Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 16, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, June 16, 1952
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10 PAG:S TODAY Read by over 25,000 Daily VOLUME 90, NUMBER 278 IOCAI FORECAST-- rjyfitfvWri jnd Tlcintir" parir-/ rlfiu/Jy with irattrretf Ihundershower* ir.mfiit. Tomorrow parllv cloudy an 1 rr.oltr High Irniprralurr yaiteMw ill low fiff. noon torl«» H Sunriv i.OJ. iimjcl 7.33. Tli» Public Interest Is The F/rif Concern Of Tfc/s Newspaper Auotiattd Pr«M Uawd Wira FAVETTEVILIE. ARKANSAS. MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 16, 1952 AP, King and NEA haturn PRICE FIVE CENT! Unarmed Swedish Plane Downed By Reds Here For Rainbow Convention Long Island Strike Strands 150,000 · . * \ Rail Workers Go Out In Surprise Move Big Parkways Into New York City Completely Jammed New York-(/P)-An engineers' strike shut down the Long Island i Rail Road today, stranding 150,000 commuters who scurried for every · other available sort of transporta-1 i i tion. Traffic was jammed bumper- j ^.. , , ! to-bumper on the big pnrkways I Three young lady visitors in Fayctleville for the Order of Rainbow for ! leading into the city after m e m - ' Girls state convention being held at the Univesrity, arc pictured above i bers nf the Brotherhood of Loco- ! as they were snapped by Photographer Ed Puska this morning. They i motive Engineers struck the na-, left to right, Shirley Bowman of Eureka Springs, Sarah Frances | 'i° n 's biggest commuter railroad.! Signup Of Blood Donors Opens Up By German A campaign to sign up 000 prospective blood donors opened in Washington today. A Red Cross ' ' l a s , bloodmobile team will be in F ay - ; pS'^ cttcville next Monday. Tuesday j dents weru nut Wednesday to collect t h e , since Unvcml.v The bloodmnbilc, from the | The Legion l l u ! w i l l be hoad- Springficld Regional Bloo:l Center, . quart-rs fur he hlmclmobile dm. visited the county twice ;il- i ins its tri visit hi H u t twice ;il- ·'ayettevillc rcsi- nsked to donate . , i IT i " ~ ~ """·· ' ·"·"- i - « j u w i . - n student^ offerod blood. Half will go to the armed all the blood the team could col- forces--largely to Korea -- a n d ' lect. One day was spent at Spring- njJI will he retained for use i n i t i a l s , where residents donated : the Veterans l l o - p i u l . when* and in» week. P a r k i n g w i l l he at the side of tlic Legion on East M o u n t a i n Street Since tin 1 hlocrt donor pro:;r;j opener! ID \V;iy^ui:;tnii County blood band ha:; been ·· t.ihlished the county. i blood. . proximo t fly 50 pint.i of wholo hlnod arr ken! on h a n d for \irv hy county hospitals and, Thc hlnn:| is si-nl h f r e (rum lhc ·Springfield blund center. OOIHIIS will be askod lo .-,i;;n p!cd;;t i.inl:i t h u week MO iip- [loinlnu'nls c.m |)L I inrirlL- in a i l - viincc Civic club.;, labor uninn--:, and o t h f - r n';;;tni7..ttiuns ;tic a i - l n m in t i c t i r i v i - Ijy M ^ i i i n ^ up tlieir o\vn mcnibri.'.. Joyner of Helena, and Betty Sue Heard of Little Rock! Banquet Opens State Sessions More Thon 500 Girls Register Shop Owner Is Not Person To Take The motormen and engineers began leaving their jobs shortly' after 2 a.m.. CST. A short t i m e ! later the railroad announced t h a t ' "all train service is suspended until further notice." j All available buses were prcyjcd , ! into service. All were crowded to ! thc doors. One commuter described : passengers as "hanging from thc ( j rafters." ; I Many commuters, t a k i n g a look T u 1 s a, Okla.-iflVProfcssional ' at the crowded highways, simply \ Ice Skater Gil McKellcn, v i s i t i n g , turned around and went h o m e ' Microscope Is Recovered After Arrest In Ohio Instrument Stolen At County Hospital Held By Police Deaths Mount Over Nation As Heat Wave Continues; Record 101 At St. Louis mess end of a German police," Shop Owner Icrson cautioned. The a n n u a l Arkansas conven- !!,-' tion ol thc Order of Rainbow for j Girls got under way here yester- ' day with registration of 550, and ; a Grand Cross of Colors banquet | last night for 106 designates. The i banquet was held in the Uark j Bowl with Mrs. Altha Ward, acting state mother advisor, g i v i n g ! . i - . -. , ~~ the obligation. The banquet wal I carller ' Anrie TM" '^ned. followed by a Grand Cross ceremony in the women's gym. i « - i on.aii.-i v^li i i J i r t . U U U I l , \ l i i l l i n u i "-"i'"-" n i i j u n u a u u W L ' I l l I l U I l I f i · ,, f n ierc, flashed a S100 bill yesterday i without trying to get to their jobs. '"* * f " r1 " 01 ' r ' n e ns mm "' v - hn " n payment for camera s u p p l i e s ' i n N(:w Y "' k City. j Possession the i n s t r u m e n t was md found himself facin E t h e : 7i e ..TM a l""i cs , a .! wn -" ia - v lol . il! !'" U ' Uk the hot pack of hc;it find h u m i d i t y covered most of the nylion. .survoy by the Associated Press :hnu-cd n four-day tolul o( 7L. The tnl.l inrlmier! six deaths ;tllributcd d i r e c t l y t) the effects nf thc oppressive weather, and 7U drown- in^.;. The hrnl \v;i\ r c l;iv l i k e n «li,Min- A niicroiinipe ytolen from \V;ish- ' i"R b l a n k e t nn a hui;c hection of ngton County Hospital tnsl H e - ' t:ic U. S. t h a t extended from ·ember li[) lias been recovered by Texa.s ea:,lwai-d .uid n o r U i f d ^ l w a i d rroy. Ohio, police, who arc h o l d - j to the A t l a n t i c Co;ist. (By The Associated Press) J ;is hi£h a* 103 devices. Beaver,. Deaths mounted today under . Gklit., ccpnrtcd 1(18. Chicdgi.';, 1 9-5.8 I hiRh Sunday was t'e hlghp.-.t since?' August 8, l!l-l!i. New Y t u k ' s IKJ.C was thc hottest of the year. fit. Louis h;ul |(||. :t fL-t.-nrd f,,,- j tltc dale and thc lmlti.';:t day therr : since HM7. It was tin 1 l l l h ; l i , ' i i s h t , day of DO nr h i g h e r (nnpciaturr.'- : in St. 1 ,iiui;.. Six |KM: on. 1 : w r t r Ircalod fnr hout i n n s t r a l i u n in S1 Louis ho.spilal.-;.. Thc city hus harl only .73 of an i n c h u j n t h i s month. : Lincoln. Omaha and ot'*cr Nr- brnska filir.-; h H v i* v o l u n t a r y wiitcr conservation^. Records u e i e in el ted in m a n y cities. Sunday rc.'ulinR.s reached White River Claims Lives Of Two Boys Elza Ray Sizemore And Ray Williams Drowning Victims Tvo boys drov/iK'd y c ^ t c i ii;iy moriUM/; 1:1 \ V n K e K i v c i e.i:,t Hi .Spun;; laic ·. ' m i l l.'icy went w a d i n g and r-ljpped i n l u dec]) | ·.valCi-. N c l i h r r roulu s Second Craft Missing Feared Grounded By Soviet Fire Stockholm, Svvcdcn-W -Soviet jet T i g h t e r pl.inea shot down an unarmed Swedish m i l i t a r y plane off the craibt of Estonia today, the government announced. The sev- i en-man ircv/ was picked up later . bv a German merchant ship. Two I of the Swedish crew were report- j cd v/ounrlcd. j Thr 1 p l a n e was xenrchiap for ; another Swedish Air Force plane i mlssinff with eight men aboard in the same area, where the. Russians arc reported holding air nnd sea maneuvers. I The Swedish government, re- i fleeting the an^er of people in : t h r Miwlr. delivered a stronj pro; lest to the Russians j -Sn^ict Ambassador Constantino ; Hodionov was summoned to the ; Foreign Office to' c thc ino- · k'.«t pcrsomtllv from Prime M i r i - · islci Tasc!-i. ivho is also ' foreign minister. Crowds in front ; nf the Soviet jeered Rod- · IOMOV a? he left and spat into the ', Km''a. l ..-v compound Sweden demanded n n Immedi- a ^_ '· ate i n \ eiiti'-'ation and prompt p u n - i of about 300,000 daily riders, the ~""".j!vast majority commuters who ' Ld " live on Long Island and work in A. B. ;NCW York. I Thc New York City Board of Detectives soon set him straight. | Transportation had every avail- McKellen was not the bogus bill | able piece of equipment "standing passer they had v.-arned about ' by" at key points in Queens to ! pick up passengers who reached j Spcncci outlying areas by bus and auto.' Although the strike had been rumored for the last few weeks, it caught many commuters by surprise. Tt stems from the application of the national railroad agreement of last May 23 to the Long Island. i A union official said about 360 · engineers and motormen were in- i volved. He said the strike action i ivas based on "a disagreement over . Damage Heavy In Pocahontas Fire Two Structures Are Destroyed Tun- police told Police C h i e f , Pearl Walts this m o r n i n g that a ! man identified as Charles Dale j Woodcock. 1!5, formerly of Rogers,! was arrested in Troy on a charge ! of carrying concealed weapons | He had in his possession three | microscopes. One of thc instruments was identified through its serial number as the one stol- j en from the County Hospital in n j daylight theft -last December 29. i The other two microscopes h a v e ' not yet been identified. | Sheriff Bruce Cridcr and Chief | Watts said that extradition pro- I erodings will be opened in an ef- Court Puts Okay On Teachers As Board Members Says Circuit Judge In Montgomery Is Mistaken In Ruling operating rules, seniority and dis-1 ... , h j tinctions between freight and pas-1 It's Hard To Get A Good i I Man Down' Lake Arrowhead. C a l i f . - f A V A IH-year-cild boy vim h'mhlcd down a ].500-foot c l i f f and didn't break a bone was recovering today. A t t e n d a n t s at Santa Anita Hospital said Kenneth Wrif!ht,-Jr.. ] started wading suffered a concussion, cuts and j his brother i '' bruises and possible i n t e r n a l in-!i.nd he. too juries in his f a l l yesterday but ' ' expected to_ be all r i g h t . Kenneth, of of "those responsible for the outrage." Second Note Delivered Krlander also delivered a second request to the Russians that they runbni; ID r.-purt:; ;;ivcn f h . i c . l f f j H i u c c I'r.det a m i Gmincr !·;.!-· inoiid Watson, v/ho went lo t.'ie .i:cne. I h e t.vo weie Kh:a flay Sl/e- murc, U ion u i Mr. and Mrs..j h n h f u r t h e r espionage activity by vlio h \ c near thc \ their diplomats in Sweden. This referred specifically to the ; trial which opened here today of ·-yc-rgrucn -School, and rt.-cnic Ray j notc U . l l M i m , l,, ..(,,, o, ,.1r. and Mrs. I Uyde \V,.iiain t l '.vhu res.dc on the ^ , cven Swcd , 8 chargcd with scllin R J M baum place. TM , ou , th|b n a t j o n ' s ,. nl{re v l l a l iyslcm lo thc "' ' w a l c r . senger duty." Porahontas, Ark. -(/Pi- A pre- i awn fire of undetermined origin hontas business district today, re-. I u suiting in 'damages estimated at i ID ftOrfifl $120,000. Lawrence Dalton, Pocahonlas merchant v.hose store was threat- \\ r oodcock here for t r i a l on charges in connection L i t t l e Rock-lTPi-The Arkansas hospital burglary. j Supreme Court held today t h a t a On the same clay, December 29, j supcrintcndent-lea.chcr or n teach- ! companions when hi/ slipped. His n second microscope was stolen I er wp re eligible to be members of ' from the City Hospital. However. a County Board of Education. Chief W a t t s said, this instrument! Thc ruling reversed M n n t g o m was apparently not one of t h e ' "-'''^ Circuit .Judge C. Floyd H u f f , nearly i three taken from Woodcock by Jr - " dismissed a suit u n d e r which I than 1.000 feet long. He rolled ami j Troy police. Both the police chief ·'·"" '""' ordered two members of t u m b l e d down thc slide then took i and thc sheriff said t h e y hope to ^ n c Montgomery County lio.nd a n o t h e r d i o p and l o l l before Haeunde, Korea-f/P)-Mighty ex- Question Woodcock concerning the ol] stcd Thc Supreme- Court said t h a i T p r o h i b i t i o n against members ol county boards being persons who hold "any salaried or fee office of J o h »» TM"° f Enb " m - "· C ° m ' iuiou , 8 , . . , Uov ,, w l l l a , ; munist agitator and editor de" a r t m r ' ai the same time i Klibed " thc m35tor mUld ol lhc r and Elza iay i-cnt in "l y , ' '""· P lcaric ' C ullt ' as th « oo .sloiiptd on into the opened. He faces a life ten- deep water Howi-vcr he managed tcncc ' Enbnm was accused of lead. make a jock ledge which juts j '"*, "j* rln *. an , d US '"B £ix otn ,, ers Compton, Calif., out into the i vcr miner hl"h over- ' '"eluding his brother, to collect was playing atop the c l i f f w i t h two · n a n g i n g :,anlt.s. He was exhausted i niilll! "^ Dnrt Industrial informa- nd lay un the ledge fur a b u u t plosions in thc biggest U. S. Army -- , . e.e,--- ~. ·- ,^,,,.. , City Hospital t h e f t . At thc time ened by the fast spreading flames, | ammunition d u m p in Korea today of the robberies both oliiccrs said said local businessmen estimated | killed a Korean, injured an Amcr- ' the thefts appeared lo be the $70,000 damages to buildings and j ican officer and seven enlisted ' w " r k of thc same m.-in offices nnd S50.000 to stock. men, and left four U. S. soldiers i playmates, R a l p h and Gary .Sangster. said he dropped 2(ii'} feet v i r - t u a l l y straight down, landing on a vertical r o c k s l i d e more reaching t h e fool of the c l i f f . Mrs. Kerton i He spid only two buildings were .'left standing in the block. Firemen frcrn Walnut missing". South Korean police said they 3F*z***.-. Kceton, grand worthy associate fire department and scores of citizens in battling the matron of Arkansas, giving an flames, fanned by a high wind address : Destroyed v.'ere the Luttrell Dry f i v e hundred and 75 are at- | Goods Store, v.-here the flames tending the convention, which w i l l ' v . e t e first noticed by continue through tomorrow eve- 'motorists and the Palace 11 mr W hen a banquet is sched-: Store, both housed in a ; b u i l d i n g which included · Three Are Killed In West Virginia Cabin windows and knocked down plaster in buildings in Pu- san, 13 miles south. Two other j Logan, W. huge explosions followed w i t h i n · questioned a 38-year-old man to- 15 minutes. There was a fourth ! day in a triple slayinR discovered : blast later. Fires mushroomed in i yesterday in a lonely m o u n t a i n passing | the area. Gray clouds of phos- i cabin six miles from this m i n i n g tiled. . Drug pliorus smoke rose into the sky. I center. No charges have been f i l - bricfc; Rockets shot wildly about. Evplod- ; cd against him, but Stale Police the state or any political suhdivi- ' . sion" did not anply in this case. ; It held specifically t h a t Ode M a d ; clox and Winfrcd Coffman. the board members involved, wore ! employes and not officers of a I "political subdivision" (school dis- ! Va.-MVState- Police ! tri , c ! ) ' , I Maddox is superintendent anri ; teacher in Orion School n i s t m - t ! No. 43. Colfm.'tn is a teacher in Caddo Gap School District No. 50. County Grand Jury Meets Four Witnesses Are Summoned British Spy in War Found Stabbed To Dealh h inR flares t r nR f l c c s - A n - with bright colors. Some up , nc ! Foster Cash arid variety al.'-o destroyed and " arcs ' S "l r Ki. a u dry . soocisl "res flamed up in thc dry hills establrshment, was ! ringinE thc ^ Refused A Kisj, Young London-iXl'j-A beautiful Polish. noblewoman with a brilliant w a r ' record as a British spy was found KSgtc.°ntt t e h , t Tn 1 e y ^c d ^ i wa a si6raduuale Kills Himself Countess Krystyna Skarbek 37 i ace saboteur of World War II and Venice,' Calif.-Wl-A French combat veteran of Ihe Maquis. Dennis G. Muldowney, tcr, was picked up for questioning by detectives. Hotel guests who heard the countess screaming, "Get him off me!" found her lying cscorlcd dead in a hall with a gaping knife wound in her chesl. Tlie countess, who became a naturalized Briton in 1947, signed on the liner Winchester Castle six weeks ago as a stewardess. ShX had checked in at Ihe hotel alone "n Saturday. teen-ager, refused a kiss by his date for his high school graduation prom, kill- · | ed himself on the steps of the po- The youth, Fred M. Plehn, 17, Aged Man Lost In Woods For 32 Hours Is Safe Hartford, Ark.-WVAn Bll-year- old man was lost in the rugged i say they believe he v:as in the shells ilrca °' the dealh shack Saturday Grass ' night. A l l three victims v.ere shot in j thc head w i t h a r i f l e They were I Vicic Llicinda White. 1M, widow | of John White, who v.'js slam last March: Krvin Schoolcraft. r~ o\vn- Potcau Mountains near 32 hours without food, parently suffered no other than exhaustion. Sebastian j here for but ap- ] effects I Wichita, Kan., Hi! By Wafer Shortage i W i c h i t a . Kan.-i.-1VA .serious water shortage threatened th:s r i t v of 170.0(10 today a f t e r a 43-incii er of the cabin, and »1elvl.i Bais- niain developed its t h i r d break in den, 7,1. a neighbor. | four days. Thc m a i n is Ihe o n l y ' George White, John W h i t e ' s : line bringing water to the ci!y nephew, entered a g u i l t y plea to j proper. · voluntary m a n s l a u g h t e r in h i s ' Officials of Boeing. Beech and uncle's death, lie was sentenced ; Cessna a i r c r a f t companies r e p o r t - j tion for the Soviet Embassy offi- , m i n u t e s iccu.j..T.itini!, '..'11110 y o u n j j : clols '" r c t u r n for ctl! - h Sparks Kin lo the nearest house ' AlUched Near Estonia :.-ind Otis .Si/cmorc called t.'hief of I The Swedish military plane, an ' Police U'aync llydcn in Spring- ! unarmed Calallna. was searchin? ( ' a ' c - ! frir a Swedish air force transport ' l l y d i n spreail t h e ala:-in. and missing since Friday. It Is feared ..nun help Horn all surliwls of t h a t plane also was shot down hy j \urth·.··est Ai Kansas icacred the the Itussians. This would be a fate · laceiu- The builic.. wen: ictovercd ; similar to one met by a U. S Navy ! by K v e r e t t Wolfe, an uncle of t h e . Privateer aircraft which disap- ' pcared in the same area, two years go with 10 men aboard. The Catalina was attacked about [ (10 miles off the Soviet-helci Estonian coast. Swedish planes searching for the missing craft . had been instructed to keep 15 miles off the Russian-held coast. The Russians claim 12 miles out ; as t h e i r own special territory. ' Thc pilot radioed his plane was hit "several time 1 ;" by bursts of 20 llimetcr cannon from two So! viet MIU-1.1 jet fishier planes. : The Swedish Air Force said it had reports thc plane was attacked last week lo one to five years in prison. Anita Dunham. 17, of, c " u n ^' Sheriff Prentiss Maddux Tucson, Ariz., to the Venice High School prom Friday evening following I'lehn'.s Rraduation from thc school. Thc girl refused kiss him goodnight although confessed his love for her, said said Dr. C. L. Burns, Bokoshc, j Okla., became separated from two companions while h u n t i n g wild bei Detective Soiseant Stewart Jones. to oerries in the mountains Saturday he morning. Burns stumbled out of the woods on a highway about ft p. m.. yesterday and caught a ride I-epers Burned To Death Romc-(/P) .Chinese Communists recently burned to death about 100 lepers of thc Hingchuang Yun- nan Leprosarium, the Fides Catholic News Agency reported today. Poultry Market -Th* poulto market today an reported by the University of Arkansas Institute of Science und Technology and the Dairy and Poultry Market News Service of the U. S. Department of Afjrtcul- A n i t a lolrt Fred she thought t h e y , 1 0 Hartford. were too young to get serious, but A searching p a r t y of more t h a n hoped they could icmain friends. ,200 persons had hunted for Burns Saturday morning Plehn return- without success. cd his rented t u x e d o then d r o v e ' * to the local pollcc station. Halfway up the steps lie put a .22 caliber r i f l e lo his head and fired. ture. Northwest Arkansas market ' Alabama Heat Wave Still Going Strong Birmincham-M entered 'Is fourth Manama today day of blazing heat which already has caused one dealh and been accompanied by 14 drowning*. No relief was firm, supplies over 2.58 pounds, j seen from temperatures which ' drc i c ° Pro-French Government Takes Over In Cambodia S.iicnn, Indochina-MY/. nr-A'-p-n- French government ruled the Indochina st;ite of Cambodia today following K i n g Norodom Sihannuk Varm?ns* f i r i n g of his n a t i o n a l i s t ' backed premier and cabinet. A c t i n g s w i f M y -n H i ; i / . i p i l a l Pnompenh ye i erf lay. he - m o n a r r - ' i | i''Tik the premiership h i m 1 f. fh-jp ;it:d others of Die IO.VNH en'. ,in;.;,e hoart nearly all ministries. The new (.ovcrnmi'iit .v.iy t-x- p'-'ted to follti* a p i ; ~ v ..f do.-cr c- , ,. , . ; cooperation with the f 'reneh, who Several fishing reels w e r e still hold f i n a l power in all of In- stolen sometime last night from ' dochina not controlled by the the window of the Pioneer Shop,' Communist-led V i e t m i n h . The 2ft East Center Street. City poliee Rnvernment of former Premier raid someone apparently cut into '^ Kunion in recent months had lhc platoglass window w i t h n ' bcun °Pon)y anti-French, glasseultcr, Ihen knocked out a Skeeters By Million Loosed Sanibel Isliinrl. Fla -'/Vi-Riolo-*, plan to release more than one and one-half m i l l i o n mosquitoes heie t nf I ay. li's part of an : experiment to study the range and ^ i z f r m j i c buy, nnd Simmon:, K o u i i :!. Some ^if lho:;e v/ho vent t i the st-cnu , drove n e a i h y in r a i i ;tnd walked : Itirou^h t h r '.". orl::. to ihy area, ! utid olher.-i w e n l t f j tnc r i v e r dt {.mother p o i n t and by boat lu the hole when.- 11 e ln»ys iimv/ned. J3oLh ; [Bodies v.'uie rc:novrd by boat and Ulten to tin; L'aliiMm-Siiio l-'un c i a l Home. · S l i u i f f John Hl.ick of Honlon The W;i-,hinf;tfjn C'i»unly Grand County. ,.nd Cvoncr \V. t". Burns -Jury, which n.-tL-::u-d i-arly la.M/'f I f L M i f m Cuun'.y as well a^ Ihe i month iiller four d.-.y;, f ,f heaiin^.! Wa^hingim] County '.her'ff anri i-onvci.cfl thi:; monunt;. Knur w i t - 1 forum:! ' - f i e .-.; tne MCTII*. ;u were nc-,sL*K had been suinmoncd b e f o r e : a n u m u e r of uthei- ji\ice o f f i t - f i . - . , the body (or today. | i n c l u d i n g C h i u ( Hyden and Slate: j IJurniK it.. May ses.'.ions. t h e j u r y ·'I'rfioptM. W a l l a t - e I ' a i i i b i l . Firemen : t a l k e d w i t h (io/.en:. (,f witnesses. : l r ( n i tuv:n ; , aLu v,eie un : So f a i . however, no l i n e i j t i h , have '* ia ' 1(1 - i iiei-n ii.sued. Cu^toni.-.i i l y , j n d r c t- Kr.siiscitalion K f f u r t a Fall ineut:; arc i c l u r n e d at t h e end o f ; A r l i f i c i . , 1 ie.'.])Hiilion v.;,, applied L u l l ! i f .U:.(.-il;.loi. ai:d an ' iron lun;: ie;n.hetl the ^i»Jt, jiul · lh::, e q u i j i m c n ! wa'. '..scd u n t i l I ; '.'t-lofk w i t h o u t r e s u l t . The- young: L-r buy v;aj-. in the water iin hour and a h a l f .md the older youth jbout two hours bcTort divert.' found them. Coroner V/al:;on .summoned i Ci/rouer's Jury, made up ot men ·it thc scene w i t h Fire Chief H u r l Skcllon ' Kaye'.teville a c t i n g :^ 101 cman. The j u i y retuineil a ver- d i f t hi accidental d r o w n i n g . \Vnen 'he j u r y leportcd. lesu-snt-'ilion cf- f o i t ; . were d;.sco;r,:nue.l and th 1 .; b(«li(:j, weie le.iKjved l - ) t^c f u nei.'il home in H j n j n ^ d . i l r . Kunei..! .-cr-.n-ts lor V.\:\\ R.i Si/enioii; vi!l be conducted at 2 p m. TiM-.'.hy in tin-! the Grand J u r y Won'l F l y e Planej, Pilots Are Dismissed their p l a n t s v:ould be closed i Copenhagen I'VIV Four D;ini:,h all or part of the dny. They c m - ' A i r Force l i g h t e r p i l n t ? . vere d i s - ' ploy about ^5,000 per.son.s, I mis:.ed ye^teiday because they Water from v/ell:; is avail.ible ^-''id they were a f r a i d to f l y jet for emergency u?c but is not suf- · planw. ficient lo meet all the city's needs. | An A i r Korce spokeiiman s.iil the pilot:,, recently buck f r o m t r a i n i n g in the U. S.. had oltered to fly bombers iriite;;d of figh'-i.-.. They \ v e i c f i r e d just the .sa.-ne. Said the siokcsrnan: "We wniit a l l - r o u n d pilot.- I f t h e v r a m i f , ! l i v all k i n d s of plane.-,, out t h e v y i , " Shop Window Looted Jews, Arabs In New (lashes In Tunis ' C h i n c h \\Mii- T j l f i r .\OD i 'In ec!.on ! . . ! I in. a'. .N'of) H i l l by thc Hcv. liomar.. '.'ill be ;tl K i l l t e m e t c r y uiuler t h e of the Callisuii-Sisii) Fu- biter trnni the according to Dr. the notorious coastal maisbc Provost. They've been made radioactive by a soluble u r a n i u m by-product and biologist:, hope t h e y ' l l wind up in t r a p s set fioin F,verglader,. 40 miles south, through A l v a , 41 miles east, to Punla Gnrda, -Jf) miles n n r l h . t;i very short. Offering under this r a n c e d a s h i K h as 102 at Tusca- w e i S h t , » d e q u a t e f o r t h c f a i r de-jloosn yesterday. mind. Prices at !hu farm, reported up In 2 p. m. today: broilers nnrt fryer?, n i l weights from 2..10 to 27 S o I J?|" nrtS ' 2? 10 28 CCnlS moslly |y" l ^y""Mob^ Sunday I* The heal victim was Autrey Jerome, 51, auditor, who WSR found unconscious on a Mobile sidewalk high . _, .Train Jump* Trirk reels and some nrncol-1 Karmersburg. Ind laneous sporting gooas were t a k e n ! A t l a n t a to Chicago t r a i n of the Thc Tuni.'.. Tunis;,i-'/Ti-Jews an : A i a b s wa.*, . t l a h e d anew today in '.he .sric-fS ;KCI of old Tunis for the t h i r d s t r a i g h t Pent dav. Ten person*; v/ere ··· .nri-ied. He The rla'.hr.s added new tension to a s i t u a t i o n In which a n t i - F r e n c h a c t i v i t y was being i-lep- ped up, T u n i s i a n terrt.risl". a d a p t i n g new t a c t i c s , set f n e to wheal ; j;rand;:;:rcn!s, fields rri'dy for h a r v e s t , m a move i Wolff of Spri fU llr'x l.urky Gill. Mnss.-f/n-nohcr! E. Moser.. ·M*j-A crack | 2 - i . if Brockton thanked hi.i lucky , to di5.rupi the economic life of t' li French p r o t e c t o r a t e . o i n March ::!. If) 10. He I if lh giadc- at the Kvcr- ichool and a member of the .stal Church. .* is survived by his parcnV-'; one hi other. Steve i'restnn, a SIK- t c i . Hetba Louise rf the home; his p.itern.-U g r a n d f a t h e r , George Size- Spr.ngd.'Ue; ..Is m a t e r n a l , Mr. and Mrs. .Jim ; nnri his rru- MJVPIJ times. The German vessel put the men ashore un thc island of Hangoc, on thc boulhwe.-tl t i p of Finland abut fiO miles ioulhwcsl of Helsinki. Rayburn Is President Of Folklore Society A r k a n s j s Folklore Society officers named here Saturday are: Olio Ernest Rayburn of Eureka pruiirlent; Mi^s Mary Ceiestj.i P u r l e r of the Unnersity, K.iyettcvillt.'. vice president; Mrs. I i t n e Carlisle. Kayeltex i!le. secie- : t.iry-trcaiUi er; and Mrs. Paul Hoss of K;ive*.lev tile, program I COUIR-.I niembtTs are Vance H.iiid'ilph of K u r e k j SpniiR.s, Dr, Hubert 1. Morn.s of Fayeltevillc, · Mrs. I.C.-MC S. of F.iyellc- vilU-. DL H n v . . u d Cat tor nf Kay- c t t r \ i l l c . Mi M. .li-hn Gould Fletcher u' L i t t l e Hock .md Or, Walter MoffeU nf Conwa. The Weather A r k a n s a s -- Clear to partly cloudy t h i s afternoon, tonight and tomorrow with widely scattered thunderstorms in the northwest late this afternoon and in thc north and west in the north-' msht; not so warm In thc northwest toninht nnd tomorrow. from among other Items on (Ms- Chira^o and Kas' play in thc window. Police were ' .'itrrn I l l i n o i s Rail- minutes behind schedule, stars today he s t i l l piece a f t e r wan In one R o a t n g h t nf Fayetl. I r r n a l nr;l Kr.ihdmolhfr, Mr.v Li/7.y (iforge of Springdalc. K u n r i j i l services for Archie Ray 1937 Chcuolcl owned by Van ' W i l l u r m will be conducted at 1 _ ^ -, throiiRh nine HTuhway posts and tly how jumped off the t i n c k Sunday and ! -ollc' 1 over on its side The t i u c k many wore misslnc, nnd did not ,17 passenccrr were i n j u r e d , none was loaded w i t h a ton o( d y n a estimate the loss. seriously. . m i t e m.. Tuesday .it ' h i l o in Newton M i n t y by the Hev J I). Reynolds Friday n f l r i n o o n on H i g h w a y lift. w i t h In Ihi" Shilo ftmctery his t r u c k lipped Mondav n l f h t . win r e c o v e r e d ' ( hTuhway pi v/est of Spiiniid.ilc. The o f f i c e suit Hie cur w.u a l l , when it' out of ga'. h e n f f n · u n d r r the d i r e r t i o n of the Calli- rifioned . .son-Si^co K u n r r a l .lome. three brothers, Boyd, Oliver, »nd nilly Joe. all of the home; two «isters, Freda Mae and Reba, alia nf the home; his rridtcrnal grind* p.uents. Mr. and Mrs. Jlmei A. . Williams of Low G»PJ his mattma', Brandparenln, Mr, «nd Mr«. John Me is survived by hli pirtnti; idilk S. Reynold, of Roul* I, Sprlnd

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