Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 16, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 16, 1952
Page 5
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NOtTHWtST ARKANSAS T1MIS. FaycHcvllk AAantM. Monday, Jun. tft, IMt Government Seeks Steel Production To Prevent Halt In Weapon-Making Work-And-Play Program For Communist Prisoners Slated onttraiion thl* y«nr with » h»ll-'h» d»roon-,trn'M Washinsion-i/T i -Thp S M v e r n- rnent will try this work In i»i-irt enough stool flowing frnm thr- n;i- tinn's . strirTP-clnsp'i .sir- 1 ! hulls tn prevent a rripplmg hsll in the production of w^pnn-. The White House announced a f'Mir- man commit ten of thr ( ' ] ( ) I'm'cri Steelworkrrs hart hnrn rinoi-'fvi by Union President rhi!ij M-HTJIV Jn help work nut ;m ;)fi-f'ni : ti)!c plan for meeting Hrfrnrr n^rd'-. for Ftrcl. Both HIP union nnd iis-lu^lry screed whrn wa^r* n^c-'ifirninns cnllapsed bpt Mnnduy tn pnrmit sufficient pfprl production (or essential drfenFe items, fin fnr ihn government has annnnm-H no ·specific plan for this outpni. Th? White House paid A plan h;.d hr-rn worked out to transport stcrl stored in s'rurk wnrehouj-pp tn .weapons manufacturer;;. M p^n while, a fr-.v individual] Flfp] mills rcarhod acrrrmpul with the pfrehvnrkrrs and i»rr- parc-ri ifi re?nine npernlinns immediately. Hut thrsr were hvlr- pendpht of the big strel producer;, who hold a united front ap;nnst "the union. Hravy I.nss In Stocl Already nearly threo nud "tie- .hair million Ions of has hrcn lost since the mills shut dmvn. with ft per cent of the nntin:i\ normal stce! Output cut o f f . Pro- riuctinn had hern running nisi under 30b,0nn tons a rlay. · Ovef Inn weekend. Murr.-;.'-' -T- ported t h a t the. Amrri;-:jn p(c?rl industry had failed tn expnnd in 'he rlirprlion nf f aril it ins needed for defense, ['resident Benjamin Ffu'r- lr=? nf UiuU'd Stak-s Stcol, (be world's Inrsert sterl rnmpany, struck rUht bark, lil-imtnp the pirrhvn«'j n ,.(; utii-in fnr any shnrt- nSf^ of 'irrl fnr milil;iry nprd;. ".Mr. Murrfiy ^r.nws full well th;it if ihrir i^ ;MI.V j;fin[-i;i^p nf strr] for dr-Vn^n i; is c;ni-;nd snl"- !v hy ihc sirihn for which hr and his fi'^.dc-jdps nnivt licar full re- spnnpihilitv." rnirirs^ said. "Thorn h:is r.n\ hem nn- in- sbincp in which we hnvr fnilrd In ! prndiirT wh;ii the ;irmcfl forces askrd us 1n producf." Drndltirk Holds I 'J'hcro wrir- nn ; .|j. lls ,,( (i hrrak ' in thn drNidlni'k that h;ip idlrd fifill.OOl) of Mui'iriy's uninn for (\vn work?; nnr| nn now iicyrttirnis wnrc srhoriulrfl. Thr. induslry said (ho m.'iin i':.-:tu' w;is its rofupal to ac- · crpt th" iiniitn shnp undr-r which all siccl wniknrs wnuld bn rrniiir- rd to min (he 1 uninn. Mi-rrny, how- · ever, ^:\s I he rr nrr olhor issur*. Tin 1 Wiii'f 1 HOIKP cavr* no hint nf \\hcllHM- Prnutrir-nt Truman will fnilnw tho IT (imninndntion of a Scn.-iln-ndopicd fiinondmrnt call- ins "M the ptTsinYnt to invokn thr , Rfl-dny nn-;;tnl;p injunrlinn clause ' nf (ho T.Tft-Ufirllr.v Act. Thr Son- ;ilt' vntnr! l;is! \vork tn lark the ;irn(!ir!inpi]t ou ;t mcfsiirr 1 to ox( tend wn^r, jiricc, irnt nnd production runt rob. Thr Hou:;r s'ill mii;;t ·{ nn thn inr.'ir-iiro ;nid 1^ pxprrtod tn fol- 1'itt- the ,Spii;i'r. Prrnimahly this vdtn w s ' l c'lmn hr r nrn Jho controls ;icl r.\pitT5 .lunn 30. Kojp Island. Knrna-(/P)-T h p U S. Eighth Army plans an cx- ipnsive wnrk-and-play program for Communist prisnnpis of w a r on Kojp ont-p thp POWs rccngni/'? Allipd authnriiy rornplelply, 1 Rrip. fir-ii. Hnydon L. Bpfttnrr. ' Koje coinmandp.r, hnpps tn «;tn: ( thn program soon a f t e r hp finishps j splitting the present larep, unruly ; compounds inln small units. Thf disper.':Hl rtpprationp probnhly will he completed within a week. Field Marshal l^orri Alpxander. ; Britain's minisler nf nVfpnse. in! Kpected the POW storkadcs today. He toured the island in a .Jeep driven hy Boatnpr. Alexander was accompanied hy Gen. .fames A Van Fieri. IT. S. Eishlh Army commander, and A I party of leading military and dip- 1 lomntic figures. : The group drove th rough thn ruins of compound 7fi where nmre ArAa FarmArr TA T r x a - e - J l i n f 2V " nd ls ^r^" H ( " - AlCd 101111611 IU \'lTM* ^.tm i»rmen **« acnnii. ,, Iiri{fT spr;(Mng hn^h-k.llu^ P*v Mid that » number of All J M L ! '-·fuMiu'^ r rr Tt'" m A p ; "' ! *, f t f ) l h * 1 '-hPMnrn!3 In .vlrtitmn chcm;'-.ih Vl "' h:nc ' nn 4nri Bpnton County Attend Brush « e ,TM,TMM Mir;'?. " n : m r .n -^ ^^ o^ ^ ^ r , ;-; r r n |iiHn ^ **«* ^^^ HIIWIIH ftriH^ll " · " np ^,ifniM»ip.i n\ the I . M I - ' · ' '· ' r - M.I i MU-^ mirror h^; developed in Control Show ! .\Y«--, and the I.;imar County. .tpra-.H from Mu- -iir. .'.··irtrrvist Arkansas during State Legion Convention To Open July 10 Hot Springs Site Of Sessions; Big Parade Is Planned - s p r . l i l i - l «l!h Ihf. r. pilnil ilrin- 1i.., : Sri\ -irr. end al ran-. . v,ll ho ,nlr.Klii,-H Inl . . » . - |,.,i: S f/l hv |.vii ir.ii inl-. ,,n .1 ;·:'] |,:,.',,r,.; H nfI .iol rh:ini \r-i- illf"l|.i''i H»- -Ion- ' · ,l,,r,n|. tl,r |,.. ... ,il .H-i ^.rrtUp In ft . atply fo prevent beins brokci up into small units. Boatner told Alexander it was "a hell of a fmht." Alexander marie no public statement while on Koje I The Ark.insnF American Lesion j l will hichliRht il? four-day plate | ! meeting in Hot Sprics in .Inlyi I with nn "Ark.' Oppni-l'inity" : p-irr.dc which Legion o f f i c i a l * - , · avow will "put* Ark.msn5 to the ! Front ns his never been done be' fore." The I.efiion has nsknrl inanufHr- lurers to participate in the spec| tacle w i t h any product of \ v h i c h j |lhey and the slate are proud. B"- ! 1 or hein, Takes Ovrr Command .\aple-F. ltaly-i/I'.-Vire A d m. ·IcTr'niM \^.'nrh! Innk a- 5 com- majvlrr-in-chir-f of \'. S. naval . forr-: in Ihe Faslern A t l a n t i c and said " being great r done." Aloxandor'5 party returned to the Korean mainland. Once he has uncontesled control over the prisoners, Boatner plans i to use POW labrir oh road construction and other engineering projects. He also plnns to exnand I athletic and other reereMional fq- . cilities inside compounds. Sports equipment hns be.en ordered. | Kisht Army officer.: stress thai I there will be no relaxation of the TIIF. CIIIITSI.F.II If.* TORKF.n r j The Legionnaires will eel ihcirj : annual session under way Thurp-' May, .Inly in with registration al I the Arlinnlon Hotel. They will | adjourn .Inly 13 a f t e r memorial i services at pnklawn Park, i Metropolitan Opera Star Mar- jjnrie Lawrence \vill sine Ihe Star !Spancied Banner before a Joint session nf the Legion and Ai'txil-I iary at Ihe first formal business] 'meeliiiE in the Oaklawn fJrand' ITS ENGINE ADDS MUSCLE TO EVERY DROP OF CAS! IdistlngulshM ^·.i Ar- j Tn many owners, Ihe mighty JSfl H.P. V-R engine thai, pnwers the f'hryr.ler Now Yorker h the mn-t rrmnrknblp. Ir-atnre of Iliis remHrkalile ear. It h eer- tainl\- the most ril.vuivnl flutomohile enpine in many, many yenr*. Thi' ii the en[fine with hemispherieal rombirtion ehamhers .., tlir enpine thnt Ret.T mnrf ;j(1n-T nut nf every flrnp of gss. Ami nnn-prernium ga- at t h a t ! Aetually, it putK you in mntrol nf more power than yeti'll prnhjihly ever need u?e. Vnu'll pense tin? . . . together with its tmequalpd re;.pnnM . . . th« very first yards you drivb. It runs smoother, more quietly. »ml wilh le« wenr than any other eniriiiB ever built into an Amcriean automobile. . . . and it mnkp* dri\Hn)( (hnth rruiflinc and the short rum) mm Ian than ymi have ever knmvn it to hel But that'! nnt all. Alonj with thin rnfrine there are seorea of ot.h«r re.-isons, loo, fnr driving » New Yorker hefnrB riwulvinx nn nny new ear. Like Full-timo Pn«-er Slwring m»ken Bt*rine yir» linrt easier . . . nnd your ronirol /ire limrr greater . . . than in nrdinac,v ears. Like Tower lirnkw th«t rut nwdnd pod»i pressure by R.I much la t»-o-tblrd«. l.ik» Orillnw »hn.'k ihwrhwj that mikl even (IK! rn.i'lt fnn[ "nn'vly paved" , , . n-'lliil ciuir-higli seatn , . . big, flnde- openinj; doom . . . biff Kvindnws that l«l you ttf more. H'« true . . . until you ifn'w a rhryilnf NfA VorXcr you v.-rui't know what, you're rhlwinK. Why not ntop in todty? CHRYSLER THE FIMK5T TAR AMKH1CA HAS VET '/ 2 GALLON Vanilii Ice Cream 63c Holland trot. Locfor Plant Trip T ( , Knclnnd Planned i Wasliinnjrin-'/iVTho Air Force is snudinc UO Cnn-air R-"« homh: er: on n ro-md-lrin training flight ' tn Entihmd next. week. i When Prrnchrr· Roe \vnn 22 ^.nncs l;i.'.| sc.'ison lie became the lii:-t Dothcr " f'.'rn the trick i-'i'.m- Klrhy Hiirbo. and Whit Wy- ;ilt c:irh cnjiturod that many con- I lesls in inn. .nnxen inn. I o'clock Saturday mnrning at O a k - 1 .1(1.00(1 Tn Be Moved [l.-wn. At noon the 4n and 8 Cluh Of Koie's present POW poniila-I h . arlq " ( ' 1 '. r"TM^? v.-ilh floor lion of nn.nnri, some SO.OOn will he j Wl "''" laltc 1hr ·'Wiftrl!. ( ' moved soon to olher islands off ' , rh( : '* f( fnrmnl entertainment ' Roulh Korea. Tlemaininc POWs w ."' ,TM ' he Br;mrl ha " R»lurHay : will he set to work buildinc road. n ' Bhl ' lhp ln "Hon of vhich has drainape ditches, fens* and camp ""' yel I'.TM" "n"TM"""'. , buildines ! Commlttei ' ehairmen are: nls- ; Camp'officials declined lo S . IV ; '"·B»'-' S 1" 1 H cuests and liaison, nal-1 whether prisoners would be paid }"" ^ *TM e ;. hmK TM allri "·Kis'TM- 1 tmn, Walter Sehrndir v : special; PHILLIPS MOTOR CO.. INC., 620-423 North College Avo. li»l«n to th* NtWS, each wMkday.'al 7:30 AM,~ovn notion KGKH BRAND STRAIGHT BOUfeBON WHISKEY INI AMiiic** Disiiumc co«rA»r, INC. · mm. 111 COMPLETE with 'i ATTiGHNEITS SPRAYER with »vtry cleaner purchatad :: i CUAKANTEED SATISFACTION Sold O.i'y ICNO NO MONIT No COD Ordtn Pltow for such work, as they were ,., World War II. No such work projects h;ive existed on Koie in it!; 18 months as prisoner is events and program. F. L. Howard j and Waller Roof; convention hall, George HaerinR: banquet?, Ooorgo Pakis; finance. Myron Townsend ^erewil, ,,e no effort to ,, in . ^ TM£ *^^^ ,h r-s'lnSed'^ ~TMZX^^^ cause of prisoner Indifferenrr. .,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,, |Vm .. M . ,:,,,, .,.',, Camp "ff.cials sav that any e f - , AnrMrnnR . parade, He be, t Bren- fort to start it up seam would "not , lor be appropriate now." ' . Perhaps the most ambilioiis parl i of the new, lone range program will be the athletic side. It is planned to exnand facilities and provide equipment for track meets, soccer. vo|l»y hall and other sports allowing for mass participation. Tt is also expected that ·-'·'·-- I t I OKLAHOMA mfe A suppiTcoT \veII-iiHlatircd children? Perhaps your dnuchler's l r p mother car, iske a iirrr-er j;]a;p on Ihe pror-H.i and pive the child a heller pn-sprolivc on life Only a wniiinn of Iremendons sympa- Ihrlic perception can rio the job. ;ulr ' I" 1 " 1 . vn » nn d your danchter I.IIIIMI lai-mlies will include siaees wi " be vrry fn i't'tnate if the ?iep in ejch compound for plays, m'isi- mnlf "' r has It. cal entertainment, dsn're per- '' m "'"i 11 you've rather falle: down · - L - - dnuch formance.s and sinflng. Prior the current hreakup of I he l rompounris, there was a stap each compound. DOROTHY DIX -- .~oNTiNurn rjiota PACK FOIIR m Ihe .job of rni;:in^ your . While realizing lhat . divorces- are unavoidable. | can- no; understand n mo!h~r who c,-ir- ri"- b^r children o\ cr m'o -A ycc- j nnd mnrrlaee with little or mi ef- I fort to jr.iarrt their fii'iirei. - pee I you admit that the thirlcen i-i;-s nf your SCCO'Ui lli9niH2e llH\e beep oiid husbanrt for thirteen years, unhappy, surety thcle can hp little and we aren't happy at all. Ir doubt In your mind as to where fact. I'm seriously thinkine of rii- your children's instability stems vorcins: him. I've seen « psychia- from! ' ! Iris!, and he advises that l'Ic.ivo Instead of being so resigned (o mv famih-. hut I love my three a second divorce, belfr make a ffirls jlill nl home and hate lo zn. new starl and cr e ill" ynunror I need a little love and under- children a halfwav decent chance slnnriinj. to lead a normal life. Leaving t h e ] i R. P. R. ' f a m i l y to fend for itself " w i l l I Answer: You need a little love achieve nothing hut lo provide a and understanding, you say, but sop to your own neurotic irres- has it ever occurred to you lhat possibility. A psychiatrist mighl t h a t ' s exactly what your children help you, but 1 couldn't put much have needed and apparently nev- confidence in a professional man er received? Their lives have who would hand out .is poor nd- been lived in one warring house vice as you received. Why not after anther. You have never civ- try a family counselor, who will [on them the sort of family life he more interested in keeping vour thai is rightfully theirs, so how family together than rending it lean you expect filial devotion and apart? n HEARINGTM | STATE VACUUM ~STOR~E$) Ir7c7 j 411 N. Watkini SI.. Memphis Tenn. - ""'·Ml Mifiheii, I .mt l Fm KM ·f HAND NE\t VKIM ClMHr. i -w «· .»«N«m -«..-.iHH,'i6itot7!ifw^"«M'aiiii----« HAS IT!... bttter hearing at Itwer cost W. «nrM»t. Z.nilh Rrarint Aid, will ulilfy youl If «ny 12(10 hfirini ·id in your opinion In liny way iwlbfrforms · $ts Ztnith, V m;« ·roNrr ««rn un d»r wr imccnditional 10 day return privilMr. Vm, »r, the Jolp Judff And nlth o|T«r« yoi «n murh more in fxrln»lv» fMlurrj In der»nd»hl» r«rf«rm«hrf. Don't w»lt unnthrr dn.v tn enjoy hnitr lif«T.'no «l Je.i'rr mil. Corn* in now and «*k for it dfmttnMrntion. DICKBON DIXIE RADIO PHONK 1111 How much do YOU think your old refrigerator is worth ? YOU tell as how math yoa think roar. Refrigerator shaald bring as traJe-it a a LEONARD Wp nrrd nvd rcfri^ramr^ ro take cart of the drmanH thii summer! We are, th*?rfforf, raking this special "drive' 1 ro round-up as many used refrtgeritors is we can. Comr in an-J fell u\ how murh you rbioJs yma old rcfri^rrrttrir i\ worth ai a trade-in on t fiiw new I.rONARO . . . or, clip the coupon be!o*-. fill it in ind bttng or mul it to your neimt OTASCO xorc. LEONARDS as low a\ 199- AUTOMATIC SELF-DEFROSTING l.rnMARD ..(IT* "M«fi' r.,.,| r - Vlf t(ro,tifl)( TTi *»" only ) - K i n «.ih Nf) Hor HH.IRIC ELEMENTS! Pi^. fiill^hl'li frn/rn f-«vl rh^^t, «hfN« in tiic dri^ir, p'tn'y of nil Icttlc ipuc, hufr twin crtspcrv p j o"K' lN ;Ho"i» M ?;t t7 !; i \u c1 .' ;rr"To T . n , YOU HtAMST j |'""'~" i ''""' '""'' i '.'.' '''"":'.,,.:..'.'' v «· "'* ·" I G e t C I T Y I _. - f ! QUALITY PRICE Wcit Sidt Squor* Phone 161 R.fril 'HOME OF BETTER VALUES* 1

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