Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 13, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 13, 1952
Page 12
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;2 - NORTHWUT AIKANSAS TIMB, AitofMl, *M«y, JUM II, 1»M Minus Newspaper Women Return Te kene Of Organization Arktnm N«wipip«r Women, uHcUt* group ol t h t Arkanui fnu Aiiorlailon, will hivt t breakfast meetinfi during the A P. A. convention Saturday morning, as guents of the A r k a n - sas Division, U. R. Brewer's Foundation. Th« ANW in 50 fining will be returning to the seen* ol its organization -- Fa.vf l f ?vl!l? --in 1940. Mrs. Robrrta Fu!i)rij!ht. p'jblihh- tr of the TIMES, was the loader in the formation of this Rioup It the A. P. A.'« 1049 t*mlnar- convention In the University city. The nrert and f u n c t i o n s were let forth briefly in Mr». Fulbrlsht'» original invitation to meet und dl«- cusj the Idea: "I hclievp that there is much that you and I can do in auxiliary work to assist In ( the production o[ the continually j improving newspapers in Ark»n- | ·as." try president of the zetion, for lite. marie hn^ir- j I new nr»lil- j I Mrs. M. P. Jones, Jr.. of th« jSearcy Citizen, was elected first president of ANW at the meetini in 1948. Miss Esther Bindursky, of the Lepanto News Record, wai the lecond president, serving in 19,10, followed by Mrs. Tom Allen of the Brinkley Citizen, 1951. The present president Is Mrs, Eunice O'Baugh, editor and publisher of Henld. the Pocahontaa Star- Rule Put Through GOP Convention By Dewey Forces Now Favors Sen. Toft Washinglon-VP)-Supporters of not apply to th« Texas dettfa-O- bune, first vice president; Mrs. O. E. Jones, Batesvllle Dally Guard, second vie* president; Miss Frances Beerslecher, Malyern Daily Record, treasurer; MRS. EUNICE O'BAl'GH Eloulse Castleberry, A. P. A. ccn- I tral office, secretary; Mrs. Max 1 Hampton, Booneville Democrat, | historian; and directors, Mrs. Tom Allen, Brinkley Citizen, Mrs. A. P. Murray, Wynne Progress, Mrs. Charlotte Schexnayder, McGchee Times. Scientists Ponder New Uses For Giant Computers; Will Have 47 By Next Year Sen. Robert A. Taft are laughing up their sleeve! these days. It's about a rule put through in the 1944 Republican national convention controlled by the forces of Gov. Thomas E. Dewcy, long a Taft rival. The rule stipulates that _ . ... .. , , . · · only seating conte.ts affecting del- an £ the " the « nv «n«°n it«lf. ' " The rule was not strictly adhered to in the 1948 convention which gave the New York gov- tion." Expected Lineup Listed The rival factions are expected to line up this way in taking thtir contests before the National Committee, Credentials Comml'ttee, j Other 1952 officers are: Mrs. *al«-at-large may be presented' ,, h [Howard Stuck, Marked Tree Trilo _ the invention for settlement. gates will seek seats. One Is headed by W. R. Tucker, has the support of the state's two National Committee members and claims to ernor a second presidential nomination. But Sen. Taft. has indicated he will Insist on its application at the coming convention in Chicago. be th« "regular" organization. It was stated in the last two national conventions. This year it has 13 favoring Eisenhower, two for Taft, one for Warren ard one undtcid- If he does and Is upheld in i cd. Another faction headed by committees expected to be dom- j Roy G. Foster has all 17 for Taft. inated by Ta(t supporters, the Louisiana-- Taft Jorcts will send contests between him and Gen. to Chicago a complete slate of 13 ··-'---·-- -- ·-- ..... Br CLAIM BEACH i a large room, rio such · staggering W«ihlniton-(JPi-So many elec-' amount of mathtmatical work that trenlc brains ore belnjr created I'dentists who use them are now that scientists now are trying to j sol'' to make many computations figure out ways to make the best, t h a t formerly were so laborious no use sr them. one had time to work them. Dwijht D. Eisenhower over 77 delegates from flv« Southern states would be reduced to embrace just 18 delegates -- foi/r each from Georgia. Louisiana and Mississippi, and six from Texas. Otherwise, the scrap would take in the entire delegations from . , n - I 0 1 B i n I ' c C I J U J C U V I l x f l a L l u l l a n u l l ! for instance, can multiply 21,832-. l h o e eta , M _Georgia 17, Louiai- 119,574 by 93106,911,225 m three .,,, ,5, Mississippi ?ive, and Texas 38--plus two district delegates j from Virginia. Eisenhower would one-thousandths of a second. Urfe Staff Needed The computers won't put any j be expected to benefit more from . scientists or technicians out of this broader field of contention, About 47 of the giant-size com- Many cnmme rclal concerna and ] work. To operate one of them on : since Taft forces largely control putors will be in existence witiiin i universities, as well as the Bureau j ,, two-shift basis and do miscel-1 the state convention and state I year or so. It was only in iB46 "( Standards, now are producing i laneous problems, not the same i convention and state committee that the first one, called "cniac", l i n e - machines. The costs range . . . . . .. ·.. . wts created at the University of | from a half-million to Pennsylvania. i dollars each. millon type of problem over and over, i machinery which are supposed to Scientists foresee the time when the job will be to fifure out what tasks the "brains" should perform to work in the most useful fields and not overlap or duplicate one ·nother. T* CMrdiatl* Wwk The National Bureau of Standards here recently was the scent of inri ' scholars who father, mother, nurde and employ the machines. They talked about the iteneral problem of the usefulness of the work the devices are now doing tnd about coordinating their future work. The machines, whose tubes. Government Chief Buyer The government Is the buyer, The rnachiriss are used by the Atomic Energy Commission; by the military services for work on guided missiles, ordnance, aer- of a nation-wide gathering mathematicians, physicists according to the Bureau of Stand- J settle district delegate contests. I ards scientists, you need a s t a f f ; Deadline Next Mondir ! of about 57 to 70 persons, chief · rive or six delegates. They will be dppostd by 13 Eisenhower delegates. ^ Mississippi--Three delegations of five ach will contest. The "black and tan" faction long recognized at national conventions ii pro-Taft. The "lily white" group has split into two factions, one instructed tor Eisenhower tnd the other 1 uninttructed, but favoring Eisenhower. ' Texas--One delegation of 38 selected by the Taft forces gives four of its delegates to Eisenhower, the rest to TaJt. Supporters of Eisenhower walked otit of the pro- Ttft meeting and named their own 38, but gave Taft five o! these Virginia--The Third district te- lected rival slates of. two delegates each, the "regular" convention The sea conUins from S to 27« parts of gold per 100 million parts of water. Robbers Take Over At Hotel New York-W) - Three holdup men took over operation of a mid-1 w ere robbed methodically of cash Manhattan hotel for three hours l a n d jewelry, then hustled into a yesterday; systematically robbing (room with the imprisoned hotel at ,fast 25 quests entering or ore-! staff. . paring to leave The trio entered At 7 a. m. the robbers left. the Ht.tff Emerion ( t 4 t m." One tfok o/tir the telepliorm switchboard, i.iother operat*! t'.-e elevator, the third ran trw desk Arriving and ik-parting guesis WELCOME to the Arkansas Press Association No story of the large and important industries of Fayetteville is complete without mention of our Sheet Metal Works, long established and constantly expanding. Numerous patrons throughout this territory always see us for everything they need in Sheet Metal Work. Fayetteville Sheet Metal Works L. G. CHRISTIE Phone 624 i. A. MCDONALD 115 South East St. 3 7 0 persons. | The de . d i me for filing notice of ] ""/-I 0 ' r « u '« r ' c ° nver mathematical phys-i contests with the secretary of the "TM,,*'"* PTM"TM and one iui;cd to work out I Na , IO n.i Committee is 20 days or S" t«,±A,.^?.. '.«! icists are requi the method of doing the problem, I more before the July 7 convention 10 or 12 mathematicians to break choosing two pro-Eisenhower dele, O p, nin g. Tha t is next Monday. In P gates. The state convention in, K M I M V U uuooii^o, ,/i wiiain.*;, T.**-, down the method adopted into its None had been filed up to today, onautics tnd so forth: by the Cen-1 various arithmetical operations. 30 (,ut inquiries of the rival slate sus Bureau; the Army Map Ser-| ic 40 college-educated "coders" to! leaders in the five states devejon- vlce, and the Air Force comptrol- ] set up the problems for the ma- ert replies that their notices will ler. chine, and about 12 engineers to Tht first super-computing ma- | maintain the infinitely complex chine was produced at Harvard mechanism. University just before World War II. Called the Mark I, it could do prodigious feats, but it was mechanical, not electronic. "Enlac," It was formerly believed that the earliest men were of very large size and that contemporary the first all-electronic computer, I men were dwarfed descendants, wires and operating consoles could work 100 times faster thin mechanical machines. A typical electronic computer. but In recent centuries it has been recognized that there is little or no basis for such a belief. Congratulations Arkansas Press Association on Your 80th Spring Convention This Is Our 70th Year Serving Northwest Arkansas Lewis Bros. Co., Inc. Firm Employment Down, Agri Department Siys The delegate contests this year i Washington-Wl-The hired maji are of gre,it importance since the , on the farm works about two decision on their final seating hours less each day than his farm- take in district as wr-1! as at-large delegates, leaving a legal as well as personal battle for the national convention. could swing the presidential nom- in»!ion to either of trie two leading contenders. The Associated Press tabulation of delegates lists 4(!4 favoring Taft to 301 for Eisenhower, 130 favoring five others and 208 uncommitted or in dispute. A majority--or 604--will be needed to win. Thirteen delegates remain to be selected. lule b Cited The rule by which the 1944 a.nd 1948 conventions operated--but which the 1952 convention could change--says: All contests arising In any boss. The Agriculture Department, reporting this today, said hired hands average nine and one-half hourj work a day. Farm employment continues to decline, the department said, reflecting loss of workers to the armed forces and to urban industries as v.-ell as a rise in the use of machinery and labor savins prsctices. T The department said farm employment totals 10,«63,000, a decrease of 150.000 trow a year ago. The Great Lakes once drained - .-».u .,..V1^ ULN111CQ through Ihe Mississippi River, but state electing district delegates by district conventions, shall be de- during the IcelAge'tlSs out Jet' was cided by its state convention, or if j cut off anri the St Lawrenrp -»,t' the aftte convention shall not j let formed. meet prirtr to the national conven- j =· tion, then by its state committee; and only contests affecting delft- gates-at-largp shall be presented to the national convention." That Taft will be challenged If he seeks to apply this rule to th; biggest Southern delegation in contest, Texas' 38, was emphasized last Friday by H. J. (Jack) Porter, Texas Eisenhower leader. Porter said, "All delegates in Texas are chosen at large by vote of bnth the Republican and Dem- WE WELCOME The Arkansas Press Association / to Fayetteville, center of a great industrial and agricultural area Newspapers represented in your great organization are in the very forefront of progress, and are essential factors in the development of our great state. While in our city you will find many scenic and historic attractions. May your visit be one long to remember! Plan to come again. City oj Foyetteyille ! ocratic parties at their respective I state convention. So the rule does In The Public Interest Your Newspapers . . . Your Pharmacists . . . Fayetteville Druggists Welcomes Arkansas Press Association June 13-14 Your Home Town Druggist, All Members of The Arkansas Pharmaceutical Association, take great pleasure in saluting another great state organization "The Press" THIS MESSAGE Sponsored by the Home Town Druggists Listed in This Ad Conyer's Pharmacy HATHCQCK BIDG. ·HONE 3010 Fayetteville Drug Store EAST SIDE SQUARE PHONE 717 North Side Drug 930 NORTH COLLEGE PHONE 1314 Red Cross Drug NORTH SIDE SQUARE PHONE 490 Rickett's Drug 104 WEST CENTER PHONE 442 Quaker Drug 22 IAIT CENTER PHONE 374 · % · »v Members ot Arkansas ·$$ Pharmaceuticil Association WELCOME, TO Tho ARKANSAS PRESS ASSOCIATION We are glad this great organization chose FAYETTEVILLE, the agricultural and industrial capital of Northwest Arkansas, as its convention city. No mention of this rich and growing territory is complete without the story of our great hatchery, one of the largest in the entire South. We Produce The- C H E M E L L ' S Specialized Meal Type Broilers Hatched and Graded by Experts. 21 y e a r s of actual experience enable us to select the breeders to produce this unexcelled Meat Type Broiler Chick. Our trucks are equipped to deliver these chicks in a radius of 1,000 miles or more. We can supply our Feed Dealers with over a million of our Famous Chicks every month. U. S. APPROVED PULLORUM CLEAN Arkansas Broiler Hatchery Z51 North Gregg. Foyerteville, Ark. -- Phone 3129 or 3130

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