Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 11, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1952
Page 5
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Column »T HAL BOYI.E N(w York-(JP)-ChiIdreir'are EU- perior to frownups because they havt a greater sense of wonder. ,, Adults are always fretting about such dull topics as whether there will be another world war sonn and who will be the next president. Such prosaic cares never ds- turb the curley hair nf my gnrt- child, Nina. She is still a month Iv/ay from her fifth birthday, anrl ; her world is such an e x c i t i n g o n e ' I wish I could share it completely | with her. ' Rut I ran't. No grownup can know the e n c h a n t m e n t of a child's . mind, because he loses the fresh ' joy of discovery. A child would like to know j everything about everything; he flooded all at oncf w i t h al 1 the knowledge of the universe. Grown: hand slept a w a \ ups nave no such desire. T i m e . and boredom ton oflen build, a i wall around their minds. They lose ', the will to learn. This puzzles! children. They can't understand ! why grownups aren't as eager for ! information as they are.. ; Nina looks like an exclnmalion ' point and she is a living question i mark. Queries pour out of h e r ' from dawn to dusk, searching queries of a little girl trying to decipher the made, of life. What does a young lady "goins on five" want to know? Well, her \ mother scotch-taped a piece nf · paper on the kitchen w a l l a n d : scribbled down the questions Nina , «sked, i from this annoyance and Us severity increases in proportion to the . gravity of the problem involved. · A broken marriage is a situation of particular interest tn scandalmongers and there's nothing you ! can do abnut them but ignore their j their gossip. Link Between Reds And Huks Is Discovered Coded Messages Are Intercepted In Philippines San Frincisco-W) - Philippine and American authorities have I uncovered a secret communicn- lion link between Communists in the United States and Communist Huks f i e h t i n ? in the Philippines, Philippines National Defense Secretary Ramon Mapsaysay said today. j Coded messages smuggled into . | h ., · the Philippines through ?ir lines Tk i ,v i ,. - serving Manila and San Krancisco lh c t r u t h turned out to he t h a t were intercepted, he said. The m a i l m a n Peter Miller 5 / , harl set m r,ssa S es supplied evidence of a himself up a second home -corn- I rlose ,,,,,, nttwepn , n o Bcdi hc pleto with second wife - and ^sorted. Other intercepts have kept up the two on the eq.iival- i ,,,,.,, found aboard airp | anes , rom MOWMWBT AMCANIAS TIMtt. fayMMvflb, AriumM. WM.mM.ay, Ju-ra It, 1951 Cites Reason For Staying Out Nights Glasgow. Scntlanri-MVA inK Glaseow w i f e said her hus- land slept a w a y from home for 11 years "but i never suspected the and Mrs. Dean Newlln and Mr. · nd Mrs. Donald McMaufhtnn went on i fishing trip on Kings River Saturday and Sunday. Jim Williams and O. 1.. Tanner are life guards at Devil's Den State Park this summer. | FFA Sweetheart Namrd ' M«sr.o!ia, Ark.-i/Pi-Franes Mc. Klwee,. 17, Augusta High School . graduate, was named "FFA Sweet| heart" Monday nieht by delegates j to the a n n u a l Arkansas Future , Farmers of America convention here. Volcano In Italy Erupts I Stromboli, llaly-i/Pi - Strombnll I Volcano erupted again late last I nifht, sending new streams nf molten lava down its barren Hides, An outstanding flavor--Junge's Roman Meal Bread. ll-19-tf . , , . . . . . . ,, . . : 'Ions Kong and Europe to Manila.; At first he used to tell ha lesal i Means of breaking the-'ccSn- w i f e hc was slaying with friends - for t h e week end, then it was every night of the week. "But every morning about 10 o'clock, he would arrive home and make breakfast," his legal wife Sai l ^ h °« M !1'T WSS Char8ert Revamped 'the Philippine: with t h e f t and bigamy in Glas- | j n l, ' (tow Sheriff's Court. "He was a very good man in Here are a few from a two-day l h e no " sc - when r usod ln com - tntal; · "Why is it black when the fire goes out?" "How do you gel hungry?" "Why does everybody in the whole world have tu go to church and Sunday school?" "Do you love us (Nina and her sister) even when we are bad? munications line with the cooperation of air line officials are under close study. Magsaysay for two years has led a winning battle acninst the j will-o'-wisp Huk guerrillas. He nped the Philippines Army small, fast and hard-hitting combat teams. They have kept the Huks off balance and disrupted ] Red communications. plain about him not cumins home at night, he threatened to leave altogether, so I just said nothing ' a all about it," the legal Mrs. Miller said. Miller gave his legal wlie $8.40. · son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and his other wife $11.20 -- and kept j Mrs. Donald McMaughton and SUPER! Her Cooking Gave Him Heartburn! West fork Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Newlin's Ihe odd cents for himself. He might never have been ; children of Ray, Colo., have been guests of the Newlins for the past "Do snakes come in houses?" | caught if hc; had not started rob- j week. They also visited in the "Are there any lions and tigers : oing the mails, to "give these lad- j home of Mr. and Mrs. Dean New- In the whole world?'' "Why do people need ligi I '.'" "If we ate something at someone else's house and you didn't want us t*j, how would you know?" '·Why don't mommies have fo go to school?'' t "What color are crows' eye??" "Hc'A- dc people make people? How do people get in the whole world?' 1 "Why Is there a moon in the morning?" , "How does your nose get dirty?" j "Why do we have two ears and not just one?" "How do you get measles?" "How do you forget?" some l i t t l n extra benefits," his i 'in and Mr. and Mrs. .lames New- counsel said. i lin. They left Monday. Miller gave his legal wile $8.41), j Mr. and Mrs. Joe Felber of bigamy and stealing $112 out of ' Golden, Colo., have been guests mail packets. of Mrs. Rebecca Williams. -- · -- Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Muhoney Registration Derrreri were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Val Manila-ifl'i-AII male U. S. c i t i - 1 Wright of Westville, Okla., Mon- zens between 18 and 26 living in I flay. the P h i l i p p i n e s were told yesler- Mrs. R u t h Felber of Kayette- day by the American Embassy ' ville visited in the home of Mrs. they must register next month un- j Rebecca W i l l i a m s Sunday. der t h e Selective Service Act Mr. and Mrs. .lames Newlln, Mr. M TMM tattt Me tM-Seir Men** Sh* WH the b«t conk la ton-ft. That w« the trouble--he *·· tempted to o«er-eat. And ended up with hiirnioi, K*isy stomach. But Tumi iclrcd HM problem. For Tumi quickly neutnlire enceij cid--ilitiost before it sum. CoDtnin no baking »od» or other m-tter ·olublf «l|[liei to over-illulire. No acid rebound with Turns. Fit I or 2 Tumi after meals or whenevfr dillretl occuri. Kef| Tumi handy--rat like candy. Get a roll today! niMIPMIHttUMMV The mother gave me the slip of paper and suggested t h a t , if 1 -wanted to carry out my duty as a godfather, I might start in supplying Nina with the answers. But after studying the questions. J put the paper in my pocket and decided to drop the project. What that child needs is five or six cn- cylopedias. We went for a walk and Nina said: "Hal, who turns off the flre- fl'.es after I go to bed?" Before T could stutter out an explanation she wanted to know if clouds ever fell on people and hurt them. '·No. they . . . " I began. "But they must fall down sometimes." she said positively. We strolled on in silence. 1 had an uneasy feeling t h a t Nina thought her godfather was pretty dumb, considering his si/e. A n y body ought to know a cloud hns to fall down sometimes. It just can't stay up there in the sky all the time, can it? DOROTHY DIX -- j CONTINUED FROM PAGF, FCMJ* [ a position to be much more helpful by personal mail than I can be through a column reply. '·· · Whether or hot the failure of j your marriage was due to a too- ! close relationship between you ; and your mother is not a con- : sideration in the present problem, i However, since you had the advice of competent counselors, I assume . that, the step taken was the only recourse under existing circumstances. I'm sure you are sufficiently swerc nf the ways of the world to ·know that you will always have to contend with busybodies xvho will put their own interpretations...: "n your actions. No one is fre'r OPEN SATURDAY UNTIL 8 P.M. 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