Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 10, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 10, 1952
Page 3
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f. Maximum For Pensions To Be Increased . Workers Over 65 May Retire Under New Regulations when the minimum pension was S10 a month and the maximum about S-15. Thp increase was to he in two stages. Two Stages 1. For those nn pension or go- inc nn pension before .Inly 1, ]D52 thp minimum was raised tn $2'i and the maximum to around- £68-5(1. 2. Those poinp on pension after ·filly I. 1f)52 would never receive less ihan S20 nnri could, if en- tilled lo it, receive as murh as san. Department In A Tizzy Over Berry Picking Carrier With Atom Bomb Record Speed Mode By c.:i. t ^-L n , New U. S. Superliner Sails For Gibraltar ! W.ishinRtnn-i/Pi-Twn men have bcc-n fined SMI -,ich fnr disrupting an Afiriculturnl Department research experiment by pickinc a few strawberries in a control patch patch at Ihe department':: experimental farm at Reltsville. Mrl. ., ... .. ,. , . , They were pnrt of a 1?st tn detcr- A t Ihe same time Congress laid mino what , vpe pl ., nt ,. yifMat the higRest and best berries. Pnrlsmmith. Enghiiiil-iT'- .Tircraft c,irnpi- ('.-inn 1 I'M i. Britain's firsl atom hiunli .-i snilcrl (oriay for rrihra!t.u rn In Australia. The hnmn will lie a^emblc'l n j AhoarH 'he K^ I ' ^ i v - i m.i'f -i' I'nited Staler l i r i i v ·.'.·' .h:..u::ri :ne Atl;in!rr ;it - ,.c(..l.- · .·,,.·. ui. C M l i l v iMChiT" Ih.ii evei .·.·i.-,|..,_ I liv nnv "'he. !;nce · p..-,.! M,. T Mir prn.ieiler ln;i FVtiirc.-. Incnrpn.irtM .innnun- -^---~ -- -- In (inters steady it 3500; UtlJity r:l " ' r ' M 1 '-' «"'·"* " 1M ·»" I Oday S Market ind rommfreial rw 21.50-24.50; I',"'" 1 ' 1 '' "' '"ikiii.' (;:r (... TV ._ .... r. in n»r« and ruitrri 18.00-21.50; i' !·· n." fu · Mr ·.:·:·!·,-. -r- ,l-, ,,, st. |.oii;» i.ivnlnrk ' m\\\* ,-, n d -.-osiers itnnt; utility . II' - / P i - anri . nmmcrriitl bull* 215(1-23.53; nn. · ' · x i K h ' - i-,ii!l« ?n Vl-JH M); cutler bulls 19.- ..r.'r,i-l N.i'inn.i! SI...-X 1 -. .i':'. !.. i t ' S D A , - U".- 'fi-llon *hip th-nuch rinwn some rules fnr petting this SBO maximum: if a person work- By JAMES MARI.nw cd 18 months in a job covered by U'ashmctnn-'fPi-For many pen- social security between .January p!e fi.i anri nlrlpr. .Inly 1 v:il| be '· '9 s1 anri ·'"'' I. 'SS2 anrt his like the 3 o'clock school hell that P a ' w;is al tll(! rale n $3,600 a 1ft them nut when they were v " ar he could, by retiring after kids. July 1, 1032. set S80 a month. A f t e r Julv I |hc sncial wuiity f° r '"is reason a lot of old 'pension, reaches a new maximum People who miKht have retired of c^n n r:oirh. Mnn-- ol't jieople sooner -but who then couldn't Ret will retire then to collect. """-· than SfiS.SO -- decided to An.votie now on pension or who ; l;e °P "" workinjj until July 1. , McAlester, Okla.-W)-A convict 'retires before Juiv 1 will never be Othrr Rules ,/rom Okfmkee County last nislit enlillecl to the new maximum of All that's been said in this story ' nelmittcd to penitentiary officials fan. The only ones wh.i can net sn f;lr applies only to people who ' hl " stabbed a fellow convict t and set o f f latp tliic minin'cr or in early autumn ;it a te^[i..g _ cn-ound in Ihr barren .Monlcbello Islanrts off Australia's northwest ColumtrQ Pictures .·i .1; First Ilink Itoblicrv iin.~ "Now we don't know where we are." said a department official. "Our experiment is a loss for this year." Convict Admits Killing Oklahoma Prison Inmate Jo Make TV Films Blast Flattrni Building Milan, Italy-MVAn ox-plosion' ' I n | ' v u " ' " * - -I''- 'I'hci ···- n r . f t i n I V . . . flnttoiipd a ihrrc-sinrv ap;irtm"n: i-^nks nf th" m;m»r mn\ K- ,r j huildiriR in Milan's itidustrial n;it- r ' uf li ni , which un'i! no-r h.vr br- n , . . - , , skirts tnrla.v, killinc II porsnns "limned solidlv ;i»;nn--t ih i- r...j , and injuring five otnois. ; rMKH-hinrn'.p nf ,. I V l . l T O L .,,,,,l ,i fir | r:v,»- :·,'. IB MI. R fin-^nn. ·.. i'h - i n I T : - ' . - · ] ,;i,. !(;.,·,(,. f^.,- : ii ,,n. | : ;:.-, : . h ,, r .. r .. r , , ho , i Lfm- i ·,.- \:, r ,|.... , ,.;,,, r ., and commercial nn r.pnninz fairb' ac- -lv; "oid tu prims re"!-.- 37 n/i- .10 00; !·· prim? 302.i; -o rlipped U.Tlb! vcnr!;n?s our a 1 .' nm M.-h»ii. not ryi-, h|( , nl| ,,, ,,; ;u-,j_ I1 Mr..-,] Hr^arl. thai much are (hose 65 or older h a v e h PPn employed by others in ^' h in lhe prison yard yester- \v-hn quil work aflpr July ] and " f i l l thr. oilier requirements for ^r'.lin^ the maximum. The present maximum is around SfiS.nn. There has been tn!k around the "country ihnt swarms nf old pro- must keep pie, now working, wnulri quil ;if- .January ]. these past IB months. Fnr ihe self-employed" people there is a slijjhlly different rule: To be entitled to fhe full ?BO a mnnth, a self-employed person on working till next He could pet some tor July ]. Sorin! security people pension if he retired before Jan- hnr? say thr number will jump uary ], but not that new maxi- fnr a couple of months and Ihen mum of $30. reiurn to normal. * Officials in rharce of tho gov- k| CU/ A ^ Q K T A K J T -rrnmont's manpnwpr propram n u V Y «JJlJl«l^ I rtnn'j expect ihr increased retire- in^nis n f t r r .Inly I to affect the tntal manpower picture much. Mere is the backsrnund on these sorni] pecurity prnsion chants: Concresr increased social serin-- Deputy Warden H. C. McLeod said Eddie .Steelman, 44. admitted killing .Inn Blackie Driver, Sfl, triisty-harber \\-ho was scheduler! to be released from the prison in November. The knifing. McLeod said, pit- r-iaxed days of arguing o v e r a $10 debt Driver had owed a third convict. Steelman said he had made (he debt nood. | "SEEKS POWER" -- ' C O N T I N U E D FROM PAGE OKI Inn CLOSED rammed from the rear of the passing cars. Another effort was made lo As a follow-up to fhis (he While pr-i-snarle the s f a l o (n a n p ]y a rnnt House today called in top defense nf surfacing lo College Avenue,. an d production officials to discuss hiKhway mute (hmnnh (ho c i t y . ' ( h e arrancemcnis for resuming A letfnr will be rent from the f,nou K h rtcol production tn meet Cniinnl pnmdnc out t h a t highway C rii;n a i defense requirements'- t r a f f i c nver a pcrori of 2S vear? : j,\ n n . Steelman. assi^iant to has damaged the street, and ask- President Truman, announced In=t me thp .date in surface th" ro.-td- ninht t h a t five days of intensive wny. Earlier altemnts to get this - bargaininE harl failed to produce ioh done bnvo failed. Copies of t h r a settlement. It wa= strongly in- nnu- rpsolntinn will he sent to dicatort the parties had flounder- rir^l"" 01 " MpMatn nnri othor n f - ; r d finally on the contrnversia! un-. ' ion shop demand, which v.-nu]d An ordinance was passed mak- inc it unlawful lo drive over st roots which are barricaded, or !n rrnio\'r thp barricades. It was pointed out at a previous Council meeting that autos driving over fvrshly-laid street, hav P Overseas Airwavs Corporation, caused eonsirierahlp damage. Any- says Britain's Comet, jet airliner body caucht naming over streets vvi] , be makjnfi recu i ar i r a n snt- which are barricaded is now sub-: i :n tic m W s w j t h j n , wo R require all steelworkers to be un- ', ion members. ·Ipi Trips CwminE T T P Sydney, Nnva Srnlin-'/Pi-Sir Miles Thomas, chairman of Rriiish ; .iect to R fine if convicted, and als' will be subject to a civil damage F.ight Person* Pllhlieatien of Ihp Biblp r,'!"~ " r.raille requires la b volumes. !Uanila-Wl-Kight person' werp I reported missing today a f t e r their: in fishinc boat capsized 'in high sea = " off South Panay Island. Seven-: Iccn swam to shore. 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