Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 16, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, June 16, 1952
Page 7
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New league baseball team (lissipaiir'i! an 11-0 lead? Sounds im.-redihle doesn't it 1 It happened, though. \o lairr than yesterday and ly none other than the Nati'innl League Champion N'cw York Giants. Sunna-' produced lot-; of e x c i t e - ment as the N'cw York Yankees in- croarrd their first nlarc Irad in the American Lracup w i t h t w o victories over the Clcvrl.-md Indians, 'be BoMon Braves chilled the red hot Chicago Cubs with a double defeat and the Cincinnati Feds v.-on their i i r = t C :, mf , n f ,i, e i " Rolly To Nip « , Giants Win FBC Midget League Games Tigers Split With Senators \ J ew Players Hit Homers 3-0 And Spli- Yankees. 4-1. and the Giants, wi'.h . Dnr-^y .lont-s doinc the pitching, be?;t the Indians. 4 - 1 . As fnr a« the pitrhinq was concerned both games were jewels I : Mahan fired a one-hitter at t h e ' Yanks, facing only IR men in five at innings and permitting only fivp batters to reach base. Jones, on the mound for the nianlf, tossed a two-hitter and, . faced only 18 men in the f i v e - ,,, * Tun lnlln * »lr«l". « winnin? ' sk ' ln «nii i hrlff Southern A - o - .. . . . . . from the Hronklvn Hod ' , rr -.-, · a : frame game. Jon»s struck out nine f ' hatters. Kithing. however, ma'rhed the Genrce Alexander was the loc- Ft. Louis Cardinals 1 fnnt of over- ing pitcher for thp Yankees. RivinR coming the C-ian!s' 11-n lead to u . n four_ runs in the first two in- l/Tl-N'ow playing here 4 ... Stadium: thp home run slory. And what a change in the · script! The t a t t e r e d Timers smacked : only ID hnmeis in the i-isnn's first in games. Since thp giant t r a d e | June .1 with the Boston Red Sox. · ti'e Tigers slammed 17 h.imrrr. in 11 games. The spluree by Vie W» r ;?. Walt Maglie Fails Again, But No One Knows Why rollers fhu third registered er this season 'hiic hl'r. i s " mv 'ne ominous sljni of puilinj : awn.v from the field. n!y t h e i Pirate flmg- N«- York-i/l'i-Tbe mystery of Sal Mac.lie's decline deepens with ·ver\ carr.n PIP nnce invincible «'ii U-12. nines. From ihere on he was in nropo and six oiii-'s has /Kinile- -^Ti-ss^a.Eaa'HSa ^JSrJVffX-gTM -- * · first fine work in the outfield fnr t h e ' Pl^e stand,n v . fans arc cominr. . Yc-lerriay's rlrvastalinc 1 4 - 1 2 £s'me, 3-0 Bin oh. what rame! Leading 11-n a f t e r four · losen innings with arc K.-il Ma«lie on the Mahan was helped in his win- mound and Insinc the came? The n ' M ^ effort by some fine infield ^the^a,, park in KUr r risin g ,,,,;·,,, ibe^. Lo^'cardinals ,n ,, , ,. ,,.., Four homers vrslerd.iv scored l^'i."!"'^" ?· " rl ;»^''""TM"" ; in I can'! believe" it wnrk TM »"· P a l 1 " r ''''TM"' W a t - ! all the Tigers' runs In a'fi-3 vie- Maqllc " nhrl '"'ahl.v hle« Fo certain was ,,,,,,,.,, ,, n Du- ' ihort^tu^oi^aM^r^n^ ! ^' ""' lhC WaShing '°" S TM" rocher of winning the came, he .John Steel *| fn.i. Harold Boha/ian. Dick Bowles. Tod McAllister. Boise Davis and Marian Songaard held down the outfield. , rested slljfrcers \Ves Wcstrum and Elliott a f t e r the third innirs. There is one consilntion for the . i en- is nnr consnmiion lor the f - . . . ^rier'" 0 "^ T!lrir , i''TM Pi-he^r'?n^,,S.^ b ;tle' r ] sriua_nrier js not a record. Exact- Joncs in ,, s( . oiTlt . w du ,,| th( , fil ,, an 11-11 lead, n-arle it four straight g;ur"s that .Sal the Barber w;is Today the Tigers rank, behind ' C'hc" *TM "' e T"" rl ' Pr «'iou.- only the Cleveland i^'M ^n f .; Iivo ,,,,,,,,,,,,, "^ TM^"'^^ "' ! 'v t" bis peak yi-ar. His record !·: I)-?. over Hie I'hiladelph yesterday, hut Unwie Fox cams back to pitch the Phils to a 6-4 j Birmingham marked Ihp firing win in Ihp mglitci'n. Fox save up '"' Manager Al Vincent yr;,!crd,iy i only four hiu in posling his win U t l f 1 * ! l t " R decision n-. pr Chiili-i- 1 " nonia and snapped : lo.inj string 'it M" en games The b a t t e r e d Bfir- ons. diiecterl temporarily hy r a t r h - er Red MathH. erupled for s e v e n runs in the eighth tn nnirr the in * 'dory column for thf fii1 time b r h since June (i 4 o n 4 (i ?. In dismissing Vincent. Binning- J f ham Oneral Manager Rddip den- ; nnn said "up think Al did atnplv ' . i n n v-cll with the material he had." fl n n ''.^plaining thp aclion. Glennon l n n sairl "u-p consirlprprl n change of ',, ", J ; mannitprs was best for all con- 1 0 1 cernpd." ' ! Vincent was Ihp f u s t mnnni?er- Mondoy, Juna Arkonioi, 16, 1952 rgh r. philnHclphla 0 FIRST CAMI PITTSBURGH PHILADELPHIA M T - C I I S l r k T i If I I 1«la 4 1 '2 flnrk 4 0 II n«»n I 1 » C' hallr 4 n : nrf\« -0 n n Tl'.r.nvi .IS fi II Tnlnls rt 3 n I Boros Heads Horn; After Winning U.S. Open; Not Eligible For PGA : and Boston a ' even lending Yankees. home-run hittnrs. t |? N( ,, v Yri| . k I' fsliurrh . - ly 27 vears aco -- Tune IS. lf.:!.=,_ t'-'c Clevelanrl fndians v.- nllrnv all four mis |., l| r - f"urlh. j American League home. lead, each "H'i n:in i the Redhirds. held . the winning Ginnts and riil'l lunless for four innings, routed . Myis turned in n fine gnmp PS Majljp wit'i a seven-rm filth, cli- ! calrher. and helped the attnck with maxed by Enns Klnughter's three- · a P 3 ' 1 °^ n ' J: run homer. Three more runs off ' - - · . - 1'oyt Wilhrlm in ihe seventh cut ' RrauAr flt'M TnU the Giants^marcin to one run. So!- | DlCVCj Llllll VUD blBTSSHS,S : Surge With Pair Single off losr.r Max Lanier in the only four of the 14 games. When Wort/ and Pat same inn're finally put the Cards in front. 1 2 - 1 1 . Another homer hv I emus with one on in the ninth n f f s r t a riant score in their half of Ihe last frame. *t. Leuil |], N;w York I! FIRST CAME ST. LOUIS HEW YORK ab r h ab r h rtPnvif. £s 5 3 ?'U'i'!i«nT ?b fi n ·; V, 0 ^ 1 ?"'". ?!' 5 ! ^tpckman. lh s n i Of Wins, 4-1,2-0 . . iw r.v . . lh , . if -n. If 1 n D Hies. . Prvkc. p Crmuan p VVrlp. p Echmid!. p 4 3 2 4 2 J 2 ? » n n n 1 n n 1 2 i I n n o n n -. rf 5 2 .1 M u e l l e r , rf "b S 1 2 Dark. ? .' 1 .T U' c O n n Nol;!e. e 1 n OvHirney 2 1 1 Marti'- n 1 0 o W'llheim. p ( i o n Spencer, p 0 0 0 Lanlnr. p ·K«nn?Hy, p (l 0 0 Saupr. If 'rEvari J o n Atwell. c Tntfils 4, 1 . H 18 Tola's 41 12 14 KrjrKI.'-. lh f--Pepped nut frr \\rli. In ?ti] ~ j i'liiallc:'. ·: r- Umed out fnr DierinH in H'h ' M'nncr p c--Safe on error for Nnhip in 9th '; aEdwnrris rt--Filed out fnr Lanier in sth | Kplly. p P--Saff on crrnr for Kft/inedy in nth bCavaretta P' t^eiii' OOn n?n .122-14 j Totak New York nss ono noi--t: - r--Hermn. RBI--Dark ? Wfstrum 4 '. a--Culled V.'illiam;. t.neliniin .1. ThotnnHon ntnv. ' i-nn ;. Musial 2. Filter. Slnuchtcr 5. I) P'c". Itrm-is .1. 2B--SlauRhtrr. 33 c-'si-iann. Plnu«hter. Hennis 2 S-- Mjrlie. Ylllni. DP -Will^m. Pirk .n'l I -rkrnin: ITem'is ,Tn-i Ki.ier. I.rM--.S ( T "i:js 7. \eu- Ynrk 7 BB--Prcskn 1. CriTiian 1. Yutia-: 2. Mantle 1 Lanier ry Pritlriy and Fred Ilalfieid. former Bostonian. powerc-I one- run homers yesterday. rneml M a n a g e r Charlie Gehrin^er "Thnt's a great Ionic fnr c v o r v one on the bench. When you f .e two or three guys hit ihnse hom- AVhile hoir.e runs put t:*e T'g»rs Bos!on-l/Pl-Airtight pitching hy over in the first game Walt Mas' n pair of Boston Braves pitchers tenon came on In the scrond l-nlf cooled off the red-hot Chicago of -the twin-hill to pilch the Sen- Cubs yesterday in both ends of a alors to a 4-2 win. flasleram. in Iwin-hill. Jim Wilson and Max ' working his first comple'e [··ime Siirknnt paced t;ie Braves to their in two years, gave up eight h'lls 1-1 and 2-0 wins. i " Rokie Ed Mathew:, ;iit his loth : °" r °" *· W r"miV"e/\;v!E home run of the year in the first WfliHINCTON DtTROtT " ' Ln e»",'YO.I. 3 ' a " r h I have trouble w i t h mv arm. · wo-run home,, and ,er- nn ^ nr T first ,K ^ In tho rarly pnrt of thp spring m'- rlbmv hurl mo ,-inrl I krpf u-.nninc. Nnu* Ihat (he P ^i n h;is ('"iipirirly di5,T))prarrd, I rnn't win tn 5Tvp my jsnul." Hr adflrrl philacnphi'-nllv. "['m due (n gp| gning nc^in. I'll just havr in work mmp on my drliv- fi'.v. A l l I nrfrl ]';; nnr qnnd gamp undrr my belt ami HI be oknv n^ain." Slrirkinn j;lirnr. Mcrkrtvifli. GfrHRio!;i I'!! - n-ll S B - Mnkovit h OP--C^KIiKhr-ne. Mcrsnn ,.,).) Mo'knvirh I-.-ft-Pit|i. hurfh fi. Philnflr'i^iiH -T HR--Hmism 1. SO --Pnllci :'. Hr;MV^ ? Hnniirn t if-wi fi-5 \VlnnrT~-Pol!ft P-71 Drrwi i?-fii U -Srrnr.v. Wnr- Goc" TJT.-O-) T -"'fll SKCOND CAMR nni nm "n-i_.T i n ,ia nni mn ? . «: Dirk-mii d. n '. Wflc M 'fn Fox (WP 1 . KoniUn j inl r^Au.ilt\ nf thp yrnr in ihr .Snuthrrn. A Innpfr In.slnk- s l r r a k rnd(*! : j loss drnstir.illy hut rnnjr dpnsivp- ly. The A t l a n t a Crackrrs. n f t f i [ Insinj; thrir l l t h strniEht, fl-.'i. in ; thr NarOivillf* V'fils in thp firs! j Rnnip nf a dnuhlp-hmdci. rntirrt! | hnck in cnp thf nichtrnp, 12-0. in a ifiin-5hortcnprl ( fi\c-inninp .-ilfair. ICnnnrrli'ii'. Y;ir' FVn HngBn'5 finni tinn'.; polf. \\,·!·; i KnRlnnd !nd;iv fn r r f n l i v c s wliili- i |pflcm l 5 jilnn? l'ir rnnvi*f| int't 1 .nun' Nnlinnal P(;A. Horr'« I'ick n Ih" Innt K»i him. Hr *.hot !hr 72 holes It, a four-sfrnl.r n » j « in -t nf hj': cu] tn:ii n.irnrn! f r a i iltp. KV.. for tiu Trading Light- In Majors As : Time Expires gamp and shortstop Boh drove in both runs in the pame. , . ' Busb\. rf P«iton 4 ,Ch;c«» i PtMT CAMK CHICAGO BOtTOH .,, , ah r h n b r h , Miksie. 2b 5 () i) .If t h r o e , rf O n n Addir. rf 4 0 1 Thnrpr rf Hrrman i. rf .T n ] Crowf. th 4 1 0 Gordon. If 3 0 2 Daniels. I f 4 n 1 Burrif c 4 n I \lMhfwv 3t 4 n l Sisti. .ih 1 » 0 i,oo»n. .'« t n " Wilson, p n n n i n n 4 1 2 4 n i 4 n i n n n .t n n ? 2 i .T i i 3 n u! i Woori. II Vprnon. lh Kunneli, it H'rtrrln. 2b Klutl7. c · Gnmprrt. p Morrno. p aRapp Tntals 4 P 0 Hatflcld .It- 4 0 1 I ' C E k v . 65 4 0 n Mulbn. if 3 I 1 \Vrrl7. rf 4 1 H-Dropo lh 4 0 0 (fincherc c 1 n '^Ciroih. rf 3 1 1 P r i d d y . 2b ? H n Gray, n n o n * i o n 3S ^ 8 Total* White Sox And ~ Red Sox Split Pair, 7-2, 3-2 a i i .1 i i .- i i 4 n n 4 n i -- 7!h. h-- Grou ' Chicajw *.n:»ton " E-- Miksi il 032 0,17 r.n Non-. nni-AVrnon 2 Bu 2. Prifldv. llnlfielrt Mulli nnrt. Klu;t7. Pc.k.v. Hn-.Vor . Tr rtcly. II.iKlpM. Mullin rhirago -I/D- The second plaee Rnstnn Red Sox fought bark tn ,, , cain a split j R a twin-hill wilh n l the Chieaso White Six yesterday J j and prevent the New York Yankee? from gaininr even more , , s ground in the Ameriran League rpee. The Chisox won the opener ' · · l l h a e k In eke. out a 3-2 win in. the I,,., afterpieee. ^- Kanl Hocnvin breeder! ;i]onp ii- «.; the first game tn noteh t.he v in i Browns Beat A's Twice For First Twin-Bill Victory SI l/iutp-i/Pi-Thc St. I,oui? Rrnwn.i won their firpt douhle- hearlrr of the fearnn veslerdny, sui'eezine by the Philadelphia Athletic^. 6-3 and 7-fi. The sei'ond R,-ime went 11 inninRS. Outfielrinr r; e n r c ° Srhmces dro\-e in .Jini Hivera wilh the win- niiif; run in the lirl of thf l l t h tn win the jerond (III. Rivera shnwed sign? of snapping oul of n prnson- lonfl hatting plump hy bnnRinfi out five hils in the t'.vn pames. l h for- the .simple ||i ;t [ | ir j^.-,-. .i simnl less than Hue- e;,n .in.l I Paee-seltini! New Orl'uns hum-^vou have in he nne f i v e years I-. hied I.Mile Roek twlre. 1 1 - 1 s m l - e c l into Ihnl tun. nnmrul' 11-3. to run its winning streak lo | On|y nnf . n , |h( , , ,,,.,,. r|) ( n sames »nri exlfnd IH l«d!, h , Op( . n u .,,| p , nv ,, |,,,,, lr , n |, p Mlngsn. whose "Ifl (or 7'J even to two «nd a half games. Mnhilf halted Memphis' winning .«trfak flt seven pamrs by ehaslen- in s thr Chkkajnws, 7-ft, n Bill Antonfllo ^elphrilnl the end of a wrek-lonn hslting slump. Collins To Defend State Golf Crown i : North I.iltle Rock-l/l'i Defonditi); jelumpion Ross Collins of Monti !eello will seek his third Uraiuht · litle here Thursday when more ; thnn M nf thr Mate's heft shot- mnkeri vit for thf Arkinsas Amateur T.olf Champinnrhip, Qualifying over the par "I, Sylvan Hills Countrv Club rourse 'larrd third nnil lust i,j m ihr ' f o r the lirst I in- ;n i-.i, n.^ Won't play .iny mrirr tm;i n^:ueii this .Inlini-y Hnlla, - in v i foi-rlh vilh 207, is ,, \ illc. up m.i n'l SIM p t. Louie 8, Phil*0*iBhia l rm«r OAMI li set for Thursday 'will] the first Hnnnl Open. Ed Oliver. fimshefl sen i piny in the i mo: t a.-, hi'^ R u t l i k e ., .... , , . . . , ] ! · · put him ncrnv: lie ; ink ;i ·i r j-fnnt ^ p u l t on the e i s n t e - M t h Krron in eaeh of Saturday's Usi. t - v r r'nm-1-. Roros next to'irnarrent fini-e:i--- j a n e e will be Ih" Motor C'ily open ·in Betroit July ,Vfl. He ivarn't in- vltsd to play in t'le Toledo Iver- nesR four-ball tournament ne\t '"eek hpeause no one apparently housht of h:s winn.ns the Na'- '-I 1 ! - .Vlivlly «.'a.! r ''Ji'iit mart n th« payserl the trade ''nhht la;' niRht hour t r a d e (lljrm: -··:,:.» Th4r« tr.-in-.irljrinj, none '"'tn Cuh5 purchased er T'-rnmv Mrnwn from . l.idrlphiH Phillies and the C'liirinnnli Hen.' lioui?ht Pitcner i find I'wlhielan from Brooklyn and ! sold Turner Ilud Byerly to the j Dndizers' St. Paul American Asso- '· rintion f a r m r)uh. I In nn'idier trade Jiut befor" lh« ejnr. the St. Louis it rid the Chicago While ; i d r d f , , u r pl.T..'r-,. T h i r ' n I.en Thomson anrt Ou l Tom Wn-.-hi v/pnt In thp iiiin fnr Infisld- a and flutfielder ' « MrniKht piay- Brown-, Si fipidr \ V h i l - er V/dlie Mira Al /,:triiU. H . I :!· ntijy nih'r niajnr league action in-, olied the nosion Braves who b^nl Tiii-her Dirk Dnnnvnn and Infield-r Roy Hartsfifld to ihclr Milwaukee farm nf the American Assncmtion and recalled lh;r!er Vlrsil .Irstrr and !n- fi"!der .(ark Dittmer ,from 1r«! Hrewers. . LOUH ' db r h - h 1 1 1 »n r h J'"Bl. « 5 1 1 Vi r.-uii. ih .1 fi n ni.. .,, ., . . . . Philtrv. rf 4 0 1 IJrMlnn. If 5 n · K T'mns. If 4 I 2 Mrimn. rf . 1 0 ! /· ij '-ri i 'L'" V.iln. rf 2 n ' Kr.vhr»ki. Ih 4 I 1 (ltlri ' T h f v " rc? Johnny Hilrhr'k. ^t and second rounds of medal plav nn Friday. Th" rpiarter-flnals and semi-finals will he held Sattmlny and the Dfl-hnle finals on Sunday. At l?ar-t three fnrmer s t a t e hampions nlsn will he in of Boys Club Nine Beats 10 To 6 ml on nner nptnn fi' nntroil fi ded . so-- \l " I s i. n"'m 4 in i - , . Sprncrr i j n .-,; ? in 1: K'-nnr-rlv 2 in t. R * Prr-i;n S - i - rriinl-Tn *-*. Yurn y-rti:- 7-" V'i1h*»'m S-l- Sp-nrr T --vcr 1-1: KrnnfHv "-3 W-" " - 2 1. t,-- r.nnicr d - 4 r-- G" . Ra'lsnfant an'i R-rl .1 " -k T-- SECOND OAMR S-. Li-H". om non n-n 5 N*t-w York n'Kt inn n--:i ;. W--Kosln i.^-.n. WrPtnim. I,- Staley, EVERYTHING m PtUMBINO and SUfTLIK FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVE. for Kelly In 3:h. [ton onn nifi--i imi 2m iiox--i K. Atwpll. iPR!--\v i l s o n Kond.v ^n-Sniatlcv. Jcth- roo. HR Ma thews. SB--Jrthr'or S-.Sisti. Hums. L e f t - Chfcficn in. Br^tnn 7. RB--Wliion 4. Minner l. Kelly t SO--Wilson (j. Minnrr 4 l!O--Mmncr 1 in fi inning. Kelly .1 In 2. R A ER Minnrr 4-]. Kelly n-0. Wilnon 1-1. HBP --Minner l Gordon i. W--Wilson '.'.-.'.i. L--Minnrr ni-"j. I T -- "mrlh. Knppln. Jor.Ja. Bur T . : -oi | SECOND CAME Phir^ito Oiin nnn oon. n ·' Boston nin too MX--'' 7 W- F'irkont il-S). Cooper; L-- H.itlen '."-4t, Leonard. Pr«mc*a. Reds Rally To Trip Bums, 7-4 RB--Gin 1. Gray . prrl .1. Grfiy 2. SO--Mer. .,., .. .,.,, I llO-Giiniprrt II in fl inninas nieni- . I in 7lHi: Morrnn n in 2 R ^ El · Giimnrrt fi-R. Orav .1-n WP-Gr.iy 17 : l.nsT--Gumnrrt l l - l t 0--Ronin Hrrry and D u r f v T--''OR saeoND C*MI · Wn^hinijttin .''in OUT 0(11 M i l n.-Mrolt niw nnn 2 0 0 - 2 Jt Bnttfrirn: Mislr-rsnn (WPi .ind Gr; w Trucks (I.PI. Rtunrt find Gii Yankees Increase Lead With Double Win Over Indians - n , two-run homer in the second ' " . B a m e lo provide the Boston team i, "ill, n,,: n f i-i,.|ory. Kdriie ·I. -Stew.-irt drove in lluee fhicaen j runs with three hits in the open- n inx till. 7. Bitten 2 PIIHT CAME IOSTOH CHICAGO , ah r h n |, r h 1:0. rf 4 0 I Fox. 2b .1 :! 1 Ml. cf 1 0 0 Mlnoso. rf-lf j | :i . , n 2'Mm, :i 0 n Mnrtli I II fi Marion H ii M (Jarvcr 1 I I i'ant. 2 II II 1 11 II .1 I 1 .1 I I 4 0 I 4 I I 0 0 0 I.lp-n Sli C;nrdmin It Grrnert. Hi .1t .··-Slriick mil for KVII in 9:h ' h-HIt hdmc run fnr Tlp'on In 9.T) e S l n u l r c l /or W r i j h l In Slh. : (t--Han for /.crnlfll In 9th. I l I'hilnilrlpllln torj nni on] ,1 | ; -'i' l.onu 010 .120 onx_6 ] K - M n r K h . H i l r t u - n r U . Moss. Joo-l. iiryhosk.. IIMcht-nrli Clwrk 211 -- Dri- BiilB ·;. Mri:-.:. K Thrnn ,^H Rivrrn lilt .lo,,=-. Krvlmrkl. Clark SP. PHII- !ci S--M irsh DP -M«r.;li. V " Kr\hn!:ki 'J. Ui'chf-nrk. KrM. F;i I ,iu i III .Innesboro H!)47, Vinci- Allison of Ft. Smith U!M8i and Slpvc C'r«k- mm, of Ft. Smith 11930-3.11. How They Stand Nr-w York Boston A M E R I C A N LEAGUE W L 19 Wnshington Philadelphia St. I^nuiJt Dntrnlt . . ..32 .12 _ . 2 B . 2 5 22 2.S 17 Pet. .B20 nrv , 4. llnopri .1 I':. i . I)H- 23 2S ..If! I | 2« ,S27 , 20 .490 20 .4.-.S .11 .441 .17 415 ind 2-3. Julius. th(. 2nO-pniind son Htine^rian unmifirftnls. \vns lltrinc his f i r s t maio, toiinixnf'ni ' and henllne oul liif m»n v:ho's : ^ i s o l f e r s of all lime. He VBS unnf- | Th «' fayettevlllc Boyi Club feetcd hy it all. "Look." h» s.iid.' tripped Sprlngdal«. 10-6. yr.ster- i "I'm no Hopgn no Snenrl. I'm ""ay in a Washington County Hunt a Rood younp. player.'' An-l : LeaEtle Kame. Charlcn Boj^an i he insisted that ne\-er once, dur- j pllcherl the winners to the derision \\nf bin t w o great rounds of fifl-71 allowing only three hits and ntnlt- | In Saturday's preniurt-packfd j ing out 12. [finals did he ennseiously think of I .Pave,,^aslry provided the h!g I lh« prlw within his Rrasp. "Thli Ibtmv o f ' t h e g»mr, hittm* * two- i was just another tournament," he ! run homer in the fifth to put the commented. Hoys Cluh ahead, 7-5. . Wri 4 n i- lirrl I CIeveland-l/Pi-7'he Neu- York i Yankees opened up n came nnd a Inlf lend in the American Len^ue ! rare yesterday hy Inkmc hnth j ends of a doublc-hender with the Cleveland Indians. R-2 and 4-3. I.r . 2h Wi'huri'r Nixon, p S c ' h o R h p Henrj. p BroilrT'ki. p , r -. . r , , ,,1 Ed Lopal rnaslprt in with the i _____ _ first fiamp victory nnd Hnh Kn- ?,ava. making his first st^rl, p.-iificd thr second win. Ron I.^rpnn was thr SUPER! (See Page 10) Brooklyn - l7P) - The Brooklyn DodRers. still holdinE first pbre hy ft fair margin, could hardly lhank themselve 1 ; for that rii^tine- ,,,,.,,, r ,,. 1( j,i.-i lm; , Mr tinn yesterday as they allowed the opener, and Steve f.rnmek Cincinnati Reds to rally for a 7-4 t n p defeat in the nightcap, victory. The Dodgers were leading 4 - 1 in the seventh frame when Ihe Reds exploded with six runs for a victory. Grarly Hatton hanged out Ihe offerings of reliefer John Put'iorfnrd. n Cnr'Vi-i. . j n O R n j o v m . p * n i j n n 3 i i 2 n i n n n n o n l n n i n o 2 9 Tnta'« .1 0 J . i n n 4 0 0 - nprr 0 in :. innin -VT n in *.' .; Paif" n in 7 , R n[)n"r r.O. C.arvr .l-.l Winnrr r r t - S . Loser Mooprr '2-K l; i-T-t. C.r-rvr-. .Slnvrii- T-- ^ 27. SECOND QAMK r-iphiji non n^o nm no-fi n His .inn inn 200 ni-- 7 IK i crics: Byrd 'LPj And Amrolh n. HflrrUt iWPi «nd JnhniKin New York fi-*, Clrv Chirngo 1-7. Boston St. I,oui?; 6-7. Philadelphia 3-fl, scrrtnd eamp 1 1 inniiiRF. Detroit fi-2. W««hnnton 3-4. N A T I O N A L LEAGUE W 37 .33 34 I, The whiskey with Age_ in its flavor.,. New York I. Cleveland 2 *lltT CAM! NtW YORK CLEVKLANO h ah r h Th» wnol» family will enjoy a Drive-In k_ ~k Movie tonit* -ff + Tcnito and Tuesday 8:00-10:15 CARTOON ft NEWS TfVFrce Miniature Golf Course for Mom Dad ^·Monkey Village Free Playground for the Kiddies Com* Out Early . . Gil In on the Fun "||DRIVEIH7 C rr.inni'i 7, Brooklyn 4 C1NCINH*T« BROOKLYN ah r h ah r h Anam*. oh ," 1 1 Morsin ^h . 1 1 ] n.itinp. i.'h 4 2 2 Rcr«r. m 4 i i i . Marshal!, rf .1 1 .1 .,ivd«r. r / 4 (l ? 5 n i Rohinron. l-h ^ i ii 4 .". L' Pnfko. If 4 i ] ivnsrk. r 4 0 n Unripe?, lh ,T n n oink". rf 2 1 I Kurillo rf i n : viilldii. « 4 1 l Walkrr r n n fl n-kw-f n p 2 n n -CiVp.inMl* i n i d'-nrk n n n WadR. p 3 0 0 n 1 n TVIherforri n'?7ii,n. s« 4 I .1 Simpson, rf i n ] Manila, of . ' I I Avis. 2h 4 1 1 Baiif-r, rf -} n I Rosen, lh 4 0 3 Rcrra. c 5 n t) Majeskl. .lh 4 ? n MrOnn il. ,1b * ? n Doby. rf ,1 n 1 · Wnodlins If 1 n 2 Fridl^v If 1 1 1 . Collins. In S I l-nnnnr' « J fl 1 Martin. 2h 1 2 ! Hrcan, p 2 1 n i f-inor -S'rurk - S ' r u - k v Ynrk ·plnnri F Ro . N'nxhall. p R i jti'sT. P n i o n \, n .'fi " 12 TotaU' for I ^n,rn in S'h fnr nns: o \-\ C'h (j^n nij r«n inn inn nfi_ rn'liti-. t";, I' --R-) n n n '"'i 3. ManM** T. w , , I n i -R AMI.-.. Mir-m .in Mfli n n n - 1 -. Kn.iicv s n - R n n l-np.i). R , - f - i ' n . M^nniiraM. r. 7 12 i n i M a r t i n ' F?i; - Han frr Adrork SlnRlf K*n niack\\ell in 7th. 7lh. I,o«« in 7th INaim m 7th ! f - Poppfrt up for l,»hm- in 3ih CmnnmM inn nn.T r,nn 7 P"i»r. n · Hr^ik'in L'W nr\' nnn- 4 l 1 F N'rtnn RH1 Mnrsh«ll. Snlrtrr 2. | **'"'*· v · Hndi;p«. Kiir.Ht Ad.'ims 2. Hai:nn .1 iC'i-vc'nr | r^ninnpplln iin -Funlln Hn-Mation* ""'' " A r , llortfrs; V»nh.ilt anrl Spinmirk Mor- nnd Hniinn Lrft -CinriiVnAfi «. Ilrnok- fi. nil ninrkv-HI ?.. Nnxhull l Wpdr 4 so -tmrku-pi) 4. Rnff*n«- h"rurr I Wnrfp .'.. I.nhine 2 MO--Black- u-r-ll 7 tn fi inning U'arir ^ | n fi ^nxhnll 1 in n in-iii^ on' in Tthi. R u f - fpntlirrsrr 1 in 1 n-iih^rforrl ? in n nvrk^n 4 - 4 ' ' W a 1 r :··:.: Ntivhiill 0-0. f-n l.ihin** f-n U'P Wart" PR - Sf'nii- nirk Wmnpr- ^ l ^ ' - k ^ c i i i?-:- I.ntfr · - 17 f.- FR ',np !-fi nn7"k n-i . . HO t 0 m , 1- Fouled out for Brodmvnki in flth R ' lsIn n . inn no orni-- ·· chiri-pi nin ".TJ nn x - 7 niM,i«ein. Robin^r-n iKo'x scorr-rl ^n : WilliurS prrtir in :.thi. (Rohmion KIT- pfl on Lrprln's rrrnr in 4lh) ·'[i SirK'^n SB- Kvrr*. Pirrsall S-Rrvi- ; riKiit-7 DP- Roirtvm. Fox .^nH R-!.,M. , t,ip-n T.i-pc1n anrl Gf-rnpri I.rft- Un*- 'nn 0. Chn-aro ft BB-Rneovin I Nix'. n 1. Henry 2. nrodow.iki 1. SO--Rnpnvin 3. Nixon 2. Brorl'ivt^k! ? IIO--\'ix"n 7 ( n 4 inning*. Sra Thorough n :n f ipitrhrrl in on* ninm. Ifrnrv I m ft WP-Rneovin R · jr' R A j:ixon ".-i Spxrhorfiiiffh 1-n. Rrujnviri 1-2. Brorlnw , «-ki l-n. Hrnr.v n-fl. Winner- -nngm-ir, | MrK'p|y. Honnphirk nnt\ McOnwnn' I T -? 4.1. SECOND CAME nnt'tri pn'i nnn n:in 3 in r ciii'-Aci n-i) mi nfi! · i n na*'rri-v Trout i W P - D-'-rk Pnriifl" anrl U'hj-r S-nhhs 'l.r- DorKh. Ken- iif-'iy nnrt Ixillnr (iiy Softball League Gels Under Way Today ....... .. vi'h Hall Ti:-e I K(;i!H. f..ime'! Boys Club Weekly Card .Inn" 11- Prneur-e · 1 2 Yankee* ^--1 f'qrdinah 4-.'i Intermerli-'iter June 17--Sv.-irnmin^ f'M- midget leim? ?l ritv Park, meet pt Ho\ - Club nt 1 p.m. ' P r a e t i e p i PC. .712 ,f!47 .din .SflO .41)3 .4 I S . 4 1 2 Brooklyn New York Chlcaso St. Louis . ..... 2.1 Cincinnati 2.S Boston . 22 Philadelphia . . . 21 Pittsburih 15 Sundly'J Rnulli Cincinnati 7, Brooklvn 4 St. Louis 14-n, N e w ' Y o r k 1 2 3 . s»eond Rame called end of seven innings hecmur of d.irkncs*. Boston 4-2. Chca/io 1-0. Pittsburgh fi-4. Philadelphia 0-8. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Pet. .fiOB n!^ .1-1 V 4-.-I Intel 5-(i .1.1 S 'I'-inkres Cub- v?. 2-3 Ordinals .3-4 OiimH lo In'cr'nc^li . r i-fl 30 Spninrt W I. Ne-.v Orleans _ . 40 2fi Mobile . . . . .18 29 Chattanooga . . . 34 311 5.11 Nashville . . 32 .12 500 A l a n t a _ . .11 32 .192 IJltle Rock . 27 32 .458 HlrminRham . .28 .14 . 4 5 2 ] Memphis 24 3n ..181 ' Sunday't Rtiultt Birmingham 1.1, Chattanooga 8. Mobile 7, Memphis .V Na«hvillp 0-0. Alliinta .1-12. 2nrl game callM end Sth. t.iin. New Orleans 1 1 - 1 ] , Little Rrnrk I -3. 'd by Ihou.simdf in redudnfi -Jun^»'x Hnman Mea Biead j l l - l l l - t f I Ask for "il'iiifi/r A" The Straight Kentucky Hour/ton Jot "dunble A'' hoils ... M PPOOf I *r,[ DISTillIM'; CO, f i - , ' - o i r - , | crni -ltocl. Till. i«k il.Pi. R r , »nrt ("onion A- 19 7TT Rivera Finally Begins To GetThosc Base Hits SI. l.nnl.i-1/ri-Ii link' «." If .Tim Rivera, thc \virtplv-hrralried rookie "f the St. l.onir, Hrou'n flnallv has loc.iterl th» rvtmjt ranee In th* American l,fai(ti». In hii 1»'| 27 HmM a! ha!, ni\'Pra has njar nerfrt 1.1 hlt.^ to boost his avprnfie Wheeler drew hve. from .m u J47. ; Phipps diwneil S r '.* SorinqdHs Golf Meet Moves To Second Round Thr SpritieH.-ilr* r'llf l«nrn;nr,M:' mfi\Tfl JIH^I thr rfmnH \'i--jr: fl.'iy in ii- ;r:ifi'h for the i i - ; i n - - piotl W;i\ II" n«'(VtM 1 y ir* ( I n f r r i f l . inc t i t l i - j f . vr-n hj, fn-.( TT.'drh ,it.H ap|«*;*.(·.* (n h" 1h* fjn-in jir in ilj^ firlH whirh nn\v initnhfrj. oisht Q'l^i \fr and tp.-ni-fiti.Ti j- ).,tu^- arr tn hp pl^vprt rlurinft iMiv urrk w i t h finf.l 1 prhHutfrl for Siimhv .lunr- 22 In mntrhr 1 ; \r^rrrt..y R n p t i r\r - fr^trrl Kihs Poitall, H/iu-ard Kv:.-i)l drfratrrl Hal Rr^ydnn. K'^nriv .Inhn*nn rlrff^trd ,Iim Shnfrfr. A M. 7,inn. Guv Lf'm and '"iiib-vl t It.II V ' e ! r : a n ,, P ' l h l i c i !· until .hi 'l Tcnri:^ er.',r'-f| in i-liilt'. p];iyin^ in !hr l.onri.vp.i ColleKiaiv. Ill'lltllte fif S^ienr :-. Arlci.;. -'in Pl.ii-||. "fl.- f - i r tlu- \vinii"i ».f t h f Wesley trips Prairie Grove In County Play \\V-l'-v dn-.vnerl I l t: t ir:e f l i o \ e ('·I. ye'.oirt.i.v in .1 UV.iimKton County l.e.i^ii- c^ime. The ronterl was played at Piainc Giove. V e t - f r a n Gene Neil pil'-fcd ih« UV;.. lev team to the win allowing f i v e hits anrl striking rrit ^ i y .Irihnson 1'iuchl fnr lh" vinnirs Phillips was !r» losinc pi'/her B.vms up eicht hits. MfKeoraiuht for Prnlnr Ciroye. They's Cool, Comfortable end Economicol -- They're Molco Theofrcs O Z A R K NOW PLAYING 1:00 - 3:15 - 5 : I S . 7:JO . SiJ! -CABTOON - LATE NEWt-- UARK NOW SHOWING OPEN i:4S ATE HEWS · CARTOOR PAI APP rNDS "ARABIAN NIGHTS" I MLiMXvl. TONITE , nd STARTS SATURDAY "CRIMINAL LAWYER" *"*S%M4 DARIDIVILS mfffiWf'Sfyf^ IN SKIES ./ - .flCMWICPlO* ^ AND FIRES coNSTANC! »MITH · JiffWY HUNTEft

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