Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 19, 1952 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1952
Page 15
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.Annual Bicycle Safely Parade Is Scheduled NOHHWHT AMANSAS TIMB, Foyctttvillc, Arkomoi Ttionday, June t», 19SJ I.KCAI, NOTICES | FOKJIALe- -AUTOMOTIVE PERSONALLY ENDORSED USED CARS The a n n u a l bicycle ide will be stage June 20, under Montgomery Ward, the Chamber , |SEA! ^ tun 32, In Township lixtecn 16l Norih, of Range twenty cighi (28) \Vcst. containing sixty 160) Acres. All persons, tirmi. and, nr corporation eialnniig said landi or any part tlirrrof, ur any inlereit therein, are ni.Ti'b.v notified and warned to jijjp-ar ; in wiJ Court on the f;rs; d;.., of;...,, ., Court niter thr expiration of nx (6) 1951 H u d s o n 4-door. Radio, r^n^t^;"^ weather «""«·'. «,,- ' n f M v niv n '"' V1 -' de.iiTihed nmdi ihould noi be i drive, new plastic seat -.mij I'."- ;i|u:i:!rd anil cuiiimneii in Mid llowclli ,, '., , . ade will be staged here Thursday Ft ' rrls covers. Beaulitul T e x a s S pon S o,,hip of oliir^nV^iX %',£?. S^ j ,,,- ««·"· Excellent condition. 1949 H u d s o n 2-door. Radio, heatsr, seat covers, sun visor, new Naples green paint job. 1949 Willys 4-wheel drive pickup. Ready to go to w o r k . 1948 Hudson 2-door. Heater. A real bargain. 1947 Ford V-8, 2-door. Radio, hooter and seat covers. White wall tires. Good condition. 1948 W i l l y s Jeep. 4-wheol drive. A real work horse. : KAi.r--MISCH i of Commerce and the TIMKS. Prizes will be awarded for the . best and most originally decorated bicycles. Montgomery Ward will donate a sealed beam bike light as first prize. hard B. Grcer Clerk of the Chancery Court Washington County. Arkansa- 19-25 July 3-10-1 r-lM-c WARNING ORDER In The Chanctry C«llrt Of .,..., Ar*ll.l« llntllt Bertha Davis, Plai Plus other JManford ClevcnseY ' Defendant merchandise prizes for other win- I T "e Defendant Manfrrd Clevcnjer ners. Prizes will be displayed in n^ih-T 11 '? appl!ar in lnl! Cc "' rl w l l h - Montgomcry Ward's windows. I Plaint _ o t the'* plaintiS''"'" the .boTM There will be nu registration fee of any kind. A list . and contest rules will be given'lo !SEAL ,Ji ch 3 rd B . Grccr each youngster when he registers. Registeration blanks are available at the sporting goods department . of the store. The parade will be held at 9:30 a. m., June 2R, on Kast Center Street and the Square, whcie prizes will be awarded. of thii 1952. . Chancery Clerk July ICEBOXES GOOD CONDITION $3.95 each TUCK'S Phone 35 AUCTION"TM MONKV TO FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, long termi , UTLKY AND COMPANY, INC Lower Polalo Prices ' In National Spotlight Chicago~f/P}-T.ower prices for potatoes nnrl rrvcral fresh hot- weather fruits look the food news spotlight this v.-ccli. Moat nnd bn;- ter prices were l i t t l e chanRed gcn- erally. Top grade eggs were up two cents a dozen in scattered sections. Potatoes dropped sharply as I FOH '· Phone M03 INSTRUCTION ENROLLMENTS bctnj taken for be- Binning al jd advanced class in water cKllK'^crVjirly",.^,: LaCunn Bi'tc"TM'" "-" r . ly .f " b - v PUBLIC SALE Nonhivcst Ark ania , sheen ders Associnlion uill hold ll,e,r sisured «heep sale, Fndav. . June ,». m the University Animal Industry Arena. Fnyetteville. Ark»n- «a». Filly-five head of rams and cues will be told. Show .tana «t 9 ·csults. sell or consign your heavy shipments Veachod terminal i S^o./^^rSfS? 1 ,,, Si markets across the country. Sum-i t° ihe Auriion .'louse. ii a miles north of Sprlngdalc on Highway 71 Phone 934. Springdale. Auction sales mer time fruits wore reachine! market in incrcasin.q volume and j prices were slipping dnv.'i/nrd. ' ' Cantaloupes were high on t h e : "AN'TER weekend best-buys list of several i A T nn ce, ssoooo a t ' 8-V first morf- big chains and independent store.*. ; {£*£. Jl x1tc . el lS nt - -!: Tedit Tcl * r V7atermc!ons, cherries, bluebcr- w^nj-lFfr ries and raspberries also were j Kinds. une"pVec« lower. L ' 2:1 ' "'Times. ~ 1946 Willys Jeep station wagon. Radio, healer and o v e r - ; drive. Extra nice, j 1939 Chevrolet 2-door. Sun-! sHl .MMir liirn-tme !'·; prin-s W;- ,,;, f|iM!ity incrcli in-iiM: KUU.I piat'C t l » ( , £ ! ] ;,,, I" buy I'honff ] ,~u f K-C M.Uoii iin« · JhKltwsy ,! Nonli. HOTOTILI.ERS. Jll.V 2 lie* Kolniilirrs ,-.t ck'NiDimr.iTf-r £ r plionc I7o;:w. REFRIGERATOR, rxt-cll condition. £2.1 00. ap S':j Itf Ujis table lop rini r "V. gas tup nmj;p anye. $1^ 00 ?1 chair new Airway sueup-| visor, spot light. Very nice. Also several Fishing Cars. j win.^^^^ OZARK MOTOR CO. r^^isw^s 180 : CO I Cornrr Spring anil BrlionT PhonclUM Sprmgdole, Ark. . 'EXTENSION (lininj till.],. FORD-Sportsman convcrtihle. cxccllrnt ! _rhnirs. Also t. I'll mechanically, nearly new lop. Hniho and hrater. Call 2^66J mornings or -15 _(rmKn 1AWN mowfne ami rhnn? llinj helora p in IFOR "'in ,r"J!?"r^ M A''"*- 11 ON STATE lliailWAV A . M .ir a n t r r l h l ,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,, . , r , ,.,,, ^ E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N FOR SALE-- RKAIi ESTATE I I A V K i^ HOOM "hour.* .ne vfrsity With or ii ountr Phone 1 " rk" from Unt- out furniture B rnnm honi- %i . - H.OOO cfipnntv hrmk-r* IT'S A E T R A n OF I. A M ) -n -l «« h.iv« a ffO'i't Inline, uvsm r v. Hi t r j f ^ e for fnr;n TOURIST COT'HT AM) HOMF WITH 4 CJIJKST ROOMS. 111 f.i^rttrv.llr It's a griml [r'.])f-r!y ari'l o-Jinrr will rrnrt^ for a farm ·wnfr. 3 arrfi of level wHl drain- land In n»w dlstnct on High- i t - ««v IS wnf Excellent buy. Will i«!t r.d all w.P-i/'^nhon* 31*M_^ 100 MODKRV 5 rDom~liou«~Sardwood floori 2', blocks from Po«t Office Inc|ii-r.' at Tw;n-Kist Ice Cretm or ,j BY owni-T, home or Investment pay* A r,z in-. B-iutiful corner lot in new _ _ tork«d *nd ftquipp*!) crops. } cowt. mUll er $100 p«r month. NEWLIN REALTY FOUR SPECIAL VALUES CAMPl'S rrnti: Three Cm: A p - i r ' - ini-ni Il'um j rnum* and h.ith i.r»i ll'wit. Two unit* raeh *h.jimr I'.i'h ptrfr inrnnu SrtiiHii OWNER LEAVING STATE THIS n a nice lltllc plnrr wtll worth the monu l.und M level. \M-ll-ln- rtiUtt T w n rtKnii home runniiiK waler. elcriricHj. good wcl! IJroller CHpiti'lty. nru-. (or ^.WO Thii t w e n t y will provide a plncr tn live, an in- conic, fii.d ran hr Improved in in n tntich ht|;hrr prlrp rUn. Ou-ntr want* It sold NOW $3 SOO. mvonrl Moor. OPPORTUNITY AT LOW COST f 1 " h - v 2M UICOUKHY *Uirk nnd Mufurcs. inrlud- WASHINGTON' inn lU'i-p-frcrrf. irnln*. ihrlvmK. invclv IIUHIM' clcplnr Ice hnx. inmr fiirnilurr , v ,,,,,,,, *,,*, Ilin-f larg*- ronini (or living qiinr- f j! [( |,,,.,,'i 1(m ' t r r s Tin. plnre will prorllirr a n^i,| «, H ,«,,, FI| . . livliiK fir jon Priced for (julrk *-., », i nfl .,.,, , , . " , , Mir SI.W1. wnlkonl. C I O S K Vn -A',, , " - ., ,-,, EDGE OF SPRINGDALE low r, Tlntl » i,,u, wr*** TWO acres with modern « rnnm* *""P- *.'"" '"··". '" TM *v nut! ilMlny. larff roomi. hardwood ? f»OlCK n-sirli-n.-.; Int* ]uv floors, nntural £«« and nty trlr- j P"", Sl'EClALl.Y PRIC'EU phunr Gnnd nf.ghhnrhnnil Rrnilnr t-iparlly nf n 000 ff yon w a n t * (u»r| j inndrrn honir. ju»t outnlrlc thr rily · linn in nt H low price. th!j i* It A c t V"""?..."'!_'.__ . _ now. J5.ZSO , 7 A f R K S iniprovdl N a t u r a l c i :AND REMEMBER THIS i^ n . H i-_^ i _ ri J. i v;« t : i .n-_(i. k:| ['. vM ' VVK h;.vr nt all limn /nil EiotmKi or NICC r. ronm l.mnr in );'",[ ] . . farm cm «nrl . mpln Slfi 'V t Inr »i::.: Ouli and K-' ^i by 1 Ofl hr: iV en- HavM f o r Phoni ncnti ·om» ehtck- . » »cr.M o«f.i nrgf c.irl"n M arrirt ttllnhle. *MC- ritrnt pDitllrr with 4 lilting tpringi. r-iniii hrmi". fifctrielty. prop»n« tn (m* -AR!! Him 3nxtO. (arage. K! t hirk hrnoder houv A well im- rnvrd. hinhly fjrv^iopfil and pron- rr'-n farm nil ready to go with ttlcK pi»»r-.ilon Pric* only J3 000, IR ii'.l 'A'rrirhrr, thriving corn- mil'v, n*!«r i»*hfol. siore. canninf irtorv. frw minu'.ei drive to F*y- DUGGAR REALTY CO. Motnl -HKhway 71 North J. D. EAGLE, Realtor STANDARD S P E C I A L S 9 FOOT IKHUI- house norlr of _ _ ... itiuin road nftcr 5 p son-ilile. _ _ " | n J J . 1 ~ ·aVfi-r. Si-c" a t " 7 t h ! FOR_RKNT--MISCKF.I.ANEOUS hichuny on Sl»- j j fi6oM"iiiod'cirn"ho'uo~ji;.(ra month. I'r . -Nice f.Tn on staiul. fiood n.s Phoni; L-4.1.W. P'U'BUCTA'LE' .S£Juiol._I'tipnL- 7fi. r .J 4 ROOM imlurnlsfipir~nnitteni no'iise IK South Colli'iic. J30.00 |?r month. I I'hoM 83. _ | CAnAGEVparin"ll v nT"32i~WiMirCcnteF. ! Inch grade prnpp prit-fi So whr-th ihntily hnv time! rtlra A M k: r it « n *ninll nrh. n cm MI u l l out rf In M r ^ f l u ::-vs3j or N » r i h HAVE NUMEROUS propertici in I o v/ a, including farms, city homes, income and busmen properties to trade for similar types of property. Northwest A r k a n s a s . THE BROADHURST CO. 1031 North College. Phone 2487 iinikcl. .. .nil NEWLIN-POWELL REALTY U. S. 71 South Dial Ii: $2200 DOWN JAt.AN'C'K in in m:hlv pavmrntl W« take lhi opporlunil, to rxprrn ! M /'iJi n .' 0 .TM.!!fl c .! M 5?. c r "P"."le of our appreciation lo ihc puulii . ihc public fnr ' their liberal hiddlnR and attendance at our auction salt, nnd *r;pceial!.v j HiankK to the anclionpprs Mike Hum- '· me! and Hays Miller for the splendid results . Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cnwt tcnt-hing music in Rrade and school. Must meet minimum Oklahoma qualifications and capable ol producing programs for Iho si-hunl. Tcac'hlnc certifirafe in a y lit! in any subject matter field !i I !' I ! n ? -'ohnFion. Supcrlntendrint. Wclrh. Oklahoma. · NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES i f^;^, r -^~ C L A S S I F I E D ADS 1950 Chevrolet 4-door. P o w e r - ' Friday, June 20, 1952-10 A. M. Glide, radio and heater, j 4'i rnilos southwest of Wesl j R n ( , in ':, Y ,,,,,, po - rll "^ Extra good tires. Runs Fork, Ai k., on Devil's Den Road, j '^ l!s I'"" 1 Cniinii- nr,.i perfect $1 495 . Nichols f a r m . Bartholomew and ! .lu'y"i' to srpt. 1950 Ford Club Coupe. Radio, ! MrKenzie, auctioneers. heater and overdrive. Ex- ^-^ · Mudi-'l Ii Iniclnr ;m:l j tra special $1395 ' 4! ' For(i K - ;I I'ii* 1 '!' Irtirh. 1950 Ford Custom (B) 4-door.: "'J,,,"/, 1 TM 1 ',.""'.'''" 1 ' 20 " c " rn '^' M{ N ',TM ; p,,'!, 1 ;TM 1 ^;," 0 ' "».-k'iToT?,- Heater a n d overdrive. , a - f t . Kalvuiiizcil storlt t a j i k new i J~'"UM~^nTur"iii.iiSi--api,rtTii.ni7"im"- | Black finish $ 1 4 4 5 40 ml uovm v/ilr. IS 'spnnls ! )'"-|,? $?· '"'" r Unlvil ""y ''"one 11949 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe Imrbctl uiip. stool ,-nul loor-i NicKi'.V'iui-iTishi.'ii 4door. Radio, heater, and. P n ?lf. Kre .«!aplc?. All toncitiR I room* and 'i»th new mcroon paint. .One -j k"'.'..,'',!';',i,''''"' owner. Low mileage ElrVfrir \virinj; MiMcri.iln. $1345 40 inch pmrcl.-iili ningc, 1949 Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe IT-indi ovt-n. piactkally now. tudor. Radio, heater white cimilnlif "i "il ho.itrr, fiirniliiro. \ i iiuo"M'ho7ni.~Kic,-iriVn7."Sir^hTT- wall ,ire, Low mileage. | ^^^ "'"'·'- TM' 'TM'' ' ^^-^"[^J^." C"e Exlranke $1295; HARRY O.DATY, FUrtNISHEU .1 rooms~"H6n;ton.~S« THREE BEDROOMS RANCH «ly!c. rpnlral hii vrry prolly inllde and ·I;-$i¥o.oo IG Dowii No on RANCH «lylc. ri-nlr.] hrnt. flrepKcr. vrry prolly inllde and out. Lirge Only *U.Wtl xpans li.-inti- hnine with attapti?i Vi|,ir lni»d rlonct* Forced p;rcplnr:e Overtiirtl. la ml- · level lot on hill top with fiil view All nty ulilliy (.'i mrBl Joratlon. R A N C H E S SALE OR TRADE .·.ird. s.inon · pn-loriLil. Want months. A v a l ! . ,., .-..iber ]. 411 So .!!'."·.. _ 'NICE nrarly now ' » room bunjalnw. : A VA11 ARl F OKI ROOM iinftirnTahpd" npnrt"nicnr~iw5 ! ^ (: ' loan wlih P*yments nt only j -, i J - f a i T i Nnrth Ctjlk-gr. Also a Kinall furnish- $2 no month. Why pay rent (j\ LOAN rfl__h«,« B . rhonP 1MM. JHE RITTER AGENCY .THIS n,w hoim. h« a .InvHv Hvlnt 200- 14,000 ACRES Kansas, Arkaniai, Miisourl, Oklahoma, Texas ,, CRAVENS CO. i THE BROADHURST CO. JDyrToMPLETK) =XFffi' ^l^^^^^E F. Cf-ntrr Phnnr IM9--12MW--45W i duplex, n Inrftr Adults. 320 WBI- J HUOM IKIUII-. fnr ,-l.liTly jn'op VMMi'd he intrrfst'-fl in simie unrk. I'honr WllW i'llUOM furnishrd 'npnrTincnt " __ln__Phnne H40W. " ~ l c t M r i t M f y ' . " " ' ' Pho room, nice kitchen and rHn- la me hrdrnnms. overtl/. *d ittnt-hM KHrnKr. Plenty of bulltiMi a-id ffoi^t^. henutlful hardwond floors, anttnniMr floor [urniL-e, rock wool irmilnllfin. I.ncnted on largo level lot nnd the tnlnl prlct ti (fl.TSO Fate: 3 centr per u-or* «lng'e In »ertion. Three conncciitivr insertio«s T rents per word Minimum order 42c. Classified adi cash in advance--not; taken over the telephone. SALESMEN WANTED Deadline for classified nds; W:30 I c-^Am.^..^^ _ .-: _ · m daily; 9:30 a m. Saturday Correciions and rerun cheerfully made aflor first inscrtinn No corrections or rerun made after id has ex- j pired. NOTE: Advertising copy for other pages is due nt 12 noon the day pre- ceeding publication; 12 noon Saturday for publication on Mondnv LEGAT, NOTICES STANDARD Coffee Co. can pluct one ni;m on t-slnblishcd route. Fa.vcite- V1I12 and nearby towns. Truck and mm nandise furnished, operating ex- Black finish. Nice. . .$995 AUTOMATIC APIM.I^CE co. 1951 Ford Pickup (6). Radio and'3rri;sKb'i,!rk''u-r/anc[h E n ki?k heater. 7,000 miles, l i k e , -.' 1! "l'! c _y-?. BJ ' . _ _ _ _ _ ATTHACTIVE fnrm" hornp~. V ro'onTs'. modnni. 1'9 arrrs. f. miles .south K*y' , Good character and pense paid. small bond required. Good opportunity fnr advancement. Permanent jol). For informalion write Norman Wells, ran- Mountain Inn Hotel. Give address and phone number. SITUATION WANTfeD LADY, afied -19. uncnrumhrred. husi- ness experienc-P. c.\?rut;vr ability wishes employment. Best references E.xpSTienced in offirr nianaKfnal nntl foods work. Write Box L-1M. LOST AND F OtTND NOTICE In The Probate Court Of Wathington County, Arkansai 7N THK MATTER OF THE KSTATE "O"-' A. C. Urkrr. dcroascd Last known address nf doci-denf fi(t^ K. Willow Street. EayettL-ville. Arkansas Dste of death: May 17. 1952. "rxecutri" n of er rhc n es!a:i."o S r thc''^'^-^- : ST R*VED. \vhilc ahcpheriT'dog. Renamed decedent on the 13th day of _,\:? r lLlU n ^ n( LZ h _ on ' -' 16 - J June. 1952. LOST, small brown card case, hrlonfi"- All persons having rlaini^ aRain^l | iriR io Mrs. Richard F' Baldwin. ;it the plate must exhibit them, duly: lr i* Drivc-ln Thc?nler Monday jime verified, fo ihe undrrsijjnpd wilhin '"(h Relurn tn John K. Shormaker si.\ months from tlio daiP of the first r ' 12 Mission. Reward. publication of this notice, m thry.LOST. brown b'iiifold liT'vicinitv nf shall he forever Mrred nnd p r r - | Jug Wheelers. Saturdav nicht KVcn eluded from anv benefit in the estate. · rash, return contpni^ to l e w i s John __This notice first published June 19. son. Johnson PlmnDins 'co.' Phont : HARB1TE. "all sl 1941 Ford 4-door. Runs perfect $345 MANY OTHER MODEL."TO CHOOSE FROM -- AUTO LOANS -S T A N D A R D Used Car Lot ^Corner Center Church Sts. FOR SALE--HOME NEEDS Phone 1473.1 "b i t h belt"? nity ^6" WOODS Urn-, -;rp;ir;i*fi A - l shape. S3.iO.00. 12,'i (ret 7" rlnvr i --1'L'L".' b-M. $.1:1110 Bfc M A l.Hmel. Elkins. __or_cal| FayrMiPvillc I7fiti.ll. PIREWORKH. W l i n t - N o t " Shop,'106 N. TO i5A \Tti e'w sh i n n i c"nt. bloiise.~s kirl s drc^ps. LLOYDS. 518 West Dick- CHI N'A rstiyTitlL ita"k vur vprj glass panels, excellent t-ondilion. BASKETS, itlcal dir Mimmrr intloor- outdnnr living, beautiful designs. The rionrcr Shop. ^. r i CVjiU-i^Strff;. , , rnory, is wnnrtrrful. Ynull like Aparlnvn^ I'hnnp £!I5.J U apartmt-nt. V" rooms l hath. ono-h:ilf block of Univr-r- - 2-18. KURMSHKD annrtmt-nt. 3 rooms and lf hlork of 1,'nlvrmlty. bath, one-half P!nmc Z~ (Tu!) TO [·im"pul L( I'h' MiniiKlicd ; 'iciitB. One ,'(HL'W2 ACREAGES i TWO HUNDRED FORTY nrrr* In frr- ' tMr valley f«rm. well fenced, nrflded. Inrjtr stork pnnd unrl npnni. trnii- tnorirrn home. Iwo I,true barns, oilier shed* nnd biillditt(r«. fMrlrlc syntrin i in. RnnH wells, five- milei o f " Fjiy- rltevillo SIXTY m-rp« w i t h rvrrflow!tiff flrnr siren in thru, .tnifill -KTCIHC tillnhlr. bnlfince pittltire, four-room h o u n t with rlr.-trlrity, mile off pavement, five miles oul of (own FIFTEEN acres, fill open, fenced, Kood riPctrii'.t'yV' in'rn. "n"^ fll^wp^thipr'! t^'' 0 ' 1 *'* Creak, Tuesday, 2 p.m., n'n^need^ driVC ° f tow "' " 1)trally Jun » 2 4 - Go °d fishing stream. FIFTEEN ncre«. frriile tmrit pntrhM ! '^0 acrei bottom offered in two ffi'^onX-'oTu' T ^TiKl ·"«··· '0% down, balanr. wh.n way. four-room honor, porehfff. I title approved. natural {Ens rnd electricity. Inrgf ,,., , . . _ , burn, chicken home, rir-, rity wat«r Whisler and Eaiterling, ownen. In property, nice nhadf ' · AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A B«tler Pl« to Bur "ttutpauit ' Blotk DgALCT "* WILKINS REALTY CO. 102 North Coll«|t Av«. FhoTn IVW · llOOSi noijie~with IncomP. TurcT- j wood floors. garoKC. block and h a l f , _n i om_Ciirnpuii. M^_ Ippufln*- j 672-ACRE* RANCH"a"t auction o f ! 1952. Clco Ucker n-i j ^honp- 1H18R. Reward. I WANTED TO BUT S32.30 GOATS. Henson. 295.T Thermos Jugs Picnic Baskets Charcoal Barbecue Tools LEWIS BROS. CO. NOTICE OF FILING OF 4 PSTITiON TO QUIET TITLE In Tht Chancery Court Of Washington County, Arkuniai Unwell Ferris Fx P.irte Notice is hereby ijiven lhat t h e r e . has been filrd in the office nf the | HE.MEMBER" sIHnli^rThiT-ir Clerk of the rhanrrry Court of Wa^h-! Don't wait, order todm inRton County. Arkansas a iirtition Hi mm- for delivery July ai lu ,..,,.,,,., , _ quiet and confirm in Ho well Ferns Our nir)tlo "Quality F i r s t " Chnrlev I LEWIS HOOR BASEMENT * title to Ihe following described r-ai D-nly. superior Broiler Chicks phone UsPd Scr vel Electrolux refriK- cstate .litunted in Washington Couiry, -fllS, J'. O. Bnx 5.11. t eratpr j 7; , r The East Half of ihe Narthrast | CHIN'CILLAS - tSaSHI _we S t qusrtcr of Section t h i r t y - , Sc e »i[ C l y d i Tpmbrook. 5H! cSnIS: UNFURNISHED i ROOM apnrlmcn!. A l l utilities paid. Will provide refrigerator nnd Move. Red Bud Aparlmcnls. 1341 Whitham. nhnnt- 29.-.-W. - U M M S H E l ) ...... Church Phnnr FOR SALE--LIVESTOCK 1 2 REGISTERED Jersey cowsT PhoTTe | -4D1W2. Used GE refrigerator Userl Maytac washer Used Bpnrlix washui Used lawn mower Used C1F. dishwHshei l.'srd Hnlpnjut cleri Used Frigida:re refrigerator Used ice box LOCKER supplicf.'~evcrytnini nccrs sary for freezing foods. Lewis flros . . S i.'.i ii.i . S 79 no s :. ii'i si in no ange S 21' fl.'i .'.01 G Of) REFRIGERATORS AT B A R G A I N P R I C E S One H ft. Scrvol Ga^ Ficfrigfrato; Sliced Qin-nn Wnshinj^ Marhinr^ KASY TE!!MS CLIFTON LUMBER CO. Phone 2 7 W t » t F o i k . A r t . TYPEWRITERS" AND ! ADDING MACHINES i New and Reconditioned. j Portable Typewriters. Renlals I Dependable service departme.-.t. ! Cash or Terms if desired | Untvc "' ty " SI ^i u ! 34 years in the business { JWOWINC" wnh "n- 0. B. WILLIAMSON CO. -; B ORD! cHEVRbf ET -AND- PLYMOUTH Do you have Inuble? Sn: p.,h Hull .-it WHITELEY'S GARAGE SERVICES I'KACTirAI, nur.iini;. rxncricnc*rl. hrst rif r"Vn "'rt-ler 'd( _asHistant. Photic IGUJ. MOTHERS." v.-Mi t-, p \ in mv hf.m" by iht hnur _Plionr- 20t. f .W. "EXCAVATING'-' BULLDOZING Land rlcarinfi--saving your tnp- Miil. Heavy (ii:ty discing. Brush rukc- pntuls. H. H. JONES, Conlroctor WADE FINCHER, Realfor Arcade Bid* on E Center Street Phone f!08 __ GROCERY ntore hiilldinij willTllvrr hnlf-nrre front* K« on Hlfhwuy 16 e»st. Concretf ilorr, Hftx2n Equip- inrnl includes mc;i) rmn. cmh r*?R- ister. Bcnlr^. nddm(t m;irhlne. xhclv* i»K c t r . 83AOn.Ol rotnplrl* or will nrll IMS equipment. Small down paymrnt, hnlnnef eaiy Irrmi. Mijfht eonufder leailnf. G. R. Hile, phone M7W2. _ t - 3D ACRES fenced and crou fenced, .1 acrei hoc tight, ?n «crei citlM- vaiahlc. 10 icrex onk and walnut timber, nalurnl ga». automatic wjitrr nystcm. hroll^r r*pnclty «,5W, barn, i 3 room house. Price Jfi.BOO. ( 40 ACRES fenr-rd and croii fenced. Ifirpi- barn, chicken house. 4 room modern house, natural mi Price $8.500 I ir,» ACRES, fl room modern home. 60; acrej open land, (prlngi, rreeh and · river on Hi* place. Inrfe him. chicken IUIUIP. cood imall ttock fflrm Priro 115.000. 200 Y«or» of S»rv!c« 20,000,000 Policyholdirt 20% Savlngi MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE W. H. Hilderbrand, auctionetr. j "Savlngi for prtftrrtd rltki" l 8 l_ S J*'^y?.l!. ol !! a _ Ci| yi_ G.t th* Fact! LISTINGS WANTED tfr. n*ed Jlitingi on Ifrmx. poultry fnrrri!. anrt nuninfi .1 property. W« would spprerl-ne ihc ( p - p»r(unity of leelnx vmr pro ( ifr(y and dltcuiilhg th« 'tt'lnf wnh von ' WE ARE KQUIPPKn TO 3KRVJCE P n O P E n T Y ANYWHF.nL IN! NOBTHWEKT AnKANHAS. JL'fiT' DROP US A CARD AN1J WE WJLL '· COME TO SEE YOU. UUEY COMPANY, INC. RKALTOBS LENDIM INSUnOBS Cull J. J. Pyeall 11H3. Hei .in \ fnnclllt Voi I' flnttitimrt n l._._uiitf zmi. Ret IM7 ! ^-OnSUir TOU. kJOSSITiea TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS" ilahllili-. btrcaure thai': all ""hil'i BKAUTV SHOPS rl to purchaie rnck The Ritter Agency .oani ' Rtal Ittat* 16 EoitC«nt»r Who's Who , For Service ! isult Your Classif Service Directory ·nncored : Martha a Btauty Shop unit properly Properly U in Complfte B«iuty iafytc* gni)H rrpjir and well ncalccl. In ' 7',i r Mountain Pbon* 2331 v/»lkl|i« iliatanro ol nil irnmli.; COLVAHO 9 BCAUTt IHUr* rliiin-hn. ImilncUM and clc. O w n - 1 S o« W. M«adow_Phon« Ma rrj ,lon t nrr.l Ihc mo.ity and will . Machlneleta tS.SO. Cold ' carry tlir h.-ilnnce at ilx per c e n t ' " Inlt-rol lor llu- right penm. : i 6 2 HIGHWAY LOCATION J. P. PETTEY PIONEER REALTY CO. I HI«hwa.y_7l_Smiih_ln_Sprlnj!lale_Ark tJESIBABI.K 150 (I frontage on IhH FIVE room mod'«rVoi,ai. approxi- l'.'. 1 ' y ... h ' K , h " i ." '!'. 1 . I 1 '! 1 ' .'. n ..J 0 '*"· «»*«- malely «lx yrara old Located within two blocks of U of A. JiMt two lilni-kk icltn F;ii!ii;ill Cub INC. !S V.'crt Mnunfnin St. Kayct'.c-villc, Ar!:. IDEAL MATTRESS CO. . Cnrnoro 'r Mh r^r Rr THREE bedroom homf. loralrd In (1 "' v ^ 7 -° W. NorihMit Section, n«»r marlt«i and FOUR FINE ACRES hu^ icrvlce. YOUR choice for $R,7SO 00 WHEELER REALTY CO. if thi! two new ' nxjm r u i n g - ; i .IX a | FKICKETTS BIAUTY i MLIAII.I WOW CHILD CAEE REALTOR Ozark Theater _ rhor ?' i 19R IF it'll fprmi. ranrfici." noni property you WILSON REALTY CO. Ill ».t Mountain Phone 2M.1 2 "S 1 ^" s± 5^ ck and onc "iTMTM *"*»»*~*'. KISTF.HKU Hrrrfonl bull Ksrrllrnt I desk. $11.51): dlaprr wash .in-, ace 3 yram Come »-i- 40 nf his T.loj.fs Tradins P V°.;..J:"JL".?.£'·»·'· «-alnut bedroom ,ullc. SM DO rh'lr "'" " -" " " · · dek. $11.51): dlaprr waslirr. s i n : T,lojfs Tradint; Pnsl. HiRhu.Ty Soinh, near Purdya Slore. p'hm R)R S A I . F -- M I S C R I . I . A N K O t ' S ' W r i t e ii. pas Jure Also lia\ top (junhly Hcr Quality new mattress and i motlress ronovaling. Phone 3036 ; *2*_ W EST DICKSOW SPECIAL AI.I. m"tnl ITWM fh'ii:* Sil.'i v.l: VETERANS Vlllan nurury Ii now i accepting children. Op«n 7 a. m. AND n fun- coniis:ing of live Rauga fT.M_»na^ ll5.00.__Phqnt 1S3I. l-hl-rlill! rrximv ll.-irdv^orid l\{,,r;t\X. " ^^^·*^--^-*^rL^ J ^j-unnnnnnO--u^u -ft. Ki-.ieri,iii elnieu. builtin, nnd oilier CORSETIF.RK rue., f.-niiirfj. iiieliidliu: nmart ne' rk-citrntioni. Alno, garntre. bJirn. and Iwo poultry liuusrt Only one mile H..I.-I i: of A . i.n a-oid road. Natural 'MrT"j~Tff~'M ri.h Run nnd elty untrr r. 11. A - ( ; I M ." J w McQ«hea loan may lie ai.uiried. ; 117 Soulb'Unlv'tnlf TMSI HAMMOND" REAtfY 'co i^*'^"^'"^^ " J -l Wallpaper and Paint Store Interior Decoratinc f,' Dick»on Phone 1474 SPKNCEH loundations, turgtcal m(. pnrifl. V i v i a n Oreen. 22 year* terv- ICP Phone 79H-J. 218 N E«it Kve Phone H n Hammond 1372 J. A .Inrvn l.'iflOW jvwplry rt pnlring FAR1.S WATCH SHOP With r.TfvrT\ CIcMnf-r-.. j:, F Cr: STOI.'T'S HOMK LACNDRV v.-nfh. 11 n (o ''1 pminils for . I W WITH GENUINE FORD PARTS l)0f;s-- CATS--PETS WAXTHD. Eiiod liuines for~srmiTi kit- _irn'! Plume 1947.J. m;i.f,i)fc. " ~~~ ^~ j Co*; I-'nrn RKD-hiiff sri'l b::u-k j Sp.inj"! puppi inlc dORs. i . Ark.Tn!a hi-fnn- fi away. Phone 23' j FOR S A L E -- A U T O M O T I V E GAnHF.N' irartnr with l'i IIP Rnso- _linr- nntnr. MS 00 Phonff B71M73 : "Is CROSI.KY stntinn wnfon. Cbpup i _Phnnr nF? j n-in 2 rlnr.r Klprjliiif DcfilXP. S 1*20000 | SPC Oliver Mnrnott, CM Antmhly "47 H A H L K Y D.iv. l"-n 4. r . fvffcct" con- ditlnn fnll r.n.wn llflf..! PACKARD-WILLYS"~ i Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO. Phone 6t6. 208 North Block ABSHIER-BRYAN "Your fritndly Ford dealer" CA8H PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phont Collet 111! Joplin Rtndering Gl.AI)iO!.I Poiu-r-5 ( (i;,i,!.-ri Phone f,:iBKt. GOOD set ( Roll clubs. SIMM. MMR],- 1 barrel ]fi j.vuiKf shot nun $.:· . : ,u complete sel of draMsin.-m IM,,K $12.50; table mod"] rrearn sf-p;ir«i'ir $12 SO; antique dishes, c""" (iin.,- ture I.lovd «: Trading Po-,! Hujl.v H v _71 aouih r'hnne 32!»r. Open 0 :m ii f. LATE model ~Roya"l "portable t \ p c - wrUcr. user! very litlle. has inv i K rrne Will «el) $1" fti irss .ru.n C.-M This i^ Iruly * hargnln Phont- hin.l _or^_S'f_«J_ .ini Jlunisville S'rrr-t FOUR used fluth type 1'i.lct _ a t _ h a H price. _Phonc 249. 2.5M WATT~"AC~pnwcr " unit inrrrhandi^e. n.inietl Srroml H.-md Stnr ^J?jck^f j JnMiincr« m l(;.-\ USED elertric fffriRrrainr. Rorid oh dittftn. See til 128 East Davids'in aflr-r 5. _ $~14Snfl"fnEAbLl':~Slngrr" M-VUNH nn rhine. new, $10000. 7 ( i.-cfri' rrifjidnlre. A-l cnndi'K.n. Mn'mu (!nod ttudln rouch. niin-r iKiusi-iinid footis Jp*sle .Inhninn. i i ? Hint t:.\H,'ItMSIli:ii :i r ( . OUT ON "" BEDROOM SUITES THWKE 4 pierf iimrd o.ik ^r^iO' f « , r $1*17.50. Two .1 piece walnut hnith $«7Sf) /Or |7«ftS; Thrri* walnut n r blond*; ffiur-poiUf-r 1147 SO for Sufi r-n Hilton »roi. Drive-in Furniture On Own evenlnji till » fl H Ori-tn '·".i!r« 1 pnr-nTii' f-i:!v il. rc,.i! St.iM- nn,l , ,,,,.,,, !i*'il ',i:;\ A ' l ' i . l ^ I'll.,:." . J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. i _ _ P h o n o 24, West F o r k 1 HITCH DK.C.ING F O O T I N G S - w a t r r B m «nd .cwtr ililchPt. m-pllr innk lio* UiKitriit j »nri hnrk fll!ln Call TWE nryc« ! [Jnvln SI'N-TH.l vfiivltnn hllnnn jtn' «luml- j SI K F I ' I N C i n iilif TDCIM Hl ntltlii H Jlii.'J ,,, itm" "in" tifrk~it"o7 rn«l. New elfctrlr mr-it ullre CftU machine iinrt veRrt.ihl Whllehou» Orrtr«ry, Hijth raok »y ] ! » · T W O "|| II I'lll.n fiirnlihf.i (tp»rtr!imi. rampin [.IPS] for u,, : r14 Ifngnn iiflcr 1 p INN. -.tic },\nr\i (mm · V ) j.'T ni'mlli AI»i .' Ti! HiKl hiMi' t.OviM- - I'),·::·.:· !', ·-..%. ir?nn-i;i MATTRE5S R E N O V A T I N G Colt/.n M/itirf«p nmn lt,:o ll»llyw r ,i,ii" 1 |ie ;i M""' l 1'"""liiler ONE HAY SKRV'IrK IMIONK 2/7« Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. 121) South Kn«l St SALE EDGIN'S Wallpaper and Paint Store 404 !/z West Dickson Phone 1474 33!/3% Off on All Wallpaper in stock, and on orders. Thursday, Friday and Saturday

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