Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 13, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 13, 1952
Page 5
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NOtTHWHT AMUUMAf TIMM. tav«M*vilto, Friday. Jurw 13, 1951 HAL BOYL|! Builders Adopt Cautious Attitude, Slack Possible New York-W)-You cnn set an*- argumenl in buildink ihrles to- I Little Rock Beauties Finalists In Contest* al New "Maid" thin Rogers Radio Concern Is Incorporated New York-(/rVMillion$ of Amer- i fish anyway? If you do, you hav( ir-n husbands arc going forth Mo carry it hnme, clean it--a messj now to ply the nation's streams'job--and stow it in the refrigera- 'investment portfolios and turn- are w i t h rod and reel. And guess who's going along? tor, where it smells up the rest of the food. If you hook a record MamEi! jsize fish, the taxldrii list charges The lady fisherman is a rising jyo'i $42.50 tn stuff it. You hang it figure in the world's oldest sport. \ on the wall thon, where It catches Just why ie beyond me. I have | dust until the day it falls off and become reconciled to the fact that!conks one of your children on the baseball no longer could get by*head. without the ^financial gcnefit of | Tnp entrance of women into , c/an fishing has changed it from an individual manly sport into a family industry. Papa may not care a hans whether he catches, .what is called a pisialorial prize,! number of !a:iy anglers escapes me ^1 mama does. She didn't KO all' altogether. Women are highly tna i distanc. for nothing She practical creatures, and if there is i wants to bring something home. anything more impiactical than j , dangling a line in a stream and: waiting around for a fish to bile , on it, please name it, I can't, understand, as they get paid for their hair-pulling mayhjm. But the and wherefore of the enormous increase in the Men know that fishing is an il- losi a! business, of roursc, and that is why it has appealed to them for centuries. They enjoy romantic nonsense, and always She goes about the task as firim- ly as if her husband was a bachelor again, hidden beneath the surface and tryinjr to evade her lure. "That is v.'hy I believe more and more v/ives like to po fishing," i ne veteran told me. "Every time they haul up a wet dripping fish it gives them the sarr.e thrill they many men. j Fishing is a perfect escape frcm ; reality for them, a chanre to daydream under a summer pun. away from the cares of husbandhood and parenthood. And a fishing j party, made up of the right kind j of fellows, never even bothers to j drop a hook into the water at all. : They get out the jug and the, cards and settle down happily to the real purpose of the trip. Any- ' one of the group who '.isists on j fish ing is shouted down by all | f - a traitor. This, of course., is perfect fish- | ing. Everybody has a swell time, j including the fish, who pick up a ' few sandwich crumbs. Nobody gets hurt. This same old rascal has a theory also why women nften turn out to hotter anglers than their husbands. .. woman drops in her line and the fish sv.-ims up. looks at it an* sneers." he said. "Then he looks up through the water and sees staring dov.-n at him snme frizzle[ haired monstrr overflowing a pair of blue jeans. She is wearing dark y ,o« Aether new hmne starts ;doj |v , in , ,,,, i;i m 1952 v..|ll top the million m a r k i n ,,,·;,,.,· (or the fourth Mrauhl year. Mo ,, ,,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,.. .,,,,,,, |hi , Builders have hit this pace k - jn ,,, 1Kul: ^, m K through the spnnK-surpnMnKly.:^,, hjlv( , m(| ^ ,,,,,,., ,, n ,,,,, .,,.,. in , e w of nff.nal e.itimaVs sis . nf h , lil(linf , Thcv r( , ssnn tnill ,, months ago that the tola I wmihln t n huvp s , jn , vj| , h , o (jml n o much over Rnn.OOO. ; a lcndri . ·,,..,,,,,,,, ,,, iysl , f ,, ,,,, )rl . But now some of thr-m have .gage nn l!.r somc-.vhiit mere liberal shifted to a cautious attitude. 'terms. And this may pmve rliffi- In part ihis may be caused by cult. disappointment over the Federal ; Alone this I'm-, complaints like- Reserve action in lowering slight-; this arc hcarr 1 frnm snme builtl- ly the required down payments cm jcrs: Many persons loaded them- new houses under regulation X. Uelvos with installment pnymeiils Many thought such controls should i for automobiles anrt appliances have been dropped entircl" as Ihe after credit rnntrnls nn those ar- House Ranking Committee has j tides were dropped. Now MHHP «»f ! proposed. thorn wanl to buy homes Init can'! _Alsn a fador arp a few siqns, prove ability iu .1001 additional including price cuts on older \ pavr.ients. h uses and more trouble in selling i new ones, that actual demanrl for: ithe building industry's output has i 'sbckeri off a bit. : These developments were cited [ · today by Gpnr^c \V. Warnecke. i Now York building financier, in expressing doubt that present vol- ' j time of building v:i!l continue j through the rest nf the year. Ho b?Mevcs r.'-'iny b.;ildcrs pushed housinc prnicc'r. in the early ' month.* this year and no'.v plan to : sit ba'-k and see how they sell before committinjr themselves fur- . While Warnecke suys there is .ample financing for well-nlnnnrd I homes and apartment buildings in attractive locatinnp. he points out that .some laipe insurance com- i panics and banks ha -e filled their I Citizens Asked To Suggest Projects For Chamber Here Cnmmiltee earlier this werk derided to mndurt a serif. 1 , of three community development meetings which will 1itkc placr June 2t. 25 nnti 2fl ;it 7 p. in, in the Hi^nitali- t v Kn-im at the Arkansas Western Gas Company. Those meetings will be so or- cnnizorl thnt all thnse in nttend- ;incp will ho given n quick view of pnmr nf thr stops thai have been t;ikoii in Fayrtt^\'illc recently and at) outline nf proposed activities. Those in iittpndaitcp will lie sivrn opportunity tn sucqpsl additional projects and activities. McGnnd^'in named thr following tn a Program Commit ten tn niTfincn the cnmmunity dcvelnp- nirnt mrrtiiiR^ 1 Ru/nnnr I.ightnn. chnirmnn; ,1. F. Palmrr and .Inr Crumnler. The fnllnwing wrrr namrd tn a Promotional Cnmmif- tep tn pubticiTi- thr mfting-;: Haskcl Utlry. chairman; W. H Pry or and Virgil ninssnm. Joan Williams Governor control MCII* Charl'i 1 !' 1 Mom in.i I.iltlr Rnck-ifl'i-Trn Little Rock N an( -v Hrn.«lov. .lomiv Turf.' hMtitifs were srlectH h^re last Junr Ri-ynnlrts and Knn.-U Turk/ night a; finn)i5i; m thi. ripitat The M;ii'l nf ('ntinn fin -i'i city's 1!).")^ Rr.iuty Piixr mt nml u "' r Vir«ini.i Sp.mkr. K;.1 ;Maid nf Oil tori r'»ntrFt«;. fivr Rirl^ Savage, IliirDiiu Tlioin-. . .U'-'iM if in r.'irh cruitrst will rfmtprlc .fun" aMt ^ -'f^iie Tonnr 24 f'»r the ri«ht \n rrprrjrnt thr * state at thr Mtss AiktJiua-; rvnt Arl^rt^f In Ih» TIMK5t--Vt n»?« · * - I.iiMe fin'M,P)-Chick Capitnl Brnarlrflftrri. Inr.. nf Rogers, filed attjrlpe nf jnrnrporatlon today to rificr'-'J" rvho *fation" A!i'hor{.'.··:! r:tpl*'tl Mock was S'-t at srj.nofi Ir.rMporalnn inrHide'l (' S J-'jf'-.--nn nf Rngors and Freida l df 'Ixarkan;i |f?°ggles - her nose is cover ed with lumps of sunburn cream. I ''The fish breaks out laughing, i'Ho, hn. ho!' This is something the other fish oufiht to sec. He open hi" mouth, and turns his head tt call his buddies- -and accidentally the hook swings into his mouth. I suppose a million fii-'h a year Who really wants to catch a (i e caught just that Dear Miss nix: I have fallen in love with a fine man of 30, single, considerate, thoughtful and understanding. I am s widow of 29. with' a child of in. My husband has been dead for three years. However, when this young man nsked me to marry him, and expressed his intentions of giving my child a father's care. I hesitated. Since rny husband died, 1 have lived in the past. We were very much in love, having been childhood sweethearts, and married quite young. There are ?n many memories I shall never forget. My parents, as well as rny in-laws, say HI never find anyone- to lake his place. I have a wonderful job. so there is no financial necessity for me to marry a^ain, and my family is very good to me and my little girl. My worry is that my feelings about my first husband would krcp mo from hoins a good wife SUPER! I tn another man. What do you 'think? | : Undecided Dot Answer: It will be much better i if you postpone a second marriage ; until you are sure that ynur de- I votion to your first husband is entirely buried. Tn time, you will realize that it is quite possible to cherish the memory of a first husband, while bring a finr wife to \ a second. In your case, that time hasn't come yet. Your period of adjustment to widowhood is not complete, and quite possibly it has been retarded by ovcrsolicitous I ' relatives. Younc Man Fills Bill j It would be a wonderful thing. i indeed, for you to find a sond hus- i band who will alsn bo a renl father to your daughter. This is J-*v n means impossible, and the young . inan you are going with serins to fill the bill. | In all fairnrss to yourself, ynur · daughter and your young man, be ; sure of your own wholehpartrri- 1 ness before considering rrmar: riage. New Soviet Envoy Eat What I Like WthMt Acid ImEftttiMi Fear of hcanburn. sour stomath doesn't spoil my enjoyment of f»Toriie foods. Like millions of American i. I carry Turns i ·Iwayi. Pleasant-tasting Tumi ncuirilire ' rxces* itomaeh acid--soothe the hnrnin*; j ffnjsiion of lour stomach, heariburn, Itas almost instantly- Contain nr *oH* Id cause atiil rebound. Follow thf rule for happy eating--"Keep Turns Handy --Fur Like Candy." ^^^.^ TUMS FOft THE TUMMY GEORGI N. ZARUBIN. who woi Russia's Ambassador to Britain. Fiirroerh Alexander S. Panyush- kin as Soviet Ambnssadnr tn Ihc United Slates. Panyushkin announced that he Is returning tn Mnscmv to take a new appomt- mrr* 'fnfrrnnlionfll Soundphoto) WASHINGTON COUNTY YOUTH FOR CHRIST SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 8 P.M. Speaker JACK WILSON of Kansas City, Mo. Song Leader--Clyde Record Everyone Welcome Meeting it Cumberland Presbyterian Church Corner Dov|l« end Oakland "\Vp are p'lip" lo pive any cjt!- i zen nf Fayet!evillo who wishes an j oov ( ) !'unily to ppeak up and s u p - j eeEt projects for the Fayetteville j Chamber of Commcrre and other : nrg.-ur-^itionp," L. M. McGoodwin, chairman of the Community Development C'immittrp of the Chamber of Commerce, said this j morninp. t The Community Development i Of Girls Stale Little Rock-f^Pi-.Ioan Williams, IT. Hot Springs, yesterday became governor of Girls State with thf promise to mike "Girls Stale the best ever." Miss Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alva B. Williams, narrowly riefratr-d Betty Crump, 17, daughter nf Mr. and Mrs. G- K. Crump nf Magnolia. ATTEND The Hour of Power" New Sunday Li-ening Preaching Series at the Central Methodist Church 7:30 P.M. EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT BEGINNING JUNE 15 Congregational Gospel Songs Sermon Series on "Power For living" Special Music Twilight Alter Prayer (Broadcast over KGRH) SOMEONE YOU KNOW OWNS A AUTOMATIC WASHER! Check This List All your work in donn for you! dust set two simple controls for t i m e n n d w a t e r t e m p e r a t u r e . Then M a y t a g wa=h- cs, rin^op, spin-dries your clothes for you. Maytag'* famous Gyrafoam washing action -- t h e name action thnt has sold millions of standard Maytag washers -- wnrlica rvprything with perfect safety. Sparkling v/hito, inside and o u t , it s hoaut-y will !asL n lifetime. Gemu'nc Maytag construction in every part means . t a r a of superior service. LIIIRAL TRADI-IN · IAST FATMINTI You, too, can own one for only $299.95 Here is a partial list of area people who own Maytag Automatics. See how many you are acquainted with. Ask them how they like this wonderful washer. We're sure they'll convince you it's the best! J. B. D« Weese Kenneth Harr L. Farmer R. C. Wray Bertha Murray W. R. Spencer H. E. Phipps Mrs. Jesse Ledford Eugene McReynolds 0. E. McCain J. P. Chalmers Dale Enqjehart Robert B. Howard Paul Colcman Lloyd Alexander A. C. Ulvog Lee Witherspoon Glenn Epperly Charles Brewer Otis Morton Grace Ramsey C. E. Hoffman Fred Cripps Ernest Rough Dr. C. C. Kaylor James Phipps, Jr. Joe B. Hurley D. G. Lofforty Stella Mathews J. D. EHminston Louite MeNutt Frank Curtis Mark Stice A. P. Stevens Walter Brook Dwight Hill Kenneth Ivey Pearl Ferguron Lovern* Sheppard Glenn Ricketts Paul Damon Alfred M. Smith John Harris Toy Rigains Barnett Sure Frank Myers Chester Harvel Idus Cates Frank Wilkins Roseoe Abshter Cy Carney, Jr. Everett Ham W. H. Dunlovy W. E. George F. M. Crittenden Chos. Clinehens David J. Burleson Wm. S. Kraemer Alex. E. Jones Franklin Bridges F. F. Nonnamaker Mary E. Carpenter Este'le Baker Jot L. Longeneckcr Frank Griztle Allen Buckrcas Dt« Bough Irvin Hoas Ira Hammond Melvin Spence J. J. Morrison T. C. Ferguson Vernon Louder, Jr. R. D. Staren Paul Walker Robert Overman Mrs. N. R. Davis Joe Harrii Velmo Spence Joe F. Atkinson Perry A. Couch Sidney Stewart Harry Ivey J. A. Pennington Robert Ray Jesse Benton Fred E. Brooks Chas. Bishop Paul Bend Virgil Ray M. T. Neat W. G. Sanders D. Allen Chas. Frieks R. V. West B. E. Edwards Leroy Burris Mrs. Ellis Wilson Bill Saterficld Joseph Donoto Rev. U. L. Johnson Dale Stockburgcr W. K. Jones E. C. Christensen C. P. Carrington N. W. Phillips K. 0. Bachman Leonard Rice John Whiteley Florence Lemry R. E. Wagoner Euell Pinkley Rex Hood Marvin Caglo Jack Ward Bryan Divens Hampton Halscll D. D. McCasham Donal Yardberry L, F. Bromley Robert G. Pickard H. C. Childers M. 0. Doolittle John Kelly Luke Hardage I. J. Kirkpatrick Clyde Chapman CY CARNEY APPLIANCE CO. South Side Square "Defend On Us For Service" Phone

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