Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 10, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, June 10, 1952
Page 9
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Home Runs Enable Dodgers To Defeat Cardinals, 6 To 2 St. Louis-W)-If the Brooklyn* Dodgers are not care'ul. they may find themselves I3V Z gamrs in front of the New York Giants on August 11. And is there anybody who doesn't know what happened to Mrs. Joe Miller Medalist In Women's State Golf Tournament El Dorado, Ark-Wi-Tht first* woman golfer to receive the Red Sox Nip Tigers, 9-8; Increase League Lead -Cven so, manager Charlie Ores- M r R p Mi " cr snot a low of 79 In sen of the dauntless Dodgers is: q u a l i f ying rounds at the Arkan- willini to gambit with such a long : Eas Women 's A m a t e u r Golf E»ston-fl)-Boston'ii Red Sox · lead. He agrees that the Giants' '· ~ o u r n arnent here yesterday to re-: solidified their first place h o l d . j ^ . _ unprecedented 1951 rush to t h e ; reivi! lhe trn '' h . v . "warded for the opening up a one-fame marfin 11 MIUHM IMMftfc top In a playoff victory over the ' f l r s t t i m e t h i s vcar - Mrs - M i l l p l over the second place Ne-.v York ! VIW|HIIBII 1/CIOII) Brooks was nothing short of a I wcnt tn "ie'hird round of play in . Yankees by vanquishing the De-' miracle. And miracles just don't 1ast ' Mr ' s tourney. Iroit Tigers, 9-8. The third place happen twice in a row this mod- i Tl18 riet endins champion. Mrs. Cleveland Indians, who like the ern day and age. : Gordon Pernn of El Dorado, shot Yankees, wert idle, are a half- j Cuifently ti-e Dodgers are pla'' a '"'*' ° r R ^ for t n i r d P'^ce. She is ; same behind. The I n r i a n s are the : In* a better brand of baseball ' pl: P cl 'ted to be a heavy contender; poorest off in th4 percentage table j t'*an they did at a corresponding lnr lh " chamnionshin on the 76- i because they have hsl more games | time a year ain. They're playing i women ' 5 P ar El Dorado golf than tht Red Sox and Yankees. j remarkable .761 ball with 35 'vie- i c o u r s f - : The Red Sex watched the Tigers ! toriei in 46 fames. They've ! ^ lsf Betlv Rushing of El Dora- twice go into the lead on home dropped just one of their 10 games , rtn ' oni? of 'I 16 to P women collegi- runs by former Boston sluggers Muwell, 4 And 3 For French Title ParlE-UPl-Dick Chapman. West Virginia Folks Believe Sam Will Win · n th^ second They lead the seci by live games. On May 26. after , wcrtern swing · ale solfers in !tl « state, scored R3 , Don Lcnhardt and Walter Dropo, ond place G i a n t s . 1 0 p ' ace Eecon d i" t n « qualifying ; but bounced back earh time. The : round. winning rUn came in the sixth Hoi Springs, Vn.-i/ri- Folks In t h i s Virginia volley c n m m u n i l y i f l a l l y predict this is l!'c C U11I hel5 Ul hFs second FrencTama ' : for S '' lm " rl J » cl " n » · c -'"« ri - ' teur golf title tndav, but it r'r- \ T h i ' * . Sl ! m '* h T° lmv "" A n r t required , come-from-behind ral- j "TM ih ^l" h \^, '^^ e »* losing three straight to New York. · . M a l c h P'». v "fens t h i s morning when Johnny Pesky. ex-Red Sox, f-e Docker.- trailed the Giants by ' W l l h lho f °4rTM r "K narlng«: two and a half games. So they've ! M r f - M i l l p r vs - M TM- Wi gained seven and a half games on C a m c r e r - Little Rock, their chief rivals in two weeks. Mrs. J. M. Williams. Little Rock, w i t h ;iir l u i i j h l - r n l n r r r l hind around his straw, hat in r.oini; t u l-vcar-nid Chapman. «-hn ! w ' n lh .' l '' K - "»"!' "^ '«·«"« Hritish «maleur title las; i r " r d i l ' v ovrr "'" N""hwoml ly to turn hark young Billy Max- · well of Odrssa, Tex. shortstop, committrd an error l o ' Th* 41 allo'.v Dom DlMaggfo to cross the ' I*"*. Hi* 1 plate. DiMaggio hart opener! with ' month lo Harvle Ward of Tara single, advanrffri to second on a I boro, N. C., at Prcstwick, Scot-; M'prynnr nrr · · · ·· · ,f BIJ | 5 _ ! noM' t h r - |o;i In ! Huh course nt D;ill;i5. TOXHS. k n o w s i n n ivrll f r i n A i n r r i r a f Saner Is Most Feared Batter In Baseball Mew Y n r k - U P i - H a n k Sauer tn- ! d a y If the rro'.t fe»red baiter in base h t t E j . I Every c l u b in the N a t i o n a l j League h«* f e l t t h e f t i n s nf S a u r r ' s j hip home run h a t . Pin;/inn the r le nf "Cinderella m a n . " I'.ie C h i - ·"aso Cubs' mflflFivf o i i t / i r l r i c r is leading in h a u i n s ..M7. h i t s fifi nnd runs halted in 51. a* well as in home runs M. It's an old s'nry, t h i s r u n n i t success nf H a n k Saner. A ^nm| m i n e r league h i t t e r , he f a i l f - M m several ittempts f.'ith C ' m r i n n a t i . He cnulri hit thr long h a l l Init w'Rsn't much in lhe h a t t i n g a v r r - aRe?. In IB 1 !!!, lhe Reds f i n a l l y t r a d e d him to I'hicBR", where he ron- l i n u e t f to pound lhe b a l l for dist a n c e hut never came close t n thi 1 ..100 m a r k -- t h e accepted K ^ U R O nf good hitters. This year, ho-rever, for snrnc [SPORTS HKhM..jA i L . i k j , , aytlttvillt, ArkortM), · Tuttday, Jura 10, 1752 Giants Miss Mays' Spirit As Well As Playing Ability I .,1 nini,,-, c n t H n m n h n,-o, ' "· Bnnnie Brooks. Hot Rinnss ' i sacrifice and raced all the way I lanrt, turned on a disola.v . -- , , , , . , , . , ,_ , , bast n i g m s 6-2 t r i u m p h o x e r ; B l u f f vs home when Pesky let George Kelt's ! par golf in the afternoon round »l f has H» t l,,l Snrnd. And. n s rraron. he s been h m i n g thr long ' l """.. » M . . . . - . . · i . . · ' u s u a l , mnny o f thorn v.-ill drive t n h a l l a n d t h r "sliort h a l l " · « . « - the Cardina's in St. Loui; Brooklyn's later! winning streak to eight in a row. The Dodpers 1-ad to coinp frnm behind to win. Cloyr! Boyrr nlcnk- e'l them for six inninps hut thr Brooks tied the seorj at 2-2 in the S3venth \\ticn Peewee Kp==e singled with the bases loaded H-vs ;, lss · ou '- 1 " Co| -- v - lie:er Alpha Brazle doused the fire ! ,, M - r - s - A J l a n Duegar. but got burnsd in the eighth when i Vl Miss Polly Poe. Little Rock. | croundcr go throuch for a t w o - ! yesterday to defeat Maxwell, 4 Miss P'jsli'ng vs. Mi.-s Bonnie '· ' )ase error. Kell was the key man j and 3. Hollow, El Doradn. j in the nine-man swap between | Maxwell. 22-year-old Mrs. Dave Harris. Hut Sprines. : t h c lv -'° clllbs la:l wcek - | Texas State. College student the lo;i of the hi^hcsi m o u n t a i n to inR lots of sinplrs. And it's bVmsl- North ' P c r f r r t thC'ir radio reception of t h i s p d his nvcrngr some 77 points ovrr nr | ; year's noon end try lo root the h i s l i f e t i m e mark of .270. He's Miss i n i u f f . Mrs. Carle Rolil Norma Koberts, Pine Lenhardt and Dropo batted in is. 1. Smith, I , j all but one of IV Tigers' runs. Dorado. El Doradn Pridd.v. "h D5THOIT li r h 3 2 1 D : M» . . . . . . - . - . 3 ] (t PIT"; Hoy Campanella end Carl Furillo illrs ' f; ° rf ' on Perrin, SI Dorado, souehock. r! s i I Bvera slammed two-run homer?. i vs - Lucille Critz - l-ffird- if I 2 S sitp'hens. i; I 2 Dropo. lh S 1 'Goodman. 1b 4 2 ah r h io. cf S 2 2 ! . r f 4 1 3 ! u 4 n i i the. U. S. Amateur Champion, wa= one up flftcr the 18-hole mornjMK round of th* M-hnle finale. Chapman won tlie French title the last time he competed here in ·rr^ni-n *. v. L*y; 2 ·ROOKL V N IT. ab r h Morfan. 3b 2 0 1 Hcmus. SF Ttst;e. 9* 4 0 1 ^cho'd'st. 2b 4 n 1 Snidrr. cf 4 0 0 Musial. c f 4 1 ] Rnbirnon. 2b ,1 ] n "a'aughter. rf 4 0 0 Campanella. c 5 I 2 Lov/rey If 4 o 1 Pa^kn. if 3 1 2 Sisl^r. l h 3 1 1 r-jril!n. rf 4 .' 2 hH. Rice Frakine. p 2 0 n D. R:oe. aShuba 1 0 ^ Boyer, p Elsrk. p 1 n 03ri£*p, p I trimisn. Totals 32 8 8 To'ais b r ,, Braves Trin 4 ^ * · '-/1 W V CO I I I ' I nrnth. ft 0 1 ft T,*pr ! o. 2b Mu'Jin. cT S 0 I S. Whll^. c Ha'.hclri. .Tb S n n Parnei'. p S'.urrt. "p i 0 0 Ma«r-en. H"u"man. p t 1 1 Delock. p N'houitr, p 0 ft 0 ·Honp 1 n n H whiit. p n f fl Totals 37 a P Tntm* 15 ·Grounded 'n'.o double play for New- New Orleans Takes Lead In Southern By Tripping Travs . P f s k y ! mi onx-- 9 n Ordinar Pelicans Pre,,) don I Slammer liomc. l r r m i n r f i n g C ' n h f a n s of Ihelr ini- MIsadvi'nluiT ht? dncpod snead mortal slupRer, M a r k Wilson, in previous appearances in t h e : Saner, who normally h i t s best Open. Undoubtedly his hiscesl · * l tn " * nri nf t h e s ° ar ' nn ' h n l f l s fln "miss" was thft 1039 Open a t ' e i g h t - p o i n t lend over NVw York's Sprinir Mill in Philadelphia. Al-:TM t e . v Lockman .33!) in the h a t - thouRh he needed only A f a i r ! lm » d " b '- Broolclyn's J a r k i e score for the f i n a l hole tn win the · « ob »nscn (.33R) is a point behind tournament, he wound up with «n ; L'. "I?" 1 , , J, , P ^ ! eight and lost Stan MiiRlal, St. Louis. .330, and Apmn. t h e ' l l t l u elurlert him in Franl J Baumholtz.«o. .321, 1947. That was the vear Lew Wor- j TMund o u t t h e op five. . . . . . " I I n I h n A m a r i r n i i 1 n ; sham railed for a measurement when he was sway on the last hole In Ihf American Lc;'_^ie Boston's little professor, Dmn OiMafi- jtio, took the lead n'vay frnrn Al fly i n p a 30-inch putt ;rcon. Sneari could have the final tied Carv jDiMad^e is h i t t i n g .343, 10 more! 1 points t h a n n.r?=en. I 1 Georfe Kell is thr nnly player j c'ose t^ lhe twn l^arir^s. The Red ; b--Flied out for ClavUno in 9lh n-.iohlyn . . . . 0 0 0 00ft 240--6 s*. Louis no 011 two--' i t,!_ *· , w - E-Si3!=r. HB!-Mu,i a '. Slslr^r. R«3e , H i s f i r ? t h '§ 2. Campanella 2. rurilln 2. 2H--Mor- FurilSo. DP~Slau(th:er and Sis'er! ' j H ) P Schoendienst and Si«!er; Srhocndicnr;! ; defeat. and GUvl^no. Erskine snd T-Iodpfs. j Lr r i--nrnnklyn f. S! Lnuis fi. BE^ ilMlen Off Errk'nr !. Roy^r fi Braz'e ? Cr!mi=n 1. SO--By F.r^kin- 4 B-vv-e- 2. Crimian ,1. H-OFf Erskinp .1 iri fi , HB T -- Sou- 1 very hi.^h but the N'ew Orleans Middlecoff in lOlfi hut he usr4 n pcio . - . and J J J Uonal League action of the day the 2 n o j Boston Braves ninpert T'ie Pitts- J J j · bursh Pirates .1-2. Bnokie Ben nS^on S3 2 7 j Thorpe drove in twn Boytnn r u n s , n--oJrphrn: a_Foul*d out for Erskine inTth" ' ^l 1 a M n g l e tft h * rk u n J i m w ^ is Parched peacefully on p u t t e r iuM off ,hr jrreen · -- - · · -- - sons five-hit pitching. Rookie whit-. 26--S. Whl'e. Hiifieid. .IB - t h e t o p rnnj? of t h e Southern A ? - : tnnk Ihrrr in cnt down o n outfielder Bohby Del Greco h i t , ? n ^^B n _4^? r °R:ipi^[ dl p^kv" sorif)Uon 'adder. | seventy-first hole. bomer foi - t h e , hp--'iatiJri. 'Priddy and ' Drnpb' j ^ u t \\tcy can't lake all t h r ; -- · Pirates but it v;as no! enough lo Ronr'mRn^ strphm^ ?»nd r.oodmin. credit. At leapt a portion nf it must ' Henry. Rlonre Slfp. For Bout id from his seventh 1 ^rKoi'f^Btwlnn"?. BB^ParnfU*i!! fin to t n o l n w l y Chicks f r n m Mom- Baltimore - i:Vi - Clarence Urn j ScarhorouRh 2. Masterjon r., suiirt 2. phis who p'aved thc part of bear , rv, r a n k i n g C a l i f o r n i , 2 j^'SgSirioSS^VMSri.^ 1 ^ killer:; last ni « h( w h p n «hcy ' wolBht. and Archie Moore of St.,',11 tied for f i f t h v:ith .311. ·9STON " PJTTSftuflOH 'sitisri i. Hnuttpmin n. no--Stuart s ' dumped Mobile into ppcond place Louip will trade blows in a 10- sh r h '.?_.'^_.Ann""*1 ;:. V. 011 *.'/ 11 . 1 . 1 !?..* ! n . 3 'u ; with » 5-2 victory. j round bout .tune 26 al M u n i c i p a l New Orleans edficd Litllr Bock j Slnrtium. The contract wns signed Sox* third baseman, nn-.v h i t t i n g i rnz.y Fen".'ay Park, has tioo^ted his HvernKA up tn · third-place Then, far hack, com^s Nellie Fox nf Chicago, in f o u r t h place with .314. followed by Ed Rob- "c Hen- i.^on. Chicane. Mickey Mantle. New heavy- ! VnrU. and Billy Goodman. Boat f . BT GAYLE TALBOT New York-(/TV It would, a:; n : m a t t e r of f a r t , have been plain rc- n i a r k a h l " and «s;iin?t all the- I n w s [ of p r n h n h i l i l y if i h e New Y o r k ! H i a n t s had not Rone i n t o at lc;i^l » t o m p o r n i y drt-line u r t r r I n r i n u ; Willie Mays to the Army. Tho National League c h a m p i o n s w i l l be ; lucky if it prnvrs only If nipru a r y . SORIA things about b«*,tbill art d i f f i c u l t to explain, and thi In mtndoui rolr IHli joyoui Ntfiro i bey w i t h the hlgh-pitchtri vole* ' plar*d in t h n day-by-day lortun'-s of th« G t a n l t Is ont of !h«m. It transcended by a STUB! denl lh? i importane* of his billing and ! fi«ldin|, food ai they w«rt. i Almost from t f e day hr l*»ppod ; i n t o the l i n e u p juf-t over n your n(to, fresh from M i n n en noils, Willie h*came a icit of symbol to Leo Durocher's t r ^ i n . ' Hprp WHS a kfrl 50 gifted t h a t ' j no one could even RU**J;* at t h e : i heiRhts he might scale, and yet j j pft completely puilnless and un- i l affected and p l n i n filled with the : t wondr.r of playing h i p leu cue hall t h a t he y r a r i e l y peomprl real. ! Th* Gl«nti arinnted Will'c, xnd I WillU adoptod tht Gfanti. Ths 1 Alabama kH b*eam« « lort of matcol, · winning lymbel. Tht TttrraniAf th* club lauqhtd vhtn h* nn out front under hit cap on tht bfltet and rlbbrd him Ilk* a bumpkin in th* lock-r room, but whtn WII11* wf^n'l around thty told you ha wm making e^teh** oui in C9nlerfi9ld and Ihfowl to tht platt probably ntrtr ··oilMU if matchtd. in tht htatwy «f dM gamt. Willie'5 i n f r r t j n u s ipirlt and tht . circus s u p p o r t he Have Gianti piichcr; \vrrr more Important t h a n , t h e hooks w i l l ever show IB th* club's senra!mna! drive tn tht fl«j l u s t y e a r . 1M$ h i t t i n g fell off b a d l y t n w a r d the end. but thw* likrly v.-ould have ht?n a t*am mxurrprtion if Curficher had Liencherl him, In in* f m n l t-»nse rfayf Willis r n n u r n » " l !o one of his heroes, Kfi'!^ S t u n k y , "I ought to b« hittlft 1 more." nnd F/ldie told him, 'Willi*. yon jus.t do the catching artd«*tll do l h « h i t t t n R . " Thi pant iprlnf at PfcMvbr tte Gianti "rtrt a carafrM. oa«fU«|| ··am, and tht 'holftr kM" w« tht star of thalr Iraintof Tht crowdi and iht tih« wMehtd d«li9httdlr M Dwrt wtrhtd him unmtrclfuUy «» splrtd le btat Will It Ml *f ha) turns in tha battinf «*». B«t WilUt lortd II. Popslbiy none of thU ·xplalnt entirely why the Giants figured f* ruffer an emotional r«etion whdi Willi** l-ft. It might be diflkult to underittand how thif loa* of »n# player can drastically »ff«ct th* fortunes of * rlub »o Solidly f-qtiinped with stars is the Gianti. All anvone knows Is that th* f i i i n t P haven't looked like irhh«nk winners fiinrr Willie went away. . ,. . -Ipthror. rt 2 1 2 Castinlione 3h".T (1 n NrwhouMr 0"in *i: II W h i t * 1 in inning: Bl»ck 2 in 3; Foyer G in .V .; ! Thorpe, rf. If .1 n I np : GTMPO, cf 3 2 1 Pnrnell 4 in 'it Scarborough S in 1 in » 3 ; Crimian 1 in 2. R S: Eh Erskine 2-2. Black _ jc t« j Mai hews. 3b 4 ft u HCM. rf 0-0, Boyer r-?.' Gordon, tf , 1 0 1 Kfner If u,-3i.:p .VI. Crimian 1-1. HBP-- By i Dahi-ls. rf 1 fl 0:GnrBRiOla c Er^kine ID. R!rri. Winner--Black (2-0). i St. Clairp. c 3 t) fl Mer?nn. 2b Lnser~Br*s!e (.?-!). U--Gnre. Conlan ! Tornenon. ib 2 1 1 Sm'th si Siewart, Gueiielmo. T--.1:01. A--17,443. ' " ' ' " ' ~ Ma3i*rson 3 in 4 ' i : Delock fl in R t: RR--Stuart 5-5: Houtfmart 4 0 2 ' Knwhouser 0-0. H. White 0-0. Piirnetl 6-4 and Nashville made it four in | yesterday. a row over Atlanta's Martsf'd. 2h Loican. 5K Wilson, p .1 1 1 B?rli'me. lh A n n Frrrnrt. p 4 0 0 -^itr.spmlri M*in. p '.»Meikovich 29 S fi Tol«lR Last Niaht Brooklyn--Pierre Langloif. US. FiaVice,. outpointed George Small. ISD.'WV'Yofk, 10. ' ' ' _ : _ % Brooklyn -- Tommv Bazzano, i Pitlsbunih " om noV lii'ci-" I f O . Middletown. Conn., nulpoint- r,^"c^" n "cs'r^Iin"^Hli-nri cd Ted Murrny. 146. New York. B. ' Grtco'. SB--.iniirnf s--Fritd Thorp- Chicago--Lester Felton. 1S2, · . - Hartj'itirt. Lrr!-Br«v;» 10. Pitt.- 4 n i j : ' - " i . Scurhnrouih '-. Miuttfson o-o,! Crackers 10-2. Chalt.inooRn ami * " " "oMr--Hi'iltw '"iVii M "f) l " r M"ki"' 1 '' Birmingham wprp not srhMuled. 1 n n . Soar. r McGowfln in T--"n:ol A^--sun*!' 1 ' Only nnc fisino is on Isp to- i n n n n n i o n ' an 2 s ' l--Struck fu( for Friend In 7th. ."·-Fouled out for Main in »th. Boston n?n mn mo--.T AP Roundup Of Sports. Briefs nl«ht, Nashville ni Mobile. Thp PP!F t r i u m p h nvrr J^ittlo Rock rnahlpd them to lake the r.f-ries. four Barnes In nnc. Tiip score was knitted 4-4 at lhe end of seven inning* when New Orleans scored two run son a pair New York-(/Pi - A. jury hears of two-baggers to lock it up. today about the case o In 1DS1, the ivrraiie yield per ncre for cotton in Arizona was 740 pounds, thf* hiphest nf any " *"' ~" |st?te in the nation, says the Na- In ine TIMrX--It MM i tional Oeocraphii: Sori«ty. FAIL TO FIND TUNNELS ON KOJE Johnny 7. BB-- Friend wiijon J. alleged basketball fixers whose Detroit, knocked out Brown, 151. Chicago, 7. Trenton. N. J.--George John- W i l m n 2 ., H PB-FruMi.T i.inhrt«.. I The two -- Josenh Reninlendc , T , ,, T «. . ^ 2 - a n t i ·'^'f ZP West, 39--are son, -152, Trenton, plopped Bobbv ! PB~-Par??in!?i w--\vn»on H-.IV Mann, 155. Trenton. 4. ' : fr:r, n(1 9'! 1 l . I -' I £ rri j?-.. Bo .5**«: ·) in 2 H A EH--friond ".i-3;"MaLn" 0-0: I crooked athletes. OP i 1-- , N r ew Orleans--Alfredo l.agutta. 112, Milan, Italy, outpointed Joe ; Hartdegen, 142, New Orleans. I I . . .......... _.., ______ . nclli and Enneln. T-- 2:31. A-- 6.973. Boys Club WeeklyCard June 11--(Practice! 1-2 Cuhs 2-3 Yankees 3-4 Indians 4-5 Intermediates 5-fi:30 Seniors. June 12--1 Card? vs. ,Cubs 3 Indians vs. Yankees ." Seniors practice June 13--(Practice 1 1-2 C a r d 2-3 Giants 3-4 Cubs 4-5 Int?rmed. 5-6:30 Senior. June H--I Indians vs. Giant-; 3 Yankees vs. Cubs. June IS--Senior- ·-. P^ringriale. accused of conspiring lo bribe players on thc Bradley University i and University of Kentucky teams. ! As testimony in their tri-il op- | cned yesterday, their lawyer de- : nied the two wore bribers. Instead, said attorney Samuel Smal, they were approached by "touts' for athletes willing to be bribed. Furthermore, Segal said ."conditions of immorality" existed long before his clients were contacted. He indicated the two were merely "seeking information in ordrr to place bet?." But Assistant District Attorney Vincent A. G. O'Connor said he ·"Hot-Throwing Season Good For Angling! Milton Ps.-i/Pl-Troy Muster. : · lone-time Hilton barbrr and sportsman, claims this fish story is the honest-to-gosh t r u t h : Mvcser wits trying his lurk over the weekend in a nearby Northumberland County creek when a , gust of wind lifted his hat off his ! head and carried It to the other side of the creek. Mlnutu later he spied the hat moving downstream at a rapid. zig-z«gging psce. Investigating, he found » 1 flinch trout hooked into one of lhe flies stuck in the battered fedora. ; -.vould prove Ihf two were brib- ; .. . . . . , . .. | rrs. who approached only players j " W8S h . 1S .. nn ' 5 ;. c " t-h o( 1he da - v ' vhn had shown In she past thai lh«y would lake bribes. He said he would call stars of lhe 1019-50 basketball season to prove it. In ancient T valuable it was . monc.y. was : ·s used ; r SAVE FOR flflf t TOO! Sure, it s jiiit common »n» to h»»« · fc* hun- . dreds of dollars put twiy j n cas o f ji c knfsi, un- tmploymont or iom« funirt nt»d. But, you'll find thm s«vin« regularly alio helps you to hnvc fun- like special vncttions, · nker homt, · Mtiifyinj! hobby --things (h«t t»k« money. Just for f u n , drop in ind find out how you ua hive profit- ·hi* swings Kcount h«r« -- insund, of couri*. N«it Dividing JHIM JOlh. Will YMI Sh«r* In Iff FAYETTEVILLE BUUMNG 4 LOAN ASSOCIATION Or«r Tklrlr YM» «l fcrrto. M Tkli Major League Leaders By The Associated Preu NATIONAL LEAGUE BATTING -- Siuer. Chicago. .347: Lorkman, New York, ,33§; Rnhinfon. Brooklvu. .338. HUNS--Lockman. New York. 43; Williams, N*w York. 36; Robinson, Brooklyn. 35. RUNS BATTED IK--Sau»r, Chicago, 54; Thomson. Nv: York. 42; Campanella. Brooklyn. 36. i HITS -- Saufr. Chirago, (56; Lorkman. New York, 82; Adams, ; C i n c i n n a t i , fll. I DOUBLES -- William?. New York. .irH Musial. St. Louis. 13. TRIPLES--Thomson, Nfw York, fi: Adcock. Cincinnati, and Enni«, Philadelphia. 4. HOME RUNS--Saner. Chicago, 14; Matheo-i, Boston, and Pa/ko. Brooklyn, °. STOLEN BASES--UPCSP. Brook, lyn. 11; JNhroe. Boston, 7; Robinson. Rrooklvn. (i. PITCHING--Rne. Brooklyn. 6-0; Minnor. ChicaRo, and Hearn, Nfu- York. .1-1. AMERICAN LEAGUE BATTING-- DiMnfiSio. Boston. .313; noson. Clcvrland, 333; Kcll Boslon. .326. PUNS -- A v i l a . C l f v r U n d . M, DIMiigsio, Boston, and Rosen, Cleveland. 33. RUNS BATl-EI) IN - Rr,.*n. Clcvrlanrl. and Dropn. Detroit. 3fi; Lonhaifll. netroil. .12. HITS--Fox. Chirac". M; Simpson. Cl*velanri, 63; Rohmson. Cri- CSRII. nnd Avila and Ro.ien, Cleveland, fin. nOUBLI'.S--Priddy, Detroit, 14; DiMaucio and Krll. Rnitton. and Vfrnon. W»fhin{ton, 11. TRIPLES--Slmpnon, Cleveland, .V Mullin, Detroit, nnd Oelitnt, St. Louie, 4. HOME RUNS -- Rosen, Cleveland^ 11; Drnpr,. Dl-lroil. 10. STOLEN BASES--Hiizutn. New York, »; Avlln, ClevHunl, 1. PITCHING - IMntt, PhlliMI. [hl«. 10-1; P»l|e,^t Louis, ind Mirrtro, Withlnfti'n, 5-1. New Ciueh Fnr Oiler* ! Chapel Hill. N. C.-l#VNorth Carolina basketball nacii Torn. Scott resigned to take t s i m i l a r ' position wit'i tht Phillips Oilers of Bartlesville. How Thty Stand (B; The Aivx-iittd Press) i AMERICAN t.RAGUE j Boston i Ke'.v York .. - Cleveland I Washington .; .. 23 i Chiraeo -, '1 ' Philadelphia 20 · S t . Louis 22 Detroit . . . 15 Monday's Rrsul's Boston 9. Detroit B | C'hiraco ,it U'ashi i jioncd, ram. Only ganr-s KTATIONAI Brooklyn . . . . New York Chicago St. I,oui= Cincinnati "hiladelphia Roston . . P i t l r b i i r c h Monday's R^siilln Boston S. P l t t s h u r p h 2 Brooidyn fl, SI. I.nuis 2 Qnly (tames scheduled. SfMITHMN ASSOCIATION VV I, Pel. New Orleans . Mobile . f ' l i a t l a n n n R a _ Allanti Nn.-hvllle Birmingham . l.lllle Rock . Memphis . . A OEIP DITCH between compounds 78 and 77 on Ko)« Island (alls to uncover any tunnrls between. Water Mepa^e. authorltipa decided, would make »uch tunnela Imprac'.lcahlt. Pkoto by Uitertiatlonal News Photos alaJT phutographer Dave Cicero. (Inttrnmttontt Hovndptioto/ Mtmphls 5 M n h i l r 2 Nlthvillr 10. Allinli 3 New Orleans (i. Li Me Ro-k Only |imeu icheduled. ! OtHIM Nashville at Mobile Only (am* Kheduled. OLD ROCKIN' CHAIR'S COT HER-Rel«xlni fr«n U). Mnic activity of th* pa.t few weeki, Mr. Dwl|M timnhnwer «i|oy Iht old-rnshionert comfort of in htlrloom recklni thalr In lh« · noyhnort homt of Central, KlMnhowtr, In Abilene, Kan. "ThU U lira roott ptactful «e»t I've had ilite Ike and I Harted Uit rounda «l jytwtll over tt *ATO," tht Mid. IN THIS BIG Father's Day Contest Ust This Ballot OFFICIAL I OT MY r"XATIOH FOR NORTHWEST Mm "HOST POPULAR POP" (Fothtr't Nam«) (Mil Addrm) (Your Namt) · * · · · · · » « « · · · * · · * · · · · · VOTE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WISH FOR ANY NORTHWEST ARKANSAS FATHBt 14 Wonderful Prizes For Filter Receiving HM Most Volts Contest Closes June 11th Wlnrm Will ·· Annaunctd In Thii fmftr JIM IMl JUST CLIP OUT THE IALLOT -- DILIVIft YOUR VOTE IN PERSON TO ANY Of THE FOLLOWING STORES: FiyeNeville Drug Fikwiy Htriwut I I I I L Hill Tin (o. (y (inn y Appl, Co, Prkt-PiNM Hifdwira Tick'i WHMT InVf W*fs ki tnm Ourfc ONMR

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