Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 14, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 14, 1952
Page 11
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Hillside Adventures By FRED STARR The Good Book says, , Unite tub New York-(/Pi-Saturday night: We didn't spell the word correct- i ly, and it isn't a killdee at all, · but « killdeer. ' ; CBS--6:30 Gun Smoke Western; V Gone A u t r y Western; 8 Ganj- bustcrs; 8:30 Stars Jn Air. ABC--8:30 Flag Day Documentar: i NBC--1:30 p. m. Symphonic i Adventure; 3 The Falcon. | CBS--12 to 1:30 Invitation to ', Music. ABC--in a. m. Fine Arts Quartet; 11:30 a. m. Piano Playhouse; 2 p. m. Week around the world. MBS--1 p. m. Trendler Tunes; 3 Mystery Hall; Baseball--MBS Game of Day Network 1:25 Bos- St. George is the patron of Eng- One lady even handed me a ! 'poem she was inspired to w r i t e j while listening to that out-of-the- ' MBS--7 Twenty Questions: 7:30 'ordinary song he sings as h c | T h c a l c r of A i r : 8:3 ° Gu y Lorn- wheels, darts, and skims over t h e ' b a r d o Orchestra, countryside. She calls it Night! · Sunday: Flight. ' Kildeer flying in the white moonlight, Your shrill cries echoes from swift mad flight. What wild longing sends you . flying h i g h ? Killdeer, killdeer, why do you cry? You see the poet didn't help .much. That's what we were try- . lon Rcri Ro ' t CMca , 0 ing to find out--why docs he r r y ? ________ It's really porch settin' t i m e here in the hills comes June, and the ; i a n d Aragon and talk has to do with fishing, the I =! .weather, and who is to get the Republican nomination. The big ones still got away, but the boys catch a lot of small ones. . We have a fisherman friend--Jim Carter over at Elkins--who may not always bring home the bacon, I but he keeps fish on all four corners of the table all summer. E't supper with this fishing Joe recently and had fish left. That is j something to be desired by all j ' lovers of the taste of the finnry tribe. The weather comes in for its usual panning. One question what bothers us a heap is t h a t one t h e y ! ask when you ar? as hot as a j hen laying in a basket of wool. I lOtTHWBT AKKAWAJ TIMB, Arfc«Mi fcrhmfay, JUM 14, IMS _ 1 BOYS' and GIRLS' WANT ADS Tht win! ids below art published fr»e of charge by the TIMES in «n effort to htlp ambitious boys and girls (ages 7 lo 16) make profitable u» of their summertime vacation. You can perform ft real public service by taking advantage of the it offers. ! PERSONAL ! ENROLLMENTS helnji laWn for bT i k'lnninK and advanced r!a« in water color ici'hnlqur lo [r held in Ka- vtievlllo lute tummcr or i-arly f a l l by i LaGumt Bench. C t l i f . iriut. for in| formation write Bnx L-18. ',Tlmei TRANSPORTATION OFFERED CAN take SPIIRITS Turiday. Jim Icy. Arkansas or .1 than- i Rirhniumi. 17. V'oi Sharp. SERVICES OFFERED ; FOH SALE WANT .sitting" jbh. prcfcr.Wy v^RY Vood" .fim^"^""^ Tlnn-ed. Jo- ,,-,, Cel ,^ UX^HJ,,, b , BLACK Cock;r p "upp5 r fii"r"«airir"~ " X ~^ i WANTED ___ TO borrow. S2.0W two year* f. [ ; mortcmx Write Box job. children under 12. Experi ellen Jefferson. Route 4. 16 YEAR Old high school senior girl ~ wants work June IS to August J i _: -- ---- I WANTED, furniture "and'Tumi lit nil re q u a r t e r , k,,,,|, On , ,,,,,.,, or ,,,,, ,,,,,, Ou , Call ol town hujcr. Wrlto Box 1.-16. Can file. type, baby sit ' me 2246W. file. type, work. Pho house CAPABLE young man wants summer job or will mow lawns. P h o n e nd do ! .. w r eklt ^ m (ach. I PIGEONS MTM. '" i HELP WANTED GIRL. 1!. would like lo care for children during day. Can do house work,_help can. Phone 2049W. YOUTH?age" 13. desirci odd"jobi. Any kind. Ready, willing, able. Call 114BW. 7-9 a. m.. 5-8 p. in. JOB wanted for summer vacation. Would prefer job in drug or grocery itore. Phone 2348W. HIGH~school girl wants job d u r i n g afternoons or early evcningi. Phone 224UM at 620 Whit ham. Fayctievi.lo. SCHOOL firl wants job for summer light housekeeping. -'. W e t t I nd squabi lo pat nr keep, i Also a boy 5 bicycle for sale. Phone MISCELLANEOUS children 1 ! ITooTs.! including Rnbbsey twins i.nd Hardy I boys. Butch Storkford. 719 Douglas, i _"_hone 861W.__ I RECiFsTEriED Jersey"hclferTT'immihi ' _°25l-_J*on:iy_Minter, phone 2491W2. COMICS :.r.~7c7*a*nd~ I5c. 1^5 ".\ o r t h East Street I 3 GOOD 8 week oJdTpicsT price'SI(i"W · rach. These pigi are ready to RO i Conrad Smiili. Winslow. Ark . Hou'.e ' _ 1 . Box 141. ONE" 'ULL time music lenclirr capable of teaching music in crude and huh school. Mint mm m i n i m u m Okln homn qu;i1tficaiiiiin a n d capable of producing niinical prngrntni for the school. Teaching r r r l l f l r a t r m a y be in any subject matter f!rti| I-cnno Johnston, Superintendent IIEU'_WANTKI--MALE _ SALESMAN WANTED baby iltting Bai-hir« Rose, 14, Route Fork. _ [ITCH cchopl boy needs job for the 13 YEAR old boy wantH work eery ilorp. Phone 2510W. gro- hour. Please call 1119, Sandra Jcp- i HTGH~i"chool boy would like J for lhe summer. Phone 2489J. We hove on opening for a Bhway 9°°^ salesman in our men's --_ :wear clothing department. Ex- dre «- : perience preferred, but not nec- .,'S Western Fiyer~hicycicr2"years, essory. Age between 20 and 45. ^rFmod^cs'k. $3'^~^d~bi71Tze .' Permoncnt position. Good op- -£?. l ^i_s : l£ tl i_ l'hone_ IMIJ. i portunity for advancement to : tr ' CyClP %nT s ,£^ n r?,-vSi lhe r J9 ht TMn._ Apply - of boxing gUmis, age _ 71 South, phone P.307M. '_ E ANTIQUE chest and marble t rr. both walnut. Phone 7. r i IT'S cooler . ip«rtrnen'i tri nir« »c*n«ry 1= wnndrrfui You II HKs re'a · ftimpla Uttl* putiU youi child ihotiM find inlentlini." efficiency f i n a r t n i p n t f n r bills paid (50 (X) m o n t h - j , h . , s h « o n . T H . Chaff in, Montgomery Word. 6:00 Lombards on the Air 6:15 Starlight Time 6:30 News 6:45 Ozark Sports Review 7:00 MGM Theatre of the Air 7:30 MGM Theatre of the Air *'ls it hot enough for you?" Those j ·-- -same people swap the word "hot" ?:0 ° Bwight Eisenhower for "cold" comes winter. \Vel!.| 8:30 Lombardo on the Air hereabouts it's supposed to be hot i in summer. A body needn't ex- j pect anything else. Suppose i t snowed comes the Fourth of J u l y ? r Well, somebody would come up j with, "Had a short summer, didn't we?" 3:00 Twenty Questions 9:30 Chicago Theatre of the Air 10:00 Chicago Theatre of the Air 10:30 Dance Orch. 10:55 News SUNDAY MORNING 7:00 Freedom Story 7:30 Music for Sunday ! 11:00 Dance Orch. The weather is a nice, clean j 11:30 Sign Off subject, and anybody can t a l k I sAout it and not be out of order, j It is good to f a l l bark on when 1 you run out of soap, and I can't j figure out what we'd do fnr an i opening punch on meeting some- ! body new, if there wasn't the good | old, tried and true weather. Some ambitious preacher over In Oklahoma advertises he's going to preach next Sunday night on the subject, "Which is hotter: Hell or the 1952 Repuohcan Convention. According to the record, the convention will finally come to a close, hut they do s.r' in tivj lower I JOB running errands or laws. Carl ton Shoffit, age East South Street. , Strcel HOPING s.-idrlld, good as new. $150.00. Phone- HU4.M. CHILD'S car, make me an offer.' nvt p nrivrvn «··«·*·· Phone 2240M or see at 620 Whltham I !!zU:. __TMbzE£?!^ ljK Lou^Mood,. 15. 535 South Hill, p h o n e " Fayetjeylllc. I 8 pigs. Good, healthy, prii JOB wanted during summer vacation, i 5. fen" Day work only. Prefer baby sitting. ' --- * By 15 year old school girl. Phone 1RSOW . EXPKHIENCEh help for houiework nd rooking. Mrs. Hrrh Hatfield 1 -- . _ EXPERIENCED wnllrcBsrs. Meccn Heita ml. A JOB sacking groceries in a store. Richard Rogers, age 12, 814 South College. I WOULD like a job baby sitting or maid work. Have had plenty cx- W r i l i | Trfimi ! NEW expert hynnotiit. Box 408, Huntsville. Arkansas. contact EARN EXTRA CASH-artdrewlnf pod tals at home. Write Lowell Preu, - w n m r y - _ _ " WOULD like to mow lau'nK or any I k i n d of work 1 could do. 1 can drive : a traclnr Jxv Allr^H am. 11 Pnnt.. « tractor. Jay Allrtd. .ec 15. Route | : -- - --- : jtldresdin -- nt home. j _M»n ci e.___ Indi H n n Kpaland rabbits, bred doc*. EXPER*!ENCED"wai"tr*as ancTTry" mothers and hihira, does ready to G u l f Cafe. j^c^oo^^J.. Andn,., LOST AND FOUNI, girl's bicycle in good condition Kim-Kid.' O.'in Pnrk Sln-rt.' sloi-k mid «1 con bcglnnlnl June 16. · iinfiirniihe.1 5 ronm apartment. K06 Norlh College Phon« U N F U H N I S H E D apartment" W*"m~i and b a t h , nnc-hnlf hlock of Umver- _«lly _Phonc 24* THREE 2 rnorn n p i r t r n e n t a F i r » t floor. 2 l i g h t home kef pine ronm*. __AUo ilrrplnK room 1 * Phont MW rUKNlSHK.D n par I mm i .1 momi and bath, o n e - h a l f block of I'm v a n i t y i"7i7.bM'"^pirri 1 i7Tf')i7r'.'i.rnljh('(I. z lifio^f'fiirTM^T.TrpsTpi'niiit-Trr _JJtHJUM piild Phone Ii)5.t-W FURNISH EU efficiency two U t i l i t y hi ly. U N F U R N I S H E D :. room B r a r t m c n t Wntf-r l u l l p.iid $li oo m o n t h l y TWO mom iinfurniihr:) j t p a n n i « n t I2S.OO m o n t h l y nnd «h.rr u i l t l t i i - s [ Hammmd_Henlly C o m p i n y . phnn-* 7SJ 1 4 ROOM modern home I3f) fO~ rTe~r month. 702 South Colleje I' h n n o j |20 00 TO $3Q Wi ("ii7nUTTi»d~ ind"" un^ furnlihed n p » r t n i r u t * Onn hlock of campui. Phnne ;1H2WS UNFURNISHED" 4 ROOM a p a r t m e n t . Ail u l i l i t i r * paid Will provide rcfnxfTnltr am] move Rrd Bud A part men ti. (Hi W h l t h a m phone 2SJZW. rUltNISMED ftporinieiit." 2»i" "N*orTh Church Phonp .1131W n f t r r T. UNIVERSltY^iipiirTinrnTi^ furnlihed or unfurnlihed for turnmer itudenU orrmip ON watch*f. el*ek«. ircetMl« a 11 J jewelry r*p«lrlnf. EARLS WATCH SHOP With Brcwrr'j Clhan«ri. II f, Cvnfcr B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T 0 N Phong.249 ' FOR SALE--REAL ESTATE BUYS t h u n«»rlv new two twdrecm tin nga low Hardwood floori, floor f n r n f l c f . nice kitchen. L*rg« garage and u t i l i t y room ·)! on l«v*l lot. Paymrnu art lew than $40.00 per CONTEMPORARY AT ITS BEST I.OVELY home near Untvtritty makfti nit; nt *tone. g]i«i md unuiuat woodi Just right fnr eaiual living. Can hr bought at l«*i thin rtplacc- mrnt coit. THREE BEDROOM RANCH ityle with tvtra largt llvlnt- om, largt llvl . dandy kitchen ina dlnin*- lcttd- - Large level lot fn r«ltrl · u . l v l i i n n Hurry and you canC rhooi* your own decrtrtilonc. Ltu; than Sia.OOOOO. THE RITTER AGENCY ' 16 r. CVnlgr Phnni IM-- 1ZMW-- UU 3""llE[RbOM m'!d«rn. by own«r, I; f.cre In Tlty. I4.K«. PhOM H3U. PARKV1KW a p n r t m r t u n f u r n l i h e n B«rnrtl; ice Phone 2107J WILL do pluin * 11/1 H I G H school l.oy k i n d Caff Mri Collpgc. Dw L A W N ptr nt* work :nrc 1 tf)« I'RACTICAI.LY new l-.on.rd 7 fool refrljrcrntor. SBC nt Whlleley Srrv Ice Slntlon. Mountain and School. -- - --15 YEAR old boy wants job -.-:.: ; 'abbits. Also small snr- dcn tractor with plow und cultivator. Mllo Myers, phono 2I81J. ! |i ' OR SALE. -AUTOMOTIVE £?,E L A Fwd~nrw~plinf.""Phone . a y . 3. West Fork. Phone 1. 8:00 Chtirch of Chriit 8:30 Fayettcvllle Baplist Asm. 8:45 Central Baptist Church 900 Nazarene Church 9:15 Central Christian Church 9:30 Voice of Prophecy 10:*0 Stored Heart Profrua 10:15 TIMES Morning Ntwi Edition 10:30 Tabernacle Choir - regions tht worm never dies and 10:45 Harding Hymns you suffer for your wron^ forever and n rtay. To tin: nvcvone ded in t^..' \viioi R e p u o l i f a n . \\~c'r~ say that might be--seemingly-- 11:00 First Baptist Church SUNDAY APTRNOON 12:00 News with Vandevente.- 12:15 Piano Portraits 12:30 Show Tips and Show TunCf 1:00 BASEBALL Boston Red Sox Vs. Chicago White Sox ?bout how long it's be l.V-y've b°L"i in rower. The Queen Anne lace is spreading its coverlid, over abandoned fields and alonjt hedgerows. Any- · body happen to know how the lowly weed got its name? Wild snapdragons cover many meadows, and vie with the field » Daisies that are passing, while the blossoms of the many colored hollyhocks run up and down slender stalks in many a backyard. The Day Tallies are just coining into their own. Charley StockburRer, up the road a ways, says he has 1,500 different varieties that will soon be flaunting t h e i r rich colors in his well-kept yard. The yellow j SUNDAV NIGHT variety what starts blooming in j 6:00 Meet'Your Congress June and lasts throughout July is ' - - -my choice. 3:00 Mystery Hall 3:30 Under Arrest- Bell 3:55 Bobby Benson 4:00 The Shadow 4:30 True Detective Mysteries 5:00 Sunday Down South 5:30 Nick Carter 5:55 Cecil Brown AMBITIOUS. intelliBent~'willln({. inuney no Object. Nerd employment. Charles Lfcwis. age 13. phone 607. JUNIOR" high" school" fiirl" will habj' sit. Phone 1333W. JOB caddying by experienced L'Bddj 1 JUill MUUEL "A" I ttrd. N r w nininl and tires. Contact Duane Hcndrick- i soil. Went Fork. | latch your ;f n i l, ·HI done. Miont i Prefer transposition the folf course. Phone jobs considered. Richer and from IftMW. Other ^Madden 1 MOW levela Jawni lor 0s aTThour. Phone 2898. clolhrv rag dolls moderate, jib __479_W, ALL types rabbits, reasonable. Lawnmower and hoy's bicycle. Phone Jt'JMlJIiVrL t_ p - :n crackle, pop ^iiiiTljang. FACTORY TRUCK BED 1 2 fee. l o n g e r ft. repair. ·)IJ.\J\J Good CLIFTON LUMBER CO. Phone 27. West Fork, Ark. Sl.Ud. Z25RJ. 724 West , -ns. DOR housii - I 111 ! with hands."children 5 "to To. "sS.OO. i ( 22:(U. 72-i West Maple. ' d.y.. m « in my hi'L"'^ wi'll^om? j C ^ K TMJ^J?^ S."*,, "' M ° lo your home. Phone 2882J. I J,^' SrSuon, Phnne "'"· HIGH 2S93J 8 Anartm A 8. Apartment 4. Terr HIGH school girl «?« h °JJ.-i B ! ir J I"' 3 "" b " by ·**""" = T"RKE'Cocker SpamrrpuppieB.T^ ·ales girl job for summer. Phone h | arki one ..potted. S10.00 each. PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO P h o r i e 6 6 6 . 2 0 8 Norlh Block . S?uth W ^n7 W w\n * S C 'J e he 'P er - ° r i n nu r u g [ BOY r sn^y^i?rT«o7.Mh^Bcikir~2B 71 ; ?n?J5f " W ° rk Part t l n l r - P h o n e . nltnost now. $25.00 S« M 542 Gun- I t c r . Presley A s k e w , .lr. WILL do lawn mowing chorei. Phone S44R3. BOY 14 years old. Weal and. other CHECKERED Riant rabbit", female, will . - have litter Juno IS or 16. $4.00. Ho\\pll its small odd Trurnbo. phone 1334. f £% .TgT;^!.: 6, H n r r y j acltaon , Jr., Route 1. Phone any kind Robert Morris, Rou _Phone_J07Wl._ [ WILL care for children anytime at , nTrVrr? C9-, (i,"i T-^H c,. r ,T 1 t my home or elsewhere. Call 1117R j £no 'Sw*^°Vn W or come lo my home. Any hours mum J . I E Rita Lloyd. 13. 835 N o r t h Levcrett. _ . . _ _ . . BOYS Wratt-rn Flyer bicycle. $500. jawn mowea cor- : Kidd ulione 1910J ' fore 'g. P r o m p t ! IK you rcctly rail Hi after 3:30 or service. COMPLETE care for "your childre" age. Write Pat Lewis. Koute 8 Fay- _gt_teyille. Experienced. ,5 YEAR old boy wants workTany kind. Some experience in cafe, dishwashing and some doing j a n i f o r work. Jack Morns, Route 6, phone [GIRT IY collection of coins, currency ai Blamps. Odd foreiyn also America Old and new. Some v -- vrlopps. .Icrry Jefferson, Rou!e 4. WANTED TO BUY Contract Talks Recessed St. I.ouis-(/P)-Contract talks between the Southwestern Bel! Telephone Company and the CIO Communications Workers Union have been recessed (n June 30 so union negotiators can attend the i organization's national convention.' 6:45 Christian Science Program t 11 years old wants work helping with c»re of children or helping with house cleaning dust- **OG huus ' * " " " M ° rr "' R ° Ule . PAIR binoculars, also casting rod antl rt:»-l u i l b Jurcs. Good condition at irasnnable pricr. Windoll Johnson. Winslow. Hox 1U. ^_^ 1 AM a girl ]:i years old anrf \vould like to buy a Kood u^(.'d piano. Phone 1S97W. POULTRY ___ REMEMBER cummer chick ahorfag^ Don't wait, order today. Booking now fur delivery July and August. Our motto "Quality First. 11 Charley Draly. superior Broiler Chicks, phone _ 1 ? 1 :L. !1 - ° n 5* 531 FOR June arirri JcHvery~l to~i Superior q u a l i t y broad-brcaalfid liinnxc poulls. 56.". 00 per 100. Salu fnrtu^i g u a r a n l t e d . Order now. Da.v old gniiings. baby gulncat. Will pay 85c per dozen plus pnstnge for guinea eggs. Anrell I.nwuon Hatchery, 3600 c;ate»vny Drive. Joplln, Mlsiouri. phono ^1^7 PHILCO REFRIGERATORS AT B A R G A I N PRICES One » ft. Serve! On? Rffrlgerator Speed Queen Washing Machine! EASY TERMS CLIFTON LUMBER CO Plionc 27 W«l_Fork._Ark. TYPEWRITERS AND ADDING MACHINES New and Reconditioned. Porlable Typewriters. Rentals Dependable service department. Cash or Terms if desired 34 years in the business. 0. B. WILLIAMSON CO. INC. 123 Weft Mountain St. FayeUevillo. Ark. p jgpe_2478_ Larry Malon^Mgr.. "NOHIUTY Sllv«r7 R Call ELIZABETH JANES 292 EVENINOR 1A1NBOW TROtlT sold dally l^kone SpringdBle 3201. O«rk Trout Farm Near Johnion. For better nervier call R O Kiilrl. phone 1B10J hafore _^30 o r after 4 p m STOUT'S HOMK L A U N D R Y WET waih. up to 24 pr.undi for 75 cent*. Drying, nt u m l t a r nrtt-r* Each l a u n d r y done personally nnd ··paraloly. We do It (or you whllo you work or ·hop Huhiviiv 71 north ^ngar the _Mrcra R n t n u r i n t WHEN you go on vtcatlon. plnr«~your n»t with me for rieppndnhlr irarr Make - " TOT^rTr 672-ACRE RANCH at auction at .ndr- «rv-1 Drake's Creek, Tuttday, 2 p.m.'," 'June 24. Good fishing itrtam. ' 150 acres bottom offtrtd In two f tracts. 10% down, balance wh«n if ·ny ! title approved Soulh r Whislar and Ea»t«r!ing, own«r»." W. H. Hilderbrand, auction««r.-i Bo* 516, Oklahoma City. reirrvatlons rnrly. . P Bo- T. v A"ND RAiiio C W. DALE REASONABLE chnrfin. ?6 ynri r x - pprlcnce. Bring rnrtlOK to 214 South Church or call 2350W for iirvtce Formerly IJnjc^' i lliMn Service WILL do laundry "In my~Tiorn(*7^P ho ne Z5.1KR, THE fltltweli Mottl ol II unit*. K».wh ' for tDlllni oth*r buiincn. R. L-. Baker, St.TwBji. Oklg. r~ lacft for lalt. Two *cr«f " houiM. I mllci Nortfe^, Groyt and tt Vin«j*" OW1W. S ACRES F6R~lALE WASHINGTON School btu. city wat«f, naturtl fit and electricity available. Ideal location, ntir Drlv*-tn Th«- fllT. price |tftQ.OQ. Termj, tIM.OO __down. Phon* 67IM73. NKW 4 room houa«, htrdwvod rioon. picture * tMilltini Small down ptymtnt, S1I.O* monthly. No loan ce«U. 1UI XortA r _ _ _ _ . . . , . _ Garland. o * P»P*r Manlier or psinler P h o n e , BY own«r. thre« twdroonV all medtrn _ 4 TM I _- _ I home. 3 »cr»i lind. On« mil* out of city limit*. North Cut Mellon. City water, fire plufi, natural (M, bu'Jt In 1945 Mm nice viiltv vltw. pttatr . ·h«ne. foon br«t«. W. M. Imltir- N O T I C E FO« RALE--HOME NKKDS ELECTRIC FANS $6.95 LEWIS BROS. CO. noos--CATS--PETS so I can X've it to my Address A-I, ',;Timc: 7:00 The Great Day Show 7:30 Methodist Church 8:30 Favorite Stories 9:00 Top Ten 9:15 Top Ten 9:30 Top Ten 9:45 University Hour SUPER! 10:00 News 10:15 Political Picture 10:30 Sign Off MONDAY MOKNING 5:30 Rise N' Shine 5.50 RFD 1450 CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phono Celloet 13SJ FirtiieTille, ArktnMi Joplin Rendering Co. 6:00 Rise N' Shine i J:30 Market Report and Weather . 6:35 Rise il 1 Shine 1 6:45 Stock Talk Time i 7:00 Korfee Kup Ktpen | 7:30 Otaico Newi i 7:45 Koffee Kup Kapers 8:00 Robert Hurleigh--M 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMES Morning Edition 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns OLD CAR SALE AT Abshier-Bryan's Your Friendly Ford Dealer 19 Ponriac Fordor 39 Buiek Tudor )6 Ch«moltt Fordor 37 Ford Pickup 42 Chtvrokr Pickup 42 ChfvroUt I'/i-ton THESE CARS ARE PRICED TO SELL 0:00 Morning Melodies 9:25 News--M 9:30 Take a Number j 10:00 Food for Thought i 10:15 Linda's First Love 10:30 Queen for a Day 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands 11:15 BauckaRe Commentary 11:25 Carl Smith 11:30 Church of Christ j 11:45 Musical Roundup 11:55 Market Report MONDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 Hymns of All Churches 12:15 News at Noon 12:30 ChuckwaRon Jamboree 12:45 Riders of the Purple Sage 1:00 BASER A 1.1. P i t t s b u r g h 1'irates Vs. riiil.idclphi.-i Pirates 2:30 Afternoon Varieties 3:00 Swing Session 3:30 Tune Piekin' Time 4:00 Tune Pick'n Time 4:30 Tune Pick'n Time 5:00 Bnbby Benson 5:30 Wild Bill Hlckock i-M Cecil Brawn WANTED HOME^ for two nice"Coiiic~and "Shepherd puppiei. Phone 2860J. MISPLACED_DOG SOMEONK'S"m~,ma dog cam(T~\Q~f. house She W9nts a home and t-li dreii to play with. Phone 2S7.-,M. Atainst The Rules LEGAL NOTICES w^ a nnT,H CUy " ( f J *$ "T, sign * eai ° f »id~cowTThi;isi;'"sr« was posted jn the Sistinr Chapel May 1952 today; "Visitors are forbidden to (SEAL) lie on the floor." It had become a gjjj rd B Gr " r common practice for sightseers to j 10-17-24-31 June 7-u-r lie on the floor and look up at frescoes on the ceiling of the cha- f pel through opera classes ! NOW avs.iabt*. limited suppi quality ' Chinchillas. Registered N C. B. A. Visitors welcome. Free literature. See at Clyde. Timbrook. 51fl Gunter IDEAL MATTRESS CO. Quality new mattress and matfrcjf renovating. Phon» 3036 401 WEST DICKSON SPECIAL ALL metal lawn chain. 14.1.1, while they last. Open eveninfi unlll 9:00 Hilton Broi. Drive-In Furniture Store. FOR LEASE 114 ACRES~3~mi|PN Northweit Sprlnf- " " "" -- - · - - f n 20 ucreii In corn, balnnre . . .., ully equipped. Jimmy A t k l n i . 3144. Route 3. Sprlngdnlc FOR_SAI,t OR TRADE POWER hey baler. Phnne 315-J-I. WANTED TO SVt Card Of Thinki We wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to our many frienda who were «o kind to us during our recent bereavement. Mr. George Culley Mr. Sam Dockery Mr and Mrs. Raymond Gulley and family Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Gulley and family Mrs. John nipgs and son LOST AND FOUND LOST, black and white plastic rimmed Klaases. Phone 2.182. Keep ip wiu tlit Itme the TIMES dillr. -read NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES MONEY TO LOAN FliA HUME LOANS S^, " j^!' Low interest, lon^ terms j Spring. UTLLY A N D COMPANY, I N C . i M A L K Phone 2203 J'UPPY Specials. Chihu/ihuai. Dneh- K h u n d , Fox TerrlfrB. Shtpherdi. Alio grown Cockers. Hosions. Dea ton's K o n m - L \ V c B t Fork. F 95_8ALE-- LIVESTOCK It"ABBITS-- Flcm'l s h~gti n r t f oiii~fiow stock. ,')b months. 4'i pounds. Aus- liii^Gret.-n_Acres, phone 2Hr,OJ. GEESF, """ 30 FULL grown whl'c- Embdcn Keo«e. S2:,0 each. Call Mri. Kontir. 131 ONE rcKiilcred Ancui huiPl*3~m"onths Phnne * old. with papers. Price S30fl on 3 .J,TM. . in:!«·! southeast of Boston W. K. ruLt|j SiiiLth._BuKton. Arhanms. KXTR"A~good~wcBiied " pigf."hone 446W1. FOR SALB--MI8CEI.LANEOII8 SHOOTING caYl'efy. excellent to "run in whent harvcdt. Contact Gene Maitera at Chuck Wagon Drive In _Jl2II l _jL V l * n- m. F1RRWORKH* w'ha~l-~Not Shop."'l'06~N. __ Block. Open nlghti. $H. r /oa TREAOLB'Smgrr' ·owinK~"in7'- chlne. n".v. $100 0(). 7 foot electric Frigidalrc A-l condition. 5100 00 lOO^GOATS. Henton. »5J. WANT TOJtENT 2 REOROOM unfurnliTJ nchool. Phone 2434V couch, o i h f i i; Johnson, ·r pupK. pur FOR RENT-- MISCELLANEOUS r'iillNlsirEU duplex apartment"- "2 rooms, hall, prlvait bath and separate entrances. Unlverfity Street Phone 507M4 a f t e r 5 ROOM bungalo'w. "2~blockY~north"of campus. Inquire f i r s t house south of John Asbell, Mount Comfort Hond. unfurnished houiV ILEI.Y. "lurnlshVd ~3 rooni'VosTtSent on School Street. Private bath and entrance. Venetian blinds, new re- ''"""'" " 1 P ' enly "' bul 't-lns. FuiiNiSHED" 2 bedroom .parlmehl _porch. mils palrt_Phone_n5oj TWO jfEDROOM DUPLEX household F.ait and I M E N T . UNrUHNISIUI) HARDWOOD FLOORS AVAILABLE NOW P^lflNE 230W AFTER FIVE O'CLOCK 3 NICE "rooms furnished for men". Just off campus 212 North Duncan _TM11 n ? _"?!*__ __ ___ i^ncsn. 2 ROOM furnished apartment. prTviTe '""'' Nl °" '"" c °°'' Pninc NOTICE k. sio«n. ! BALED "oat itraw. R a l p h " and " m | _Sh£«'vi'.__, 2 TWO room apart me nuTTTrit floor. 2 blocks from iquare Alto ileepinf 2 ROOM furnlihed ipartment. am offering at jtud my young stallion, "Wilson's Yellow Cat." He ii one of the very few permanent registered AA race horjts in the state. He hai been undefeated ot 220 yards, and has run 330 yards in 17.2 seconds. He is a nice quiet dispositioned horse and I am sure you will find his get the same. This horse has been shown 5 times, faking 1st place at Fort Worth, Texas, Mineral Wells, Texas; Tul»a, Oklo.j and Pawhuska, Okla. He ft valued at $5,000. Stud fee, $50.00 with return privilege. Owner, Donald Tacke.f, Fayefte- ville, Ark. P h o n e 2182 or 115-M-3. BERRY j J. W. HILL ELEQRIC CO. Phone 24, West Fork 31TCH D/GGlNO roOTINGS--w a t e r, gat and iewer dltchea. aeptlc tank ho!e» Digging and back filling Call 2«2t Dryct Davis SUN-TILT Venetian bllndT ATTRACTIVE SUBURBAN 7 THF, bcit of material! and cotifftru*** lion with Iht very tlv.ablt floor* plan will make ihta hoUM · wond*f*"" f u l horn* for you. Than la · lovaljr Hvini room with iuMt elOMt. c«n« venient klichtn anddlMtt*. two ntc« bedroomi with ·lldlnf door claMti, tiled hath with ihowir ovtr tub *IWj built-in dresilnf lablt. ·ttachtd M- rage with overhtid itorif*. Lot Mxiw in rutrlcted area. The prie* it rifht--let ui ahow yeu. WILKINS REALTY CO. 102 N An plane UK Dty or Nl)ht ASSEMBLY DRIVE LOVri.Y two btdroom hon» wlUl ml- t.ched Only fiv« yviri o}VX Slttl.ted nn lirfc lot In this cov«t*t.t North-cosl wctlon. Buy It the tM|r w.yl Anurn* r. H. A.-O. I. Louk ATOP MOUNT StQUOYAH ;'· THREE btdroom bungalow with b«MCC mrnt carafe and laundry. Thtrt'l · nice lo«n in fore* and total prior- it only tt, 500.00 Lit UI ihow you, PhoM TUL Hammond Really Co. ^ Eve. Phonn H. O. Hammond 1972 "~ J. A Ji.-vil 1S»W FARMS RANCHES 70 ACKER »ll optn Und, fom] M.V prnvemenu. M ACRES. NEW modtrn home. · oc] firm at · food prict. t*rm*. 100 ACRES with 7 room modtrn horn*. other GOOD improvement!, v»14t/, living Witer. 5 ACRES with mod*rn colonial homf. landicaped (roundi, will ea.P» ry lou cfcltle. 190 ACRES wall improved, ind · tint cattle place with abundance of fraaa. und water. * .WO ACRES valley land, river border. ·print fed lake, modern home. 180 ALL In frail, optn valley laTft.' Thli can't be duplicated. «o ACRES Kraii land. Whare yoii want it and priced on tht monej. 240 ACRES good improvement!, na ural (ai If you want it, permanent paiture. ACRES well fenced and watered. 330 acre* open with new Medlnf. num window icrecni ant 1 «wnlnjjv , ---, Tree ei'imalti, Gobi Cot per 441 ; A fine home and one of the btst South I .fruit Phom- lOlfi j cattle ranch*!. p--~- ~ ~--j~-- : 275 ACRES, level and wtll improved. tXCQVQting - B u l l d o Z i n a I *nA a fine cattle ranch. r v - l · n i n i ' *°* ACRES. You won't worry about U l S K i n g · brUSh Kake I water here, and the frail Is Uwrt. n_._ j. n i r-t · I to °- ti£* lmprov«m*nu, ronas - Koads - L l e a r i n g : 1.030 ACHES. nv*r bordar, \ 0 \ H LJ i i ^ K i C C /" L L native grit.,. "We know, w» . n. JONtb, Contractor jood land." 537 E. Lafayette. Box *43 U. Sta. . . . Phone I486, FayettcviUe good WE bandit th* belt, located and price* rlfht. ^ NEIL SAWREY, REALTOR SENSATIONAL OFFER _ _ _ GOAT manure. Table model separator Phone 30C3W2 A n d E -^K^,^K 1952 ARVIN 21" u l l \ l or nifirc children You owe It In M U J ynurn-lf nn.l l a m i l v lo r a i l n»7 i T C I t W I f I A U . for j n l o r r n n ' i o n concerning F H K K K«tt: 1 onto p«r wor- uncle l. ! "OSIMTAL1ZATION. This irmnlh . ertlon. Three consecutive Insertions ! ..""l- Vl _ ' £"",jP er W0rd Mlnlmum order 42^ AM. Ttcallor. Mv p r o " CUMlfled .ds c«h in «,t - r r t a m ' JW ACRES nn the llllnoli. 4 rn^n ' | nous*-, prelty good burn, all fencr!. i wovrn wire A «ood imatl itock ' f n r m J^OO per year Also, a 7ft acre f a r m . 20 acres bottom. 4 room home 2 brooder hou«e«. 300 capacity hen w S2SO pnr year a m dally; 9:M a. m. Saturday Correctioni and rerun cheerfully madtt after fint insertion No corrtc- loni or rerun mad* after ad has e x - 1 ired. i NOTE: Adverllilnf copy for other ajfes ii due at 12 noon the day preceding -- ··-»--·'-- ·- or pi ,., e publication; 12 noon Saturday publication on Monday .F.GAL NOTICES LtOAL NOTICE hartei Wela*. Ex Part* and ai Plaln- va. t. H. Todd. and H deceaied, The Vn- nown Helrt of R. II. Todd. Defendants Notice U hereby given that there ai been filed in the office of Clerk f the Chancery Court of Waihinn- on County, Arkaniii, a nrtlllon to onflrm In Charlea Weln the till*- tn "IP following landi 'In lild County; The Eaat Three-(ourlhi o( thf NW',; of lhe SE'i and n i t r i p one rod wide off thr Went »ide of the SE' 4 of the N W ' t of the SE' 4l In Sec. .11. Twp. M N o r t h Range 29 Weit. containing 131. arrei, more or leu Alt pcrioni, i n e l u d l n g above n*mrd etendanti. r l a l m l n f R a i d l u n d u or Any , nlermt tHrroln, nit noti(i(*fi jind w a r n - j n 1o appfitr in »Mld Court u i l h m x w r f k « from dnti* hcrrnf or m oonn hereafter at aald matter m»v iw \ f*rrt and ahow ramo why tMir to i alrt land* ih6uld not be cnhdrmrd in i tt.tinner. Wltneii my hand M luch Clerk and I p r o p p r l j w i t h d r a ' "DAIRY" SWEET' HIGHWAY 71, NORTH Under management of Mrs. Duane Gann froi UHF bond, amber screen, blonde table model. Lists $425.00. Special Sunday or Monday only- NEWLIN REALTY WEST FORK ARK. $275.00 Phone 1001 rOR best remit*, nell or cnn*.!i;i) y~our fiirnlturr, dlihpi, home no Id ;ipplt- nncei, tonli nnd a r t l d r i nJ n i l kinds to ihp Aurtion Hnutc. 1 ' ^ rnilos north of S p r f n g d A l p on HiKhw.-iv 71 Phfnr 004. SprinRdAlc A u r t i n n KA]C* Mori day 11 nnd Thumdiivi. 7 :m n m N O T I C E USED CARS WANTED Any Make, Modal or Condition T A C K E T T AUTO EXCHANGE Highway 71 South ni 2182 NICK ruhy hed. fair iniltrV-m $j~2 50 H u i i r l m g H , Apartment 2 , T e r r y I'OWER lawn mower, rer 1 type'. IS Inch cut fjood operatlnf c o n d i t i o n CHINA rwhinrt^ oVk cTu7vefl"~8laii pftnfli, excellent condition Ilmketi, Ideal for n i m m f r Indoor-outdoor Mv- ln«. beautiful dcilgni. The Pioneer ___Shnp. 2.1 EMi_i:cnicr Street. /OST RKCE1VED "^~ CARLOAD of new ateel. 1 b«ami In «lr«- B 4'-r." P h o n r __ 4M Klmfro_Supply Co. Phone 4C4, ONE and two ro*mi"furnlihed apart- 5 HOOM mo(lffrn"housf. c]ftieTn~TM^(j _ month Phone 2$IZJ2. mtiflrrn. K) aoiet, 6 milei'louth Fay- elicvillc on M i R h w a y 71 Phone IJFI3. _Weat_ Fork. Hfmli- 2. Qyij Hlv*]y 4 RO~OM~modcrn houit. with " bath. U.TT^rrr - M A l T l V L l l R E N O V A T I N G Cotton Mattrcii«t Built Into Guaranteed Inneriprinm RoHywood B«d» Made To Ord*r ONE DAY SERVICE-- PHONE 2774 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. liO South last St. Who's Who" For Service Consult You' Classified HUhwiy 71 N. R A N C H E S j SALE OR TRADE : ~ 200-14,000 ACRES Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texai THE BROADHURST CO. i 1031 North College. Phone 2487 ' AUTOMATIC APPLIAUCE ^tt A Btll.r PUc* I* 1»T . '. "Hutpaint 11 Ff. Block DEALER Ph. Hi Martha'i Deauty Shop Complete JBrauty Service Phone " ~ ROOM downit«tn «p«rtnient. newly dcrorfitcil Prlvnte »4f» Will Street 3 room unfurnTiKed Ciond location, lirit ·tr-el. n i l nlzci. Supply Cn KI.KCTR1C fflnT jfurrdi, elrr inr fsn hii infttnri. Klmco ""fan pnlntert Phonr «4, Flmro Supply Co_ ^ · v r o l c P j ... -. . . H ' p n l i r e CA|| City nilpotal f'lant, _ iO*T NASII ~4~dr»or,~fiM(." C door, trt r»rp«rt looli. . ic poultry h;i«» |,awt« inr (»AB ranie furniture. KXTRA nl. n p a r t m r n t __rfioim Ph rt/RNKSHED cltipi^x. 4 rooms "iTiTd Itnlli Phone I75_IJ._ C6oi,~downiia!r§~~foom ror~fenir*nian - --fj.'y In Phona 35SW. 41.M, Wr*l Mountain. Phon" S*" r 1MW NICClY f')rnliFird"kitchVntlt« apart' mcnt. p r i v a t e entranoa and bath S3T North GrfRf. phone 3I8JJ 3 HOOM "rurnlihvil _W»«t Meadow. " " N K W EXTRA nlcr 2 t*droom dupltx Laf|« room i. hum In china nthlnct anil MrK caw i dnuhn cloi*ti. Phone . "·p«rtmentTMf3 COKHETIKRIE SPrN£EH~Toundat.oni, n poru Vivian Gre^n. 22 jcf, Phone 7M-J. 219 N years Elit. flpcnc UJ Bftul ncer CorMtiere lh UnlveriUy 8t S t r r c l Phone 7J4J " " ' a n t i q u e piecn nmr ^Amp^l. mm" ami* halT-Tlir, .1I42.W-J | AND PAIXT cr Hn.VilhT~37o7J~ Interior Dtcoratmi W. DlehtoH Plton* M« 200 Yean of Servlc* 20,000,000 Policyholdcra 20% .; Savlngt MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTflL INSURANCI "Savlngi for prt(«rr«d rh(«* Gtl ttw Fwli -The Ritter Agency loom UhM T

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