Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 20, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 20, 1952
Page 5
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ARKANSAS TIMES, foyttttvillo. Arkomof. Friday, Jurw A, 1T3J Texas Political Scrap Real Two-Gun Variety Fight With Both Sides Out To Win Editor's note: For weeks, Texas howcr people, and split two. has been seething with strife be. Slay With Tht Law tween the supporters nf Gen. The Eisenhower faction main- .Dwifkt Eisenhower and Sen. Rob- tained it had majorities and that f.ll *· j Ta "' T^ f nuestion is: its conventions were called and whose delegates are entitled to held according to state and party --' "" Lone Star State a t . law. They said in each case they ' J - ' t - ' . - : · - - : Chicago Making Big Plans For Conventions Of jutt hadn't been any Republicans before. Ktifhborhood CtmTintloni Held The Old Guard worked quietly lining up its people for Taft. concentrating on the job in the weeks preceding the Texas precinct conventions in May. These neighborhood conventions Both Parties; Windy City Is Ready For Boom RC made Tnoppralinn nr.rl r)f the GOP National Conventnn July ' had taken the declarations 7? Two rival slates have come into party loyalty, as set up by being. This is one of he most ex- State Executive Committee. of co"" Chicago-i/Pl - The Republicans* -- 1^=';^'= # ±f ^he'^ - *W DOROTHY DIX nominate a president and there's » ' a TM v g .-ONTINUED ruaw pAcr rot) definite political theme in many i lines of business. There's also lev- turn I , . 1 ) . ' l ! · · _ 4 - . _ ! cnsn non-pohliral acMvity in put- determine membership in the stat? i . . · · ··· ·--· convention. The split, resulting in I l m * f l n a l t m 'fhfs to preparation- separate state conventions, developed when the GOP State the ! Committee generally cold-shoiil- dered the Eisenhower delegates, although the general's backers argued they had a majority. Zweifel says the Eisenhower people were actually Democrats, trying to cross party lines, that On per cent ot them were folks who would like to see the general nominated by both parties. Porter ...jppo little group ·ged ... of little men" was .A^^h--^^ argument came into being. i G ^ e ° r ^ nl ^ u 'TMd contends that B T DAVE CHEAVENS ^tl'^l v'nt . Austin, Texas-(/P)-It's two-gun'' 0 hp hon ? firle Republicans to Texas political warfare in rugged i }^.^ ^^M^j frontier style that Gen. Dwight: take evidence to Chicago designed Eisenhower steps into tomorrow! to show that in some instances when he visits his birthplace at *!)* Tatt Republicans did not ·Denison, on the Red River. £{£ ",,,£ Z^aw^ufS It s a showdown between Old rump sessions later. Guard Republicans, who inherited i w . . . .the political dynasty of the late i Republican? ....,,.,,,..,. ,, ,, ,,,,,,., ,,,,,,,, v , t « Rene B Crea'eer anri , n Essentially, the dispute pivots for Hoover as evidence of his two- «r«ni,eri I ri / r-^n i on t h e 1"estion: What constitutes ^^ aims ln Texas organized band of GOP newcom-: a Republican in Texas? ' It is not an easy one to answer. trying to keep itself in power. Porter has asserted the Old Guard leadership is more interested in patronage than in winning elections, that it wants to hold down the membership in the , party. Zweifel says this is ridicu- ', lous, and points to his 11)28 service «rs. who say they wanl to put some new life into the old party. That's what it amoiints to from the strictly Texas vi=wpoint . Nationally, however, Texas' 38 convention votes could well be the key ot winning the Republican nomination. Thirty of the Old Guard's con ·know. Douglas MacArthur.""" "" U ? n ' : tne - v Thirty-three, of the rival delegation art instructed for Eisenhower and five are instructed for StarUd In 1150 Taft-Eisenhower ball ±s; R x^ *« i '«$ i'arawks openly taken part in Democratic affairs on the state level, but ron- , - t ' nuoci t n vote the Republican tlcl!ct ' n national elections. ' The last legislature completely rpwr " tl ' lh * election code, but it haf n "' bepn ful '. v snd clearly in- ·d's convention delegates are haf n "' b TM ful '. v snd clearly in- nowl . r |, 'n to be for Senator Taft four ' 1?r P rclecl in 'he courts. Both sides hv lung lisenhower, and four for Gen ; u . sl? '' '" su PP ort l h s i r claims that w '. a , .]», rl« Ms/.A^tK..^ t h e v are I m p n e n t t h l i V a n * I.TK« ' '. . challenged Zweifel's bid in the Old Guard leadership and lost. are true Republicans rnnc1lj cted their conventions ga i£' ,,,,,, e J °" national command has Both men say they are pleased the dispute has been referred to the National Committee. Zweifel said the accusations by the Eisenhower leaders "csn't be sustained lung power." Porter said he i ,,,,,. glad the committee has rer- who ngnized the election laws under 1(1 - j which his people held their con- 1 ventions. That's the kind of scrap Eisen- for the two major party conventions. Playing host to the bis political shows is a huge business - although not a new role--for Chicago. When the Republicans convene July 7 it will be Chicago's .. ,.. .,, ,,,,,,.. ... GOP national convention. T h r . t h e degree of master of fine arts Democrats opeji their meeting o n ; in art will be offered bv the Uni- July 21. their eighth in Thicajn versily beginning in September, Hr. Virgil Adkisson, dean of the G r a d u a t e School, announced today. Objectives of the program will he professional achievement Master's Degree in Fine Arts To Be Offered A program of study leading to t a i n l y is nol e v p a r t i n x Inn IUIM h In wanl him to m a k e one v i j i l in five years lo your home t o w n True, it might be a s a n i f i c c (or i n . him lo f pend two weeks with peo- your pie he doesn't know lim well, hut i-, i- of such sacrifices is a t , m \ mar- vour hir.h-ind *.r*rr.- In b" ' A c . f f u ! - ly l a c k i n g in th'"*' j^srir. on ihir, year's w i r . i t j n n , '.;:i nn S^od tlmr. L'll'IfT ll:f · m mn- .lurufied in c u t n n c d' y o u r n\vn m-I-rv upit.v If he't e x t e n d ·on t h e r o u i l o c v nf v h l f i n c people, ynii f h n u M no! h" · \ p-t"l l - i i-no-k -.ourself out ·nlei l.iminp, hi* f a m i l y . l!'» (ji:i'» possible you have th*.. win -.v''-d n the point where h«' e.i r « r t - . and ;»!!. his own way just in«'i; .1;! tiv; lime. He sounds like a i firsr.T; 'horoughly bent on hav- i n g h i s every wish fulfilled with^'it del.r.. EVERYTHING IN MUMSIHO and JUfflW FArETTEVILLI IRON and METAL CO. eOVHNMENT AW. The last time both met in Chi- ', cigo in the ssme year was 1!H4. j Business groups and city o f f i - cials have been busy for months mapping- every detail so .that l h e : o f a high order, . , knowledge of delegates and convention visitors |ar'. history and criticism, the de- will he kept happy during their ] velnpment of a fundamental grasp week-long stay. Hotels, railroads. | ; md unrlersnding of the profes- airplanes, restaurants, nisht clubs.' sional field of art, and its rela- theaters anri State Street stores! lionship to supporting fields ot have made big plans for a busi- i knowledge, ness boom during the conventions, j - ,, . . . ,, ,, ,,,,,.,., A significant part of the pro- The city has arranged to have ; ^ram. Dr. Adkisson said, is that streets spick and span, with an j a minimum of 20 hours of aca- extra-special preening nn t h e r m i c wnrlc will be required Discover the taste that has made eral Wells May 27. each chartinz de 'eeations will go before the Na- tl - '-:r ·.·m'illeeal tactics ".tional Committee armed with live. In the contests Jrom 24 counties · w ,. nesses - .""idayits and court: nounced he would have wordl to say about it. ' a few routes from the Loop to the con vcntion hall the International Amphitheatre in the stockyards district. ''Traffic policemen won't be loo quick to give delegates and visitors a ticket, for a minor violation. The l.ifin policemen who will handle traffic won't be allowed to use such familiarities and "Chum." TOTS Get In The Act Being a presidential year, even the new toys are of a polilical nature. Among the new Christmas j display shown yesterday were gi- I ant elephants and donkeys t h a t ! supporlinc ficlri«. A number of : enurscs In Enclish, history and philosophy a r e recommended. Other courses vill be in r r t history, art criticism, special prob ( l e m s in contemporary art, and i studio wo" in p a i n t i n g and sculpture. Students preparing tn teach will he required to take an art j education workshop. A total of CMS irom iif counties · .v^.ito. rn,,i n vii* di l u cuuri ; P i' uip Mineral Wells eon-'. TM lln 5 s variously interpreting the I »..__-- ||._ U_|J )ld Guard-dominated I f"" 51 oft5n conflicting election ; KOlKfS Plill 11610 Mm r^ nrn «ltt.. ! law. I ~ vention the Old State Executive ^ m i l t Committee stsn- i gate* Jt CC g7v ri Xo' h to Thaft , dclp -'Leader, a*** gate.._.it_gave two to the E . s e n - j Onp w|11 hp ,,,, swarthy Henr Worth, a Violation Of Parole .... by stocky. lawve^Ydfve "in ^he ' ^n"""'"" -(Special)- R a l p h party for more than 45 " J r S : f TM m T ' 2 J . *°Sers. was being Zweifel ran Herbert Hoover's' " elti '" the B( ' nton County j«il Texas ramoaisn in 1928. when t h e ; ' t o d n y for state parnle officers, state went Republican for the first j a f t e r violating his parole from the and only lime in a century. H e , s t ' t e penitentiary at Gould. He ran the Dewey-Warren campaign | will probably be returned Monin lf!48. Since then Zweifel h a s ; d a y . been a Taft man. I Summy was arrested by Sheriff Top hand in . j the Eisenhower : T 0 h n " R e l t °' """ t h e O l d * or charges of bur- urinucni -- sometning me um i . . . . , . . -- : - , ' -- · · · Guard never lets him forget I * ' chetk to * 37 Porter was one of the original Summy's arrest followed the ' ' ' ' -- sale of two tires stolen from the Eisenhower boosters here. He ^^^ traveled thousands of miles and tfff spent a good part of the last two silica mine warehouse to Rogers service station. lowest Prices I in Two Years B.F. Goodrich Silvertown Hn Ma/ lomtt M new can SPECIAL SALE SALE ENDS JULY? $ OUTMl LIST 6:70-15 LIST MICE £?* SALE PRICE 17$ plut tax and /our old tir* 4s little as $189 DOWN f PHONE 35 · ' , " * ' * i ' · » : j * « *^ r ~ ~ T1 ^' r r ^ / ' l'i!i''!'.j. '· ! l ' . ! j f i , i , ! . | j l i i ' ' . ' I ' i j J l i M l r i M i H t ! ' 19 NORTH ILOCK ST. B.F.Goodrich F I R S T RUIIIR 60 hours will be required Two years of residence work beyond the bachelor's degree will be necessary. Candidates for the degree must successfully complete prescribed examinations, both oral |anri written, and must also pre- ^E^rS'? SS=^' --: ^-^^iS£;S SS??rS and television stations. The I l l i - ' u u a f e work, Dr. Adki 6 «on said nois Bell Telephone Company h a s . Applications for admission may arranged a telephone message be made to the Graduate School renter for delegates which wiil in- '· office. elude walkie-talkie service f o r ! · » emergencies. j Not w h j t C j nol whea ,_ not rye| One of the major projects at the; hut a flavor blend of all three-- . a avor en o a t Amphitheatre was the installation jjunge's Roman Meal Bread of an air cooling system. Delegates 11-19-tf IRAND T H E 010 S U N N Y I R O O K C O M f A N Y , I O U I S V I L L E . K t N T U C K t tNo.2 F a l Modi) for modal--coiri fail Slack up a Chevrolet truck ijilMt *f mhrr truck with compilable tpecincationi, capable of handling the iame payloidj. You'll find the Chevrolet truck li»U (or leu and brings you great feitures. Milt after mil* of reck bottom toil Truck users everywhere have proved lo their own satisfaction that Chevrolet colt* thA Icist of ill to own and maintain. Valvc-ia- Heart economy, In the Loadmuter or Thrift- master engines, iavei on (U, Right truck for tht job fowl mentjr Chevrolet trucks are tactory-matetai to your payload requirements. Vou don't waste money by buying "too much truck"-yCM don't risk work interruption or liow-do*UJ by buying ''too little truck." lower, flower dtpricicHon Record* chow that Chevrolet hvcki tridl- tionnlly hring more at reiale than «cy other male which costs about the same new. Tht market value of Chevrolet truck! lUrt uf because the value stays In. You buy a truck to get work done fast and clficicnlly, ai ilic lowest possible COM, There's a Chevrolet truck that will do just (hat. It lists for 'less money than any other truck with comparable specifications. It saves on operation and upkeep. It's factory-matched to your job--frame, tires, axles, !pring.s, engine, transmission, brakes. And traditionally, it keeps its value longer. trades in higher, than many other trucks costing more. These ire the plain hard facts of truck buying. They are the down-to-earth reasons why, year after year, more truck users buy Chevrolet trucks than any other make. More than two and half million users arc proving that it makes sense, and saves dollar', to haul and deliver with Chevrolet trucks. Come in and discuss your truck needs, with us. MORI CHtVROLIT TRUCKS IN UH THAN ANT OTMR MAKII Green Chevrolet Co. 17 E. Fhoiu 255

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