . SI (ID 00 Good itiidfo couch, o t h e r household giiods. JeSElc Johnson, 147 Fast "ICLOTElDTON" BEDROOM SUITES THREE 4 piece limed onk S?:f) 3-, fnr $lf.7.SO; Two 3 piece v / n l n u t f i n i s h $fi7.r0 for $79.05: Thrcr w;ilnut nr hlondc four-poster $147.Ml f n r SM350. J f i l t o n Bros. D r i v e - I n F u r n J l n r c Co Open evenings till 9. S f t II Giecii St.imps. EVKRY itcni"m stork at o7 below TORI. New electric m r a t slircr, Coc:i- Cola machine and vegetable rack _ TRADE 13I FORD pickup'for itork~Ptumi 19411 CHEVROLET coupe. lr»d« (or cow or calvci. J. L. Hutlcdge. ]!lgh- way ^g_^v£^t. CJOOn 10.18~~6ld«m(ii)frr T"dfonr~i^l^r or 2oa8J. WANTFDJTO BUT IJS^n bphy tloiT~rho'ne"r457i.l'. 100 IJOAtS. Ht-nion. 295J. - _ TWO or three hrtlrootn~~houio. un- f u r n l a h e d . PoHcmlon July 1. Phone 2H65. SMALL housr on o u t m k i r U of town enBonjjhle rrnt. Phone 2303 between and 7 p. m. FOR RENT-- MIHCKIJ,ANF,OU5 NICELY furnlihrd 2~"mo'm~ipart"mcnt, newly decoratrd D o w n s t n f n on School Stn-rl. Phone ir.?i7M APAnTMKNT. 1G South Dunran _Phon*_17MJ. 'TIrVST claw" ~~rt'iipicx7~f urn lihert'r~"4 rooms and bath. Phone 17ZU. NICE cool Z" room unfurniilicd VpfTrt^ rnent. P r i v n t e b a t h , private cntranee $230(^._Phonc 3153 4 ROOM furnlihcd a p a r t m r n t Phone in I E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G G.-av«l, Fill Dlrl, Top Soil 0. M. R A T I O N Phone 249 672-ACRE RANCH at auction at Drake's Creek, Tuesday, 2 p.m., 1 June 24. Good fishing stream. ; 150 acres bottom offered in two i tracts. 10% down, balance when, ; title approved. * | Whisler and Easterling, owntr^T j W. H. Htlderbrand, auctioneer? Box 516, Oklahoma City. _ -- REALESTATE PEACE "AND QUIET AND ALWAYS B rpfrcihlng hrr-fie. Modern coltige on large hill ilde lot. Screened imd ccrnflnt floor«d »l«*pln|{ porch ncros« entire hack of house. Nothing to nw»kon you. hut j the hirdd. Snnll bnscmrnt houie^ I not witer lank nnd laundry f.-irill- ' tl««. All this located among Kay. etteville'i lincit. |S,.'iUO 00 BUILDING LOT 60 FEET by 220 l c :-t. M c ,| | M) | on tor tnldcncc nr duplex Kx/irlly ihc lot for !l«tH n) r y ha«cnicnt. Uctwecn :hoou nnfl flnmpua WK nc?d Ilitlngi on fxrmi. nnrhtfl, poultry Iitrmi. and buiine-u property. W would appreclata the «p- portunity of i.B«lni{ yiur proptrty find dlirutllni thn UMnf u-ifh you. WE AHE EQUIPPin TO ·SXRVIcr r H o p K n T Y ANYWHrnc IN NOnTIIWEST ARKANSAS. JUST DROP US A CARD ANU WE WILL COME TO SEE YOU. UTLEY COMPANY, INC- REALTORS LENDERS INSUROtt Call J. J. Pyeitt 2203, Rei. US * H L. U t l r y 2203. Ren. 1607 ?. FURNISHED ·partment, cioie _ « d u l t K . Phone 387. I 3 ROOM furnished «pi7irncnl 123 ' __ "\Vftit___M_cfldow. SMALL furnlshcd~iipa'rlmitnt. reTentiy ! _,,, . redPcorntcd. Private cntr«nca a n d , E ir * 1 THREE BEDROOM HOMES SEVEnAI. lo rhooie from Prim range from Se.5U3.00 to $20.000.00. Jet us ahow you Phone 78:1 HAMMOND REAITY CO. Eve. Phone H n. Hammond 1372 ^ J A. J n r v U 1530W L HAVE NUMEROUS prop«rti«f la I o w a , including farms, city, homes, Income and builrwfj; properties to trade for similar | types of properly, Northwet? Arkansas. THE BROADHURST CO. 1031 NorJh College. Phone 2487 _ ROOM sleeping _keepinR _ _ f u r n l i h f d «partVno;l"t^ «T»o room nnd a I t ^ h t home- roo^m._Phone :42J. ~ ~ ties paid. Rcndlx nvallahlc. A d u l t s 4 ROOM up«tilr» npiirtment. f u l l y inn u l a t f r l . rool. Stove and refrigerator f u r n i s h e d only. Adlilti. Phone HOG nr :inn 13th General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene being rield in Kansas City, Mo., June 19 t through 23. Francis Bobbins of Butte, Mont., arrived this week to vipit his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Evert Bobbins, of n r n r Snrlngdale. It is the first time in 10 years that the brothers have seen each other. Elvin Gciscr, a former Springdale High School football conch, ead, mostly Noticr- has resigped ss football coach at 30.00: commercial and low goori North Little Rnck to nccept a po- lepers -ind heifers 23.00-27. 00; choice NOF. 1 and 2 190-220 Ib? Ir shippers and butchers; 240-270 Ibs full w i d t h of choice grade 197.120.65; few 280-300 Ibs 19.00-35; 150-170 Ibs 18.50-20.00; 120-140 Ibs 16.50-18.00; sows 400 Ibs down 17.25-75; heavier sows 15.25-16.75; Slags 13.50-15.50; boars 11.50-- has been filed ih my o f f i c e , as Clerk 13.50; few 14.00. of t h K Chancery Court of Washmti- Cattle GOO, calves 500; trading j ih" nuie?ing a^cn^firmaTion'o" the slnw and very irregular with sales generally showing uneven price trend in cleanup a f f a i r ; few good lightweight steer? ti K ! : 7 . a h r t h . C A " R D K . N ' " V W i f e . E x - 1 hni? ir.'i'o ~tor with ]'; HP" c'aSQ- _imi? ir,'rnr,_$^5_nO. Phnnc l«"|M7:) j R CROSLEY station" wason "Cheap i Ph^np \\¥2. ' Jam;:s A. Stevrnson Stevenson, Husband i Pane The Defendants. Hnrry F K h r f d H r l ; and Marian A. Sheffield hiishnn-1 nud ' - . .. . ,,_ wife, and each of them, arp hrrchy ' I 9I!l ~ *"«'r Fiectlinc Deluxe. $1.20!) on '' warned to appear m this Court u-ithm St ' c Olivor Burnett. OH Assembly ! thirty days and answer the cornplaim I _*»···. P»IHIP 25S5J. j of the F l a i n t i f f v 1 *-«.;._ i- hnrfhy given t h a t there sitfon with the Highland Park ' will be with girls and boys in the junior and senior Inch school ages. His duties will begin July I. Mrs. Scott Price was taken to the City Hospital from her home on Meadow Street Thursday morninR In n Callison-Sisro am- bulnnee _,,, ' ,,..,,. , ,, , , Foster Williams of Holcomb Street was returned to his homo by Calllson-Sisco ambulance a f t e r an opcmtion at the City Hospital . . I l t l ! - v '' ?nfl low Commercial kinds w i t h t h i n shells down to in.ot), : bulls very uneven and some bins sharply lower: few comm"iThil to · 2r.()(l; u t i l i t y ami commercial . largely 2n (iO-2.1..iil; canncr ;md | cul '- cr b u l l s IS-M-IM"': vcalrrs : 1 - O J j l n w c r : Rood and choice 27.00- i 31.00: feu- sorted prime to 33.00;' u t i l i t v and commercial vealers I9.oo-26.0d; culls 14.00-18.00. sheep 400; receipts very largely spring limbs: high percentaRe o't these choice and prime from tn u t i l i t y t h r o w m i t s light culls fiown In 12.00 and trompp bflnw; slnughtor owes steady; c u l l 1 - Rood cwcs 4.507.00; agcti huri\^ m a i n l y 5.50. We Caret Of Thanh* wUh \r c^preAi our Thursday morning. | 2G.2."»-27.ijU: nno Int mostly prime The 7Jon and Kishhark 4-H '27.2.'); f u l l y i i o f i d y trade with Clubs held meetings Tuosdav nl : Thur:;d;,y; i-hon-r- 25.lfU-2G.00; cull t h c h o m f - o f A. G. Hylton. 'The i - tn - u t i l i t y thrownuts 17.00-20.00; parents of the club members were special Kuosls. CJordon Bonnor l e f t Thursday morning for Elgin Air Force Base In Florida where ho will be in training for the next four weeks as ·member of the University Air Forw R.O.T.C. Ho is n junior at the ITniversity. i Cecil Norman, m.migcr of t h e j Norman Furniture- Comp.'iny, Inc., ! Jpft Thursday for Chicario, wliere ; he will attend tho i n t e r n a t i o n a l ; homt furnlshinRK show nt the I Merchandise Mart and the American Furniture Mart. He will return to Sprlngdale in 10 days. thanks rind nuprori; frifindn whn \vcn- s !nn our r.Tcn' t» Mn M-MI,!C Mnrk Hi.nnn Dnrn M - n n n sincere on to our many kind to ui dur- , Mir. CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Fhon* Coltet 1111 rartlltTllU. ArkintM Joplin Rendering Co. t i t l e in the f o l l o w i n g desrrilnj.l la: s i t u n t t d in Washington C o u n t y , Arkansas, t o - w i t : The West half of the Southeast Q u a i t e r of t h e Southwest Q u n r i r r of stH-tinn t w e n t y - s i x U6i. Towns h i p T h i r t e e n n a j N o r t h , Range T h i r t y I.KM West. A l l pcrsonf; claiming said l a n d ^ nr any i n t t . r t s t t h e r e i n , arc hf-rchy w.irn- ed to appear in t h i s Court w i t h i n s x works f r o m the da!e of thr f i r s t pul.- t i r a i m n of t h i s Notice iind * n o .v r.''.iise w h v said t i t l e to said l a n d s should not he f j u i t l f d and t o n J i n n t - d in t h e P l a m l i f f s n n d Petitioner:,. Witness my h a n d as clerk of t h i s Court and the si-;,l t h r r e c i f tm t h i n t h e I f l t h day of J u n o . 1332. ( S E A f , , i Hichard B. Grrer. Clerk "WARNING "ORDER AND NOTICE In The Chancery Court Ol Waihington County, Arkanin Delnln A. J e n k i n s and Sacliu I.) J e n - kins, Piaintifi.i vs. J.nan and T i i l e Company, or its TniMft-s Hcccivers Assigns or S u c ( C K s f , r ^ . P a u l H. l , c v . Mnnde A . A l l m . D e f e n d a n t * The n r f e n d . n i t s . D i - t i t o n - C o l c m n n Lo«n n n d Tilk- C n t n p u n x , nr Us Trustrei, Ilec-c-ivrr*. Assign"!, nr Suc- cessora, Pnul H I.i-vy. u n i t M.ntdc A Alien, are hcrt-hv w a r n e d t n In t h m court w i t h i n t h i r t y i!.v.;. m i ' t Answer the c o m p U n n t of the p l a i n * Notice it hereby R l v o n t h a t t h c r r has been film m my n i h c r . 1,4 r : ( r X ot thr C h n n c f - r y f - m r t i | V, , m h m r - lon C o u n t v . A r k a n x a s . » p i - t i t i n n f d r t h e c o n f i r m a t i o n ol i h i - t i d e in 1)1-. fnllowinji dcsTlhrd l;iiuN mtu.-Of-il i n WMhliiRton County. Atk:ms,ii.. t . . u i : T h p N o r t h w n i t q u a r t t - r n f t m S f u i t h w p s t q u n r t r r . nnr! t h e South- nn If of i h r South WPS t f p i a r ' r r (.1 t h e N n r h w f M l q n a r l i - r o f Srchnn Ml. Bnrl t h f Kn*! l u c n t y - M x nrnl 'inf h » l f ftt-rri of i-riu.-i] HIU| u m - f o r t n w i d t h o f f t h e K.iV side nf lh« Southft»n Quarter of the N o r t h Mil q u a r t e r of Section n i n e i9i except two und one r i n l f nrrei tn the form of n t q u n r r in ihf S o u t h - f««t corner of Mtd I A « I d C f l r r i h r r ] (ricl. «H in T o w n s h i p ]fi N o r t h Banie M Wnt. c o n t m n i n s tn n i l f i f h i y - f r m r nrrei, more or IMI Al«f* part nf thr, N o r t h TM * ) 'imrtcr ' of Ihe N o r t h r n i t r i i m r l r r of St-rtion i PACKARD-WILLYS Sales- -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone 666^ 208 North Block PERSONALLY ENDORSED USED CARS 1951 ICEBOXES GOOD CONDITION $3.95 each TUCK'S Phone_35 AMI O N SLEEPING room., one block from U n i v e r s i t y , $1250 por m o n t h . Ai»o 2 room a p a r t m e n t and l i g h t house- If,' kpcplng^j-onrns. Phone 1525M. j TWO four room iipartmcnu. f t i r n t i h ~ *M and unfurnished Ulllillei paid _Phone_2107J or 2580R. PURNISHEb~dupTex" a p a r t m p n t -- 2 rooms, hall, p n v n t c ba!h and tcp- »rali; f n t ranees U n i v e r s i t y Street _^lione :,07M1 a f t r r 5. A V A I L A B L E immediately.' ~3 room f u r n i s h e d a p a r t m e n t , one block c a m p u s Ideal f o r s t u d e n t s . I n q u i r e _f^M _Kea KB n n f tcr 1 p m 6 ROOM modern~ho^Me~SMOfl~niohTfr 413 South School. I'honc 765J. i *o!d todny--hcnr ed In thli ad wai ' this n u m b e r pull- ! LOVELY RANCH TYPE IN h r n u M f u t . rei'.r c:ed Wilion-Adams ·tldltion. It'i ulrnoit new, h«t cenlnl hoi and a t i a c h u d i;ar.i K r loveiy lawn. Owner l e h v m c for distant mu; hni given ihirp reduction if told thli week. DESIRABLE DUPLEX $11 500 liEUCCORATKD like nrw, hn f, room.* m one u n i t and three in · ·nothi-r. Also t h c r c ' i a ciitr r n t t a r : on the rear lawn of thr h;« b r a u i i - ' f u t lot It » idt-aliy s i i u t f i f r i for : ·chouli, churrhr-s etc.. on paid pnvr- ; niitnt. in n n J i r « a of dt«ni/tcd hontca All lh:i. just 111,500. ONLY $500 DOWN J BUYS t h i » s i x room horn? It's close In. cnod e n v i r o n m e n t , p a i r l pavement Excellent for combination fcomt and otfic*. Price 58.000. , NEAR NEW SCHOOL ! SIX room*, f u l l baitmcnt, paid I top. on city bus route. W e l l ilrsuncecl ! J8.500. R A N C H E S SALE OR TRADE .? 200- 14,000 ACRES ji Kansas, Arkansas, Mlsiourf, _· Oklahoma, Texas ~THE BROADHURST CO.-? 1031 North College. Phon« 2487' AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A Btliir Plan la Buy ·ftotpoint UN. Block DEALEB Ph. Ill 200 ? Years of Service . 2 new n u l i i t l ri(-moni!r;itt,r. n^ 1703W H u d s o n 4-door. Radio, weather control, overdrive, - new plastic seal covers. Beautiful Texas tan. Excellent condition. 1949 H u d s o n 2-door, Radio, I J'UNIOK'HU n heater, seat covers, sun ' "' visor, new Naples green ^ paint job. 1949 Willys 4-whccl drive pickup. Ready to go lo work. 1948 Hudson 2-door. Heater. A real bargain. 1947 Ford V-8, 2-door. Radio, heater and scat covrrs. White wall tires. Good condition, 1 9 4 8 ' W i l l y s Jeep. 4-wheol drive. A real work horse. S A T U R D A Y m n r n l n n 10 n m sell your f u r n l t u i e a t ,virti top p n t c i Wi- h.-.vp :,u v , C l M . - l I l t y men t K I I ( ( l i c ; , t a l , t j fOM plan. It, « r l l a n , I ,, ,.,,,,, 10 Iniv !'l,,jnr 1770 for p.i-kij UP. H i l t o n nr.n A n l;on J 1 !* 11 "'? " "" l j^o^3^,=; Bates - Rea I tor i 20 000 000 j G J5£f;E »P"mntnt 321 W.,1 Center ! J_T t lephone..-All TO i P o l i c y h o l d e r l 20% Savings MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE f l o u r s , f r o m porch M I U p.iul Couple to r e n t for t u o r J u l y 1 to Soptrm inn 3 roomi. Rollilon. See : a l l 870FM ushert duplrx~"hii7iiwood y a r d . J M _ _ t-r^rr!.] Want tin. Available 1. 41! South ^ ROOM u n f u r n l s h r d nparTnT , v a l e both, near U n l v t r i i t y 10,'ift- -2012 " no E K. W h i l c - r h u *'-p.«'ir w l ' h h c l t s 10') j::, t , . f t ','' d r i v e · M. A H-iM.el. K l k i m 3 HO 6 M "apartment, cooking a nd in« u n l t » f u r n l l h f l d . A l l u t i t l t i c i _Ji*mniond R e a l t y . Phone 7ft.1 ~ blocki off s q u n r e ONLY $1000 CASH i IS ncrded to h a n d l e t h i n n e a t twr- ! bed room home. Iflrjifl room* nn-l a l l thr m o d e r n conveniences f o u n d in ,t ' n r w home, nlct Irvcl J o t . bin lm«-. haJanre of $V.OO p a y a b i c llki- r e n t WADE FINCHER, Realtor i K f Y n t i T Strct-l u N-ortti..n«t .action J|:5[«! rjIt_ li ."Xjij; | l._liTlm!l. ! .... , .·. rir.,... i. - _ · Jiini ux'.r-'l :., "'«. With a new ?i' i ' ou'huiidmgi ~---if . rout*. ON 62 N E A T and B t t m M i v p 4 ronr; rn-k v r n e p r e r t . All ci'v \i:ur. h o u r l y bin lervice K j i l f n.- G.irsg^ and iirjnll r h u l f i i N j r e Iflvn n r l t h r u t i s I 1 : ·ell, J4.2OT. ON STATE HIGHWAY Ymi' MltKWOKK.S l l l i . r k fi|ii. n r . i R l i H ilrrinei. U-OYO'S. Ml' Wpsi' "u'.'k.' PHI LCD REFRIGERATORS AT D A R f . A I N P R I C K S One » It. SITV;| ;,-,s H"liii!.-i-;itf.r Speed Qit"fn Washiru: Mai-liini-i KASY T K I I M S ,lf «nd Ifhonl r-\ r* A i -r-v / REALTY Rparlrnc .1 roomi jinM and un"; block of 4 «.°,? M N i li r ! "hone : . ''hone 3142W2 "UNFURNISHED u t i l l l l f i . All over- - Wi-M Kork. A i k . 1946 Willys Joep station wagon! I fr'-IFTON LUMBER CO. j jj Radio, hontor and overdrive. Fxtra nice. 1939 Chevrolet 2-door. Sun- viior, ipot lighl. Vf ; ry nice. Also several Fishing Cars. OZARK MOTOR CO. ·Imrc-li MOV- t M1 Whllh «". · panmeni. 20S N o r t ' h mt; .1I32W itlitr 6. OFPRKKD " " WEST K n n K AUK BIIs'lNESS"lr»nT«fp"\i I ' h 'li.r,:,' l l v i n x r|ii«rit;ri · , m r c [ t i n K i i n i l t i i r r I f r i r i n r H Q . u r k nlorr Trrn-.: f ' t i r n r r uf So _ BY owner. l.S jteren. 4 I m p r o v f m r n t * Closr i 1 «() "XrnrS ' . N V n r ' lu r l e r t r n - i U . S3.SM1 00 2 N t W lu'inc w » h n of W r i t Fork S« :n' 3 N I C K 1 h«!drm,m hni v l l l r on T t U l R h u , j "Savings for preferred risk** Get the Faclt The Ritter Agency Loam Real Estal* 1 6 East Center For Service Consult You- Classified So rv i ce Dj fee to ry _____ BEAUTY SHOPS Phonr ll.'iRl' M i r*t E* T" U'Ja u ty Shop L1:I TM Complptc ni-nuty Servtc* M o u n t a i n Phont _ _ l.*OLVAHOS BKAUTV SHOH 2M W M"n rtow-- Phone 3002 loit.t S.I 50, CiiM^yjj BVg_ISjp _ Springdale, Arl. TOnV) i n n r n n m n rntivrrtllile i mr-rlfhnlrnlly. n r A f l y nr-w in nnd |I"I'.T ('.ill Ll'j.l ,i,.,ri n f i c r .'· MI Quality now mattress and matlron ronovatina. | Phona 3036 j«?i_WEST OICKSON SPECIAL" AM, rnMii l.iwn chniri S4 is u-hll* Ihry IM«I Open fv*nin»i u n t i l 9 (Vi Hilton nroi. Drive-In r u r n i i u r o Ad\crtlM in lh« TIMKS--It p»yi. · nrt ». · hop nillf. Slrf-1 n.-i!ovlllr plion.. .nil. ^N.H Spr.nK.ldlp 2'i ol 71 ,.n HiinKvllli num f r f f l y j i v r n I n C W IMLK . H r i n n r«.1if« to ?M SAnlh r oil utiw f'.r Ifrviw. Dnit'i Ridio IKrvirt THREE BEDROCMS n A N f l t ilvtr. r r n t r n l l i f i t . flrpp),vc. vwy prclly inaldc nni! -mt Large tree Rhad'-d lot f-Un" .n Oruy JMtwu $1000.00 DOWN N I C K nf.uly n*w 4 1 , rofim h u n « i ! n w 4T. CM lonn w i t h p . i \ n t r n « if mtly J«0l month Why p»y r*nt THE RITTER AGENCY l« f Cenlrf Ptinno t».T»-l:2«W--ISJJ PHICKETTS BEAUTY SHOf -- (IEI.IABLI »O«« *"-- " -- Vft- I'IKM* Tit _ ~liunitnon. lurjlcil w*. port. Vivian Grctn. 33 VMM »WV. 1TM Phone 7M-J, ill N .fall. ~Mr. 1 W McAtht. sp«nc«r Cor««'.l«r« 7 ^uih yninr»ity it AND TAINT JMiiti w«llp«p«r «nl i'tint iton~ Iiterlor DtceMIIni W4H W. Ulckim Plioru 141,

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