Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 17, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 17, 1952
Page 10
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TtMtefay, Juna 17, 19S2 SALAS LAYS ONE ON CARTER'S JAW Todoy's Mo*ef- THHI. ·»·«·»»·. ITS iCADS vou cur E GCVV5S. AND THANKS FOR THE F-DOLLAP DEAR 1 'IF TONSILS IS STILL IN THERE. HE WONT CtTr/SAIW.' sa/s SGM. WE VE BEEN TtXD BUSY TO TURN IN A FIBE ALARM," S/WSTRACV. AND A FEW BLOCKS AWAY TMEVRE BOTH CRITICALLY HUPT. SEND TWE EMEPCENCV CBEWATONCE. I SAID MOU RE NOT PULLING ALARM BOX.' NCW, M.' RIGMT OTWEBWSe MEXICAN UGHTWEIGHT Lauro Salas lands a stiff right to Jimmy Carter's jaw in second round in Los Angeles, where he enptured t h e world title In a comc-from-behind victory which found both judges favoring him and the referee favoring Carter. (International Soituitphoto\ OUT OUR WAY HEM* A toujto mmo VOU CAN HAVB KM. NICKEL HENRY- By J. R. Williams THAT NUT SOPA'S WAVIM' US AROUNP ASIN-HE'S CEACKEP OJ NATUEE 1 WONPEE IF IT COULP BE A RO4.PRUWNER ER AM ANTELOPE KILLIM'A RATTLESNAKE-1 WOJPER; SAY--A MEXICAN TISEK WAS SEEM HERE ONCE-AMP B? --COVIB4WV HALT.' ,Believe K or Nat! WV, NOT (AD! I TMINK \ WE'RE COINS TO UKE THIS JOf. ) ww. wt nun m c«w. N AU, PIM TMKC PlANtS AW TONS Or INSfCTIClOf, ARC tOUKO AKARP A OIAMT SKVMMTCR. ·CM* n* WIU IHMWOH MUNICH, ISTANMt. MIRUT, TOMMtt ITS TUROUOIH POMtS ND MINARET5 JIIAMWS TKU TUT GOIDCN NAZI Of- SUNSET. MMIM lOCUJTi, t DON'T (WELL, I'D SETTEK OSOO IN^ DONALD VOU OEACf HOVV'D vou KMOu' I NEEDED l A N'^U- H.vrr T -----r SXVL.E: LAMO~ SHADES I/VANITV LAMP MONTHS . IS SO NAMED BECAUSE OYSTERS OFTEN CONVERT IT INTO A PEARL aaaaaaa ccccc d eceee c h uiiiii Mil mm nnnnrmnnrfn oooo ppq[rrsttttt uuuuu* THAT STRING OF LETTERS PLBUSHED IN R SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL IN 165* ESTABLISHED THAT CHRISTIAN HUVGENt FIRST DISCOVERED r« RINGS AROUNO SATURN.' 3 yfi)«s utreK Hwcetrs p/xveo telenets UBX a ceyprooKopH an n/s snmairiHun^ iHun The pis net is surrounded k, a thm P/M r ,nj nowhere touching? rh and ind:ned to th? ecliphc WtlL.HOW ABOUT IT, SON, DMX)CHOOS6 TO BE MI51K MARION OR,. AHM COMMA r AH TtLLTOTHM/THWS MARRIED / TWEV MCM ABOUT fff-- -AM DOKfT NCVMH SET TOOT M PiMEAPPLE JUNCnOUJ AGIKI, ARV AU' I'.', IH'WASTIEST NEWLVWECS AH EVAH «AN OUTA ~ TAKr THET SWtET t, JUICY. U'LWIFE O'VOR'N ? IN YORE ARMS-AN' KISS NCR JET "Who's th* athlete?" I NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES St. Louis Livestock National Stockyards, Jll.,-f/P) (U^DA) - Hogs 10,000; moderately active early, later slow, uneven; weights 180 Ibs up steady to in lower than Monday's average; j lighter weights steady to 2.1 high- ' er; sou-'s steady; bulk choice Nos. j I, 2 and 3 180-230 Ibs. 20.7S-21.- j 00: several loads mostly choice l Nos. 1 and 2 190-220 Ibs to s h i p - j I pers and butchers 21.10; 240-270 ' Ibs full width of choice grade 19.- : 75-20.00; odd lots 280-300 Ibs. lf).00-35; 150-170 Ibs 18.25-20.00; 120- j 140 Ibs 16.00-18.00; sows 400 I b s ! down 17.50-18.00; heavier sows · 16.00-17.00; stags 14.00-16.00; ' boars 11.50-14.00. IUt«: I cent* per *or? iliule !,,. -'-- Three consecutive ·-- -· taken over the telephone. Deadline for classified tdr aO'M a m daily: 9:30 a. m.' Saturday Corrections and rerun cheerfully made after first Insertion. No corrections or rerun made after ad hat t. I.KC.AL NOTICES WARNING i In The Chancery Ceurt Of WMHinflM c«unt«, Arhraiat Wall H. Beach Plaintiff Martin Watson Defendant . utralon and/or .nigns ii warned 10 Cattle 3,200; calves 1,300; l i t t l e I P l a i n t i f f In Ihc- above entitled cause! done early although few deals j cJJ'J',"TM, 'il^asy oVMajf *19S2 """ about steady, including choice; (SEAL) · . ' . ' i yearling steers to 33.00 and some i Richard B. Grecr 'commercial and good steers a n d ! chancery cicrk^ ^^ ,.,,,.,, heifers 26.00-30.00; ' cows d r a t r g y ' Notice Of~Fillnc oTetitioii~fo~ and most bids unevenly lower; j Quiet Title And Warning Order bulls and vc-alers steady; u t i l i t y ! Wai^i^igton h TMe C unTy C TMrka?* and commercial b u l l s largely 22.-! Walt H. neacn, Ex Pane Plaintiff 500-26.00; canner and cutter bulls : ,, ' . w *'*·' 18.00-22.00; bulk good and choice ' Execu"ors Admini^rato^san^'/o?'/!"- j vealers .10.00-34.00; sorted prime to . signs Defendants j 36.00; good to low prime 250-400 ' ha'sbeen nied"in l iny"offiM* h as C\"k Ib vealers and calves 28.00-34.00; I of the Chancery Court of" Washing- u t i l i t v and commercial vealers 21.- i lo , n ,,? oun !i v ' Arkansas, the Petition nn , o n n · ' " f Wj " H - Bc.ich. praying !or the uu-^B.uu. i vesting, confirmation and quieting of Sheep 1,300; spring lambs weak ! «'a r'".!',. i £ '°:',!'.' l !° n TM in L?y?!'- t !*' s \ to 50 lo\\er; ewes steady to 50 o f f ; ! Count: i others not established; bulk choice j to prime spring Iambs 26.50-:27.50; f small lot to butcher 28.00; utility j , and good springers 23.50-26.00; | cull and u t i l i t y throwouts 17.5020.00; cull to good shorn slaughter ewes 5.00-7.50. i Births . Arkansas, to-wit: The Southwest quarter (SWU) of the Northeast quarter (NEi 4 ). the Southeast quarter i ^ E ' i i of the Northwest quarter I N W U ) and the Northwest quarter ( N W U I of the Southeast quarter of Section Five (51. Township Fourteen M 4 i North Range Thirty-three 133) West of the Sth P. M.. containing one hundred twenty 1120J acres, more or less. All persons claiming any interest in said .lands or any lien thereon are hereby notified and warned to appear in said Court within Six 16) weeks of the date of the first publication of this Notice and show cause if any they have, why the litle' 10 Mr. and Mrs. Rosco Slaughter Mr. and Mrs. Rosco Slaughter of | "frmt'a" Fayettcville announce the birth of Walt H.'BeachT'forev'e".'."TM P"""" 1 ' daughter, June 15, at the C i t y ' ,._^ e ..? ef « n ? ntl - Martin Watson, his Hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tomlinson · Mr. and lUrs. Joe Tomlinson of ·ttcville announce the birth of a son, June 16, at the City Hos-j pital. ' , Mr. and Mrs. Phillip SlKmon Mr. and Mrs. P h i l l i p Sigmon of Lowell announce the birth of a I son, June 16, at the City Hospital. Mr. anil Mrs. Denver n. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Denver G. Clark of . _ Springdale announce the birth of | ^T?i AHU a daughter, June 17, at the Coun- I L( ? ST - unknown heirs, executors, administrators and/or assigns, are herpby warned to appear in said Court within thirty i.ioi days, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. WITNESS my hand and seal on this 2f!th day of May. J952. Richard B. Grecr Circuit Clerk ^^ 27 June 3-10-17-24 July 1-c INSTRUCTION ENROLLMENTS being taken 7or~bT- ginning and advanced class in waler color technique to be held in Fa5'- ettevillc Me summer or early fall bv LaGuna Beach, Cnllf.. artist. For in- ^IgTM^';gn write Box L-18. 'iTitnel. On The Radio New York-W)-Tuesday night: NBC-- 7 Cavalcade Drama; 7:30 r ,.,,. '" blllf old In vicinity of Jug Wheelers. Saturday night. Keep cash, return contents to Lewis Johnson. Johnson Plumbing Co. Phone LOST. Red billfold containing "ssiso. Phone 1648R. Reward. STHAYED. small black heifer, about MO pounds. Last seen just north of Baldwin. Has sales ring tag in ear number 765. If located c«|l W. L. _Heflln. Fayettcville 226. with 3 small puppies. Owner please call 741 after S or 2800 days. Barie Craig Mystery; 8 Bob Hope ! FOUND, mother' screw mil bulldog Comedy; 7 That's My Line. ""- ' " CBS--7 People Are Funny; 7:30 Mr. and Mrs. North; 8 The Lineup; 8:35 Heartstone Mystery. ABC--7 Newsstand' Theater; 7:30 Kathi Morris Drama; 8 Town Meeting MBS--J Black Museum; 7:30 Dr. Kildare; 8:05 Detective Drama; 8:30 Mysterious Traveler. In (he Ice Ajres it is believed that eight million square miles of Europe and North America were covered by deep deposits of ice. Not white, not wheat, 'not rye out a flavor blend of all three-Junge's Roman Meal Bread. 11-19-tf Sew-Easy For Beginners TUESDAY r. U. 6:00 Dinner Music 8:15 Starlight Time 6:30 News 6:45 Ozarks Sports Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:15 Gabriel Heatter--M 7:30 Rthymic Rendezvous 7:45 Lombardo on the Air 8:00 Bill Henry 8:05 Official Detective 8:30 Mysterious Traveler 9:00 News 9:05 The Black Museum 9:30 Just Music 10:00 News 10:15 Platter Party 10:45 Platter Party · 11:00 Platter Party 11:30 Sign Off WEDNESDAY A. M. 5:30 Rise 'n Shine 5:50 R.F.D. 1450 6:00 Rise N' Shine 6:30 Markets and Weather 6:35 Rise N' Shine 7:00 Koffee Kup Kapcn 7:30 Otasco News 7:45 Koffee Kup Kapers B:00 Robert Hurleieh--M 8:15 Morning Devotions 8:30 Times Morning Edition 8:45 Hoisum Gospel Hymns 9:00 Morning Melodies 9:15 Paula Stone Show 9:30 Take A Number 0:00 Food for Thought 0:15 Linda's First Love 0:30 Queen for a Day 14-44 IE By Sue Burnett As rool and refreshing as a sum- · IT breeze -- collarless, brief ceved dress that goes together in j i ' f y w i t h just two pattern pieces, deal for the beginner because it's he simplest kind of sewing. I Pattern No. 8771 Is a sew-rite! ·rforated pattern in sizes 14, 16, 8, 20; 40, 42, 44. 46. Size 16, 3'.* ards of 39-Inch. For those patterns, send 30c for ACM, plus 5c for first-class mull- g for each pattern ordered, in O1NS, your name, address, sizes eslred, and the PATTERN NUM. ER to Sue Burrett. Northwest rkanjis Times, 1130 Ave. Ameri-1 ». New York 38, N, Y. I Bislc FASHION for '52 U filled with Iden to riiita your cloth*' udfet (o further -- tlme-siivlni nd economical (Mini thit ire M«y to MW. Gift pttttm printed wide, u enti. 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands 11:15 Bauckaee Commentary 1|:25 News--M 11:30 Church of Christ 11:45 Musical Roundup !1:55 Market Reports WEDNESDAY P. M. 12:00 Hymns r- All Churches 12:15 News at Noon 12:30 Chuckwagon Jamboree 12:45 Riders of the Purple Sage 1:00 BASEBALL Cinme of the Dny Philadelphia Athlotlci Vs. Chiraco White Rox 3:00 Swing Session 3:30 Tune Plck'n Tlm« 4:00 Tune Plck'n Tlmi 4:30 Tune Plck'n Tim» S:00 flreen Hornet .1:30 Wild RIM Illckt* 5:55 Cecil BrowB

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