Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 19, 1952 · Page 4
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 4

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1952
Page 4
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* NOMHWIST AtKMftAS TMMt. tayMwM., Mmmm, Thtmfey, Jun* If, y«flhutrat Arkauaaa (Forrnvrlf I tj»U«rll\i Dally D«mocat) PublUhtd daily axcept Sunday by FAYETTEVILLE DEMOCRAT PUBLISHING COMPANY Robarli Fulbtlnht. Prnidanl Found«d Jun. 14. 1160 Entered nt Ihr pnsl nlUre at Faycttcvllle, Ark., as Serond-Clnss Mini Matter. Sam E. Gearharl, Vice Pret.-Gencral Manage! Ttd fi. Wylii. Editor "MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Assoi-ialud I'M-;.-, Is oicluiiivrlf/ pnlilled lo the u.-e lor It-publication (if «ll news dts| alches fieciited lo it ur not otherwise i-icdlted m this paper and idso Ihe local iU'V.'h published heroin. All n;;hu of lepiibllenlioti of special dls- puli lies herein ail) aiso reserved. i'CI 'Ji.iir n-.( 'i! Six m'-nltiM One vc u Mm! !-, --, On- menu- T'ircr mi-rf SU ijinnilu On.- SI liM-'llll 1 ] ION HATtfl i nunly. lima ntlirr Hum utmve: ...... _ 71c ..... .. I! mi ....... ....... li HI ....... Jl 00 ' AH m.iit pnviihlf In Member Auttlt Buraau of Circulation If we s.-i.v th;il wo linvi 1 nn fill, we ilo- reivf iiiirfelvfs. and tlic I ruth is nut in us. --1 .lohii 1:R Lei's Not Quit Tryinjf S.'iys Kdijnr Hnrilm] I'Vcemiin in (he rim- JJInff ('nrniiKTniil: "There is not hint' like jfnliintr mil. 'if Inwn iind visrtinjr nllier places for a freshener-up munie. The Cummeri-inl hud n rcpresciuUive at the Arkansas Prnss As- snr- ill ion's :iiininil rnnrliive in Fiiyrlteville. lust weekeml. li' he::nl and nliserved a few thinr* en mule anil mmi\\K luick which we tliink are worth while report inc. FO Hint our renders may take them to heart and see how I hey apply to nnr own city jind to towns in Southeast Arkansas." Amnnjr Iho thinifs ho remarks on, is "Fayelteville's Traffic I'rnlilems," and this is what he has lo H»y: "The Kniversily City is irked no end by traffic problems. Kven now Ihnl. Ihc ri'nulnr sessions of the I'niversilv of Ar- kan-ifis liave ciulivl until fall, 'summer school is nniler way nnd traffic congestion continues to be ·.nrnnlhinir (o reckon with. "All aronnd the campus Kronnds and the fraternity houses 'No parking' signs tc-ll (he discounijfinjf news to drivers thai the'- can't_snuRv r le their cars up lo the etirb. Wilhin the University's domains the parking space is far from adequate. Parker? nre forced to get further and further nwa.v, outnide the grounds. This has resulted in many car-free slreels bill untold inconvenience to drivers. One-way streels luive been Considered, bul this is a dubious mlvnitairc, making H si ill harder for the driver to get. where he wishes. "Fewer riirs, and more and wider i-lreets is the only combination that will work to solve the problem. Realization of cither of these possibilities is pure fantasy." Which, of coin-HP, leaves Fayetleville where it. is now as to its traffic.'problem, or even Worse, for instead of fewer cars on the streets, the rule is more cars nil the tiinr. We're unwilling; to think the people of Fnyetteville, with the Icariorshin we I'-ive. can't, vvnrk out something which will relieve Hie situation at least a lillle. and ·we're cerlainlv hoping folks won't jn«t S-'ive tip and call it ipiils. The Iroffic problem rs a ln one, as anybody who has tried t o figure ways and means', is aware. Rul '.'0 c.-iu't just ignore it because of its size. A f t e r all. it is the imponderables that move the woild--heal, electricity love--· Dliver Wendell Holmes .^ __________ _^ A man who has commilled a mistake ·t'ul doesn't correct fl is committing anntli- ?r mistake.---Confucius There isn't a parallel of latitude but li:nks it would have been Ihc equator jf .t had had ils rights.--Mark Twain Dignity dues not consist in possessing loniirs. but in deserving them.--A rising All gardeners know better than other !ardeners.--Chinese 1'p-overb 1 see flint (he fashion wears mil more ipp.ircl than the man.--Shakespeare. ! hu:.i- tifiht repii THE WASHINGTON M erry-Go-Roinid Br DREW PEARSON Washington -- There was more than meets Ihc iM- behind Ihe sudden a x i n g of t h i e e a s s i s t ant iilforneys general hy .Inn Mcf ',\ iinci v. Mi-u- head o[ the .Ilistiie IV-|,ai tmcol. One of them, Moiisoii, head of t h e antilrust divnion. on- nl the best men in Ihe .liisnct- Depai tmi-nl. ll-i-.vt . 1 i, he was t h e uliji-i-l of an iiiti-i-i-ahmil an.-1:1,1-1 - n lime ngo whim involvid lln- j t e t t c l a i y of delciiM- nml Ihe Aiocuiiin n.r-r cli.inman. waller f j i f f o r d . Is now I.'. S. am- b:i:.--:idor in London. iMni»in h:i'. been pushing a vl'allv imporlanl anlii:i.-l t-a-e aiMiil'l A. T. and T. and its vl-oll-.-ov.neil ·uliMdiarv, Weslern Flectuc. Anrl shor.iv 1 i fore Mcdrani-iy bceamr- a t l o i n c y ,;,-n- i i.-d. .Sr-.-rrtai.v of llelcn-e l.ovcll asked (he ai-l- ing i.,lorliev general. Phil I'l-i Inii.n, lo diop the ["t-.e. l.i-wlt arciied lh;it the Hr-il Laboratories, iil-.o o-.- iie: hy A. 'I' and T., rould not coopeiale PI'.-IIII-I!V wilh ihe llpfen-i- Dep.ii-lmenl if A. T. and T. w r i i - imiler anlitrns! iii\-esli[;alion. Mill \-.-hen Perlman asked Morison to drop the ease. Morison rebelled: "Thai Ihe samo baloney that i-vi-ry nesi: firm hringf in whiMi Ihey get ji place." the a - s i - t a o t attomcv gem-riil ilr.iled "They appeal to the Army or Navy, nnd Ihr- Anoy 01 Kavy, knowing nothing about i.ionopo;-.. go to bat for Ihein. That's whal they did liming the war, and Ilinl's whal Ihey are lr.vii:i; lo do now." "Hi,I IM* is a rciple-l from ii member of the c a h i . e t . ' Peilniiin nri.'ed. "l! impairs my pf-i- soiy.l nlalions wilh l.ovetl if I can'! i-oopt-rali-." "l.istui, biolher." replied Morivoo, a tough e x - M ; i i ii.e, "neither you nor Ixivetl M-ems to inc 1 ! rsfar.d what fixes lele|ihone rales. Telephone rales arc- fixed on Ihc basis of the ,-,,. \. If Ihc telephone i.-ompaoy can shou- th;it ils etl-dpmenl if; high, it can persuade the public si--v : i-r tommissions to ir.f lease rales. "All right. A. T. and T. is Ihe soli- owner of W. .'loin KlPclric Western Klet-lric makes all Ihe equipment for A. 'I', and 'I', anil charges high price.',. Tl-.iy are nol compolilivc prices. A T. and T. t-,-,i:ld go on! and buy the same equipmen! from anolher company for less. Hut if doesn't. It bov.-: al a high pilce finin ils own i il hi.!- an excuse lo hike phone rales. 'Thai's whal Ihi: antitrust suit is a b o u t " com hided Mnrij.i.ii, "and I'll be hanged if I'm I'.oim- to drop it. sen clary of defense or no sec- rt I uy nl defense." Perlman, having received a full explanation, agreed, backed up Morison 100 per cent * * * Hut a few diiyn laler. new Allornev fli-neial Miriranery took over, called in Morijon nn ;,n- otiiei ar.lilrust mailer, Ihis one involving an administration pel-.-lhe Radio Corporation of America. David Karnoff, head of RCA. which conliols Nalional liroadcnsling Company, is Ihe m in who gave Margaret Truman her radio con- Inii-l. He has carried such weigh! al Ihe While House (hat. during Ihp of Prime Minister ( lement Alllee, Ihe president suspended his con- fcnnre, kepi the prime minisn'r wailing while In; had n long luncheon wilh Sarnoff and Mar- g.-irel. Hut Morison, paying no allenlinn to Ihis re- liilioliship, had i-idled a flrand -liny to mvesli- K.'ile cerlain IK'A |rai-tiees. IIC'A. in lurn has hired the lawyer closest to the While House (.lark Clifford. ' ' New Allorney General Mi-nranpry ipiestion- ed Morison iiboul thp HCA cnse shortly nfler he look o f f i t e . McC.iaiiery was disci-eel, .said lillle lilll a few days Inler. he fired Morison. Note-- Morison had long wanled to lenvp Ihe ,'nslire nepiirlmcnl. hnd hnd severid other job i.|)pi:ings, but remained on because of his- de- M'lii-n to itulilrusl work. A f t e r gt-l|i nK |,i s iioiiee, Mo,,,.son asked permission lo remain In Hie .luslu-p Deparlment long enough to finish » olliei s Mnrcizlnr nllicle nnswerint Pavid l.d.cnlhal's attack on the Juslh-e Departmenl's i.ii'.itrunl cases. MefVranciy M id no * * * -Some of Sen. Hoh Ken's .Sen,,|e colleagues hiive warned him privalely lhat if he is reallv ··-erious about running for presidenl he had bel- ter keep away from Ihe nalural gaj lobby They accuse him of being (he hidden \'-i,e- I "Her irylnc to block conlirmalion of Tom liuchnniin as ehalrmmi of the Federal Power 1 mission because Huchaiian wns the nn!-- ·flj'ii who stood up against Kerr and Ihe gas lobby when il came lo removing KPC sum over gas- producers. Buchanan who has foughl every inch of the way. was reappointed lo his J"" "l May. llu| f,,,- mysterious reason.: a s,,b- "·n.m.tti-,- hea,l,,| by O'Conor of Maryland has di-l'iyeil action unlil Ibis week when' after -i monlll of stall,,,,; i, fin.,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,' : ^ Inouph n may | K , t ,,,, ].,,,. Biicbiin.-m's term expue- iinli ss the Seiiiitp acts toda liiiin who put up ihe ,-hief bal wife nnd other Kl Jeh. Note l-Signifi,-»,,||v. Ihe commillee which mi'Sl finally pnss on llii,-ba,,an is beaded by Sen Fd lohnson of Colorano, nob Kerr's campliign "Oh, Boy! What I Could Do With AH That Stuff!" R} KM. li New York-f/Pi-TliP pine" w h e r e ; '.ha! I u-iially end Up en (heir I work is full o! dc.'k:- hill this ' .sio:-. If iiu addled inventor ihov.-s straneer in Ihc soiled white .-liiil-.ln wilh p!;n? for a flyinK subl naturally had to uaik u.i lo .-,:y r maiinp. he has nn troulile at aH ( '-SK. i-ii!ii-ine,'n me submarines' should .-ire- Mississippi River Fuel, $3.300.01)0; Ohio Tin I Gas Company, $2.2110,0110; Manufacturers l.ii'.hl and Heal of Pittsburgh, M. 300. 000. If these iiv-i-eases are ok'd, housewives will have to pay huiiiit 50 iier cent more for their nalural gas. Be+ittett among supervi- Ihe gas lobhv Ihis wi-ekend, and or lomorrow. the for the house- msumcis will be ou! of his Note 2-llere a , e »'·· ""I'll-ill C as lobhv nnnnnT '' nnu.ond ,a, r some of the reasons ivbv docsn'l wan, B,,,.|,ana, , v- Ki ' M( ' r " n vlm ~ *"" « *" ( , (i nu.-hanan is remade ,-hairman, he'll vole arainst It. Olher mmpames askins bi K ,ate increases (ianlner Ren, one of (he i-ounlry's leading i'liistralors and wits, began his career auspicious- I ly .-.I Ohio Stiii.c miiveisjiy, where, in IDI4, as i-iliior of the roilege newspaper, he was awarded tin- anno.d jni/i-:. h\- the Serious Poetry connnit- lee iind tin- Humorous I'oeliy commillee simlll- inni nu.sly. "The payoff." i-horl|,-s Rea. "is Hint I MijiniUcd e x a r l l v the same poem lo bo|h rom- m.ilt-es. I miiintiiin Ihat's a Irick nol cvervboilv infill tin." ll'.'ie are it few of Re;,': lii.s ciirtoon ereiitions: 1. The boss lellini; an underling. '-\,,| 'raise.' Ph'llp. -Rise' is Ihe ,':raiTimatiiMlly t-onect form, though I persona 11- prc'cr -.s.ilar\ increase.' And Hie answer is no." 2. A woll-uphnWc-rPil malron consoliiiK her l-'ililiiig snouve. "You p,,,,,- drilling Surely there mo..I be an easier way of making a living than clipping .-ill those nasty t puns." .''. A .sai-c.-islii- boss throwini: over his .shoulder lo .--, sultry switi-hboaid opcralor. "If Ihcn -'Illy importalll im-s;:,-i':i's, while Sll.-ifs, just j,,t them down on nnd them as u-iial." I'm ln:,l;mg f..i-Aaid lo a whole album of Garoncr Hen's work. * * + A popular wilier-front eafe in San Francisco (·lot | a r from the Hi Ma.rcios' restauranl i is oi.-ned by a "character" who has humorous signs ipjn every conceivable spot on Ihe he ;::i;-kinR lot of ii|ji- mil ad- are 'm out. Miss odd scrap of . .. d.s, "Jidopie.s over sixteen ye I ii Basil Willing" By Helen McCloy Hit br Ht=» M,Cfcr Dimn. *«l HM*, !·«. Dnii4^tJ kt NtA ltd X X X V I 'ASH, WILLLINC; loIH Cliscla of "Mi Lirripcr' [jhcy'll_Do Ir Every Ti imc By Jimmy HatloJ Dr. Xiinmt-r. '"J'his," liu ,-:u(!, "was when Itosamnrnl s;iiil lo I'crdita I ..'uviTnciV 'Von \\-ili noliro only uiir ihinj; nut (if llio ordinary UHTO. A ccrtaiii number nf us ever spt'iik of Ihc fulurc.' In the t'.iik hy Pit-kens: 'No our alluded ii Ihc future. Nobody .spoke of .(mini row.' "Those quests wcic nil Fiiicidfs nnri knew il. Ztinmcr's Rucsls were nil viejirious inurdrrers or their uiiconsrious victims. I-"or the mur- ilerers jl would be psyeholofi'cally .impnssihlc for the lim^uu not to ·stumble 1 nniv ;im! then, j "1 thi^ whole slnry of : Or. Hertnuul ;md (Ifcroverrtf 1h;it Ho^arnund dclibenilely used one piu.iM! fnini it the e\ening I met. i hi'r ;it y.imnii'r'.s bnu.^e. *\Ve fire t :ill in know i-:ich other.' .it tommki to it w:is like THE G^-AGE S£^C MY Oi'C* f?iSMT AMAV VS'E'RE !^t A BE COWJ 1^ A ONE HOUR LATER ^To= C/4R IS ^ LL M "WE STREET AND TR4FRC IS FOULED UP FOR 15 UP TO xxii? OLD TRICKS GETTH4T w a n t e d Thereon Vorke'.s Thereon Yorke. saliaicd with every niKcnuity enuld devise and money could buy; and danger, it-id danger, was a new -sensation. "That w:is \\biil liroiighl such il mm hid glow to her Mielt n sheen to her i nn:ml eouldn'L resist ecks and Hosa- giving me ;.nother Innt lh;i( first evening just [lor Die thrill of HiimhlinR lhat 1 't jiucss the truth. '1 nlwiivs houjiht you wore on the otlu-r ,sitle of the fenep'- the fence between n line inul l;i\v rnfoircnietit, l»e- Iwceu (bo killer and the liei.ler. ·e bad an odd exel;iimed; 'To t nieelinj; yoti here!' w o n d e r e d whether 1 \v;is u pnlenlml mur- .doror or n potential victim, for she ,kncw Hint Rrnernlly thoro was nn nt Dr. Zimmer's. . Only victim: and outsiders were led to bcliovi j} r that he gave dinners in order t and Klur '.v lnp social behavior of ncu- lolie pafients. "VIMMEtt allowed us to know ^ about DuK^nn's license bc- niuse Hie sooner the body wa. identified, the sooner the investigation would be over. lie though it safe to let us see the license a; long as he destroyed the check and the wallet, so we would know positively that he knew Uufifian was employed by Katherine Shaw. UnforInnately two women reached the breaking poin -Perdiln and Isolda. "Pcrdita had lold him lhat she knew Dueg;m's dc;ith was euthanasia hut murder and that j-.hc would RO to the police if anyone else died after dining there If he poisoned the girl herself he Id have another suspicious death on his hands, for she wns not laking sedatives. He dccideci lo silence Pcrdita by poisoning her fa I her before she went to the police. Then she could not accuse /nnmer of killing her father without ncc.usinK herself nt the same time. For he would tell (he police it was a mercy-killing instigated by Pen!it.i herself and he hud evidence to prove it--wire recordings of their earlier conversations. "When Stephen Fjuvrenre survived the attempt nn his life, Dimmer threatened to break her father's heml by giving him the evidence that his daughter had planiK',1 (o kill him nnd suRgest- ,kncw -hut RpniM-nlly there wns no nnd thry will probnbly lie hnnny I other reason (or unyono b dinal_ "Chjirlollo Demi and Groia mg that she did it, not for mercy, hut because she was tired of tok- iii); caie of him." "Poor PerditH . . . And now?" "She will get off lightly, for her evidence is Roing to help build the Stale's case against /immer," answered Basil. "Stephen I.nwrencc inderstimds IVrdiln and his love 'or her is unchanged. KvcnMnlly she will marry her newspaperman Mann are both out of it. Thereon Yorkc will have to rebuild his life ns best he can. Rosamund, Brinsley Shaw, the Cannings and Zimmer will be tried lor murder." · · · "7IMMED. had to use a great variety of poisons in order lo give each victim an overdose of the particular drug he was already taking as medicine. And Zimmer had to use each poison in animal experiments to estimate correctly the dose that would kill a particular victim several hours after he left Zimmer's house. These hnd to be disposed of somehow because they were tangible evidence the police could use In court if ever s u s p i c i o n was aroused. The easiest wny was simply for Otto to bury them in the garden. Poisonous liquids were simply emptied on · shrubs and flower beds. Of course that did not harm the plants. Bul it did saturate the seeds nnd elderberries Hint birds eat. Kvery bird that came to Zimmer's garden died, until the birds learned ;c avoid it. The litllc garden beyond Zimmer's drawing-room windows became a zone of silence. "The blind have plenty of time for study. Miss Shnw came of a generation that read 'Mrs. Lirrip- cr's Legacy.' Pulling two and two together, she must have played with the fancy Ihnt Dr. Zimmer was n Dr. Bertrand. One day she nay have asked herself a little hunurously: 'But who could possibly want to kill me?' Perhaps an answer suggcslcd by something Srinsley s a i d in her presence. Kalherine Shnw chose the alias Bnsil Willing' for lluggiin. She hough! Zimmer would be so eager o meet n fellow psychiatrist that he wouldn't be suspicious. And it was from Miss Shaw that Uuggan got the phrase from Kcnts. "Ulind Kalherine Shnw would lolico Hint birdsong was as remote here ns the sound of tnillic. Sncli n oasis In Ihe cily should have ipeii Ihe huiiiit of birds ami yet-10 birds s,ing . , ," "Nol In Unit Harden! They ouldn't!" With n lillle shiver, Jisela nulled closer to her huj- uind. ·» T1I3 END "I burn up nil ni.^ht." }]*·· j;.ij(i belliyt.'rrnljy. "you dnii't r.\,]:T' me lo slay up all dy, too, du you'."' ".\'i, indrpfl," I inurr "Well, I'm ^oin» in M;U- nj until 1 «et the rules claniirtl saitl. "Dors » .baseball l;ui Jn^al rights or «oo«n't he 1 ." 1 "Of cfjurKr, he 1 cioes.'" "They can't throw a friij out n{ Ihc ball park just fur hollering, can ihry?" "Oh, nn, indc-cd." "That's what I told them afier they threw me out of the j;irk inst v.-nu;--. j remember the lel- who ivanlwl in launch a eni- lo net raspberry . flavored in:: Tnal sccmpd so sensible , .c iK-M l sal down and helped jlnin drall a k-iter to the post O f- niKhl," said t'ic stranger. "1 know ( " f \ ?..:·· fa\'orite scrowbjill. however · J t l - wa--- ;i lady we came lo know as "I.'.-.nib'ine Mnry." Kvery week she ;t loiif: rambling letter, tell- »tK nf her fi-hfjj with the land- I'ird ,-.nd the neighbors, and thr «in«,il chi-drcn down the hall who lerr-C'ri her. The lot tors, bearing nr return address find signed only "Mary," I was riuht ,-:l| alonir." And be walked out of the fire, completely hnpppy. milled here." A boxed announcement on the in-'iiu proclaims. "Try our world-famous triple- dedier chicken sandwich. Eighty cents if made wilh veal. Ninety i-rnls if made wilh tuna fish." The wash rooms, are labeled "Buoys" and "i;ulls." * * * A long-suffering wife was. about lo berate Vr husband for staggering home at 3 a. m. "Belore you begin." he '.vsmerl her, "I want, you to k.n.w I been sittin' up with a sick friend." "A iiltiiy slory," mocked the wife. "What was his i ;i i,t?" The husband gavr- this problem deep tool ghl, Ihen announced triumphantly, "He was so .sick he couldn't tell me." Questions And Answers Q--In reference to colleges, what is the origin of Ihe expression Alma Mater'.' A--The words mean "fostering mother." The expression camp lo be applied to universities durine Hie Middle Ages. Q -- W h a t rollccc football team is known as Ihe "Crimson Tide'"' A- University of Alabama. Q--Whal U. S. Supreme Court justice was called the "Great Dissenter'".' A--Oliver Wendell Holmes. Q--Whal was the name of the German dirigible that exploded over Lakehinst, N. J.? A--Von l-lindenberg. Q--What was Tommy Henrich, the Yankee outfielder, nicknamed? A--Old rtcliaWc. Q--What state m the U.S. has Ihe .smallest population? A--Nevada. Q--What Chicago mayor threatened to punch Ihp King of Kngl.-md in the nose' A_Hig Hill Thompson. Q--Who was the only president of the U.S. who was presidenl of a university 0 A--Woodiow Wilson who was president ot Princeton University. My visilnr was obviously slightly screwball, and I fc-ll to thlnkinir: "Why, out of all the ears in sight ho could bend wilh his l.ilc of woe, did he pick on my evvsV" The nnly answer I could find wns thai in me he instinctively recog- kindled soul. Screwballs seem to love me. and I must confess I find them fas-vi- natinc, ton. Looking back on 2(1 years of newspaper work, I c.xpccl I must have spent at least Is of them listening to screwballs. Every newspaper office is visli- cd by an almost daily par.ide of mildly daft crat.-kpols. and lh" man assigned to the chore of ing them is sometimes known ,ns "the screwball editor." I alwavs loved this work myself, although it makes some reporters nervous. particularly if the vsiilor is carrv- ing a small parcel that could '.urn out lo be a home-made bomb, My trouble, with crackpots is yc,,r after year, and 1 jot so [ felt r knew the lonely old ladv mi! v.o'l. When the letters final'- y censed. I missed them for a lonij limp. It w.-s like losing a friend, and I never learned whether death il:ci: Mary or they had just J sunpnsc tli^ most Interesting screv.-i.'.'iii v/.'s "Operati\-e X - 3 7 " He - . dislin"uishod-looking 1'iiunir man laboring under the delusion he was an FBI aeent en- irasr-d in counter spy work. Kiery few nights he would sll.':!; lip f, my desk nnd whisper, "Operative X-37 reporting.' 1 T would dirccl him lo a typewriter md he'd write a detailed account if the spie.s he was shadowing, Ihen slink out rnvslerioiisly. One pveninc "Operative .1-37" " up with his sister. While :. E jy.ijn-iing nut h j s rcport ,'iid: y brother is harmless. I hope n'l loo annoying." ".N'ot si a!!." i |old her. "Rut he shows up ai night. What dfccs he do ri'iring the clay?" "He keens office hours," she said. "He's a psychiatrist." he , Dear Miss Di.x When I IT art a letter resently a-jo.u ,, is-yoar- nltl girl who has n- household (dulies, I shuddered : ar.i IS, ami |l"is is what I do, since IMJ falhcr '"· dead and my rocli-cr works lo lake care of -,is. Or. Saturdiiv I c'.nr, my roo-i., lh?" i 'can the -eii r.l ihe h.:ii.«. v.'liii- m o l h e r v-.iihl.s. I hall4 ih. cioll-.e:, lor her. I).:i;iig the week I ^can !!-,e h..u.-,e every day. ,-,, u. t family .lo-r.'.g, which ,-ti:i-i I', aij' ut Ihree n;.snets of clo;,.ef, do Ihree '. tii:.-'r .-' day .md ba'.-;- !e:idy I when my mother gels home. Fo'r keeping the house clean, 'ironing. ,' and watching over mv smaller , brother and .-ister. I get h/o dnl- i lars a week for spending monev. ; I know my mother needs help, , and 1 am glad to give it to her.' ,' Cathy G. ' Answer: I am very "rond to have yen for a reader. rV.hy. To accept so much responsibility \\-i;h full rea!J7.;ilion lhat it is nrres.s;;rv. and lo do il without i oinplaml. is a fine thing fo-- a yoim.^ter our age. Your mother's life is a hard one. but she must ba\ e ' great consolation ill her elder i daughter. I hope the younger i children also shnre ill home duT,i-s. I No milller how small Ihey ;i--e. some tasks should be aiiollcd 10 · them. II wouldn't be fair for you and mother to shoulder the enlirc burden alone. All Children Slmulrt Hrlp i While households less hurrien- ed than yours cannot expect as much from children, all younc- sters should ha\ p a share in home responsibilities. If these las'KS were ! imposed on even Ihe quite youim. ! they would be iicceplcd as part of daily roiiline. Naturally, if parents . w a i t until a daughter is ],,. then tell her .--he is expected (o help I'.ilh dishes, there will be a ler- riiic squawk. If the same child l.i-il begun lo help clear the table ; a' ago li. it would be taken for 1 d'antcd that she had a part lo play in afiei-dinner chores. ! Whether children should be paid for jobs that fall nalurally within their orbit or not is a decision lo be made by parcnls in individual cases. My opinion is that da'ily li-sks should be accepted as part of their resjionsibilities toward the home, but cxlrn po.^kd money could be can-.ed by doing special jobs, especially those for which ouiMdc help would be needed. Such work as taking down storm wi-idows. put'ing up screens, paii:1 ; n£. or Ihe like, are worth special apnrccialion, which m-a y lal.c !bc form of extra pocket n'.o:icy. a special recreational treat, or wh.-iievrr ,-nncaIs most to the clli'd. Children Irs '.veil, we must arirr-i:. as adults) do (heir best work v.-hen Ihey know it is d'jiy iipjiroverl and appreciated. Arkansas 4-H Club Members In Washington Washjn^ton-i.-T 1 !-Four delegates from Arkansas are attending the Ni'iioiwl -1-H Club camp here alone with delegates from the oth- pr 47 slates. They are: Barbara Kiel. Hot Springs; Lou Alice Tyree. Prescotl; Bobby McKnighl, Parkin, and Van Thomas, McCrory. Keep up with the times--read the TI11KS daily. Man and Boy HORIZONTAL 1 Masculine appellation 7 Boy's name 13 Man's name 14 Interstice 15 Hydrocarbon 16 Plays 17 Lethargic 18 Occurrence 19 African fly (var.) (21 Peer Gynl's : mother i22 Peel 125 Used in beer 127 Wood sorrel of South America 1 30 Dry 31 Recedes K Golf term 33 United Nations organization (ab.) 34 Far off (comb, form) .35 Female horse 36 Land parcel 37 One who nngers ·38Hulging pot '39 German river i 40 Sesame .42 Biblical name 145 Cure fish by smoking (Scot.) 49 Date anew 51 More optimistic 52 Provide with attire 53 Dinner course 54 Bowling places !5 Hebrew ascetic Answer to Previous Puzzle VERTICAL 1 Bantu native 2 Red deer 3 Nibble 4 Turned inside out 5 Leases 6 Town (Cornish prefix) 7 Small mass 8 Takes into custody 9 Depart lOHcav 22Mn?culine nnine 2^ river 21 Tumult . volume 2(i Proficient 11 Enthusiastic 27 Gem ardor 28 Youth's n,i:r,e 12 Pause 29 Hrwgc 20 Princes 34 Mnle name 21 Name of man 3.i Incomniodrs or bny 39 Gi owing o;it 5r 41 Presses 42 Genus nf .' mollusks 43 Ravine 44 Kalse god - - 4fi "Emerald Isle' 47 Observed 48 Woody plant MEyes (Scot.) 51 Scottish sheepfold I I

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