Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 29, 1974 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 29, 1974
Page 6
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· Northwitt Arkanwi TIMES, Sun. FAYITTIVILLI, AKKANIA* Sept. 29, 1974 Premier Sunday Crossword Puzzfe ACROSS I Baggy trouser leg S Embrace 18 Turkish title 15 Apartments? IS Professional tramp 20 Poor cottage II Mountain nymph K Woodwind 13 Wading bird 24 Sphere of combat « Stage setting 26 Swing about 27 Rear gates 29 Sever 31 Description of a writ 33 Impel 34 Fairies 36 Detail 37 English novelist 40 Protective shells 42 Paint 46 Stories 47 Encore 48 English county 50 Threefold 51 Paintings 52 Young eel 54 Encomium 56 Knoll 57 Indian of Tierra del Fuego 58 Tainted 60 Perfume (var.) 62 French season 63 Tourist's epistle 65 An odd job 67 Deliver 69 Storm 70 Desists 71 Instance By JO PAQUIN; 94 Tea 96 Those in office 57 Violinist's reed 98 Wits 100 Doom 102 Abandon 103 London gallery 105 Wander 106 Flat- bottomed boat lifl Closing piece (Music) 111 FDR or LBJ Not C.O.D. 2 Timber wolf 3 Broad sashes 4 Attitudes 5 Set a price on 6 Actor Greene 7 The birds 8 Oriental coin 39 Fitzgerald, 76 Velvetlike et al, fabric 40 Black and 77 Stout blue 78 Teutonic 41 Wear away sea god 43 Burrowed 79 To cow 82 Moot gift 84 Wet 87 Site of independent 72 Seat in the 116 She loved chancel 75 Packs 76 Former mail route 80 Alfonso's queen 81 Gloomy 83 Egyptian god 85 Miss lillie 86 Footwear 88 Bar Narcissus 117 Famous ship 119 Brute 121 Killer whale 122 Pack 123 American poet 124 Official decree 125 A gas 126 Urban 44 Growing out 45 Lazar 47 Harsh noise post office 49 Self' 89 Assign 9 Where gold 52 Kind of later is obtained cabinet date to by 53 Opposed to 91 Put off washing verso 93 Resound 10 False hair 55 Europe 95 French 11 Circle and Asia segment 58 Burn with 12 Ooze liquid 13 Asian city 59 Arab 14 -- fideles vessels 15 Cancella- 61 Musical tion on · pauses letter 64 Syllable 16 Competent before ad 17 Sullen or umph 18 Appear 66 Church 28 Sea eagles' parts Edited by Bill William* rjifflMiiiioiiiiiBiuiiiiniMMiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiPiiiiiraiiiiiirain^ VERY GOOD AND FUNNY 'WAR' ROGERS WOMAN RECALLS LIFE OF COIN HARVEY 90 Word with area Clara or 127 Yellow irir Anita 128 Biblical" 91 Division of name Lower 129 Serf Burma DOWN 92 Scout unit 1 Transport 30 Popular author 32 Camper's need 34 City in Poland 35 Popeye, et aL 37 Bend 38 Extinct Haitian Indian 68 Biblical name 70 Caresses 71 Ancient verb 97 Lease 99 Warm compresses 101 An iamb 102 Levigated 104 Roman official 106 Armed band 107 Plague 108 Eight: comb, form 109 Exhibit 110 Oklahoma city Ii2 TV figure By BILL WILLIAMS COIN HARVEY, PROPHET of Monte Ne, by L o i s Snelling (S of 0 Press--$5) Lois Snelling of Rogers has written a brief (66 page) biography of the champion of bi-metalism and one-time presidential candidate, lacing t h e account with insights into what made the sage of Monte Ne tick. William Hope Harvey was born on a farm near Buffalo, Egyptians 113 War god 72 Irish 114 Image clans 115 Hamlet, 73 Habituate for one 118 To * dress 120 Supple- 19lh CENTURY FARM LIFE By V I R G I L TALBOT THE'HIGHLANDS, by Agnes S 1 i g h Turnbull (Houghton Mifflin-$6,95) The setting for this warm and moving novel is in rural wes in the nine the central rejects the Va. in 1851. The area became part of West Virginia at the outbreak of the Civil War. While in Chicago, he established the Coin Publishing Co. and his first weekly magazine called "Coin" quickly folded. He then began publishing a series of paperback books and in 1894 he published "Coin's Financial School" in which he outlined bis silver ideas. Silver was to dominate his thinking in later years. He even helped William Jennings Bryan, the great commoner, write the famous "Cross of Gold" speech. He came t o ' Rogers in the spring of 1900 and bought some CHIEF man and LOT OF ONE POLICEMAN By Albert A. Seed- Peter Hellman. (Ar Ihur Fields Books. $10.) "In the spring of 1972, after 0 years of service, Albert Seedman retired Chief of Detectives of the New York City Police Department. He commanded a force of 3,000 deteclives...and was responsible for solving s o m e of the most celebrated and dramatic crimes in recent memory." Seedman, a poor New THE WAR BETWEEN THE TATES By Alison Lurie. (Random House $6,95) Dont let the cutesy-pie title turn you off. "Tlie War Be- Iwen The Talcs" - is a very good, very funny novel. Once the Talcs seemed to have all the things the "good life" could offer. Brian was a rising college professor. His wife, Erica, who gaveup an art career to marry, was happy with him and their life. They had two fine litlle children. A nice house in the country. Now things have begun to sour. and using Just the right words to make the reader laugh even as lie wants to cry al the same time. . ,, , And while Hie "wnr between the Talcs rages and finally ends in iin uneasy truce, Miss Lurie does an excellent Job of singling out some of the concerns of contemporary society --. mystics, hippies. Women's Lib, male and femnle chauvin- chant, but often funny, com- ism, revolting, in bolh senses, college students -- for tren- ment. York City who majored counting but became a cop be- 74 Friend of Pythias 75 Glutted ment Average time of solution: 64 minutes. 98 tern Pennsylvania teetith century. Jim Ryall is character. Jim chance for college education in order to manage the family farm he loves so much. Jrm lives in the large stone house with his two brothers and a devoted Scottish servant. Two women enter into his life. His pretty wife Peggy, and later the gentle Phoebe who cares for his children as she patiently waits iiis love. The trials and tribulations of early-day farm living are brought o u t , although they differ from what we think o[ as frontier life. The story also is filled with mystery and suspense surrounding the Scotsman's past. B'or the reader who wishes to escape from the violence and sex of so m a n y of today's novels, this book offers the chance. Like so many of the land at a valley five miles southeast of Rogers called Silver Springs. He renanied it Monte Me from the Spanish and I n d i a n meaning Mountain Water. Coin quickly began work on his summer resort by building two hotels. Hotel Monte Ne opened in April 1901, then t w o huge log structures on a plateau 40 [eel above the water. He named them Missouri How and Oklahoma Row. b u i l d i n g , newspaper cause that was what really bank golf course, enclosed swimming pool, an auditorium and dance pavilion were also built. He also built his own private railroad through Cross Hallows which connected with the Frisco v at Lowell. Harvey is pictured as being a man of talent, hard headed and certain lhat the course he wanted, was involved in thousands of cases during his long years of service as a policeman but it is about 12 of the most celebrated that he tells in this bulky book which ends all too quickly. For the book is a fascinating one. Not just for crime buffs but for the general reader interested in learning how and why a man becomes a cop, turns himself into a really first along. Erica is bored with being wife and mother. The children have grown into obnoxious teen-agers who speak rarely to their parents and then in obscenities. The isolated liouse is being hemmed in by cheap new dwellings. The war between the sexes is ready to erupt. All it needs is for the first shot to be fired. And it is, when Erica discovers that Brian is having an affair with one of his students. Brian leaves the house and gets an apartment. His wife has an affair with an old college friend. Their kids grow ever more obnoxious. All of which m a y sound very grim but is saved 'rom being so by Alison Lurie's marvelous way with words. She has-a knack for setting her scenes in just the right manner -Pt AP Books Editr author's oooks revolves around an era of which we can only dream and read. MAINLY FOR SEA LOVERS THE GULF STREAM, by T. look was right. Miss Snelling recalls his F. Gasfcell (Mentor--$1.95). The Gulf Stream comes out of the Gulf of Mexico, up the Eastern coast of the U.S., crosses the Atlantic Ocean to Europe and returns. The origins, the stream's role in history and its role in the f u t u r e is presented by the chairman of (he British Commission for Marine Geology. Historically it controlled the discovery of America because belief lhat everyone should turn out the lights at 10 p.m. and if they didn't he'd turn them out himself. He would not allow any sick children as guests and one child who came down with a serious illness was packed up and taken to a doctor in Rogers. Harvey's writings always pic- lured England as the villain. The author tells about Harvey's grandiose plans for building a huge pyramid that never got ofl the ground, his association with the Liberty Parly. He ran for president of the United States on lhat ticket in the national elections in 1932. The man who wanted the U.S. to adopt the silver standard was both n ' ' ---"-'- "' probinfg class detective and goes on to take charge of all the detectives in the nation's largest cily. But, while a lot of Seed- mail's own life is in the book, it also is about j u s t how a huge police department works, giving detail afler fascinating detail as to how these men set about solving a crime and carrying it through, The 12 cases Seedman details all were headliners at the time they broke: the murder of Kilty A VARIETY OF CROOKS Genovese, the shooting of Colombo, the ambush of Joey Gallo. In each, Seedman begins at the beginning and then carefully details masy, many steps that were taken in an effort to bring each to a speedy conclusion. While all of the cases discussed in this pow are of great interest; the reader especially p"the "The urged Parkway Parkway read Case," Case," and "The Girl in the Box Case" as excellent examples of deduc- ion. Answers On Page 4B Campus Calendar MONDAY "How to Watch a Flying Saucer," Planetarium demonstration, Physic^ Bid., 7:30-8:30 Civilisation Film Series, "Romance and Reality" -- Mullins Library Visual Aids Aud., 3:30 and 4:30 Art - Architecture Exhibit: "A Point of View: The Education of an Architect," Vol Walker Bldg., Second Floor Gallery Agronomy Depart. Seminar: Extension Educational Soybean Program, Ruel Nesler; Agricullure Bldg., Rm. A115, 3:304:30 TUESDAY "How to Watch a Flying Saucer," Planetarium demonstration, Physics Bid.. 7:30-8:30 An - Architecture Exhibit: "A Point of View: The Education of an Architect," Vol Walker Bldg., Second Floor Gallery WF "v "How to Watch a Flying Saucer," Planetarium demonstration, ,^o,cb ism., 7:30-8:30 A,. - Architecture Exhibit: Vol Walker Bldg., Second Floor Gallery THURSDAY "How lo Watch a Flying Saucer," Planetarium demonstration Physics Bid.. 7:30-8:30 Art - Architecture Exhibit: Vol Walker Bldg., Second Floor Gallery Distinguished Lecture: William Marlin. "Role of Criticism in Shaping Ihe Environment," S.E. Aud., 8 p.m. FRIDAY "How to Watch a Flying Saucer," Planetarium demonstration Physics Bid., 7:30-8:30 Art - Architecture Exhibit: Vol Walker Bldg.'Second Floor Depart of Foreign Languages presents a film based on Sar tre's Les Jeux sont fais (in English), CC 102, 7 p.m. Women's Swimming Diving meet with Oklahoma S t a t University, swimming pool, 10 a.m. Art - Architecture Exhibit: Vol Walker Bldg., Second Gallery High School Auditorium. Theme of Ihe show will Floo Bella Vista Arts Festival Plamed BELLA VISTA--The sixth annual Bella Vista Arts and Crafts Fall Festival will he held Sponsors of the event are the Village Art Club and Bella Vista Village. Exhibits including fine aria am! cratls will be featured. Exhibition space in large circus tents which will be erected has been sold out, according to promotional director Emil Carr. Many exhibitors have asked for outdoor space. Some 160 spaces have been sold, Carr said. Many of the exhibilors also exhibited in the 1073 Fall Festival ·which drew more than 10,000 visitors. Some 160 crafts and arfs will be on exhibit including water color, oils, acrylics, prints, b a n d - w o v e n rugs, seed creations, ceramics and ham made silver jewelry. There is no parking or ad mission fee and nonprof ms will offer food picnic area. il is a current that affects the in the ocean movement of ships. Those early sailors found out lhat by getting in the stream they made good time. naive a n d . capable of the most profound problems. He seemed to lack the ability of creating warmth or affection in others. He was also lonely, cynical, humorless and had an incredible ego. She does not delve too deeply into the reasons why his philosophy of the silver standard was rejected. She leaves that for an economist ici unravel. The story that emerges is concise, but has all the pertinent facts without any frills. pt ELLERY QUEEN'S CROOK- BOOK (Random House $7.95) The 25 slories in this volume -- the 28th in a series of annuals which draw their material from "Ellery Queen's Mys- :ry Magazine" -- range, as Ihey do in any collection, from :he good to the so-so to the bad. Luckily there are a lot more falling into the good category than into the other two. Among these better slories are Harold R. Daniels' "Three Ways to Rob a Bank" in which a badly- treated bank employe gets his revenge by thinking up some diabolically clever ways to legally rip off banks. The writing rarely rises above the pedestrian but the plol is the thing here and plot this story has got. Mystery fans will read this book. For those who aren't terribly interested in the f o r m , the stories mentioned above might tease them into reading more. A GOTHIC WESTERN THE HAWKLINB MONSTER, by R i c h a r d Brautigan. (Simon Schulsted. $5,95.) The idea of blending key elements from · those two highly popular literary genres. Ihe Golhic and the Western, into a Golhic Western, as this novel is subtitled, is nn interesting one. It might very well be brought off successfully. Unfortunately, Richard Brautigan's b l e n d e r didn't work properly. Sel way out West at the start of this century, "The Hawkline Monster" has to do with slay-for-pay gunsels who hired to rid the Hawkline mansion of the monster which lurks ini hc ice caves beneath it and causes all sorls of mischief by playing tricks with the minds of the people who live in lha house. These are two beautiful sisters from "Back East" -- although one of them likes to pretend from time to time that sha is an Indian '-- a 7-foot 2-inch Duller who weighs 300 pounds, and, in nonliuman shape, Prof. Hawkline, father of the sisters, and Ihe scientist responsible for t\vo a fa crcaling the monster. The mansion Golhic -- properly great gables and stained glass across the tops of the windows and turrets and balconies" -- but it is located in a descried, forbidding part of Oregon called the'Dead Hills. Well, the two gunmen show up at this museum, establish a more than cmployer-em- ploye relationship with the sisters and set out to kill the mon- sler. It's all a bit. weird and whila quite · funny at times "The Hawkline Monster" never veal ly gels moving. The prime motivation for turning the pages to the end is to discover just what monster is -- disappointment -- and what hap-' pens to it. Pt It effects the climate the Sweet Adelines To Present Annual Concert ROGERS -- The Beaver Lake Chapter of Sweet Adelines, Inc., women's barbershop chorus /ill present its annual show at p.m. Oct. 5 in the Rogers Harvey, Monte Ne" is a Prophet welcome be land it comes in contact with. Its warm waters melts icebergs in the North. It warms up the east coast of the U.S. and the coastal lands of Europe. Gaskcll. chairman of the British Commission for Marine Geology, discusses the movement of the stream, climate and meterology, rtavagational p r o b l e m s , hydrography, political aspects. He also discusses some of the legends, such as Ihe Sargasso Sea as a huge area of seaweeds lhat grounds ships. This is not so, he poinls out. He also talks about the early beliefs that certain areas of the current held dition to the literature of the Ozarks. Harmony Well Seasoned." Barbara Fugitt is director of he group. The R-Keys, a quartet from he local chapter will perform long with the Rogers Moun- aineers. The Crackerjacks, a comedy men's quartet from Oklahoma 3ity, will also be on h a n d . Cameo performers will fea- ure Rodney and Kathy Brand, Harry McCoy, Leo Grain, the Rogers High School Cheerleaders, Tim Smith, Bob Balch. ?am Summers, Libby and rloney Crafton and Richard and Vlolly Newberry, Tickets will be available at the door. The Beaver Lake chapter is one of more than 600 Sweet Adeline groups Ihroughout t h e country. Proceeds from the show will help meet expenses of the singers who . will attend Regional Competition to he held in Oklahoma Cily next April. For a preview of performances by the local group, visitors may attend rehearsals which are held al 7 p.m. each Monday at the First Bantisl Church. held monsters--giant serpents and such. Included is the exploration by Jacques Picard and the future of the Gulf S t r e a m and those who are affected by its flow. Unless you are in- jterested in ocean studies, the ook will be rather boring, but contains a wealth of data for Aftend Col. James D. Mashburn and his wife, Mrs. Mary Ann Mashburn were among the 50 Arkansas National Guardsmen who met in Puerto Rico last week to discuss the guard's role in defense issues. Graduates Pvt. Billy R. Drake, jon ol Mrs. Patsy Drake of Fayel feville, has graduated from combat engineer school at the Marine Corps base, Camp Lcjeune, N. C. Reports For Duty Cpl. Ronnie J. Severs, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. 0. Severs of Rogers, has reported for duly at the Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Poiinl, N. C. 534% 61/2% 7!/a% We have a savings program and Interest rat* to meet your ne«df . Foyettevifle Savings Loan Association Ml N. Ea*t ATMM ea lovers. --bww CONSPIRACY TO MURDER WINTER KILLS. By Richard Condon (Dial $7.95) Nick Thirkiekl, half-brother of assassinaled President Timothy Kegan, learns from the dealhbed confession of an em- ploye that his brother was not killed by one psychopath. There was a second gun, a conspiracy. A litlle knowledge is a dangerous thing in this thriller by the author of "The Manchurian Candidate." Condon uses dates as chapter headings, easing the transition lo flashbacks of previous events. It isn't so difficult to figure out who is behind the assassination conspiracy -- it's Ihe WHY of it that is elusive. Leon Gregory Helping people is his business. He's just won the National Sales Achievement Award in life insurance, given by the National Association of Life Underwriters, He makes it his business to know what's the best protection for a family or a business in life, health and group insurance. He's the one to call. Life of Georgia · Oak Plaza Shopping Center Fayetteville, Arkansas 442-7722 FABRIC MOM.-WED. Charters TEA HOUSE PRINTS GuWofds SLUmBER MATE PRINTS 5OX poUjeiter/ SOX cotton, machine wosh and dftj. Ideal hx Mouse* and dfeses. wear In small JovenMe pat- Urns. 42/43" wide. BOX acetate/MX polu- ester. Yd. Sew S*»e * 1OO% POLYESTER DOUBLE KNIT Reg. 2.84 Yd. 58"/6O" vrid*, «»« fl«t quality In the latest foil colors. Lowenstelns COURTESY PRINTS SOLIDS Lowensteln's WflRm-up FLANNEL PRINTS percale print* and *oWj. 36" wide - Ideal for children* wen/ - qulrti cutd fxe- ChrhtPKU FABRIC CUTTING BOARD 3W/T x V *wfae» wwtod Vtf M i fdL

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