Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 14, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 14, 1952
Page 2
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fr--MOtTHWICT AMCAMSAS TIMiS, h,y^,yilU, Mamm, Joturdoy, Jun. 14, 1952 Church News Conducting Revival Services ···p Young People To Attend Church Camp At Bonanza The .voiinj; prtplc ,,'. various age gr.nir..- from C i n f r a ! 1-rosby- tarian have been rind r.rr currently altor.dinij Ihc comircncru and camps rondutiH hy (he Presbytery of Ail:nn»us nt l:s (-inference grounds, Camp Yatcs, south of Fort Smith and no«r Bonanza Ark. .lima 2-9 the Senior High Conference wis held. The loco! church sent 12 delegate!: Mary Ellen and J-avjnia Lee, Sharon and Mnrvo- lyn Rise. Paula and Henry Kron- enbcrs, Karrcn Kennedy, Eleanor Ellis, Judy Albln, Pat Ambrose, Edwin Bullington, and .Joe nich- ardion. Lavlnia Lee was elected moderator or the conference and Joe Richardson the vice-moderator. The Rev. Mr. Drubaker wns dean of the conference. Mrs. W. A. Fowler, and Kenneth Osborne were part of the group of 10 odult advisor*. The staff also Included Mist Hoaaml Manomoon of Thailand. Going on at present is the Junior High Conference, June 0-10. Elected Moderator Attending this from Ihc Ccntml Presbyterian Church are Charles A. neauchnmp, Marylin Ambroae, Nancy Cole, Janet Engler, Sandra Selsor, Margaret Young, l.ynn Osborne, Brian Walker, and Judy Sanders. The flrv. W i l l i u m Milchell, Presbyterian pastor at Harrison Is director of the i-amp. , Leaving Monday for the Jun- ' ior Ciimp, June lfi-20 are Ashcly ' ' Besuchnmp, Fontaine Richardson, Sona Stephen, Honald Weaver, umi j Kurt Zander. The Rev. Mr. Bcn- I jamln E. Smith, Presbyterian pas-. I tor at Hot Sprlnjn, i, director of i the camp. I The Presbyterian Church I n . 11)151 held sir such camps nnri -^--^------___ conferences with an attendance o f : T O. Miller, vocalist, and the Rev. Charles I.ewallen evangelist both 28,733. This year the number o f , " ' the /.ion Hill Baptist Church at Batcsville, are conducting 'revival nervices at the Central Baptist Church through next week. Mr Miller fnd Mr. l.cwallcn will also be in charge of the regular Sunday mom- mi! radio program and daily programs heard during this week at 11-45 .1. m., over station K G R H , and at 11:15 a. m. over KBRS Both have been a f f i l i a t e d with the BatesviJIc station and have had previous radio experience. Mr. I.ew.-illen, pastor of the Batcsville church, is beginning a prosram of evangelistic work under the sponsorship uf his church Mr. Miller been a member of the Stamps Baxter Melody Boys Qurirlct of Little Rock and was associated with the McDonald Quartet Women of St. Paul's Parish wl-o | " l Kennett, Mo., and Clinton, III. will le« ve Monday to attend the i - Junior camps has grown consider- nb!y Women Of St. Paul's To Attend Camp A.B.A. Young People Name Officers stltute ., , Uoy Edwa ,, ls . ,,,,. w _ R ,,_ ph| , Women's Annual" Camp Mitchell o., , em jean Mountain, are: ' ' J P*, Mrs. Wesley Davis, Mrs. Her- Mrs. John Shoemaker, Mrs. H e r - ; lii'rt Lewis, Jr.. Mrs. Ellis Shclton -' Lewis. Sr..Mrs. C. F. A r m i - | Mrs. Ogden Shirley. Mrs. J. H i 1 - , ; , - - r m stead, Mrs. Ewlng Jackson, Mr Mrs I,. ./.'Carr, Spring- dale, and Springdale. A giraffe may be more than 18 feet tall. Select From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attend FIRST BAPTIST WALTER L JOHNSON, l»Mtor *:30 * m Sunday Kehool 10:65 · m Mornln« Worship Sermon: "John the Baptiit" 9.'M p m Bipnit iTaminf Unloi 7:30 p. m. Evenlnf Worihlp Sermon: "The Unpardonable Sin i- CEKTHAL PHEiBTrERIAW C COWARD BRUBAKER, PaitOf William C. G I boon, Mlmi«r to »tu dthia 9 45 · m. Church School 10:65 a. m. Morninf Worship f . FIHBT PHESBYTEBIAM JAUE8 W BUTLER. JK , M t f William E. Gltwtm, Minister to tu dtnu f;43 · m Sunday School 10:55 Worship Anthem: "The Everlasting HUli"-- Nfvin Sermon: "What U R«H(lon ForT' Chaplain Jamei A. Burrli 6:00 p. m. Wetlmtnsier rellowihie Supprr and rt-ofram. Student Center, M2 West Maple ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL MAAIUB J LINOLOrr. Rector fi»t Sunday After Trinity 1:00 «. m. Holy Communion f:20 a. m Family Service 11:00 a. m. Morning Prayer and sermon ' CENTRAL METHODIST D- L DYKEB. Jit. Pallor »:00 a. m. Weiley roundatlon Coffee Hour 9:30 a. m. Church School 10:48 a. m. Morning Worship Sarv* Anthem: "Peace. Perfect P«e«"-- Gilbralth Bololit. Mn. Harrell Hill Solo: "1 Kneel to Pray"--Buckley Bololit: Bob Wright · Bormon: D. L. JJykei, Jr. 1:00 p. m. Weiley Foundation G:00 p. m. Youlh Oroupi 7:30 p. m. Evening Wonhlp Service Anthem: "Softly and Tenderly"-- Wlhtol Duet: Mn. W. 3. Smothen and I Barrel! Hull . Sermon: "Power Tor Living"--D Dykei, Jr.--Broadcast over KORH FIH8T CHRIITIAK BOBKRT MOFTETT. Pallor 1:43 a. m. aunduy School 10:00 a. m. Sunday school Claiui 10:50 a. m Mornini Worihln »:oo p m. D. S. F. (1:30 p m Chrlitlan Youlh Tallow- Ihlp and Chi Rho rollowihip JO:M «. m. Sunday School 11:00 1. m. Worihip Service ':« c. m. Tralnlnf Union «:00 p. m. Worihlp Service te * rdlwd !'- 7:M P- nv, Prayer Scr W. M. U. Fourth Friday KaVS '° '"' · Slr " 1 »"''° «·«··«".- · « a. m. Sunday School · P? *· m - Morning Wnrihlp «:» p m. N. Y. p. 8. Prayer Mm «:« p m. N. Y. p. s. Program «.« p. m Adult Prayer Band ' 7:30 p. m Ev.agelln c Service _WenneM4». 7:30 p. m. Prayer Meel- iridiy, 7:00 p. m.. Vliltallon Thui IEHOVAH'1 WiTNOSES 3rd floor Red Crou Drui Bide. Wedneiday, 7:» p m Book Study Friday, Friday. 8:43 utry School flundfly, 7:50 p. 4W ludy ] ·f / Service meeting Theocratic Mln Walchlowt Ferd Cammunlty Church P.rk.r *""" 1 ' " : "" " m ' "** D " 8ECOHD BAPTIST N V. DRAKE. Paiior 1:45 · m Sunday bchool. 10:4i a m Morntni Worship 7:00 p. m. Bapllit Trtlntnif Union 8:00-p. m. Evening Wonhlp Wednesday. 7:30 p. m . Prayer Meeting ·4- WEST FORK ASSEMBLY OF GOD BRANHAM and STEELE, Pmturi S^:4^ n m Sunday School 11:00 Mnrninf Worship 6:30 p. m. Christ Ambamdor Service 6:80 r- m. Junior C. A Service 7;.10 p. m. CvnngtiHitic Scrvic* Wednesday at 7:30 p. m.--Prayer Meeting «nd Bible Stud/ ·T. JOHN'S LOTHErlAM Arkaniai and Djrkiun Tel Ml or 172 GUMZ. Pallor . m. Sunday School l.iO a. m. Adult Bible clau 10:30 j!. m Nur«ery openi 10:45 a m Sunday Worihlp Sermon: The Blihl Reaction lo Temptation" Anthem by Chlldren'i Choir: "Sun o£ My Soul''-- Hunley »:30 a. m Sunday School 11:00 a m Sunday Service 8:45 p m. KGRH Sunday Radio Wedneiday, 7:45 p. m.. meeting. Reading Room In church open each dar except Sunday and hofldaya. GREENLAND CHUhCH OF CHRIST ORIS SALVER. MJnUiei 10 00 ·. m Chuich school 11:00 ft m Sermon 11 45 a m Communion Scrvlc* i'3Q p m. Sony Service and Bible ·tudy ·T. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC FATHER EDWARD H MALOY. Paitor Sunday Maisei 7.10 and 9:30 a m ·*Er'wln *" 1IO ° *' m Rev Vi Sshooi * m E " ch Sund "' """"I" WCDINQTON METHODIST CHURCH A. L. R1GGS, Paiio' 10:00 a m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p ra Preaching irvicei on Fourth and Flllh Sundayi WEST FORK BAPTIST R 11. RKD, Pallor ·:45 a m. Sunday School. 11:00 a. m Morning Wonhlp. 6:30 p. m. uaptlit Training Union 1:30 p m. Evening Wonhlp BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH ROY w. HMD. Pn.lor 131 Hlailon street ·:I5 a. m Sunday School 11:00 · m Morning Worahlp 6:30 p. m. Training Union '·30 p m. Evening Service Midweek Pray Service--Witdnei- day p. m. T CENTRAL BAPTIST JACK DKAN. Paitor t:4S a m. Uunday School. 10:50 a m Morning Worship. 7:00 p m Training Courae B.OO p m Evening Wonhlp 11:00 p. m Wedneiday. Prayer e«r- vlc*. fULL OOSPEL TABERNACLE TOMMY GIBBS Pallor 10:00 a. m. Sunday School. 11:00 ·.. m Preaching. 7:1* p. m. tvangallltlc aervlre. Wedneiday. 7:30 p m Midweek Prayer Service. friday. 7:M p ra PYPA Servl-* BRENTWOOD COMMUNITY CHURCH OTHA TACKETT, Pallor 10:00 n. m. Sunday School 11:11(1 n. m Surmon 7:.10 p. m. Evening Service 1:00 p. m. Frldny night. Bible etu and prayer meeting WIGGINS MEMORIAL METHODIST ARNOLD SIMPSON, Pallor South Church and Third Slreela »:« a. m. Church School 11-00 a. m. Morning Wonhlp 6:;iO p m. Youth rellowihlp 7:90 p. tn Evening Wonhlp WEST FOHK CHRISTIAN JOHN ASOELI.. Mmlller »:« a. in Church School 11:OJ a. m. Morning Worihip an - uniinunlon Preaching every lini and Ihi; JOHNSON CHURCH OF CHBIS BILL E SMITH. Mlnljler 10:00 a in. iUble S'udy !0:M n in Wonhlp Service 70(1 p. in. Even'.ng Clanei »1KI p. in Woril.lp ^ Wedneiday. 8:00 p. in., Prnycr Moo CALVARY TABERNACLE 35 Eait South Street BERYL C BETH. Pallor 10:00 a. m. Morning Service PrayTM- P ""' Dellvera " c1 Menage and 7: \ 5 P- m Evnngeliitic Service! rvi P m We dneiday. Tarry'rg 7:30 p m Saturday. Teillmon l service Trie itev. W. A. Ale.\ander, DD, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Shreveport, La., has been elected national niodciu'or of the Presbyterian Church of the U S. Dr. Alexander has served ns moderator of A l a u a m a ,mj Louisiana Synods since 1941. (AP Wiropl.oto) way, Sunrto;- School 3:30 · m. ··jrss'Sij Morning Wornhlp 9:.lo a a, Sunday School lo;.1o a m Evening Worship 7:30 p m. ·· '" Mornini worship fT ^ff-jafia? Fmiri " su Sunday-llcv. Vlrsll Erwin . an : a m Thur«d»y 7:30 p m Novena Manei Devotionl Moni1 " Saturday Mail 700 a ra rim rrlday Man. 7:00 a · Tint Salurday Man. 7 00 a n Confe.itoni 7.00 to «.» p m and twior* all Manei CHUHCH OF CHRIST HUD McCLUNG. Mlnliter Wen Center ana Norm Locuet ·:4a a m Bible iludy 7:00 p m Clauei dais *" m ' Wcdnellll l'' Ladlei Bible v 7:JO p. m Wedneiday. P r a y e ·fining and Bible Study Ior all agei «; Douglai street J.4i · m Sunday School. 7:W u ai Ivenlng Wonhl*. CHRIST'S CHURCH ·HED HHCKKLHDR) Pallor 40! Weil Hock Street · fi a m Sunday School UOW a. m Blhle School .1100 a m Womhlp Service) ; Communion Bermon ' «:45 p. m Children'! Meeting yunr People'l Chrlitian Endeavor Wedneiday I p. m . Prayer Meeting Friday, 7.i P . m , R,. vw ,| N |, n , * BLACE OAE BAPTIST HOWARD PRICHAKU Paitor 10.00 a m Sunday School 11 00 a m. Preaching Service 7:00 p m. Training Union 1:00 p m. Preaching £ervloe Thuraday 7:30 p m. Prayer meeting + OOSHEN METHODIBT ». YANCEY. Pa-tor 10:00 9. m Sunday School. 11:00 a m Morning Wonhlp 7:00 p m Evening VTonhlp KATETTEVILLE BIBi.E MISSION HO BLOCK SOUTH CULLlUa. Interdenominational HOMER MOUTTET. Paitor · :4S a m Sunday Mcnooi. 11:00 a. m Morning Worihip 6 15 o in Young Ttoplei Si'iylcei 7 00 p m. ^vanfellitlc Servtrr, Junior Choir whl meet Saturday at J p m Wedneiday, 7.30 p m.. Prayer Meet- Ing SUGAR MOUNTAIN BAPTIST RE' C M OHti AN Paslni ARUr: MOSTF.LLEH. Asmslant Pastor 10;00 a m Sunday School 7:30 p m Evangelistic Message Wednesday prayfr meeting at 7:30 p m, HIGHLAND COMMUNITY 10:30 i m Sunday Hchooi 11-15 n m Momma Worship. Wednesday night, 7:31) p m.. Prayer servlc**. SON'S CHAPEL i MILES KAST ON HIGHWAY U !):.10 B m Sunday School Suiertnlendt-nt--Turner Brown. Auxiliary every tourtb atundaj I'M p in, + FAHMINOTON BAPTIST D M KHE1S. Paitor 10:00 a. m Sunilnj School 11:00 a m Morning Wonhlp fi:M p m Baptist Training Union 7:30 p. in. Evnnccllstlc Service Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Prayer Meet Ing. FARMINGTON METHODIST A ~ ItlGUS. Pallor 10:00 a m Sunday School 11:00 a m. and 7:30 p m Preaching Service on Kirn. Second and Thlrt NORTH SIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOD SAMUEL E BRUCE. Pallor 10:00 a. m Sunday School 11:00 a m Sermon 7:30 p. tn. Evangelistic Service TlR'lday. Voung People'! C. A Ser- vlcrs. 7:30 p m Friday Prayer Service. US p m. -t- PARKSDALE BAPTIST H K N N K K U A V I S Pnitor ARI.EN M05TEU.AR. Aimtant Paitor 1000 a. rn Sunday School 7:30 p m Evangellitlc Meisaga Wedneiday. 7:30 p m Prayer Meeting Friday. 7.30 ft m. Yotng People i meeting. FIEDLER. P,, lor Ip'SS ·' '" Sunday School. 7-?S m K 0 TM" 1 " s "»lcea. 7.30 p. m. Worihla Service.. BAPTIST K M TETER. p a , tor JJiJJ ·· m Sunday School '2:J5 "· " Mornlnj Worihlp ? : M S' m !·""!" Tf.lnlnJ Union J-30 p. m. Evening WonhiD CE , N T"AL ASSEMBLY OF GOD C13 South College »:45 a. m. Sunday School. '«:'* " m. Morning Worihlp I" S S. ^ti^^TM- m»!' *' ° L Thur "'«) r . trayer meet- CALVART BAPTIST CHURCH :LDER"A°D M ST l t5cKEY W p..,o S r lrMU 9-45 a. 3. Sund,y School 11:00 n. m. Mornin" Worship 7:on p. m . B. T. U. IreJ°an? d £e''E3'' "°""" PS " V - n« Tw'; M ". i: "'·· "«"* ««·- National Council Calls For Church Non-Segregation Chicago - w) - The National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. has called for a "non- segregated church and a non-srg- rcsatcd society." The program against racial segregation was adopted by the council's General Board Wednesday. Presbyterian members refrained from voting after informing the board the document would "cause a disruption of the racial sains our church has been making." Dr. John D. Land of New Orleans, one of two Presbyterians on the board, said the declaration placed "undue stress on coercion." "You cannot establish the Kingdom of God by force," Dr Land said. Dr. I.uthcr A. Wcigel. dean emeritus of the Yale Divinity School. New Haven, declared: "Nothing that can over come before this council is of such momentous importance as the prin- State officers of the young people's training course of the American Baptist Association were elected luesctay at a meeting in the Central Baptist Church here. They are, left to right (front row), Ann Far-' ley Fayettevtlle, assistant corresponding secretary; Dorlene Rogers, Arsena', recording secretary .·,'ao'nie Abbott Benton, assistant recording secretory; Lorry Poynor, Little Rock, and Tommy Ashcraft. She-i- clan, choristers; James Staggs, Magnolia, vice president; Charles Causey, Little Rock, president- Uiel-- ard Aken, Monticello, vice president; Billy Smart, S'.evens, treasurer; Carol Jean Meadows Moriticello assistant treasurer; Barbara Hunt, Pine Bluff, Elizabeth Hall, Cabot, and Nathan Wright. Sheridan pi-' anists. In the back row are members of the Advisory Council, Elder L. D. Foreman, Little Bock- Eldc- Walter Lovelady, Pine Bluff; rider John, DeV.'itt; Elder C. N. Glover, S; anr, E'der E C · Mooney, Spnnghill, La. Members who were not present were Elder Paul Goodwin. Benton- Elder Hovi Chastam, Malvern, and Elder Leo Causey, Little Rock. Synods Vote On Withdrawal From National Council Memphis, Tenn-(/P)-The 122nd General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church was memorialized Thursday to sever rotations with the National Council of Churches of Christ in the H. S. A. Thirteen of the church's 56 presbyteries and the entire Alabama-Mississippi Synod submitted the memorials as the five- day session opened. The church has 10 synods. The withdrawal vote, to come Monday was not believed to be a direct follow to the anti-segregation stand announced in Chicago Wednesday night by the interdenominational council. The me-1 morials were prepared before the ' council met. j Typical of the memorials was Presbyterians, 92nd General ciple contained in this document This is a test on whether the churches dare to live up to their principles." The council is a federation of -! Protestant anrl Eastern Orthodox denominations. Membership of its churches totals approximately 32 million. CHURCH . .* Corner Duncan ynd Stan* ,,,'.. !; m - Sunday School 10:.« Morning Wonhlp Church"^ " Tl ' e Challcn «« " t h e · ? apt i" Tralnlni Union Announcements Central Methodist Church The Nellie Dyer Unit of the Wesleyan Service Guild will meet ' Monday at 7:30 p. m. \vilh Mrs C. E. Pollrtt, 'lie Boles Street Mrs. Margaret Lee will lead the worship, and the program on "All Children, Our Concern" will be m charge of Miss Elizabeth Hef- fclfinRer. Mrs. Ruby Hudson will be the guest speaker. UNCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH JESSK C COU.MAN Piwlor 10.00 it nj Sunday School 11 W a m Morning Worship B .10 p m Training Union v 30 p m Evtnlng Worship ----.-- COMMUNITY CHURCH "WJ? K CA "«R. Superintendent '""·" - m Sundny School WALNUT GROVE COMMUNITY CHURCH Sunday School 10:30 a m + H'lJDSVILLE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH TOM WILSON. Pallor 10:00 a in Sunday School . H'-¥I ,V ?' W °'""P Service, rinl and Third bundiyi JOHNSON BAPTIST CHURCH K M LOGUE, P/islor 10 00 a nt Sunday School I 1 0:i a m \Vorihtp Sei vlcte 7 ao f m Training Union n no p m Evening Service Wcdncidny. 7.30 p m.. Prayer Meet- Ing + SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST 37 SOUTH STHUn SATURDAY 1000 a m Sabbalh School II 00 n m Chutch Service Tuciday. 7 30 p m Prayer melting SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST W n SMAHP. Pallor 10 on a . llra uorlhwrsl tn Sunday School I I 00 ft in Morning Worahlp 7:311 p m Kvenlng Wonhlp Wi'dneiday. 730 u m., P r a y e Meeting ·f CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS J A M K R Fl.m-IISR, Klder Nluitpnl Union Blue ROOM 10:30 a m Sunday School. Wedneiday. 7:30 p. m., Bible Study FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD DONALD WALKER. P.itor · 7TM * m Sunday School II 00 a m Preaching 6:00 p. m V. P. Clnia. 7:.TM p m. Evan|ell«t;e Servlcn. ':30 p m friday. Bible atudy 7:30 p. m. Tueida/. C. A. lervlce. ·AKLAHD BAPTIST (Six Mi!«i Norttitait) S WI11TELKV, Paitor V : OU · n-. Sunday School. 11:00 a. m Morning Wonhlp. 7 30 p m BYPTC «:» p m. Evening Worihlp ttedneiday. 7:30 p. m Prayer metl- HOVIDENCE BAPTIST ALTER JESSED. Paitor IHIgh»»y It Wait) 10:00 a. m Sunday School 11 00 a. m Morning Worship. 7:30 p. m. Training Union "·IS p m. EvanKfllltlc Service Wednesday. I p. m.. Prayer Meet- Friday. 7-30 p. m., Youth Mullcal i rogram Monthly 7 p m.. Third Friday Fel- w M p it Sl SS p "'i' Brothtrn ood and W. M U. Meetings + GREENLAND COMMUNITY BOB CORNELIUS. Paitor ·« a m Sunday School 11.00 a m Morning Wnrihlp Wedneiday 7:4.1. midweek Jiib Study and Prayer Service APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH NF.OI.A MOORE. Pnvor Highway 71 South 10 00 a m Sunday School 11 00 a m Morning Service 7:30 p m (vangellitle Eervlea ^Jdneiday, 7:30 p. ,,,., Mid w ST. JAMES BAPTIST I w WEBB Paitor 1030 a m Sunday School. II 30 a m Morning Worihlp S 0" p m Young People i melting ·:00 p m Ivangellltlo Servlca. ·T. JAMES METHODIST (N*no A I. BUCHANAN Paator ·4J · m Sunday School I I 00 a. m Morning Wnrlhlgi I « P m Votith Fellowihlp. 7 M p ra Night Stnicet. Central Presbyterian Church The Woman's Organization of Central Presbyterian Church will meet Monday at 6:30 p. m., for a I covered riish picnic supper at the! home of Mrs. Paul F. Steinkraus.! University Heights, with Mrs. Carl Booth, Mrs. O. R. Fisher and Mrs. Nell n. In.qles serving as co-host- | esses. Miss Helen Graham will lead the devotion, and the program on the "P's and Q's of Missionary Education" will be led by Mrs. Cuy Kinman. Each shoulc bring- her own table service. In c-nsc of rain the meeting will be in the church basement. First Presbyterian Church The Women of the First Presbyterian Church will meet at the church Monday at 1:30 p. m. ' - "· --·»»·» *."»!«. 7 l» p m Night »«r ·Whitild Wor'Co P V B ° km9 C °" lnc - · So "'hwestern Go* «· Electric Co. ·Vicker's, Inc St. Paul's Episcopal Church St. Paul's Chapter will meet Monday at 2:30 p. m., with Mrs. John Goss, 229 East Dickson Street. The annual picnic of Ste. Anne's Chapter has been postponed until June 23. Walnut Grove Community Presbyterian Church The Rev. Ralleigh Hamblen of Tampa, Fla,, will conduct the 11 o'clock service at the Community Presbyterian Church «t Walnu Grove next Sunday morning, First Aiicmbly of God Church Daily Vacation Bible School will begin Monday at the First Assembly of God Church, Highway 62 west, beginning at 8:30 a. m. and' continuing until 11 a. m. each dny Miss Vivian Higgins of Tulsa, Okla., will supervise the- school. The Rev. Donald Walker Is pastor In charge. Cllllr Church of Chrlit Sunday afternoon is the date of the regular Sunday singing assembly of the Churches of Christ n this section. Following the morning services of the church, a asket dinner will bo hold. Vlslt- rs from a distance are Invited to omr early, tn lima for H!bl« classes at 10 i. m., bring their Charleston, W. Va.-(/P)-Presbyterians from 18 states and the District of Columbia adjourning a five-day session of their 92nd General Assembly Wednesday. The 438 commissioners of the Presbyterian Church, U. S., in closing sessions of the assembly: 1. Recommended, in a departure from a long standing church order, that "laymen be used in providing services for pastorless churches when desired." 2. Decided to cooperate with Northern and United Presbyterian branches in stewardship and evangelism programs. | 3. Approved establishing a joint committee on chaplains and a plan of simultaneous pulpit exchange 1 among the three negotiating churches -- Presbyterian, U. S. Presbyterian Church, U.S.A., and United Presbyterians. 4. Voiced strong nrotcst against appointment of a U.S. ambassador to the Vatican. 5. Turned down, for the second imc, a request by its East Hanover, Va., Presbytery that the church support an interdenominational university at Tokyo, Japan, but left individual church members free to contribute to the institution. A minority report frowned on closer cooperation at present with' other Presbyterian churches in stewardship and evangelism, asking the Presbyterian, U.S., to withdraw from the National Council of Churches of Christ in America and called pulpit "unfair propaganda for union." Plans for unifying the branches of Presbyterianism are to come before General Assemblies of each group in 1953. lunches, and spend the day. Beginning Monday evening Melvin L. Vaughan, minister of the Rogers Church of Christ, will conduct a series of gospel meetings at ditty. Services will begin each evening at 7:45 o'clock continuing through June 25 U.S., Adjourn Assembly The quality of milk is largely determined by federal marketing orders, state milk legislation and municipal health departments. AdrcrUge In the TIMKR--It DITH that of the Springfield, Mo., Presbytery. It charges the council "has repeatedly refused to incorporate into its constitution or requirements for membership . . . the very basic and most vital fundamental doctrines held by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church to be absolutely essential." These doctrines, it said, include the infallibility of the Bible, the Trinity of God and the divinity of Jesus Christ. The Cumberland Presbyterian Church has 82,000 members. Besides Alabama - Missippippi, the synods are Arkansas, East Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and West Tennessee. The Rev. Ed Phillips of Prairie Grove is one of the Arkansas representatives attending the Assembly in Memphis. Have you tried the LUTHERAN CHURCH Make the Break TOMORROW 10:45 i Thi Enomple You S«t For Your Chit- dren, One You Are Proud for Ihtm la Emulate? BY TAKING THEM TO CHURCH SUPER! THE HEAVENLY FATHER INVITES YOU HERE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Walter L. Johnion, Patter "JOHN THE BAPTIST" Morning Worihip Hour 10:55 (Bro«dc««i OT» Station KGRH) Sunday School 9:30 "THE UNPARDONABLE SIN" Enning Worihip Hour 7:30 Training Union C:15 Tlit Nursery is open at all services WELCOME ATTEND The Hour of Power" New Sunday Evening Preaching Series at the Central Methodist Church 7:30 P. M. EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT BEGINNING JUNE 15 Congregational Gospel Songs Sermon Series on "Power For living" 5 P ecial Music Twilight Altar Prayer (Broadcast over KGRH)

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