Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 20, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 20, 1952
Page 8
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Eisenhower Talk In Texas Nay Be A "Rip Snorter" Flies South For Saturday Talk And Political Sessions Dwifiht D. a huddle "a rip snbrtcr.** The friend of the general who made the cornmeftt asked that his name not he used. He declined to a m p l i f y the remark, but it was evident Eisenhower intends to speak at Dallas on the Texas delegate situation. Groups contesting for delegate seats at the GOP National Convention represent the general and Sen. fiobert A. Taft. i his principal rival for the GC» · presidential nomination. The Re- I puhlican National Committee will .' consider the contests. Eisenhower spent much of yesterday working on material he will use in his talk at Dallas Saturday night at 7:30 p. m. CST and in other t a l k s and news confer- ule u n t i l last n i g h t . Even then aides said they did not know i when he would arrive. Later. Ar- j t h u r Vandenbcrg. Jr., said Hoff; man was /lying to Denver, arriv- ' ing this morning. '. The name of Gov. Frank Bar. rett of Wyoming also was added to j t'"c general's schedule for today. : Wyoming delegates, originally : listed as six for Taft, two for j Eisenhower and four uncommitted, saw the general Tuesday. Afterward, a spokesman said the dele- Philadclphia-f/P)-So m e 4,000 Pennsylvania Republicans s a t cation might snl it evenly between ; r t o w n to S100-a-plate unity din- Ihe two candidates for policy ! ncrs in Philadelphia and Harris- TAKE THE S ALL YOU NEEPS If. THf WOCK5. M'JiKI r/f LIFT Off ft 'HAN't ""TGEE-I'VOJDEI (_IF SHE'D SETTL! Denver - 'A 1 ) - Gen. Eisenhower arranged flying to Texas tomorrow for speech which a friend .said w i l l be MCE TO BE POPUUR IM TOO WELL- KNOW) tf- A SIWOW IVE GOT TO KCK A 1PV\' ~[ HAT DOESN'T HAVE TELEVIOOU. IM AFRAID TO RIDE BUSES. A TEEN-AGER JUST ASKED ME AN AUTOGRAPH. ~ HELP WANTED IVE GOT TO LAV LOW, AND AT THE SAME TIME. I'VE GOT TO GET A JOB-AND HIDE. easons. The candidate arranged to re- 8 Spearmint Gum. Chewing helps keep teeth bright. Freshens taste, sweetens breath. Pleasant aid to popularity. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams f YES. A "V WOOPPECkER I \ IS JUST A / SORE K:ECK 1 OM A TIM I THAT'S ON= OF THEM WHAT THEY CALL SPECIALISTS MOW.' IF VOU DO PUT HIM ON ANYTHING. ELSE \-ae. A DAY, THEY'VE LOST WHAT THEY MADE OM HIM FOR A. WEEK.' THE HIT AMP MISS Believe/t orJVbt/ WHO KNOWS? pimnn A COWMIWK THE KtPS ARE MAKING QUITE A AND WHAT vrtS \ PUY FOR IRAU, YOU KNOA'. TWSES THE A\EAM'M6 1 A LITTLE ITJOUBLE NOW AND TtBI_ JUT IT'S NOTHING. · I HO'E J YOU WILL ORGET 17. A1BAL IN IKAN. PASSIS, FLIPS »UI'i KICE AM5 5HKMK09CS IN Hli LAP. IMMORTALITY m A MADHOUSE/ London. Enq land WROTE MEDIOCRE POET(N ALL H!S LIFE UNTIL HC UK COMMITTED TO --- n ^ ·"· i ^t'-L -OJ'C: "' ' ( l .^ , ^ \-^L^^O l; ;T C*ON 68 SrMZnS OF THE SONG To DAVID'- CHALKED BY SMftRT ON TllE WAt LS OF BEDLAM - HAVE BEEN COMPARED TO THE WORKS OF MILTON ANO KEATS THi PALACE BUILT AS A FORFEIT IN A PMUOR 6AffE Fat-chpurSikn.ltvliA CONSTRICTED By EMPEROR ftKBAR THE GPFAT POO A LftC WHOM HE FAILED TO IDENTIFY IN SlMDmANSSl/fel ' HI.HANDBOML.IOKA.Y.SWE;-! IT AIL / POrti.THlCiX If. TtltnUH OVI7R I 1 . TlfiHT MJOUSO OOP'S MECK.. WH GOT- RUM OOTA MKAWS WF_ MOVED Hllftr. FUM PINCAPBLF: JUNCTION, AN WIT AIMS T' BE GOOD NEIGHBORS. 1 ? we AiM'irsrAWorF BON' GOOD NEIGHBOR , . .... BVGIVlM'ABIfiHAM ^ A "«»« PARTY vn'so.'. 'Congratulations, sir!--You're getting a wonderful, ... eon-ln-law!" - *'· »um« seeing Western Republican delegates after hi. 1 ? conference with Hoffman. Idaho delegate* had date with him this afternoon with j Washington following. AM Idaho delegates are listed in the Taft camp, while 20 of the 24 Wash- , ington delegates are regarded as : favorable to Eisenhower. : Too BuKjf ! Montana delegates originally! were on the Eisenhower schedule j for this afternoon, hut this date · was stricken by headquarters last ! night without explanation. [ At Broadus, Mont., chairman j Ashton Jones of the Montana dele- | liation. said he had received no i invitation to meet Eisenhower. And if I had received . Senator Tafi i Claims Gains In Strength Soys He Has Picked Up Since Return Of Eisenhower NVw York-OTVSen. Robert A. , : Taft blasted Gen. Dwight D. Eisen- today with Paul G. Hoffman, one ' wires at Denison, Texas. Saturday, ! W0 uid" have' been to*n bucv t^go " J hnwcr nn d o m P K t i r a n d foreign is- of his principal advisers, before j ""£ ';? s V ?« as - Nev " Sunria - v - ' said Jones, nnp of scvon Taft sup- ' su " last n i c h t ' scorned H o f f m a n s name .was not placed · .. . - . . . on t h o fi pncral 's announced schecl- porters on the eight-member dele- '. me- type of presidential cam- 'New Deal" ,. '· naign and lambasted g Republicanism. Ex-Gov. Sam C. Ford at Helena, I J n R n a t i o n a ) | v fe , ]pvlsed pro . Mont., said he knew nothing of any Denver meeting although he is a delegate. gram, "Answer to Abilene," Taft spnke out on vital issues while taking verbal pot-shots at Eisenhower, his chief contender for the GOP presidential nomination. Taft claimed he has gained in both pooular and convention delegate strength since Eisenhower came homo, from Eurooe. Con| corning delegates, he saidr "I can't ! find a single one that General j Eisenhower's gained." Taft accused Eisenhower of be- burg last night and vowed to sup- , i n « ill-informed on. not under- Pennsylvanian GOPers For' W Leadership port anyone who emerges from the | standing, nr shiftinc his views on GOP National Convention as the I several Issues, particularly reduc- parfy's presidential candidate. Upwards of 2,500 party campaign contributors shed dinner coats in the oppressive heat of Philadelphia's Convention Hall and loudly hurrahed demands for "bold national leadership" made by key- tion of government expenditures. "I t h i n k the general has gone hack on the 40 hillinn tax cut." said Tarv. "I don't think he could have meant t h a t , herause you couldn't have any armed forces at unless you have complete dis- 1 note speakers from both sides of · armament, with any such tax cut." the Taft-Eisenhower fence. polJiical Increase In Price Of Baby Foods Authorized Washington-WI-OPS Kisenhower was variously quoted in New York a week ag rt both as saying he favored a 40 billion dollar tax cut and a 40 billion dollar budget cut over several years. ', In Denver last night the general ! said he had referred to a cut of 30 ! to 40 bUlions in the federal bud- thorized price.. ceCta, inTM ^TM l TM«'Contro,, sSr-jy-ai-S^W .«at rents a dozen cans or jars, at the | mlrtl ^" r factory. Tlie agency e'jiimaied the .'""._" retail princ v.-jll rise by about a has o f T r n a n admlnWra- ination of the draft, continuation of farm price supports with qualifications, and a personal platform stressing individual liberty. If elected president, he promised, he would balance the budget during his first year in office. The program was televised by i the National Broadcasting Com| pany, the American Broadcasting Benlonville -(Special)- Sheriff '· Company and the Columbia Broadcasting System. cent a can for canned baby meats, but not more than h a l f a cent a can for other baby foods. Warrant Issued In Benton County Case John Black has sent a holdover warrant to Olathe, Kan., authorities for J. A. Dixnn, Jr., about 25, who was arrested by Kansas City, Kan., authorities Monday for car pilfering. Dixon is wanted hero, acrnrd- np to Sheriff Black, for disposing of mortgaged property. On The Radio New York-lff'l-Tonignt: NBC - 7 Roy Pogers Western: j 7.:30 Bob and R a v ; n Mario Lanza song; 8:30 Who Coes There. j CBS - 7 Musiclanl USA Hour:: S Big Time Variety; 8:30 The; Waxworks; 9:05 Capitol C l o a k : room. j ABC - 7 Dick Powell Mystery; 7:30 This Is KB!; 8 Ozzie and Harriet. ; MRS ~- 7 Adventures of Mazie; i 7:30 Gracie Fields Variety; 8:05 Magazine Theater. FRIDAY EVENING 8:00 Dinner Music 6:15 Starlight Time «:30 News 6:45 Ozark Sports Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:1S Gabriel Heatter 7:30 Rtnymic Rendezvous 7:45 Lombardo on the Air fi:00 Bill Henry ft:05 Magazine Theatre 8:30 Armed Forces Review High Style For Women 9:00 News 9:05 Adventures of Mazie 9:35 .lust Music 10:00 News 10:15 Platter Party 10:30 Platter Party 10:45 Flitter Party 11:00 Pldtter Party 11:30 Sign Off BATUKDAX MORNING 5:30, Rise 'N Shine 6:00 Rise N' Shine 6:30 Maikets and Weather 6-35 Rise -V Shine 7-00 Minutes hy Music 7:15 Jordanaires 7:30 Otasco News 7:45 Organ Reveries 8:00 After Breakfast 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMES Morning Edition ·8:45 Ozark Diary 9:00 Kiddies Hit Parade 9:30 News !):45 Serenade in Blue 10:00 New Record Releases 10:15 New Record Releases 10:30 Edward R. Murrow 11:00 Proudly We Hail 11:30 Church of Christ 11:45 News at Noon SATURDAY AFfERNOON 12:00 BASEBALL Boston Red Sox Vs. Cleveland Indians 3:00 Swing Session Uy Sue Burnett Pariieiilarly flattering to t h e ' more m a t u r e figure Is this attractive afternoon style t h a t has plenty of style news in the softly i draped bodice, nicely detailed I skirt. j Pattern No. RR43 is a sew-ritp ! perforated pattern in sizes 34, 3fl, 3R, 40, 42. 44. 40, 48. Size 36, 4?» yards of 39-inch. For this pattern, send 30e for EACH, In" COINS, your name, address, sizes desired, and the PATTERN NIJMnEU In Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas Times, 1150 Ave. American, New York .16, N. Y. Basle FASHION for '.12 U filled with Ideas te make your elothfti budget KO f u r t h e r -- time-savins ·nd economlcil riMlgns that are my to new, Gltt pattern printed lulde. 25 emu. 4:00 Lnn Lan Ensemble 4:30 Bands for Bonds 4:45 MiiMml Intcrluda 5:00 Smiley Whitley 5:30 Preston Sellers 5:45 Peewcc Reese Show · - . . W«ilh«tptool and Flrapreoi BMUtlful Colon PHONE 30)1 FOR FBEE ESTIMATE CLARK VENETIAN BLIND A AWNING CO.

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