Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 16, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 16, 1952
Page 8
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Winfhrop Rockefellers Don't See Things Alike; Even Financial Arrangements; Trust Fund For Their Son Is Set UD 1ml -f/l'i-A wcekci recriminations over nifinnv Ivaccrl ihin picture m the nshrs nf a onetime "fniry t;ilc" rnmaive: IMr; Harhara "Hobo' 1 Kockeff]- ler. hnnrv - haired "Cinderella" f n niillinnnirn four years loves her r.-1 ranged husband Win'hi op and hopes fnr a reconciliation. In New York, \Vinlhrop irney · f ' p ' 1 M.'itemr-n! snid he i.- nnxinus fnr "the companionship nf his son" and rnccr tn mnke a financial arrangement to ar.sure it -- nothing about love or reconciliation. Hnckefeller ,-innnunrrd thmutrh Lawyer Timothy N. r.feiffer thai he Inrl set up a million-dollar t r u s t iiinri /nr his son, born in September, IH1H. I'feiffer s.tid the (rust fund was llis prcpar- set up afler "repeated hut unsuc- - - - - - -. : '. ( .pr;,;f U | .,.| pm p (; - | f ) l J.j S( , Ur , S " ln p : hnv's financial future and cutody, h u t hc fai]ocl t o accept. with Mrs. Rockefeller. She and "He ran see Winnie any time he ; their snn, Winthrnp Paul, now live wants to," she added. ''We hau a ! nn the farm of her mother and finest room heir, or ho can stay ! stepfather, F,va and Peter N'eveck- at one of the sm^ll houses, or a ! as, f i v e miles ;soul's of Lowell, j hotel in Lowell. The door is open who says she Irft swank quarters in Manhattan for life on t o }lim -" Robo's remarks nn finnneps were faim in Indiana because i f . was challenged immediately by lawyer inanciaily necessary. raid her htis- - Pfeiffer. hand's dirclosure of the trU5t fund ! "war. in had lastc. I v.'as exlreme- should make FO private a -f DAGWOOD- (YOU'RE GETTING naUrr. "I dn ntit wnnt tn appenr vindir- TIIE Wl-O-f; KI7CHENS AFI_AME.' IVE GOT THE WIFE. GIVE A HAND WITH THE TONSILS 1 HERE- DID IT. IwiTH THE HE THREW A BOTTLE OP GASOLJNE.' Chewing does if Get a hippy little lift. Chew Wrig!ey'» Spearmint Cum. IWps you on the job. Work goes faster, Miier. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams MO WOMPER ALL OUR. PILLS, TAOTF.P AS EITTFK. AS GALL/ THIS FELLOW HAS BEEM SUOOS4Q ALL TH' .SWEET OFP THEM, THEM FUTTIMS 'EM BAC!C.' COME HERE-OUT WITH IT. TIJTB RJMWY/ VJOULD A'.OM SEND AW PMPTY SOX? geiicve h orNci! / YDU'W TO /rtAVE CHATO OF THE P!0..'E \fiOOP IUCK THEY'RE HAVING A LOCUST PLAGUE OVER THEUE. FRONTIER'S OEVElOPEO * POTENT NEW WSECTIODE. WE'RE SENDING OVER TONS OP IT, ALOM4 WITH PLANES FOR SPRAVING. ME, DARLING, MY N5XT H'JSB.WJ'S COING TO 8E A QUIET LITTLE HOVIE90PY. ANCIENT ROWJS WERF. WOK'V CIVILIZED PEOFIE WHO ATE OSTRICH KMT MUCH IS THE LIFE OF A TROUBLE SHOOTER WITH FRONTIER Oil I VOU'LL NEVEC PND IT/ ) THAT'S ONE pp THO5F. y,n UMTER. J. JW Corpsman se-\':nq with r 1 '" US CARRIES AN 1655 PENW THfiT HAS BROUGHT GOOD FORTVHETo FIGHTING MEN IH S UAKSf ORftVESTOHES CFGSftNGEVILLE C.\-ta~:'. A. A CWLE -1\ LIFEBOAT asm AH MKMOS CARVCD FRC,'(\ STONF. WSI.dC,: S MARX HIS OWN OB/IVc ' *\n» i\ «*l / *«JVV 1M' Ml C' SVOL'I r !·-!: V t- 1 r'-n\'.K · ' i AiK'i Ml. MW.K'41-\ I'iAi v J t r; ; «oad -;··;r.r I ,.'^x,i t o · HUT IWI A'.II.f O. ·.1C»'IU«V IV J-\ ...K)I 111. H:U Vliir., VBt'.Mf K Afl IA01 {JV. (VMM II 1 MJ dON.- f \\ LAO!... I.IC ABNER.r'- vr:v BIM MAO CL MAR-CM 17 rvi.'.'- IT'S TIME. KISSED AM NI'.VAH Ki IN) Al L MAH 1 II I..--AN'AM DOM-T AIM VIM HIM Now. 1 :' AOl-nSMUL YAHHArEc, T ' ORDF t, MAMMV P \POLL RANK OVJ Fl)M "A")', AC-.-r.'-t^ )vo:?OV-'jr HBADO'TH 1 J\TMic. , s A FAMM.V ? J CMEOGEHCV.' so sneaky. Hc has nil his mail sent to iho office so I can't open it," live," she said In an interview, j can he with parent! separated." "but the statement givw t h e ' What broke up her fairy tale wrong impression. It sounds like Winnie has a million dollars. Well, he'll never see it." She said the million Hollars Is invested and frnm t h i s iiifofne the ln ourselves, hoy "will (jet 5750 a month until "Also, I KUC?; he is 18, then $1.200 n month until he. is 30, at vhieh time he will set further support frum the trust'* income," Son Always Available A ^ for fathor-niid-srin romnan- innship. "\\'mme has always been available to his father." Robo, a striking, :in-yrar - olrl blondi 1 , sairl she invited Kockefel- ler to the farm last Thanksau inr; Day, and ,i£nin when she and the boy were in Kl'irida last January. romance? "Publicily certainly Contributed to nur se;:nr,ition. I can hardly remember any time that v/e'hud Iff expected ot see a poor, ignorant barefoot girl. 1 trness it shocked Ihem to find out f could even speak." CWA Planning Strike Fund OfMiliions Convent-ion Opens In Cleveland With 2,000 Delegates ncvelnnd - f/Ti - The 300.000- memlirr rnmmunications Workers of America, fifth largest union in the CIO. opens a five-day con- ' vrntion here today with the creation nf a multimillion-dollar 'J2gnn!) "ori s l r ' k c func] f!lc ma J° r item of bus- -r" did" not ine - cs - ·^ ·· hn\V tn pay any taxes. This does .Jnsrph A. Rrirnp, CWA pre.~i' not include any nf the payments to dent arul keynoter at this morn- her for the child from the trust inu's first senernl session of more fund." , than 2,non delegates, is urging a mmiprant rlt * f oni:c fund of 12 million dollarp. lie sniri t!ie propose! most important Mom tn "Since Mr. and Mrs. KorkefeMor separated in October. 19411," he said, "Mr. Rockefeller has provided fnr the support of his wife and their son more than which Mrs. Rock ef el I The danithlrr of an word up to now: "It's untrue. I'm absnltiteiy f!ab- bor^asted. Facts are facts and Ihcrc arc no records In prove (hose ^;" n -; vn " li ;;;;;;. he derided this week" and rir^lnred that in past strikes "we did not have the monry to cr/nrdinnle and support things. J en n't understand why this has lo lie aired in the press. It's absolutely discus tins;." Rrcrtvcs No Money She said she and her snn shared About half of the C'W.Vs' collective harfjainin* has been completed. It was accompanied by e:;!rnrivc strike activity across the nation rMiring April. Tlie con- income !rom Winihrop before the , rnrls sj:;ncd prn vjdcd for wnse trur.t fund was srt up, but s;nco m she has received no money for herself. "I asked fnr my allowance pnd increases ransjmi: from $1 to $7 fur about T.'i.OOO workers. Later a contract covering 50,worker.? fnr Southern Bell ^ ^^tid ^r'TMi ,,f Tncphon, CnmnnnvTn nmosout x__ wit Mid Mie Keeps a i c r n M ul af:t p n .,,.,. c , ,, Pl . o tinted w -- -ncHi- v every cent spent for W , n - , . - $2.50 to -·;_·:· me. "like a secretary and book- ' ' ,,,. fa nkiute, said rhe handsome husbanri, keeper." But fer all tis pquabhlinrr, Robo who be^an life a- .Tie-.-ue Paul- ll lo\ es her whore nanv- is synonymous wilh nil and millions. lie was America'" "most olipihle bachelor' 1 when they were- married- in the early minutes nf. St. Vnlenlin"'? Day four year." ;i^o · at a fnshinnnble Palm Beach society wedding. "With effort on both mir parK" she said, "This could be a successful marriage. Divorce, would result in no possible Eood fnr our child. As parents we i-boiiM be able to resolve our differences and create a happy home." \ Uifc is simple r.nw fnr the pirl who was Miss I.itruania' at the Century of Prn^resH Exposition in Chic;) 20 in 1933. Rho parlayed thai into modeling, then 'the theater, j ami finally an unsuccessful niar- riajjc with a diplomat, Richard Sears, Jr., before f-hc; met Win-. thron. ; Now she reads, fishes, watches TV. visits Chicago once in -a while. "I have to do dishes. I prepare lunch and dinner, nv.Ue the · lieds, and my mother and I split 1 the other house wnrh. ! "This is a wonoerfu] environ- ' ment for \\'mnie. He \z living a; i normal life here -- as normal as il ' nth 56 n week. The rriming presidential e!cc~ linn and the current steel strika also \\'ill mnie in [or considerable riiscii"Fion by delegates representing MO CWA locals 311 43 slnles and several Canadian provinces. Not whi'\ not wheat, not rye, but a flavnr blend of all three-Juppe's Koman Meal Bread. 11-tIMf Color Makes The Trim MONDAT NIGHT . fi-.nn Dinner Music 6:l.i Starlight Time 6:30 News GAj O^ark Sports Hcview 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:1.1 Gabriol Jleatter--M 7:3(1 Rhythmic Hendezvons 7:45 Lombardo on the Air R:ftn Rill Henry R:0.i Primp Fichlors f,:3(l War Front--Home Front. P:00 Nrw-3 9:05 \Vnircn "f Year n::i."i .lust Music 10:00 News I 10:15 Platter Party 11:00 Platter Party 11:3(1 SiRn Off TUESDAY MORNING 5:30 Kise N" Shine 5:50 R.F.D. 1450 6:00 Rise 'N-' Shino 6:30 Markets and Weather 6:35 Rise N' Shine 7:0li Koffeo Kup Knpers 7:30 Olasro N'ev/s 7:45 Koffee Kny Kapcrs S.OO Bob Hurleich 8:15 Morninu Devotion S:30 TIMES Morning Edition 8,45 Holpum Gospel H y m n s 9:00 MorninR Melodies !M5 Pa\iln Slnr.e Show 9:30 Take a Number 10:00 Food for ThouRht 10:15 Linda's First Love 10:30 Queei, for a Day li-OI) Khythin Ranch Hands ll:l.i Haurkace Commentary 11:25 Carl Smith 11:30 Church of Chrl.-t 11:45 Musical Roundup 11:."5 Market Report 3-8 yn. I5y Sttc Burnett \TM TUESDAY AFTKRNOON 12.00 Hymns of All Churchcr, 12:l:i News nt Noon 12-30 rimckwacnn .lamboreo I2--I5 Kirlerr, o f ' t h o Purple SaRC Prof'y Inok-alike drrssr-s eiit on sr\v-:.miplp prinre?;: linos. (,'olli,r and skirt rdp:e are in eolnrfnl con- t r a s t , or trim with crisp rufflinfi. Pattern No. RR44 is a sow-rite perforated p a t t e r n in sizes 11, 12. 13, 11. 16. IS. 20. Sir.o 12, 1* yards of 39-inch: 1 ' t yards trim. Pattern No. (1R44C is a sew-rile perforated patlern in sizes 3, 4. 5, li, 7. fi years. Size 4. Pi yards of 39-inch; -S yard trim. Two sop- aralo patterns. For those patterns, send 30c for EACH, plus 5c for first-class mail- Inc for each pattern ordered, in COINS, vnur name, address, sizes desired, and the PATTERN NUM. RK.R to Sui- nurnett, Northwest Arkansas Times, 1150 Avc. Americas, New York 3(1. N. Y. Raslc FASHION for '52 Is filled wnn Irlons te make your clothe* budget Co further -- lime.Mving ·nil economical d«llan» thnt nre «n«y to new. Olfl pattern printed Inside. 2} cenkk I (in Ladies Fair I ·25 Afternoon Varieties " 0 0 KomeihinR Old 2:15 Snrnclhinc New 2:3n Siiinclhiiii: Borrowed 2:li SunirlhiiiK Bins , 3'0(l Swinn Kcssir^i 3:30 Tune Pick'n Time 4:HO Tune Pirk'n Tlmo 4:30 Tune Pick'n Time 5:00 SKI. Preston 5:3,1 Sky Kins 5:55 Cecil P-rown SUPER! (SM Po 9 i 10)

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