Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 18, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 18, 1952
Page 3
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Qbifruory Min Simond McLeod Rogers - (SucLial) - John Sim- ' on McLeod, 80, lifelong resident nj Benton County, died Monday afternoon at Ihe home of Ins d;iu"h- : t?r, Mrs. Floy Watson nf Holers. ' He had been ill for several months' Mr. McLeod was endued in the insurance business until illness j forced his retirement, l-'unoriil services will be held tomorrow altcr- inoon at 2;30 at Burns Chapel hy | I the Rev. William B. Malotte. pastor of the First Christian Church, Burial will be in the Rogers rcm- elcry. Survivors include t w o daughters, Mrs. Watson anriMi Lowc "' and scvc " i: MOWWEST ARKANSAS HMB, FmttM«ifc. A Wee! j:Jc-, J-JFJ It, ]?52- mcmbcr nf the Methodist Chinch. k | n Ille and Miss Burna V. Nelson were INO KOOm TOT married in Columbus, Ark Dr- rinber 22, 1901. and resided mi! Route 7 nl Ihe Iinv of his death. | Survivors air- his wife: tlirei- j Skunks, S o y s College Head Col Elderton Norman. Okla.-i/l'i-.Seven habv Jr., of Ewins. Va.. and Donald of if;arthag^Mo.:twodaushters, Mi-p. · .,,.,,,,»,,. i^a.-c/i-i-heven 1 ·£H2'?,-,"SS,ss«; fit.-- .one sister. Miss Henry Mi-Kinimn | "''· Ueorse I,. fn,.s. innilcnt of San Marcos, Texas, and several "' lhc UnnciMly of Oklahoma. '. nieces and nephews. ; found the skunks had iniivcd 111- CHICK SPECIAL 8c each HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchery r. a. »oi »] or Telephone JIM Fnrttcville, ArkmiM services for Cal Kldrr- ton, who died Sunday, were conducted yesterday afternoon by the Rev. D. L. Dykes, Jr., with burial in the Mount Comfort ccmeterv under the direction of Nelson's Funeral Home. Pallbearers were: Kennrt i Thomas, Sluart Thomas. . .. .. l.eroy Stranfce, Clifford Riltcr, W. R elle Todd. 23, died al her home ,,- . ,, - - - - - - . · · J. Strange, and James Clubb. here at 7:M o'cloclc this morninc r '" , J" 1 ' llsllk '' s fku "^, Cross explained, hr ;ut thinks Ihr to his iiuii!i one dav--nets of hr son. Dill. C'riiM- io!d Hill'llie-'iin.k. S P nn,da,e : ,Spo,al,-M^ Clnra '^'^^ Io "" th --' »·· ft · n * , , " 1 Claro ""* Todd Neil MeK-nnon Funeral service for Neil Mr- Kinnon. Sr., 74. who dierl Monday, will be held Thursday at 2 p.m., at the Sulphur City Baptist Church hy the Rev. D. L. Dykes, Jr. Burial will be in McCord cemc- U-ry under direction of the Nelson A native of Mineral Spring. 1 ;, Ark., Mr. McKinnon was a retired mechanic. He attended Henririx College in Conway, and was a She had been ill .since she was J^TM 5 «""»»"*. he ;ut thinks ,h. years old. |Stinii 3 ,.niell nf his fnu.rile pipe ^The daiiRhler of I-:. Tndd and '. IS cn " ul -^_ (nr _';»· hmisoholri. Thousands Of Prisoners · t h e late Laura Evans Tnrltl. fhc was born May 24, 19^-1 ,it Cliffy. Ark. She '\'ns a member nf Ihe First Christian Church in Spring- i . . . ;d te is s u r v i v e d , , her father: ! ^ ^^ ^ .four sisters. Mrs. Mary Pace of I KnJC | s | ;md _ ].;,,,,,.,,,,, . Penton U ash Mrs. Grace Smithi| ,,-,,,, , :j |nd v ,,,,,, ( !and Mrs Elbe T urncr both of | , icd pl . isont , rs ,,, ,,.,.,,. f .Springdale. and Miss Kathenne, Kojp L . om| , ou ,, r |, Wlthoul ilodd. of the home: six- brothers, tim-inn ihV. . ·,,,« , I,,,.,,.-. ,,;i.__ _..j i-_... _,, _, IJU1 '"S 'he mo\e. .mo anli- BEAT the HEAT hy cooling your jcct with . . . In Beautiful Colors · Yellow · Light Blue · Multi-Color · Block · Beige Made of genuine Norton fabric, I hey look like velvet, feel like j.uedc . . . and Ihey're so easy to CHTC for. oiily Good Shoes Properly Fitted 'Willie, Milton and Fat.e. all of i.Springdale. Wvlic of San Jose. Calif.. Clarence and Clinton, both of Wichita, Kan. Funeral arrangements. umirr direction nf the Callison-Siscn Funeral Home, arc incomplete. fr °" Harley Frank Colthar Harley Frank Collhar, 72. died ·last niRht at his home. V East Second Street. Mr. Colthar was a retired postal clerk and had made his home in Fayettcvillc for the nast 18 months. He was born in William.sburK. Ohio. December 21. 18711, the son of William and Louisa Colthar. Survivors are wife, Nina munist POWs broke the 5.600 prisoners in compound ,' ir i and were put in separaje ramps. None from fio.'i. Ihe other group moved, joined the anli-Hcd: Since Hie transfer In smaller compounds hccan June in, about 1.11)0 prisoners have sJcnifird Ihey nro anli-Coinmunists b- hreakins away froni their eomradc.' Boston Post Sells Boston-OT-Salc of the 1 2 1 - v e a r old Boston Post to John Fox. t.'i. Boston financier, was announced last night by Mrs. n,.| cn |). Grozier. widow of Hie late Richard Grozicr. lhc Pott's editor and publisher from 10U4 to IfMfi. and Harry J. Gallaqher, of ihr PosK-: Board of Trurteps. Thcv are executors of Richard " Grower's estate. Out of The Navy San Francisrn-i^VA Colthar: two daughter?. Miss AnBclyn Colthar of Little Rock, and Mrs. Vera Sharp of West Fork; one son, Leon Colthar of Madcra. Calif.; one sister. Mrs. F.tla Knittle of Kansas City, Kan.; three grandchildren. Funeral SPI vices will be conducted Friday at 2 pm.. at the, rear as a sail-ir is ended for Central Assembly of God Church j wealthy Bruce llonpins. .'Ill who ·'·,, u Ka.yless. pastor. Burial · lrM , n lrn ,, ilrinlil -., u , , will be in the I-.vei-Rrecn cemetery ,.,,,, n,« v - r , , , ' , . under ihe direction of Moore's' m . U r K / IV - V - rwellth . K -'^'' IJ '--Funeral Chapel. - lnct headqiiarters saio t l i e i e New Commander At Chaffee Is Named | servisl was handed a bad coliiluct discharge yesterday. : Russian Gcnrral Dead , Apartment Fire Takes Lives Of Seven Persons NY'A' Yni';-i/l'i-Sr\ CM pt'i · ) . ! , · :in,i!-ln!rni hd.t.-f iJi HiuuMil IMI'- iy iod;n. A uip|.-:i-. i .:. -.....- . : ...i l\Vfi c!']!(i|TII- t i ,I(I;H"| in ;, ;n · oji't limn' Ijoht ;i:..u (me lit - '., (·! · · ITML::-H |,v ;i n-Jili"! m ;i ni»lr HirnuKli lair Is i-l fiiiitu .ilun,; ;« lcd-;c l ' = fed u.dr. The dead v.cic. Mi. Aim.i Ri.Himui". '.!',. tin on;-, jiii'l u uiuhirr Aiiv. ..ii'ir.i n-lu. Mi s. I.urv Seiii-i. L'V. ,JIKI tier sen. u |.;.r II.MMC v , . i:nt un- mrtii.iit'ly nr:cnm::!'i An un;-'i n- tificd worn,in bonnier in the Scn- lu liumr. i - -- -_. i Lone Turns Down Post ' A s Defense Director H;iKcrslO'.'. n, Md.-i.-T) - Fnnr.rr Clir.. \\*. PIT;-ton I.;iLir, .If.. h.i.- i [·(·i'Ti'-'l H rhamr in lif-torm: the nation's civil drfen:.r 'r.i- - loi a! MY.fjUf] a ic;ir. I,,mc xud . other rommilinrMl:; v.;u!d ni.i :c ; it impoi-sihle fur tu .-nTrpi the |"; t iTpnrtrri r early In iifime him. j · Shortage Of Potatoes Reported At An End potato sliorl:ific i : : over. Tlicrr *m- ilcnty nf spud: in market:, f i n r n ron?l tn coiiit. An A-^.ou.'itcvi Pnv.. survey shmv.s th.'l ni m;iny pl.u-'- prices liavn dronptvl i"; much ;Pone-third from lhc liinh.s re.ichrrl jihnu! lun werks «i|:n ;iftcr pnt.itu price ceilings were su^prnfk'd. Wholesale price:; already a t e bm*k nt or ne;r the :iH '-riljii- 1 -, JM Now York, Chicacn juid several other ritiXv '. SabolEq* Evidence Lacking Pu-iin. Knrrft-J/lVl!. S A i m v I iKMfluu.uIrrs Miirl ln-t;iv thmonsh mvcslmMi'-n of tiic H;i"iijn!p ,I;M- nmnjiion dump fire anri e.vp'nMuu.; SuiuUtv shuwcd nn cvnii'm-o (if sabotage. W a y n e And Wilo Sepnrate Hiiliv\\(i-v|-.,i* . A ' i i. .1 ii h i! W a \ r e ;inrl l.i. ^ ifr. ]·;,;, t -i;HI.M IVnier. hitvr s-par.'lr-l .-mi -.!-.'· h;-s i eturnrrl in MOMI-.S. her lawyor. Jeny (liefer, s.ns. JBraflon To Seek Kayo In (aslellani (lash .1 Lntic.'.i.ui \ if', u v 1 i .in cucm e tnmqtit uith |.JCBINK" I!IM ';y ('a.-teiiatu. (' . li-lt MM. L'ti-; r:tr-«,!d l,u.-e\ nr. i : : c i r P I T , H I - I S t - i . i s h ; ( i H ; i ( ! i M n · ALL READY -- roNTiM-rn f-'Rri.-.i i'\.~,r o.\r U'e'ir-i. Hi-i-kv William':, Linda i .hide'-- f"i 1l-r Tliui-ida- ni.;l.i j nii-limniarie- will lir- Havid Dm-!. i In-.ill of Ihp lr;ii\-rr: i t \ ,-irt !rrw ! M!' 1 !!!. .litlin liri^Ni-hnridrr of thr .ni (lepariiiienl. AnUm l!f-fi-.i:!f i . cuo.'l niMi-ui-lm: Nnnn,in lle.Mar- i'". maniicer of Ihe Fmr Art.; Cen- ler. l-'r'day ni,-.l:l the Imv t o t s .inrl Ihf final!--ls will tie nidged In- Diclicr- Rill c.( llir mil- n- drjisrl- incnt - i f ttip rni\-r-rsily; lleinild lleadlev "f Ihr vnire ilepartment. Milrli Mi-l'-ir. L-ue.M piano in.MnicInr: and DeMnreo The Frid;iv inch! prnciam .il--ii f e a t u r e mum- hy the Ulihhle ''In'i .S\ iiiphii'i-.-, .solus hy Cleoicc ' Cr.iiharl. .'Hid a humorous talk bv .hihn "lleii- O.-ivis. An cu'-'l.!!!!!!!^ fhvcr- jtmqeV lidnian Meal llreart. l l - I H - t | l Ouaranlcct Yo« ·cller Bikinj I M"scow - i,Ti - MOSI.-UU- ,,,.«·.-- Altxander To Canada Washington-l/PI-MaJ. Gen. Ed- j papers announced Uidav the death · Tokvo-i/lvl-'irld M.MMI.I! mund B. Schrec, jiresent comman- of Maj. Gen. EURCIICC Alashin, S I . ; Alexaiidcr lefl loday for C dcr of U. S. troops in Trieste, v.-ill j a chief faculty incmhcr of the -- . . . assume command of the Fifth A r - ; famous Frunze Military Acadcmv I | j a \ c l-'ulk:. IT.KI 1- mored Training Di^·ision al Campj since 1949. Alashin was lhc third "haffee, Ark., about July 1. Girei 110,000,000 New York-(yP)-John D. eller. Jr., has Riven If) dollars to the Cloisters, which louses a medieval art collection if the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Russian major ecncral whose - played Hires c death was announced in thr last basketball anil fc two days. Forest. Kocke- * ' - . . . million! Krtp nn with Ihr liitifs-- read Ihr TIMES dally. a \ c Full":-. IT.KI l-.iM-h.ill h of the Unn ersity of Florid.!, nl b.,.-i ii-iil, II (in Wake Krrp up Kith til Ihr TIMKS dally. times--read REVIVAL Services 7:00 a.m. 7:45 p.m. Broadcast -- KBRS 11:15 a.m. Old Time Gospe! T.O. Miller, Voeol«r PlWCNllQ, Silking Rev. Chorl.1 Uwolkw. Evangelist Central Baptist Church 220 NORTH SCHOOL STREET of the Class Eats Right... Feels Right... Knows Right Answers Smart youngsters are usually happy and heallhy because Mother insists upon plenty of nourishing foci, to keep them physically fit. She knows a hearty breakfast is necessary to start the day right... and that vitamin rich foods must be served at every meal to assure a well-balanced diet for her family. For Ihe bread that supplies more vitamins and minerals than any other, be sure it's Super-Enriched Bread... a real contribution to better Nutrition (see chart below). Don't forget... order Super-Enriched loday! 75V. (OR THREtfOUftTHS) (or Normal App«t,te. Good Digjitioo ond HjoWiy N«rv«i FUU-WIDTH SUPER-FREEZER CHEST AND All THESE FEATURES) · Fr*«xt ond IcMpt 38 Ibt. froltn food · 3 full-width ih«lv«. · 1 odjuiKible sheK · Sliding Chill Draw*' · Lttrg*, all-porc«loin Hydrate? · Suptr-pewmd M«t« f -Mii»- Mtchaniim · Exclutiva Ouickub* lc« Troyi · l-pi*c« oll-porcikiin inMriar · Raymond Lo*wy lookt n*w for i tori I ^3»»/ S«« th* n*w Cycle.-motic Frigldolrci and all tht De Lu»t and Standard medeli. Pri»d from Eight slitoi or Super-Enriched IreeH will supply* supply you with appro«imoic!y the fallowing daily requirements of these ev.enliol vilaminj and mineralj 25% (OR ONE-FOURTH) tout lo Children i Growth, old (or Hcollhy t/K ond SUn 35V. (OR MORE THAN A THIRD) famntiol lor Proper An.ioliadon of Cokium 35V. |O!) MORE THAN A THWD| MeC81U3r, lrll Ids 6ro«ln oi Slu'tiy floo«i. rir-d Hjoilhy T M ttl 55V. (OR MORE THAN HALF) LsMMial io Proper Nufit,e» ol !*,« Body CeBi 55% (OR MORE THAN HALF) f-oi Good RerJ 6'so'* tJccdca f or Good Heo'th B.F. 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