Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 26, 1974 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1974
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

BOTH ouffHrmwe AMP OUR HELDW6 AVERAGES WERE !XJ(ON7HIS^EAR_ GET A NEU STATISTICIAN!'' REPORT ?RDM OR STATISTICIAN-, HAVE TO K NEXT SEASON ,--' OONTTHINKOFME ASA GISL.THINKOFME r A5 YOUR BUDDY/ V OKAY, ( BUDDY COUGH UP YOUR HALF 7 OF THE ( SLL' /ALL \V£ VW3MEN WANT IS TO IBS TCEATEOaN AN EQUAL |_BASIS_WITH MEN/ Aft. «AWER « WONPEWMG HOW TO STOKtt A 'CftElE ACROSS THE GOME? HE'S OFFERING LARGE SUM TO A- WHO'LL; CROSS OVER AW BRING BACK KELLY'S -TO FETCH TflTB* fl 6lflSS OFWA-WA SFTHAR'S SVXVOTHIW6 I HflTE ftN 1 DESPISE tT'S CRflWLtM 1 OUT OF BED AT FOUR O'CLOCK- WTH'MORNIN- AWAY ·'.'!- T^ mT P1TWCAURUS -* twee WB HAP / SKBLBTZW is WORTH THAT HSKS FO'CfZY 0OHS OUR FOftTUNS BOUSHT WER A MEW W5 6OT PIZZA AND BEE/ ANP PIZZA, ANP PIZZA tN WHATEVER touas SELLING, TM WOT NOW THAT THE ICE «S SROKEM, YOU CARE TO THtWK IT OVER A BflRK BUILT IN NEW BEDFORD, MAS9., IN 1844, SANK IN A TCW MltOUTES, IN 1902; AFTER BEING- ATTACKED BY A WHALE s ·Bdfeve ft orJfct/J *r, 1« '·' NorlfiwMf ArtitmMM TtMCS, Thvrt., S^f, 24, 1974 BROKE,/VTER FAIbNG TOtJOAUFY (NTHE JAVELIN EVEMT5 IN THE OLYMPIC TRYOUTS IN LONDON,EMi.(i960, HAD A FKtefJDSHIP H/MHOMESYPLAHE, C.O.D., MA ' PA CKIM6 CRATE -««_f^«w. In, H» II Ml i f i l l nwiMfflitiiuiMHimiiiimiBifflMM LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Low Resistance Causes People To Become III !10lll«!nillMllilini!INIllll«llllllll!l!U!HIIIIIIIUlHI!lll»lllU^ body and the mind, adequate rest and diversion, controlled exercise, and the . careful use of leisure all ad dtheir contribution to man's own inherited body defense against infection and illness. RANGES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Look In the section in which our birthday comes and find yhat your outlook is, according o the stars. FOR FRI., SEPT. Z7, 1974 HIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Review past successful proce- ures as guidelines for thi» ay's action, but don't summary reject new ideas and methods. You could couple past nd present experience to great dvantage. 'AURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Keep emotions under stern ontrol so as to Insure better udgment in difficult situations, "'urther admonitions: Don't vertax yourself; don't overela- lorate in handling details. JEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Some challenges possibe. but ace them -- unafraid: With the leminian's ingenuity and fore- ightedness, you should solve 11 situations handily. uly 23) "ANGER (June 22 to July 23) You may not blaze any trails ow, but that shouldn't stop you rom being the dedicated indivi- "ual you usually are. It will iax'i too -- with gains of en- ·uring worth. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) A fine outlook! Day will be jood for making profitable i e a 1 s and arrangements. nuckle down to steady business, forge ahead with a care- ully prepared program. TOGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Certain limitations to your success an be overcome if you ake time to redefine your aims and expand operations so as to make a wider use of your alents. ,IBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Reach as far. high and wide as your talents permit. Excellent influences stimulate all ·our skills and endeavors. Don't iress too hard, however. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Take the strategic approach to all situations. And. in discussions, be careful not to be Doctors frequently hear their patients say they tend to get sick when their resistance is low. This observation is valid. The whole concept of body resistance is a complicated phenomenon playing an active part in the prevention of illness, the cure of illness and the maintenance of good health. Body resistance to illness and natural immunity depend on many factors. Experts in every field of medicine, genetics, chemistry and bacteriology are intrigued by the limitless variation of the body's defense Mechanism. Scientists have been exploring every possibility that will augment the body's natural reserve and resistance. Rapid chilling of the body or excessive fatigue devitalizes the body's ability to resist infection, ciencies, endocrine and circulatory problems interfere with the body's capacity to counter bac- Malnutrition and vitamin defi- terial invasion. Certainly, emotional disturbances, anxiety and stress are c o n s i d e r e d important i n lowering resistance. The newer knowledge ol nutrition, the understanding ol the relationship' between the The relaxation . of card playing sometimes turns out to x of greater physical and emotional pressure than .one-, suspects. When tempers flare, tranquility and harmony may suddenly disappear. A study done on a group of card players showed that th* lieartbeat and the pulse rate fluctuated and increased during the exciting moments of the game. . . An interesting finding by a doctor who studied this facet of living showed that there are definite changes in the blood p r e s s u r e during, critical moments of the game. Almost every carci player has made the psychological observation that sleeplessness often follows the exhilaration of : art active card game. . i Let us not leave the oard game without offering the suggestion that the room b« well ventilated and cleared' of concentrated smok« at regular intervals. , . overly aggressiv* or too forceful. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 33 to Deo. Take longer if necessary to go over detail*: Better be sura than sorry. The quantity of your endeavors will not count as much as their quality. CAPRICORN ( Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Saturn influences generous. You can make this day stand out by adding a touch of originality to your work and through more exhaustive, study of the fine points. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) You may encounter a few baffling situations: Remain un- distrubed, neither overanxious, nor careless. A v o i d excesses and extremes. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) A desire to reach beyond your I i m i t a t i o ns could unhinge nerves and disposition, cause disruption of a smooth schedule. Watch it! YOU BORN TODAY, as so many other Librans, are extremely talented along artistic lines, and your creativity, coupled with an intensely idealistic and philosophical nature, often inspires you to create works of almost awesome beauty -- especially in lieraturo or music. Your gift for words is outstanding and evidences itself in highly articulate speech as well as in your writings. You are a brilliant conversationalist a n d should you take up a career at law, for instance, your eloquence a n d convincing arguments would probably soon propel you into statesmanship or diplomacy; where you would shine. Other fields in which yon could e x c e l : painting, medicine, banking and the s t a g e . TraiU to curb: Living in the past and brooding over fancied slights. Birthdate of: Charles H. Percy, U.S. Senator; St. Alfonso da Ligouri, scholar, theologian. iiiifflnnnipmnM B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Hatterf todividutl Championship Play) niiiuuiininiiniiiniiiiiiiiininnn^ East dealer. Neither side vulnerable." NORTH *.6 S 32 ¥ A · 10 9 5 2 * K 6 5 4 Crossword By Eugene Sbefftr ACROSS 1 Actress Turner 5 Expensive 9 Recede 12 Seed covering 13 Scottish Gaelic 14 Chinese leader 15 An inert carbohydrate 17 Conclusion 18 Native metals 19 Sinatra 21 Commenced 24 Round of applause 25 Incite 26 One-shot TV shows 30 Transgress 31 Begin 32 Cravat 33 Cooking pans 35 Beverage 36 Gas 37 Old- fashioned 38 Early public officer 40 Heath 42 Baseball's Gehrig 43 Wandered 48 Doctrine 49 Large late 50 Bristle 51 Dance step 52 Water barriers 53 Rip DOWN 1 Resinous substance 2 Exist 3 Nothing 4 Wholehearted 5 Take out 6 God of love 7 Donkey 8 Perform again 9 Corrects or improves 10 Judicial bench 11 Carcass 16 Vase 20 Blackbird Avg. solution time: 23 mln. DBS OHH HffllSE CiEia aHHi! BIIEuT] BG3B QBC3H HDBS EfJtl DHSB 'Answer to yesterday'* puzxle. 21 Former pugilist 22 Spanish river 23 Certain flowering plants 24 Possessive pronoun 28 British gun 27 Common value 28 Fabrications 29 Withered 31 Raged 34 Bishopric 35 Merest 37 Seed covering 38 Fastener 39Bonheur 40 Mutilate 41 Single units 44 Epoch 45 Female ruff a Greek letter 47 Patriotic org. WEST EAST 4- *Q109 » 7 6 5 2 V K Q J 9 8 4 3 * A K J 3 » Q 8 7 * Q J 9 8 7 +_ SOUTH 4 A K J 8 7 4 »10 * 6 4 * A 10 3 2 The bidding: East South West North 3V 3 * 4 V 4 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead - king of diamonds. It was a constant source of wonder to the members of the club that Sylvia, who was extremely accident-prone, coulc BO often capitalize on this infirmity and produce her own personal brand of astonishing successes. Take this deal where Sylvia got to four spades. West lee the K-A and another diamond, which Sylvia ruffed. When she played the ace of spades, West showed out--thus creating an unexpected problem that Sylvia solved by playing 9 heart to the ace, .returning a trump, and finessing the lack. - ' ' ' Sylvia would surely have gone down one had she drawn Easts ast trump by playing the king ihe would have lost two clu§ ;ricks regardless of how sha played the suit. But when Sylvia reached for he king of spades, she accidentally played the card next :o It, the eight of spades. East thus found himself on lead with queen and was forced: to return a heart.on which Sylvia discarded a club as she ruffed in dummy. This was now the position: North ' + K 6 5 4 West *J + Q J 9 8 East Immaterial South 4 K 7 *.A 10 3 Despondently, Sylvia crossed to her hand with a low club to the ace and played her last two trumps, hoping a miracle of some sort would save her from her prior inadvertence. Sylvia did not have long to wait for her deliverance. West found it impossible to discard successfully on the last trump lead -- . and Sylvia had once again chalked up a sensational triumph as a direct result of her miscue. - · ' SO 14 10 28 II 29 PON1YTAH. , "But I did lots of research, and I think J've proved feat homework jg against the law!** . HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD BE CLEAR, XMden nnxmd more quickly *nd ftvoriMr given complete, or definite information. MAKB IT ZASV for th« rwder-proipect to jwwft yen. AJw«»» Inwrt ycna telephone number or your name and ajdn». If you Jo not hav» regular heur». glv« a preferred tune ta have pnepeete ·all you. PLACE YOraSEW In the reader 1 * position and ask yeuraeU you would like to knew (about your offer). The tntwtr you (ive will make a food Clarified ad. WANT ADS THAT FAIL to bring aatlafictlon do ao, net titrouih any lack of readership, but because they do not oontain enough information to get prompt action. THZ GREATEST READER ATTENTION Bin b* fecured for your advert Uenwni by ordering consecutive insertion*. You can itop you* ·d in the event of reaulta and then pay only for the daya It waa Then an alao vary special ratei fof thOM whe are

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