Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 19, 1952 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1952
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

NOITHWtST ARKANSAS tlMIS, FaynHcvlll*, Atkantm. Thuriday, Jun« 19, Iff] WHEWS 7 ttatta-tau THiOTOje/ IWSNrTHAT I ft/fff \ VtMCMtWH') Homers Help Yanks Wai lop Tigers, 10-6 SI'TS · · - I I O M K f i S - 1-24 -- Di'tioit-'/l'i-Gcm- Wnndlinfj anrl Illiiy Martin of the New York Vanki'i'S crushrd Art Houltcman wilh surccraivr eighth - innins niiii' runs, ami Yosi Bcrra smack- r 'fl .'i sJNlh-inning hnrner lo [we the Yanks In a lll-fi victory over the Ijclroit Ti.r.ns. Vic Writ/, ulto limls .Inhnnv Sain's pitrliin;; in his likini; nil linivt iii-rasinns, blasted a thrrc- run hninrr o f f the winning Yankee hiuicr in the eighth to narrow the margin lo 7-li. But the Bronx lluniiifi-s UT.VC throe walks, a wild pitch and Oil McDouirald'f single inin thi'-e runs in the ninth. New York 10, Detroit C NEW YORK DETROIT How They Stand By Thr A«M)ciated Prrm AMERICAN LEAGUE W I. Pi-t New York . .. 32 211 .B15 Hoston . . . . . . . 32 25 .Sfil Chicago . . .. . 31 2(1 .544 Cleveland _ 32 27 .ML 1 Washington - ... 27 26 .511:1 St. Louis . . 2 7 ;jj ,4fiji Philadelphia . . 22 2 AMI Uclroil . .18 38 .321 Wednesday's Hesulls New York 10. Detroit (i Washington 3, Cleveland 2. St. Louis 4, Bnstnn .1. I Only games s-chedulerl. NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. 3(1 15 .Ti'i .'l.i I!) .MB On The Radio New York-'/IVThursdfty nigh" NBC--7 Father Know Best: 7:30 Niclit Mystery; (I Dragnet Police Drama; 8:311 Counter S|1V. CDS--7 Mr. Keen Tracer; 7 30 FBI; R Mr. rh.-.inrlrnn. ABC--7 Miirleni- JJi'.'ti k-li Drama; 7:30 Defense Attorney; 8 Ted Mack Amateurs. AIRS--7 Motlmi Casanova; 7:311 ""V. ·'· H. Hurjess. Thf Hardy .Family; (i ll.l Hiui and Gun 'I'-iarlel i-ill he :r. .-liar" Cluh. siii!!in;. B'jfKil v.-ill be Miu Clara Belle Tedd Spnnudalo - (Special) - Funeral s-rviccs for Miss Clara Belle Todd, v.'ho Hied at her home on Tuiner .Slim in S'prjn^dale yesterday ni'trnin^. will Jic condu'.l-., ed at 2 j. in. Friday at the. Callison-.Si co Kline: a I Chapel hy ihe Rev. 1. J. Kornck. assisted hy the Victory ii!lin;. B'jfK Kriendship cemetery. Brooklyn New York Chicaso St. Louis _ . Cincinnati Philadelphia Bnstnn Pittsburgh Kecr up with Ihe nmr*- - I'MKS diil . . 34 ... 30 .27 23 23 llv \O/ VES. ALWAYS EUV \lt//DOTVIEW! A WO, BUT ly? I IT WAS THAT POOR I I^IACLOSE MAN AND A» w \ CALL. MIS WIFE-, 'TM- r i Mcrr.-i. I- Manll:. rt M'l)c;ilr;. :ili Wnnrtlin;: If Martin. Jli Snin. p I I I Mnlhrlcl. .1 I II 1 I r h K, I I S 2 .1 * n n 4 I I 4 I I n n n 0 I) (I .1 o 1 . T o n 2 n n IVMiilHn. II ^ I-Wrrlz. rf :i I Drojjo. Ih I ? While, p I 1' Sluan. p :, ''. : Gi ushers. p ·I f) liGiolli. of II II (i Prirlrlv. L'h (Hunt! man. p 2 II II (Jnnson. p n n i) hopp. I :i7 in ll'Toiam Nf-vv Ynrk . . ni'O (ini l:;^--]o if"'»ii onu 2iiii 0'in - fi I-:--Manllr. nni--Wourtlins 3. Marin 2. Rerr;i. Collins. McDouKalfl 2 nnpn ?. Pc-k.v. WITH .1. IKimiln r-iM-f-rt nn xviltl pik-hi. 3R--Wnoriliny M;irlin. Mfuillp. HR--Bcrra. V/ondlini;. Mnitin. Drupn. Wrrl7. S Cc»'ins. U! 1 --C;m:h and Dropn. I.cll .\w York 7. IJrD'Kul ;, BH- -Sain n. :ingu- 1. Hnnl!(.ni:in 2. White .1. Smart 1 SO-- iic 1. Houctlcmnn r. IIO~Sain 7 " i MininaK: HOKUC I in I 1 , : Hoiiltf- i I! in 71 ,: Johnson n in S: Whitr i --,. Sluarl n in ' ,. n A RP-i li-li. IlnutlrMi.-in 7-7. White 3-:i WT-.Whi!p Winiur. .Snin 17-31. l.mwr llolltlnnnn Cl-lli. t;--nornn»-l. Berry mrt Dulty. T-2M7. A--!I.7:,G. Wednesday's Result! Brooklyn (i, Chicago a, 111 innings. New York 5, Pittsburgh 2. St. Louis 7. Philadelphia 1. Cincinnati 7-3, Boston fi-i SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L Pet. New Orl'janp 41 2 Mobile .. . 4(1 3 ] Chattanooga . _ . _ . . ; j ( j 32 Nashville . 33 32 A t l a n t a Little Rock Birmingham , Memphis Wednesday's Results Chatlanuoga 4 - 1 . Mobile 3-5. Only game .scheduled. Johnny Kobs. Michigan State's head baseliall coach, won l:i let- lers in lour sjjurts ;is an undergraduate at Hainlinc University. . The Cinrtnnli Reds finished second lo Ihe New York Gianls in: pitching in Ifisi. The Red s t a f f compiled a 3.70 carned-rtin aver- '. age. : fHUKSKAY EVENING (1:110 Dinner Music li:l"i Starlight Ti.Te 6:30 News fi:1;j Ozarks Sports 7:0(1 Wayne King Show 7:la Gabriel Healtcr--M 7:3fl Rhythmic Rendezvous 7:4:t Lornbardo on the Air Neil McKinnon I-'uncral services for Neil Mc- j Kinnon, Sr., who died Monday. : were conducted al the Baptist' Church in Sulphur Citv at 2 p. m. 1 Intlay by the Re;, n. L. Dykes, ,.lr. Burial v.-as in the .Mi-Cord cemetery under Ihe direction of Xel-' son's Funeral Home. Pallbearers were c:. \V. Frra-l, Krnnelh Harris. .I.-inir'. Hayes. Gene Price, Leonard Harris and Hal lor. 8:00 r.ill Henry 8:0,i Rod and Gun Club 8:311 Reporters Roundup !):00 Modern Casr.anova !):3(1 Senator Tat By J. R. Williams; 10:00 News 10:15 Platlcr 1'artv 10:30 Platter Party 11:30 Sifin Off FRIDAY MORN1NU 5:30 Rise 'n Shine 5:50 RFD 1450 6:00 Rise N' Shine 8:30 Markets and weather 6:35 Rise N' Shine 6.45 Stork Talk Time 7:00 Kof/ee Kup Kapers 7:3" Ota:co News 7:45 Knfft'e Run Kapers K.OO llnbcrl llurlcish N'cws- 8:15 Morning Devotions Times Mnnnoe l.diti-m 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns 0:00 Morning Melodies fl.'IS Paula Stone 9:31) Take a Number 10:00 Food lor Thouqht 10:15 Linda's First Love 10:30 Queen for a Day 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands i i : 1 5 Bauckagc Commentary ·3.3 Carl Smith 11:3(1 Church of Christ ll:4:i Musical Roundup 11:55 Market Report FRIDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 Hymns of All Churches 12:15 News -'t Noon 12:30 Chuck Wagon .Jamboree 12:45 Riders of Purple Snge EXAMINATION INDICATES WE WAS KILLED BY A BLOW ON -n IE SKULL X-RAVIMG THE BO THE OLD GENTLEMAN WA DEAD WHEN HE CAMR IN. THE WIPE WILL BE OKAY WELL,SHE'S EUIMED THAT PERPUME 1-OR MY LIFETIME: 1 CAN'T BIO! THAT Ol IT FVECV TIME 1 SMSLL IT/ !'"·.·. 'i-rj ID cosr'X't. K.w^ 5 ~rBelieve It or Naif MANY COUNTRIES, tIKK IRAN, HAVE HAD EFFICIENT STOUHD CONTROL PROSHAMS FOR Vf KKJ UNDER YOU* POINT 4 PROGRAM YOU RESPONDED BY SENDING PlMJES INSECTICIDES, TECHNICIANS. YOU IMTRODUCED A6R1ALSPIWINS.YOU CO OWINMED OUS EFFORTS. NOW, FOU THE FIRST TIME, AFFECTE3 K ACROSS A QUARTER OF THE WORLC HAVE UKiTED IN A FIGHT AfiA^ST MAN'S ANCIENT ENEWY, THE · toeusr. 3:00 Swill.-. Session 3:30 Tune Pick n Tim 5:00 The Green Hornet 5.30 Wild Kill Ilirkok 5.55 Cecil Rrown IUT »LON5 CUif THE WORST LOCUST PlMUE IN A CENTURY, ANO WE APPEALED TO THE UNITED STATES UNO mi UUlTlO NATIONS ·OH ASSISTANCE . SO DID THE OTHERS. HEAVV-DUTV TYPE IHE FISH THAT MUST BE GIVEN A SECOND (IWiCE _.. ( d^l" \ DEC REED THAT FISHERMEN WHO IISLBWkIT NETS MUST CATCH EKH FISH TWICE' (1364-1935) BECftME PRESIDENT Of THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI ALTHOUGH HE teFTSCHOOL tiTT* A6EOFI5 U/THOOr GSAOOATIHf WELL.IMI-.CT. vt)u CAH'I:AY/\CI i MJt, MM:tOM-..l/tir WAS in 1 n ',1 HOTE YOU'RI' ,' I I VII' S".T. I i; IJ," · -·.' ,'^, ·;· m···. ^ ;.«-v;. · . \ /' , f ^ j / i ~ \ " - i i \^*" X* r *~ln / ^ · ''*\. *^l f ' 'f · '^ X. -4i" V* f s v - " / i - f i i^-^, ' »' '*ij) ^^^'^W'^ri }'( '. f · " x/ 5 ;". ..^ffif^'n ''*/. ./ift'Saav ^J"i-..^'' % , THAR.'.'-A" I . - , | . [ , i L A M. I HOMl lO'U'...'.'- - ( O ' t c \ ' i t Tl ..L CHICKCNS i 1M.D TO i AN - c "o'ir.'.' ASIO'.'O A-; Wt. GOT TM ' (XJC.PAIC'I HAH V.T'I I. -II VA. I STARVE.- : .Mnrr Insurance Bought .N'i'w Ynrk-l.TjlAmcrirans hoti^hl j IH per cnnt more life- insurani-r. M;i.'t nv'inh thnn in May Iflri!, the nmr': Aconcy Manaj!r- nu'ii! AsMici.'iJion rc| orfpri loria.v. : A'l-Alaminum l\ W N I N G S X J They stay up all yeoi* Weatherproof and Fireproof Bcauliiul Colors PHONE 3031 FOR FREE ESTIMATE CLARK VENETIAN BLIND AWNING CO. WIN ROYALTIES* FROM 44- PRODUCING TEXAS Oil WELLS JUST nm$H ran MINI mwti 10 KHTMI WITH "THUS" "Gel a lj(l for Lilt, ll'i Kfally Jrum" I HURRY! Contest Closes Midnight, July 31 ··· in an income from not one, m li producing 1 CX.T; oil \\-cIK. Or tvin one of «99 other really vnlu.ihtc prircs -- jmt for cum easy 2-line jinclc ihnr may ho ns simple as. "Gel a Lift for Life, it's really true, you'll go for Dr. Pepper, too." Tn j;ct YOL'Il winning ide- 1 ., j i r \ r taste (tclifioit.s, .sparkling Or. Prppcr! Then send in the complete ^-line jinple, enclosing n Dr. Pepper hortle rap for rirli n-r)pil in ihe entire jingle. 1'ntrr as ofrrn a^ you w a n t ; j ;c( vuiir friends and family to cnier. t:io! TftX P/llO ON 1452 ROYUTIKI | And Dr. Pepper w i l l pay | . l c l c r a l IncomcTax on your i 2 ro\-;i|t\ c.irninp?;, prod vim ilouMe the number nnlc enps co lie enclosed, nit send your entry on an I " ·fTniii! entry hlank. (Jet one ,it I »ur Dr. Pepper dealer's, or I mtc Hr. I'cppcr, Box SOSrt, j i, Texas, lintcr today! | I ^^ 4fifr rttft l 0 *-. K'"| f'tiiin "Now, isn't that c u t n ? . . . he wants you to GO!" !· \v;i sci \-e ;i double giui pn;e \ \ l i 'nli! ;:ful :.if'.(lu-.-.s th.i! insures H SMinolh ;;ili Km ciivef-up ni i-.ixiir- mill the iH-rl I'niei'.i m.ute in :i = .r,- ennlt.ivt. P.tilrrn Nn lilillil is :i s e ^ . , , ; , IK'rfill.-itr.l |rill-in i:i · I/,'-. I 1 i ·· 13. 14. Hi. IB. Si.-e 111. mi.... ' ·'-.",' v.'irils nf 3!l.iiM-h; hiilei n. I i i i'.,.',1. For this |KilI,-rn. si-mi nilc for KACII. in COINS, \iiur t.iime, ;,,|. ·ss. sizes ilfMml, ,IIK| the l'\T. TKrtN NI'MMKI! in Sue Rurnell Ark.inr.ils Times, ll^f' Ave. Arneri.'.i!:. N'e\,' ^ I nlk .1(i N Y Rnsii- FASHION fnr 'S3 i s 'fi!]o r t wi;n irte/is le nwkc .vnur dnthe. hurifiet K further -- lime-si and eeonnmical Hwlgnj; !h,it cns.v to sow. Gift pnttcrn printed inside. 2S ccnu.

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