Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 13, 1952 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 13, 1952
Page 15
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NOffTHWBT AIKANSAS TIMB, hyMMvifl*. Arkonw Friday, June U, 1?S« J BOYS' and MIS' WANT ADS Th« want idi Ixlow »t publiihed lr« of chirje by l^t TIMES in an effort to help ambitious boyi and girlt (agti 7 to 16) make profitable uie oi thtir iummarlima vacation. You can perform a real public service by taking adranlnge of thei* often. WANTED-HALE SALESMAN WANTED j DOfifr--CATS-- PETS j PUPPY S|M»rfaliT"Chlhutihunx; ·hinid. Fox TVrn-rv Shrphrr grown lVvkfr.« Mistoni. j Kcnnol. Wc«l Fork j We have an opening for a ' FOR SALE--LIVESTOCK | good salesman in our men's .» '" Cr.U Mrs j wear clothing department. Ex- s^o each. SERVICES OFFERED G YEAR old high school ienior girl wauls work June 15 to Auguit 15. Can file. type, baliy sit and do housework. Phone L'»4G\V. CAPABLE young man wants summer job or will mow lawns. P h o n e 462W2. GIRL. 12. would like to care for chil ,, day. Can do an. Phone 2049W. \vork. help YOUTH, r.ce is. desires odd jobs. Any kind. Ready, willing, able. ~ " 11181V, 7-3 a. m.. 5-8 p. m. GRIM SAFETY LESSON Nancy Gustafson, 11, nf Min- ! neapolis, will turn oft the gas the nert time her first match goes out. Nancy lorgot the safety precaution, and by the time she struck the rocond match, enough gos h?d accumulated to explode and burn her. 1 wanted for sumniEr vacation, 'mild prefer job In drug or gro- ·ry store. Phone 5348W. " NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D A D S Rate: 3 cent*: per wor* single la- fcrtion. Three consecutive insertion!. 7 cents per word. Minimum order 42c. Claisifieti adi cash in advance--not ' taken over the telephone Deadline for classitied ads: W:34 m. tn daily; 9:30 a m. Saturday Corrections and rerun c h e e r f u l l y made after first insertion No corrections or rerun made after ad haa expired. NOTI: Advertising copy for other pages is due at 12 noon the day pre- ceeding publication; 12 noon Saturday for publication on Mondsv LEGAL NOTICES PftOPOSED C O N S T I T U T I O N A L A M E N D M E N T NO 42 BE H HRSni V f c D ov thf tienatf ol the Stale ot Arkansas inrl Dy the House oJ Renreicpntatlvp!; a Mflionty Of All fhe Member* Rlrrtprt to Each House Arreeln? rhereto* That ihe fntirnvinE IF nereby pro- pospri a? an amrndmenJ to thp Con- stitnHon ot thp "Ntntp of Arkansas and unon. hplng mihtnltlpn to the electors pf the ^lat* fnr qoornval nr rejertlnn «t fhf nert erneral rlertinn Inr Rpnre- B"ni3ii7p«! und Senators. If ti malorftT "' thp elertor? vntlnp therenn at such an election arioot surh amendment, the «nme shall become a oart o( the Constitution of fhe Slate of ArKnnsas. trvwtt: ^ECTtON 1 commission Created-- MifmherB--Powers. There Is hereby created a State HlPhwav Cnmmlstfrin which shall ne vtsteH with all the pnivprs and dntfe. now or Hereafter imnnFefl bv Inw (or the admlnlstra- tlnn of the State Hlchwav DenartmpnT. tneether with all oowen neepssary or nrnoer to enable the Commission W anv of its officers or emnlovpo* tc carry out hilly and effectively The reflations and laws relalinfi to the Stnte Hishwav DenartmenT SF(TlnN 2 Q u a l i f i c a t i o n * and Ap- pomtment of M e m b r r t -- T f r m s o» Office 0* Flrit Cemmlsnion^ Within ten days after ihe convening of the General Assembly nf the State ot Arkansas tn fhe vear 1S53. thp Governor, oy and t.'ith the advice and consent nf the Snnate. shall appoint five nrrsnns who are aualiftert electors ot the Slate to constitute the State Hlchway Commission for terms of two, four. six. eight and ten vear* respectively The termn ot the persons sn apnointed shall he determined ftv lot The Commlsfton- rrs to b« appointed from the Stata at larpe: provided, however, that no two Commissioners shall be annotated from any slncle Concessional District. In the event of rejection by th« Ernate of a person whose name tias been so submitted, the Governor shall within five davs after rer-eipt of written notice from the Secretary o! the Senate of *uch rejection suhmft the name of another annointee to fill 5itch vacancy. In the event the Governor should within five days thereafter fall to apooint or f a l l to submit to the Senate for confirmation the name of any person to be appointed, the Spnate shall proceed to make the appointment of its own choice. SECTION 3. Terms of Office fit Memberi. Upon the expiration of the forf-eoinn terms of said Commissioners. « Mirressor shall be annointeH hy the Governor tn the manner provided for in Section 2 fnr a term of ten years, v-hlch term of ton vcare shall thereafter be for each member of the Commission. SECTION 4. Removal of Member* --Hearing--Review and Appeal. A Com- rnlssioner may b« removed by the Governor ohly for the same causrs »s aonlv to other constitutional officers ·ftcr a hearinc which m n v ne rr- viewed by the Chancerv Court for the Ftrst District with npht ot appeal therefrom to the Supreme Conn, such review and appeal to be without presumption in favor nf any findinE tiv the Governor or the trial court provided further. HIGH school girl wants job during afternoons or early evenings. Phone 2240M at 620 Whitham. Fayetteville. titling or light houiekeei Rose. 14. Route 2, "' ·keeping. :. W e i t SCHOOL girl wants job for summer. h:iby · - · · liar ha Fork. HTGII school boy needs job for the summer. Some experience in grocery sloru. Phone 2874J2. .13 YEAR old boy wants work i CTy store. Phone 2510W. WOULD like to baby sit anytime In the morning or afternoon, 25c an hour. Please call 1119, Sandra Jep- HIGH school boy would like i for ihe summer. Phone 2489J. job i. JOB running errands or mov Jaws. Carlton Shoffit. tec 12. East South Street. WILL care for children in my home or yours. Can give references. Wanda I.oti Moodv, 15. 535 South Hill, phone 3894W. JOB wanted durinc summer vacation. Dav work only. Prefer baby sitting. By IS year old ichool girl. Phone 1H80W A JOB sacking groceries in a store. Richard Rogers, age 12, 814 South Collegi 1 WOULD like a job baby sitting or maid work. Have had plenty experience. Phone 1369W. I WOULD like to mow lawni or any kind of work I could do. I can drive a tractor. Jay Allied, age 15, Route Ib YEAR old boy wants job In Fayetteville at drug store, service station, or grocery store. Can work every day all day. Lee Waters, Box 33. West Fork^Phpne^l. AMBlTIOUS."intl'lligenl. willing, money no object. Need employment. Charles Lewis, age 13. phone G07. JUNIOR high school "girl will baby sit. Phone 1333W. JOB caddying by experienced caddy. Prefer transportation to and from thu golf course. Phone 1350W. Other joba___cotisidercd._Richard Madden I MOW levels lawns for 50c an hour. _ Phone 2898. BOY in 4th year "high~¥chbol wants work any kind. Lee Ward. Building H. _Aparliiicnt^4. Terry Village. HIGH achool girl will baby sit during d a y t i m e in my home or will come to your home. Phone 28S2J. HIGH school girl wants baby silling or sales fiirl job for summer. Phone 2593J. FOR SALE BLACK Cocker puppy for lale in two week». $5.00 each. Pjnone_2057J. to eat or ! for iale. Phone r perience preferred, but not n e e - ' -JB - V -| essory. Age between 20 and 45. ° NE r """"'" *"""-'"" I Permanent position. Good op' portunity for advancement to j the right man. Apply in per- j son. T. H. Chaffin, Montgomery Price S3IH) tin of Iltuton W Old IIllk-5 S O U l h _Sinnh, Bos; IlKCIISTKItKD OIC pigi Our" My luirM-. fi \ p n r s old. une black hour. 5 y c u r s old Belli m r k a n y w h e r e Also a boy' E78J71. 1 iqu«bi ti a bicycle 1 MISCELLANEOUS children's books, including Bobbaey twini and Hardy boys. Butch Siockford, 719 Douglns, Phone 861W. Ward. REGISTERED Jeriey heifer, 2 months } _ojd 1 _Sp nny_MJnt er._ph p rs e_2491W 2._ COMICS. 5c. 7c. and 15c. J25 N o J t h East Street. 3 GOOD 8 week old pigs, price $10.00 each. The»e plgi are ready to go. Conrad Smith, Winslow, Ark., Route 1. Box 141. ONE set of boxing gloves, age 7 In 12 years, also two baseball gloves. Marvin Bailey. Route S. Highway 71 North. ANTIQUE chest and marble top dress- both walnut. Phone 756J. GIRL'S Western Flyer bicycle, 2 years old. 127.00. Phone 11G7J. CHILD'S uced deik. $3.00 and big size tricycle. $3.00. Phone 1531J. TWO tricycles for about J4.00 and $6.00. A big and small one. Nyoka and Jerrie Lockhart, 8 South Wash- Retail Grocery Chain Needs Produce Men and Stock Clerks Good starting salary, and bonus plan. Experience not necessary APPLY MOUNTAIN INN HOTEL Saturday, June 14, between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. RUSSELL MARTIN HELP WANTED--FEMALE j HAMl'SHIIiJ-: weaning piss "about" 9 _ w i c k B _ o l ( l . Phone 11797W2 or_J7!i7.Ml KXTKA jjuoil wcnned }lR*- Phone l 4ir.U'l FOR SALE--MISCELLAXEOI'* NICE tnhV'bcd. "fair maltrrss. Si"? r.O H u i l d m K 1H. A p a r t m e n t 2. T e r r y _VilIaHe. POWER j«w"n"iiinw«r." n-el "type. IS inch t-iit (loud ing condition _l'h»iie_'J710J. f CHINA cabinet. "o«k~"curvp(l~"slfl»» punt'ls. excellent condition. linski'U. i iilfsil for S.UIIIIIUT indoor-outdoor l i v ; intf. h t - n i i t i f u ! designs. The Pjonrcr , Shrip. 'J5 E:t»l_ Cenit-r Strrpl j J U S T ~ H E C K i V E U I rrl. I iH-Bim in ' 4 "-ii -K '-in '-12 1 -18 . I 1 h o n · ! Flmrn Supply_ Cn. ' ' nil i;7. ( -3. r h t m c -Ili-t. Fiinc OFFFRFn QUICK .SERVICE ON watrhri. i-|(v-k*.!*- a u il J e w e l r y r e p a l n n j i K.-Ufl. S W A T C H SHOP · W i t h r.rcw* r i C ".inrr* !- . K C e n t e r · -------- -- ....... _. -- ,, DITCH niGGl.NG IS- w a t e r gni and »ew«r flltchr*. «eptlc tank lmi Dim-"! ·nd b»ck f i l l i n g Call :*:« br/c* "I prefer lit* ·ra*hor«, but well fo to the mountain* brt«ui« that's whrr« YOU want to go," . S U N - T I M V e n e t i a n b l i n d , anf a l u m i I n u m window icrcrns a n f ' .-luriing! I I'ree n'lrnjitei Gabr C"i per *4I Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake i Ponds - Roads - Clearing j H. H. JONES Contractor 637 K. I j i f . i y r - t t r . Ilr, x · ·'.'! I-'. St.i. Phono MHfi. F n y c t t f v i i l p j WKr"i.'"i!rminfi (ihn'nr n i W ! nr MTMP KM Bond. I' r. J i n x M:: F j !·'!«·· ville EXPERIENCED help for housework I and rooking. Mrs. Herb H a t f i e l d 1 ' Mt. Nora. ' ! ROPINQ saddle, good as new. $150.00. Phone 1444JJ. CHILD'S car. make me an offer. Phone 2240M or see at 620 Whitham Street. FayettevMle. SOW and 8 pigs. Good, healthy, price J75.00. 6 miles southwest Woolscy. David Johnson, Winslow, Route 1, Box 114. WISH to contact expert hypnotist. Write Box 408. Huntsville, Arkansas. Loma Andrus. NEW Zealand rabbits, bred docs, mothers and babies, docs ready to breed, food bucks. T. R. Andrus. Huntsvlli?. Arkansas. ONE girl's bicycle in good condition and one .boy's bicycle, broken, needs repairs Sell both for $13. Nefta Ann _ Kincaid. 930 Park Street. CHINCHILLA fabbltiT'Aizo small garden tractor with plow and cultivator. Milo Myers, phone 21B4J. UPRIGHT piano, fentle . _ idSng norsc a n d saddle. Bicycle. Margate t Myers. 537 Leverett. phone 2184J._ i»i~MODEir~ ; A""~Ford.~ NewTM motor and tires. Contact Duane Hendrickson, West Fork. __ steel. Supply ELECTRIC """fnris". f a n b l a d e s ' f n i : guards, rlectnc motors, it 11 Hies Phono 4C4.^Fimro Supply Co. STEEL clothesline painted. Phone Cv Ml "~N AS rFT~doo r. MHO ~ Che vr oi- _ door, set rarpet tools. .:)» police J Special Colt. City Disposal Plnn J^^eJTOJT LOCKFIt ca: is. M u r d i l v b u i l t . Finite Supply lie poultry nns, freezer paper, hags. Lewis Bros _ . . . . _ _ . WOMAN wants job in order to son in University. Experienced tanl; typist; personnel GAS range, several n n t i q u e pieces furniture. Phone 1G25W. i WHITE!! O USE "G r o cc'ry" o n HTEastTAil slock Enid at V f 2iJ*E!*' t lL 1 ' n K J H"«_J1 SAWMILL. new"~Bnw ; hTadr.""wTth~W Cat. power u n i t . C. J. Newman, 3 i n d i i ijlcs beyond Lake Wcdtngton. payroll; office ma'najiomenl: insur- j SMTcHICKENS. li weeks old. 50c each". MATTRE55 R E N O V A T I N G t t o n M a t t m i n B u i l t I U u n r j i n t i - f t i I n n c r a i i n n i ; wnnd Ilc.Ji M j t l r To 1 J \ Y S K R V i r K - . PHON Duggar-Brown Hnllyu-noil Ilc.Ji M j t l r To OnJ*r ONE 1 J \ Y S K R V i r K - . . PHONE 217* H O M E S Only $500 Down ON a «lx pjnm home, wilh paid pav*- n i - n ' «-x"ellcnt central location. Price tl.OOO. Charming Early American NF.AH nirrip-i* and grad* ichool If* n rr.oit nf*. crJ na» lovtly lawn; L.Orally t\n'»nee?MjHk TM ' ° r * f " p Ranch Typo-Ncarfy N«w IN I ' m v e r u i y niburban Jrei J« «J »!i(i!f! i f r r r modera fa down pty- i i . - i . - H.SOO. Wilson Adams Addition ONF. "f ih+ choice hom*i in thii '·.-, r-r,-,] ri"\v fldrtition f t h«« central h- i- n:**cht"t t*r*ge and Jovrly i i - A n (.)·/. n^r movlnt to dlttant itata |'.:M ··:·.: reduced 11,000. 4 Bedrooms $11,500 HAS l a r g p l i v i n g mom «nd 1* *n aii'inn.-ir.' home in jn enviable location Viu can't he«t thu buy. D e n i r o b t e D u p l e x 511,500 NEW Mftf n room* in one u n i t and : l r..',nn in a n o t h e r At«o a neat I nVMrfr r.n the back law of th* bij r . - i T t ? u i lot. We repeat the price III.500. Bates-Realtor 2 Ptionm-Juit C«ll 100 MATTRES5 CO. FOK RKNT--MISCELLANEOUS THREK 2 room 1 2ft S.iuMi E.-i- St E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z ' I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N P ho in« 2 4 9 apartmcntH louiekecpina oim. Phone F i r s t rooms. FOR_SAJ,K-- R K A L EKTATK C~SoOM~S7ru'ir" "wl'll ' " I woort floors. nnre sales; rrfiistcred j n govornmcnt I a u d l t i n c riepartment. Hotel, private ! i sider any well-paying j n b with! capability. Present salary. $275 nn pc-r month. Mrs. H. B. Cox. G31 West Chesnut Street. Dcmson. Texas LOST AND FOUND ice Stallon. M o u n t a i n and School DOLL layettes to match your child's clothes, rag dolls of all sizes, prices moderate, job well done. 1'honc _479W. ALL types rabbits, reasonable. Lawnmower and boy's bicycle. Phone 819R afler^ J p^^m. SNAP, L-rackle. pop and bang. 5c rarh. i Six weeks old Kittens. DOR housi* PHILCO REFRIGERATORS STRAYED or .toShTTofroi" horic | AT B A R G A I N PRICKS ^^tl^^haUer^oii^Plioiiie^720J1· I One 9 ft. Scrvcl Gils Refrigerator TOR SALE--AUTOMOTIVE^ j SpOCd ^rlASY^En'Ms" 31 '''""'* M? L f ? °* d ' ncu7 ^" l "~ r "^ r °: CLIFTON LUMBER CO. "QUAL!fY~SERVICE~ Phone27 DEPENDABILITY You always get these when you buy your used cars from LEE'S WANT work as cafe helper or in drug lore Will work part lime. Phone WILL do law., chores. Phone or other BOY 14 years old, wants small odd jobs or caddying. Pick up at South 71 and Country Club Road. Richie WeaJand. BOY almost 13 years old wants work any kind. Robert Morris, Route 6. Phone 107W1. WILL children anytime at TYPEWRITERS AND ADDING MACHINES New and Reconditioned. Portable Typewriters. Rentals iRIsBTMaiiritecr IviffiTiTeirpustrpuYi ] THESE SPECIALS -- THURSDAY, i Dependable service £"6J. h 7 a 2 n 4 d we C i't"M7pie 5 *° '"' *""' FRIDAY and SATURDAY ONlYi Cash or Terms if desired 1949 Chevrolet. Radio heater 34 years in the business 0. B. WILLIAMSON CO. INC. 123 West Mountain St. Fayetteville, Arl:. Phone 2478 Larry Malone. Mgr. COCKER Spaniel pup, female, tan, good pedigree, 55 champions on six generations. Phone 224^n. THREE Cocker Spaniel puppies, two black, one spotted. $10.00 each. Phone 771J. 325 South Gregg. BOY'S bicycle. Monach-Rockct 2i". almost new, $25.00. See at 542 Gunter. Presley Askew. Jr. CHECKERED giant rabbit, female, will have litter June 15 or J6. S4.00. Howell Trumbo. phone 1334. 3 "GEESE and a good 3 year old coon dog. Phone 873M3. YOUNG registered Hampshire ram. ready for service, also good bicycle. Harry Jackson. Jr.. Route 1, Phone 2050J. uniform 1949 Mercury 4-door. R a d i o and heater, Was $1395; now $1295 1950 Ford 2-door. Radio, heater a n d o v e r d r i v e . White walls, Was $1595; now $1450 1948 Chevrolet 4-door. Radio BICYCLE S25.00. Girl Scout 4.00. Phone 1211-W BOVS Wcitprn Flyer biryclc. S5 00. |1940 P l y m o u t h Phone IS17R. | y/ Qi and heater. Was Si 095; now $895 $295; now $195 mv hn£; nr ,i£whi;i r,\I I I 1 7 R " Y collection of eolnl. currency a n d ; - , - · OT mmTM i£ my home An""hour?, ^^^.""sjrne" 1 ^,^"' 0 ": Chevrolet 2-door Fleetline IF you -want your lawn mowed correctly call Billy Kldd, phone 1910J after 3:30 or before 8. P r o m p I service. COMPLETE carp for your children any age. Write 1'at Lewis, Route 8 .Fay- cttevillc Experienced. WANTED TO BUY PAIR binoculars, also casting rod and reel with lures. Good condition at reasonable price. Wlndell Johnson. Winslow, Box 114. "NOUILITY Silver?" Call ELIZABETH J A N E S 292 EVENINGS RAINBOW TROUT~sofd~~datJyT Phone Sprinedalr 3201. Ozark Trout Farm Near Johnson. IDEAL MATTRESS CO. Quality new mattress and mattress renovating. Phone 3036 401 WEST DICKSON 15 YEAR old boy wants work, any kind. Some experience in cafe, dishwashing and some doing Janitor work Jack Morris, Route 6 phone IOG house so 107W1. I AM a girl 13 years old nnd would like to buy a good used piano. Was $1350; now $1250 See Lee Lairmore at LEE'S MOTOR SALES 8 West Mountain. Phone 2149 SPECIAL j C I H L almost 11 years old wants work hclpinc wilh care of children or helping with house cleaning, dust- etc. Karen Morris, Route 107W1. LEGAL NOTICES kins. Plaintiffs rtcrht of confirmallon tirrematinve served to the Senate, the Senate may upon the written request ot at least Five 15) nf iti memhers that n member or mem hers ol the Commission ·hnnld ne removed therefrom, prot-ecd. when in EPSSIOH. to near anv and all evidence pertinent to the reasons (nr removal The member or mrmners Denton-Coleman Loan and Title Company, or i ts Trustees, Receivers, Assigns or Successors; Paul B. Levy, Ma talc A. Allen, Defendants. The Defendants, Denton-Coleman Loan nnd Title Company, or its Trustees. Receivers. Assigns or Successors. Paul B. Levy, and Maude A. addition to the ! Allen, are hereby warned to appear MISPLACED DOG SOMEONE'S mams doc came to our house. She wants a home nnd children to play with. Phone 2375M. CHINCILLAS _ _... _ _ .. quality Chinchillas. Registered N. C. B. A. Visitori welcome. Free literature. See at Clyde Timbrook. 518 Gunter. NOW availabl*. limited suppl 1 N. NOTICE in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs. Notice is hereby given that there has hern filed in my office, as Clerk of 1 he Chancery Court of Washington County. Arkansas, a petition for the eonlirmation of the title to the f o l l o w i n g described lands situated in whose removal ts so reouestrd shall I wjishinsion County. Arkansas, to-wil; *- '" " - *'" ~ ' the Northwest quarter ' ' i entitled to be heard in the m u t t e r *na to be represented opfnre the SPIV | «te bv refial Counsel These proceed- j Inca conducted bv thr Senate iKill : be miblfc and ti transcript of Ihe ] testimony «o noard siiall be prrparert ; and preserved in the lotirnal of ihe Senate. The takinc ot evidence either orally oi by dpposition shall not bo bound by the lormal rules of evidence. Upon the conclusion of the tirarinc. the Senate, sittlnp as a bndv in executive session, mav remove said member or members o! the Coinmiv lion by * majority vote conducted by secret ballot. SECTION 5. Vacancfes-FHIIng. Vs- canciei on the Com mission due to res innations, death or removal shall be filled by appointment nt the Governor for the unexpucd (erm within thirty days from the date ol such vacancy Upon f a i l u r e ot the Governor to fill the vacancy within thirty davs, the remaining Commiaslrneri! shall make the appointment for the unex- plred term. SECTION 6. The Commission mill appoint A Director of Hlxhwav* who ·hall nnv« such duties a« m n y be prescribed by the Commission or by ·(·lute APPROVED: March 20. IBM. L. G HALL WARNING ORDER AND NOTICE In Th« Chancery Court Of Wnhinilon County, Arkansas Delnin A. J e n k i n a ami Sadie D. Jen SUPER! CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phont Soiled MM l*, Arkintu Joplin Rendering Co. of Ihe Sim'.hwest quarter, and the South- h a l f of Hie Southwest quarter of t h e Norhwest quarter of Section 10. nnd the East twenty-six and one h a l f acres of equal and uniform w i d t h off the East side of the Southeast quarter of the Northeast quarter of Section nine (9) except two and one half acres in the form nf a square in the South- cast corner of said last described li.ict. all in Township 16 North. l!;infie 23 West, containing in all e i g h t y - f o u r acres, more or less. Also part of the Northeast quarter of the Northeast quarter of Section 9 Township Ifi North. Range 29 West described as beginning at a point L'f rods West of the South- corner of said forty acre t r a d ; thence Norlh .19 feet; Ihence \Vcs: to R point due North of the T. A. Jenkins residence: thence North 8 f o r t ; thence West 50 yards; t h c n r c South ft feet; thence West to t h r Wcsl Line of said forty acre ir.icl; ihencc South .IB feet; thr-Ticc East to the place of beginning: Also n part of the South- cast q u a r t e r of ihe Northwest quarter of Section 10 Township IB ' North, Hanfie L'9 West, described Us b e g i n n i n g at the Sou t Invest corner nf said f o r t y acre t r n c t ; thence N o r t h 35 rods; thenre East fi rods: thence Southeasterly tn a point 1.1 rods due Enst of the beg i n n i n g point: ihonce West 13 rodi to thr point of b e g i n n i n g , containing two acres, more or le»*. And tho q u i e t i n g of ihe Title to the same in p e t i t i o n r m thrrein. All per,sons r l m m i n c said lands, or any interest t h r - r n n . nrr hereby warned to npnenr in t h i s court w i t h i n liX wrHcs from HIP dii'f of the firit p u b l i c a t i o n of t h i s Notice and show cause why mid H ' l r to *nid l»nd« should not be c o n f i r m e d in »*ld petitioners. W i t n e s s my hsnd « Clerk of the W n N h i n g l o n r h ; i n r r r "nurt and Ihe Seal thereof on this l'9*h day of May. THERE will be a pie supper and bingo party at the Fairview Saddle Club. Saturday night with dancing later in jht! evening. 12 feet long. ( feet long. (£-7r AA Good repair. ^/ J.UU CLIFTON LUMBER CO. Phone 27. West Fork, Ark. ALL mctnl lawn chairs. $4 15. while they last. Open evenings u n t i l 9'lK) M i l t o n Bros. Drive-In Furniture .SI ore. FORJLE A SE 111 ACHES" rt miles Nnrlh dale. ^0 acres in cor FUHN1SHEIJ f i p a r t r i l r n t . 3 rooms and btith, one-hull block of U n i v e r i l t j . Phone _j4g. 2 ROOM apartment, furnished, clone in Set; 103 Soulh School. RUUM f'tlrniHhcd a~|t'nfini«nt, J2i~6o " ' 1053-W. KURN1SHED efficiency apartment for two. U t i l i t y billi paid, f50 00 month- U N F U R N I S H E D 3 room a p a r t m e n t . Water bill paid J35 00 m o n t h l y . TWO room u n f u r n i s h e d apartment $25.00 m o n t h l y nnd share u t i l l t i e i Hammond Rcolty Company, phone 783 4 ROO^I modern house, ~$30"o5 p'e'r month. 702 South College. P h o n e LAItGE bedroom, prJvfUe entrarice newly drcorattd. Men preferred _PhoneJ73HJ. $20.00 TO »30.i)o"" furnTthcd nnd mT furnished npartmenti. One block of c-timpiis Phone 3142W2 . . hlock jind h n l f _ Clirnpu!'. CO.', IJOUKlflV _ ! " ATTRACTIVE SUBURBAN i THE hen! of mntcrlsH and conRtn.c- I lion w i t h the vi-ry l i v v x b l f Door p!nn w i l l inakr t h i s honut- » w t t n d r r - f u l honir fnr you There ii * lovely living room w i t h s it1 *' clo»«t. ron- vcnicnl k l ' c h r n and d i n e t t e . \v,-n nli-e hrdrniniii w i l h gliding door t loietti. tiled hath with ihmvor o\-er t u b nnd huill-ln dreiKlne table, «t;«rhC(J ps- rage vvtlh overhead a torn Re. I,nt 90x190 In restricted nrr.-i. The price UNFURNISHED 4 ROOM apartment. All utUlllei pnld Will provide rcfrlcemtnr and itnve. Red Hud Apartments. 641 W h l l h a m . phonn ZgMW. FURNISHED n p a r t m r n t , Mr." N'oTTli Church Phone 3132W after 6. UNiVER-SITY «pnrtmt-nt«. f u m i . h r d or unfurnished for mimmer ctudcntt. Phnni; 2580R. PARKVIEW apnrlmcntB, furniiihed or u n f u r n i B h e n . Bt-ndlx laundry icrv- U-p. Phone 2107J. OFFEREB W I I F N ynii fio on vat-ntlon, plare your net with me for depcndiible care Make renervallons rurly. W. P. Bo- Bard, Winalow. Ark._ _ ___ T. V. AND RADIO R E P A I R I N G C. W. DALE nKA.IONABIvF. charges . 2fi yearn ex- prri(.-r.rc. nrlntf rndiox to 214 Soulh Church or r n l l 23.10W for lervicc _Korme_rly _ nalrji _Hnd!n Service. " " " ~ rari)ct« cleaned «;t your home. Ojtlbe, W~i LL "HrTja'undiry : '17r~my homV'Pho'nf" FOR paper hanger or painter 404J. N O T I C E t Spri'nj*- , ahinrc !n grade A dairy . . . Jimmy A t phone 3144. Route .1. Sprintjd.ilc. · SUBURBAN CHOICK ,\ orre on pnvement ne«r F a y r t t r v ; i i p wnh practically new 4- rnnrn modern home, imill barn, fnn; h'iijie. f i n e xarden. 2 J .j icrts In toma'.iin. on ichool hu« route. A ; j»orf buy at Jfl.SOO unfurnl«ht4, 87^00 f u r n l t h e d . ' UTLEY COMPANY, INC. REALTORS LENDERS INSUROH3 H L yt!ry_2203._ Rei 1M7 ! THK'S'.iYweil Motef oT iT'imiu.' R«umi for «el|jng other biulneu. R. L._ M . k r r . SlMw*ll._Okla. __ G C K I S E K piece for sale. Two aerei* nf hnrf. two houiei 3 mile* North ot rralrle Grovr *nd at Vlney Grove. _ C._ C. _ K lie r._ owner _ 3 ACRES" E ic ui WASHINGTON School bu«, city wtt«r. n a l n r a l gai and electricity kvillcbl*. Iri.-iil locution, near Drlve^n Thf aliT Price J900 00 Termi. $400.00 ^d^wn^j'hone G7IM73. NKW~* room "home, h » rd wood "f iooirtj icture window, lovely bath and iiiini Small down payment, ftt.M n t h l y . No lo»n coiti. 15M North Is right--let us ihow you. WIIKINS REALIY CO. MZ N College Ave Phone 179C, Hay n,' N i g h t K asture. 3 houses, .irn. fully equipped. Jimmy Atkins. FOR SALE OR TRADE POWER hay baler. Plicm~3f5~-TT WANTED TO BUI PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO FOK best results, sell or consign your furniture, dishes, household appliances, tools and articles of all kinds . to the Auction House. 1'j miles REMF.MBER summer chirk shortRV north of Springdale on H i g h w a y 71. Don't w a i t . -Phone 904, Springdale. Auction s,1 "- ! --·· '-- -'·- Mondays nnd Thursdays. 7 - 30 p rdei N O T I C E USED CARS WANTED Any Make, Mode! or Condition T A C K E T T AUTO EXCHANGE. Highway 71 South Phone 2182 torlny. Booking iiuiv iui cmnvery J u l y nnd August Our t n t i t t o "Quality First " Charley Di-nly. suprrior H r m l r r Chicks, iihone 1913. I'. O Box 531. FOR June rjrd delivery 1 ~ T~ l"(iofl Superior q u a l i t y broad-breasted pouJts. $6300 per 100 S;.lis- fac-Jinn Kii-iranl''ed. Order nmv Day olrf coshngs. baby guinea' W i l l pay H."i: per uoren piu» pnsuiRc for guinea CRKS A n r e l l I.;ix\^on M a t c h cry. ;ir,l)U G n t n w a y Drive, Joplm, Missouri, phone 2127. FOR SALE--HOME NEEDS BARGAIN""" 10U GOATS. Henson. 29SJ. ^^ WANTJTOJtENT 2 BEDROOM~iJiifu"rn"iihecr~housc near 2 OR three bedroom house7~JuIy~] I'trmanent resident. Phone 2818J. FOR RKNT--MISCF.LrAN'EOU.S i _ _ 2 H H 3 J . _ 2 TWO roo7n~apnTtmc-"n1s.""fi 2 blocks f r o m square. AJsr _Jfonis. _Jjhone MZJ._ 2 ROOM fiirnlFhcd a n n r t r n m t . _jn. Phonu 1^40. niglil '121._ HO ACRES nn the Illin'olH. 4 honsc, p r r l i y good b a r n , n i l f e i i c f t . woven wire. A good snidll (.lock farm. $300 per yr^r. Also, n 70 acre f a r m , LO acres b o i H u n . 4 rnom homr, 2 brooder houses, 3W capacity hen him-.c S2. r .O per yc;ir. NEWLIN REALTY WFST_FOKK._ARK unfurnixhf'd I am offering at stud my young stallion, "Wilson's Yellow Cat." He is one of the very few perma- nent registered AA race horsos in the state. He has been undefeated at 220 yards, and has run 330 yards in 17.2 seconds. He is a nice quiet dijpositioned I horse and I am sure you will i find his get the same. This horse j has been shown 5 times, taking | 1st place at Fort Worth, Texas, i Mineral Wells, Texas; Tulsa, ,,,,,,,v° kla "' and Pawnusla . Okla. H e | i is valued at $5,000. Stud fee, jicrping I $50.00 with return privilege, ·nt."clone ! Owner, Donald Tackett, Fayetto- ville, Ark. P h o n e 2182 or 115-M-3. room , TWO ro l p r i v a t e j ONK and two r I mcnts. Phone apartm . i! b:nh. bu tn. clou: in. Phnne .Ili'J oni f u r n i s h e d npai 9 ^.'AT^oni?,,"" 1 ! ^ E'hl'i ; S ^ '^r I^V cl " K '"· S5 " prior. SC7 M : small win.low tan. art- ' n m n l n ' """' -"' M - j u a t n h l o . gnod coiiriition. $.". uatd lavatory. ^5. 301 H u n t s v i j l c - , phone 610J, LOST AND FOUND LOSTTlbtack and white plastic rimmed Classes. Phone 2382. MONET TO LOAN FHA HOME LOANS Low Interest, long Krrni WE HAVE GLAMORENE the New Rug Cleaner LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. j W e Deliver Phone 2203 WANTED TO borrow. $2.000 two j p a r n . t, f ',. Second mortgage. Write Box L-17, f ^ Times. _ WANTED, f u r n i t u r e and "item* *7jf "nil kinds. One piece or van Intrl Out of town buyer. Write Box L-16. '."/Times. IIKLP WANTED OLD line company han openinm for 5 men or women. $5000 week s n l n r y , $2500 week car allowance and liberal rnmmliilon If you meet our requirement. See F J M o n r y h u n , Room 2. Wathington Ilolei, Thursday and _yrlday^from B a. m. to H p ni WANTED.'oTd couple to look~aftcr"o cattle. Will fiirnith free good room ·Mi. B*rdrn «wt. Pnv phono 246 DRAPERY and UPHOLSTERY FABRICS Lnmps am] Ocr;tHnn;(] Furniture. Custom- niiiclo Slipcovors nnd Dr.-ipcnos a Specialty BARRETT QUALITY SHOP Wl Wfst I i u k s o n ELECTRIC FANS $6.95 LEWIS BROS. CO. ATTRACTIVE f n r m home, fi rooms. ! i n r i f l r r n . i"J .-.-»-A. f, uulr-s ir.utb F n v - I c t t e v j j l f on Iht'lr.viiy 71 12Kl":i j _W-st_ K'»rk. K'liilc 2. Ovid I h v c l y . | 4 ROOM nioficrn tmuit. w i l b n a l h _ Phone 1736. 3 11OOM (IriwnctnlriE ";tpsrimi i nt'."ncwly dccorjitfi I ' r i v i i l c . Ulti \Vjill Street. K X T H A nice 3 room u n f u r n U h r d ap.irtrnc-nl. Good locftllon, l»r«c rooms Phone 2I3CJ. K U H N I S H K I ) duplex * rooms n n d Inn h. Phone 172U COO I. d n w T m t n i r a ' r n n n i ioi Ki-ntlcninn I - rloM- In Phono 35.1W 3 HOOMS «n(Vh."h. Knr:*K- .ipartmrn't I 4I.'.'/ W t » l M u i i n t A i n . Phonr 2H or I _1H4W. I NirKI.Ynr7irn"iJrW k i l c n f - n f t u - "nnwrT mi-ut, private e n i r n n r c And tiaih 3:i7 N n n h Cn-KB. phonp nih2J ROOM "(iirniihctl apartini-nTI "*~12,1 Writ Mrdrtrtw. _ _ EXTRA nlrr 2 licdronm duplex T.arj;»- rdonu, h u i i t in t h l n n f f l h i n ^ t ntid i hook mjn:«. rimilili! clo»tt». Phon* ] V.'W M f t o r } 15 3SED J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phone 24, West Fork ASSEMBLY DRIVE LOVELY two hPdroom home with .-'· inched suragr. Only f i v e ycari " ·* Sltunted on l«r«c lot In thin cuvo-l North-cmil BCCIMMI Buy It I he r a y way I AiBumt- F H A -C, J Lonn. ATOP MOUNT SEOUOYAH ! THHKK hrdroom h u n p n l o w w i t h base- ' ment f(truce nnd lauiulry There · n | nice loan in forc« nnd lolol price in only js.soo.OU. ' Let ut mow you. Phono 7B3. Hammond Realty Co, Eve Phone M. O Hammond 1372 J._£ Ji!rvi*_J.v.iOW INEXPENSIVE FARMS 240 ACRES, qulin a bit of «ood land, itoniL- bottom. .1 ml lea from h l f h w a y . PrU-e $10 p^r acre. 225 ACRKS. 50 acre! bottom. 2 umall liomei. * «prlnB*. r u n n i n g itrcam. 1 mile from highway. $3.200. 37 ACRES, on itaif highway. 3 room liimir. gnragr. bnrn, r h i r k c n hou«f. ·utne f r u i t trees. All Icnccd. $1,700. m ACUKS lor Jl .VMi. pi-ach oirhnr.l. good well und kprinx. - large nioma In home, h B r n mid uncikv rionac. 130 ACHES, improved. A pretty good fctork i(\tm. $2.100. THKSE ITfiuit · f«w of the m a n y inexpensive., tornn t h a t we bavc. If you «ro l«r tfrr)*fhjnc « t h i s typo, cornc down. Borrle Of thcur ciin he h n n d l o d w i t h a n m n l l down payment. NEWLIN REALTY _ WEST FOBK ARK FARMS RANCHET i 70 ACRES all open land. KOOd 1m- | provomcnls. i fiu ACRES, NEW modern home, · ! good Inrtn fll B good price, tcrmi. j 100 ACRES wl;ll 7 room n^drrn home. ! tit her GOOD improvements, valicy. living water. 15fi ACRKS with modern colonial hom* 1 landscnpfd grountll. will Carry lots entile 100 ACRES well Improved, and a f i n e rattle place with abundance of gran j nnd water. " 200 ACRES valley lund, river border, j iprlng fed lake, modern home. i 180 ALL in fir;uv open valley land This can't be dupllcolcd 60 ACRES grnsi I n n d . Where you , w a n t it nnd priced on the money. 240 ACHKS Rood improvement.!, n a t - i ural Ens II you w a n t it, permanent pasture 3.V1 ACRKS well fenced »ml watered, 1 2(K) ACRES modern l m y r r v r m ? n u A f i n r horn'- iind one ut the beit ratlU- r a n c h r a 275 ACREb. lev..-t and well improved. · and n fine c-aul« ranch 400 ACRES You wyn t worry fihout w a t e r here, »nd itiT grass is there. too. f i n e i r n p r f t v f n H T i l s 1.B30 ACRES, river \mrr\rr. lots (lnr n i i t i v i - srads. "We know, we k n o w good land " WE h a n d l e thf best, located and priced · nE NEIL SAWREY, REALTOR | "Where ymir j u - t v i * i » n t n ri --n'cted" Standard Realty Co. j Hflth_WBiy_7l N I'hnn- 9W-I7M.J ; ONLY $1000 " j ; BY owner, 15 acrei, 4 room modern, i ^_ rnprove _ m j!l^"-_frj"**J.!^^^ an * ^5R4. j 7i "FT "iot~on""WeiV North $t Ktw pn vr ment with curb and gutter. : BY owner. 15 jicrci. 4 room mod«rn improvements, clOM In, |3JOO 00 down. I*^om!_IUR4, Al'I'llOXWATELVl^iTicril. 100 tcrei open pniture. Comfortablt homt. electricity, butane ···. 3om« com* mtrclal timber. Well watered. Fir« j mlte« from good market town. Very ; reasonably priced for quick iale. WHEELER REALTY CO. Oxark Theater Bldg. Phone IM NljhU Z72M "SPECIAL" 27» ACRES, good fertile land. 4 mllM from Ktycttevtllc, on food road*. fenced and cron fenced, abundanck of spring water running through rnnch, U mile of river on west 11 r*. 1.V) arrei, extra good bottom land, fiS /icrci. woodland pasture, balance i timber. T\vo good barm. 40x00 and 30x40. Five room house, THIS SPECIAL, tow price for quick ·*. . $14,00000. | EXCLUSIVE: 1 6. R.Crandell Real Estate tin Norlh En»t Phom lift or IZ»3 i G. I. EQUITY AH ffxceplional f i v e room fr*flM~~' I home in one of the b«st nelfhbo** 1 hnodi near trie Vetfiraru Hotpttat. : Finp features In homt tnclu4 ( forced air central heating sjitafB. wood burning fireplace, plasttrew wall*, cedar cloieti. and manjr built*^ Ins Good shade trees. Lot If* by, J5D feet. Paid aewer. Home lei* thai. ona y«*r old. Auume 4% lout with' no loan COBU. Equity U lew than ( down payment required on cort*' CRAVENS CO.- Phone 1M Phont BY owner, three bedroom all home, S acrei land. One mil* out of city llmlti. North Emt iMtlon. Citr water, fire plufi. natural f*». tmllt In 1946 Hai nice valley view. Picnty ahade. food breeze. W. M. Smith, Phone 1444JI. · R A N C H E S SALE OR TRADE 200-14,000 ACRES Kansas, Arkantat, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texat THE BROADHURST CO. 1031 North College. Phone 2487 AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A Biller Plic* la Bur tiutpaint II M. Block DEALER Ph. 1U c-nt "at " _ SlrrH Phnnft 7.MJ j Cf.KAN. rooj "one room f u r n i r h e ^ rn? linn e\ cry thing J.lf) 00 f.3f) W a l l · .1 room itnrl h.ilh. J2.l". Phone 3M2-W-2 Who's Who For Service Consult Your Classified Service Directory ttKADTY SHOPS home, c o m p l e t e l y inodcrn. nli-c k v l lot. on bus lint 1 , iiavi-nu-nt. only , $S.M(t FURNISHED HOUSE i FOlfR room house w t ' h w a t e r . f£,i» \ and e l e c t r i c i t y , f u r n l t h e d w n h Rood \ livmi: r n i i in M i n e . rji:('c. ti-rlrr.n / u r n i t u r - .-ill (or il HO-I ( ,ii tcrr FARM BARGAIN SKVENTY iti-rr« s-un- tfood ba'Io in c!i»vcr ;n pl'-n'v tt rof m h'-n' \«rn iherl. r-rrHrr hf WADEFINCHER, Realtor I Arcade BMk- 200 Years of Service 20,000,000 Policyholdert 20% Savings MUTUAL FIRE ANB AUTO ' INSURANCE "Savings for preftvrod rlsk»" Get lh« Facti The Ritter Agency loans Bval Estat* 16 East C»nt»f M n r l l n ' V H r m i l v "shop f o M i p l v t e B r n u i y .SITVHP '.; E MoiMHuIri _ I'nonr 2.13 O l I I . V A H U S 'iiEAlTlY'.SHui- 204 W. Mr»flf.w -Phtin* :»Xi2 M»chlnrl'»n S.I Ml. COM wnvc J3 IXI ·TAPli HILAUVI~iUOP nprtn» luptoloc · · Dtfkmom BEAOTY SHOP RtUABLI WORK Block Hhon. ?M V K T K R A N S " c h i l d r e n Open 7 t m CORSETIRRK V l v i i n O r c r n . ' 25 vcnr» '_7»^.).J!I1 N Knit Mr» j' W "SlcQ^hee Sprnccr Conetlrr* 127 So.ilh r m v r n n y at M l e v t l j p Hlft s u m m e r nr e « r l y f«ll hy I.«Gun« Bench. C . l l i f . « r i l « l . Fnr In- f n r m m l o n write Box l.-l*. 'rTlmci. *ny ·uliject IxTine, Johnnon, Welch, OkUhnnmi Keep ip wiln Uw TIMFH dill/. (lm»-- . read l l y Phone 24H j C I . K A N coftl 2'r(Kiin Npiirfme'rit' At'iufu. 1 1H.10J. t WAI.U-ArER A N I I PAINT Cdim Wallpaper iincl I ' m n l Sto7iT~ I n l e r l o r Decorating I «(1, W Dlckinn Phnn. 1411 !!LOOK-LOOK !! /·'or your best buys try CARL'S MOTOR SALES l A Nice Selection to Choose From ; CARL SAYS "Good cars aren't cheap -- cheap cars aren't · good." Drop in and we'll deal. Carl Tackttt -- i- 3 miles south Springdalo on 71. Phone 3211 1 ( .'III

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