Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 10, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, June 10, 1952
Page 7
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Dollar Hungry Britons Welcome U.S. Jourists; 200,000 Expected This Summer · and Yorkshire. They little of these dOtTHWtST ARKANSAS TUHS, Hy*«*»lB., ATIMM.. TIM**, Jim. 10, IfU Allegiance. bringing 200,000 American ors to se« the sights. London-!^ - Britain, probably . VVcsl country ! the worlds "youngest" tourist: have heard' t country, il looking forward to a places" record breaking ..ummer season Ho'has a point. There arc many '' il- delightful corners of the British ,. , . , lsl " as \et virgin territory Jor the ' It took an acute dollar shortage transatlantic tourist I to convert Britain into a land History, in the shape of the 1 conscious that it has plenty to at- buildings anrt ancient relics of the ' tract foreign tourists. Before 1 common heritage of Britain and 1 World War II foreign visitors to the United Stales, is to be found i these shores were tolframly v i e w - j everywhere. Links with the past ; ed aa an eccentric lot. Americans · are tucked away in every hamlet, were cigar - smoking millionaires This yer.r, it" will be'easier to wearing Harold Lloyd glasses and i slay at such spots off the beaten · sunburst ties. r track. With money tighter, Britons ' The w a r t i m e Gl invasion i arc vacationing at home or cut- 1 changed that picture and the!' m E tne duration of their stay in stress and strain of Britain's post- j hotels. The hotels, after picking ^var economy has chanjrerl it a lot · U P a lnt n ' easy money in the first j more. Now there is a widespread ! f r o e spending postwar years, are i understanding that Americans may i PM'intj sternly competitive. This 'Pre» KN'OWLCDGC of tht comet display ef «nd propar reaptet toward the Itira and Stripta la be ranked as human beings no't i makes for belter service and bet- ! one mark of a irood American. at all rich ones--plus a feeling i t ! t c r footl ' is a patriotic duly lo make a vis- ! Hcrc is itnr's stay in this country as pleasant as possible. The government - sponsored a general picture o f ; what American visitors can expect in Britain this summer, set- tine asitie such regularly schedul- sponsored . confident! 011 evcnts as thc Edinburgh Fes- j t i v a l and the Wimbledon tennis 1 ifortnight: ; Accommodations: Still difficult , in August, otherwise obtainable i : on short notice in most places. A ' modest standard of. comfort end ' . cleanliness, with usually uninspired meals, can be hart for in i pounds, $28 a week a person. : Tourist Association ,,, iv ,., llur ,,i lhat last year's record 700,000 for- ! .' and lhe Wimbledon eign visitors will b* upped 50,- ' nun. Part of this Increase will slcm from new reductions in transatlantic air fares. Figures for thc first four months of this year ihow an increase in U. S. tourists of II per cent over last year. Once the Americans get here, the British want them tn wirten \he scope of their travels. An Americans as often as not will speedily take in London's' obvious sights -- Buckingham Palace, the Tower of Lnodon, the houses country to join a transatlantic ' throng in Stratford - on - Avon, whose, inhabitants can give the i dollar equivalent of five pounds quicker than the Mutual Security Agency. After that many feel that | England may safely be left behind ! and the visitor hies himself to '· Scotland. t more. Food and drink: Good cook- ! I ing is hard to find but is not nee- . essarily confined to expensive: hotels. Sonic country inns pro! ; vide excellent meals. You are un; i likely to go hungry anywhere. En- I tertainmcnl: There is a rich vari- | cly of plays, musicals and con- I certs in London at giveaway pri- ! ccs compared with those in New ! York. Sport: Good golf courses 1 abound. There are many public tennis courts. In the country rid- j ing schools will hire out mounls ' 1 | by the hour. Bathing on Britain's ' i pebbly coast is not generally ton maTof^turScia^^ To help spread this knowledge the United gtatei Marine Corpi ha.» Immed a booklet for the public entitled "How to Reapeot and D *· play Our. flay." Among the rulca to bt followed are theie: l_Wh*n diiplayed over the middle of the street, the flag ·htuild be ·uupmded vertically with the union to the north in an eait and west itrert, or to the eait in t north and aouth atreet. J--When diipla.ved with another flag- from croated atafft, the flag of the United Stltea of America ahoulit he on the right (the flag'a own right) and Its itaff should be in front of the staff of the other flag. S---When a number of flaga of ataten or citiea or pennanta of aocletieii are grouped and dla* played from ataffi with our national flag, the litttr should be at Parents Plan Early Birthday Party For Bearded Boy Daughter, Nine, Said Dying Of Cancer ("liiiniT. Mr|.-idVThe dark, lilue* ryi-s of, pielly Hltle Ponna llaN don't sparkle quite as much as Ihcy ined to, and her weight has dloppcd In -IS pound' She h« had to pin sway the new bicycle thai i-ame along with a lot of other wonderful present) lasl Chrisimas after newspapers IhniURhoul the country told her slorv. From the People I Expel led From ! N. Y. School Bmjhvr.ton, S'. Y.-I/Pi-Anthony Valda, |fi. .ipprarM ,it Christopher tti *M al tha nwit famed faf roliinfi in hitttry, United Itatai Marine* felted lhair colari tbova rw* Jim. tn ··». 21, 1»45. building toward the pole, union Int. «--When it Ii half-mutt, the hoiitfd to the peak for an instant to be flown »t flujr ihould b« the renter or at the highest point'and then lowered to the half-mast tntcmational forbids the display of lhe flap of one nation above that of another nation in time of peace. 8--When Tin ps of slut en or rlti^A Or pennants m" ponrtirs nrr flown on thf fiair.f lialyar! with ih*» Hag of the l*:ilU:l Stnirs of Anirni-a. thc la'ittr .ho'irl alu-nys be Rl tin? peak. Wlirn llnwn from sdjuccnt ntoff5. Hie Star. 1 ' and Stripf-s thotild be hoisted fir*t and lowered larl! 9--Whrn thc flap In displayed in *. nvif.nrr other than hy hrinj; flov.'n from n staff, it should bs di»pli\vd flut, whether indoor* of out. When outplayed either hori- zo-tally or verl.irally »R»in*t it nail, thc union nhonlj be upper* n;?t .i:i-l to th* rtng'ji own light. Wh»n displayed In n window, it should he Jiunp the same \v.iy. The flap never should be used for festoons, resetted or rlraplnf. . 10--When carried in a profession with another flatf or flap.n. fhe Stars and Stripes cither should he i on the niarchlnp rlpht, nr when there i« a line of other flue?, our of th» group. ! position: before lowering: the flag i national nap may be in front of 4_\Vhfn tht flag it displayed; for the day, it. should he raised from a stuff projecting horizontally or at any ingle from the window balcony, or front of again to the peak. By half-msst ia meant hauling down t.he flap to the ccnler of that line. II--When thc flapr If usi-d to cover a caslict, it should br so pri lhat the union is at the one-half the distance between the pl building, the union of the flag,top and bottom of the si art On, heart anil over the left rhntitder. should go rle«r to the peak of the Memorial Day. display at half- The flag should not l- lowered inlo and a Scot-- puis . r ' is il this way: . '^ , ... j , . , "When visitors arrive at I iv r ' Travel: brap and relatively pool I would like them lo see the" | Pa5 ' hy P"^;"TM^lakes and the Wordsworth conn-; 1 try instead of rushing straight to I D,,!.,,* FI..I... T« London. I want them to see the DUialU VNIClS 10 alafr unlefin the flag is to be displayed al half-mast. 5--When the Hag it suspended mast until noon only, then hoist to top of ataff. the grave or allowed to touch the ground. ; In a d d i t i o n to these. of course,! DOUBLE STAMPS Givtn Wednesday, Jurtt 11 Collect Taxes Little Hork-(/Pl-Propnfed revisions in Arkansas tax collection methods which will make Revenue Department deputies of ISO hut- tune dealers are expected to be approved today by the Arkansas Butane Dealers Association. Ed R. Henry of the motor fuels tax division, who is to explain the changes to the group, said the VKcinalions Given AtHrSrwII Pox Death granrlparrnts, Mr. anrl Mrs. G. C Bentonville-(Speciil)-Fort.y-two| Shu " M McAlester. Okla. perionj in a small community thrw and a half miles *outhwe«t of Rn(»rs were vaccinated against Appointment of Ihro.e new members lo the staff of the Univenlty department of rural economics and sociology was announced lo. d»y hy Dean Lippert S. Ellis of lhe (.'ollece of Agriculture. Two will i.olri the rank of assistant professor, and one will be graduate assistant. .lohn D. Campbell, who was named assistant professor and assistant agricultural cconomirl. will devote full time to research on enterprise combinations on cotton farms. Campbell has carried on research and teaching duties at Burns Funeral Home. i monies. A group of Cave Spring ! o k l a h oma A. and M. College since Besides her mother, survivors I Boy Scouts were presented and In42 anfl ls a " ! h" r of five publi- include a sister, Mary Louise; a ! gave several stunts. Smitly Bdc- "'""" ° f th ' okl » h " m « A « rl ' brother, Tommy David, and her told of plans bring' m.H» ! cllltural f-xperiment Station and 7--When the fU|R of Uvo or nvfr n »idfw»lk from « rop'. fx-:moif nation* «r« displayed, they I thr Hag should Ix- p r o t r c t f d ti-ndlng: from houjf tn polf »t the | should he flown from wparntr I nrRinsl hrrominf soilprl and i^rvcr cdje of thr nidewilk, the flag j«tiffi nf the name htipht »nd thp.;)muld touch the ground or floor'. ·Mould be hoiitfd out from thuflifi ihoult) bt of approximately lor he allowed to brunh objects. ! I It's hard for her to kerp her balance--i-vcn when walking. Thc ' doclors say these are symtom.i of j the last stages of rancer, so her parents have derided that the family had better celebrate Don: na's ninth birlhrlay a little earlv. '. Actually, she won't be nine un- . til June 19. but a bi« party has been planned for the 12tb. At lhnt. . Donna has outlived the Christmas diacmisis of "six months- may- he." Rut a brain specialist in Rnlli- \ morn told Mr. and Mrs. Thomas i Haft last week--"this is the be; 22, ginning of the end." This has to he thc best partially little girl ever had. her parents have vowed. So they've invited every youngster of Donna's age in the whole town of Chance -- nearly 50 of them. Three Join ifaff Of Sociology And Rural Economics TM th« Kriitnr: The WashinRtnn I'oimlv ' -rjral Society, ronrrrncd th» failure of Kaypttevitlf lo rom- inrmnrate many of if* iJ!ufitnnu» pioneer riti/.ffns. is addressing a request lo the City Council ihn" the nrw mine of Highv a.v 71 in Ih- south part of town br namrrl "Archihalri Yell Onvr." This nr-.v ri:.-id cives an ^xr-rllrn! \ jp 1 '. 1 of Veil' 1 ; home tn thf r-nuth. anrl p.isfir^ wilhin s short dhtanif nf thr Mn.sonir I.or!,^.- IU1I that · Veil hiiilt--the oldest Masnnir' lorfaf hall in Arkansas. j Col. Archibald Yell wan A r k a n - . ' sas' fir^t nnH sei-nnH ' '' cnvernnr. He «rrvM in (hr Ur ! "P ri int;- a -A e*K- growth of beard on fhm and IIP. over grew the wh^kfri for nearby '"bnsr.n fi-v ·; fifith birthday cel«- hratinn n»xt month f rinripal James H. Calvin or- de.rrd him to jhave and Anthony look off thr jroatse, but Hid he liked th» mustache 10 well h« might continue to wear It. School* suspended him for an indefinite prriorl. contending they hart the niht to t ^ k e puch action »t;ain-:i an.\ student whoje actions "tended to disrupt classes.TM re.lwonds and the big tr« "' Setiunn and th« dawn of 1SI2 under Andrew .larkson. ; redwoods of chins are b«lir/ed anrt hr loet his life in Ihi- battle , ln ''c the nnly three survivsrs of Tluena Vista. Meitiro, February : * i: 'rid of tree that m pa»t feo- 1847. He is hurled In Ever: I"«ic ago" sr'w all over the green i-emelerv In Fayettpville. .northern hemisphere. " " rlr n j filtmr and proper ihal , " "~ - ' *'* narr " 'b's new drive after one i 7-ns. ?!-!l!i r J^ n '"" n '' ;l illii»lnotn cili- ' W\ J. Umke, president, WCHS made ; f I for the visiting rirlinp clubs which 1^ | will spend the night in Cav smallpox Saturday afternoon by Miss Octavia I/)wrey, Benton deal will be commissioned to col- '· c """t. v health nurse, and W. T. led taxes from non-bonded hu- j "Buddy" Burns, coroner, fnllnw- tane gas and diesel nil gas users under the plan. Henry said non-bonded users NLRB Throws Out Ballot As Too Emphatic Ixis Angeles-(/Pt-Thp N^ljunal Lahnr Relations Board h^s thrrr.'.-n out a ballot marked "hpjl, m . | of numerous icientlfic artleles. on ·lion production problems. I Springs on route to Sllonm Springs I Wtlli " m s - fnlkman will serve lo celebrate thc Silver Strike Ju- j " "S'i""" 1 profewor and assistant hjler j snriologlst, and will devote his ' time to research and teaching in ,,,,.,,, sodo | ngy . Folkm , n .. , ,, \erl,s ),, s c ,MH,,a«,. Ilpntonv.llR Chamhor . of the · Commerce, gave attending f a hnef talk. Others r , m ,, r , r Mnnomltt fqr nne with the U. S. Cennia Bureau and m Brnlonville were ! s l n , , n oiher year as soil Mrs. Rose. Mr. and Mrs. Wesle Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mc- inri thm. Jn (h ./ . 4 U · · " » « · ! . inni nt-vi m-.j|, I K J ' | ' · · - ' MM un, 1 * 1 1 . till'l 1VI1 ^. V - t l T I JV1T- ing th* death of a two-year-old ,,, election among employes of Ilic Kinnny, and Mr. and Mrs. Lwler of the fuel are supposed to keep records of fuel purchases and pay thc lax each month on the actual number of gallons bought in Ar-' girl who died of the disease day night. Two physicians confirmed the diagnosis after examining the child. National Screw and Manufacturing Company. The election was to dotonninr whether thr employes should Prater! Plans mlle.1 to the gallon. The scientific name for the commnn dog is ranis familiarly. Nancy Ann Smith, daughter o f ! the CIO United Auto Workers !,,,, ,. D. j j " , 1 Mr "' Annalee Shull Smith, is be-' union. The workers voted again«l fheir ax hni?=t th^i T^M ' lievwl t0 havf c TM"'« t "' «« ·"«- · unionization 6.1 ,o .15, not co.mlinq their tax bills at the rate of eight ease two weeks ago from transient | the "hell no" vote, which lhe strawberry pickers at Garfield. | NLRB said it considered a "do- Mrs. Smith moved with her fam- facement." ily to Benton County from Sher- · man, Texas, last November, and has been living at the home of her uncle aince February. The family was quarantined i Saturday hy state Board of Health ' _ Thf rav " Springs Chambi spent another year as soil conservationist with the Soil Conservation Service. He has done part- time leaching at the University of 18 E. CENTER Look Far the Name On lh» CtMn Fronl. RtoxdRdkf for SOUR STOMACH For hnnbirn, f ti, add S e *"Ionly lOc. arn lifting irmdr fn \vH- rnmp T caravan of fln cnrs from Silnmn Springs, acrnrding lo Vcr- IP-: Ro^o, manaaor nf tho Brnlon- v M i - ("nambcr of Commprre. Thc c;u;;v-in will arrive hore about 3:35 p. n Friday on a bnnst^r trip j '^ £'£'£ dPj?rw from tht Un Sj r .J hr , ?!? m i?S nnc * Silvpr jverity last week. H* muffht v e t - ! Slnkr .lu.iilep. which will bo held ! erflnK - aKr icii1t«r«1 c}*K*n for thr«f ' June n-21. ( i VMn( anH WJ , S , n m j|| Ury Mrvlre hculon County ,Iud C p William | from 104! to 1945. /ind Qirnell Univerfiily. M» spent 4 1 ^ .years in mililsrv scrvire. The third appointed lt tlamM H. White, who will conduct part- time rexoarrh on farm management problem* while itudyinc for his M. S. degree. White ' ' j authorities, and neighbor! were ; Commerce held its regular month- j Bonl»nvil|i ! urged tn be'vaccinated immediate- 'v meeting Friday nicht wiih Carl . ivill meet Enlirld will leave Friday for Little Rock to attend the Democratic Stale C-iinmittPn meeting. The Rnard of Directors of the e Chamber of Commerce Camphrll and White hiive hp^un thrfr dulios. Folkmnn will join thc staff August 1. ! Used hy thousand! in redlining ', TUMS FM TNI TUMMV lor of the Roger* Baptint Church. : Sn Q'PS arting as mnstrr of been reported, however. I A memorial service for the child j was held Monday morning at the I home by the Rev. Hel Gray, p^| ly. No new rases of the disessp hap ; liurial was in the Bentonvillr 1 remetery, tinder direction* of Who Gives Green Stamps? We Do! McKMhan'i Fabric CunMr II lait Canlii Jefinion'i Palnl and Wallpaper Storn II North Block 11. Hirtcn Ire*. Drlva-ln Furnltura Biort H«T. 71 Ntrth Town t Cnmpui MEN'S WEAR Otaik Thuttf Bldf. taw Irto. thee SMa Ifuin Fairway CroMry 411 N. Collagt Olann'i Dairy IHouie lo hount diliTiryl Phona MO-W-4 Oiork Clionin 101 North Black Si. Harlan'i lirvlei Stattoii Frlandly Gulf Station 11 North Colle«a MtUoy.MeNalr FirailaTllU Primini Co, HtUO ll«n CAIH lalM Onlr u EMI c««itt Olfl She* II Nfrlh Hack It Fairway Haralwan 110 Mill It |«|i*ry 101 W«l Canitr SI. Quakir Dru§ Star* II EMI Canlar St. Phillip MttM c», IM RwU Rfl«JMm your StH Cr««n Stomps ·· tht (t««J«mpti«i Ccnttr, 420 N.rth = Thursday afternoon at idiots-- June's Roman M«' Broad, m. at Ihr CM.v Hall. | Il-lfl-tf I lAmtnn'i Mat Wenttl dinserwire pattern btciula in cool, grcm ivy--hind painted ifiinit in irory background -- plfaiinejy 6u in with your dining room color ichf me--n modern n you wiih yet perfectly it home with your provincial pieccj. --f- III Owl ltUTN.Ta.KIN* tllrUT vfrcittoblf dilhn, cfllfa lad tt« poll, WIICT pitcher ind hmblcn--ind muml Califwnli Ivy !»,, Mitn. ·tarter »et ·i« % LDSMOfillE GIVES MORE HORStPOWER PER DOLLAR THAN ANY OTHER CAR! MAKE A DAK WITH THE 2±±fn'r'J^ToTi;t n £i: r -TMtf:s. t^^^^Zi^^^jz ^^'i^^^^V«**-N«... jffiarJS i^^Lr.JJ*£r'*j iE? :; ,«"' ^lars^gs ^jfflL^7±5fe^« i -»- mnrr WM^.W ffr lh» imwrr... a 1m-^ *l M-W feanin. thai ran'i a. tm,*4 m torf.r-m.l. ymr |IH wtk OMwMhV "tTl S I I T O U R N I A R I S T O L O t M O I I L I K I A L I R WHITFIELD MOTOR COMPANY, 15 NORTH EAST STREET T H I K I T S A M I W A I T I N G ! D R I V I O U R S ' l C I A l " R O C K I f " »N*W C A R T O 1 A T I s: * r,*al

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