Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 12, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1952
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

AlKANSAt TIMIS, FeyettoYlfc. ArkomM. ThurWay, June II, Swing To Buyers'Market May Be Boon For Door-lo-Door Salesman By WALTER BREEIJF, JR. , -, i ; ( , New York-UF)- Is"ihe door-to- dozcn ".I i:! m stains, ijther-. o T?ari+iac Hm ' n '" " i\LL'l'fJtsJ j r i n d is t BROWNSTOM! i ""'·'· '"* unconstitutional door salesman vanishing from the, American scene? ; . Is the modern descendent of (he : old Yankee ppddler .fading i n t o .oblivion? "No," iay« companies, which depend on these people for ·· By CECILY BROWNRTON'R distribution of their products. " I f . -- ^nythinK, their number is incrcas-I Sk| , |et ^^ ^ ^ Proponents of "direct selling,' 1 ! Ingredients: 3 tablespoons f a t 1 the direct distribution of merchan- ,. , h j ]v ,, , . dise from factory to home, profess' . ' 1o see a new opportunity for t h e ! c n n PPTM celery, 1 pound ground time-tested doorbell-pushing tech-1 b 00 '. 2 cups diced raw carrots, 1 · the current swing toward. No. 24 ran tomatoes, 1 cup waft buyers' market. teri 3 i caspoons , alt i h teaspoon Time was when a certain sc»-' tolution in i bowl or crock 4 to hot itemized Jan; sell at once, stanlly over low hrat until chnco- hours; drain. Place in larfte pr«- Makes about 8 pint*, l a t e me-ts, then heat with whisk serving kettle; rover with w a r m ' Note: About two 13 1 * pound fir rotary boater u n i i l smooth «no w a t e r ; rnnk on hish heat until melons will be needed to give the s l i g h t l y thickened- ,-irmtit s m i n - tendcr to Jork touch, about 25 fi»i pounds of cut rinct called (or. utes in a l l . Cool. Make* about 2 .1 I minutes. Drain. Stir together in a ' · "·»! I'm about :"a tablespoons of | larsc preserving kettle, remain- Chocolote M i l k | i h " v y r u p in each nf f m i r B-nunir a : i n g insredicnts. tying the allspice ulasscv; add a cii|i "f m i l k in each i n - i n a dampened rinuhle-thji-kj. Ingredients: Two 1-ounce bars and s t i r briskly. .Makes 4 servings, cheesecloth bag. Brins tn a hnil semi-sweet chocolate, 1 'A cup --'-- nn high heat. Add, drained conked' sugar, 1 - 3 cup water, dash of salt, F r u i t LoySr IcG CrCQm rind. Bring back tn a bni!; t u r n ! 4 cups milk. ' :o medium heat. Cook u n t i l j Method: Break t r a n s p a r e n t , about 5 min- *"""·* rom ""at. Pack in- pieces mlo small sugar, water, and bars in small I n g n M l i r n t i . : 1 uip fn-sb I ^ K P saucepan; add IMMTHJS, few diop^ i r d fond i-ol- salt. Stir con- 1 f i r i n g , 1 cup canned crushed pine- apple, 2 cups light creim, ont 4- ounce package vanillin freezing mix. i M e t h o d : Add fi,ot c n l o r l r j In raspebeiTH's; mix in pineapple a n d ; pour intn freezing pan. Place tr«y j in freezing r n m p a r t m e n t nf ref r i ^ e r a t n i - . \Vhip \\ ell-rhi'-cri l i ^ h i r r r a m u n t i l a ftei-p l;i\f.r ff ' lornis-- i i l f u t 2 m s n u t e s . Add freezing mix and whip one m u r e , M i i i i u t f tn d i F S n ! \ f _ Pnur over f r u i t nnt more t h a n l ~i hour a f t e r p u t t i n g f r u l i in to freeze. Kr?e?e u n l i l just f i r m . Sulphur City Thr Rev. R. A. ( I I I ! of'.lf H n r k is a eufBt in the home M Mr. »nrt Mrf. V.. \v. Prirf. Jr.. v h i t r h n l d i n c a rrvival at thp H;ipnM C h u r c h . Mr. ;ind Mr* I .Try f l r r r n have ninvprl frnm Trx:i* tn t h e H i r k r n on f a r m nn M t . S.ilrrn H^r 5!.'tcr. V r r A l l r n nf rnnipr.*, Texas, Is v l s l l i n c them. Mr. ,ind Mrs. H a l p h Denny a n d i - h l l d r r n , Linda and Shurl nf Fort Smith nt visiting Mr. D«nny'» p a r r n U and ilst»r, Mr. and Kn. C. E. Dsnnv »nd Miss Lor ens' Denny. He is lading the linging' ^t ih» flaptlr.t Church. ; Mr snd Mr.-. Grffj ind. ThilrtrTi nf Elkms vtilted Mr. *nd; Mr* V.' I, Harris Sunday, Other' sucif. -.'.ore Mrs. Nellie Botz and: ?nn. H"x. Mr. and Vrs. George Heed and: A n ' t i n H'ed attrnrted ihe funeral: nf Mr«. Ororit Gulley H Oakland' S-i'Mrday. The a n n u a l decoration wii h«ld at thn Recsf cemetery Sunday. ment of retail opinion believed the ,,.... j , ° hl " pmvdcr ' ' ·door-to-door salesman was on the ! restershire s.iuce, 8 ounces egg way out -- a victim of television. ! noodles (about 4 cups). Method: In 'a largo heavy skillet, melt f a t . Add onions and celery; saute fj minutes. Add ground beef, mashing with a fork to sop-' According to this theory, televised demonstrations of consumer products and televised sales talks "which could be viewed by the housewife in her home would! a r a t e and brnwn. Add remaining make the door-to-dnor vendor un- j ingredients, including the uncook- necessary. Today, however, TV i s i c r i noodles; mix thoroughly. Cov"being used to promote direct sell- i or skillet: let simmer over low fng. I heat 40 minutes, stirring occasion- Direct selling is bte business.. all . v . " n t i l noodles are tender. The toUl volume is estimated by I Makp s 4 to 6 servings, the National Association of Di-J ' rect Selling .Companies at more! C u r r i e d Chicken And PeOS than 10 billion dollars a year. Ac-! ·cording to the National Belter| Inaredicnls: 3 tablespoons but- Business Bureau, Inc., with w h i c h ! l c r or margarine, 3 tablespoons local better business bureaus flollr - 2 teaspoons curry powder, gerosi the country are affiliated, '* teaspoon sugar, 2 cups chicken- ·more than 6,000 American comb r n t n - 2 tablespoons tomato paste,; panies'«re engaged in direct sell-, s a l t t c l tas| O, 2 rups diced chick-| ing with · total sales force of 114 TM (well-packed and cut medium-: million men and women. . f "e), 2/3 to 1 cup cooked drair-- 1 ' Many Companlet Retain Salesmen The Electrolux Company, easily the nation's biggest manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, employs 10,000 door-to-door salesmen. Avon . . Products, Inc., -cosmetics m a n u - 1 r h i r k r n b r n t h K r a d u a l l y , s l i r n n g j "facturers. had'sales last year of untl ! !mflr " h a f t p r "^ "' A *" m .'\ more than $35.800.000. Its- pro . stir m tomato paste and salt. Cook ducts are distributed to American and stir constantly over moder-, homes bv 16,000 independent sales ! alcl - v lnw ncat """' thickened and ; representatives, many of them 1 h u b b l - v - rook « cntl - v - 'tirnng of-. housewives. "We haven't deviated'" 1 "" u n t l 1 MIK ' C thlc kens a l i t t l e from this system in 6fi vcarf." more--5 lo 10 minuter-. Add · says George K. Graves, Jr., A v o i r TM a . nd l' eas a n n rchcat Makes 4 vice president. . : F e r \ i n g F . . Then there's the ubiquitous i " " Fuller Brush man, backbone of'Tomot-O-CuCumber ' the huge sales organization of. Q o u i l l o n Fuller Brush Company of H a r t - ; ford, Conn. A host of other house-. 1 Ingredients: One inv^-ounce can to-house vendors peddle every- ' condensed tomato snup, one 10^- ' thing from lingerie to tailored i ounce condensed bouillon, water ( luits, razor blades to washing 1 1 medium-sized thin cucumber. peas. Method: Melt butler in heavy saucepan over low heat; add flour curry powder, and susar; slir until I blended. Remove from heat. Add' machines, kltchenware to sterling silver, seeds to fire extinguishers. Melhod: Empty soup into saucepan; using soup cans as measure Some Give Parties ark! 2 cans water. Pare cucumber; Want to pive a p a r t y ? Some i shred on a medium-size grater so companies will send a man t o j t h a t cucumber is in lonjr shreds; S'our home with all the fixings for . discard any large seeds on top of a full-course dinner, including grater. Add shredded cucumber flowers. It doesn't cost you a n i c k - i (there will bo about 1/3 cup) and el. All you have to do is invite your friends and let the salesman ·how them the company's floor any cucumber j u i c e lo rauccnan Hent slowly, stirring occasionally. . . Makes 6 servings. wax or furniture polish, pots a n d : ----pans or plastic .aprons. The sales- ! 5pj cec | Watermelon R i n d i .man cooks and esrves the meal-- ind washes the dishes. Ingredients: 6% pounds (25 A constant headache to Ihe di-!clipsl cut pieces watermelon rind, reel selling people is the b a d : 2 tablespoons salt. I teaspoon al. name given their profession hy the ; um. I quart cold w?ler, fi cups beet occasional d-i?honest salesman,'or cane sugar, 4 cups w h i t e vinc- ·nd the consequent enactment o f . gar, 1 cup small red-hot cinnamon , local laws and ordinances which| candies, 2 tablespoons whole a l l - : restrict direct sellina. Some 20 : .-pice, 1 tablespoon grated lemon 1 years ago the town of Green R i v e r , . rind, ^ teaspoon red food colnr-^. \Vyo., adopted an ordinance m a k - . i n g . tng It. a misdemeanor for a person '· Method: Peel green rind from to visit a private home for t h e , melon, romovinir a i l PI purpose of selling merchandise] Cut w h M e rind into pieces of any : without having been invited. Sim-; preferred size or shape. Soak cut ilsr ordinances have since been pieces of rind in s a l t - a l u m - w a t e r (with your FAB Coupon) P A L M O L I V E 3x 18* 2 H (with your PAIMOLIVE coupon) BRING YOUR COUPONS TO C O N S U M E R ' S SUPERJQA South Side Square MARKETS 300 W. DicktM AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR SHOPPING COMFORT CONSUM STORE No. 1 S. Side Square Phone 94 S U P E R 16A MARKETS PRICES ALSO GOOD AT PUBLIC'S IGA MARKET, SPRINGDALE STORE No. 2 300 W. Dixon Phon* 240 SPECIAL NOTICE: OUR 300 WEST DICKSON STORE WILL BE OPEN EVERY NIGHT UNTIL 9 O O P. G. Laundry Admiration or Chase Sanborn Bars Pound Can SOAP Coffee CRISCO 3 r 79' "LOWEST PRICE IN YEARS" QUAKER LASTEX GARDEN HOSE Guaranteed for 5 Years M FOOT ONLY * TUNA TENDERONI SUGAR Van Camps Fancy Grated Van Camps Powdered or Brown Can 25' IDC PORK BEANS Campfire Tomato Sauce 3 Tall Cam 25c PAPER NAPKINS:::: . . iOc PRUNE JUICE .r, WM 25c WITH THIS COUPON JOHNSON'S PRIDE No Rubbing Furniture Polish BOTTLE 69 WITH THIS COUPON JOGFOOOn'r 3c»!29 ( P/lff AD Fresh Sunny Morn Q Ib. llUTTuU 1-lb. Bag 69(2 U Bc^ ALUMINUM FOIL \-' "FREE --25c COUPON" IN EVERY CAN SNO-DRIFT SHORTENING 3 £ 75c PINEAPPLE Spaghetti MACKEREL Bestex Crushed Franco American in Rich Sauce Van Camps 8-oz. Can Tall Tall Can 15' SUGAR HOMINY SURE-JELL PURE CANE FACTORY BAG IGA FANCY SNO-WHITE OR PEN JELL . 10 Ibs. 89c 3 Can. 25C fks IOc Grarh't TOMATO PUREE, can 8c Blue Bonnet OLEO Ib. 25c Sunshine Hi-Ho CRACKERS . Ib. box34c Gcrber't BABY FOOD Borden's BISCUITS . cans 25c can IOc FOR A QUICK DESSERT SERVE CAKE-ICE CREAM Large 14-oc. CAKE and Vi Gal. Frozen Delight Ice CREAM BOTH FOR ONLY $100 1 Madison SALAD DRESSING, qt.39c Park Lane Sandwich Spread, pint 19c Herihty's COCOA . pound con 49c CABBAGE ib LETTUCE 2^25 GRAPEFRUIT each Each CANTAL'PES 25 Gold Nugget FLOUR 25 % $1.59 Cut Green BEANS No. i Con Poke Salad GREENS Paper Shall PECANS 30c Ib. Jergen't Lotion S O A P 5c bar Grove Brand TOMATOES Clabber Girl Baking Powder 2 cl 29 Chef Lunch ~ MEAT 12-of. Can Hcrthey't COCOA Gold Nu||«t FLOUR 10 tt 79 MEATS Cudahy's Puritan Picnic HAMS »43' Ground BEEF *· 59' Pork LIVER »35* F R Y E R S F R A N K S .

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