Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 25, 1974 · Page 27
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 27

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1974
Page 27
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Page 27 article text (OCR)

M · NorrhwM Arfanw* TMWS, W*d. r Sept. 25, 1974 ·AvrrriviLLi, ARKANSAS Questions About Social Security : :EfJ!tor's Note: This column Us * joint effort of public ser- Ivice by Ihe TIMES and Ihe iFayelteville Social Security -Administration office, Mrs. ;Rose Newsomc, district man- iAnyone having a question ·about social security is invi- ·t«d'-to send it to the North-west Arkansas TIMES 72701. "All -.inquiries must be signed iirid should include address ot Tsinder. Names will not be "published. ,' Q. .My doctor gave me a Re-' quest for Medicare Payment from to use for filing my medical insurance claim. As I was looking over the farm, I noticed 9 space for claim number. Whst is my claim number? A. Your claim number is shown on your Medicare health insurance card. It consists of nine digits and a symbol, such as' A. B. F2. When you send iir a medical insurance claim, iVi'ite your claim number on the Request for Medicare Payment form and on any itemized hill you send with the form just as'il ! s shown on your card. A form submitted .without a claim number or with the wrong number can cause a delay in payment. i Q. I want to send in a medical insurance claim under Medicare. I have, filled out the Request for Medicare Payment form. Where do I send it? · A. Send your claim to HIE -Medicare carrier for the Slate lyhere you received the services. You can find the car- Jier's name and address in your Medicare Handbook -- or by calling or writing'any Social security office. ; Q. I have a private health i n s u r a n c e plan now, b u t ·I'll, be eligible for Medicare Jiext year. Should I cancel my private insurance? ° A. You should first talk to an agent of the insurance company to find out what its regulations are for people covered by Medicare. Most companies automatically cancel a policyholder's insurance when he becomes eligible for Medicare, 1)ut many also have special Insurance plans which you can purchase to help pay expenses Medicare doesn't cover. For information about Medicare, call lr write any social security office. I Q. My father died recently after a long illness, and I had jo/pay his doctor bills. He had Medicare, so can I get reimbur- ijed for the bills I paid? i A. Yes, if the bills were for Services covered by Medicare, A "Request for Medicare Payment" and a "Statenient Regarding Medicare Payment for, Medicare Services to Da- eeased Patient." You : 'can get fceth forms at any social security office, and the people there will,help you fill them out. Jets Strike ; TEL AVIV, Israel-(API - Is- jjaeli planes blasted Arab guerrilla targets in southeast Lebar nbn today in a pre-emptive strike aimed at foiling terror raids during the Yom Kippur Holiday, the military command Said. I The jets roared inlo Lebanon gnd attacked "terrorist pbj tives" for about 15 minutes near the village of Mazrat Beit Naful, a spokesman said. j All planes returned safely, he said. J'The spokesman said the .raic was meant "to keep the terrorists busy" during the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur -- the Pay of Atonement -- which begins at. sundown Wednesday. · Market Slips ; NEW YORK (AP) -- Stock jrices slid sharply today, with glamors and blue chips getting the worst of it. * The noon Dow Jones industrial average sank 9.83 to 653.79, Bnd losers mounted a 3-to-l margin over gainers on the j^ew York Stock Exchange. - Analysts cited the market's fragile technical condition, following last week's strong advance. Traders apparently began to sell harder as it became Clearer that last week's rally lacked conviction. · Derby Rights t LOUISVILLE (AP) - World wide radio rights to broadcast yie Kentucky Derby for the Ijext five years have been purchased by WHAS, Inc. of Louisville, Ky. Lynn Stone, president ef Churchill Downs, announced Monday. Terms · of the agreement were not "announced. · WHAS said it has contracted with the Columbia Broadcasting System radio network for distribution of the race broadcast to some 300 CBS'af- filiates. ·; Television rights to the Derby for the next five years were purchased in June by the American Broadcasting Company. · Funds Invested · LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- The slat* Board of Finance voted foday to invest $55 million in State funds in certificates of deposits that will yield 8.71 per Cent. , ; The board voted a week ago \o invest the funds and agreed to set the rate today. The onc- £«ar $100,000 certificates of deposit will be offered to state Banks and savings and loan institutions. :,The .$55 million is in in- Vestments that will mature Oct. REMEMBER! 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"PIRtTHOSI Safeway Brand Altai ftJue.M.. from Pr. 99 Apple Turnovers wi " "Mw- Sex Peddlers Say Business Is SAM FRANCO) (AW H* From the seedy borintoreq W the Tenderloin to the tfariA' night clubs of North Be»ch comes an unfamiliar laniAttt' from San Francisco's sen pad*'-' dlers: business is bad. V '·'. There are no statistics, but a ;· survey of operators of a a « l t " bookstores, movie houses and night clubs indicates sex may have !ost some of its potency to " attract crowds -- and money -- V in a city once known as Airier-'- ioa's pornographic capital. "People are getting used to-"' Ihe nude stuff," said Ran Jalan ' as he tended his JB Adult Bookstore, one ef many in the.; downtown Tenderloin area. ; "They are simply getting tei'.. up with it. "It is not like what it was · .. year ago. I think ii is going to. get worse in the future. Bust-. ness is bad." ' Jalan said magazine sales · are down and he hag had to cut · the prices of guoh films a* : "The Playmate" f r o m $83 t o - ' $10. "At this-time last year, I ··-·-- made from $2,000 to $3,0*0 a ·· month. Now, I'm making about $1,000." . · . . LESS WILLING Others are less willing to discuss their finances, but most agree that selling smut has lost:', some of its financial appeal/"No customers, no business, , said a clerk at SM empty International Bookstore. It was tha same terrain ?*some--though flot afl-^oJ mt-~ city's theaters. /'It's down. It's not l i k e ii ·. sed to be," manaeof Bill Stein' ' said of trade at fig Att The-^. aler, where "Deep Throat" and . "The Devil in Miss Jones" = were showmg. "But we're stiB making a profit. We're sffl!;; open." , ' · " ' , ' · Vince Stantoh, 33-year-cM \ manager of the O^ParteH 'Hie- . ater, said his house stitt !« doing wel! because "We strW«.: for a quaHty bard-core prod-, uct." The O'Parrell fa on« o! '. five Mitchell Bros, tfteatew SB:. San Francisco and Los Angetes.',,- He said the firm operates on, a "high risk, high gain" policy, of turning out eomparatlwely ^ ligh budget films lifea "Behaij the Green Door" and "The Be- surrection oi Eve." Four .years' · ago, the O'FarreH grossed$460,000, compared to f«4,000 ' last year, a spokesman saw. NOT IMPRESSIVE The miirent film at th« Oo- ; penhagen Cinema didn't ton- ~ press ons patron. Tito TJbetl, . 2 4 , . feH asleep in Hie dartenea theater and awoke at 3 a.m. to find himself locked ki. Be bad" to call police to get out. Business also is said to b* down in the topless bars atxj night elubs of famed Nortij Beach, though some operator* contend they are doing weH on idurist trad*. "Business is so bad that: niatiy topless places are «los- --. ing," said Police Sgt. . John Vamicci, who works the nude -encounter parlors and movia houses. "For many people, it- was a one-shot deal," hs said.; "Now they've seen topless, they've seen a pornagrsphts- movie, and they don't want to do it again. It has run its gam- . bit. Business is getting progres--- sively worse." The-city's node masiage paS" lors are faring even worse, Vanucci said. · "They were a fad, but t h e novelty's gone," he said. "Many places are closing m tn« day time because their girif are leaving. They work en a commission basis and v they aren't making any money." Identification Program: Set For Ocf. 19-20 A property identification pro-. . gram will be condnotsd Oct. 19-. : 20; on the grounds of the Fay- etleville . Puolie Library by · members of the 30Bt!i Civil AE-, fairs Group of the U.S. Army. · The purpose of ttie program- is to identify items With an engraved indentifieation mark' to make it easier for 1 a w enforcement officials to; identify each item in case of theft, [terns such as bicycles, stereos, televisions or anything that might easily be stolen will be engraved free of charge. The program will be available from 9 a.m. to IK noon and from 1 - 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 19 . and from 10 a.m. to noon and from 1-3 p.m. on Oct. 20. Witnesses To Hear Talks By Overseer Leroy J. Langan, circuit overseer for 25 congregations of ' Jehovahs' Witnesses in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri, it' guest speaker in a series of meetings being held at Kingston Hall in Fayelteville. Services began Tuesday «nd will conclude Sunday. A special Saturday night session at 7 p.m. will featurs a talk on "How to Make Deei-' sions." Sunday services will be it t a.m. Meeting Set The first fall meeting of .tht , United Community Servicei'"' Inc. Staff is to be held at II" noon Thursday at the Downtown'* I Motor Loda*.

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