Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 29, 1974 · Page 23
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 23

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 29, 1974
Page 23
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47-Real Estate-For Sale Leqal Notices-- .eg a I Notices .. -LEAVING STATE · $1,035 for equity and awuine $73.00 .monthly puyincnt nt G% on Hits nlco 2 bedroom home in West Fork Ark . lias atcol aiding--attached carport, patio. Large corner lot. Near Jr. :' High, By Ov/ner, 839-3359. BY ownar: IJcaulHul Uirco tjwlroom brick \y, baths, two cur gorase, fenced yard. ' Priced to lell, J19.950. 71-378I, ;v; 129 ACRES '. · Excellent locution, newly conslniclcd all -" L elwlrlc 4 bedroom brick veneer home. One older home with full basement and . tarn. 110 acres tillable has all year ,',. runnlrm s[rln« In Coleord, Oklahoma, Total price aw.OOOj 50% down, termi, .._ C*U 918-326-1288. tint) tins nsccrtnlncd lluit said w;n iiujie-l ry n majority In H.sscssed vnluo ot tho owners of real projwrly w i t h i n Bulil territory. NOW, TMBHUFOEIE;. UK IT ORDAIN"D BY TUB 130ARD OF DIRECTOR Y TUB CITY OK FAYETTEVIU.E, HKANSASi Lon 1. That Ihcru !* hcrrby oitfriij- sliwl nn Improvement district cnibnic- K tho following properly: cslnnliijj al ULB NK txjrner of r/H C Prnlrle View Addition, Lhonve Soulli ojiif tlic enst ])roperty lines ot l/»l 7. 9, 0. ID, II. nnd 12 to Itio RE corner I t/ti 12; ihenco Weit alonx tho south FISHING AT BACK DOOR ' 5 Acres, 5 mllw out 16 West. 3 yi Bedrooms, fireplace, new home 1 $19,300. W1U consider trade. Phone 442-8953. NEW home for sale at builder* cost _·· Three bedroom, 2W beth, all brick o -- large lot, fireplace, double jfemge Ihat - - Insulated and paneled, many extrai ',,' $30,500. Open house 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday ·' - It 53 0 vercrcs I, Fnycttcvll to. or cal -'" Ropers, Ark., 6-7074 tor an appointment Call by 9:00 a.m. In morning or 6:0 :. p.m. In evening. Will help finance quail "..j."' fled parly. . ..... Legal Notices-NOTICE . IK THE PROBATE COUHT 0 WASHINGTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS : IN THE MATTF/R OF THB ESTATE OP " NINA K. TR1BLE, DF.CFASBD NO. P-744T6 Last known address of decedent: CU Hospital Geriatric Center, 221 South EWiOQ], Fayettevllle, Arkansas; also Park view Apartments, Apartment C-8, 33 Wes " Prospect, FaycUevLlle, Arkansas: els J».0. Box 1452, FaycttevDle. Arkansas. Iale of Death: August 27. 1971. r." An Instrument diilcd February 12, 1961 - -· was on the Gin day of Scplcmbor, 197- ·*· ii(tmi llcil lo probate a s the la si wi ot the nlwvo named decedent, antj Hi - imrlorstenod has been appointed exccuto - Ihercuntler, A conic si, ol the nroual of tho will can ho effected only by filin n petition with In thn time provided b tnw. ", All persons havlns claims against tli ·oslato must exhibit them, duly vorifici ,| lo Iho undcrslgnec] within six month from the dale of tho first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit In the estate. This notice first published 22nd day of September, 1971 The First Natlonnl Bank of Fayctleville, FayeUeville, Arkansas Executor P.O. Boi 1267 Fnyetlcvillo, Arkansas 72701 ropcrty lines or Lois and lo t h o W corner of Lot 13; Ihonce Norlh along Ihe West properly lines of Iot 13, 33, ind 5 to flic NW comer of Lot 5; thence long tho N property line ol Ixil B to 10 NE corner ol said lot; lite nee to tie NW corner of Lot 6; thence B alontf tho N property line of Lot 6 to Utc poln f b e g i n n i n g , all of sale] properly b e i n g n Prnlrlo View Addition lo the City of Fftyetlevllte, Washington, County, Ark- nsB3. tt per plal on lile In trie Ottlce of Iho Circuit Clerk and Ex-Offldo Reorder oC Washington County, Arkansas, .-'or the purpose of paving Eva Ave- lus from We 01 ntftrwi D rive South to ho dead end thereof; Uie installation jt curbs, gutters, and necessary drainage trucltircs, and the installation or alcle- walks; al! of said Improvements to meet existing city RUimlanls as set out In Iho Ocxle of Ordinances nnd those resolu- Legal Notlcai-- fons supplementary (hereto. Section 2. That said district shall be mown a» Street Improvement District Vo. 74-1; an4 (ho Bonn] of Directors of the City of Fayellevillc. Arkansas y virtue ol their ot/lccs shnll constitute a Donrd of Commissioners to moke Ihc assessments and carry out Uie Improvements provided for in this ordinance, Section 3. Thai the several l o t s . w i t h i n snid district ba nnd -they., hereby arc, assessed as follows: TRACT o correct or remove Iho conditions described In tho nforcaulcl notice, if [lie Courl determines tlmt such action Is necessary lo aunlo eultl conditions, c) When a rcfldlllon e x i s t i n g on pd- vuto proiwrtj' Is corrected by or under the I1 reel Ion of the City Mtona cer, or duly Authorised representative, pursuant to auhparnKrnph (d) above, tho costs thereof Bnnll he cliartrcd to the owner oF Iho properly a nil the City shrill havo n lien a^jilnst I h o properly lor such costs. Such lien may be ctitoix'. cd u'Jlhln eighteen months otlor work ins been done by an action In Iho chnn- cery court. Ilefore any action lo enforce such lien «hn)l bo had, tho City Clerk shall mako nn afljclavlt BCUing oul the facts na to unknown address or whereabouts or nonrcsldence, and thereupon service as now provided for by Inw against tlcnt defendants, may be had and an attorney ad 11 torn shall bo appointed to notify defendant by registered letter addressed to his list known place ol residence If snnid can be found, '·'-" ·" ' , . -, Section 2. That nil ordfnnnce* and resolutions, or parts thereof. In conflict i ere with be, and hereby nrc, repealed. Sec ton 3. It Is hereby determined by Ihe Bonn! of, Directors ot the "Oily ol ^ayettevJIlo, " Arkansas, that the CHy Housing Code docs not provida a procedure whereby iho City may abate comll- Eons prohibited by Section 306.4 ot snld [»tle and that such H procedure Is necos -sary to protect Ihe public health and ·safety. Therefore, an emergency h herd* by, declared to exist and this ordinance being necessary tor Uie Immediate pro lection of the public health, safely, ndn welfare shall tnko elfeci Immediately after Its passage nnd nppproval. PASSED AND APPROVKI) THIS 19TH VII.WJ, ARKANSAS: UK IT OElDAmED BY THE BOARD or ni;axrixita OK TUB CITY ov FAYARKANSAS: section 1. Thnl Article IA of Chapter 18 of tho Fayelievklie Code ot. Ordnance! Is hereby ntnondcd to ircaa.ap followa:. sec. US-13. petition. ' ·'. . ',r : Any person desiring 'to fomiiillon of Inlllalo the slreot improvement ills- Notices DAY OF SEPTEMBEn, 1974 ASSESSMENT Lot 5 Prairie Vie vr AiMltto n J/it 22, Prairie View Addition '1JT39.14 Lot 13, Prnlrto View Addition 1,739,1-1 Lot 12, Prairie View Addition 1.739.14 Lot 11, Prairie View Addition 1,739,14 Lot 10, Prairie View Addition 1,739.14 F«t 0, Lot Pralrl Prai ri e Addition Addition Lot 7, Prnlrie Vfow Attention 1,730.14 Lot G, Prairie View AtltlJLion 1,730.14 Section 4. That the properly owner* may pay the amount of Bald assessment in, one lump sum at the lima provlrtec by law lor paying the first Installment of general taxes In Iho year 1975; or tho properly owners may pay said as scssmenls in ten (10) enjual annual in sla!lment-s, The first annual Installmen shall be p a i d ' a t the time provided for by law for paying the first, inatalfment of general 'taxes In the year 1075, and the .second nnd subsequent installments shall likewise be paid al the'lime provid. cd by law for paying the first installment of general taxes. Section S. That nil ordinances, in, con- l l c t herewith be, and hereby arc, repeal- l i l c t s h n l l rilo will) Iho C i t y Clerk petition requesting DID organization of n street improvement district nnd signed by persons claiming to bo a majority in value, as shown by Ihe East county assessment, of tbo owners ot rcnl property In tho proposed district, Forma for his petition Eh oil bo available to Any person at tho Ollico ot the City Cleric. md the City Engineer shall assist En ho preparation of aald petition by providing a legnl description ol Ihe property o ' b c Included fn the proposed district: Such" petition may limit tho cost of the mprpvemonr either lo a fixed Um or, lo B " percenfe,Kc 'of the ! assessed value uf "thV- real "property 11 fn : the 'district. ·' '· · Sec.'''18.1*9. 'Not Ice''of-'Public He on Sufficiency of Petition." '- " ' When persons clnlmlnff to be it majority In value, as shbwn by the last coun- nssessment, of Ihe owners ot real property In a proposed! slrect Improvement district file with the Clly Clerk a petition for Iho organization of such an Improvement district, it eh nil be the duty ot the City Clerk to give notice that itioh petition will be heart at a meeting of the Board of Directors to be held more than fifteen days after tho filing of such petition. Such notice [:be published once a vreek for two weeks, the Inst insertion to bo not less than seven days before .the dale fixed for liie hearing. The Mayor, It ho sees Anyone whoso real eslato is embraced In said asejsrncnt may at any llmo wilhln ten ctuys from tho giving ol snld no I Ice file whh the C"ity Clerk tn writing hi s notice of appc/il from the iid I on of gald Board of Assessor* In making laid as^cjsmcnl ot liis property, which appeal' shall bo heard And disposed of at the next' reftular meeting ol Uie Board of I )1 rct'lors, n n rl on such a Pfwal the mnttcr shnll bo licnrd do novo on such evidence as may bo adduced on cither eldc, APPROVED: Russell T. Purdy ATTEST: Darlene Westbrook CITY CLERK NortrWwt Arkansas TIMES, Sim, r Stp». 29, 1974 rAYITT EVILLK, A * KAN · At TIB . t j - may calli a 'sp !.5. Ftndlns of Board of Directors, Tha Board of Directors t h a i ) enter on H* minutes tha results ot Us Kmllng on any such appeal, and .shall cnutc a copy of Us f i n d i n g to bo certified lo said Board of Assessors, which Shall nake its assessment conform thereto f any change has been made therein t' satd Board ot Director*. Seo. 16-Z2.C. Assessments Payable'In Annual Installments. It 1 shall be provided by orctlrifince that ihc local assessment ol benefits shall be paid In successive annual Installments so that Ihe tar levied In any one year shall "not exceed 25 perccntum ot thu assessed benefits accruing to real properly. Bee. 18-22.7. Publication of Ordinance. Within thirty flays after the passage of the ordinance mentioned above, tho City Clerk shall publish a copy of It in aome newspaper published and having a bona fld« circulation in the City for one lime. Wthln thirty days after such publication the district or any property owner may bring suit In chancery court or the purpose of correcting or JnvalL dating such assessment^ bul it euch suit 3 not bro(ight within that lime all ohjec' JQDS lo . thp creation ot the district or - ^,. .. .,, . the. validity- of-.the aaes-sment siiall be meeUn? o f ; the tjrever ' barred and precluded. LTXJAI, XOTIOB rnorosKD OONSTITUTION'AL AME.MI )IKVI KO.57 (Proposed by Petition of the People to ba voted upon at the General Election on November 5. 1974) INITIATIVE PETITION T 0 THE HONORABLE KELLY BRYANT, SECRETARY OF STATE OF THE STATE OP APvKANSA£ We, the undersigned ICRal .voters of Ihe State of Arkansas, respectfully pro- nose t h e follow Amendment to wit: ORTHNANCn NO. 2050 AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING ST- RKtrr iM'pRowaniOTi' DISTRICT NO. ,«',7-1-1 FOR THE PURPOSE OP 1MPROV- . . . I N G EVA AVENUE FROM WEDING_ "TON 1DRIVK SOUTH TO THE DEAD .' END OF EVA AVENUE; AND LEVYING ASSESSMENTS AGAINST THE PROPERTY BENEFITED BY SAID IMPROVEMENTS. WHEREAS, parties claiming to be owners of a majority In assessed valui of properly locatetl within lha territory hereinafter described have filed a petition praying thnl nn Improvement district be established for the purpose hereinafter In full force ami effect from iflcr ttia time provided by law. PASSED AND APPROVED THIS 17th DAY OF SEPTEJ[BER, 1974. APPROVED: Russell T. Purdy MAYOR ATTEST: Jnrlono Weslbrook CITY CLERK (Seal) ,TC 29 set out. and WHEREAS, after due notice as requir- by law, tha Board of Directors ol the City of Fflyettcvtlle, Arkansas, has heard all parlies desiring (o be heard 1974, FQRD MUSTANG MACH I : Automatic transmission, air conditioning, 8,500 actual miles. " Wheeler Motor Co, PHONE 443-3458 ftjfl 3244 N. College BO (Highway 71 Norlh) Open 8 to 7 d. Section 6. Thai this ordinance shaLl (Popular Name) . AMENDMENT TO AUTHORIZE G E N E R A L ASSEMBLY TO FIX MAXIMUM LAWFUL RATES OF IK- AN AMENDMENT TO AUTHORIZE THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY -TO FIX MAXIMUM LAWFUL RATES OF IN TEREST BY AMENDING SECTION -13' OF ARTICLE X I X OF THE ARKANSAS CONSTITUTION OF J874 SO THAT AS A M E N D E D SECTION * 13 WILL PROVIDE THAT THE MAXIMUM LAWFUL RATE OF INTERE ST EXCEPT WHE-N THB GENERA!, ASSEMBLY SHALL OTHERWISE PROVIDE SHALL BE TEN PER CENT PER ANNUM; THAT ALL CONTRACTS FOR AN UN- JLAWKUL, RATE OF INTEREST STAIJ, BE VOID AS TO PRINCIPAL AND INTEREST; AND THAT WREN NO RATE OF INTEREST IS AGREED ORDINANCE NO. 2052 AW ORDINANCR AMENDING SECTION 2 OF ORDINANCE NO- 2021 (SECTION 12-2 OF THE FAYETTRVTL- CODE OF ORDINANCES): AUTHORIZE TUB CITY JIANAGBR TO ORDER THE OWNER OF ANY RESI- DTlNTEAIi BUILDING STRUOTimE, OR PROPERTY UTILIZED TN VIOLATION OF SECTION 306.4 OF THE CITY HOUSING CODE TO TAKE SUCH ACTION AS IS NECESSARY TO CORRECT SAID VIOLATION; AND FOR OTHER 'UKPOSES- BE IT ORDAINED EY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE CITY 'OF FAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS: That SccUon 2 of Ordinance No, 2031 (Section 12.2 of Jhc FayeUevilLe Code ol Ordinances) Is hereby amended by adding the foUowJtig: ' Section 306.4- Is hereby amended by Ihe addition or the following material: (c) If the .owner or occupant of residential building, structure, or property utilizes the premises ol such residential property in violation of Subsection (a) above, Uie City Manager, or ' his duly authorized representative, _6ball givi Tfic "owner"of the property'written noUtre to correct lh» violation wJ thin Iwcn ty i from the date of said notice. In case Ibfl owner o[ any lot or other real property IA unknown or Ills whereabouts are not known or he i.i a non-resident UPON THE RATE SHALL. BE SIX PERCENT PER ANNUM. Be an amendment to the constitution; BH IT ORDAINED BY THE PEOPlffi OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS THAT TfTn FOLLOWING- SIlAtiL ' BH AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION: Section I. Section 13 of Article XIX of the Arkansas Constitution ; of 1874 hi and the same Is hereby nmended to read All contracts (or an unlawful rate o] Interest shall ba void as to principal and Interest. The maximum lawful rate ot interest, except when the General Assembly shall otherwise provide, shall he ten percent per annum. When no rate of interest is agreed upon the rate shall be six percent per annum. And by this, our petition, order that Ihe sam e be subm Itted to the people 6t said state, to Uie end that the same may be adopted or rejected by Uie vole o! the legal voters of said elate at the regular general election to be heW In sal (I -shite on the 5fh : lay of November. 1974, and each at us for hlmselt a ays: I have personally signed this petition; I am a legal voter of the State of Arkansas and my residence, post office dress and voting precinct are correctly rritton. 'alter my name. Filed In the Office of the Secretary Board .or Directors .for the purpose of oTM 1 0 0 9 0 nnnv'nf AccrueTMTMfa n* hearing *uab;peiiU ! on,; wdLcalle^meetlnff ,,,££,, i, cSilJrtw Assessmcnta °* to - be .held not 'Jess- than flHe'ert days ' ere ° Collector. after.(he dalei'61 llie,calt"and lh~e notice of the hearing, he'reat to." : be puhlishcd for the tlmo and ID the manner above staled. Sco, 18-20. Hearin* on Petition; Ordinance Establishing District. At the · time named In said notice, the Board of Directors shall meet and hear all owners ot real property within [fie proposed district who desire to be heard on the question as lo whether a majority in assessed value ot property owners has signed the petition, and ehall ninke n finding of whether the petition Is'.-signed-, hy- a majority-iii assessed value of such property owners. The finding of the Roverolng body shall be | expressed In an ordinance, it it finds that a majority has signed the petition, ~1I shall-then/be ·its duty by fine "same ordinance to-establish 'the .district; Tha ordinance shall designate' the~ boundaries ol Ihe district and shall also give the district a name dc-scriptivo -of · the -nature of the proposed amendment and a number to prevent it from being confused with imillar districts. Tha ordinance shall be published within hlrly days after Us adoption for cine Insertion In some newspaper published n the city; and the findings of the governing body shall bo conclusive unless attacked by a suit in the Chancery Courl irought wlfhln thirty days after such Mihllcatton, , Sec. 13-21. Appointment of Commissioners. · . . In the ordinance creating the district, the Board' of Directors shati appnlnt :hree owners of. real property therein as commissioners, who «hall compose a Board of Improvement for the district; Such Board of Improvement shall have control ot the construction of the Improvements In the district. See,- 1-22. Plans for Improvement. Immediately filter their qualification, the Board of Improvement shall form plans for the Improvement as prayed in the petition, and shall procure, estimates of the costs thereof. For this purpose, 'the Board may employ sudi engineers and other Btrents as may be needful and may provide for their com, MU frtWt HWQHM, NWITftM Weather Forecast Wltbin forty days after the paasagc of Uie ordinance mentioned above, unless Uia tiirid be extended by the Board of Directors, tha City Clerk shall deliver n the County Collector n certified copy ot taid assessment of benefits containing a d esc ripllon of raid h I ocks, lols, ant parcels of land In said district, and .he amount assessed on each, duly ex .ended jignlnfit each lot, block or parcc of land, and a certified copy of Ihe ordinance fixing tho percent urn .to he collected each year. At the same time JIB Gity Clerk deliver* to the County Collector a certified copy of the assessment ot benefits, and the certified copy o f . the ordinance fixing the percentum to .b« collected he shall deliver h'Jte satd copies to uie County Clerk. 'Sec: IS-22.9, Annual Financial Rejxrt Required. The Commissioners of each street Improvement district sliall file an annual financial report with the Cily Clerk on or before the: ffrst clay of March of each year, covering Ihe financial alfairs ot (heir respective districts Cor the proceeding year, Such financial statements shall be certified arid filed as herein provided by the chief financial officer of each such Improvement district. Section: 2. That all ordinances, or parts of ordinances. In conflict herewith, and specinc.illy Ordinance No. 1638 and Ordinance N'o. 1737, are hereby repealed- Seclfon 3. The Board of" Directors determines that those city ordinances pertaining to (he establishment nf street Improvement districts are unclear nnri a.mbfguous; (hat as a result essential street improvements have been 'delayed. Therefore, an emergency la hereby declared lo exisl, and ttils ordinance bolng necessary for preservation ot the public health and safely shall be in full force nnd effect from and after Its passage and approval. PASSED AND APPROVED THIS I7th DAY OF £EPTE?.IBER, 1974. APPROVBVD RUSSELL T. PUKDY Rain Is expected today across New England, the extreme northwest and In Montana with showers over the south' em half of Florida! It will he warmer in the Southwest and South central states and cooler over the eastern third of the nation. (AP Wlrephoto) Ex-White House Chef Now VA Volunteer TAMPA, Pla. (AP) -- A chef]studied at the Cordon Bleu who once prepared pheasant school In Paris, has had to tinder glass and coq au vin for i make certain adjustments in Presidents Eisenhower and his role as a volunteer cafeteria Kennedy now cooks chili and,chef at the Veterans Adminis- fried chicken lunches without; tration Hospital here, pay just to keep his apron on. ] "I can't get used to canned "eorge "Pierre'* Rivard, who! and frozen foods,' 1 says Rivard, ol State on June 28, 137-1 if this 1 state, then of the written (c 29, Oct, 7, 14. 21 notice herelnsbove referred to, shall be posted upon (he premises. It shall be unlawful for any person lo fall to refuse to comply with any notice given pursuant to this sebiLon. (d) IT the conditions described trt the notice 'given pursuant to subparagraph c ) above are not removed or corrected wiltiin twenty days ailcr such notice is given, a summons (o appear In Municipal Court will ba issued, and trie Municipal Judge shall hear the case. After aatd hearing, ttie Municipal Judge may order Ihe City Manager, or his duly appointed representative, to enter upon Uie property to do whatever is necessary TO: ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN ND ALICE GATEWOOD (Mother) September, 17-I a petition was filed by I3elfj- McGetrick Arkansas Social Services in the Juvenile Court' oj Washington This quality-built home Is located in South Fayetteville on 7 acres of secluded park-like setting, 3 bedroom, 2.bath home with partial basement storage plus an unattached double brick garage with enough ""room for work shop. Sun-deck on two sides. Built for living at its best. §-18500. For appointment call. Newlin Realty Co. KELLY BRYANT Secretary nt State State of Arkansas PAMELA GATEWOOD. WARNING ORDER notice thai on the 23rd -day Com certain (child) named Live It Up By H. D. MCCARTY Chaplain of the Razorbacks pensatlpn which, with 'all other necessary expenditures, shall be taken as part of the cost of the improvement. If for my cause the Improvement shall not je made, said cost shall b« a charge upon Ihe real property in the district, nr\d v shall be raised and paid by an ad .valorem l a x , upon Ihe real property r n the district as assessed for the stale nd county purposes, which shall he levied by tho Board ot Directors on application of any person interested, shall be paid to the Board of Improvement, to be distributed, amongst the creditors of Uie district. Sec. 33-22,1. Boanl of Assessment. As soon as the Board of Improvement shall have formed satd plan, and shall havR ascertained the cost of the Improvement, it shall report tha eame to the Board of Directors wlio shall appoint three electors of tna" City, wh'o' shall Darlene Westbrook CITY CLERK , of Assessment ot received by each or bioctf,, or other subdivision at Board U be PnniEJa Gatcwood declared a depcndenl child nnd to tnke from you the custody and guardianship of said child and to appoint for her some suitable person is her guardian or · In jilncR said chltc n some suitable institution or homo In this slate for the care and guardianship of dependent and delinquent c h l l d - ·en. Now unless you appear within svetily days after the rtato ot this notice and show cause against such application he petition shall be taken as confessed nd the decree granted. Bated 9-23-74 COUNTY CLERK Ruth E, Roberts RY: Jonn Perry, D.C. FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Jtc 29 ORDINANCE NO. 2DM AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ARTICLE IA OF CHAPTER IB OF THE FAYETTEVTLLE OODE OP OltDINAN- CES TO CLARIFY THE PROCEDURE FOR ESTABLISHING STREET IMPROVEMENT DISTRICTS IN THE CITY constituie Iho lot ,, land within said district, by reason ot said proposed improvement. Sec. IS-22.Z Assessment of Benefits. The Board of Assessors shall at once proceed to inscribe in a book to ba used for that purpose tha description of each ot said lots, blocks, or parcels of land and shall assess the value of the Inmettt lo accrue to each of said Tots, blocks, or said parcels o t - l a n d by reason o f - such improvement, which assessment of said benefits they shall en^er upon said book opposite the description thereat; and they shall then! subscribe said assessment and deposit It in the Olfice bt the City Clerk, where it shall be kept and preserved ' as a public record. Provided, .said assessment may be annually readjusted according to additional improvements placed upon the lands, where ,1 succession of collections is necessary to pay for the Improvements. Sec. 15-22.3. Notice of Filing of Assessments. Immediately on the filing of said assessments, the City Cleric shall insert in some newspaper published In the city, Uic following notice: "The assessment of Street Improvement- District No- was filed in my office on the day ot 19 , and the same is now subject to Inspection. Clerk of tho City of FaycttevlLle, Arkansas Sec, 18.22.4. Appeal from Assessment to Bcfard ol Directors. If there were any one word that could come close. to characterizing modern man, it would probably be thinking. Thinking man. In a world of constant change and fast pace rat races, one thing that always seems the same if man continues to think. Whether it's thoug h Is of what to do thi s week end or where to go on vacation, it doesn't matter. The thinking process continues. Thinking has become so )mmv)nplacG that all too often we take it for granted. But in this modern age of computers and such, thinking needs to be reconsidered. In this computer age, the mind is often spoken in comparison to the computer This analogy is not so farfetched. CONSIDER ' a computer; it can o n l y spit out thai Mills Speaks At Debate Rally LITTLE ROCK (AP) --' Rep. Wilbur D. Mills, D-Ark., said Saturday that he thought the abuse of presidential power didn't come from the institutions of the presidency but rather from unelected presiden- programming. If the computer 839-2522 or 839-2259 WEST FORK, ARK. HOLIDAY SPECIAL This Is the home everybody dreams of owning sometime, especially '"'at the holiday season, with its woodbnrninjj fireplaces, open stairs, and big country kitchen. New central heating system. Many line features, For more information and appointment caU Beulah Hanthorne al 4424294, or 442-2127, THE SULLIVAN AGENCY WAtTOR 434 N. College - 442-4294 FAUCETTE REAL ESTATE- CO. 1202 North College Phone 442-5351 tial aides. However, Mills said he didn't advocate congressional approval of aides close to the President. Mills made the remarks at the 5th annual Intrastale College Debate Rally held at the University of Arkansas--Little .ock. He spoke on the power of le presidency and answered uestions in the student union. Abuse of the office of the resident isn't limited to Re- ublicans. according to Mills, liairman of the House Ways nd Means Committee. He recounted his experiences ith the administration of the ate former President Lyndon 3. Johnson. Mills accused Johnon of misleading Congress re- arding the United States' posi- 'on in the Vietnam War. Earlier Saturday, Mills spoke o the annual convention of the .rkansas Association of Nurse \nesthetists. He said that he hopes the na- is fed mathematical statislicSj it. will yield mathematical statistics. If the computer is fee historical facts, it will yield his torical facts. The mind, much like the com puter, tends to regurgitate only that which has. been fed into it. If your mind has been 'fee trash, it will yield trash. If your mind has been fed honesty, will yield honesty. The sad thing is this, the analogy can go no further. Even though a computer is fed junk and yields junk, it still only be a ional vhich will provide for more medical heatlh insurance bill Congres finally passes and provide per- icrsonnel Treatment for additional 'ons who qualify. Mills-also" said he hopes the nealth insurance bill will pro- ;ect consumers against price gouging. 1973TOYOTACELICA Automatic, air conditioning, ocal one owner, extra clean. Wheeler Motor Co, PHONE 443-3458 ftM 3244 N. College ' «·« (Highway 71 North) computer, but the way that a mind is programmed deter mines what a mind thinks, am "as a man thinks, so he is' (Proverbs 23:7). IN OTHER WORDS, the trash that w e program i n t o our minds is what we think about. W h a t we think about determines our actions 'n essence, we are what we think. If you spend all you time reading trash, it's not sur prising that it eventually be :pmes a part of you. That' low you're programmed; trasf in--trash out! To alter the read-oat from computer, you have to alter th input. With our minds, to alte the read-out, i.e. our thought and actions, it is necessary t alter the input. But how ca we alter our input? The apqstl Paul on two separate occasion commented on the proper pro gramming of our minds. I Colossians 3:2, Paul says, "Se your minds on things that ar above, not things that are o earth." In other words, Paul is tellin us to reprogram our minds. I Philippians 4:8, Paul gives more precise illustration what our minds should be pn grammed on. As he states "...whatever is true, whateve is honorable, whatever is jus whatever is pure, whatever lovely, whatever is gracious, there is any excellence, if ther is anything worthy of prais think about these things." IF YOU FEEL like you hai a lone-track mind to nowhe or if you feel like your min is in the gutter, start examinin your program'. You may 1 feeding your mind trash an OPEN HOUSE 4106 Seminole Circle Springdale, Arkansas North of Lake Fayetteville Satuorday. Sept. 28 -- Sunday, Sept. 29 1:00 to 7:00 P.M. Pick a winner, come out and see this excitingly new an different four bedroom home. Brick construction, wooi burning fireplace. FRONTIER REAL ESTATE Company REAUOS 1015 N College 521-670 us you're merely reaping what u've sown. It's time to re rogram! Set your mind on the ings that are above. It'l ake a world of difference. 'ho once earned $1,600 a month s a chef. From I960 to 19S3, Rivard /orked for John F. Kennedy at he late President's Hyannis- ort and West Palm Beach omes -- preparing meals for malt gatherings and banquets or 350 guests. Earlier, from 1957 to 195J, :ivard was one of President )wight D. Eisenhower's favor:e chefs at the Brown Palaca lotel in Denver, Colo. Mrs. Eisenhower's ailing mother lived in Denver at the inie and the first family stayed at the Brown Palace four or ive times each year, Rivard aid. "I miss that creativity and challenge." he says. "Here it is a cafeteria. People go through a line . . . but once the smell of a kitchen gets in your blood, it Mulsu May Be Forced To Stay At Sea Rivard was recommended to he Kennedys by the Chef du Cuisine Association as a steady, reliable and a particular cook vith a French flair. "Cooking is all I know, all I iver did," says Rivard, 47, who las worked at various kitchen. iobs since age 14. The long /ears of work took their toll on Rivard 1 s nerves and kidneys. He would like to cook in tha big time once more but working even parttime would disqualify the Navy veteran for the full disability veterans ben* efits he now receives. So Riv. ard is content as a six-hour-a- day volunteer cafeteria cook. TOKYO (AP) -- The nuclea ''When I came here, they just hip Mutsu once billed as| threw everything together 1 and armless and infallible, , -is i s . e ryed_it. he says p "But it's eing forced to stay 'at'sea by fating better now. I even think' ishermen afraid that a reactor i^y are £°mg to start ordering eak will contaminate the har- h!n 6 s fresh.' or. The prospect of finding a port or the $50-million experimental lip seems remote. Port offi- ials up and down the coast de- lared it unwelcome since it re- orted a minor radiation leak our weeks ago. The All-Japan Seaman's Unon has announced it will pull s men off the vessel unless a ort is found by Tuesday. This aiscd the prospect of the ves- el heing left to drift at sea ,'ith a skeleton crew. The union as 33 members among the lutsu's 58 crewmen. "A sailor can make a long oyage if he knows where he is oing and when he'll arrive." aid a union official. "The Mutu's crew knows neither. And he government is not willing to ake responsibility." Prime Minister Kakuei Tanika, returning from abroad, promised a "basic solution vithin a few days." He hinted to newsmen Saturday that the ship's home port nay be changed from Mutsu vhere fishermen fear pollution rom its leaky reactor. Observ- Alumni Wondering About Firing Of SMU President ers saw little chance of finding another acceptable port in nuclear-sensitive Japan without considerable delay. RESUPPLIED Although Uie ship has enough diesel oil for only a few days, it vas resupplied last week with vater and food. Capl. Inazo Ara. reluctant to anchor close .0 shore because of bad autumn weather, dangerous currents ind the fishermen's opposition, las proposed letting the ship drift unless a port is found quickly. The fishermen claim tbe government misled them about the ship in the past .and tried to manipulate them, creating a climate of distrust. One official said the reactor was "harmless, clean and infallible," but they no longer make that claim. Fishermen in the port of Mutsu fear contamination of their valuable scallop beds, and a other ports worry that pollution by the Mutsu could destroy their fish and livelihood. The fishermen kept tbe Mut su bottled up in port for nearly two years after its completion But it slipped out to sea befon dawn on Aug. 28 using its con ventional diesel engine. The radiation leak in its reactoi was detected Sept. 1. Accurately Named RUNAWAY BAY, Jamaic (AP) -- Runaway Bay on Ja maica's north coast is said t have been named for the runa way slaves in the 17th and 18t centuries who. fled to Cuba ir canoes. Once they arrived, th Spanish '" would immediate! baptise them so they couldn be returned to .the "Britis heretics" without imperilin their immortal souls. DALLAS (AP) _ Southern Methodist starting search for a new president 'hile some students, faculty lembers and alumni continua ) demand to know why Dr. aul Hardin was fired from tha ost. Bishop 0. Eugene Slater of an Antonio, representing the nited Methodist Conference hich controls the Dallas uni- ersity, said following a closed oor-meeting Friday that the 2-member board of trustees ad set up new guildlines for le selection, evaluation and, if ecessary, the dismissal of a resident He said the new ules would prevent a recur- ence of the methods- used in 'ismissing Hardin in June. The bishop said that the man- er in which Hardin was forced o submit his resignation hurt le image of the university and ould make the task of a special 24-member commute* more difficult in its search for a new president. One of the new rules requires hat a president can be fired inly by the board of trustees in a regular or called meeting. Hardin submitted his resigns- ion after being requested to do o by C.A. Tatum Jr., chairman of the board of trustees. Jnder questioning at a news conference following Friday's meeting, Tatum admitted that lis letter accompanying a mail balloting of the trustees stated only that Hardin had submitted lis resignation and that Tatura recommended that it be accepted. Earlier some trustees had complained they were not informed that Hardin had been asked to resign. Tatum refused to state specific reasons as to why he requested Hardin's resignation. Under questioning, Tatum said that in retrospect he probably would have handled the matter in a different manner but that he had no regrets as to what ho had done. Following Friday's meeting, the chairman of the faculty senate, Thomas Arp, said he felt the adoption of the new guidelines was a positive step. But he added that he does not believe the faculty or a prospective presidential candidate could ever be satisfied with the secrecy that surround the dismissal of Hardin.

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