Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 18, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, June 18, 1952
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PAGES TODAY Rud by ovtr 25,000 Daily Jrttjtoest 10CA1 FOMCAST-- F»yf-tttvill« xnd vtemlfr fTcar to p a r t l y c.'oudy tonliht find Irmarrow, ron'.lnu*rt wirm. H l f i tffmprriture y*-v!rri1»y 11. low M; noon loday 94 Sunriie 50.;. luiuel T.a VOi;'MI 90, NUMKR 2M T*e fuUic Interest li Tfce firtt Concern Of Tnii Newspaper AuociaMd PTMS teatcd Win FAYITTiVIUI. ARKANSAS. WEDNISOAY EVENING, JUNl'li, I95J AP. King and NEA rV,tur.. New Move To Wipe Out Wage, Hour Controls Under Way In House Committee Calls" For Elimination Of TheWSB Labor Group Vote One-Sided; New Amendment Likely Washington -(£)- A new move to kill all wage and priie controls shaped up today aroui.o recommendations of the Kcusf Labor Committee for ab iHtion of t h e Wage Stabilization Bjard. By a top-heavy vnte. re-ported to be 16 to 5. the committee last night went on record in a fcven- word recomfendatinn to tho House: "The Wage Stabilizatic n Board should be a'oolishet." The committee's ar:tior. came as the House cleared lh? wiy for general debate o-.i tht defense production act. AIKCIII; other things, this would extend wage- price controls for another year, starting June 30. The committee's verdict gave powerful ammunition 11 leaders oi the tight to end waje-price controls when the bill comes to a vote later this week. An amendment to aboish the WSB probably will be offered by Rejj.-c-entative Kearns (R-Pa). Chairman Harden (D-NC) said if Kearns did not offer it, he would. The committee almost went all the way and reconviie;idtd elimination of wage L 'ntrols along vith the WSB, wnicn fixes government policy on pav raises. After first voting to kill iff \vage controls, it reversed iu»H on second thought and left the matter to liie House. Barden said committee members concluded the subject of wage controls "was a little bit cut of our field, with price controls still in effect." The WSB has been ur.aer fire Grand Advisor 15 Per Cent Tax Cut Pledged By Senator Taft Levies At Present Levels Inflationary, GOP Candidate Says Swedish Cabinet Meets To Discuss Downing Of Plane By Red Fighters TO visit state 'Russian Claims As Presented In Note Rejected 'Washington-Wj-Senator Taft of Ohio said today "I am willing to | | pledge a straight 15 per cent cut ·. ____. | '" '«««;" if he becomes president. I Ed M l c l k c of H k i M j Minneapolis, bites his nails in'oaTi, ! The Ohio senator, a top contender after E motor scooter and an automobile sideswiped ; for the Republican nomination, ' broken Ice. Comfortinc him aro Rnhnrt c*3n^TMi /i*n Eisenhower Said To Feel Taft Is "Isolationist" Doubtful Fore gn Policy Plonk Con Satisfy Both Dcnvcr-(/P)-Cen. Dwi"M D. Elsenhower talked to Western GOP convention delegates and to a small group of newsmen In pn almost-secret meeting yesterday. : suffered a Reports which leaked out or «fc. . V said ne considers taxes at present Mary Ann Sacrey of Russellvil'e was elected cjrand Worthy Advisor of the Order of Rainbow for Girls in Arkansas at the Grand As- levels to be inflationary. Taft told a breakfast conference of business paper editors that he believes he could bring government spending down to around bile in in the accident. . from Congress since iU controversial recommendations in the steel dispute. Sarrr^VcT!' »? u " TM»- ·* nTM, TM mony in the Women's Gvm ' i n ^h 1 ° W I u n " i n £ a " ou t 85 billion. (McRoberls Photo) fc^ .^TMh t tfbe cu? to^d bil- I lion"--40 All Ready For Selection Of Miss Fayelleville Of1«2 -- billion for the armed forces and aid to Europe and 20 | Twenty-one Washington C o u n - « billion for domestic purposes. j ty and University girls will com- C In his speech^Taft hit again at **.*""* Fr ' day " igMs at H a r m o n Of Rogerf "land generals" he said arc dom- i °' In addlt '° n 33 youngsters ' O mating Pentagon thinking, and : wi " compete in a "iny tots" con- A/t/1M ^nitrrl-.f repeated his demand for a su- i will compete in a "tiny tots" con- ' * Lt *"' JVUg(Jl Two Suitcases Belonging To Delegates Taken Four Men Held As Suspects In Theft From Chartered Bus Four 19-year-old Fayettevil.e ' «£££»£ °^ P«m»nen, law j NewTortTto."a-STTteM£ A" t^",^^*?'^ r rLr^^i^i 3 ^ £^s £s l .s£. thmgs as 1^TM--'··"- «* 2?- TM«TMz^££. -en,. Exl . radi(im bccn opened asainst I. That Senator Taft o' Ohio Is among the "isolationists" in the United States who N want to null back into a s'icll in this rountrv. arm to the teeth, and then tit I tip'it against Communism. I 2. That he (Elscn'-owcr) is fo- ' Ing tn win the GOP presidential , nomination. | .1. That he doesn't believe John ; Foster Dulles, Republican foreign ; policy leader, can draft a foreign policy plank t h a t would b" ac,' ccptable both to himself (Eiscn: hower) and Taft. . 4. That he doesn't favor giving , Ecncrals a five-star rank in pcacc- l time because it could lead tn a rank-heavy Army t h a t might start putting seven stars on generals. . i 5. That the federal government, '. ° stales and local communities must j any permanent policy." Taft also said he doubted the ' | advisability of any Jet Protection For Acheson Is Considered By DREW PEARSON Washington - As a result of the shooting down of two Swedish airplanes over the Baltic, the U. S. Air Force is planning extra precautions when Secretary of State this morning for investigation in the theft of two suitcases from a chartered bus waiting to return Little Rock delegates tn the Order of Rainbow Girls convention held here this week to their homes. .._ ... ....,,., . B.J tnn mi: HIM- wi.-t.-ii upeneu against a ioriner 1 ·* u · i -slants will be reduced to 10 in Rogers man held at Troy Ohio in I " , '" p u m p n r l m i n S a n d -.I!-:--:--.m. ,. . . . _ "·· " nln . ln i WO i k projects to help the people in times of depression. This afternoon the general was to discuss his views with - __ Jetoeates from-Oregon and Arizona. Yesterday he talked with delegates from Colorado, Utah and 1 Asia, theTenator'to'ld thcTd'itors* I f,TM'!TM," 1 "-^ Thurs , da £ n ! sM ' Thc thc lne " "' » microscope f r o m . : "I don't think we s h o u l d f d c . i a s ', }l X'" STf 0 Friday nighl Washington County Hospital last', .snouin ao it as . for the Miss Fayetteville title and December 29, Sheriff Bruce Crid-l I the right .to represent Fayetteville er said today. I jra . . MiS * Arka " SaS CO " tCst a t Charles Dale Woodcock, 25, was 'I don't like a permanent law that gives the government the power to fix wages, or order compulsory arbitration of seizure " he said. "If you set up a permanent law based en compulsory arbitration, you invade Danes Tell Airmen To Shoot Back If Attacked Stockholm - MVAnsry Swedes called the Russians liars today and thc Danes alerted their alr- . men to shoot back If attacked by : Russians. The Swcdiih cabinet met in »n urgent special session to discus; the shooting down Monday by So- : vlet jets of in unarmed Swedish Calallna rescue plane which was searching for another lost plane The cabinet had before It the · translation of a Russian note ital: ing that Ihc Swedish plane was over Soviet territory and had op. I cncd fire first. The Russians claim ; their territorial waters extend 12 : niilos into thc Baltic. The recoj- | nizcd limit Is three miles, i _ Tomorrow t h e government's Forclj-n Policy Council - the nre- mier, foreign minister »nd reprt- ; tentative* of both houses of Par, llament--mccls to discuss the In. I cidcnt. In Copenhagen, Adm. F: J c Qulstgaard, chairman of Denmark's Joint Chiefs of Staff re- ""^····"··iHHi^HiinHHHMmMA' t j --·-·- uiiivid iii ^iijn t re- Mutual Security oireccor Avar- TM al "' '"at Danish military units ill Harriman, who will visit Little j ?? v e , h a d "'""ding orders cincc Rock tomorrow in the Intereit o f j Marcn to shoot hack without his candidacy for nomination as awsilln «t further orders. l( Soviet president of the United States on, p " or P lo ncs fire on any Danish the Democratic ticket, Is shown ' lmltl leaving tho White House after re l *TM Mold «**«« At Fault Both Damn and Swcciss porting to President Truman. Hnr-i mn an S riman said (he president "termed i"?* raBet) b ^ the Soviet his campaign "tops." Police Chief Pearl Watts said found in a car owned by one of the men. He quoted thc four as saying they threw the other suitcase into the West Fork of White · destruction^'"freedom""' River. Firemen were dragging the ncedom. stream this afternoon in an effort to recover the clothing. Police said the four youths took the suitcases from the bus about I midnight as it was preparing to leave for Little Rock. Total value this summer. Proceeds from the contest--ad- Ihroush the serial number as thc mission will be charged--will be onc taken from the County lios-i used by the Lions Club to help " ' I foot the bill for purchase of two I new basketball score-boards and t h i n k there are worse things than strikes, and one of thnm is the Rainbow Girls End Convention 1 off an up-f covering his ; pital " v """"! camnalgn when he attended a j I'olice Chief Pearl Watts said h e ' i""" v"^", 0 lu " ch ? on , vesterday | learned in a telephone conversa- ' o w h . c h only a handful of report-| lion with the Troy police chief , mvitcd. Apparently thc I that Woodcock has receipts for!?, 0 f W ? 5 cnl "' cly V n a w a r c of I the sale of two additional micro- Th 1°' v! WaS creat " ll! - I scopes. He said that one of these r , P lun , chcon was "ranged by , ,,«-,: sr^sc^f ££ j--rSr Kefauver Is Defeated Harriman school gymnasium. The 2] contestants in tho Miss Fayetleville contest will be: Rosalie Bent of S»r£??S^»"«r Mary Elizabeth Gamble of Fay- ' . _ etleville, Betty Lou George of i Fayetteville, Joan Hill of West, i Fork, Pat Howard of Fayetteville, i *t I r.-- J ^wviei toniennon that the Swedes were at fault in i the Baltic Incident of last Monday. I The Soviet claims were contain- |«o In a note handed the Swedish i ambassador in Moscow by For- j ei?n Minister Andrei Y. Viihin- ! sky. The note, as broadcast by i Radio Moscow, said the Swedish I plane flew over the Russian-held I island of Dagoc near the Estonian ' coast, opened fire on Soviet fight- Washington - f/Pi - Avcrill Har- ', r "·· ·-·*'·*;· UKUI- man scored a 4-to-i upset vie-, '",". t h f y order . cd ]} 'o land, lory over Sen. Eslcs Kefauver in ""' "'" " ' " ' ~ riman scored a 4-to-i upset vie- ' -J ---.^^ .. ^ *OHVJ, i and flew out over the Baltic Sea after the Russian planes returned "ic fire. The Swedish Air Force had re- the District, of Columbia Acheson flies over trigger-happy, disclosed by police, are being held ! for investigation of grand lar- ^,±1^ ^i ^ i i jv«- - «·"- - C.H.IKS Z2TK was estimated at in excess of S2aO. in Arkansas wound up its three- ' Florence Jordan of Elkins Pot The four, whose names were not day statewide Grand Assembly ! Kelly of Fayettevi ceny. Russian gunners into Berlin. Acheson's Berlin visit is schcd- ulcd for the end of this month. Remembering how 3 French pas- sertger plane was shot down by a Russian lighter six weeks_ ago, plus the wanton shooting down of two Swedish planes, the Air Force has urged Acheson to let a dozen American jets accompany hisi Washington-^ - The Senate ' plane through the precarious Ber- spurning \ ,ast-minute plea DV «' r C0r , n , d0r ' , ' P^ident Truman, today killed a Meanwhile. Intelligence sources ! bill to authorize the Uniled states ; Senate Sends Seaway Bill Back To Committee , -- -- -- ··-jciuuij' i -»«-"j -/i i u r u i i i r v i i J p , Norma Ki*n- V . . M I a banquet and dancj in Ihe ! non of Faycttevillo. Mary Clair nih. Cn | t iT°" ba -" r0 " m l a s t ' Massey " f Monticcllo, Roberts! n S-nt. installation oi newly elected ! Massey of Tulia. Texas Pat oiiicers and presentatio.i of the i Moore of Fayetteville. Betty Me- '· ? so- and , G " nd , Worlh ' A d - i c o y of Siloam Springs. Carol ! 'o took P Dl n d ,, W °'' h y Ad-|Stensing of Fayetteville, Berna,^ ll S^^^^b« l! s^^^ I ^^! i»^?^-^ i ^.^/csr."-: No Prospect Of Cooler Weather * Most Of State Continues Dry corm nf iu/n Hn-,^ n ,,,,, · -. j *'* vnlcs al lnc national n o m n - : . : ,, ,..' ' H--·= u»»i» K over UoThc aft?lr !nm Th T s alln R convention in turning back l ^ c ? a l l l c 5mce lasl TM d a y »nd I rf i Id' ."H^TL 0 '1 C ,': S hcard ·»·« Tennessee senator who h a d : « f° "«?.»,victim of Soviet jets. j of it and crashed the party. Before this small group general talked frankly and openly ! thc backing of the districl's Dem- .. -- ·"* «»«,, thc ' ocratic organization. !". mllc! oul »ide Russian tcrritor- was unarmed and was shot down K e f a u v e r . who had lost only with the undersland'ing that his Ke ' au « ir . wh " remarks could be used as "hackl i C '° re '" l3 P rcvious P» m ' ground" material without being ! ff 108 ' WCn ""'?. '" m . "' lhc cit "' "ring . 45 p,-,,;.^,.!, Complete, unofficial . attribuled directly to him. Rcport- I crs who were left out rounded up : the story of what went on at the · luncheon, but they were under no wraps in reporting what thc general had said. '" C ° mplC ' e a " e ' v " slale of "' , ,, ""*· A ' Bur . ris ' cha P' ' in at the n - ° SP ' li " Eav! tho i n ~ 0 of the most strategic and h e a v i l y ' , guarded in the world. This is auopiea n 10 iu a motion where the Russians stage their a t or O'Co'nor (D Md) to most secret experiments with new the bill to its Foreign Relations rockets and V-bombs. Here also committee for furthe? study The ;m^r^sr^:r^^!r?^ h "hr£i^frinS ent^S^a^nde'^HU:!^ TM £?*% ±SS% TM=^ ler manufactured many of h i s ' -- Assembly. most secret weapons. In addition, Russia is reported to have more naval officers and men on full time today than the U. S., which supposedly has thc biggest Navy in the world. . Buddy I for the Stajte To Be Erected ; Prelinminarics in the Miss Fay- etleville conlesl will bo held tomorrow night at K o'clock. Ten finalists wil be selcclod from , among the 21 contestants. The, contestants w i l l appear at Harmon '· Playfield in both balhing suits and i evening gowns. The stage will be side of thc De Gasperi Stern In Warning To Communists return Hays orchestra played , dance which began al 9 p. m. j erected on the cast The assemblies from Eureka field. Springs, Siloam Springs. Rogers, I Friday nighl at thc conclusion lale and Benlonvillc wore \ of Ihc "tiny tol" contest, the i n thc state C r a n d , Miss Faycttwillc entrants w i l l :' take part in a talent contosl as well as evening gown and Lilllc Rock-OT-Arkansas' heal wave conlinuod today with no prospect of a lel-up. The U. S. Wcalher Bureau in Liltlc Rnrk said thc oullook was partly cloudy and l i t t l e change In tcm- pcraUiro for t o d a y a n d tomorrow. Some rain fell at Augusta, Rome - IO, - Italy', biz Com ' d rbut" r^cT r" yc t r - · 7 nisi pariy i ° day ^ · ^ ! s t a ^ r n i . T - « · parched of stern government action against: day w ,"hout ' · h ° nSCCUliVC any Rcd atlcmpl! 10 ""deLincI day without an inch or more o.Mhc nation's Democratic govcrn- Ponca City. Okla.-W-Mr. and , . , , . ^ . ( , uri ,,, t U I I . - l l l - tulional liberty. j Mr , Mill,m"Servi« go!'."t'«le"o"f i ..:'.'. ° ? as ' m . y cnlloa l!ucs, Oklahoma's "Operation G o o d $11)0,000,000 Plan Approved . | Paris-W)-Thc French cabinet I Final Adjournment Of Congress By Time Conventions Start Is Reported Doubtful Washington -(JPi- Congressional later, both in Chicago. leaders cracked the w h i p , today t A "; u TMbcr of other legislators , cd by tho. Lions'Club" | ing suit appcarai'ifes. At the , close of the three events the win- i nor will be selected. j The winner w i l l be flown to Newport next Tuesday, June 24, i for tho Mis? A r k a n s a s contest T . .. · mcnl u n d e r the cloak of consti- Thc thermometer climbed to ' i n i degrees in Arkadclphia yes- S£S TM£ : £:?£SIVFZ^ - - * -.«,, ,»,,,,,,. ;? ,,«=sHz=isSrrs:£= of water was us Creator I.itllc Rockl cracking an all-timo record. Thc previous liiKh was 22. 8 millions on Mon- lal waters. Two of the downed plane's seven crewmen were wounded in thc attack, but all were rescued by a German freighter. Thought official comment was not forthcoming until the text of 'he Soviet note was received from time t h a t thc 60-year-oldI Ha'rii- j^ 05 TM*. onc government authority man, head of thc M u t u a l Security dcni5d evcr y major point of thc Agency, had submitted his name Rl ^' 3n c °"tntion. to thc voters. . Tne Plane, he said, "was a Cit, alina f l y i n g boat and absolutely ; unarmed. Thus, it could not have opened fire against anybody, i There was not the slightest shade , of doubt that tho Catalina was shot down over international waters. Thc position has bccn definitely established by thorough investigation." Stockholm's morning newspapers were unanimous m their denunciation of the Soviet note. "Russi.ri S m eminent is lying," the liberal Dages Nyhetcr declared. The conservative Svenska Dag- bladcl said the Russian charges "will not convince any Swedes. The lies are too obvious, the false returns showed: Harriman 14.075; Kefauver 3,377. Tho 13. C. lest marked Ihe f i r s t ' In Hospital, So Neighbors Take Care Of atomic energy during the next IT^ fivt years. |chanc Poultry Market -- Tie poultri market today u reported by the University of Ar- kansai Inititutr nf Selene* «nd Technolofy and the Dairy and Poultry Market Newi Service of the U. S. of Agriculture. Northwest Arkansas market steady, offerings Hunt all points. Supplies over 2.75 IDS, very jhort, demand fair, trading lighter today. Prices paid f.n.h. farm up to ] p. m., broilers or fryers all weights (140 to 2.95 Ibs) 27 lo 28 cent* lb., mostly U, TM i^».«n.i: flcuoii oui sharcd Ta "' s views lhal Congress, .... . l a w m a k e r s saw slichl W ^ '° J, ec ° nvenc a "" Ihc entrants, will bo staged F r i d a y d w s »8"' conventions. Wilh the slarl of a nighl al 7:30 al Harmon Field ·,, !Congres s before the'rr, 0 ! 11 °' """ "¥" ^ J l u t ' W ° W "^ " P r e l i m i n a r y ,o Iho m a i n cvon, im^nv^ir; io " ai i)o - ssa^jw.5Si r,^t Ks?^ l , ll .^' ¥a pii '-- -^.S^r^.i'K'S: SSSTSS.n.SlV.. lhc »·-·?·»·?.*- »«"· «-«- screams a K ainst Gen. M a t t h e w B. 1 pital for tho past six months w,,,, M i o g w j y s lirst visit here as NATO arthritis. So his neighbors, armed . -- tomm.inacr in hurone i ,.,itk m u: . _ , . . accusations too f l a g r a n t . Thc Socialist Morgon Tidningcn, mouthpiece of the government, ; said thc Russian note would be Th - ..,.- -:-;. --- «TMrd''tad"i^rTMrokTln ln ffi ; ^"IMi"" 1 '^ ^ '"' ' h i V """*»· Cvcr "»' TM" r f ' l i l h '" : "T^"^' 1 ' 1 ' 1 '" A duly «» The "tiny tot" contest, with 33 , Rock nronon in Little ; a r r i v a l there yesterday, but t h e r e , h u m a n i t y , come out and got a c - · rc)oct cvcry altcm P l '" deprive ' _ ' w as no sign of disorders. ' iiialntcd." " I the country o( an apology owed U ' ' -- 1--.--. . i for a h r t i t a l . i v i n n l t nn ^ t i « p m l « » v June 25 and 26. Expenses for her ,i, v ,, ,,,.«'.·," ',',"·"j"," "" '"""" and her chaneron w i l l be provid- £ ,,, ',," h. ,' "' " VC - ' n.iys mat Ihe walcr consumplioi inspect Allamic pacl u n i t s in ; ha'rvcsted ^° rim crnpf'' 5 Northern Italy a f t e r conference/ Commented Ihc grateful lasl n i g h t and loduy In Naple.-. Service: Ihc .streets for h i s - "If you ever loso your f a i t h Experiment Station Directors Here For U.A. Sessions day and some of its committees , Cain. Dchby completes i Costlcy. Sarah tr\...».ii · c i S ' and - - --..i.n.m.v.i · ^ · 1.11 n i i t i iiit; o c i i i i i c coin nicies scheduled n i u h l sessions. House the action on these, Senale-House · nachaol Forrell Speaker Rayburn (D-Tex) slood conferees must adjus' m;.ny d i f - : Madoline C'arro pat on an earlier prediction thai ferences. That can take a lot of Knv 1 n (iwh, the House will be ready to quit lime. l i H t " T h 'f.''"' wcck '" ''"''· Scnalor Olh « key legislature demanding ' Hum'herl Jaiio I r h v P r n i l v ' ' ^ " " Taft of Ohio, a f r o n t - r u n n i n g Re- attention includes: numnert, Jane Irby. Emily Grace publican presidential candidate! Extension of price University ,i[ Rhode Cummlngs, ._ | for a brutal assault on a harmless rescue parly which has nol violated anybody's border but kept the international airspace," it declared. Thousands of jeering demonstrators, some throwing stones and . . r,ach, Anita Cam, Massey, Sll ,, n Choryl fronTthc "foii'r geoa.'^phic^rcli'ons Wedl'"^" s: ? li0 ."' I h c " cw L a k e nr R K . Cowan. · of tho United Stales and · wn h ^ i" fattlo. lesciirch verslty of Be^ ; ecoS^!b^nT^ «- W. » ,, in.1 i i A i - . i n , , r «/ it. n.i. ....... . . V ^ ."". lne r(1 Rl«nal research North Carolina Slalc College; Dr. .it the A. S. Curry. New Mexico College v/hat of A g r i c u l t u r e and M e c h a n i c a l ' Th« W«oMl«r fire-crackers, massed In front of the Russian Embassy here the lut two nlxhts. Thc group, railed 'he "Commit- ce nf Nine," approver irgional '" , , " rrled "" . I * «-nuinL' wr l i i i i i \ f id i July 4 to about A u g i K t 4." «t»rt theirs July 7. and Iho Demo- A serviceman's voting law »nd cratji get under way two weeks OI benefit! for Korean Arkansas -- Clear to partly cloudy thui in'i«inc'jn. tonifht and tomorrow. Not much chanie in tcinperatuif. m n n ih s ! Ri^'ketts, Jcannetto Rose. Mary ' Dr. I.ippert S, Kills den of Iho a o r i e i i t t , , r i «««-.i "* . V . " " '"T ;.""' * """ '"· lva " ^. -^^^isms^^^meimim^^^ Jnnn ! ay mil tomorrow will make field

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