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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, June 19, 1952
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16 PAGES TODAY Read by over 25,000 Daily IOCAL FORICAST -- r a v r t l r v i l l a inif rlrlnllr partly r...u,|y with wldHy Kattered Ihun- ffrrihowrn mnlrht In4 tomorrow Cnntinui"! w«rm Hlfh l-mp»r.lur« y r i l f r d a y 9H. Iftw fi»- noon today |3 y Simri . i j 02. luniet VOLUME 90, NUMBER 211 The Public Interest Is The first Concern Of This Newspaper Associated Press leased Wire ARKANSAS THURSDAY EVENING~JUNE 19, 1952 AP, King and NEA Features Cost Of Living Promise Of Gl W* Made Good, Young J wo J own |y Experimental Steps Planned In Effort To Confrol Traffic Edges Near Peak or nda calir . ( ,°TM J n . J ane " ig ^ \ n _ \ Meetings For nctci wvi CCNTI Of Last January New Index Brings Automatic Raises For Many Workers Washington -(ff)- The govern ment's latest cost-of-living barom- Orinda, Calif.-yp)-Kim Yoon!' "If anything happens to me, Jeong, I B , Korean orphan, is 50- j Please arrange for Kim to come: ing to have the chan-c in the lo A m c r i c a a n d live in our home." ! United States ,ha ! his CI buddy ; J^ r ^lled'on ^M. ! promised. : anrt Mrs victor Bcauchamp wrote l tn their son's buddies asking about Kim. Kim had vanished as the war A year ago Pfc. Vii lor Beauchamp, Jr.. of Orindj. on a war patrol in Korea, found Kim, cold and hungry. He befiicndsd the youth. "Some day when n i l this is . located Kim. Then moved north, then back. But finally Pfc. Jack Hcit of Berkley came months ment's latest cost-of-living barom- i " v "'" thc so ' dicr s a i «- " ! ' m Saing ! of red tape. Yesterday Ihe Beau- Tucsd'a'v aVwe eter moved up today under pres- · to TM* you bac ' : to America w i t h · champs received word that Kim j next we«k wen sure of rising food ai.d rent costs j mc ' | will be f l o w n from I'usan to San : terday afternoon to within a tiny fraction of thc , __ ne 1V TM1= Jlisjiarents: | Francisco. He's due July -1. , mittees of the C record high reached last J a n - ; ' opmcnt Committ Next Week Set Sessions Will Be Held Tuesday And Wednesday Nights Plans for townhall meetings on S:'M,;ill, UlC c i l ; n::ked in |iro\;d): imj S.-itunl.iy (M he!;, hand t i n ' S(|LI.IU. W h e t h e r , TliP.-jp Mit-n, record uary. The living cost index, measur- i ing prices ol food, clothing, shcl- · lei and a host of other things, climbed during the month ending i May 15 two-tenths of one per cent to 189 per cent of the 1935-39 average. That is four and one-tenth ; per cent over the mark of 18 · months ago when price and wage controls took effect. The peak : figure last January was 189.1. | A million and a quarter rail workers will feet an automatic two- i cent hourly wage boost as a re- ' suit of the latest increase in living costs. Their work jontraet ties ! wages to the cost of living index j and adjustments are made each three months. j Another 100,000 wage earners in textiles, a i r c r a f t s and oil re- . lining industries also yet at least a one-cent boost. Leading the over all living cost rise was a boost of four t e n t h s ; nf one per cent in rent across the ' country. The price of food at the ' grocery store moved up three tenths of one per cent. Some Prices Drop '' But the price of clothing, of fuel and electricity and of house f u r n - ishings all dropped fractionally. The two-cent wage boost for the '· notion's railroad workers goes, i n t o effect July ]. The same r a i l - j workers three months ago lost a ccni-an-hour when thc Bureau of Labor Statistics cost-of-living index dropped between January and February. Since April, 1951. thc rail workers have a c c u m u l a t e d a total cost of l i v i n g wage boost of 12 cents an hour. Actually, BLE puts nut two in- ; dexcs, -one called the now series ., and one thc old series. The nc'.v series is the government's o f f i c i a l measuring stick but most contracts which include living clauses are tied, to series. The old series index moved to Saves Two Senate Keeps Job Control Truman Proposals Are Voted Down I Washington-lTPi-Threc- of Pres- i ident Truman's government reorganization plans are dead in thc . wake of a Senate vole keeping ; congressional control over 21.582 i federal jobs. With many who ! normally support administration policies bucking the president, the Senate yesterday defeated in 1-2-3 order his proposals to eliminate Senate confirmation of city postmasters. U. S. marshals and customs collectors. The program would have gone into effect automatically Friday midnight if neilher the House nor the Senate had acted. It called for filling thc jobs hy deparlmenl heads Ihrough C i v i l Service procedure. Opponents argued that the three plans would merely transfer thc politics of appointments from members of Congress lo Ihe aciminislration in power. ' '·' · ' " t u t t u 4X1111, i 111:11 vdllll. I l l u l l l n s . t ^. S0 ^i° r . s . ai ?'.." 1 ^ « oi . n ? :° f rcd ta P'- Yesterday the Beau- Tuc sday "a7,d~ Wcdn'esda.v nichtVoi : completed yc.~- by two subcom- :ommunity Devrl- npmcnl Committee of the Chamber of Commerce. L. M. McGoodwin, chairman of t h e C o m m u n i t v Development Commiltec, said this morninp,. The program a n d - p u b l i c i l y committees for the townhall met yesterday afternoon. i "The townhall meetings will take plare in the Hospitality Room of tlie Arkansas Western Gas Company at 7:30 on both nights," McGoodwin said. "Any resident of Fayetteville is invited to attend either of. these meetings." "The purpose of these two meetings," he said, "is to give the residents of Fayetteville an oppor- t u n i t y to make suggestions as to whal aclivitics should be undertaken in Fayettevillo. We know Ihcre are people in our city win j have good suggestions for t h t | progress of Fayetteville and North| west Arkansas and we want !· hear these suggestions and ad them to the program of work o the Chamber of Commerce anc. the otli'jr organizations." A summary of the activitie: which have been accomplished in Fayelleville within the last few years will be preesnted by Clin: Waldcn. president of the Chamber of Commerce. He will al:-p outline the program of work ol the Chamber of Commerce and will present other suggeslions for future activities to the group. Hoy Adams will be the moderator at the two meetings, and J. .1. Pycatt will sum up the meetings. Representatives of the citv, schools, counly and University arl- minislralions will be present to help w i t h questions. By II.OYD CAItl, Jit. |l,,-c:,k. up ,Midle.,s A proposal to t a k e the f i r s t e x - M-arch of p a r k i n i ; sp.- j p c n m c n t a l steps in an e f f o r t in | clear up business set-lion t r a f f i c ^congestion was handed to i - i l y officials yesterday a f t e r n o o n f u l l m v mg a mcciillK nf C h a m b e r of Commerce H i g h w a y C o m m i t t e e members w i t h cily Street Committee members. Meeting at the Chamber o f f i c e s , members of the two groups agreed t h a t t h c t r a l f i c s i t u a t i o n i s gctling completely out of h a n d , and agreed on Ihrec stop-gap proposals. First, it was proposed t h a t two The t h i r d pru'i' n o - l c f l - l u r n signs be placed on n o t e t h a n t;u- Ihe Square, one on the southeast mc-n w i l l h~ corner and thc other on the automohiles'at home o northwest corner in an e f f o r t to rirtin;: buses or cabs i i c l m K in to v.oi m i l l e r : r n n i r n t v.v; · Muk men c;ich p a r k i n c t r . - i f f i i : on Ini.-jnc or not tin. Ali|i'rn.:.n i; a moot tin- C.niiii-ii- crordmi; to v.-.-o i M-:H!C Thi- oi.m. tin- t-.-.-o ,(,.-[,. :c;i(-( d. couid · if f-j|lo-.-.-i.-l fl-iiiil -ID t - i 10J lu.MOrnrr ...p.-iu-:, a\ viable in lh' d i . - U r i r t . W e b I. V . ' i l h a m ; of S t r e e t C . , ; ; i m i t t l " . p o i n t e d out t h a t art. clr.v :if(n the pl.m o u t l i n e d at I h c - mcetini;, i l i l i . i i i . i l ;,nd p,,./;il,!v w o u l d roiim.l t r a f f i c al c.uh ,-orn- t i c IIH-.HI-. 1:1 - n n t r n l l i m ' -r of t h e Square lor .-, period of h a v e to IK- adopted in t!,,- f u t u r e l o u r S a t u r d a y s in a t r i a l to d c t o i - liut re. omm..-ndcd the Hire- f-m- IIIIIK.- \ v h e t l i r r or not t i a l f i i - ...i.;- por.iiy |,rnpo .'i!s be tried nals could \,-- used MK-ccisfully A h h o i l f i h modem t r a f f i c li.:hf. l l l c theory advanced was t h a t il for Hie Square and i.n.-. w .nv 'tri'els i r - l l f i c office,., ,,ro-,cd h e l p f u l , :.,, v.-,-,e ,.ro ,,.s-,| at the i n w t i n c ' . m Truman Denies President Can Make Tax Cut Would Only Place Country Farther In Hole, He Declares v.ou!rt t r a f f i c - h ; ;hir. . lo:; ron- Hu.Miir.;:;- Mu- their ."-'.ituidny. v.jilkin;: act 10:1 v. ,-,s tn!:rn. Sovi. rdimniMec member;., ' ;nj oiK;.\v;iy t i . i f f i c is Iho c;il «'.c'i Mr iciil control rrtiuii t r a f f i c . l,ul f u i l n l tn ' er - P r e s i d e n t Tru- t h e stool s t r i k e is M t u . - i i i n n , Gen. Ki.-cnhn-.vrr still ^ -.1 friend of his ·mrl nn prpf.drnl cm cut taxes 15 nf tlu* r n ' i r l ·''aid to:lay reed" t h a t '·'· t-^-'tnu: a u n l y lopi- of busi- pu.-.h the idf-ns thrcuich. What The Swedes Are Angry About i..n\.v . . . . of Fort Sniiih. hurled Tito Nears (omplele Break With Bulgaria Belgrade, Yugoslavia - f/P) - ' Yugoslavia was only one step j away from a complete break · in. 12. with her hostile Cominform - im-iai inner- neighbor Bulgaria today, f o l l o w - ' L labor! tute '" his mother as she strug- ing recall of all but one member '· cost n f l 8 ' TM lo £avc nt ' r l «'o daughters, of the Yugoslav Embassy staff in ! thc old i f r o m drowning In the Poteau R i v - ' Sofia. : er, then svJarn I'o His" mother's side Premier Marshal Tito's a n t i - i _, ,,..., .~, md IwlPed her get safely to t h e 1 Soviet government decided to I 190.4 up from 189.6 for thc month | shore. One of the daughters, Lou- j strip the Embassy of its regular i ending April 15. Rail workers gel i lse . seven, drowned. Ollie, nine, s t a f f because Bulgaria rejected 1 '"'"" ' " ; three formal notes protesting t h e ' 1 allc.ped k i d n a p i n g of an Embassy ; employe, thc o f f i c i a l Belgrade radio :;aid yesterday. Yugoslavia's p a t i e n c e has become exhausted, the radio explained. Outlawing Of Price ,C,. S Th di R h ir'' c'" ri ' e ^ a l a ' i n ^ Shot d ' JWn lly tw " K o v i c l J c l "Kl'K'fs «'hlie on a rescue miulon sinks '"* : ^^C^^^^ U1C GCrm " n fmS " 1Cr ' *'-""·"«-·*- Permit Station Is Moved Placed At The Junction Of Roads State's Proposal j R a i s e s S t i r In I Senate Session one cent in wages for each full point movement in Ihe index. The rise from the February index. which was 183.3, old series, this brings the rail workers their t\vo- ccnt increase. A u t o workers are not affected by the index published today. Last month they took a one-cent cost of living cut. Their next a d j u s t m e n t does not '.ome u n t i l the July index is published in August. Almost al! rost of living contracts are n d - justcd only every three months. Sex Hormone Product Ordered Confiscated got on the inncrtiihe and the mother and son rescued her. No Letup In Hot Weather Drouth Continues Throughout State Go Easy On Watering Lawns From 6 To I P.M., City Asks like to send ;iwav way Depnrtnient weighing station : "Th here is being j'.oved from its pre.:- pie ii ent s i t e at thc south edge of the would city l i m i t s acrors Ihc road lo t h e . ' w h c i c , " snorted Senator Connail'v: j u n c t i o n of Ili,hw.vv.s 71 and 68.: ( D - T e x ) , -but not out lo t i e 1 J.eck Owens, district s u p a n n - . sl-ilcs " Ihr m m f ' " ^ l''' 1 ' 1 ','""" ""' ' ' Sc -TM 10r B r l d K« "' *TM "TM!-' Ihc m o v e was only temporary.. snire , no,;,,!,,,,,,,, ]cadc ,. Mi(| u ', n . lo For A Stomach T r u m a n r.irc'l t h r o u g h those _ .subject!--and a f e - - - olhcn--at his . nc'".- conference. He said he isn't | r u n n i n g for o f f i c e , so he can give ! the fac'.s n b o u t c u t t i n g taxes. Act u a l l y , he said, they ought to be increased in order to meet the def. i c i t . Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio, '· who. along w i t h Gen. Dw*(ht D. Eisenhower, i.-; n leading cort.ender for the R e p u b l i c a n pr«ldentlal nomination, said yesterday he v.'C'ild put in a IS per cent tax cut ; if he bc-amr president. Mr. Tru- · man vas asked if he thought any 1 Demorr.itlc president could trim ' taxes t h a t much. No. he didn't, tit : said. And if they could have been · reduced that much he would have ' d o n e it. . Then could » n v Republican ! president slash taxes !." per cent? No. T r u m a n snld. not unless he i w a n t s lo pul the country f a r t h e r in thc hole t h a n It Is. ; Kiscnhower not gone as far ; as T a f t in promising a tax reduc- j tlon, but he said a reduction would ; be possible in about two years. Still I.Ike! Elvnhowcr Well, a l t e r all thc speeches Eisenhower has been making, docs T r u m a n still like thc general? Yes, he still I h l n k s Ike is a nice guy. Ol course he slill considers Eisenhower a friend. Do you "wish him luck?" Mr. Truman c.huckled and said he couldn't say t h a t , adding that Eisenhower isn't running in the Democratic campaign. While thc steel situation is becoming serious, Mr. Truman conceded, he gave no Indication ai to any stepj he might have in mind to meet it. Thc morning papers, he remarked, show automobile manufacturing is being cut back and il thai isn't scrioui, h« docan't know v.-hat is, May (lie Tift-Harller The question of using Ihe Taft- llartley Law is under considers- IK said t h a t ion, term plans Wli '· pr'^eet out ·'':L*"'\ d "-l *. '' cltcr P-'"1'C'" .Others asked i Paris - I/Pi - The French eabi- !'" Little Rock nmv. Ov.-ens said. ' net today a u t h o r i z e d Premier An- l Tnc superintendent reported thc Little Rock-Wj-Arkansas' heat i loine Pinay to stake thc life of his movc w '' s being made for two wave was nearly a m o n t h old to- fiovcrnment on a government bill I reasons. A reccnl action of the day. It was the 23lh day of drouth to o u t l a w price f i x i n R by m a n u - j c i t y Council extended the city I and sizzling temperatures and facturers. Debate on the bill opc-ls : limits to include the original site j rcn s ' Hot Snrine^ Ark fji Vorf n r a r ? cspitc iso ' olc ri showers ycstcr- ill the National Assembly tomorl of " le station. Thc new location l,,ri T h r ,,-Ti , L- day n n d t h c h "' w of morc 1n TMTM. '· row v ''" bc " u t of l n e c i 'y l i m i l s . "nd Cm-Vh i, j' j u'' , no K cncra l «'liof appeared in I P i n a y has asked for the l a w to : w i l 1 L ' jtdl southbound t r a f f i c fro.n Smith has ordered the confisea- SJRhl . dn awa - w j t h m ^2 m f t i c " np . TMTMy C8 v.-hieh missed Ihe old mfn«? e ur S e7 bvTe^Yale" P°h", ''I" lc ""»TM'«" ^ ^'^ «· "^°TM -t h.v m a n u f a c t u r e r s and · »'« «* ^ ««,(!»». ma?"l ComDanv here 41 h £',, °* ^"^ °" lh ° ° mri;l1 W e a t h e r . groups of m a n u f a c t u r e r s . Such ^me TarTanri r . T H r^ B u r e a u 'h^momrter at Little m i n i m u m prices, he has rtccHrcri; imc. uariana L i r t u i t Juase L. Rock ot , , a m A t Batesville. a n , arc an obstacle to his campaign lo combat i n f l a t i o n by lowering prices throughout France. bc investigated. 1 ... ' " K v h a t about the 46 bassndors" enjoy diplomatic im- m u n i t y ? The p l a n : Paul Paddock. Jr., goes to Michigan, nn Gov. G. Mon- nen W i l l i a m s ' s t a f f ; John P. Hoov- j c r to California on Gov. Ear! Warren's. They would sv.-:ip foreign a f f a i r s i n f o r m a t i o n for domestic government d a t a . l report said ,t v/as 08 bv temperatures continu- Floyd Huff issued a temporary u n o f f j r j a restraining order against f u r t h e r ' . 9 a m sale of the product. "Tcstrcx". · c 0 ,,j n , H u f f Monday denied a p e r m a | c d ' w scorch"thVsIale.'u was 101 °l l n c ' at .Morrilton and 10?, in Newport i and A r k a d c l p l i i a yesterday. Blytheville reported 102 degrees w i t h ' 101 at Pine B l u f f and Ozark. H j was 100 in B.iii!svi!!o, El Dorado, Fort Smith, Walnut Ridge, Flip- Cnmden. At Little Rock, it \vas Ofi for the third straight riny. and Fayettc\-ille reported s m a x i m u m of 9fi--the lowest in the state. The office building was noved . this morning. The station was cx- ix?cled to be completely relocated this afternoon. iction drug. Prosecutor R. J u l i a n Glover Tuesday filed a new petition alleging the drug was adulterated and misbranded. This was In uddition to the previous allegation t h a t it was sold n i n , n[i in violation of state Health DC- partmcnt rules. Insurance Reserves Climb New York -(/P)- Reserves for s l a t e unemployment insurance reached a high of 37.800,000,000 in the nation at the end of 1851, the National Inlustrial Conference Board announces. Draft Re-Examination In Arkansas Planned Poultry Market -- Little Roi-l:-MVMore t h a n l.Qno of Ark.-.iuas' 10,400 men who have failed to pass the Armed Forces The poultrj market today n re. j q u a l i f i c a t i o n since September, ported by the ' University of Ar-'^'^- wl " Dc re-examined d u r i n g kansas Institute of Science and · J u ''Technology and the Dairy «nd: SIil i- (; '"' Wells, chief of m a n Poultry Market News Service of|P m v c r d i v i s i o n of Selective Serv- the U. S. Department of Agrlcul-. l c p · t ''' l ' f ' 'I 111 ' l. f) 2a ncn will be lure. ! processed d u r i n g J u l y . Northwest Arkansas m a r k e t ' "*~ steady, demand fair to K ood, of- Choppell NfiW P r i n c i p a l fenngs light at all points. Prices- . _ KK . , , - . J ' At Formmgton High K a r m i n g t n n - f S p e c i a l l - Cliarles R. Hansard, s u p e r i n t e n d e n t of K a r m i n g t o n schools, announced this m o r n i n g the appointment of King C'happcll n:; p r i n c i p a l of Karmington l l i i ; h School. pair! f. o. b. f a r m , up to 2 p. m., broilers or fryers all weights (2.50-3.25 Ihs.) 27 to 28 cents Ib., mostly 28. It's The Law Mrs. Newbern To Assist Candidate Jack Holt Little Rock-f/P)-Jaok Holt says that Mrs. Ila McAllister Newbern of M a r i a n n a , Ark., will serve as his women's campaign manager in thc race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. Mrs. Newbern formerly was dean of Women at A r k a n s a s State Teacher college and assistant dean of women at the University. Population Of U.S. Up To 156,602,000 WashiiiRtoii-f/Pj-U. S. population climbed to 156.602.000 on May 1, the Census Bureau estimated today. That was a Rain of Bli),000 since J a n u a r y 1. j The figures included members of the armed forces stationed overseas. -- ·-. - « Quadruplets Born To Massachusetts Mother Weymoutli. Mass.-i/TVMrs. M,-,,- ,. ,, 1J1( . t l l i ion L. M a n n i n R . 27, is thc m o t h e r , two pood-si/c of h e a l t h y q u a d r u p l e t s May. 1 forced lo i-l i Truman Says Table Rock Dam Should Be Built I Washington-MVPrcsIdcnt Tru; man urged Congress yesterday to | a $3,000,000 appropriation for construction of Table Hock Dam ( and Reservoir on thc W h i t e Hiver , in Arkansas nnd Missouri. He said . it is imperative that thc work begin in the fiscal year starting J u l y I "in order to meet fo r c - castcd power r p r j u i r e m c n l s of public bodies" in t h a t area. j Brooder House Burns | A brooder house owned bv Kl| rner Carter of E l k i n s was dcstroy- ' cd by fire M o n d a y noon. Fay, ottcvillc firemen arrived too l a t e to save the f r a m e structure. No : chickens were in the house at the time of the firr. Safecrackers Gel Away With Haul Al Harrison Harrison, Ar!-:.-l/T'i-Shcriff R o y Johnsun reported t h a t sn(ei-:.-i{ k - rs, a p p a r e n t l y prnfc:-.--ional.s. broke open three s t r o n g bnxe:; h e i e la: I n i g h t . Total t a k e n m rash and checks v.-as not disclosed. It w..:: rcrjoited to K* sizable. The burglaries look place ;.t thc able Rhodes Chevrolet (,'o.nuar.y. the S5S Service Stall.,n and trie: Gipr.on G a r a g e . Thc theivi-s stole a t r u c k to h.-.ul a w a y thc !).")." sale The t r u c k and opened sale were f o u n d abandoned near Ham:.on. in an artifich.l w a t e r shortage. A c t u a l l y , there i:: no shortage i.f water and no prospci I of one. Then; i:: plenty of v.alcr. hut fi/i the n e x t seven d.'.v-; tai.-ihtie.i f.i:- li-e.itiiur v.-aler v.-iil bo ,-in laili'd. threati-nod iy d i o u t i i , most rr::idenls t u r n on UK: s p i i n k le;.; lit;, in t h e c \ ( m n g -_ |, L .- Uvec-n 0 and 8. A.s a ic-iult, JMCS- :;urc fall:; f;fl" sharply rind home; in the h i g h e s t part: ol town are left w i t h o u t w a t e r . " I t ' s not a q u e s t i o n nf not v.'atcrin.L: lawns." Jvlaliaffpy s.nid. "Thrrc is p l e n t y of water. R u t we v.-ou!d l i k e to jsk ie. i :idents to -.v.-i- ler c i t h e r bcliirn fi p. m . or a l t e r K p :n., .'i:. much a.s pos.-.ible " The m J i n u-servoir is in p i o ' C ^ s of being ic : ,.-.ired and covered. U'oik w i l l be coniplctf-d e a i l y n e x t v.-e(.-k. l.y mid-week the ...luiat'i- i-.i|-..ii-il.v w i l l be back to n n i i n . i l , M a h a f f e y ;.-inl. Republicans To Raise Funds In Pennsylvania 18-ye.-r - old I nsked whether lie thought he [should or would use thc law soort. .' The president said he regards i u.*;c of the law as "purely p*r: missive," .is n reporter put it, i rather t h a n mandatory. And he commented t h a t he Ls pretty hard ! to force when he doesn't want i to do a n y l h u i K and pretty hard to hold back vhcn he wants lo do something. t h a Union Dispute Halts Pine Bluff Plant Work Phjkjriclishuj-'/TVM 1 -Von Pi'nnsvlv.Miin v.-ill ' i i n u t r m i f i h l ;:l $100 ; pl.-.U: " u i i i t j " dinners to be held he-re ;ml ;it lI.nrif.hurK. The a f i a i i . s i v i l l j j j . o f i i n d s - c M t i m n t c d ;it ii|)I \.--ifis of S100.000 -- f o r thc Nov( i f i U - i j i r o s i d c n l i a l and stale ' p l r c t i o n t,Tinpai«ns in Ptnnsyl- Chica^o-i/I*: '.vouth tlnxsetl a t a x i o a l j nn M i r h - ili-'in Avenue e a r l y today and told ih? d r i v e r ; "I ju.'.t ate 40 la/.or blades and I tinvi' a ; t u : n j L - h ache." Ur. John K e i r i c n n . nijfht warden at Cook County Hospital, mid a fluuroscopc e x a m i n a t i o n con finned the youth's story. C e n t r a l police -said the y o u t h , . W i l l i » l l m k l e . of Carhondalo, I I I . , ; , c n t i a j - ,, quesnoncr n W d thrm^Vnu fi-u.'^^^!"'' l c l l i n s ! : : why don't you take the'80 days kept r m 'n .oft diet u n t i l CrazoJi^^lnine days have been used blades pass out of h.s *yslcm| a l r c a d y i T r u m / n Iicd a n d 80 which, he said, would take a b o u t , m o r n woll|d j u s l prolf ! ng t h e ag(jny _ wecJt ^ | One reporter said. "You'd g«t I production for 80 days." ! T r u m a n snapped: How do you 1 know thai' 1 ' Nod For Harriman j Tne conference wa? largely political and produced at least a nod Romp-f/JVIngrid Bergman to- in thc direction of Avcrell Harriday s-''t her fii:.l KOOC! look al h o r . r n a n , one of thc Democratic presj- day-okl t w i n daughters. Isabel, jtlential hopefuls. T r u m a n said *cvon poundr,, three ouncr.s. and Harrlman's v/in in the District of her younn'-r pi.stcr by half an Columbia primary Tuesday could- hour -- o i K h l - n o u n d , five-ounce '. n't be anything else than what a Iiif-rid--dozed in f i t f u l unaware- j reporter termed a "clear-cut vjc- ni«w; of t h e i r i n t o r n a t i n n a l p u b l i c i - , tory for Ihc New Deal-Fair Deal." ty. The t w i n i were horn last n i g h t i But T r u m a n repeated that he al Salvatorc M u n d i Hospital. T h e . doesn't intend to express himself 35-yoar-olH mother was reported nn Jl Democratic (ioinj; well. Ingrid Bergman Mother Of Twin Daughters Pine tional dispute between two unions. Sto.-kholm Approximately 5,000 workers arc Carl f l u s t i f f honoring picket lines e.slablr-hed operated on" at f o u r entrances In the project, d.iv. Sweden's Crown Prince Undergoes Operot on The Weather A r k a n s a s -- P a r t l y cloudy this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow with widely sciit'.c-red t h u n d c i - showcrs and not (juite o warm in the extreme north portion late this afternoon and tonight. ·andidatc until the n.-itional convention meets, and probably not until after the nomi- n r u o n is made. Verdict For Defense in Big Damage Suit DustSettles When Women Go On A "House Cleaning" Spree Moi-RantHwn. W VB -(/I'l-Thc Indies of nciirhy f ' . i a n v i l l c , W. Va., 'population l . n n i i ) decided on a .summer house-cleaning spree yes- t e r d a y -- a t u l as a r e s u l t : 1. A bifi coal clramni! plant and oal nnnes were .-i.i]j|ji-ii, .:., r . i i i . i i i i r t i m i u n l l l l c e "Left turns shall not he per- 'graduate of Ai); Stale Teach- to her -- ·' -I-.1..H u j ^ i i i.i iwuii v. nn t L'd 10 riiisc ? ";:";." ."!c.V!" l .r? l , n "/'" r , oc hn - vs aml " Kirl worc born i 2 - Al "»" ' (l " "»·" «··.· throw, at South Shore Hospital 1 out (.f work. ... . : .: I'^i- « .(uu.iit- ui ,-\i I.,.M:,,.S .TI.UI: M-.KII- 10 ner ai .^outn nore Hosi^itur nut / r m..!, To" "a" o h r C no n rf rX^'clu'e^" 5 kCO "° KC "' ''""^ ^ " n ° W ' ""' ni * M ' S " C "«« "^ ^« "' 3.'^' Chnlon C'airnev had by vehicle, (ravelin* on "To! Gcor^.^bodv^rolLr^.l '''T,'^!",^ ,, , I" (MM a spcci,-,, meetmR in Town ^ southeast corners of the Squnrc ,,,??'*-' , ' v . r , 1 1 . ' . . . i I. Tho li;ih '«. all plncert in I n TM - , Hall In calm the ladies down and . from artjolnlnR streets." Violators , nlc ' Tenn -. "' n" 1 "'TM '" h 'S du- bators, were reported to weiRh be-. persuade them to permit Ihe b i o . ! are subject to fine nf not less than " M as principal, f hnppell will tween two and three pounds each ', Rest I n d u s l i v in this area to oo ' $1 nor more than $10 for each of.: serve as a science and sociology imd lo measure ,-ibout a foot lonir back into op'cn'ion ' n r j- «A. ^ . .'instructor. Me h,,.. hr-cn an in- Several hoi|; a f t e r the laU b i r l h II wax dm from Ihe ro-,1 nl-,nt ,^^s^«,, u M;r^i i s "" "* - ^.sr.w^- -- tM vx±;-vr.,s iS and du:.l pans. I h . k c r l ;,t it w i l l f e a t h e r dli'.tcrs and sucked it up w i t h v a c u u m lc,inci.s--day in and day o u t , they mid. W e l l , t h e y fin*)' «ol tired of i!. About vi of them ni.nrhc.-l down to t h e ChriMoph.-r Cr,.-,l Company's cleaning p l . i n t yi.-.tei- dav and set up pickcl l i n e ! . The men canii' to w o i k , rved the d e t e r m i n e d ladies w i t h embarrassment, then r e t u r n e d home. W i t h Ihe hiR coal clc.iniiiR p l a n t find tipple closed, the company had no a l t o i n a t i v e but to shut down I t s A i k w i i c M n n d OI.IRC mines. l l » s l i l v l l u r i v M v r r i , IMA rcp- lesentativ" for the United M i n f i Thru Mlnrri Klllrd A Circuit Court j u r y yesterdiy I IDortmund. fJermany-./l'i-Thrcc afternoon found for the defendant -ifl'i- Crou-n Prince miners were k i l l e d and 2. 1 * i n j u r - ln .'' S-11.50IJ damage suit filed by six, (.f Sweden was ed today In a coal m i n e expiosimi. a Sprinfidale woman against a Jop- for a p p e n d i c i t i s t o - ' Mine o f f i c i a l s said an n c i u m u . a : I" 1 . M°- t r u c k line and one of its tlon of gas caused the blast. . d r i v e r s . - [ Mis. I3(rthii, widow nf j t h o l.-ite A r t h u r Tonr.e. .isket' the uainage.^ in the death last November of h r r husband, k i l l e d near [West Fork w h e n his car and a . s e m i - t r a i l e r t r u c k owned hy the \lonken Ct.mpany of Joplin, and dir.m by K l b u r n K. Kollmeyer, colhdcil. Mrs. To ne contender! thc truck "..i-. nn Ihe wrong side of the hi£hv.,iy at the time of th.2 accident. The d e f e n d a n t s claimed the truck was nn its own side of the hixlv.vay and was struck when Tonne inst control of hit car lit h i g h speed nn n curve. UM.iim-enHT.t UK In du w i t h Ihc · e i t a m l y a n - in no i t i o l i t . M y e i s a n i i ( i u n i - - ( l . Then he rctlied tmm thc : ccnc T h a t pul t h e pii.blcrn in the lap M..;.(M C . i i i i l e v . who ..m-ned Town H a l l last the 1,1'! over. "I've h,,r| tn t , . k e down my w.i-.hlni! as m a n y .is t h i c o lime:, in one dav because of t h i s dust." eontphnned one i i a t e housewife. "You curt even sit on your f r o n t porch or leave .vnur w i n d o w s up." ncoWed a n o t h e r . Th« mnyor provH tn he i mm- t e i d i | i l ( m i a t . He h a i l cont.iclod the i - d m p a n v . a ...ubsidi.n v (if Pitls- [liinv, he (-.xpUmcil. And Opci,i- Ii(in:: M a n a c r r Charles N a i l l c r [ i i o i i i r c d to «et in t'.uch immcdi- .ilely w i t h t h e f i r m t h a t sold them ( t h e n du.'.I-dispcrr.uii', e q u i p m e n t and ijct : r i m e t h l l u j done |.i con. t l n l Ihe dlls-l. A f t e r h.'.irmR t h e mayor, t h c women decided In allow the two mines arifl the biR cle.inuiR p l a n t to ? e u m e operations. Bui, said M.iyor Cdlrncy, If Ihc company doon't do snmelhlnR to net thc i i t u . i l i n n c o i i e i t c d , I can'l even fiticM wh.l th ( ncxk women will iln ' Bri Klrht Klllrd In Ambwk Ipoh. Malaya-OP) - CommunM- led guerrillas tod«y killed «UM persons in an umbush at CimtNn IliDhlnnd.v The dead Included flvt l»h wildlcn, ( ·nil t Ml«r ftllccmin.

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