Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 14, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 14, 1952
Page 12
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J2 - MOtTHWHT ARKANSAS TIMB, J ufl . u, 19 52 FARM AND HOME NEWS Guernsey Herd 'international Organization Designed · T r i i A i i i · i i . . .... Hew Spray For Control Of Fire Blight Said !*" !· Join staff ij. N. Offices Not Able To To Yield Better Results Than Bordeaux Of Bujlnels Collefl Handle Floods Of Tourists Y.-(/Pi-The · allowed above the f i f t h floor." Presented To To End World Hunger Meeting With Little Success After Almost 10 Years Famed Cattle Are Gift Of J. C. Penney, Chain Store Founder Columbia, Mn.--I. C. Pcnni?;.-. chain "tore founder .'tjid ruith n Missourian, h a p given the Unl- .versity nf Missouri the world- famous ForcmoM (Itlrrnrr.-y cl.'ury By OVID A. MARTIN " Wn»hington-MP)-For nearly 10 ; ·yurr. an International agency has: hern h r M i n g the drums for a broad :itt;ick on hunger, but KO far ' . w i t h little success. I The aiii'ncy, the food a n d ' ! A g r i c u l t u r e Organization of the! L'mt«J Nations, me.', in Rome! axain this week to renew its ap- · pe;il /or world cooperation. ! The idea of a join-hands attack.' on hunqer and malnutrition, and Northwest Arkansas Farming By John 1. Smith of the KAO, wn.-, born at an h i s - ; the country over who have cone- lone conference held at Hot; to the trouble . --- --· jpple and pear trees aB ' ng th , c , 'I"""-. " r two years. In 1950 and 1951, . f i r e might is rather common when Bordeaux spiay cau r -yi r.- disease of apple and pear trees in tensive russetting of f r u i t , no such : the slate. Dr. Mason points out. damage was seen on trees sprayed i especially of such susceptible with calcium hypochlorite Yet l y a n c t i e s as Jonathan and Yellow calcium hypochlorite save satis- ! Transparent. Previous control factory control of fire blight evr-n | recommendations have been to in orchards where the disease has ; spray the trees during bloom with always been a problem There's money In E ccd. Farmers " w c n k B » rti caux mixture, w h i c h ' ~ ' ' rather effectively controlled the : lunch and .General Adopts Geitysburr Candidate Harriman To Visit Little Rock 11 or over. Is'o more t h n n 10 high Little Rock - I A') - Democratic school .iiudcnls ran come at one C a n d i d a t e W. Averill H a r r i m a n ilmi'. The top l i m i t for visitors in one time is Gettysburg, Pa.-W)-Gen. Dwight in the early '40s, The; fields I'rcsl-| product D. Hoosevelt. uct as seed. : Calcium hypoch'lorite is the w i l l visit Little Rock next T h u r s - ' i h f U. N. b u i l d i n g al « · -- - · , · U i - L. . ' --same Product as t h a t used in day. Roy Penix, Jonesboro a t t o i ; 50!) people. I:R their ' l r e b l l 8nt. However, the Bor- dairies for sterilizing utensils. In nev, said plans call for H a r r i m a n , ' C a n Vse famrra a clean; ° o a u x m i x t u r e frequently caused the tests conducted to date, nne director for the Mutual Security! I f you arc lorlllniile enough to reason-: r " ssoltin K of f r u i t . especially i f : half pound of the material, con-i Administration, to lunch with the'set in the b u i l d i n g -- a n d scores able premium in telling this prod: l " c weather was cool and d a m p : taining 7(1 per cent chlorine, was Arkansas Democratic delegates, come every day w i t h i n these limi- - -k-t as seed. ;·'»« it was applied. Many grow- I dissolved in 100 gallons of water,! Penix said the candidate would' tatlons-yoii ran bring your cam_ A ^ f a r m e r In Jhe western part ^r^elerrerl^ to put up witi, the, and applied when the trees w-crc meet business, labor, education,. era and take pictures to your fire blight rather | in one-fourth bloom and in three-' church and other leaders during heart's content, except you can't : of injuring their j fourths bloom stage. Indications, the nfternoon. Hake a picture in u council room I are that if the calcium hypo-! Harrimon is expected to attend j during a meeting. calcium j chlorite were continued in subse-, the a n n u a l Gridiron dinner of the j The U. N. officials want the peO' t i o n : pie to see their new home v/hen akfast i it is ready. Facilities for visitors 'riday.! a r e being installed in the General lion's assets include the farm come a powerful agency for worlJ j high yields which he had ob-' ^ r u 't, according to Dr. Mason. H e ! blight might be prevented land, buildings, nnd equipment ^betterment. But then came the iained. ; explains that calcium hynochlorile: Mason reports. ft Hopcwell Junction. New Y o r k -- ' c l e a v a g e between Russia and Its; There Is, however, : BOWL FOR PLEASURl rim Benton Bowling Lanes--Adv. herd find other assets w i t h a tol:.l; Spring. Va., value estimated at t h r e e - f o u i t h s of prime mo a million dollars. dr-nt Fran President Frederick A M i d d l e - ' Broad, precedent-setting plans fcuth announced today t h a t P c n - j w c r c outlined for teaching back- .. . ... , ney'f gift includes all nf the prop-1 ward areas how to produce more of Washington County during the. damage from erty, endowments, and ai-cets of j food. Hans were made to b u i l d : depression period paid for one of | t n a n r ' Jn * nc ' the Foremost Guernsey Associa- and m a i n t a i n huge international | the best farms of the county bv , ^ r u ' t . tion Corporation of New York, reserves of food against emcrg-j selling his corn, wheat, oats, and ^ e n . cw material, SUPER! Dr where the- famous herd wasf satellite countries on the one hand founded 1 more than 30 years ago--[and Western Europe on the other. ·I well as cash, stocks, and bonds. I The United States, which was The Foremost herd of some 250 footing most of the bills for the greater: field in seed production available in Northwest Arkansas than the production of grain seed. T h a t field is In the production of grass cattle, one of the country's finest' FA O, decided that for the sake of I seed. The term grass includes erds nnd valued con- self-preservation it should con- clovers, and othc purebred herds ·ervatlvcly at $200,000, w i l l be brought to Missouri nnd, in ac- centratc on giving its help to countries which would stand by it In cordance with Pcnney's wishes, 1 "" International emergency, perpetuated by the University's 1 While m a i n t a i n i n g membership College of Agriculture. Penney has specified that (he; in the FAO and contributing heav- ly to its operating expenses, the other legumes. The demand for such seed is groatt-r, because we are in proccs* of converting; a large part of o u r , acreage to these plants. Sonic al- i most fabulous rash returns J - o v e i been made in the past few v ' o r s j Today's Farmer Sees Pasture As Important Crop Many Washington County farm- nrWrtv In New York may h e i U n i l c d Statcs 5 "' rlcd ltoi " g lar(te M 6 ^ t h e p TM e e d s u 5 c d t o h u y i l y l * ° wn ??* in .l"?""* b a c k - i In the future to m a i n t a i n this l:lnd S? rnlen^r^'Cr!^^"^"-- io^fi^Lys be reaped jus, ,, nt Mlddlcbu'h I'M the t h i s ' Smr " ° f U ' S ' l c c h n l c l a n s i he farmer in the west part of the iniuunDu..n fJin me n nvc been sent to backward areas county realized reasonable returrs chosen hy the U. S. under Point from grain seed lO'i ,-ieais a f t e r j Assembly Building, where , there will be public lounges, rest rooms, coat rooms, and a central place for sightseers to meet. When that j is ready the U. N. plans regular i tours of the .headquarters for a fee. I This job \vill be supervised by Baltimore - (/Pi - Baltimore's! the American Association for the Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro says . U. N. Once the home is ready, the W. Preslon lane, jr., May Be name "Foremost to retained. Guernsey" Four to show farmers how to pro- Peniwy said It is his wish Oiat ducc morc food . th« Income from the assets a n d , Tho 5amc t h i n g has happened rrorn the fa,m nnd herd operations w i(|, rcgar d to the early FAO pro of the Foremost Guernsey herd "be used as deemed best by the posals for international food re., , , , . -- -- - . s e r v e s . The United States Itself University In the further develop-!,, m a i n t a i n i n g large reserves of of t h e ; f ooc | I n w materials for use abroad. merit nnd improvement lijrd and farm and for such re-1 Government farm production !2 rC 2ii.i , "' dcmonalr " tl0 "' I Koals of recent years have stressed ·no additional activities ns mny i producing enough to help Amcr- t» considered appropriate by thei| c ,,. s fr | cnos n b r o n d in evcnt of Unlveriiity and related to the gen- j emergency. In the case of wheat. tni objcctlfes.^ (h | s rounlry Is uttcmptlng to * m a i n t a i n reserves nearly three Used by thousands in reducing t | mcs ,,, | arw ns those before OMts--Jungcs Roman Mca' Bread.! World War I I l l - l f l - l ( j 1. , : Advrrtlur In the TIMES--li o«ja. SUPER! NHO A NIW ROOF? ASIISTOS SIDING? No Monty Down Eaiy Monlhlr Pirmtnli DYKE LUMBER CO. M« it beginning to treat their pasture as a crop that deserves , some care. County Agent Carl But reasnnj.-le rc'.urm; n. osc sajt , [oday _ They fertilize their land, work j in limestone, and reap dividends j in better grazing and increased . cattle gains. ; I But there' arc many other acre. The additional 207 pounds of beef, at 25 cents a pound, would be worth $51.75. So it's easy to see that fertilizer paid off handsomely he said. Any ; president Truman is ready to ap- _ ,,..,,. ,, .,,,, person doubting that fertilizing; point formcr M a r y ] a n d Governor U. N. will have seats for 800 visi- pastures will pay off should visit, William Preston Lane, Jr., as the tors in the General Assembly Hall, me wtts brothers farm near Lin-! country's new civilian defense ad- '400 each in the three council coin and hear their story on extra . ministrator. D'Alorandro. as the : rooms. When a hot case is running committee- in the U. N., the ticket office often is swamped. Information Desk In Lobby A veteran crew handles inquiries g , ra , zin . f ?,. made P°ss'b'e by the use; s t a te's new national of fertilizers, Rose added. HUDSON REPAIRS A SPECIALTY See BOB HALL for a Free Estimate on this Popular Car. WHITELEY'S G A R A G E Corner of School t Mountain WEEKLY BROILER REVIEW at 'he information desk in the pub- grain was introduced. There arc problems in the bar- ! seed. Noxious vesting of grass plants arc a big rell, cheat, wild onions, and vari- farmers who still tre; at their pas- The weekly review of specialized broiler markets as reported N C W O r k A j r D O r t , Scene by the Institute of Science -' f -" " i t u r e as a sort of stenrhild hn c'-,M ! Techncp| ogy of the University of Of Crashes, To Open plants are a bi e Item. Dock, sor- | ^j'lf f, 01 ,',, 0 .' ·! 1 . c P chl , k !'.. h ?, £J '. d : | Arkansas, and the Dairy and Poul- I ^ man, has recommended Lane for | the S17.500-per-year job. And he i said last night he was told by I Frank E. McKinney, chairman of I the Democratic National Commit- lic lobby on the first floor of the tee, t h a t Truman would go along 38-story Secretariat Building. Part I of the equipment is a big wheel I carrying 4.000 cards with the j name, position, telephone number and room number of secretariat . workers, delegates, officials and j others. with the re-commendation. All-Aluminum A W N I N G S ^ . Td«y My ,, ,u year. Waatherproof and Firaproof Beautiful Colon PHONE 3031 FOR FREE ESTIMATE CLARK VENETIAN AWNING CO. U William BUY YOUR TELEVISION From a Television Service Station _ SMITH RADIO SHOP the harvested seed can be cleaned. Cleaning machines which do a koooj job are being brought into this section. After the seed arc cleaned they should Lie tested by the Arkansas Plant Board at 506 Vi Center Street, Little nock. While there is nothing to prevent one from either buying or selling untested seed, the AAA will recognize for grazing, records compiled at t h e ' i n g prices am University Livestock and Fon.-strv| were one cent Experiment Branch compared id the mostly higher. prim · before the shutdown. Station at j n the Batesville-Floral area Senate Extend? "War There research m e n | t h c m a r k c l was alsn stcad to ,, " f » .. fcrtili7«l »L Ca , U r,- Ka r ° n! t i r m U u TMB the week. Supplies' POWCrS Of President fertilized and unfertilized pas-1 over three pounds were l i g h t . A,,' ,,,,!·,, . r ^ . I early in the week, later, all sizes' Washinolon-f.'R-The Senate ves- An unroitilizcd pasture of Ber- ; were insufficient to meet the good i terday adopted a II, use-passed Hnr H o^"* ""j le f etlcza PTM'! demand. Prices at the close were resolution extending the prcri- duccd 92 pounds of beef in - ' . . . . , .. ' Will Enjoy A Week-End TONITE 8:00-10:15 one cent higher. year, in the same year the pro-! j n the other areas the market t's war powers until .lone Without this action, the presi- i ,,,,_ ,, , . -- ---., -~ -- ^ . . J b t o u . j , i U 3 t , -'ntial emergency powers would fert.l^eri 0 ' 1 hh Z ^ !? een ^° f t h e week ' Georgia, Arkansas.! have expired Sunday. Senate and ',,, ,,,,.,. _ h ._ 20n , P ° U . nds o £ . 2 0 and North Carolina enjoyed a 'House negotiators are working on payments only tested" seed "that ration was 299' pounds "of beef! was steady to barely steady "most : dcntial meet reasonable standards. TMr .-.rm TM ,,,..,,,,.,, ,u.. ,_-., ,... i . .. * udrt '- v sleda - v mosi, The weather is another big Item. We arc now having fine weather for seed harvest and per cent superphosphate, lOOigoori . . pounds of muriate of potash, and week those who have headed out fields '28 pounds of a m m o n i u m nitrate.' satisfy of orchard grass, fescue, reseed-1 According to Hose, the /erf" ! ing crimson clover, rye and vetch j costs on this pasture, at pr together, hop clover, nnd some; P_r|ces, was about $$11.50 other grasses should consider the ' possibilities of harvesting seed. S C H L I C H T M A N ' S BROILER-BRED CHICKS NEW HAMPS-VANTRESS CROSS DELAWARE HAMP CROSS EiliblUhed Oror 25 Ytari Truck D.lir.rlBi lo Many LocalitUi SCHIKHIMAN HATCHERY U.S. APPROVED PULLORUM CHAN I PhonT3t?.t1(~ For Prini And Dtllt.ry Daiea BOX B. APPLETON CITY. MO. demand throughout t h e : a bi " or a one-year extension of with adequate supplies to a limited number of the powers. Other areas would range j ir to good demand, with a short the same throughout. Full range ipply in heavier weights. , of prices throughout the week Prices in all areas ranged about ending June 12--23 ! ,!-27 1 ,i cents. SUNDAY 2-6-8 P.M. -- MON-TUES. 2:30-7:30 HERE IS FINE ENTERTAINMENT AT THE CLEAN, AIR-CONDITIONED APOLLO YOU'LL LIKE ... to know him is to love him . love him and you lose your shirt! « 08T CUMMINGJ MOORE COURTLAND TOHITE T - l ALAN LADD in "Red Mountain" Techmcoim COMING -- Wed-Thur-Fri-Sot To Th« APOLLO Arsenate 01 Lead Said To Control Bagworms Spraying evergreen shrubbery with arsenalt of lead w i l l control bag worms, says Margaret H. Brownficld, home demonstration agent. A bagworm is a small worm thai! lives within a case or bag and | feeds through the open end of the ' bag. Junipers and other evcr- 1 green shrubbery arc commonly I | defoliated through J u n e by bag- wornis. Small worms arc easily killed but largo worms are difficult to control by spraying. An effective spray formula is one ounce of arscnatc of lead and one ounce of hydratcd lime to two gallons of water. A compressed air sprayer of a rapacity of two lo four gallons will do a good job i · of spraying. Larger sprayers may ' ' also be used. Arscnale of lead j may also be used as a dust. ! It's Time To- ! Market nil lambs t h a t w i l l . weigh 75 pounds or more and will · grade good or belter; hot wenther will slow up their gains. Move cattle, cow nnd calf herds, or steers from the bcrmucVa-whitc · clover pastures to good lespcdczn , grazing; then they will continue! lo make good gains. j Develop wells for i r r i g a t i n g ' crops where other water sources such as % reams and bayous arc not available. Spray r-1 clios every two weeks with zinc-lime. Check the cutler bnr on the mo we i 1 . Sprny fruit trees nnd grapes regularly. Inspect buildings for termite damngr. Store Insecticides in safe containers out of reach of children and Tlvcstock. Clip the hedges. Mulch titt pole beans to eliml- \ nnte need for cultivation u n d e r ! the poles, Plan a family picnic to honor Dart on Father's Day. These siiffgaitloi.5 come from. the county and homo demonstration nfirnt*. More Information Is i available M their offices where I · University College of Agriculture II publication? mny n ] RO be obtained.' They're All Cool and Comfortable for You to Relax In! ROYAL PLAYS "* V I f*tm TONITE DOUBLE FEATURE "KONGA" The Wild Stallion ^^wv^Ww. PLUS CARTOON · SERIAL PALACE ENDS *"*-**·£ TONITE "STREET BANDITS" AND CAPTIVES OF BILLY THE KID Sunday Monday MARIA MONTEZ IN HALL ARABIAN NIGHTS" -- TECHNICOLOR -- ll'i Gay and Colorful! AND The Smartest MeHtkpJice of Then U! PAT O'BRIEN MNEWYATT Criminal U A R K NOW SHOWING 1:35 - 3:30 . S:25 - 7:20 - 9:15 I^Country vs. City -- A Musical Riot! YOUNG/; L. · SHORE MZ-Jfa**w* SUCK | ^ ^^ Slow CWCKI AMcJ«r|Ms-Robert MerrHl LATEST NEWS COLORED CARTOON CROSSROADS of the WEST! TOWNIAIEAUTIflll UNTAMED GML It's UM West it its kcctkbest! COWBOY ...whocain't tide nd ctn't thtot! Come Ai Late At 10:30 -- See the Regular Show -- Remain For Midnil. Show At Our Gueii Midnite Show 12:30 Stan Laurel Oliver Hardy in PARDON US Stan Olli* in their funniest comedy Starts Sunday--3 Days Only IF We were tad and bored and blue; If we had billt all over due; If all our friends had been untrue; If life hed taken on a dull grey hue, We'd-iee thij movie, that'i what we'd Dol RAYMOND MASSfY EKDS TOMITE 'Th« HIDE of ST. LOUIS' ..SUNDAY NITE ONLY Old Fashion Cake Walk Bring Your Beit Girl -- Come On Out and get In On The Fun Starti at 7:30 Pony Rides Miniature* Monkey Village Kiddies Playground 11 DRIVE IM1 · · TT^Ti^ M

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