Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 10, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 10, 1952
Page 11
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Obituary flu) R*v. Sam M. Yancey Funeral services for the Rev. Samuel M. Yanc-cy, 74, who died Saturday, were conducted at i n a. m. yesterday at the Central Methodist Churcfi by the Rev. D. L. Dykes, Jr., assisted by the Hev. William Sherman and thr Rev. William Cooley. Burial was in the 1 Fairview cemetery under the direction of Nelson's Funeral Home. Pallbearers were Virgil Bios- BOYS' ind GttLS'. WANT ADS Tht w«nl idi b«low in ppblllhed fret of chlrgi by Ih» TIMES in an effort Jo help imbitioui boyi «nd girli lag« 7 Jo 1(1 mak profitable us. of ihtir lummerlimt vacation. You can perform i real public lerrice by taking adrantigi of Ihwe elfen. SERVICES OFFERED HIGH school boj- would like a Job ' ' I SERVICE! OFFERED HOtTHW»T ABUMIAI TIMM, Fr»"*vffl«. ArtmmM TiMMlgy, JUM 10, IMI FilA HOME LOANS [SIX plitn llvlni room group, re- Low interest, long t«rms I 1 ." 1 " hl1r Cu " «'»'k!n,. in Su u :h UTLKY AND COMPANY I N c ! - " " -- -. I'hi.n. t»m '· K ATIIEII-S UAV icociai-ior nl, n. -- r-r»-nr -t-W- -£ ,£?"-?-,, u u i u ^ i f "' 1 ' '"' ''''"" t'hrmm- S f i t f l - uphfiljurr- . FOK gALE--AIJTOMOTI_yii TRUCK BARGAINS" ·4« DOfJGK. ·I'. J-ord. 2 i p . ^i ton express. . -m SGitW) {.'hr n i r h . iTduiTit I t e Slump l-'ttrhliur reduce:! fr f inunRr rhnlr som, Roy Scott, PJ. M. Murphy, _^^^ir-_-r - ~..^ -TM. Ralph Lewis, Thad Rowdcn, Has- I A JOB runnini; errandi or Ml Utley, Paul Younc Jr nnn i '"·'*'· Canlton snoiilt, ace S= m Whoplp,. " I «»»« South Street. old work mowing | Mrs. Mary E. Phillips Funeral services for Mrs. Mary ?·' J 1 "! 11 ?^' 'TO F , a . yclteviIIe . who , died at the Washington County Hospital yesterday morning after a long Illness, will be held tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock in the . chapel of Nelson's. Funeral Home by the Rev. Donald Walker. Burial will be in the Fairview cemetery. almost I] yrar _ _ nclp.'ng with cure of childr*., w , helping with house cleaning dual- ing, etc. Karen .Morris. Route C Phone I07W1. WILL care for children in my home ? r "ISTM 1 .. 0 " 11 .*'TM "'"""cca. Wandp ! SOW'and 8 pic.v «ood. h e a l t h v nr j-°JJ Moody, 15. 535 South Hill, phone · ·· ' . . - . · ' " · year old school girl. Phone Arvtl C. Stone , Springdale - (Speciall - Arvel C Day i By i; _I880VV A JOB sackinc groceries ... _ Richard Rogers, nge 12. 814 South College, $75.00. 6 miles southwest Woolsey j David Johnson. Winslow, Rome 1. summer vacation. , ^-^ I WOULD like a job baby sitting or maid work. Have had plenty ex- _5£ncnre._phone_1.16»W. _ 1 WOULD like to mow l.wn« or~any kind of work 1 could do. I can drive a tractor. Jay Allred. age 15. Route ._ contact expert hypnotist. . Write Box 108. Huntsvllle./Arkansas. I _Lonia Andrm. store. I NEW Zealand r a b b i t s ! b r e d doeT, " ·· mothers and babies, dori ready to breed, good bucks. T. R. Aniirus. Huntsville, Arkansas PAIR binoculars. al«o casting rod and reel with lures. Goo;! condition at reasonable pricp. Windell Johnson, Winslow. Box 114. YEAR old 6Fy wlms job in Fay 1 : eltrville at drug store, service sta- . after a lengthy illness. He w a s , AMBITIOUS. infeilireniT^iiiing. money born August 3, 1889, in Springdale I "" object. Need employmentJCharles and was a member ot the Church ' --!£*'"· r ~~ "" "' - -- · · ] JUNIOR ] | _sit. r^ho 15 YiiAR of Christ. lie is survived bv" his w i f e Mrs Pearl Irwin Stone; one son, Vcr'non Stone, and one daughter. Mrs. Hazel Bohe, both of Portland, Ore.; four brothers, Arthur Stone and Elbert Stone, both of Montebello, Cnlif., Dallas Stone of Rivera, Calif., and Toy Stone of Escodido, Calif.; and two sisters, Mrs. Sadie 13. Phone G09. glrl~wUI baby I333W. . , . Fredenburg. of Norwalk, Calif., and Mrs. Ella Ferguson of Springdale. Funeral services will be con- .- .--,... old boy wants work, any kind. Some experience in cafe, dishwashing and some doing janitor "rmvi Morris. Route 6. phone JOB caddying by experienced caddy. Prefer transportation to and from the coif course. Phone 150W. Other _J?!»_?°Pj'irtcrerL_Richartl_Madden. 1 M° w . i'vcla' lawns for 50c an "hour. ONE girl's bicycle in good condition and one boy s bicycle, broken, needs repairs. Sell both for SI5. Xeita Ann Kmcald. 830 Park Street. CHINCHILLA rabbits. A l l . small gar"- dcn tractor w i t h plow nnd cultivator Mllo Myers, phone 2 ·crdrlvi- , -fri. 37j;ilJ'). '.!') l)-Hlue sr.jftun. rhi-vo:ei !"· "'mi'T "?j 9 ' "'' "''"'" i iri ' kr ' ^ c 'TM" "rliSKiwib" -USED CARS I 1949 W i l l y s Pickup. 4-wheel drive. Good condition. 1947 F o r d V-8 Club Coupe. Radio, healer, seat covers. N«w motor. Very clean. 1SU7 Ford V-8 .Tudor. Radio and heater. White wall tires. Extra .nice. 1947 Chevrolet Fletlline 2-door. Radio and heater. Bargain. Coinu.ini t s . u i _ _ OSKNUKfiitiKS. hnni-'youV coii'tiliu-r .TIKI pick j u u r own or we pick fr»r yen Orson Phone 3I99W1. Hlch- ri'f rl};f raior. Src* a I Vi h l l r l c v PTTV- __lci. Si»ijon._ JMountnin and 'St-hnnl (iOOI) npiirlniL-tu "riniicrotor "price S4.; IKK 1'hune KMVf. II (J U S £. Ira'iJci, " ll'i". Sit\i\ii \\V»l O U l S l U r . i i » v u " H p f p "with hnil*"faf?*' Muyil't, Snoc Stores, 31S Wc»i Dick- srm. Fii^cijyvillo- Winjilnw _ drrn's rnitnn. h r / c n / s l i k . I'.LOVD'S .'·is West i drmh». Vonrh-iJ" 32 dojirt'cY UPRIGHT piano, Rentlt riding horw a n d saddle. Bicycle. ^fargarct __Mycrs._S37_Lt;yei-elt. phpnc__.il81J. 1931 MODEL "A"" Ford. New"*motoi i ' -- V" ·nd (ires. Contact Duane J£cndrlck.-j 1940 H u d s o n 4-door 52S-J5!f s L£ ork - " " 1946 W i l l y s Station Wagon. Radio and heater. Overdrive. Clean. GOOD FISHING CARS 1941 Hudson 2-door. 1939 Plymouth 2-door. 1 1010 c j o j hilTTi i V J t l '" ord 2-door. _ - _ DOLL layetlos" to " nialch your r h i l T i i . clothes, rag dolls of all sizes, prircii I 1940 Chevrolet Pir moderate, job uell done. Phone 1 r i c ADDING MACHINES New and Reconditioned. Portable Typewriters. Rentals Dependable sorvico Cash or Terms if desired 34 years in the business 0: B. WILLIAMSON CO. INC. 123 Weft Mountain St. K,lycitc!vi!lc. Ark. Phone 2-I7H Larry Mnlonp. Mgr. -NOBli.itY "silver?" Call FLIZAnFTII JANES K V E N I N G S ALL lypei rabbits, reasonable. Lawnmower and hoy'! S19R alter 7 p. m. bicycle. Phone OZARK MOTOR CO. 1 , crackle, pop and banE. 5c each. Six weeks old kittens. DOR hous- fc jl.OO. ^256J..?24 West Maple. IKISH-Mail. sleer w i t h fell, "push-pull ! S. t= ', tl ', ' with hands, children 5 tn V SB 00 ' M o u n 'aln. Warning. I will be «»», Jlt ,,c uvn to the ^Is^Phone 2898. BOY in 4th year high school wants work any kind. Lee Ward, Building "· ' ducred"ThUnda'v"at t'nr^^t!^ _ 8 --Apar.'."}£nL_^Terry Village. COCKER-Spanicfpu P rtafSc~wl,lte r=?l^nn £\^? f i P r-T" i u ' HK3H !chot " SiFlTviirba" duMnlr '« n ' «° od P»1lBrce, 58 champions on Calhson-Sisco Funeral Chaprl by | daytime in my hom^ °r u'iii ""n!! "» generations. Phone 224:m. the Rev. James L. Nedl. Burial to your home. Phone 28«;j. THREE Cocker spaniel puppies' Will be in Zion rpmcterv. HIGH school lirl wants"blhv .IHi.,.1 black, one spnlle · 1335 FORD. fnna-iirt3 nhci"l,mTv~i7lo I to t2k t . fishing. $125.00. 415', We RAINBOW TROUT lol.l dally Phont Sorlngrlnle 3201. Oiark Trout Farm Tohnsnn. Sprint ^ f cllr R SALK--RKAL KSTATB 'G."l. EQUITY , | I 7 5 Q DOWN on t h i n c v - r n n i c » 1 f i v e room t m n i f . H i ' J f i i f - l #-. ·or vice pctTih. I j i r u " i i t . r ^ f ; * . i m i t n n i H i i c h*st n r r r lo tlii* v f - - h : lii i FIVE ACRES I J* : ST n ' f p.-^.-m.-n! 11.11 r ' - o l ' i room hmur cod *rmi- « u t h u M - j i r i t | A l n n d y p!.i.r [, m.ik- j i - i r i or -. , , u t i v l n i r or 10 r e t i r e tn .tin* O M ^ I F ' the niy limit* v f l iviih cood f i - M i n ; alm-» nt vimr back door. A nti«.u THREElEDROOMS I N l o v M v r i i l r ' . - ! M a - l r M m n . l n « l r I u r g e n n k irec-. ishmk- th»- n e w / n*-' THERITTER AGENCY t f i _ E j C c n i e r P h n n e mo i '?i\V r/i ""SUBURBAN a i O I C K 5 n r r t - s ., n p , v r m e n f ne . F f i v c t l r v l l l r w u h n r j i c t i r . T i i v n -" * - f i : i m m o d e r n l i o i n - r i j r . i ! tv»rn f t u t t hoimc / m e j j a n f r i i :", a r r r A i[r, lir Sf... j BY owner, 15 acre*, 4 room modern, I _ i m p r m - e . m e n t j CloseJn. fHont |IXR»- .' GOOD INCOME PROPERTY · LOCATKff n»ar University. I roomi. thrcn b.ilhi. baiemen. apartment, f ' i r n A " _ heat, double farigv, larfs f lot Yr,u may hava an Incom* of $i.v 0*1 per month. In addition tT/ l i v i n g r].i..rt*ri. conitsting of tart*.! l i v i n g mom. dlr.inf room, kltehen.^; t-vii ).ir;jp in'drr,ffm». nnd bath, fir**' f.ifcr T:n« t i u i l d i n * u in th« bciV^ : f erjnriirir-.n !hrn»i(n»ut Priced $18- "0'iOT Tt.n.MS hy owner ; G. R. Crandeil Real Estate i l l Nonfi C«t Street Phone 25*ft--1223 FINE' LARGE"HOM~E WELL Jr.rated bitwatn new ichoolf l-irf'j if.'ir'.ctt or twrj good building i):r» The roil dene* may be «nn- v f r d i n t o t w o comfortable unlui fit vry u n t i l rnii. Bargain and «x- r e l l f - n l tcrrrn. fr.r · quick dfll. FURNISHED HOUSE SKi: u n' 2lj s Oj!*fe A «ood horn*. F;.n.Unro u rlenn and much better U; m avef.ig«**p line lot ffii'xItS ! ATTRACTIVE 'NEW ' HOME , ^ T H R E E lively hedraom*. carport, 4n1^£ oil ilhr r i ^nvt-nionc-e* expected tnT H 510.') J ; 00 horn* Hardwood Aoor-o Inj; overhead insulation, bullt-lni. on-1 clo»ets A grifnt nvy for onty!Tr . J-.l.'.Oon down payment, and no loan* UTLEY COMPANY INC ; DUPUX . _ . . _ - . . * - u " ' « » l ' "It. UOTH , ml t, fumiihed »nd «mln« (Jft tiion'.hl-. Owner payi u^ll- Only'KJOO if told thU month. RKAI.TORR I I I. 1,' ic.n? William Edward lewis Springdale -(Special)- William Edward Lewis, 75, of Springdale, died Sunday in a Prairie Grove hospital'. A native of Arlington, Kan., he moved t o - M i s s o u r i with his parents while a small child and lived at Seligman for 35 $10.00 ·chool girl winis baby sittint I R' a r k - ftn , c 1« girl job for summer. Phone ! _^!?. ( L n l_ 77 ! J - _ ·-·_ , | BOY'S bicycle. Monach-Kockrt~ 2f,'·,, almost now, $2*00. Scr at 5W Gun- ', slore. Will work part lime Phone _J L * r -_' pr ?S. IC ' v A.?j t cw. Jr. 1Q 58M. i CHECKERED E iaiit" female. FACTORY'TROCK'BED" 12 feet long. #-ir f\n Good repair. ^/J.VU CLIFTON LUMBER CO. IDEAL MATTRESS CO. Quality new mattress and mattress renovating. Phone 3036 401 WEST DICKSON QUICK SERVICE ON witches, clock], upccUclc » n d Jewelry ropairlni;. EARL'S WATCH SHOP With Rrewvrn Ck-ant-n. ift K. CcnlBT i AlTKN'TtON*. Mn K A n M F R ' IK y o u h u \ i - ;· f a n , M n i ' y o u l l K A U . V ' want sold, iti the m-y. ~M tn t^t ' 'Inyi. nlraci« c .nt.n , t; [{ f r u n d p l i ' I w i l l n n v f t t h r h u y r r * Y*"i w i l i n p - = G. KcfandeirRwi'Estate; J yo;l Hammond Realty Co. Eve Phc J ... D IfAinmnnd 1371 Jarvii 1.190W ill_. N !, I tl L *'""* I'li^nc NKW .1«zi:'wHy ami"·(- tnchrd K'ir.iKf Picnu- u[ --lui'lr n · lot KKivL'On W i l l UN' \;\\ i . r ' c,\ ' JMXlon will h u n d l r . rtOJ fJovr-rnmcm Avenur : i Phone 27. SPECIAL AL1, mptal Inwn rhnir«. $4 IS while Ihpy iasl. Open r v r n i n « j u n t i l 9'UO Hilton Brus. Drive-In F u r n i t u r e WILL do lawn mowing chores. Phone 544R3. Wast Fork, Ark. A WANTEIJ TO BUY BOY 14 year* old, wants smai] odd i * ha^c'iriVcTjMnr'Vr.'nr'i'^'si 00. Howull ! MOTOHCYCl.F. \lD~ti. 7-1. pcricrt r u n - JJ'rumbo. phono 13.14. I nine r o n d i f i o n Phont- 37.".!. and a good 3 year"oM coon jobs or caridying.' Pick up at South | ' d °8- Phonc_813ftl3.^ 7^ and Country Club Road. Richie ! YOUNG reglilorod Hampshire Wcaland. BOY almost 13 yean old wants work ....... _. u . .,,. ,,,, Dur almost 13 yean old wants work years. Later he operated a store I any kind. Robert Morris, Route 6 at Hickory Creek for 15 ypars | _ ''"one io?wi. ' Surviving arc three sons, Keith i l WJLr ^ c ' r « f or -children anytime nt T.nivi» nf Snrl«Brt.l B r,,,:1 T..,,,!. i "'/ horn* or «l.cwhcre. Call I117B Lewis of Sprtngdale. Cecil Lewis of Lowell, and Fred Lewis of Fay" ctteville, N. C.; two daughters, Mrs. Cecil Sigmon of Springdalc, and Mrs. Raymond Ford of Lowell; one sister, Mrs. John Coins of Seligman, and eight grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 p. in/tomorrow at the Union Church at Seligman. Burial will be in the Seligman cemetery . under the direction of Callison- Sisco Funeral Home. ready for service, also Rood bfrycl.. j Harry Jackson, Jr., Route 1, Phono' Births Mnrlin WaWon. His Unknown Heirs Excculori. Administratorc and/or as- Bi^is. Martin Watson Defendant The Delendunt Martin Watson His Unknown Heirs, Executors. Administrators and /or assigns is warned to Mr. ind Mr«. Don HatHeld nppcar m this Court within t h i r t y Mr. and Mrs. Don Hat field of %%,,$* · lnnn 'ihc r . t bo« C0 ^!?,cd l',£ Spnngdale announce the birth of Witn«s m j hand and seal ot tnis - - -- · - - or come to nu- home. IF you ^-ant your "la 1 rectly call Bill nflor 3:30 or service. $4.00. Phone J2H-W. -*,.« BOYS Western Flyer" bIcycIc.'~S5W.! Phone 666. nj hours. | Phone Ij 17R : -^w^^^.^, Lev.-reU. ' MY collection of coins, currcincrVnTl I POULTRY -- - wed ror- . stamps. Odd forrign also American '· ~i Kirid. phon» 19IPJ Old and new. Somp ·tamped en- *°3 jefort 8. P r o m p t I vejppc^._ Jerry JcHcrson. Rontr 4. PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service MOTOR CO 208 North Block . . (IIP mnutilnD* nutl rn'nrs to gp|J Lloyd _ Hill. J,nwpll,_ phonr .15?! USKI) H t t l r fnn."7lB" "or "inrgcr bla'cle _P.h()nc (.'J7 rvpiiinga. __ " ilcneon. Z9M. WANT TO RENT 2 on n hcdroonrTio"ufie! cTfl Mr" _ F n n r i « . M o u n t a i n Inn Hotel 5 OH 11 rooni hoimc In or~ nenr" f ay~' 2G42M a f t e r 0 p. m. COMPLETE c«r» for your children any WANTED TO BUY W-.£[" c "' 1 .'?. wl ?-. R °»« » Tay- F"-- so I can give i( to my . Address. A-l. r rTiini;s. LIOAL NOTICES HAHNINa OR01K In Tlw CHHIMry C.urt Of ... *"·""«'·" Cnnty, Arkmui Walt H. Beach Plntntlll NOTICE FOB KENT-- 2M~~d;i7vcrv i ·t^~TTi55 !uN ' FUIifim " ?b rro TM * n « I"'". SK, Superior q u a l i t y l/rnad-l'roa V'rct ! _" '?!_M'""Pi'i_PljOIK_3I«-W-J. hrnn7(. poulls, Sfi^i 00 p t r 10(1 Satia- ! IT'S cooler , a n a r ' m p n t B nrr hlrp faction fiuarantiicil. Ordrr now. liny l Sfencr.v (H wondprful. You 11 llltc old KOEluiKs. h.ihy i:n:ru-;i-; W i l l pay i R0cltw«od Apartniuiits. Phone 295J «5c per dozen plm p-'ac- lor FUn'NISHED"3 room"npnrlm7n! ~A"Sult3 Kiiincai MBS Ancell Lnwson llnlch- 113. West I.afnyette. IMmne M5W -r. .ir,00 Gateway Drive. Joplm. FljriNISIJEb-.pirtmVnt. blilV "pinTT » s,on, pital. June 9, at the City Hos- court this 2«h day' oi"M_y."is5z. (SEAL) Hall Is Speaker At Girls State Meeting Little Kork-f/Pi-Somn 30f ,n R week-long enramnmp Richard 13. Grrer Chancery Clerk ___ _ 27 Ju 0 Jirh nf at _ie n-io-n-c _. ^..inj Of P*l ._ Quirt Title And Warning Order I In The Chancery Court Of Waihingtem County, Arkin.M ' Wall H. Bcacn, Kx f'arte P l a i n t i f f - « - ,' Martin Watson. His Unknown Heirs. Camp Kobinson, clcclrd the first , E *ecutors. Administrators and/or As- Officers of Girl, State yesterday i "S?,,^'? 1 " 1 ,^. and in their hvn-parl.v system, j has been filed Federalists and Nationalists came °' lh ' Chanc 'out almost even. i S"w-JJ" 1 !?: ZS?"pWVng for"!TM 1 ! vesting, c o n f i r m a t i o n and q u i o t i n f o f ; allow politics to influence their County. Aij_nn_as. to-wit: ""appoinlnienls." He advised t h e m ! TMc ^^j* 1 ^ 1 ^^,^ 1 -*) t £* to he businesslike ant! "do a good job and earn your money." eiv[ . n h in my office, as clerk i1 \ c « url of W n s h i Arkansas, the Secretary of State C. G. Hall ! NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D A D S Northwest quarter ( N W ^ j and the Northwest quarter (NW', 4 ) of the Southeast quarter oi Seciion Five (6), Township Fourteen (Hi North Range Thirty-three i.13j West of the 5th P. M.. containing one hundred twenty (120', acres, more or less. _ . -A' 1 persons claiming any in)errt Rite: S «nt« per wor- tln(l* !·· in said lands or any hen thereon are 'trtion. Three ooniecuUve IniertloM. hereby notified and warned to an - T 5,? ntl P* r wonr Minimum order 4.e. pear in said Court within Six "fit Clawified i-i cish in advance--not weeks of the date of the first euh- Uk*n _ovtr ih« telephone. lication of this Notirp and show cause Doctllne for cUulfled Ids: H:M « m dslly: |:jo . m. S.turd.? Corrections ind rerun eheerfully made lifter first Insertion No correc. tlons or rerun mad* tfter *d has expired · % NOTE: Advertlslnt copj for otker l»Kes Is due at 12 noon the day pre- eeedinjr publication: 12 noon Saturday tor puB(le«tlon on Monda * CAIH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Mwn* CeOwt till FirtiitTlll*. Arkuu* Joplin Jttndtring Co. if any they have, why the title to said lands should not he vested confirmed and quieted in the petition. Walt H. Beacn. forever. The defendants, Martin Watson his unknown heirs, executors, ndminislra- tora nnd/or assigns. cd to app re herchy wsrn- ^u ... n| .|iL-ni in said Court w i t h i n thirty cioj days nnd answer the complaint ol the p l a i n t i f f . «S ITNESS my ha " d " nd scal on '"'s 26th tlay of May. 195^ (SEAL i Richard B. Grccr Circuit Citrk y .Iiineji-l0-l7.2 J u l y 1-c FOR liost results, sell or consiqn your furniture, dishes, houiemild appliances, tools nnd articles of all kinds to the Auction House. 1 j miles · north of Springdnle on H i g h w a y 7J Phone 904, Sprinfidalc. Auction sales Mondays and J!I}H£?5 a . vs 7; " (l n - ln NOTARY PUBtllC^Deieds! contracts, auto titles, birth certificates, veterans business, letter writing lrga! papers. LLOYD PARKS. 518 West Pickson. N 0 Tl CE" ~ USED CARS WANTED Any Make, Model or Condition T A C K E T T AUTO EXCHANGE Highway 71 Sou(h Phone 2182 Wif"wAf®" FOR CANNERY WORK in WISCONSIN with the OCONOMOWOC Canning Co. Per Hour F 9.^_ s __!l'?-- ! I9_ 1 ^ NF ^? S _ LIVING mom cnKCtnhfu "i'nrluTiTni ittudio rnii Ph. pint form i n u k u i oc- rasionnl chair, (wo end tables rtivk- t n i l t a b l e -- w a l n u t or hlondc i n i i s h choice of citlorfi-- SKl'j.iO S CLEAN, r o"o 1 oii apartment. Man month. G30 Wall. mom fu ·crythliig. HAY h n l l n p , ·utomitl x-..». ·Lin mowlnR. mkliiR nnd hauling. Phon_p_J«m : 4__Rohrrt_Croiu-h._ CARK for .'. Phon« 10S8R. ·Idcrtv mnn or woni Wfltts' convilein , NEATNESS . i r e t y i n f . | i s T H E M A I N V I H T l ? K . of t h i n h i m - ; in l - V v r i t r v i l U - DII «.· A w e l l k"nt Inxvr. f l i n i .iiruljs. n i l u n i . i c i K c r^t It vpnt-rr.-rt 4 room-., w i t h n i l nlrr-l k l r r l i - rn c i i b l n r t s , 2 l i c r l r r t n t r n . sh«'»trotlc · FOR pnprr h a n g e r or p a i n t e r . Phon* DITCH IHUGlNCi roOTJNOS~wa 11 r. fat and t«w*r dltchei, laptic tank holci. Diithtf | ·nd back fllllnc. C*ll 2tH. fryc* linoleum floor rovcrm f l -, n n r h l c k n n house, rni'nec ', at-r lurid, ion n from f.n r,: ITU S1."(W. Or o w n r r w i l l t r a d e M n r r n nr inOris w i t h i n 1U 1 K a y e t t u v l l t e a 1 j · n i l 120 ACRES valley lorn! sown mostly m tuni» itntMci. l«r«e nock pond. 2 w.r-!l-* fur harn. food bulldinf f i l e . o!rj houiif an th» plsct in poor condition. tmctar and other farm im-- ' plrin-'iil* 1 miln f j n i v r n l t y Tarmi^ i-an d.- hart. Price J17,(X)0. ;* Ail ACRE3. riome vineyard and *ppl« *" orchard. 5 room fair houft*. on all n. rtiu'.c- You hotter hurry cm^ nn- Tcrmv Price S4.MO. ir^t ACHES. well watered pUc«.v ^iirinit*. rrt^lc and river, t room . ' iri'.iili'rn li:)uar In f a i r condition, J« n«rw h i m o l h r r niithullttlnf*. iii-rct opon land, balanc* U p;isturt Tcrmi Price 113.000. W . . J. P. PETTEY ·m PIONEER REALTY -, Phone 914 HKnway 71 South t« ' Sprin»d»ie. Ar SUM-TILT »«n«ll.n bllnai and aluml. num window icreeni antf awnlnia Tr« n'lmain Oil* Cciner. 441 Soulh Ifrun Fbunr 1011 J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phone 24, Welt Fork iipirtinent. 803 North COllcje. Phone *""' '"" niy. T __ choice of e'tlorfi-- SKrjiO S ' u t n n ' -- - - · -- " - - -- · · J^nnilur,. Compnny. CW W Uk-kson j U N K U n N I S H E l ) · ai.;.rljnont~4 "rooiril USEh IJASEMENf"BABGAIN'S" ' JflJ "p'hone"^".'! ""^ "' Unlv "SOLID nnple lull-size u-d SH 50 -"'Hi J.Q? n .' 1 ""· __ _ LIVING rno !l K l r R M S H K D a a r t m e n t .T Excavating - Bulldozing Diskina - Brush Rake Ponds -Roads - Clearing ---.- 'TS H. H. JONES. Contractor ~--r:.--=-; 1537 E. T.nfa.vctte, Box a43 U. Stn. WKLL drlliTnii."phone 43"iWL~nr"w7lte Sid Bond. ». O. Box 503. Faytt'.e- SOLIIJ nnpl LIVING rnoi bciRG Icp . ' $r,9 --,0 OVKHSTL'i-TED rocker S 7 :0 H A N D ·iv.f-pcr . . . 5 n :,f) .CHEST oP draivnn;. nn'tt ,;]4jfl | S l u m p K u r n i t tin: Company 1 STtrDIO~ourh~nmr p'Atfnrni~'ri : i("k(?'r "03 SoUTli School. I'iionc I'HHIW. LEWIS BROS. "llASKAIKNT Usrd Scivol Klccirtilux rcJriK- ir^H'"HP" M f r i n , J TM° ' M'^'SHEU ·nwrinirHtT7,ndrfo7 .. 5 h i (H) j i y Soulh School. Phonr- 2«ni,2 F t f R N ' l S H K O a p a r t m e n t . ,1 rnoinViind l.alh. onP-half block of « t l n i v r r _ l l y . TIIBEE ~a "fnmn~"n^rTm?nT!. TTr s"t floor. 2 light houKckfeiiinB icomi. N I C K * 2 rmmi . furnishod~^«naHmff"rit AiIiillB. 214 Norlh School. Phonf CLKAN cool 2 room uj»nrtinent7~A{luhi'. Uscrt H'.-iM:x n.ishcr Jnwn mov.'iT Urert CE liishv.'ar.hor Usnii l l n l p n i n t cicnric r. tr-.r-.l FriRiit.-.ire refrljTPrn Hsnd ire l»ix . . npnrjmcnl. A.r coolrr. vnl rcfrigLTnldr. private tinth. rimmi anil kitchenette. Ullllllei " li29 1-ln'cll. S s :. do · Sirvi no! s :·'· nn j - . S !)". no SOI/THE AST hrdronrii, ahndy'iind cool " ' "" : _£''?_ , Nn £! 1 l_ CoIlc t ( L. 2 ROOM vparTitienOurnUned. close --'."u-^r.r J'!'·!_ 5 oi|tli _5, cl }ooi. SMAI L f n r r n c-oif',-)«f."7nW-"work~~On where yon nrc ] _P I ?T-._ F '-":.nlnfiion_ 2.41. N O T I C E fo^ qiallty "m"" j 3 JOOM rurnisn«T,"^p«rim7nt. private S7AA, your assurrd t a j morning. For trttck sort-ice or fiir' ! EXTRA thur inform.ilion. I'honc 1770 H i t - I ap-irti tbn Bros. Auction House. Highway 71 North. Free storage space nny day o f t h c week till Saturday sain. nice U room unfurnished 11TM !·,, p . h .?. n . p _ 21 ?W. . cool rDdin.!, Inrgp c]os_ts7~jJrT hrtth. private entrsnci*. Phone MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G Cotton M«ttr«jir(i B u i l t Into Guaranteed Inncriprmfi Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. _ _ _ E X C A " V A t " ! N " 6 B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. PAT T O N ' Phon* 249 $1000 DOWN BlJf room, frame linm». gcinri rnnril- iifin, ifinl-mortrrn. 2 arms nf ) mrl w i t h i n few minutes rlrivr il Tay- rttpvlllr. Just 1 block from hnr;l- ·iirfucBd hlgJiwuy. A Rood deal at J3.7SO WHITF RIVER VAUEY C O N V E N I E N T to [n-vn. | mi'c (rntn 71, m«II, school bun p-jpr-r rou'r 5.000 broiler hnm*. htc born 7 rnnm hnnir in f^ond c n m l i t i n n 50 nrrf s «TM"ri," "'"' '" '"· : " S1 "' M ° R A N C H E S SALE OR TRADE 200- 14,000 ACRES Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, O k l a h o m a , Texai ·* THE BROADHURST CO. 7 .,., 1031 Norlh Collt 9 t. Phonf 24877 NEWLIN REALTY WCTT F O R K . A liltn PlM* to i»T "Hotp0int I I H. Block DEALCR Pk IN 200 G. I. EQUITY ' AN Rxcoptiantl Jiv»- room fr»mt homo in one nf ihc best n^lnhhor- hofirlt ni!;.r the Vpternnn Hnapltn! Finn fixtures In home Include forrcrj «lr rcntrn! h i M t i n g »yit«in. . wood tmrnlng flrv|ilnr:i. pinstcrrd ! wnlls. rrdar flrtfifts. .snd n i n n y b u i l t in*. Uood nlindtr t.-t-c- Lot 10'J ly J5ii fei-t. Pniii !,cwt-r Hfirne lr«t ihru ' on« y p n r ctlil. As«=unif V". lonn with | no loan rostn Knutty li ICM ih:m I down p n y n u - n t rotjiiirecl on von- [ v ' c CRAVENS CO. 20*000 000 Phnne _1M_., Phone 273W 4-\Jf\J\J\Jf\J\J\J Pollcyhold*ri 20% Savings MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Savings for prtftrrvd risks" Get tht Fact* . 1=1 707 SOUTH fhiirrh, .1 ) lt -dro Jlvinc room, tnodorn l)ntli unil (J.rIi- rn wild bulKln*. htrriwood flnori. floor furnnrv. a i t r n r U v c J y (tfroratcd clfne to m a r k t f i :ind Inn. AvnllBlile how. $5,:,n.u_. Srn:tll down payment. BY owner, fi routu modrrn h"'Jns?.TMfi5- ?. good fiartlrn. r l t y inn I. A (ton, firm jiuusc north o( Hood "^" ^ on_ South H KS f;r»7iii;:"~l;m.iTMiirrnty nf C.lll L'.-J(iL'V/ or w r i l i - I. U Tlmbrnnjt. Hnntc- fl. J'nycttc-. illc. 4 ACRKH of"iHiiiJ ' chicken' him.a jiiid hnrn 2 milrfl n u t nti M m i n t t'dfnion Y owner, :i bfilrnmn ni'xltTn 'i ncro trrn-i. to trade (or city home or Kiinll t.uMit'-V] Plmin: The Riffer Agency Loom RKAI. ESTATE Rtal 16 Eait C«nf*r FORTiSA'LE"OR TRADE Highly improved 50-cicro farm located just off paved high !^LJ^^~-:iy*'LJ-^*n__ HAVE two out of itttc f n m i i i c i » r - o n 'y ' o y r miles f r c m B'onlonville, Arkansas Five-room ultra m«i- j is wni' n huy'KV''i«rtr'om'''ho Jmu .",'; i t r n hom " basement, p a n e l wall hoal, good .mall barn, fwto" iVS V.'lll b* plcn.lCd to hliv* vnnr ftinrJprn hrnnr(ar holicAt Af\C]f) mnnr'itv KJira tnrini-i All m«^rnu4_ tslln 6. R. Crandell Real Estate modern brooder houses 6000 capacity. Nice spring. All impro c w i n calf by side. Alco rcRistered Unrotf Kilts. W. E. Gate.- Mayficld. Arl:an- ments practically now, excellent land. Will trade for Fay«tttv»)fc income property of equal value or accept desirable city ^ f : *L s J«5t.Phone 25*^-1223 i os part payment. Value of f a r m $30,00000. New Ranch Typ« Long working hours Transportation paid Room furnished Meals at cost Age IS lo 00 Apply EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 104 West Center St. _ . _ _ _ ^_ EXTRA "nice 4 year old Jersey co o w heavy sprlnayr. Walker P.HI] High- ' _"fspilal ._Phone 2S5JR Id west 4 miles. ! n/RNfsYlErj rooms, elein ideilly" io- i _c;itcri Reasonable. Phon* 238J ndb.M REDUCED ' x *-"--' *-* V* L. L-' I Jiii'. 1 I" nn iJ lr; Ul. v ' Comp.ny."phnne"y83. , _ _ ,, _ 4 BKfJitOOM hoihV "near"V-t?rlni! 1N( . ) h ai cholct WlUon Ad.nn Addi- · t l o n . it has central he. 2 YOUNG cowY JobrTc. JJ.ivis~"Hich- w*y 16 west. Phone .t]56J^. DAY old cosling.. Plkln~ ducklinga. baby cuincas. Weekly hitches Custom hatchinc. Anrrll I.jv.sini Gonse Hatrhcry. 36UO Uitcvrny Drive Jou- lln. Mo. FOR^ KSQUIRET shoe KhTiii- Jlniiy ~ o ~ t n " 7 pONNY RCOTT. r,18 West Uicksn.i' SI4.'iO« TJIEADT.K " Sl'iO ---- ..... liou»'c, «0.00 p e r month. 702 South Colloee. P h o n t FURNISH KD h p aftme'n I i. t~ M~ Hill -- - . _ FUltNISHKD \'rst C t f v r l __ 7parTmTnt ' NKWI.'v" i r ^ t f i i furnished 3 roomi, _ . . n ^70n4 LARGE hudroom. prlva"te~Vn"{r»incV n n w l y dCLoratod. Men p n - f r r r r d ' CH1NCILLAA OLD CAR SALE AT Abshier-BryaiTs Y«vr M«m)l Ford Dta 39 Pcntiae Fordor' 39 luick Tudor 36 Charralit Forder 37 Ford Pickup 42 Chmoltt Pickup 42 ChtrroUt I'/i-fon THESE CARS ARE PRICED TO SELL NOW av.iil.ibl*. limited suppi quality . RrRfitcrprl N C B A Free lilcraturc ^ r i Gunter I DOGS--CATS--PETS j « WEEKS old kTttcns. Phone 2.126 bc"- EXI»EnfENCEb "service siation m^n". i Apply m person. Boh Stout s Scrv- i irp^Slorc, 12.^ N^r)rlh_ColIcKC. l WANTED young mnn for permanent ' job v.-ith u n l i m i t e d oppnrtunilic-; for advnncemcnt Should lit fron 18-27 years of nge. High BChool nr | cnjlrR, Rrnduate Previous c x p r r : - ! irceswry. Apply in person i m n r l m r n t q -li, A p a r l n Phnn" 2f',.S One biocK of u-Tih · or «' w »" P T". ··"V"'* 1 h **\ attuchfd farnrc onrt lovely lawn. Ai,t Sll.ioo. BATES-REALTOR CO-OPERATION EXTENDED TO ALL LICENSED IROKEKS Terry Peei Realtor PEEL BUILDING TELEPHONE 185 BENTONVILLE, ARKANSAS to * ' '· ' , ; ·mibin.iifin. t WANTED, good home for young dog" Good disposition, fond of children. Phnnt* ] li'.l.T. LOST AND FOUND HE1.P WANTED-KEMA1.K -MERGFNCY rook. July 1 Apply in pc Coftcr_Shop. EXPERIENCED" waitress ''! c n r c « Whitft fnrrrt y r a r l l n K heifer, hraml ' on hip. I'honft 21.1 i . Iwihy'V i;dl(i " cxpniis'ion "'brie? ini "I) " (icurgc L. Dock- , *Ct w i t h initi _ DRIVING" '4R I'lyin'iliilh to "NoVthnn CiJIfornio And OrrRnn about June 20. C»n tike three, i fv \\ Rmiington. Prairie Grovp. Houte 2. WANTED WANTEDT^urnlluro nhrt"ItVmV'fif~nTl klnd«. On* piece or v n n lond Out M tnwn (tuycr. Write Box l.-Ifi. is flhlr lo \ \ n l K . l a k e hrr h n t h , rure I *~TM " ^^" for hrrsclf mnM t i m e d . M u M h n v e SITUATION WANTED zrX,*- - - KSLADY w i t h KOIIIC t y p i n g fp. Must he alert and ricpat tt.' Kxccellcnt working r r m d i l K m s . 5 ' j day week. State your cxprnrncr salary wanted, etc, Write IJox !,·],, ' . T i m r K SALKSMKN WANTED | WANTKD'AT ONCK--imwicimi ijo(li("-j In Went Washington C o u n t y . W r i t e ' H.iwIeiRhX Dept. AKK-KiO-r. Mem- ' phl.i. Tenn. SPK.CIAL »pportunity~for""riTfn"~nnd women tn sell h o n p i f a l l z n t l r m t n ^ u r - ance in Norihwcm Arkuns.n Cnm- rnUslon and renewal*. All IPHM*, f u r n - fttied free. Contact Hrx Morcnn Room 206 Eaton fliiUdlnff. 7.10 Id i f i n . m , 7 lo I p, rn. 52 I N C H i Ptlic fan mn'or. Suit ih:p fo hnrii" or Jurgc hr.-ir 11 i:i Sll.VKR f.,x M , l . . r k rnlfi-r; | a h|n nmi A l l hirco wi:h hf.ivv f i t r all. lik«- ncv. snHMKi. I'li-i.e pHiLcb""'"" 11 ''""' REFRIGERATORS A T H A K C J A I N IMUCI-N One f) ft. Scrv-l (',». H i ' f n f i . r ; i ( ' . r Spocd Cjutrn W.vliinr M.-ic'lunc, KASY TKHM'S CLIFTON L U M B E R CO. I'lionr 2V \W· t K n i k . A r k . ' « ROOM modern country home i m-y.- Karaite. I n q u i r e at Tin- Home_.*'*''T) A d u l t n only. Phone SB7M1 K l I i t M S i i K n Bpnrtinrni. jfJ3~N o r" t h _C|iurch__ phone 3132V/ n f t r - r f,. "UNFURNISHED 4 ROOM apftrlmr-nt. All utilltlf!! paid W i l l p r o v l f l c r r f n « r r a t r , r nnrt Move. KM nim A p n r t m r r n t i . C.I W h i t h a m phono 2M2W H N I V K U S / T V n!iVrmrnia~f^r.T7).e.rA unrunilj.ii.-d for aummcr ilurfenti I'honi* H.'iwn . . unfurnt-:hrn nrndix I n u n d r y lerv- Who's Who For Service Consult You- Classified Service Directory "·*·* -*w · -"--rr-j-j^r^.-.JvwOij-i)ui,,. P U B L I C S A L E BKA1JTV SHOPS mi nnd (toot) ';Timp.i tJlX llnir niuilc~V(iir).pf ~iApHbi("'of (rnrhtnf rnmie In nmd* nnd hi|h ·enoftl. Mu«t mtri m i n i m u m O k l n horn* ^ i m l i i l f d t l o n * nnd rBjmhlf of produrinf mutlrnl proitrnm* for thp school TMChlnf -prtiflri»!f m a y hf tn u n y mihjeci m u t i c r t i f l d . latino .Inhnntrm, Superintendent, Wlleh. ONMtOfM, r d«y." Phonr p -- nr 2 iinlis i d u t h (-t t;refni«nd. Ar- knns.i*. on t l i R h w n v 7f k n n w n ;,* tlie ' Cniii|ili»!i I.IAI-Q nn Tliurnlaj. .(tine i; 1 . ticj'iiiiiifi: nt K 1 Vi n m .17 hi-int of ' H v c x U i r k , Ki;.i Kf·(·'»·. owner Ollie l a n k A t t . Hill Tar-ki-ti nnd It r u · e Jlnnd. M i i n . f i n r e n JMI MrKee. cli-i M : . :;» w. . -- __M»rhinrlrM I.I Ui. C ' WOMAN winti Job in order to enfoh ·on in Unlvcriity.. Exftorlfncrd roit ·ccountinl; typlit; ii«monnel and psyrolli o f f I c r m*n*(t*tn*n1. Inmr- ·nr^ »rttfl:'rr|fhtprrd in K ^ v r r h n t r n t M u d i t l n R deparimrnl Hritrl. pnvntr- Huh. MHvinft find 1ftnn. W i l l rnn* Blder «ny wfl)*iiylnK Job W i t h i n M p a h l i i f y Prrufnt n n l f t r y s;;:, fn» per month Mr* II m. Cox. i,ni Wtit CfMinut mrttt, DAnoon, TPXHU. P U B L I C S A L E 1? Block BKAUTY SHOP «OflK ' Hhans tM TMURADAY. J u n e 1? N n n h C'-jllfff f t i r m t i i r f S tnlile top gal i H V I D R Tnnm HI Inl ni rtiti], i CARF. chtldrtn Villaie . John P'n«. . *iin|4oneprs. "^·i^vi v-orMtuvrv in Imih Unlnriny OPENING JUNE 11 EDGINS Wallpaper Paint Store 'nterior Decorator, 404!'i West Dickson Phone 1474, Fayetteville, Ark. Colorizer Butes paint, Bingam Moore's paint. Choose your color the colorizer way. Wo have 13,000 color shades to choose from. Bring your piece of curtain, rugs, wallpaper or what have you. We have a paint to mafch it, enamel, scmi-glofs. Wallpaper we have in stock, living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room and kitchen. We have two days service on orders not in stock. We make two deliveries a day--8:30 and 3:30. See what you buy before you buy. We have jobs comolete with our labor and material. We do first class paper hanging, painting, texturing and sheet rock finish. Let our experience bo your guide. EE-GINS Wallpaper and Paint Store v ·v

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