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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, June 20, 1952
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W PAGES TODAY Read by over 25,000 Doily tOCAl FORECAST-- Faycttrvllle and virinity partly r'rmdv and continued warm tonight and tomorrow High temperature ye«. irr.ia.v ^'' low 7rt, noon today 31 Sun- rile, tunitt ;:: Tfct Public Interest Is The First Concern Of This Newspaper . VOLUME 90, NUMBER 282 Auociattd Pr«M L«aMd Wire FAVfTTfVIUE. ARKANSAS. FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE 20, 1952 AP, King and NEA F«atur«t PMCI flVI CINTS Hearing On Validity Of Petitions Is Declared Recessed Referral Of Wealher Stars Hoi, But Showen In East Arkansas Predicted BY Bureau Favors FEPC Says Party Must Endorse Legislation For Civil Rights House Would End Controls Miss Fayetteville Contest Finalists NameTj 1 TM""' y° fe Is Subject To Reconsideration Little Rock-(/P)-The U. S. \Vca-; accompanied by hail, was rcport- ther Bureau today feu-cast widely J e d at West MemphisJate yester- .0 a skating rink resulted. Several j the city werej · scatttred thundershowers in Eastern Arkansas for tonight with: billboards cast of ["hot and dry" conditions to pre- destroyed. j vail elsewhere in the slate. j Morrilton. Newport and Arka- j A scattering of rai;i in Nor'l M delphia registered 102 degree tcm- Central Arkansas yn.1erd.ay after-1 peratures. It was 101 at Ozark and noon apparently had little effect on the state's heut wave. The rain was jus: a teaser, although 1.38 100 in Batesville and Walnut Ridge. Other tcmpcrtures included 99 Act To The People Argued Cost Assessment Is Studied By Court Justices Little Rock-;p)-Hearing of testimony in a suit over validity of petitions to refer Act 242--the controversial state purchasing law --to the November general election was recessed today. No date was set for resumption. The recess was taken to allow thc attorney general's office to decide on what its line of defense will be. Thc ofi'ice represents Secretary of State C. G. Hall the nominal defendant in thc case. Meanwhile C o m m i s s i o n e r Wayne Upton conferred with members of thc Arkansas Supremo Court on the matter of assessment! . of costs in thc caso. Thc court h a s , Rcno-l7P)-A horde nf Mnrmon j a n ( j injured a 13-year-old girl at not decided how the.costs are to crickets--25 miles wide and 14 ! the intersection of College Ave- be paid. No announcement was | miles deep--was creeping today n u c an ^ Diekson Street yesterday Ten finalists for the Miss F a y - ' K e l l y of F a y c t t e v i l l e ; Norma K e n 1 The Miss F a y e t t e v i l l e contest ctteville contest were selected last' 110 ' 1 of Fayetteville, M a r y C l n i r j w i l l follow the t i n y lot event to. . , . , . , , ,. ,. ! Massey of Monticello, Hoberta , n i c h t , upeniiiK at aLoul 9 p. in. nignt in ftrst round eliminations · ^^ Q( ^^ Tmi pat Mftorc i jj^ £.,, ^ ^.^ B e I | / H c r _ , at Harmon Field before an e s t i ; 0 f Fayeltevillc. and R c r n a d i n e , rold Headlcy. Mitch Mellur and ! mated audience of 1,500 persons, j Strickland of Springdalr, . N o r m a n DeMaiTO. The contestants Little Rock-f^P)-Presidential as! The finalists v/ill compete t o n i g h t ! Tonight's rontcsl v/ill open at w i l l appear in b a t h l n j : suits and ! nirant Averell Harriman came j for the Miss Fayettevifle title and | ?:.?() at Harmon Field w i t h the evening cov.-n;:. an:l v/ill Like part ; here ycpterday and said he b e - j a shot at Miss Arkansas and Miss ; "tiny tot" contest in whu-h 3. r in ;i t a l e n t contest f c a t u i i n c smg- ! lieves in national civil riehts I C E - [ A m e r i c a honors. iyounsslers between three .ind six in/;, rccildtions and pi.inu n u n i - j islation and the Democratic party I The 10 young women who will years of atfe v.-ill romnate for bcr-.. must endorse such legislation if i t ' c o m p e t e in tonight's f i n a l round · prize?. Proceeds f i o m both t h c ' j s to w in. I a r c Rosalie Bent of Fayetteville.' tiny tot and a d u l t contests will Harriman told more t h a n 100 i Mary Elizabeth Gamble of K a y - ' n o to'.vard purchase of tv.-i score- persons here that the question of ietteville, Joan Hill of West Fork, .boards and clocks for thc ne'.v hip.h civil rights is not just a .Southern j Pat Hov.-ard of Fayctteville, Pat .school R.ymnasium. The Mi.vs F a y e t t e v i l l c v i n n e r w i l l be f l o w n lo Newport for the Miss A r k a n s a s contest J u n e £5 and jfi. The Faycltc\ illc Lions Club i;; .spon^orinfi ihe event. Ballot Of 146-88 Recorded; Coalition Shows Its Strength inches was recordeu at Sugar Luaf at nardanelle, Little Rock. Pine Mountin roar Hot Springs. Points i Bluff.and Flippin; 98 at El Dora- recording showers were W a l n u t ] do and Fort Smith and 97 at Tcx- Ridge. .51; Morrilton, .05;; New; arkana. port, .04; and a trace at Batesville.' Fayetteville again had the low- A severe wind and rainstorm,! est maximum--94 degrees. Crickets Near IGirl Is Injured When Water Supply Struck By Automobile Ut Nevada Towi. A Fayetteville man paid two issue but that it exists in other sections of the country also. He said he not only believes in national civil rights legislation as not win without endorsing such legislation. The New York millionaire told his audience--which included 42 of thc 64 delegates and alternates to thc National Democratic Convention -- that "The Democratic party ought not to go back on any of its principles"--including that of thc FEPC. He referred to a plank in the 1948 Democratic platform which endorsed a Federal Employment Practices Commission w h i c h would be empowered to set up regulations designed to prevent Reds Push Attack On Hill Scoul-W)-Chinese Communists six days nf f u t i l e slugging. · The ; viously had used about 7.*iO striking behind a heavy artillery Allied positions on part of thc hill ' dominate one invasion road to barrage, resumed t'.icir assaults! late tonight on strategic T-Bone! brief front line dispatch said i attack. Revival of ground nction Wd, ( ,hin(?ton-f-Ti-Thc House to- 1 day voted to end price controls on ' v i r t u a l l y a l l consumer good, 1 ;. The · vote was subject to rcconfidera- lion. ; By a vote of 140 In fi8. the i House decided there should be no | price controls on Hems which are. : not rationed or allocated. Controls men {| 'so would be lifted on items i which have been selling at below prices for at least three rided with new clashes in the uir. | months. Six U. S. Sabre jet pilots said they ; A t present no goods are ration' Hill. 50 miles north of Seoul. .only that the Chinese had launch- j destroyed two and damaged t \ v o ' ^ . a*|d only a few metals are be- The Communists had broken o f f , e d another attack just before mid- ; of six Communist propeller type the attacks Wednesday after s u f - l night. It did not jrivc the stee of i planes just south of the Man- fcriDR at least 2,001) casualties in i the attacking force. Thc Reds pro-! churian border. made of result of the conference. | toward the water supply of Aus- Upton is hearing testimony under j tin, a little m i n i n g and ranching appointment by the Court. I town 150 miles cast of Reno. . ilght fines in Municipal Court i "use of race or other factors. ! this morning after his truck struck' '· He disagrees with the front- , ! _ _ j :-.. 1 _ ,-. u _.-_i ,, * ! running candidate for the Rcoub-| lican nomination. Sen. Taft o! \ Ohio, on "practically every subject" and believes Taft's foreign policy would be "disastrous." 2. He has a "great respect and To Stand afternoon. | Margaret Ann Gates, 13, daugh: ter of Mr. and Mrs. Idus Gates o f ; Wells, publisher of the Arkansas Recorder -- Little Rock newspaper specializing in state government news -- signed 130 names to the petitions which would refer the 1951 purchasing act to vote of the people. Wells sponsored the ^ffort to refer the act to the peopl", and has drawn fire from Governor McMath's administration, w h i c h j fathered the act in the last legislature. j Act 242 would allow state offi- | cials" to make purchases of up to SI .000 without competitive bidding. An older act 214 of 1943, makes bids mandatory on smaller purchases as well. The petitions would place the matter on the ballot at the next general election, , thus overriding the legislature's action. Department of Agriculture, temporarily stopped the invasion about half a mile from the town's water reservoir yesterday. But they ran out of poisoned mash. Later reports placed the crickets only a quarter-mile from the reservoir. Townspeople fear the horde will contaminate the water. Yesterday a Memphis handwrit- j Residents of the community of I 145 Spring Street, suffered minor Ing expert, Linton Godown, testi- j 325, sheriff's deputies and three · injuries when she was struck fied that in his opinion John F. , cricket control men from the state j w hile crossing College Avenue. " ' ' " * ' " ' 'Taken t o City Hospital b y ambu-; lance, she was released a f t e r ! treatment. Driver Roy Harvey, 19,; personal liking" for Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower but "it's no secret that General Eisenhower doesn't know much about domestic matters." 3. He thinks Tennessee Senator was charged with failure to y ic ]d j Kcfauvcr, whonri Harriman thrash- thc right-of-way to a pedestrian j and operating a truck without a driver's license. In Municipal Court this morning he was lined $5 on each charge. Police said Harvey, driving a pickup east on Dickson Street, turned left and failed to stop ior the child. Rackeleers Favored By Treasury, Is Charge Washington - WVSenator Williams (R-Del) said today the| Treasury failed for years to col- ! lect delinquent income taxes from; -",,- v , -··- - -.-. Racketeers Frank Costello a n d j e r showed little change today, | the nomination were Near Freezing Weather In Michigan Section Chicago-(#VThe nation's weath- . _ p d 4 to I in a Democratic "popu- | larity poll" in the District of Columbia Tuesday, is a "fine senator and I hope hc continues so." Seeks Support At a conference with delegates and alternates Harriman asked for support of the Arkansas group if its favorite son movement in behalf* of .Senator Fulbnght .fails. He didn't attempt to exact any commitment from the delegation. Later Harriman spoke for a few minutes in a light vein at the annual gridiron dinner of the Pu- No Relaxation Of Restrictions lltefymlet »r OUtftVH Sweden Studies i Russian Note Nations At Odds On Plane Incident Washington - |7P) - The govern- the stereotype deportment of t h e ' ncnt today scrapped its plan t O j T I M J i S find it quite \\arni enough .Swedish allocated. The effect of the amendment, if 1 It remains in the bill, would be to j remove just about all price con- I trols or force the Office of Prlc^ I Stabilization to order rationing of | things It wants kept under price | ceilings. i Coilltion In Control A series of test votes yesterday ! established that a coalition of Rp- I publicans and Southern Dcmo- I crats could call their own shots | and back them up with votes. Prcs- j idcnt Truman's lieutenants «d- I milled Ihcy do not now have the power to prevent an amendment ll may not be as hot in Fayctlc- v i l l e as it is in some Arkanstis J towns, but the men who work in j Stockholm. Sweden - (/P) - The [ t e l l i n g Truman he should use the .. . -vedtth cabinet met today to · Taft-Hartlcy Law in the steel relax building restrictions J u l y l . j f o r them. One of the workers to- sludy Ihc latest Russian blast in ! strike, or a companion move to It said the steel strike is "slowly day pointed lo a thermometer' the f l u r r y of angry notes ex* I strin the Wage Stabilization Board but surely" strangling military haiiKinK on a w a l l near one of the. changed between thc two nations of its power to act in Industrial and civilian production. Henry H . j b i g metal pots--thc mercury had following thc shooting down of a j disputes. Fowler, head of the National Pro- Rone clear through rtic top, where duction Administration declared the easing of curbs on home con-- struclion and on building ol 120 degrees was rcfcistcred. Sat. First Clnss Joe T. Faubus fighters. Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Y. Vlshlnsky handed the Russian messapc to Swedish Ambassador Holt Sohlman last night in Moscow. It emphatically denied the | TIMES office. He 'wanted to cor- 'Swedish version of the shooting reel a story which was published j Incident, and demanded an end to earlier this month, in which It: alleged Swedish violations of was stated that Sergeant Faubus i Soviet frontiers. amusement and recreation sites; W as in town today, just back from must be postponed indefinitely. 1 Korea and Japan, and one of the Philip Murray's CIO Steelwork-j first places he visited was thc crs went on strike June 2. I Pat Garner Is Speaker Al Lincoln Evinl Lincoln -(Special)- An outdoor chicken barbecue held here last night by the Lincoln Kiwanis Swedish plane by Soviet jet said his Democratic opponents for f Philip Kastel and has now "mark-! continuing warm and humid over j men" but that hc hoped they con- I g m i t h radio nevs cc In a telephone interview with ; ed off" S315.156 of taxes d u e l most of the Southern half of the i tinued to hold their present posi- j and v etcran Arkansa; a TIMES reporter today, Wells denied Bodown's allegations, and from Kaslel. In a Senate speech. I country. The spell of hot weather : lions. Williams' in the Eastern states ended yester- i A f t e r paying his expressed hope that the case said the Treasury claimed it was; day with arrival of a cool front would be heard through rather unable to locate any assets of these " ' ' ' "' " " "" than recessed and later dropped. · men even though, Williams said, that covered most of the northern tier of states from the Rockies "The allegations by the 'expert' | both were known to he raking in! eastward. Thunderstorms with are groundless," Wells said. "Up j fistfuls of money from slot m a - j wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour [Washington County and North- · west Arkansas. Pat Garner of Fort :ommentator oolitical figure, was the principal speaker, ,, , , . , , ,, . .. ,. , ,,° discussing state politics and t h e Fulbnght, Harnman said hat "it coursc A6merlcans mu5t f o l l o w if you can get him nominated f o r | , h are to lm ve l n c i r m i _ president, go to it. ' Fulbright is not an announced candidate for the nomination and resoects ;cal affairs. Also on the program was a per, - i , . formancc by the Lincoln High chines and other enterprises. [hit New York City and other j so far his only delegate support is j School band and its high-stepping Williams said he had learned; Eastern cities. u : ~ u 4 ~ 4 ~ ' Costello's income tax returns were! It was near freezing early today to the present time the plaintiffs have been permitted to present their case as they saw fit. "Now that they have rested, it i not even audited during the World in Cadillac, Mich., with will be possible for thc state '· War II years. But he said the In-| 36. his home state. (nominal defendant with the attorney general) to proceed with the defense of the petitions and establish beyond any question that the attacks on it are without foundation." Airman Dies In Crash At Oklahoma City Oklahoma City-(/P)-A Lctcher. Ky., airman, speeding in a stolen taxi, was killed last night when the cab crashed through a dead end street and plunged into the North Canadian River. Officers identified the dead man as Pvt. Thomas R. Scott, 22, on emergency leave from Tinker Air Force Base here. Two scoutcar officers, L. H. Swindler and E. M. Shipper, said they saw Private Scott enter an . . . , empty cab downtown, honk the F u l b r i g h i , horn a few times, then drive a w a y ' when the driver failed to return. Several other police cars entered the race which ended with the vehicle plunging over a 10-fool embankment, coming to rest ir shallow water after making z complete flip. Lernal Revenue Bureau is checking into them. Fall From Scaffold Is Fatal To Two now: Summer will begin official morrow at 5:13 a. m. (CSTj, Would End Tart-Hartley low of At a news conference Harriman i s a i d he favored repeal of thc · to- | Taft-Hartlcy labor law; that hc ; hoped for some kind of a federal · health program embracing the ; voluntary cooperation of physi- . cians but that he did not believe in \ socialized medicine as it is prac- | ticed in Great Britain, and that ; he was for federal aid to cduca- Chicago - (/Pi - Two men were 1 Salt Lake City-(/P)-Utah dele- : tlO i" arriman . c u r r c n t l y m u t u a , sc _ killed last mght when they fell gates to U,e Democratic National | c u r i t administrMo ,. aftcr lon( , nearly 200 feet from a scaffold: Convent^ reported yesterday j scrvice in governm ent po.sls in inside a 235-foot chimney at the. they favor W. Averell H a r r i m a n thc Un | ted states and abroad Armour and Company power j and Sen. Robert S. Kerr for t h e ; camc out strongly for c o n t i n u c t j Plant ] Democratic presidential normna- . forei| j n assistancc i n c i u d i n g arms Police said one man apparently tion. An Associated Press poll of (o a ]] jcs lost his balance and fell and t h a t 17 of the 20 delcgatcs-who have j He Ca j 1( , d (h( , ,. t daslarll , of thc other man fell in trying to 12 votes split up t h e m -- ' grasp his fellow-worker. The scaf- showed seven delegates for Har- foldinR did not fall. j r i m a n , the m u t u a l security di- The men, Richard Goodwin. 23,; rector, and five for Oklahoma's and George Tagfis, 32, were Kerr. Five were undecided. working alone inside the chim- * '--' ncy. which is about 20 feet in dia- J r u m o n Plans Short majorette corps. would visit "his wife" In Fayetteville. Thc report camc in a dispatch from the Army, whose word was taken by the newspaper as fact. 'Tlsn't so, the sergeant said, the Army is just plain mislaken.| freighter. He's still single. Most Fayettevillc people appar- i ently cooperated with the city | Water Department last night, i watering their lawns before 6; p. m. or after R p. m. Instead o f . during the 6 lo 8 o'cloc! period j when water use is at its heaviest. I City officials reported they re-! District Attorney For is Discharged Washington - lust night. Ea too much was hour period. Dcnle* Power Avallible Truman naid yesterday Con* press has no power to make him Use the Taft-Hartlcy law, with ill 80-day no-strlkc injunction provision. Thc president said the possible use of thc law has been under consideration all along. But hc Indicated he Is still reluctant to use it. And he questioned whether thc striking CIO United Steelworkers would obey a back-to- work order from a court. The administration suffered another reverie yesterday when the Home adopter! «n amendment by Representative Ramsay (D-WVa) requiring that, when American production of non-defense goods Is limited by raw materials allocations, imports of such goods be held down to thc 1947-40 average. Backers of thc amendment said American potteries, clothespin ll/. j factories, slide fastener plants S d'istrict attorney · anf i °*he industries are suffering 'just one step In a · r ui"°"' competition originating in countries where materials, scarce The ill-fated plane--a Catalina rescue craft with seven men aboard--was downed Monday in the Baltic Sea. All the crewmen were picked up by a German' Attorney; used in Ihc I'.vo-1 I Utah Delegates Say They Favor Harriman Salt Lake tjates to the Convention Kindness Ot Nurses Brings Bequest In Will Fort Wayne, Ind.-WP) - Elderly Harlcy J. Davis, retired streetcar Workers To Build Up Huge Strike Fund operator who died June 15, set up n $138,000 fund for student nurses of Fort Wayne Lutheran Hospital tne v.'eCK i . , " . ,,, 'here arp in nmnlp sunnlv ' ticc Department is conducting "In " Lrc are in ample supply. our own quiet l i t t l e way." McGrancry, in office only three weeks, announced yesterday that Federal Prosecutor Lester Luther, 63, had been dismissed by President Truman at his request becaus of evidence the Kansan accepted a $2,000 cut of a 55.000 fee In a M a r i a n n a . Ark. -tm- A Lee CIcveland-i/Ti - . I n September: penrilnj; lax dispute case. County. Ark., father and his two C!O Communications W o r k - ^ McGranery said if hc finds cvi- children were feared drowned near ! crs w i " bcsln b u i l l i n f ! a s'^e'dence of any other misconduct he h"e last night after recovery of fum) of ^^ ,, m j l l | o n dol | ars .; w] ,, |ct , hc pub:ic know about i t n h e body o! an unldentfled boy Three Feared Drowned ; In Lee County The building will be a longi immediately. n $138,000 fund for student nurses; . .. - ... , . . ,, [ process, for it will he done at the; his will. Officials of a bank administering the fund said Davis was grateful for the girls' kindness wh'en he suffered a paralytic stroke two years ago. So all 122 student nurses in the hospital v/ill i C L p i v e $ir0 each. Future students will receive $100 isolationists," those who would i a year. deny arms to "our friends." | * Harriman left by plane for Des Moincs after breakfasting with Governor McMath this morning. rale of 50 cents a month for each of the union's nearly 300.000 members. Even if no demands were m?de on the defense fund, nearly nine years would be need- ! meter. Talk At Batesville . , Batesville, Ark.-W)-Prcsidcnt OpDOSe Cutting Measure Truman will deliver a I 0 - m i n u t e ' rear platform speech hero July 2 Aid For Storm Victims Totals Nearly Million ! U.S. May Buy Planes From Nations Of NATO nc yes i terday was the blgjtest single item of business in the union's five-day annual convention ending today. Russell Doesn't See Chance For Tax Cuts Spokane. Wash.-'flVScn R i c h - ' ard B. Russell (D-Ga) said l a s t ' night hc believes the people arc i willing to make thc present Ux ( f r o m the St. Francis River. I Sheriff S. f. Langston said that | Ray Boozer, a shelldigger v.-ho |li"cs near where the body was I found, was missing with his son [and daughter. Al! three were seen 1 in Boozer's shell-filled boat late 'Thursday. Little Rock-(/P)-White County's Washington - W)-Scnators Ful-j while en route by t r a i n from d e d i - i victims received $.Vi3,317 of an t i bright and McClellan of A r k a n - ' e a t i n g Bull Shoals and Norfolk S$837.077 total distributed to Ar' sas voted with thc majority yes-! dams near Mountain Home. I kansans by the American Red terday to refuse a 10 per cent c u t ' Col. Ed Baxter of thc Chamber'Cross followinjf thc tornadoes of in thV civl lunclionp r p p r o p n ? - ! o f Commerce announced yester- March 21. Faubus' Nomination Approved Washington - (/Pi - The Senate : hag approved President Truman's j nomination of Orval E. Fauhus to be postmaster at Huntsville, Ark. Kiubus Is pill-usher rf the Madison County Record ind presently is an administrative assistant to Alkansas' C,ov. Sid McMath. It's The Law "Left turns shall not be permitted al thc northwest and south. cart corners of the Square by vehicles traveling on thc Square, or entering the Square from adjoining «trccts." Violators src subject l» flnei of nut less than )1 nor more than $11 for ench offenw. Ordinance 900. passed Ausust 19, i tion bill which allocates more than '666 million dollars for river-harbors and flood control projects. 1(148, by the CflMttll. Fayetteville City Sawyer turns Over $70.000,000 Ship To Lines For $28,000,000 Contract Price Washington - f/Pi - The United States announced today it is considering buying airplanes from European member nations of the North A t l a n t i c Treaty Organisa- tion. The plan would involve use of U.S. m u t u a l security f u n d s to yc ?, r * , buy pUnes directly from Euro- ^^L^ pean maker;;, chiefly for by European nations -- instead nf sending aid in the form of U.S. planes. yesterday in a Unal report to Gov- Ambas:;idor W i l l i a m H. Diaper, crnor McMath tlut none of thc ! special representative in Kuropc. j i n j u r e d remain in hospitals. A - s a i d the North A t l a n t i c Council ' n u m b e r still are convalescinR at · has been requested to prepare recommrndalionx for European production of war planes to help meet NATO requirements. ;acrificc lo keep the United State; strong. : On a sv.'ing through the West in his bid for support at the Demo- ; cratic National Convention in Chi- j cngo, the presidential aspirant said j he doesn't see how taxes could ! We I'-inxton-f/Pj-Bccause of u n - ' b e reduced now without wrecking No Limits On Growing Wheat For 1953 certain world conditions, Amcri- the rearmament program, can farmers can grow all the To cut taxes now v/ould mean wheat they want to in 1953 de-'canceling contracts for arms and spite an expected surplus this "I don't t h i n k the people would approve of canceling these ton- hc said. Doubts Mother's Cooking Worth Boasting About Aldershot, England - IfP) - All that talk about mother's home cookins being so good is the bunk, says a British Army expert on day t h a t Rep. Wilbur Mills has Mrs. Elma Boone, Rod Cross confirmed the president's appear- state relations representative, said ancc. here. tionai situation makes it advis able to produce as much wheat a possible to help feed f r i e n d l y na tions and to m a i n t a i n supplies fo defense purposes. lire Bran- tracts," 10 Miners Killed were found Northern Honshu 'mine lhai caved Jap.'incse miners dt.ld today « u l p h u r \Vcdnc.sil.iy. Washinfilon-(/7VDe?pite objections by Comptroller General Lindsay Warren, i-'ccrctary of Commerce Sawyer today let the United States Lines have thc $70,- r Sawyer, who replied thc c o n t r a c t I was binding and unchangeable. , said today transfer of t i t l e had been completed at Hoboken, N. J. ' t h e i r homes, however. j The storms left l l f l persons dead, J36I) with major injuries and 752 1 with m i n o r injuries. Two Fires Extinguished By Engine Companies Poulfry Market -- Trimmed Foreign Aid Bill Is Signed By The President The fact is. thc modern English mother can't cook, Maj. A, P. : Nicholson of the Army Catering i Corps told competitors in an Ar- 1 my cooking contest here. "Apart from the fact most of our young folk have been so badly fed at home, most of them cun't tell one kind of meat frorn another," the major said. "Thc only 1 veRetablcs thev appear lo know : aie cabbyge and canned peas." j "Com.- aie thc days," ht- added. ' "when boys bostcd of mother's ! apple pic." W i t h he said, the ship was formally delivered and accepted hy Ihe company at Newport News, for the company's contract price Va., where construction was re- o f $2ft,000,000. " . . . United States Lines nave me »m,- ion 000,000 luxury liner United States | thc : cently completed · ' ' TK*. 1 l « l t A ^ I U l A backyard gasoline fire at the Monroe Evans home, 811 South Washington Avenue, was e x t i n - . guished without damage at 1 1 : 5 3 J t u r e , this morning. Two engine com- Northwest Wnrrcn objected three w e e l t s ! ' T h c United States, the world's panics from Central Station a n - ! steady, demand fair to gond. offi-r- ago thM a $42,000,000 government ( t h i r d and a p p a r e n t l y its swi-rcd thp nlarm. No --"-··---'·--- "-· ··-·-· · · contribution to the ship's cost was fastest passcnccr ship, i lo s e t ' were involved. much too generous. Hc urgvd S.iw- · out tomorrow for New York, It i s 1 At 4 p m , ytvieidav .Cieiture Of Friendship i Havana, Cuba -W)- President The poullrj market today ai re- , "* ' 'Kulgcncie Batista announced today ported by Ihc University o( Ar- 1 Washinglon-MVPrcJident T r u - , 7 5 0 -- in effect setting that total. that a new park under tonstruc- kan»»s Institute of Science «nd m a n lod ., v ,i,mcd the $6447 730 - ° 5 " TMli"8 ' or m i l i t a r y and econ- U 0 n on Havana's famous Seawall Technology and the Dairy and ; ..,, . . , , . , ,, _. ' '.,,', . onnc assistance during the flical ! Drive will be named "Fourth ol Poultry Market News Service o f ' 7 5 0 (l ' )rp " !n a l d bi ' ' , year beginning J u l y 1. Thc actual [July Park" as a gesture ol Idend- the U. S. Department of Agrlcul- '* 18 '" P° r ccnl lcis l n n n nr nan ' appropriation!, still have to be chip to thc United States. ! declared was the m i n i m u m ncces-i voted, with the possibility that thc. - markcl ' tnry for ncxl year. ] whole question of foreign aid m a y j Arkansas W|lhj| Thc culj were Impojed by a be debated again. b u i l d i n g s ' ings generally lighl. inline. v f l i C o n R i e i s which voiced support for The nulhorizntlon bill fixes a. Arkansas - Cl»»f t» p I r t I y ' rome point;-. Supplies "vn 2."5 Ihp pnnciplo of f c u r l K n assistance, i l i m i t of $4,S9B.424,.'00 for world- rlouily this afternooa, tonight ind grnss i Ins continue short. Piicn n.iiit but slim ply cnticizril some » s - [ w l d e military assistance »nd $1,. tomorrow; widely Ktttwtd thun- yrr lo hold up delivery of the ship to sail f r o m there on its maiden unless U. S. Lines wr.uld ?irrce t o . t r a n s - A t l a n t i c voyage July 3 with p«y a bigger shire nf Ihc cost.: a full honking of 2,000 passengers. f i r e east of Ihe M t . Sro.uoyah r r s - ' f.o.h. f m m up to 2 p. m broil^s pects of the president's piogram. nvolr wns extingulshe.-l without or fr.vrrs fill weights (2. r i to 1 (IS This measure merely author- damage, i Ibs) J7-2B eentt Ib, mostly 20. lies Ihe expenditure ·« t«,447,730,« SOS.200,000 for economic help. So dershoweu In the cant portion thii Ihe bill's total Is $1,41*8.^0,250 less, afternoon; not niNfc «h»n|« ' than the President aikcd. i tcmperaturtfc

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