Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 27, 1974 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1974
Page 16
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joe Sportsoir spent ten Jaousond dcflors on a new rethink more of that -thanyoudoofme,' complained his wife. "All y» ever dqfhese days," she said," is · wax Eloquent!* HEY- THAT PASTE IS-EXPENSIVE OINCLE LUDVVIS, VOU OUGHT TO SEE A DOCTOR ABOUT VCUR I FIGURE 6E.TTER OFF THIS WAV.' I CANT REMEMBER) \MV BIRTHDAY'/--9 ~- 27 · r OF COORSfe/V.BBTjRlRY WE ^ WE CCOID 6£T ANOTHER .START. WERE" \ f\ES,S KNOW. BUT ;] WORKWS \VWVa WOULP MAMA 3 OP A HEW COULD H'PRwmcttW ·WEGET J ' SUCH * MONEY f 11CX6 HtR HOW weu. Of? SMC »-- * aee' HWS veu wg«6 A BOOK? "CHen WHSN I »e« THROUGH WTH VWU If SO AN PtCK UPAMOfHefC' TfiTER'S SCHCXX Mfl'RM SHORE VWUZ RIGHT flBOUT BLQCKS B6IM 1 EDUCATIONAL--' HOW BUT OF IS · } COJGSS THAT^S NONB WORTH ? PLENTY UVIN' IM LOWBR RENT] PI STRICT O' KNOWS-/ OUR CAVE -' KM LURKIW THAR. ) THSV LEFT J, SINCE TH' ./THAR PlfCHERS. ORIGINAL, -C7 _ MY HOW OWWER _X CIVILIZATJOW 20 1LLVLIM (WIT UP FOR TWeRS'S TMIS HOW COME YOU NEVER TAKg M£ TO OME OP THOSE 7 AR£ YOU KIOOIN6 ?/ ONJ'T EVEKJ KNOW ^ \ THE PtFFER£NC g£TW£EM i \ A STKAkSHT AMP A FLUSH! ui ASICKIE IT MAD TO BE SOMEONE WttO CANT HANDJ.E HIS (N A MATLJEB WAV III -rvwns ffl* Ro*cuuxts; esmv CENTS APOUNOR3R )«tr I'M eOW^S f^ -- ·· --- ( .Oy START CHURNING MV OWN BUTTER/ GOOD IDEA" JT1_LSIVEVOU SOMET^IMGIO DON-THE It? JJ -Believert or AW NortHwMf Arfwma* TIMES, Friday, S»pt. 27, PAYITTIVILI.I. AMKANSAI ll*W*«ttlWIWI»«lllffllilMII« LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Sarcoidosis Not Related To Sarcoma . 3 FURSTENBEBS BROTHERS Z , FERDlWftUD AND WlLHEtM WfRE B/SHOfK/StMULTANEOUSLY HE'S ALREftDV L'ARNT HOW TO GtT AT TH 4 COOKIE (TAR SHANI«0,a-town tn Oregon," i WAS NAMED FOP A PIONEER SHTUR, AUGUST SfHERWECKAU, «·· INDIANS UftO COULD NOT PZOPSRLY PKQHQtltKE HIS NAM£ Submitted by Emery F. ToblM-/ -.1 Vancouver. Wash. X NEEPA DOUBLE/JIM. QUICK.' iiiiiMiiiiiiiiiniiHiiiiiiiiJiuiMiHiiiiMiiiiiiMiiiiiiiuiiniiiiiiiiiM^ I know that sarcoma is a severe father type of cancer. My was recently found to have sarcoidosis. Is it possible the doctor is using this term to avoid telling him how serious his condition Mr. O.L., Kla. way of getting quick assurance s to discuss the problem with he physician. · · Dear Mr. li.: · Sarcoirtosis is -(^SHATTERED BELLS OF THE CHURCH OF ST. MW?Y iM LOBKK, GERMANY SWASHED DURING AN ALLIED BOMBARDMENT IN WORLD WARH, REMAIN AS A MEMORIAL TO EMPHASIZE THEli^ INSCRIPTION) :"VIVOSVW " / CALL ON We LIVING-* {TO AVO/0 ANOTHER. MR } in no way related to sarcoma, a danger pus form of cancer. Sarcoidosis is a chronic disease known as Boeck's Sarcoid, named after Dr. Boeck, a Scandinavian doc tor who first described it. At one time sarcoidcsis waf lought to be related to tuber- ulosis because the symptoms esemble each other. The lisease is-still a mystery, even hough its seriousness is rela- ively minor. A skin test (Kveim) is user p distinguish t h i s condition. Some time ago, a scientisi FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope iiaNiniuinniiiiiinnniiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiniiiiiiiiiM Look in the section in which j your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR SAT., SEPT. 28, 1974 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. JO) Admonitions for this day: Don't launch new ventures without careful preparations; don't count profits before completing your part of a bargain and don't be disturbed by necessary delays. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to MAy 21) It will be important to distinguish carefully between facts and theories; also between facts and rumors. Before taking ac- sure where you're GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) A better organized routine could help you to bring things up to the mark you desire, maybe set a new record, plan your day well. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Trouble-free performance should be yours this day. Direct your efforts astutely to encompass all essentials. Pet projects should go over with a bang. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Avoid a tendency toward Ie- :hargy. You could make some unusual strides if you put your talents to work. Emphasize your top-flight adaptability in unus ual situations. VIRGO (Aug 24 to Sept. 23) If you don't look longingly a the other side of the fence, you will find time to enjoy what's on YOUR side--and it's plenty LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Ideas and plans for trave may be running into some diffi cully -- especially if you havi planned too much activity o have been to optimistic abou costs. There's still time to re vise, however. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Someone in authority will now ake action to aid your cause-- ddening your horizons consi erably. You have good reason or optimism. AGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 Dec.21) Your judgment somewhat 'cloudy" now. Take nothing for [ranted, even if all seems well. And, above all, make no hasty lecisions. · " :APRIGORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 0) Focus ambitions on an attainable plateau. Don't strive for he unreasonable. If not well counseled, new ventures could pose a problem. AQUARIUS (Jan. 2[ to Feb. 19) A domestic situation may tax /our integrity but cast aside any doubts of your ability to mndle. By midday, you'll have :he answers you need. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) This could be a somewhat erratic day unless you steer a steady course. Above all, avoid discussions which could upset associates. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with a high order of intellect and strong leanings toward the creative. You like people and make friends easily, but your approach is one of great dignity, reserve and fastidiousness. Your sense of justice is outstanding and you will fight for your principles-with or without backing. As with most Librans, you are extremely practical in carrying Out your original and ingenious noted that sarcoidosis occurrec more Frequently-in'those people who chew t h e resi nof pine rees. This observation has never been explained. You can be certain that it a dangerous condition such as i sarcoma existed, someone in .he family would have been .aken info the confidence of the doctor. Whenever there is such confusion of terms the simplest I live in lobster country and have eaten them all my life. Twice in the past year my lipj suddenly began to swell after eating a boiled lobster. I know t's an allergy, but can' it occur after so many years? : Mr. H.H.G., Main* Dear Mr. G: Such an allergic reaction is nown as "angioneurotic edema." An injection of adrenalin or a large dose of an antihisla- mine drug can quickly reducs the swelling. It is difficult to explain why, after so many years, you should develop an allergic reaction to food that you have eaten for; so long, But it does happen and' the advice geneally ,is that you! should avoid eating this delicious food unless some other reason is found. ; Sometimes, combinations of foods may trigger an allergic; response that is attributed oply to a single food. For example, the combination of lobster and melon might be responsible, yet eating one or the other-might cause you no reaction. Skin testing and subsequent desensitizatioh are sometimes effective in reducing severe allergic reactions. B. JAY BECKER Oh Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Marten' Individual Championship Flay) IINnil[llflnH!ll!1lll!ll!llllllllll1lllll]ll!ll!!ll!!l!lllinillllll»ll!lHllinil!lllin^ 1. You are declarer with the West hand at Six Hearts and Morth leads the king of diamonds. How would you play the hand? *AQJ T-Z-] * 963 V.AK9 JV »«2 · 73 g » AK8642 *AK743 1 1, *65 2. Yon are declarer with the West hand at Three Nolrump. North leads the queen of hearts. How would you play the hand? 4K852 VAKQ8632 *A 44 ' 4A643 VJ1097 *,8 ' 4 AQ109 ideas, You have a for words, and could make a great success as a novelist or playwright; could also use this asset in the fields of lecturing, teach- ng or the law. Music is another splendid outlet for your talents. Birthdale of Georges Clemenceau, Fr. statesman; Ed Sullivan, TV entertainer. 1. This is one of those hands where the contract is ice-cold regardless of how the enemy cards ar dividtd. IF the spades are divided 3-2, all you have :o do is give up a spade trick ;o make the slam, so you start by assuming a 4-1 (or 5-0) division. Win the diamond and cash the A-K of hearts and A-K of spades.- If it turns out thai North has four spades, lead a club and finesse the nine. Even if the nine loses to the jack, you have the rest of the tricks, whatever South returns. A club return permits you to Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Headwear 4 Eject 8 Toiletry item 12 Lupino 13 Feminine name 14 Operatic melody 15 Outlines 17 Cozy retreat 18 Sour 19 Tend the roast 20 Gleam 22 Hurried 24U.S. President 25 Compares 29 Pointed tool 30 Burnett 31 Inlet 33 Argued 34 Young woman 35 God of war 36 French painter 37 Punish 46 Island east of Java 41 Disembark 42 Party games 46 Pilaster 47 Gardener's need 48 Salutation 49 Pare 50 Roman date 51 Dailey DOWN 1 Twitching 2 Fuss 3 Spanish scarf 4 Tally 5 Sulk 6 Transgress' 7 Existed 8 Maple leaf country 9 Crude metals 10 Fog 11 Lessen IS Combat vehicle 19 Inventor 20 Mast Avg. solution time: 25 mht Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 21 Inventor 22 Open lesions 23 Trudge .along 25 Walking stick 26 West Indian island 27 Emerald Isle 28 Seasoning 30 County in Ireland 33 Footwear 34 Festival 36 Female horses 37 Strike 38 Window · part 39 Poker stake 40 Foundation 42 Greek letter O Wooden trough 44 LeGaUwnne 45 Oriental coin discarded both your losing spades on the clubs; a diamona return permits you to discard one spade as you ruff in dummy and the other on the ace ol clubs. Now let's suppose South shows up with the four spades, Lead a club to the ace and return the queen. Discard [a spade if South follows low. thus Hitting North out of business, even if he has the king. ;· If South plays the king of clubs on the queen, ruff it, enter dummy with a trump, and lead the ten of clubs. Discard if south follows.low; r u f f if South produces the jack.- Either way you have twelve tricks. ;; 2. There are two main lines of play. One is to win the heart, play a diamond to the king and try a spade finesse. If it wins, return to dummy and repeat the finesse. This brings you (p nine tricks, but yields roughly only a 50 per cent chance for the contract. The other line of play is to win the heart, lead a diamond and duck. If the suit is divided 3-2 (a 68 per cent chance) you make at least four notrumo. Obviously, this method of play wins more often than the spaHe finesse, and is therefore the proper plan to adopt. PONYTAIL 20 22- "My social life is in great shape... I haven't gotten ; my homework done for a week!" HOW TO PLACE YOUR'CLASSIFIED AD BY TELEPHONE , Dial 442-6242-Ask For CLASSIFIED DEADLINES: tJLkKWltit) WQKD ADC -- to sart » ut loewtid mm urn. Friday. -- To sUrl Uoniiy l* taxti Brtn i!'.30 A.m. Saturday. - to »Urt TMjJay oa tttortts «· adopted or.ti! 4 K-m. n (b by baton poblleltion. CUKTTTEB KSPLXT (SPACE) *M -- to rfart tmiw an anapfe! nata ( p.m. Tfeuivday. -- la ttirt Uovlay an aoatpto] mm I p.». rrtday. -- t» start Tneiday ftm Btnrda? art acetpted mlB 4 am. tn dayi brfota publication. · Claitifiad Offica Hours Are: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.te 4iOO p.m. Saturday. 8:00 a.m. to Ili30 a.m.

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