Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 13, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 13, 1952
Page 13
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MOtTHWKT AIKAMUi TUMI. FrWay, Jvn. u, ,3 re Impressed by the Press You'll Be Impresed by the New FRIGIDAIRE IPMHWI THE SIGN OF SERVICE Frigidaire ' 19 NORTH BLOCK ST. PHONE 35 GEN. IWAliHkW I. dlBliWAY, new Allied .Supreme Cummauflei in Western Europe, poses with the French Chiefs of Staff he entertained at luncheon In the SHAPE headquarter! outside I'orls. In the Jroup (1 in r.) arc: French General of the Army Clement Blanc. Air Gtnrril Francois Ucheres; Gen. Rldgwiy, and Mm. 1,1. Nomjr. (International) Welcome, Arkansas Press Association No story of Fayetteville firms is complete without mention of SINES BODY SHOP One of the largest, finest and most modern in Arkansas, equipped to process 15 cars at a time. A steady growth and three expansions since 1923 GLENN SINES, Owner and Manager When Sines Gets Through It's Just Like New 227 West Dickson Phone 196 Steel Strike Drags On As President And Congress Play Bean-Tag, Tossing The Problem Back And Forth Endlessly WE WELCOME The Arkansas Press Association to Fayetteville for their Annual Convention. The state editors will find much of historic, commercial and educational interest in our city. No story of the industrial progress of this area is complete without mention of DYKE LUMBER COMPANY, one of the oldest and largest in Arkansas. This firm has furnished all materials used in building nu- .merous modern homes. See Us for All Your Building Needs DYKE LUMBER CO. 309 St. Charles Phone 2727 Solid Construction The foundation for Cravens and Co., Inc., was solidly planned and carefully built over 70 years ago . . . and as a result has endured and is today one of Northwest Arkansas' largest insurance agencies. Only the soundest and most reliable companies ore represented by Cravens and Co. Remember Cravens and Co. when you have an insurance problem to settle or need extra coverage for your protection. Serving Northwest Arkansas Since 1879 Welcome To Fayeffet'ille Arkansas Press Association Members Cravens Co., Inc. Ins. "/;/ Business For Your Protection" CRAVENS BLDG. Leaders Serve As Presidents Of Association Colonel Smithee Of Gazette Held Job Thr«s Years The !'«:' nf president* nf the A r k a n s a s PITS.-, Association f r o m IP 7.1 tn the present includes some nf the o u t s t a n d i n g builders of Arknns."s r.cwspapcrdnm. rol. .1. N. Smiihce, of (he Arkansas G a z c t t p in L i t t l e Rnck. hold Ihe porition for three term;-., 187375. He was su creed eel hy .1, H. Spark;-, nf the Pine B l u f f T)i.'.p;it:-h. j Successive presidents of the A. F. ' A . have been: C. G. N e w m a n , Pino B l u f f Prrss. 1878; A d a m Clark, A r k . i d p l p h i H Southern Standard, 1879, 1880; M. M. McGuire, Dardanelle A r k a n - san, 1881. 1882; K. A. Warren, Prcscotl Democrat, IfifiS: C. C. Col burn. Ozark Dnmnci'at-Enirr- nriftp. 1884: W A. Webber, Rentori Saline County Digest, 1885; .1. S. Thomas. DCS Arc Daily Appeal, IBBfi; . I . - R . Rrttis, l . i t t l ? Rork Arkansas Demorrai, 1837; V.'. W. Folso'm, Augusta Videlte, 1888; .1. R. Newman, Harrison Daily Times, 188H; G- R- Williams, Fort Smith Times, 1890; George. Thornburijh. Masonic Trowel. 1891; R. F. Jnbe. Russellville Democrat, 1892; I.eon Rons- fan, Osceola Time?. 1893: O. C.. M. Kavanaugh. 1893; I. M. Partridge, Fayetteville Sentinel, 13Dfi; .lames Mitchell Arkansas Democrat. i E 9 H ; W. Theo Smith. Star City Lincoln Ledper, 1BPP; W. H. Folsom, Brinkley Ar^us, 1001; J. L. Waril"y. Hot Springs News, lf)02; .1. .1. Bauph. Searcy Citizen, 11104: Phil H. Thomas, Warren Democrat Ke\v?. 1905; A. M. Ward, Clarksville Herald, 1H06; W. E. Spencer, Clarendon Sun, 1807; .Tohn R. Jobe. Russell- v i l l f : Democrat, 190R; F. R. Raird. , Hamburg Eagle, 1903; R. E. Brad-, : ford, Lonoke Democrat. 1030; '.I. A. Livinrs1nn. Rursellvillr CoiTirr-Drmocral. 1911: John H. H?nd. V e l l v i l l e M o u n l n i n F.cho, · 1J112; T F,. Wood. M f l r i a n n a Courier. 1912; V. A. Recsnn. Mnrrilton : Democrat. MI14; Claude Mann, j M a l v e r n Times-Jnurnnl, 1935; | Charles A. Berry. H u t l i j f News, ,' 1916; L. R. White, I'.^ntnn Courier, 1918; Lnuis Spencer, riggoU Ban; nrr, 1919; J. Crawford Jolly, W a r r r n Kn;'-Demonnt. 1921; R. 0. Srhiicfrr, 1922; F i a n k E. Rob- j inf=. Cnnwoy Log Cabin Democrat; By JAMES MAHLOW | Wa.ihjnRton-i/P)-While t h n steel s t r i k e ROCS nn t h r pr^ident anH . Cnnprc!tF piny br-in-tTg. Thr prer- idont tor. c es the s t r i k e problem in ; C'niiRi-ess. ConRiess IOSSCE it b a c k . ; back- Thp presidents' plea to Cnngross \Vtif. Give me fl law f h a t ran do! something nbout a strik°. So far j the roactmn seems !'· b?: Stew In ! your own juice; you a'.reariy h « v r i a law. The president voulH line ti e Ta f t - H a r t ley Acl. which is sup- [ onr-rd tn slop n s t r i k e for 80 rlav-i I .' hut it i.«; qu^slinnable w h e t h e r M i c ' {would co bad; no-.v even if or- iJorecl. i Rut T r u m a n say^ he dnrsn't l i k e - T-H. I l r pays it'.-; a jinor way tn so!v« th-** prnl |n n'i. P h i l i n M u r r a y ! r'ne.-in't like T-H r i l h c r . lie's nrer- irleni of i h r s t r l ^ i i K CfO Sto worker" nnri a political a l l y of i Truman. So Tninir'n sug.^ost.e fonprpps pa PS a brand new piece of legi^l.i- , tion. sivnc him n u l h n r i l y to seize the ^tn«l m i l l s just as he d i d w i t h out I n w b r f n r e t h e Siinrr*-.i? Court tnkl him last week to give th*m l i R r k . ' Rut ('onyre^s. or tho-;e momhrrs n' it who (li'saKre? w i t h him or dn'i't l i k e him or don't like labor union.-, have him over a bit of a · barrel. Sinr-p T-H dnrs exist and . h-^nt' br^n tried they can t*Il him t n try it hnfnrs comms tn lh?m. I f Truman hid played t h i s scene d i f f e r e n t l y in t h e b p g i n n i n g -- by I'Mnt; T-H w h e n w steel strike was f i r s t thre.-t^ne'l b^l January 1 -- h n 'd have had Congress over « b a r r r l . If hf* hrrl inert T-H, of course, ' t^-v's nn t e l l i n g how I j a d l y Ihis mi-3ht have fractured his f r i f n d - Welcome to Arkansas Press Association No story of large and cscntial industries in the Fayetteville area is complete without mention of our modern locker plant. There are 17,000 plants in America, hut only 100 have received the CERTIFICATE of AWARD for if Highest Standards of Sanitation if Proper Locker Temperatures if Fine Handling of All Meats OUR PLANT IS ONE OF THIS HUNDRED! HOLLAND BROS. LOCKER PROCESSING PLANT 203 W. DICKSON PHONE 263 If he had used T-H hack in Jan- ! n a r y to delay the s t r i k e 80 days,! oneo t h a t t i m e was up and there was no settlement, the workers further. In t h a t case Truman could have j snne to Congrcses and ?aid: S-»c, · T-H didn't work so give me a law that will. Congte?? wouldn't have bnrn a n l r tn'toss a n y t h i n g b u c k 1 at him then. He cnuld have sat by, I r t t i n R Congress stew in its . own juice u n t i l it finally gave him authority IIP wanted. Instead, he tried everything but T-H. He succeedTM), first hy p e r - , suasion and lli^n by illeaal seizure : oC the mills, to delay the strike r.ix months, which was much I lonfipr t h a n t h n fin days T-H could ! have delayed it. If thf strike continues much I longer and Congress still won't · : hail him n u t , Truman probably; ; will h a v p to use T-H to try to get ] t h e workers back on the job. And j . that misht not he bad political i medicine for T r u m a n . FAYETTEVILLE IT'S The Blue Mill · Good Home Cooking · Exetllent Service · PUoiant Dining Comfort ALWAYS f)N O t m MF.NIJ Home MakO'l P , v . t i i r s rtnlk Salads .Slnaki. Sa Fnuili V i r g i n i a finked Ham Roast Pork or Hoast Beef Members of the Arkansas Press Association are cordially I n v i t e d to dine at the nine Mill d u r i n g I h f i r visit tn Roy and Edna Cole Air Conditioned Optn 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. p ' H. M. Jr,'-i:son, ? v l n r i n n n a Courier- I n H r x , ] f i 2 l ; K r w i n F u n k , R o c r r . ^ r k . , 192S; V. W. St. John, M r n - i ) ar, lU2fl: · ("bnrlrs Cio'-!rr. l i r i l s ; nj.;s New F.r;i, 1927; f ' u r l i s R. L u r l e y , Mnr- ^ · r i l t r i - i Drmnrrnt. IflXfi; Jnhn P. s . S t a t f o m , Sprm.^dale NV"/.t, 1029; Ed M^Corklr, Hnpe Star. 1930; A l f r e d I l a h n . Munis-. ;11e Rcc- ' orH. in.11; Tom .'·! X r v v n a n , Har. rir-on D a i l y Time*, 1U.T2; Charles ! M. Ynunji. Helena World, lft.1.1; : o. E. Jones. R a t e s v i l l ? Daily G u a r d , 1D.11; M;IX H a m i l t o n , · Rooneville Tlnmorrat, lfl3,S; I I John \V- Sal Ms, C l a r k s v i l l e H e r - ' · a i d Democrat, in.lfi; Donald M u r - 1 ray, ]|137; Jamns L. B l n n d , W a i - , nut Hid Re Times-Dispatch, 1!)3B; E. W, Pnte, Ropers D a i l y News, ; 193f); Frank K. Robins, Jr., Conway, Log Cabin Democrat, 1940; i Ray K i m b a l l , Masnoha Ilanner- i NVws, J B 4 1 ; Roy E l l i n t t . Forrtyru 1 N'ews-Advnrate. 11X2; E. W. St. John, Mrna Star, elpetcrt in June, 11)13, served u n t i l J a n u a r y . m5; M. P. Jones. Jr., Sparry C h i r m , I 1D4S; John C.umn. Paris Express and rrngrpsfs. I f J l f i ; i Ells L. M u f f , Newport J a r k s n n County Democrat, 1947; M. J. G i l - , lespir, O r V u l N R l u f f Demo'-'rat,' 104fl; W L. LOVP, Warren E«^le-1 Democrat, 1S40; T o m A l l e n , I B r i n k l e y Citizen, 1950; C. A. V e r - ' R p f k , Fordyrp N e w f - A d v o r a t r , ics.S 1^.12. " ' We Want You To Know THAT WE ARE PROUD OF THE WORK ARKANSAS NEWSPAPERS ARE DOING AND ARE DOUBLY PLEASED THAT YOU H A V E CHOSEN F A Y E T T E V I L L E FOR YOUR STATE CONVENTION. WELCOME Gentlemen of the Press! . SKY-HIGH TAXI-H*licopi?r lxi itrvic« dom »lrporU l« cltj dcMm»lif,n» mm btcora« popultr il thu pi(,pci.«l «nil litnoj II put in product irm h.v the Jitobi A i r t r i f t Enslnt Comp«ny, W«»h- Initon. D C. Duljn ctlli (or conilruclion of lubulur Met) wilh nbtrilui r m r r t n i . flxed wlnfi unrt pujhor-lypt proptlltr. Cirry in| Bvt pimniiri, tht ilr-iolng cib li (xpicttd to tmtl 110

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