Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 17, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, June 17, 1952
Page 9
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Giants Beat Cards On Thomson's Hcmer, 8-7 ft I I Ml · * St. Louis Blows Three-Run Lead !n Last Inning Schmidt Pitches One Ball And Gets Charged With Loss New York-f/Pi-Bobby Thomson, who seems to do better with the Louisville-m-The golf pros are wondering whether Julius Boros was a "fluke" winner of the National Open t i t l e or a golfer who'll lurn out to be , real champion. So they're giving him an immediate opportunity to prove his lournament mettle. Boros, a bis. rather silent young man from Connecticut who is pro at the Mid-Pines course in North I Carolina, won't be eligible for 1 I G A membership for three more ." v ' ars - But th* PGA Executive pressure on, slammed a bases- Committee, in a surprising reloaded home run ypsterday in the ver sal of traditional policies, voted last of the ninth to give the New to (ive him a special invitation Vork Giants a dramatic 8-7 vie- j to compete in the PGA champion;ship, which starts tomorrow. This action was a tsmporary Boros Voted Permission To Compete In PGA Louisville-m-The golf pros are* -- Former Porkers tory over thp St. Louis Cardinals, Thomson, hitless his lasl 17 , trips to the plate, took a look at r-'icf oitcher Willarrl Schr-idf. first pitch and pulled it over the one. calling for a c h a r g e in the by-laws, which limit entries to members and certain invited left field roof just inside the foul j foreign stars.'if'is" suhje'ci'to'raH- FHrf v l 6 Jba1 ' «""«· f i c a t i o n "1 the FCA convention in Eddie Yuhas. second Cardinal ] December pitcher, walked Hank Thompson to s'.art the last half of the ninth, but he got pinch-hitter George Wilson on a liner to Red Schoend- riienst. Thompson took second, however, w h e n Schoendienst threw wild to first trying to make a double-nlay. Davey Williams followed w i t h a single and Thompson held up al third. Lefty Bill Werle then took over the pitching assignment and proceeded to walk Whitey Lock- Even before Boros was asked in. he was one of lhe main subjects of conversation on (he practice tees and in the grill room at lhe Big Springs course. He has been I I SPORTS We had 1'ip opportunity of keep her on her hack, even though USOA N a t i o n a l ; w a t c h i n j t h e ' Open Golf r h a m m o r ' O v M | o t t i weekend al Ni-jrthwood Cour.lry j C ' l l l l i in Dallas. Vi:» . : m i i : r a l u i i ' s n a r e d n e a r Ihc i n f l - d c g i r e m a r k I on each r,t the three da.vs of t h e I I r a i r n a m r n t . h u l the heal was IPm- | ncrcd hy ;t n e a r 20-mile per hour ' man to load the bases. Al that point Schmidt was brought in to pitch to Thomson. Schmidt, who made only one pitch, was charged with the defeat. By a coincidence. George Soen- per. who was called from the bull- making the tournament tour for : l i v e r wondcr what happens to cx-alhletes? Here are Ihree of A r k a n - sas greatest, catching up on each olher's activities of the lasl few years. On lhe left is Glen Rose, currently thp Porker basketball coach two years now wilhoi t w i n n i n g a major event up to the Open last ! 'I' 0 ";* , -- ·· --*»...,,·.,, v..«i.-ii wppk- anri h»'s nirorf h,, ,k, ,,.!.,, ! l n me is Wear Scoonover. Arkansas' first all-American. nou .luliiu Horns, a handsoine and i n c n d l y rii i»iial nf almost no rtistinrtiin, won ihc tournament lo t h e cnmnifle MU'IH :-·" of pvery- onp i n c l u d i n g himself. |^ycar-old Horns played j'lwo rounds in cnmnlcte obscurity, ' a n d mosl of his P r H l i a n l t h i r d round was played with limited attention. Bui having assumed the lead (filing i n t o lhe f i n a l IS holes he drew by far |hr lars"st gallery of the tourney. And Borns. w i t h H genuine calm and an incredible pufcr. save his followers a real s'wv as he battled par lo a s t a n d s t i l l n win the most coveted trophy in pnlf. week and he's liked by the other ! players. "He's By a real sweet win-rcr and " for the Department of Agriculture in Washington, D. C. nnrns coincidence we followed In t h e West-ni Open St. big Clayton Heafner as he told how .'| w t n ,,f "' m m Boros stepped up to lhe ball and j -- ' hit his shots without hesitation in ,, _ _ _ _ . ,, __.. ,. the last round of the Open. "That's SPORTS R O U N D U P how you tell when a man has a ; good swing. He had me worried on lhe loth when there was a tree 5 right is George Cole, who has been an Arkansas football' coach t o u r n a m e n t at St. 1/juis two v?rv · V ' ears ' ^" tm'ee played football for the Ra/oibacks in the weeks ago and wore acquainted "~ J ~ w i t h him and his game. Al S t . . -, , ,, v u l , , Lou-* nnrns was playing with E. trnl both of the physical and mcn- J. "Dutch" Harrison, and he was tal propels of Ihp game are as (Tuska TIMESFOTO) she had just passed out from no lunch. a lot of w a l k i n j and the intrns* heat. But to rjel hack lo Hogan . . . The doctor said lhal he had seen lhe Illlle defending champion on the pvtning of hi* second round and t h a i Ben was In distress from hadly chafed thighs. Hogan. since the autnmobilp m-- cidenl t h a t n e a r l v took his life, has been bothered hy swelling in his legs. Continued exertion makes The .12- ' them swell and both hi* leic are his first . p i l l l weak. Complicating that sil- . nation was the heat which resulted in his rubhlnii the Insldps of his legs almost raw. The doctor said Hojan's less were extremely sore. And no one but Hogan knows .iiKl how p a i n f u l (hose f i n a l 3fi holes were. To Hogan's credit the above mentioned circumstances were never mentlonpd. He never pom- n'rjr-icd or .s'nwed the slightest evidence of the ordeal. We w a t c h ed him play nart of his second ' round and It Is our cnnsldrrcd '· onininn that ban-In* (he heat Ihp l i t t l e milder would huve won again. His game Is Ihp most precise and perfect of any--his con- Tuiiday, Jun« 17, 1952 Arkoniot,- In a shot as: "W*» look r.iil our ol' five-iron and laid l h a l hall r i g h t up hy lhat pin." A couple of t h e raddles we t a l k ed lo arc pens in t h e n own n n h t . m a k i n g I h c m i n i ; a r o u n d the pro- (PMional c i i r u i i J U K I l i f e - t h e golfers. They ^aid l h a l several of t h f t o u r n a m e n t - ; are no good al all f o r c a d d v i n c . r a l m g a l l t h e I n u r n i i m p n l s nn a scalp depend- lll|! 0.1 hnu- "r.-nv ,1 , :e. ,,el a h a c B n r l how r | ,-, player you can gel hold of." KGRH Wins First Game In City Softball Loop' KC,'HH off to a fast itiirt In Ih- f n y Snm-.all I.oague yester- da\ a f i m w m . defeating the. Hall · ·".·vn.-."-.-. 4.3. [, was lhe fir°.t g.-,rr.» of ih c «easm fot the pen in the ninth, pitched only one ; branch in his way. but he faded ball in gaining credit for the vie- i the h a l l in there w i l h as pretty a tory. Spencer came into the game j shot as you ever saw." : with one out and the bases load- ' While the invitation lo Borns | ed and threw one ball to Del Rice I added sparkle to the tournament.! who promptly rolled into a dou- I it already had .about as strong a j bio-play ending the inning. i field as the Open. Ben Hoqan won't By GAYLE TAI.BOT Monte Kennedy started for New I be there, but runner-up F,rl Oliver.! New YorU-i/Ti-in shori- i"rk. He pave way lo Sal Maglie., fourth-place .tohnny Bulla a n d , N'o b;jr league cliih e v e r has who would have been the losing i most o( the other top-flight s t a r s ' j u m p e d from eighth place lo firsl Cubs Could Become First Team To Jump From Bottom To Top In Year having trouble w i l h his putter. We picked up Harrison d u r i n g Ihc N a t i o n a l Open iinrl he spotted u* and avked ho Briros wetc g y l l ' n pitcher had the Giants not won j are among "the 144 slarters. the gamp. Maglie proved no mystery and Max Lanier was summoned in the seventh. Lanier lasted until the ninth. Wes Westrurn. Al Dark and Davey Williams homered for the Giants. N«W v.m t. »t lwli , , IT. LOUIS NIW YORK ^ ,, "^ r ·}' «b r h ! fly by Granny Hamner broke a SchoenYSn 11 fJfc ib J ? o ' 4 - 4 «« in Mutlal. ef s l SiThomspn. 3b j I l . gav Slaughter, rf 5 3 J.Elliott. If ii 0 0! win from one reason to the next, hut i the Chicaso Cuhs m i R h t five il a I real ,-asslp if H a n k Saucr main: lams h:s present pace. Only one I team, Brooklyn, still employs t h e · radical "Saucr shift" which u-c'1 ; t o rob lhe big fellow of so m a n y Thiladclnhia-f/Pl-A triple by j ni 's before he learned to push his ! ,1 ...' ' 'apiece ,,, SC Phillies Edoe Pirates. 5-4 Philadclnhia-f/Pl-A triple Richie Ashburn followed hy a long rranny Hamner broke a i the seventh inning and shots into right field.. The MasHnjrton S| a | r Spurts ' d Council, which is wag-re a hitter " f ' K h l against Ihc huMtlln; nf high ' dams In the Columbia River h-- I 1 came (hey black (he f is |, r ,, n ",,. receni;.v elected a new president - " ntmp of Lrs Dams. s- formed him f'at Hojan had -. dipped four-over oar and l h a l ! Hnros was s t i l l even. Harrison's! w i f e i - b n p p r i her h n n d j and c» . claimed t h a i il was the lies! news | she'd heard r i n - e .·c-i-ivjnej in . Dallas. Someone ashed Harrison if : he I h o i r ' i t Bnros could hold t h e advance rlown IV .-.Irclch. Harrison t ' - n u t ; i - l il over a n t l as I a man I n l i m a i e l y a r - n u a l n t e d w i t h : nearly perfect »* the game has known. And as far as we arc cnn- - ... . ..... i-PnTvl his (ailing lo win took Hocan and i nothing away from hlj flawless alon-. We in- j record. I.)o-ik W a l k e r who we menllon"-! above, w a s s r r i o u r l y i n i n r r l d i i r i n g th'.' t o u i n a n i e n t \ V n l k - r a l)allas bov. was m ,-i,n ;.:: a ,nar- Mial al Ihp I d i n t i c v ;I-H] Fri l - t v a f l - r i-nmnloli'i.; the d » v vorl;| wa« p r - n a r l n - I-. :;n h"nie He w,-. i t r y i n g lo move a p-.r in Ihc p a i ' t . me Ir.l v ;.":, l,,. c a u " h l h l « n - h l arm in l l - e dnni- ,-uH broke lhe Class in lh" .-iridow. The » l a · - - c u t h i m nbrn-c t h e rlhnw. severing a Ipndon a n d can-Ing. co M |.|ciahlc lns. of h| : ,nrl. Firrt re-port; lidi"mpH th.-i ii was a quc.Mio'i n i l-i u-h-n he would bp rcarlv |o join lhe Detroit Lions for football practice. sc^M. ' uled lo open in annul a month. Hogan. Inci'lr-ii!". \ l ; i s acil-'nr'l ' the numhcr ".17" (-, fie lourn.-- menl. His carld- wore !h- numhcr for purport- of i r i c n l i f i c a l i o n , d u r mg lhe IhiT" days of plav and po-;- slhlv t h a i iiiinii..-,- had something to do wllh Ihc bi-; crowd that fol- . lowed hl:n. The Doakcr's number ' nl S. M. U. wa-i .17. and those arc loorl friend I magi- numbers in Dallas sporting Pazorharks) i flrcles. t h e Dallas j ~--~* Michigan Slate ha-; cnmplrlcd fiamei will he play«d by the !: - " , ; . - . . ·;. Monday through Fnd.v aliernm.nj at the Vdteran.i lio'sp'ial diamond, located behind "··"I -n h a l l . Members of lhe league in ad.lilion to lh« ; 1 2 in !·· first- jam' ...... 'i ; ^'«ra Collegium,,. VA Hospital, I n u u u l e of Selene? and · ' ; ". ''?··. A i k a n s a i Western fin-. H»nnin Playfield and Campb e l l - H e l l . rntpe.i; f f , r (he remainder of thii . CnllFKlan* vs. V. A, I'nviitnl: Wednesday, rnstltuf» of Science and Technology vf- Ar- l:/m'a- Weslern Gas; Thursday, Harmon Plnyfleid vs. Cimpbtll- Mell; and Friday, KGRH vs.. Collegians. . . ,;,r N'orlh ran ink, When wp a r r i v e r l ;. woorl r o u n t r v Club our old friend (and a of Cie A r k a n s a s C h a r l i e Burton, of ,,., M o r n i n g News. Burlon. hot. t i r e d , and bored w i t h t h e silfpr.i n n d I 87 ' l i f f e r c n i Irani'; ' . n r e m a u t I h e i r followers, greeted us w l h | h e ; n l i n g football in IBPfl. comment t h a i it sure was a small j ·' 8C ' ! Srh'aff. rookie cenicr world. t h e Washinitlon Redskins in '" caddv master for the i had : Tlln V of A, II inrned out n.ros did hold : said he was a former urn al Ihp 'he NFL h a v e p l a y n t l in 3B d l f f e r I Fayctteville Country Club. We" 1 ' ' ·'· - · · - y came to lhe , asked who it was and he said it ""lion's c n p i l a l in |i).17. Boys Club Weekly Card I June 18--1-2 Oianii --3 Cups 3-4 Vankrw '' 4-JJ Intprmpdlat»s S-B:30 Seniors. June 18--'C.amrsi Yankees vj. Cardinals Cubs v. Galntji JuneZO--U'raetlr"! 1-2 Indium 2-3 Cardinals' '·· ^ i m t j 4-5 Intermediates · 5-fi:.'lll Seniors June 21 -- ifiame.-i Cubs vs. Indians · (Hants vs. Cardinal]. Loivfey. i V s 5 siBterlnf. If Gljvisno. .1b t 1 2M U en,r. rt Johnion. .ih o o O'TJark ss 2 1 HWeitrum. c 5 fl S.Thomp'n. cf 1 0 0 Kennedy, p 1 0 1 Maclie. p 1 0 0 Lcnier. p 0 0 O^Spencer. p 0 0 0 bWilio'n . w * ..^ n Casey Stengel declares that Bob- ve the Philadelrhia Phils a s-4 ' by Shand of th* A'» h thp greatest i',' the Pittsburgh Pirates! fielding pitcher he ever saw. bar none. "Voti ean't bunt on him." Sis!er, lb D. Rice, c Brechftn. p aStanky Yuhas. p Sc Totals idi. p 3 T l«.Tot«ll , - - . ,, ! , , over \ I fi'here yesterday. * 2 2 ' A long f j J j Nicholson J o l i o i o o o n o o l o o s , - - - Thon.pson! wilnimj' Lockman. Schoendienst. RBI--W i f- "·».'· -.-,..,,. « u l . t a n * iruiii mi n:in, . , fiy oy p:nch-hitter B i l l , t h e *»»li manager complains. "Her , , ' ».o-.. lied the score in t h e . TM TM TM the whole lr-r|p|d. Wouldn't 1 ' sixth and drove Pirate starter ! t'« surprised If he'd make a good Ronnie Kline to cover. Jim Ron- !*ortstop, even If he is left-iianfl- stanty the third Phil pitcher, got ed-" credit for the. victory. The loss ' n lur inc. victory, i oe loss i was charged tn Paul LaPalma, ' The odds against an older player who relieved Kline. : winning the U. S. Open v.-ill hp- ""· a-Slntlert for Brechen in SUi. who relieved Kline. : winning lhe U. S. Open v.-ill 1-c- b--Lined out for Spencer in 9th. Ralnh Kiner hit his I Hh home- come depressingly heavy next year New yi'rk " no °~ *'~ 7 i run of t h e season in the fourth · when (hey institute a SB-hole E--Gl«vi«no"""Thon.pson. Wn""nv j ar "* Ocm 'R e Strickland hit a q u a l i f y i n g left at Ihp I inrney rile.. t. 2B--n. Rice. 3B--Lowrey. HR--William!. Dirk, Westrum. Thomion. S-- Lncktnan. DP--Lockman. Dark and Kennedy; Williams and Lorkman Thompson and Wes'.rum: nark a n d I.nckman: Thomson. Williann and Lockman. Left- St. Louli 10 New- York «. BB--Brtthtn 1. Yuhas l! Wcrle 1. Kennedy 1. Maglie 2. Linier 1. SO --Brecheen 4, Vuhas 1. Krjnnedy 1 Maslle I. HO--Brprheen 6 in t Innings; Yuhas 4 in 4',: Werle 0 In 0- Schmidt I in It: Kennedy 8 in's Inone out in 6th): Majlie 3 in 1?,: Lanier 5 in V Spencer R in i a . R ER . i ,,,,, Brecheen 3-!. Yuhas 3-3. Werle l-l I _ _ fchraidt I-l. Kennedy 4-4. Ma«lle 2-2! I "._ itTT ·"·i.s^i i. i-iaHiic \Uint ion WP_Brech:«n. W-Spcncer 13-31. L- Schmidt i2-3). U--Ballanfjn'. Barlick Gorman and Donatclli. T--3:13. A- round-tripper in the f i f t h for the The past-33 clan w i l l discover f i a t r^,, , , iH , b)irrt , P'-y'"« TM* "ole. w i l h i n five ho, "'on** s. Fiiitdyrrn « n a y s r o m f ^ u n r i p r t h f hrari nf PITTIHUHOH pHiLADiLfHi* " ·" '" mcs "noer tne neaa 01 ,1, r h «h r h h;lr d work. 4 o o Waiikus. lit 4 n 3 , And, speaking of warm v.-calher, "»« you noticed thai the scn-es So. Bill Vceck ordered and paid i f c r t h a t l o v i n g c u p h i s plavc.-s 'prerenled" him for h a v i n g f,re:l [ers Hornsby. The l.plaled dls- ure removes some, t h o u g h nol of the onus from lhe r t h l c l w It's always hern rnmninn hn«vl- ·)TP I'-at a cnoj h man can lick food l i l l l c mar. The qupst'nn up for Mt'ltmnnt In Monday's rt-i- hr'.ween Jnpy Maxim. Ilie .lisht-heavy king, and flay Robinson, the mlddlrwi-liht ruler. Is . w h a ' a irotid hifr man can do with a GREAT I't'lc m a n . I n r x l e n t a - l y , ;Ma\lm nl fi-1 will have only two Inches In height on the Sugar Boy. m a r g i n of vjetorv Whal lianrencd If Thai iiu-iiion was '·e told us. We douht if the secret v.,r. ss wll kpnl as it appeared, f a i ' i r r u-- 1 invrine t h e rcoorlers '·n\ C l i n g !''p tosirnamcnt simnly up. He was in good health and j spirits, but a shade aggravated | ····" w i t h some of his caddlej. He had on everyone's conducted a school [or Ihp hoys, he !,,,,,,,, ,»j nrior , 0 (hr tourn , ment n n d wss i trying to kppn them in line dur- ! In* th- actual play. He said he'd ! ne^n forced to change a couple of boys for one reason or an- rcspoclcd Hngan as a greal soorls- ' olhsr. man anrl compelitor and followed his rcrjupyt to not mention what caused his downfall. We found out while w a l k i n g London was professional al the Fayettcvllle Club nboiil 1048. He Is now working (n Dallas fs an insurance salesman. And we sun a.-ross a fairway In search nf B6 i nect he is doing r'eai well He »7k" former Oklahoma A . , ed us to have , drink with him" jeep and while we were downing · '· and M. star. A lied Cross drove by and asked us if we ed a ride. We said yes and climbed in. The doctor on duty at thc- tournamcnt was driving and we and w h i l q we were ,, ·ant- seven-up he told the lady wailing on us » hosnitallzatlon policv. , London said thai the caddies' were paid five dollars a round, Travelers Stop League-Leading Pelicans, 7i 0 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 -- 4 001 op lOx--5 K--Wyrostek. B - 11. RB'-- Msnion. A-?hburn. Kiner. \Vaitku5. Slrickianri. P.van. Nicholson. Hnmntrr. 2H--Casli- , . 38--'\shhurn. HR--K I n r r, S'rlcVand SB-- Strirkland DP--Ci*tf- I c'ion^. Mrrson nnrt nqrtirnm?: Klinp. j S'.rick'anfl unrt Bartirnmf: W.vrntt?k anrt Himnpr. L*f(--Pittsburph 5 Piiil- nclflDhls 7. BB-- Kl'ne S. Ridzlk S. SO --T.aPBlmi* 2. RMr.ik ?. Ivpnstanty I | HO--Kllnp fi (n 5'i Inninxi; LaPalme ! ? in ?3j: Pidzik 3 in 5; Hetntzelinin ; ft in 1: Konstanty S in 3. R fc'KR-- , KHne 4-4. LaP»lm« 1-1. Ridzik 4-2 HBP-Wyrostek '(KUn«i. W--Konttanty i.Vl). T,-T^P»'!iji. (l-li. U--GOP'?. Scry. Warneke. T--2:08. A--2.210. EVERYTHING IN PlUMBIKiO and SUPHtB FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVE. By Th* Astoci«l«d Prew Luke Appling picked an inopportune time to start bragging on his Memphis Chicks, who have been the unchallenged doormats or the Southern Association for longer than he likes to recall No sooner does the Memphis manager allow that his bovs are , r ? und .l ng int ." a TMS M f a i r bail club. (Bj- The Associated Press) j Brooklyn -- Robert Villemain. ; 16B, France, outpointed Jose Ba- 1 sora. 171, Puerto Rico, 10. ) Allentown, Pa.--Percy Bassctt. i 137. knocked out Ray Powell. 12!), Allentown, 1. ~r~'"""* ""·· a i «s"i- irfir oau club j Chicago -- Basil Marie, 137 · u. Chlrks dr °P 'heir second Philadelphia, a n d Pete Smith. 1 3 S in a' S ow 3me a winni "8 seven ( New York, drew, 10. The CMcks howerf i n n. u-i i I Baltimore-Johnny Greco, 153, ni S ht3-io, k en b a 0 binVt^het ersla , S o Tnr °" t0 ' TM1?TM M Lllis A r t i z ' pull within a game and a ha f if I 14 i Pu 7'° R ' c0 ' 10 ' n9»j^c.«i..i»....n_i.-.. _. i V ' | Brooklyn--Don Williams. 148. Worcester. Mass., stopped Jackie O'Brien. 145. Meridian, Conn., 4. Sail I.ak* City--Keith Nuttall. 138, Crigham City, Utah, and Bobcat Torrance, 139, I^os Angele.s, drew, 10. Fresno--Tony Rosnich, 104, San Francisco, and .lack McKall.s, 183, Los Angeles, drew, 10. a a of i pace-setting New Orleans. The Pels ' dropped a 6-7 decision to Little Rock while Chatlanooga ed«d Birmingham. 4-3. An downpour in Atlanta f afternoon post Neither nf thp starling pitchers to K ° a " in the "' ·-- --·- ·« ft" ° it "ic way m thp Little Rock-New Orleans ilurfl?' The Pels used three moundfrSi n an effort to stem the Rocks' i^-nit barrage, and New Orleans ' Js( ' t ' "^ thoiisandf in reducing got 10 safplies off two Little Ro. k ! die.'s June's Roman Mpa Bread, miner.". l 11 i n t r M J E° DnnfmiP p"p"h A'tT 0 " """ ' "-' = """ ' - --" : °L- Sl.irler Milo Johnson got credit for the victory although Tie had to ,? , r , cll(wr 1 i" lhe eighth by Al«x McNpilance. Johnson gavp iip two i walks in the eighth and thev rt. i suited in threp runs for the Pels Don Carlson, who started for New Orleans, likewise was pull«d j n 'h« eighth and charged wilh the j Btat the Heat See a Drive-In Movi* Tonight if t-; ? ' · ' NEWS Starts Wednesday Mellow and light ...just light! Technicolor Speclaclii Of SMlh Sei Advenlun Frtnk Secory, new umpire In · National Lpagnp, holds · B. S. ree from Western Michigan · tao ^^ B E E R /^ s lit Dry Brer Pony Rides 4" Miniature Golf 11 DRIVE my progressed to Ihe point ,-hcre he at the cou · e ,, ,, % d» e w All'th, ta/t'T* ^ "* C ° dd ""- .·an ,-wtl his clinnincs." so -mt,»^....j ., .. ...^ ?' .? M th * "H 0 "" 1 '·«· « PPffonal Interest In inpir golfer and refer RELAX! mmm^ D A I 1 f C P A L A C E The role that won the Academy Award for Bogart! Of IBM BCGABI-HEPBURN Ftilurri Start 1:00 . 3:OS . 5;1S 7:1S . 1:20 · LATEST NCWI It COLOR CAHTOOH Ftilurn al 7:00 k 1:00 P.M. Starting Wedne»day "CYRANO" man and th. Academy Award winntr from "Strtttcor Named De- *irt" . .,. together for the firtt rime . . . and, IT COULD HAMiN TO YOt^T IT WOULD! .. .Th. Hoppkwi Happ.o,lanc.l that Ever Ticl,W Yoor Rilibililig.l T«ke a tip? Then, by all means, take a trip to the DARK and see a great show! P.S. Features start ot 7 t 9 P.M. The Management 1:20-3:JO-S:ZO-7:JO-I:JO We're not eroty . ..'. jutt giving our patron* a chanc* to see one «f the year's best outdoor picture* at Borgam Prices! ' j Is It Good ? -: The reviewers rat* : this Picture at j "EXCELLENT 1 ! ll f ! Firs Wanto know if the pictures or* suitable for your children "" odl "*"- M

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