Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 19, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1952
Page 6
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innul M«».Ar»A» limu, taycttvul*, Arkort , June IV, Demand For Food Products To Be Good For Years Bank Group Finds People Eat Better Than Ever Before , B.v SAM DAWSO.N' New Ynik - --/T'i - The- American love of good food i.-. rnakinc farrnins one of the nation's faM- *M growing Industries. I urn Despite all the urumbllnj about Dcmnndi For Foodstuffs Good fowl price*. Americans are eatine Only if the hirth idle dro|)5 and more and better food than didAmericans vn hark tn their diet their parent? Since prosperous Mandardf of id or 1.1 years ago, iriLTI the food consumption in thi.-i v; i" 'lie future de.-r.-ind f,, r ( -,£ri- roimlry doubled, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland concludes, after adjusting food dollar volume to price chan^of,, ,\e|thr.r thr auto nor hnme building in- du; tries ran show a unit volume Cam equal to that in agriculture '· as a "urowlb industry." } If the population continue.; j j;rn-..- ut ii;: picsr-m rate, anri ( A m e r i c a n . - find the money tn lr-,v. \ .,pe i m;*in!,iin Jhcir present hish die- sumcrs. I !ary sUiulards, the market for { |,i f .f f/. . Amenran farm products in KIT.-, hern iltf- will he twice what it was Just he-, groups (,, fnre Pearl Harbor, the bank fir.-i food, hnth cull Ural products fall . en! lu;:h r.ip.-iuly to pro'lm.-r-', ihr bank says. T.'ikms a ·.hnilrr-leiir, \iex. Ihe American Institute of Foor] v,re oper;;lor:, e;;prr! In ,"o on, the rerl of ihir. v,, r ; ,t ; IIHII-II food than In-' crctli' Ihe fontinui-il llu; il prospcTnijr. con- · rirht it year. T.'iev or in recent .vrars h^-j iljiy nf 1'iwer im-mnp nlni^c ihrir buying of n the amdiint and They're New! They're Wonderful! ROYAL RAFFIA Straw Wedges BY WOLFELT STUDIOS of Now York In four Colors: · Natural · Multi-Tan · Mtilti-Color · Pastel Yellow Only $095 '8 Bags to Match $6.98 - quality. Almost continuous high ! employment levels a n d highf r '.vane rates in recent years account for much of this. , The sharp increase in total food sales In this country is due In part lo the hie baby crops which push population totaU hiaher. But oth- ,er factors arc more important. : Chaiurr In National Diet f'hief is Ihe change that h a s ' ronu- n- er the national diet. Since the depression years the '-."ver- pnrerl bulky and March food:, have !o:.l (rround. relatively, tn meats, er?s. milk, freih fruit and vege- laliln. Over me years Americans alfo have tended lo spend more of their itii-nni" on choicer meats and better quality vegetables a n d groceries. All of thir, can change quickly if incomer, drop, due lo unem- plovmenl or other reasons. Kam-' ilies quickly trim fond budget! v.-hen Ihe pay check shrinks. '' Alfo they shift av.-ay from cer-.' tain foodi when they get Ion cost-' ly One example was Ihe rut-back by many families in meat buying 1 vhen meal prices were at their nifrnest. A more recent one is IheS shying avay from notatoes vhen Ihrv termnrarily became collector's items. Rogers Mrs Don Hnvt and Mr=. Drew P.-itlerson. representinq the V.'o- n-.rn's Auxiliary of Ihe Church nf the Hedeemer. Kpirrop.^1. nre attending r.n Epircopnl wnnjen"? ',n- r-'ilutc this week at Pelil .lean Slate Park. The Posers delegates were joined at SprinqHale by Mrs. .]. I,. Carr and Mrs. floy Bowman. Mrr. Ollie Collin';, fil, a lifelong : rrr'drnt of the Ilayliss community. ; died suddenly Tuesday mornine. She had been in poor healfh for ;cver,il weeks. Funeral services he held Friday afternoon at Ihe Bnvlirs n.-i|ilir.t Church. The : Rev. Hoy Calyean of Hiwassee. I will conduct the service. P,urial ··ill be in the Bavliss eemelerv. ' directed hv Hie Miller Funeral Mnme at Pn.i Ridce. .Survivors in- ude nnl\- lier husband, Henrv The condition nf Dale Hvalt, emplnye of a ?er\-ice station on H'chway 71. '.«-ho was injured in a ii.:h\vav aer:de:it hetwcpji Grav- tle and Maysviiie. was undetermined Tuesday in a highway ac- , : cjrlrnt het\\-een Gravctte and | "Ma.w-illn. was undetermined ' A'erinesrtav HP \'-as brought to ' Rogers Memorial Hospital suffer- i nn with possible spine and rib ' njuries Peputv Sheriff F-arl Rife ·aid Hyatt's car was in a collision v i t h a pickup truck driven hy !.-in7,i Mnler of Gravetle Both ·chicles woie gome in Ihe same lirerlion when Moler started lo c.ake a ri^ht-hanrl lurn. Damage n H v a t t ' s car wr.s rstimaled a t ! (inn. and lo Ihe truck at $201). No ' irots were made. j N'nt white, not wheat, lint ryp, ' ut a Haver lilcrd of all ;hr«- - , unge's Roman .Viral Bread. i l l - I S - t f | CHOOSE YOUR COOK' LINOLEUM TILE TANDARD WEIGHT 9x9-ln. Size LOVELY COLORS IN JASPE AND MARBLEIZEO IK. * SPECIAL* MARBLEIZED, INLAID LINOLEUM REMNANTS CHOICE COLORS Full 6-Ft. Width less Than 19c o Sq. Ft.l NEW! Beveled-Contour PLASTIC WALL TILE POPULAR 4i/4x4'/4-IN. SIZE 14 Exciting Colors ·WILL MOT CRACK. CHIP, FADE, OR WARP! NOW ONLY IACH Any Sm«th Will BEAUTIFUL, BUDGET-PRICED PABCOWALL · IASY-TO-APPIY · EA5Y-TO-CUAN · DURABLE! FULL 54-IN. WIDE 12 SQ. FT. COMPLETE SELECTION OF COLORS NATIONALLY-fAMOUS 9x9-ln. KENTILE DURABLE, RESILIENT Colors Can't Scuff-Off or Wear-Away . . . They're Tile-Thick! CHOOSE FROM 7 DEEP, MARBLEIZEO COLORS '.IN. 7IIICK EACH IT'S NEW/ AMTICO'S PLASTfX RUBBER TILE Easy to Lay 618 In. Size STANDARD WEIGHT ONLY EACH COOK'S PAINT L/se Your Credit al Cook's « NO DOWN PAYMENT · Up lo 36 MonfM (o Payl EAST SIDE SQUARE PHONE 526 41 E. CENTER PHONE 21 WARD'S JUNE SALE-PRICES CUT CAROL BRENT--60 GAUGE 9Sc Full-fashioned Extra-sheer first quality 15 denier, 60 gauge Nyloni in lovely spring shades. Higher gauge means greater resistance to snagi--will wear extra long. Your choics of flattering dark or regular seams. B'/j to 11. MEN'S WORK WEAR REDUCED Peg. 1.39 I.Z\J fleg. 1.98 1.83 B Sturdy medium-heavyweight fabric. Double shoulder yoke, full-length tails. Sanforized. Blue or gray. (D Heavyweight Sanfcrized blue dmim with triple- pitched main seams, copper-riveted strain'points. SPECIALLY PRICED-BRIEFS 38c Pair O PAIRS * I Run-proof Buy 3 p^s. and save. Similar to our regular styles selling for much more. Tailored or trimmed with embroidered panels or lace inserts. Long-wearing acetate tricot knit. Pink, white. Small, medium, large. REG. 29c RIB CREW SOCKS 3 Pain Washfasf, mercerized cotton. Wear straight up or cuff style. For boys', girls' and misses'. In whits or colors. 8'/i to 11. REG. 1.98 COTTON GOWNS I zo Pre-shrunk rrinkl? rrepe--trimmed. 34-4.1. ' "DO SAVE ON 1.98 PLAYWEAR i 77 Misses' summer Bltmscs. Shorts, T-tops. " ·/ / 1.59 COTTON SHORTS i 37 Bright-color tattcrs.ill prints for 7-14. I ·«*/ REG. 59c SPEED SHORTS fiibbed-knit. rnmhpd cotton, white: men's. 1.98 SPORT SHIRTS i a* Colorful novelty prints, in men's sizes. 1.0*1 REGULAR 98o KNIT SHIRTS 8/c Carefully madeof combed cotton in bright sum- ' mer patterns. Snug rib crew neck, hemmed bottom and cuffs. 6-18. 9.98 CHENILLE SPREAD Cotton chenille with heavy scroll design. 59c KNIT T-SHIRTS « «' Soft cotton in varied stripes for 3 to 6X. 1.49 MEN'S SHIRTS Cotton skip rient, short sleeves. 4.98 CHENILLE SPREAD A AA Extra wide. Pinpoint cotton chenille. ttlt 4.95 MEN'S SLACKS A AJ Rayon gabardines, tropicals and cords. 1«1/ 7.98 , $1 1.24 79c RAYON BEMBERG Height of fashion for coolness and comfort. Sheer, lightweight, silky-soft. Flattering designs and colors. 41'. 79e LINEN-LIKE RAYON Washfast tn 160" Darks, medium?, pastels. 2.98 COTTON DRESSES PaMo.l sh"fr plaldf; solid (lock-riots. 7-M. 1.69 SUN DRESSES . ._ Pin.ifnros Ion. in pnplins, piques, print?. 1.47 CUSHION FOOT SOCKS Ri-c ..Ipr SI. firy -dnth ImoH. I0s.|.1. 3 pr. 1.98 BOYS' LONGIES i 77 Sanforized coltTM. Glen pl.iid p.ittrrns. ,1-8. I t / / 9 *« REGULAR 69o GINGHAM A quality Cotton, San- forized for permanent fit. New leason plaidi and checks. For shirts, dre»es,sportiweor.36". 39c PERCALE, 80-SQ. Washfast rotton prints D nK ht color.'. 36". 2.98 COTTON SKIRTS Smart, colorful, washalilo Misses' size?. 59c DOTTED SWISS Com hod. morrorizorl cotton, frisp, cool, 35". 59e WAFFLE PIQUE Rich toxlurr-micrcft sport rntton. 3fi". 49e ATHLETIC SHIRTS Swiss rlbbcd-kmt, rnmbkd cotton; men's. 33e 2.67 49c 49c 44c

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