Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 25, 1974 · Page 26
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 26

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1974
Page 26
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FEU STATISTICS FOR fOU. SNOWY- WRING THIS PAST SEASON, VOU CCWSJMEP TUIENTY-FOUK PKE-6AJVE MEAL5, NINETEEN MID-SAME MEALS ANP FIFW-FOUR POST-SrtME MEALS OH.YES.,. AND THREE HIMPREP PACKS OF BU8BLE GUM'. Mi Jomi LIHEV- DRAT.'AND I JU5T WASHED THE. CAR.' , MR. CUEW... COULP WE THROW A GKAPPLWS HOOK'ACROSS THE )RGE.TO THE PRISON? -^ r. OR , /VMORtAR OR A CANNON? IN MALYA? IMPOSSIBLE. ^i'lL HANDLE THE 'CABLED IF YOU'LL FIND A HIGH- VJ1RE MAN TO WALK IT'AND BRING. BACK . KELLV'S G1RU AH, ME .'.7 LET ME TALK. IT OVERV/ITrl PON'T RlSHTuV 1 KiN TU BUT YOU suse SOT AMEANkOOKOM t?ARN RiSHT AL.HJS EfcECTIOHS VOU . G6TAUUTHES H6NPBIUS CumRlN- TrtUGS UP IT TOUH P£R U5 CRAWLIN-COHStrrUENTS- . POLITICIANS AUUS HANCS OUT ORCUUASS. WHO REAPS THEM THINGS ANYWAYS? MflWi! STOP THAT THEW I SAYS \DADBURN GOSSIP1M'-- TO SftlRY,! SAVS, ] ELVINE'V'S flLREflDV SAVS I.-- 7 GONE BACK IN (*^ TH 1 HOUSE SHE'LL BE BACK SOON AS SHESTIRSTH' STEW POT AW 1 1 DON'T AIM TO LOSE MV TURN SO I SAVS TO SRIRV-- AH'LL/MERELY PCrLIVIW'IN .UNlDeSIRABLE? NEK5H0ORHOOD LIMTIL We MOVES TO'HEWSHor HALL" IN HMSLAND- TOO LOWS. MEBBE Y~l WE KIN speec THINBS UP- HEf?E COMES A Y/HOUE HERD OF ELEPHANTS.' YOU'RE OUT OF YOUR. MIND;... THERE AREW'T ANY ELEPHANTS AROUMP HERE/ 145 EV6K NOTICE HOW AT A DISTANCE BUFFALO Mi t EV£K Eeti Y5UK HUS9ANP WITrlOLTT .ALL Ttfp BRAIP-ANP-MEPALS AND FULL-PK35 ; uytyuuyj «sp- 44f I'M CURIOUS, WHAT'S KEALLyLltfE AT IN CLOTHES? MO, BUT I HAVE ONE IN 8URNTORAI06E THAT WlLUMiKE A MICH s CONTRAST b=! OH. YES --THAT LOOKS GOOD- i ILL TAKE IT v TO WORK IW A POST OFFICE THESE DAYS, YOU WAVE TO BE A COLOR COORDINATOR Ifolfare /t orAbt/ ALBENDORF.PoW- BU1LT Y DANIELVoN OSTER8ER6IHI69Z, AS A REPLICA OF THE JEWISH TEMPLE IN JERUSALEM, is VISITED ANNUIULY 8V THOUSANDS OF PILGRIMS Norlhwert Arkantot TIMES, Wed., Sept. 75, 1974 ·· 27 FAYtTTtVILLt. RK«MIA1 _ THE PERMANENT WAVE CANARY of- Belgium HAS FEATHERS SO BEAUTIFULLY CURLED, IT SEEMS TO MV£ JUSTFMfRGEDfROM A sf/wrr PARLOR . LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Prostate Gland Confuses Many : IS MADE ON THE ISLAND QF MADEIRA, WITH A DANCE STAGED IN A DARK WINE CELLAR. IN WHICH UINEPRESSERS TRAMPLE THE GfiAPfS TC MUSIC. FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR THURS., SEPT. ZG ARIES (Mar. 21 lo Apr. 20) Good opportunities indicated but you, of course, must be alert lo them. Use trump cards strategically; aim to score as often as possibe. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Some unusual development in the making will affect you pleasantly. Especially favored now: romance, travel,- creative pur suits. GEMINI (May 22 lo June 21) Stellar influences slimulale your innale strength of purpose and willingness to plough through rough terrain and up steep "hills." Plan for belter .omorrows. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Present tendencies lowarc mpetuousness and excitemenl suggest that you handle a 11 situations with "kid gloves." Be especially cautious in a roman tic involvement. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) If suggestions offered do not seem feasible, rule them out Do not become too forceful in expressing views, but do slam by principles. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Do not draw hasty conclu sions where others are con cerned. Stress your innale tolerance. Thus you can avoir friction, fussing, grievances. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) T h e strong-minded mus make double sure they are righ before acting, else they ma; carry others down the \vronf road. The usually well-balancec Libran should keep this in mini now. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 lo Nov. 2) Consider all proposilions anc suggestions offered, but do no The prostate gland, its loca- ion, its function and its disorders seem lo confuse a great many of my readers. This is evidenced by tlie letters I receive, many indicating myths that have no basis in fact. The prostate gland, usually about the size of a walnut, lies next to the u r i n a r y bladder. It almost completely surrounds the urethra, the thin tube through which urine is emptied from the bladder. When the gland becomes enlarged, especially in the elderly, pressure is made on the urethra, interfering with the free flow of urine. This accounts for the symptoms of urgency and frequency of urination associated with a feeling that the bladder is not completely emptied after urination. Sometimes, a feeble stream and difficulty in startling to irinale is. associated with a arge prostate. The reason why the prostate jecomes enlarged has never jeen exactly determined. It is .hought that some change in th hormone balance may be re Eponsible. A myth about the prostate i t h a t it nroduces sperm, and therefore related to fertilitj 'his is not so. The prostate pro- uces a lubricating fluid tfigt arries the sperm which is pro- 'uced in the testicles. . ^ By a painless rectal examj- lalion, the size, shape:and «n- argement of the prostate glwiH an be readily determined. When necessary, a small piece jf the : gland can be removerl hrough a cystoscope for micrd- copic study. , ' \ Infections of the prostate can e treated with antibiotics anil y rectal- massage of the prostate. · · .'; When Ihe symptoms becornp marked .and when there » retention of large amounts o'f urine in the bladder, surgery s performed. -. · It should be emphasized that removal of the prostate d o e.S not affect sexual potency dr- abilily. This unfounded feSr. lends to delay people from seeking Ihe medical and surgical advice they need. , ·' The safety of modern anesthesia and highly .skilled surgeons make the operation oh the prostate one of the moSt rewarding operations. i Speaking of your health;. Problems of the larynx, qr voice box, are silently announced with hoarseness. .DonH neglect them. I e inveigled int oanylhing that's ot "your cup of lea." Fine nfluctices stimulate your arnbi ,ons. 'AGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec Do not jeopardize a dandy pportmiily lo stabilize your real interests now and do by- ass nonessentials. Have a try at an eye-catching new method. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 lo Jan. 0) Considering this day's fine .tellar influences, you should easily be able to produce topnotch results, increase assets, eanimate ambitions. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) U n d e r day's favorable aspects, you can win new aurels by capitalizing on your 'ine imagination and by pooling Ideas with itrase who share your enthusiasms. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Avoid restlessness, regrets over past errors, apprehension. These could all interfere with ,'our progress. Step firmly, but also lightly and tactfully. YOU BORN TODAY are a lighly imaginative individual, endowed with lofty ideals and creative talents galore. There is. a practical side to your riature, too, so you are able Lo carry out your most unique and imaginative ideas -- especially in such fields as music, literature and painting. With so much of the artistic prevailing your nature, it is unusual lhat you- should also posses fine business acumen, but you dp and should you, through one circumstance or another, find yourself vocationally in a commercial field, you would undoubtedly reach an executive level in a very short time. Other fields open to your talents: sculpture, designing, t h c theater and inferior decorating. Birthdatc of: Culh bcrt (Lord) Collingwood, Bril. Admiral: T. S. Eliot, p o e t , playwright; J u l i e London, singer, actress; Pope Paul VI. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Hasten* Individual Championship Play) East dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH A K 10 6 V 8 7 4 » A Q 3 + Q 6 5 2 WEST * J 7 4 9 K 6 5 3 ». J 10 9 7 4 + 8 EAST *Q 9 3 2 V J 10 9 2 *6 5 *A J 4 SOUTH * A 85 V A Q * K 82 * K 1 0 9 7 3 The bidding: East Pass South I N T West Pass North 3 NT Opening lead - jack of diamonds. Assume you're in Ihree no- trump and West leads a diamond. How should you play the hand? The actual declarer won the diamond with the king anc played a low club to Ihe queen East took the ace and returnee .the jack of hearts. South finess Jed the queen, losing lo the king and back came a heart, dis odging the ace. Declarer led a diamond to the queen, returned a club, Eas 'pllowing low, and was now fac ACROSS 1 French resort .-. · 5 Young animal ; 8 Italian.-.- resort'-..'··-..' 12 Pearl Buck heroine 13 Wing 14 Bradley 15 Spanish painter K Litchi, for one 17 Title IS An adept 20 Fishing weirs 22 Scottish explorer 23 Ltiau fare 24 Fish 27 Fastened again 32 Gershwin 33 Poet's word 34 Large bird 35 Sit astride 38 British statesman 39 .Fuss 40 Dancer's ·'·· cymbals 42 Machine parts 45 Banishes 49 Love god 50 Came in first 52 Sea kale 53 Portent 54 Those in office 55 Miss Chase SB Greek letters By Eugene Sheffer 57 Turn to the off side 58 News agency DOWN 1 Snout 2 Holly tree 3 Fish 4 Comes on stage 5 Went at rapid gait · 6 Eskimo knife 7 English resort 8 English city Avg. solution time: 2S mfn. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 9 Conceived 10 Woman of title 11 Crude metals 19 Egyptian- god 21 Slender finial 24 Encore 25 Skill 26 New York resort 28 Lamprey 29 Simulation 30 Uncle (dial.) 31 Press for payment 36 Decorates 37 Beetle 38 Educe 4f Sharp tool 42 Demolish 43 Leave out 44 To gulp 46 Girl of song 47 Wapitis 48 Red and Coral 51 Undivided ed with the excruciating choica between playing the king.or|tha en. Unfortunately, he guessed vrong' by going -up w i t h Ihe ing and went down one, losing wo clubs and three hearts, Tall old. ; It is hard to blame South Jor he 'misguess in clubs, as;he could just as easily have oeen ·ight by playing the king .'as he ten. He did not bave the idvatage of seeing the East- Vest cards. - - Nevertheless, the fact is that South misplayed the hand. ;He iad a 100 per cent shot a .the contract--and did not avail m'mself of it. He should .have won the opening diamond lead in dummy, played a. low. club, and finessed the nine. He would then have been on firm ground, whatever the distribulion. ^ If the worst happened and:the nine lost to the jack, the contract \VoiiJd still have been unassailable. Whatever West 're- lumed, South could force put the ace of clubs and so assyre nine tricks consisting of three clubs, three diamonds, a heart and t\vo spades. '· The contract was. certain f r o m t h e start--regardless of how the clubs or any o t h« r suit was divided. All South Had to do was recognize that ".ha could afford two club losers-provided he lost the first pne to West, who could d o - h i m ; n o h a r m - w i l h . any return. In ,fhe actual case the club finesse; at trick two would have ten tricks. ' - . ' · - . : PONYTA1L S3 25 22 20 S\ 29 40 S2 55 58 "I'm sorry I forgot your name, it's just that my head is full of so MANY boys' 'names!** : WANT ACTION? Phone 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS For best results, give full description avl start your Classified Ad for 7 days. You may cancel it when results are obtained. You'll only bs charged for the actual number oE days the ad ran.

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