Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 14, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 14, 1952
Page 5
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American Troops Clear Out Prisoner Of War Camps On Koje Island NOtTHWBT ARKANSAS TIMIS. Minrfay, Jww M, I The Polish Oh.'inncl once was ~-~ ·i t'rcat r i v e r v;illrv. Always Fashion-Right Births ! Mr. ind Mr». Harold Culwell j Mr. and Mr*. Harold Culwcll of ' Rethany, Okla.. announce the i h i r t h of a daughter, Beverly Ann. ' .lunc II in Oklahoma Citv. Mrs. ; , Cm well is lhe d a u g h t e r of Mr. ' and Mrs. John G u i n n if Gonhcn. Meat Supply I'p Chic;i£n-f/IVMore meat --some ! 60f) million pounds over 19, r il -- w i l l lie a v a i l a b l e for the Amcrl- , can consumer t h i s year, R. C. Pol- I lock, Rcncral manager or the N.i-' t i u n a l Livestock and Meal Board, i reported lo directors al their an: nual meeting yesterday, : New York C i t v is fed m i l k h y ' al! New York Slate, parts "f » i « : other slates, and sometimes even t u o Canadian provinces. H Hulci KIIM Manila -Ufi- Th« PWIIppin* Army today Mid iU iroopt kiJlerf 1' rebel Huki and wounded 12 during the past wrrt M North- astern. Lurnn Island. % GALLON Vanilla Ice (rem 63c Holland trot, lacker Pin* SUPER! Bodies of dead Communist prisoners of war lie amid the wreckage in- tide POW Compound 76 on Koje Island as other prisoners, some of them wounded, walk with hands behind their heads toward the compound gate (top). One American and 31 Communists were killed in n pitched battle between the prisoners and American paratroopers. Center, Brig. Gen. llaydon Boatner, Koje Island camp commander, holds captured Communist prisoner of war plans for an allack from Compound 76 by which the FOWs would have seized control of the slancl. In the center of the picture is an interpreter and the man nt the right is a TOW. Lower, Maj. Daze Kern, Richmond, Va., bends ever a downed Red leader among the prisoners--Col. Lee Hak Koo, who was evicted from the compound by the seat of Ills pants. He was placed in solitary confinement. (AP Photos) =ister, Miss Betty Harms, receiv- | A n outstanding flavor--Juncc's Miss Harms' mother Mrs. Charles ' Harms of Russcllvile. They return- j ed home Wednesday night. | Mrs. Gene George enlertained A b e a u t i f u l l y tailored classic created i»;pccia!ly for the shorter| Ihan-average figure. PerferMv sull- ed lo each season with its Irimness of l i n e and air of u n c l u t t e i r d sim- i plicity. j 1'al'trrn No. infill is a scw-rile I perforated pattern in sizes 14 1-? · 1C 1-2. 1R 1-2. 211 1-2. 22 1-2. 'H 1-2. I Size i n 1-2, short sleeve, 41k yards - -"-inch. · this pattern, send 30c for' . ... .~.-I, in COINS, your name, ad- j dress, sizes desired, and the PATTERN N U M B E R to Sue Burnett, j i Northwest A r k a n s a s Times 11SO : ' Ave. Americas, New York 38, N. Y ' Basic FASHION for '52 Is filled · with ideas to make your clothe* ' Pfl """ RAGSDALE Carper Cleaning Co. 326-A NO. WEST ST. Hom»mok.r» all about town or* bulling about our fabuloui ear- p»» cleaning Mnrltt. And for good rtaionl Wo pick up your rugt and carpcH-clfan thtm thoroughly, gtnlly, in our modern plant, with a car* and caution that'i incomparabl*. Wo Iniur* your floor covtringi, too ... If your carpet it a wall-to-wall initallation, we'll como to your homo, on tho day and «t the lim* you ipcclfy, and cloan it beautifully in a matter of hour*. Call ui today. CONTRACT CARPET LAYING HANDBINDING -- MOTHPROOFING Spteialiting in Cltaning and Repairing ORIENTAL RUGS Springdale DOROTHY DIX -- CONTINUED FROM PAGT. FOUR musical or otherwise--is. a gift Jrom Heaven, and no amount of I \Rogers j Charles R. West, who recently : received- his degree from the Uni- 1 versity of Arkansas, and Mrs. West have gone to Newburgh, N.Y., to visit Mrs. West's parents. Mr. and Mrs. John jMitcheil. Before j going they spent a few days with | ?*r. West's parents. Mr. and MA-. ; Charles West on Shilo Street. : After their visit in New York the .'couple will go lo Fort Penning, |C-a., where Mr. West will be sta- I tioncd by the Army. He is to rc- ' port July 29. j The Sprinsdale Lions Club met j Wednesday at noon at lhe I.uth- jc-ran Church. Ed Buck presided over lhe meeting. Election of officers was held and the following were elected: President, John K. I Shackelford; second vice president, i D. E. Maddox; third vice prcsi- Irient. Waller Bird; secretary. Russell Harrison; treasurer Allen Gaskin; Lion Tamer. W. L. I n r i - a m ; Tail Twister, Pete Jones. Board .'members: I I . Grcenlec, Andy Jones, Jim Carpcnrlcr and H a n y Hoivell. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harms and ' children, Robert and Carol, of | Springdale attended g r a d u a t i o n ' exercises of Washington Univer- | Wednesday from 3 to 5 o'clock with a b i r t h d a y party in honor of i her daughter, Cathy, who was four i years old. The party was held in I I the back yard of their home at j S03 West Meadow Street. Molding ' clay v.-as given as favors. After i ACCOUNTING-MODERN the honorce had opened her gifts j i the following guests were served ' j nreshments: Freddie B a r b e e, | David Howell .Douglas Dodd, J i m - j m i e Jackson, Handy Smith, Tony [Jane N'eff, Rebecca Dodd, Linda ! Howell, J i m m i e Sue Wood, Tommy I Tanscy, Kcnncy Denver, Chm:k Wuod, J i r n m i c Tanscy, C o n n i e , 1 Boonc. Sandec Boone, Sunny Lee . *UTO CLASS i Sturdivanl, Sandra Brogdon, Marlene Samuel, Nancy Aired, Joan U m b a u g h , Susan Peterson, Karen White. Sally Gardner, W i n d y lardner. Jan Ensley, Dickie Harris, Carol Cravens. Phillip Nail, Kenneth Sisco, Allyn Gaskin, i Frances Smith, all of Springdalu · and Greg C a r m a n of Siloam Springs, and Jaueltc Ann Redwine of Fayetteville. Cathy's grand, mother, Mrs. C. I.. George of I Springdale, was iircsent and also ' Mrs. Florence Kindred. Weekly Classified Business and Professional Directory EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS CITY HOSPITAL Phont 1ZOO CITY WATH PUNT. Phon. 7JI FIRE. Phew 75 GAS. Phon. 2160 UGHT AND POWM. Phon* MOO. POllCt Phon* 31 · UTUAL IMtUIIANCI--*^^«----^--i · UIIMU* COURSE! ' TRAIN FOR CIVIl SERVICE JOBS SECRETARIAL -- STANDARD COURSES FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE FAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS PHONE 13 H. O. DAVIS. PHES. AUTO GLASS ( MIRROR SHOP Automobile Glass Instilled Glass Tablet -- Plate GUn _ Mirron Mirror HeEilvering, Glats Furniture Topi ALL WORK GUARANTEED 119 West Meadow. Phone 2720 ·ODT (HOP Mr?. C. Chancy gave a surprise | j b i r l h d a y d i n n e r for her m o t h e r , 4 Mrs. N. J. P h i l l i p who was 7ri years j n l d , Thursday aflernoon a l their l f new home in the Watson addition ! | i southwest of Springdale. Guests! , were Mrs. L. A. Watts, Mrs. Min- j ' n i e Baker, and Mrs. Nannie Price. , Refreshments were served. I i Mr. and Mrs. Gene Satterfield i · and daughter, Debra, of Tulsa. I Okla., arrived Thursday to spend j ,a few days w i t h Mrs. Sattorfield's | i mother, Mrs. Lcatha Brogdon and ICLEANERS A LAUNDRY her brothers. ' Mrs. Polk Bookout was return- · ed Thursday afternoon to her home i AUTO lUPPLIM^^TM·--·------^------_________ FAYETTEVILLE AUTO SUPPLY II EAST MOUNTAIN FAVETTEVILLE. ARK. FHONE 774 Crankihaft Grinding Motor Rebuilding Parti For All Can and Truck* SINES BODY SHOP Specializing in Body and Finder Work. Painting, Safely Clan. Upholilering. Seal Coreri. 227 W. Dickion Phon* 196 ambulance. i Mrs. Martha Phillips of John- · son Street was t a k e n to the Coun- { ty Hospital Thursday afternoon i n ' _ _ , . , ,,,,_a Calliron-Sisco a m b u l a n c e a f t e r " UC "°" receiving injuries in a fall at her · home. i CITIZENS LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Quality -- Service 326 N. West Phone 2146 The sale of Maplehurst Motel who is inept. Of course it's a ' b e e n announced by Mr. and Mrr. \ J '_J '__ ' wonderful thing to play or s i n g , - O m a r Bryant, who sold the prop-; "~ but the acquisition of such k n n w i - : crty lo Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Heng, I OUT OUR WAY edge by one who i.s completely formerly of Minnesota. ! without talent is an irksome prn- ' ,i- nl es R a l p h S m i t h , T,owcll cedure «nd seldom worth the c f - : w i l l receive lhe M.D. degree this *· I weekend from the University i Suppose you begin to adjust medical school at L i t t l e Rock. He j your attitude! The. experiences of I plans lo i n t e r n at Harris Hos-! yesterday will do l i t t l e to help i n ' p i t i l . Fort Worth, Texas. j the problems of today. Each.per-: Several members of the Rogers! snn, each f a m i l y has its own prob- j chapter of the Order of the East- i Icmj and must learn lo cope with , ern Star Inve accepted i n v i t a t i o n s ' them according to the exigencies, to attend a special meeting of the ' of the moment. You cannot force ' SnriniKlalo rh.-iplcr S a t u r d a y your experience on others. You: n i g h t . A iTM|vrativr d i n n e r w i l l ' raised your son according to your I be served bofore the meeting. I Mixing of 25 per cent platinum I w-ilh gold gives a pure w h i t e metal which is sometimes called; while gold. Adifrti.if In Ihr TTMES--It Phon. (77 Complete Drug Store Service. Free Delivery from 7:30 A. M. to 10:00 P M. PALACE DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency 442 Dickion SI. F.yttt.Till., Ark. Washington County Firawn Muluil Fire Insurance Organized 1922 1952 will be 200th Anniversary of Mutual Insurance Phon* 180 209 North Block Stntt «*Wi STAND · CARMEN'S NEWS STAND (Form.rlr Fowl.r'i Fruit and Iftwi Hand) "THE BIG LITTLE STOHE" In FATETTEVILLE tl 411 WEST DICKSON PHONE IM JOHNSON PIUMBMG AND HEAfMG CONTRACT 01 REPAIR Coriwr Spring and Sho»l. phan* IOM (UVICI »T»Tltm--""----"----·····^^--i WALKER AUTO SERVICE COMPLETE SERVICE FOB ALL CARS "Bur- Wheel Allfnmnl Wheel Balaottaf FRAME AMD AXLE STRAIGHTENING 113 S. C01UOE, FAYfUiVIUI, ARK. PHONE 771 (HOI CKOCIIIV ' and by adjusting yourself you'll hav« i better comprehension of wh«t your son and his wife arc tryinjf to do. SUPER! -f i Fnyottevillc to attend the MMc ; meelinR of the orc,.'ini7.nlion at the ! University. FrlKCn May Kvpand New York-(/lVThe Journal o f ; Commerce Mid today lhe SI. Lou- ] Is-San Francisco R a i l w a y If Interested in obtaining control ot i the Central of Gcorftia R n l l w u y to , form n system r-xlcndinx from ! Tcxns to Oeorgln. Lines of tho ! two rnllwnyft connect nt Blrmlng-1 By J. R. Williams GO OW.TAKE YOUR BlfiSEST STEPS AMD I'LL TAKE MINJE--THEM WE'LL FI6GER HOW MUCH SHOCTEC. MV ; STEP \^. AMP HOVJ WAMV MORE AMP 1 HOW MUCH FASTER r I'D HAVE TO TAKE. 'EM TO BEAT VTJU RUNNING.' I PCEFEE. i TO FIGGtEK WHY I COULD ET A MUCH LOWGER OWVDUR 1 HOLY SMOKE? 1 WHEW DOES , THAT PLAY- - ( · GEOUMD · v PROFESSOR. , TAKE TIME / TO LIVE?K,E ) SPOILS EVEN) \ TH'SMELL OF , FRESH CUT / v --i LAWWS.' I ' : -icr-^-vr.^ ., _|/'.:.X ,-^J «^P m :rJ:]f-- -/. V LHEKOCS ABE MAPK -NOT BORN / , *·'"·!·" / t-M LAND'S GROCERY WE DELIVER "tight on the Hiway--Kight on rhe f rice" 800 N. COLLEGE PHONE 1212 Also LOANS LICENSED PAWNBROKER ROCHIER'S JEWELRY SOUTH SIDE SQUARE LIQUOKI- SAM'S LIQUOR STORE FoyetteviMt's Most Up-To-Dof« E. Mwntat* 1*1* · ICHl PEERY SIGN AND ELECTRIC SIGNS -- NEON -- ELECTRICAL WIRING 1-DAY SERVICE ON NEON REPAIRS FREE ESTIMATES ON ELECTRICAL WORK 132 SOUTH SCHOOL PHONI M01 T*KI MRVICI* MILK- FAYETTEVILLE MILK CO. PASTEUMZED - HOM06ENIZQ) IM IN 0-K TAXI CO. «· W. DICKSON Out Ctfct «· *e« R«4i* I* fin r«» Tml ··nte* (·· MUM ROYAL Fcmily CM M» Y«« it it typinf !· tf*. MflM^. I^M^ ttl^s^^Kl^ ^l^^-- ^^^^^|^L ^KiTM* ^IVW ^TC^^^W* ^^n» ^VfWHw ALIXANMR TYPIWRITIR CO. ------

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