Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 12, 1952 ツキ Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1952
Page 16
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P HORTHWES IT ARKANSAS TIMtS, FoyテつサftテつサviU., ArfconM. Thuriday, June 17, 1952 Denver Court May Decide If Convicts Lose Civil Rights By FRANK PITMAN iprocess of law, nor deny to an; J)tnvcr-(JP)-no convicted crimi- pui'Mm w i t h i n i\s J u r i s d i c t i o n na! luse their civil rights and the protection of the Jaw xvhen they enter prison? ".The legal ^me from trial opening next Montia/ In U. -S District Court in Denver. II o y %st, .12, suspended M a t e prison \ftirden, and eight other penlte.n- fiery officers are charged w i t h vio- Ifiing nnd conspiring to violate the c|Vil rights of six convicts. ;jA Fcdnr;*! G r a n d Jury charged iBe convicts wen tortured a n d abused July 16, J951 at the Canon Qlty prison a f t e r a riot in which t|fo guards were wounded. Bcsl Admitted the men were whipped v$th a leather strap bul claimed the "torture of convicts has never l*4en allowed "'in the 22 years he H^BS warden. (fonvict "Civilly Drad?" テつキ^Pre-trial debate by defense and federal attorneys brought opposing arguments. ", defense attorney declared: **"A convict Is civilly dead. He hat no civil rights, The law w i t h tjipect to convicts is entirely d i f - ferent than it is for others." -The government prosecutor re$ied: "The U. S. Constitution dfees not fail to operate fos per- Ans behind prison walls. A pris- iper never loses his constitutional njhfa, as contrasted with his mhts io vote or hold office." JpThe Department of Justice in Washington assigned Ben Brooks, ^ civil rights rxpert, as sperinl $o$eculor. Brooks said there ncv- hatl been a fedcrnl ensc In eojial protfcltnn of the laws." Defense. 1 attorneys at a pre-trial h e a l i n g la hi month made an un- answer likely will , ucce..; S fu| .notion to-quash the in- an unprecedented I 'Hclmest. One of their arguments was t h a t the Constitution did not protect ronvicled ( l i i n i n a l s . l'r)Sy:i:tiir iirooks pl.'iced pnrti- rul.'ir emphasis In his arguments on the worrln "any per;.on" in the eonstitutiona! anicndincnl. He ar- Kucd !hut g u a r a n t e e of liberty and | protection of the law applies to Srvrn Counts RHlirnRri Seven counts v.'ere returned in the two indictments against Best and Oran W. Doolen, former deputy warden; Guard Captains I,ov- el) \V. Gentry and James W. Kinney, Guard I.t. Clinton 13. Leonard, and Guards Ira L. Blnger, j James T. Heilly, William J. Davis Jr.. and Terry W. Trout. H convicted on all lounts, each defendant would he liable to seven years imprisonment and a $7,Off; line. The indictment charges the defendants conspired that the convicts "would be stripped of their clothing and compelled to remain standing on their bare, unprotected feet on hot pavement until their feet became blistered and during which time the , victims would be repeatedly struck, knocked down, kicked, stomped, tormented and abused by Ihe said defendants." ! Western States Expect Big Tourist Season, Much Money Denvor-M) - A flood of tourist slate Tourist Dirrttor Mchin gold-- close to llinic quarters ot a ] Drakes believes (i, 500, 000 visitor* billion dollars -- is expected toi w i l l ^penil 18U millio.. (I'-lLirs bu- pour into the Rocky Mountain' /ore l icy hivnl fur iio IL. ; states before a summer's end. It I will be spent by an estimated 20,- j 000,000 persons from other states, i That's close to five times the pop| ulation of the seven states with i their iofty peaks, summer glaciers and high altitude coolness. Despite the bites chewed from income by tixef and high living costs, nearly all of the seven states covered in an Press survey expect sure-seeking visitors than ever. : 000 tourists and a gross income o f . An American Aut-imt i'ile Asso-iBO million dollars, both ahead of j elation director last week i-redid- last year. I e ri . t.ea'ly 22 per cent of al! Amr-r- rjubrado onicbX who count the tourist trade as a lop industry, j ook f o r 3,300,000 visitors who'll spend $2-17 500 000. I ,.,,,, ., , u , , . ., .,,._,,: テつーテつー l **テつー ' " l ''' ainins ' si; to 7f million dollars. Mori: tr.Lr W. 000--nearly equal the state's pop- 1 ulntion--visited Glacier N a t i o n a l ' Associated i p,, r i[ nKir | hc Canadian border in more plea-, ,95, Wah js counting on 3,250,-i penitentiary warden was civil Which warged with violating the yertlet of convicts. nte llth Amendment ;Indletmcnis agalnsi Best, presi- $テつォnl of the Prison Wai dens As- ^ciation of America, and ills cn- (kfendants arc based on (he 14th テつキbiendmcnt to the U. S. Constltu- tjpn, ratified in 1BOB, and section M2 of the U. S. Code. テつサThe part of the Constitution at Issue reads: " . . . nor shall any テつサte deprive any person of life, berty or property w i t h o u t due HALF-CENTURY OF STEEL-BOUND AMITY-Stテつォl, for 51 years, has continued to roll from Arinco Steel Corporation's Middletown, Ohio, division wilhoul any loss of production due to strikes, Paul Wills, left, and Darwin Senften, seen checking rolled steel are two of the men represented by independent bargaining agents who have helped preserve amicable relations over the years . between management and labor. _ SUPER! Night Club Item Starts Rumor Of Churchill Death Now Vork-M^-Thc demise of a popular London nifjhl club nppfir- pnlly caused more fuss in the United States last night than it did in Britain. The night club ' was named Churchill's -- and somebody who heard .something on some radio slation inokody knew exactly what Ihey heard i;r on what station) started the word that I3rllain's doughty prime minister, Winston Churchill, 77, was desd. Telephones jangled in the newspaper offices of several American cities, The facts: | A London judge yesterday took away the dancing and drlnkln license of Churchill's, a night clu! where Princess Margaret used t dance, because it had been selllni drinks after lhc 2 a.m. legal clos ing hour. Winslon Churchill -- no conncc lion -- "rclired lo bed hale a hearty" lasl nlghl. Souhtcrn Arabia has almosl human inhabitnnls. Seating Choice On Southerners May Be Vital No Candidate Has 604 Votes Needed For Nomination By JAMES MAIILOW nnd t h e District of Columbia. This committee meets four or I five days before the convention I opens. H hears arguments by rival ; delegations claiming the right to | be seaieJ, and decides which pne j con be seated, but only temporal- j iiy. | The committee simply makes a decision to get the convention started. When it opens, a Credcn- : t i u l s Committee is cho?en. Each ! delegation on the floor, including | the disputed but temporary ones, : is entitled to have one man on credentials. Then the Credentials Committee hears the arguments of the rival dclcテつ」ji)Uons and recommends to WfishinRton-(/P)-Al the Kepub-! the convention which ones should ican N a t i o n a l Convention n e x t ! be seated. The convention can ac- monlh selection of the party can- ; cept or reject the committee rec- didnte w i l l be In the hands of 1,- , ommcndations. 20fi delegates. At least fi04 votes. ; Chairman Can Rule a majority, arc needed to nomin- 'テつキ f - ,- , j , , . ., , itp Can a disputed but temporarily i seated delefialion \'olc un Creden- As of now t h e Associated Press tials Committee recommendations tabulation of the 1.193 already involvins itself or other disputed テつキliosen shows J'aft has 4C-1 dele- I dclcfiations? This .seems to be un- K.ilcs, ICisenhowcr ,'{[)(). Oilier can- ' tlidatcs hnvc 1.10, and 20!) delegates arc uncommiltc'd or in dispute. ican vacationists will visit Coio- Summer travc should bring Arizona 1,500,000 visitors rado, Wyoming and New Mexico who - n spe , ld 30 m j]ij o n dollars, this summer alone. | lne 5(ate u n j v e r s j l y ' s Business Re- Wyoming, with only 290,000 res- | search Bureau estimates. idcnts, this year put on its biggest テつキ- promotional campaign. Howard! p r |ncess Back Partyinc Sharp, secretary of the state's: London - yP| - Princess Mar- Commerce and Industry Cominis-| garct last n jght attended her first sion, believes it will reap three ] party Fincc t he death of h e r ' million tourists and more lhan father King George VI, and s a l ' the $102,461.000 spent there last, out mrst of f]anccs it was a s l i l - I year. Yellowstone National P a r k i , c r i n g B ;f a i r at the Spanish Emand Ihe Grand Telons Country, in b in Bei; , ravc Sq ,, are . . northwestern Wyoming, are prime テつキ- i attractions. . ' j The Dead Sca js n( , ar]y a ouar . i In New Mexico, home of Indian j ter of a mile below Ihe level of , ceremonials and 688,000 rcsidenls, the Mediterranean. M BUY YOUR TELEVISION From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP Wnlhirpioot and Flnpraaf テつキ^ Biiuiiful Colon A PHONE 30)1 i rOテつォ FREE ESTIMATE t CLARK VENETIAN テつキLIND AWNING CO. II WllllMI NKO A NEW ROOF? ASBESTOS SIDINO? No Money Down Eテつサr Monthly Pirmtnli DYKE LUMBER CO. Ml It 13 FRIDAY THE Is Coming! | JTH AND SO IS THE KREECHINGE5T SCARIEST HORROR SHOW EVER COME IF YOU DARE -- AT YOUR RISK! It Will Make Your BLOOD Run COLD! REGULAR PRICES OZARK 1:15 P.M. FRIDAY RELAX YOURSELF! SEE A MOVIE TONITE! OZARK 1:11 . 9:U . 5:20 NOW! 7:25 - 9:30 m numm! smr OF m one MD otiiy saiy sum UARK CAHTOON LAtE NEWS P A I A.f*E M ** C ENDS TONITE DANA ANDREWS FB1-SAT SUSAN HAYWARD IN CARTOON AND SERIAL, fMAIMNO IXPOH Of IHE RACKIT RUURSI certain. I asked at the Taft, Eisenhower and Republican National Committee headquarters here and j did not get a u n a n i m o u s answer. On this basis no man is cluse ; In 1!)12 the temporary chairman of the Republican convention ruled that n disputed delegation could vote on seating or rejecting other disputed delegations but could not vote on its own case. The temporary chairman this I year could make decisions about Of the greatest importance to I temporary rielcgation?' v o t i n g the two men Is the sealing of lilocs i "Hhls. The Republicans have pick- )f dclcgiilcfi from Southern stntcs ! Cli t n c i r convention officers, al- whcre rival slates of Taft a m h i n o s t a l t T a f t People, including Elsenhower people claim Hie ex- l l ' c temporary chairman. Walter elusive legal right to be seated. s - Halianan. lie said he'd be im- Those Southern states are Texn:. j P ai " li;i1 at the convention. Loulsinnn, Georgia, and Mis.sfssip-. ' * pi with a total of 7G. * | ' T sotl by thousands in reducing Choice nf ihn テつサf.mih], D ,, ^n :diets-Junge's Roman Mca' Bread. the 004 votes that would pivo ; lim the nomination on the first j Jallot at the convention, which : opens July 7 nt Chicago. There'll | be switching around on subs?- ' quent ballots if there's no nomin- I tion on the, first one. LiniiLi; of the HcpUblicHM can- i didate could revolve on the seal-I : ng of one or the other of these ' " delegations. '" ' , Committee Decides ; First step is a decision by the'. Republican National Committee.' which is composed of two repre- ! sentalivcs--a man and a woman | from each state and territory 71 DRIVE IN 7 31-19-tf The Fatal Weakness UNIVERSITY THEATRE WORKSHOP "in-the-round" production of George Kelly's Broadivay hit comedy OPENS MONDAY JUNE 16,17,-19,20,21 Box office now open afternoons and Saturday morning. PHONE 2020 Reservatons will be held until 7:30 the night of performance. Tonite 8:00-9:30 Double Feature -k * PLUS NAT PENDLETON STERLING HOLLOWAY Top Sergeant- Mulligan ALSO: COLOR CAHTOON Friday 13th ~k Jinx Show if Frテつォ Past to Every 13th car coming in Free Past lo thテつォ driver of a car if your last two numbers in your license are 13 AAAAAAAAA Free Pass to any couple married 13 years (must furnish proof) Free Pass if your Full Name on your Social Security Card has 13 letters Free Admission for the whole car load if you have 13 pautngers in your car On the Screen if CAHTOON k SERIAL On the go? stop... refresh A slop on lhc road for an ice-cold Coke is the sure way lo travel refreshed. テつキ O1HIO UNDII AU1HOIITT Of 1HI C O C H - C O l * COMMNT IT rAYITTIVIUI COCA-COU tOULINO COMPANY, rhorw 140X iWuWmv*. O iテつォ". mi COCテつサOIA COMPANY 1 41 E. CENTER ST. PHONE 21 WEEK-END SPECIALS OPEN SATURDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 8 O'CLOCK MAIN FLOOR SPECIALS 1.98 LADIES PLASTIC RAIN COATS .97 Smartly styled -- many colors. 1.98 LADIES BLOUSES 1.77 Rayons, ginghams, and broadclolhs. .98 60 GAUGE NYLONS .84 15 denier -- high fashioned, dark seams. 1.69 COTTON HALF SLIPS 1.48 Four gored. Lace trimmed. 1.00 JOAN BROWN BRA .84 White cotton, triple stitched. .79 RAYON BEMBERG PRINTS *~ .58 Sheer, light weight. .17 WASHCLOTHS ' 67.74 Famous Cannon Qaulity. 4.98 CHENILLE BEDSPREADS 4.44 .W wide, 4" fringe. .98 PLASTIC DRAPES .77 Leaf, flora!, and plume patterns. SPECIALLY PRICED ACETATE BRIEFS 3/1.00 Tailored or trimmed. 3/1.00 CUSHION FOOT SOCKS 3/.92 .79 MEN'S T SHIRTS ' .64 White combed knit cotton. .59 MEN'S SHORTS Combed cotton speed shorts, elastic leg. 1.98 CHILDREN'S DRESSES Organdy, dotted Swiss or dimity. 2.98 GIRLS' SUN DRESSES Sizes 7-14. Bare tops for cool comfort. 2.98 LADIES' CASUALS Gracefully styled. Ballets and flats. .54 1.77 2.67 2 pr./5.00 .98 MEN'S LEATHER PALM GLOVES .77 Heavy canvass back. BASEMENT SPECIALS 62.50 AUTOMATIC GAS WATER HEATER 56.25 テつサ 20 Gal. capactiy, Fast recovery. 102.00 SHALLOW WELL PUMP 95.95 Delivers 350 G.P.H. Complete with tank. 44.50 20" WINDOW FAN 40.95 Fits windows 23" to 29". 31.90 CAST IRON LAVATORY 29.95 Gleaming whtie. Complete with fittings. 4.89 SUPER HOUSE PAINT 4.42 Titanium White. Self-rleaning. 16.45 BEST FIBER SEAT COVERS 14.77 Fits most sedans. ,32 ATHLETIC SOCKS .27 Knit from white collon yarn. 5.95 CAMP COT 4.97 Heavy while canvass. .49 STEERING WHEEL COVERS .37 Tight filling plaslic. .49 BUG DEFLECTORS .39 Deflects bugs from windshield. 1.18 SILICONS POLISH GLAZE, both .88 Cleans, polishes, prolects your car. 1.85 BIKE TIRE 1.67 Air cushion -- two ply. .98 BIKE TUBE .87 Air cushion. .49 SPARK PLUGS .37 Guaranteed equal to original equipment. FURNITURE FLOOR SPECIALS 5.79 LAWN CHAIRS 4.48 Matching rocker at same price. 52.95 SOLID OAK DINETTE 37.88 214.95 LIVING ROOM SUITE 149.88 Grey frieze. 229.95 2-pc. LIVING ROOM SUITE 199.88 Frieze cover with fringe bottom 199.95 SOFA BED SUITE 159.97 Kelley green. 169.95 3-pe. VANITY 149.88 Walnut finish. 134.95 3-pe. VANITY 119.88 Light finish. 109.95 2-pc. DOUBLE DRESSER 99.88 41.95 BOX SPRINGS 24.88 Only one, 49.95 BOX SPRINGS 24.88 Only one. ' Urge Auortmtnt of WOOL SAMPLE RUGS From 3.25 to 17.56 TiRMS 10% DOWN

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