Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 10, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, June 10, 1952
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PAGES TODAY 12 Read by over 25,000 Daily LOCAL FORECAST-- The Public Interest Is The First Concern Of This Newspaper V01UME 90, NUMBER 273 Auociated Pr«t L*o«d Wir« FAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS, TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 10,1952 AP, King and NEA Foaturci n i ' v i l l r Bn-1 v i r i n i t r pirtjy w a r m !nnt«ht and lomirrow. v-i:rr1.i 00 noon today I*, if'. 03 bunnj* S.IU. iun»et rtiCf nvf com Truman Asks For Right To Seize Steel Paratroopers Put Down Rebellion By 31 Communists Prisoners Killed, 19 Are Wounded American Speared To Death In Fight As U. S. Moves In Koje Island, Korea-WPj-U. S. paratroopers today cracked t h e Communist prisoner of war rebel- All-Out Search On MacArfhur Is For Oklahoma Killer ^ynoter For Republicans Before The Collapse Of Stee! Peace Talks Birds Build Nest In 'Go 7 Traffic Light Los Angelos(/Pj-The flashiest lion in a two and one-half hour . bird nest, in town belongs to ;i battle that made a shambles of i mother sparrow and five fledglings notorious compound VG and uncov- I which hve settled at the intrr- ered a prisoner plot to seize the ' section of Western Avenue and i s ] an d I El Segundo Boulevard. " ,,,. . N . i -11 j i Mama b u i l t her nest in the oir- I h i r t y - o n c prisoners were k i l l p d ! c u l a r .. go ,, Uon of a t , a f f i c ; signal. The birds don't and 139 \vounderi in tho. bloody fighting. Autopsies showed that 12 prisoners were killed by their fellow Reds with crude spears. One American was speared to death and 14 were woundc.". The fight broke out when the prisoners disobeyed orders to move peaceably into new, smaller enclosures of about 500 each. U. S. Army Intelligence officers found a master plan in 75 to liberate all fit),000 Communist prisoners on Koje. It called for ihe Reds to seize the island and its U. N. garrison and turn its weapons against any force from the mainland. Not a shot was fired in the barbed wire encircled battlefield. The 750 Americans, of the "Angels From Hell" combat team used mind After electric lighting? Or electric heating" Pryor. Okla.-WPj-Wcary a u t h o r - ; | ! itics renewed the intensive search : ! foi the killer of Ma.ves County ' A t t o r n e y Jack Burris today a f t e r i a late-evening m a n h u n t · ester- ' | day. Three carloads of s t a t e ' ; agents were joined by all avail- stale Highway Patrol u n i t s to 'search a 300-acre section between i Choutc-nii and the Grand River for Harold M. Woodruff, 34, Jay . merchant, v.'hc is '.vanled for I questioning. ! The search ended with Wood- I ruff still at brge. An all-state ip.icUup was issued for him early . it; the day. A Highway Patrol cruiser spotted a num of Wood- seem to the blinking green light. ! ruff's description on the highway all. how many nests h; Mrs. Remmel Helps Select General As Taft Scores Victory Chicago - ("/Pi - General Douglas M a c A r t h u r today was named keynoter for the Republican National Convention opening hero July 7. The choice was made on a voice vote in a closed meeting of the convention's 64 member Arrangements Committee. William My lander, Republican publicity director, reported he understood MacArthur had agreed ·avc i between Chouteau and GJ and ' \° accept. Jh* committee decided M t - : H i v e r and when thev approached.'}? spl1 !, { ^ c keynoter post away i h e ran mtn thp hnUh ' f r o m that of temporary chair I V?" "^ri ,L U ·,,-...:.. ' m a n . and Walter R. Hnllanan of Hornsby Out, Marion To Lead Browns · «r A S ' ?/, d , S " E l ° i n v e - t i 2 i i t o r s -: West Virginia, a supporter'of Sen. : Woodruff blamed Burns for push- , Roberl T n f t was chosen lem _ ·ng prosecution of a charge of porary c h a i r m a n of the conven- · obtaining money under false pre- tion. torses. Gov. Johnston Murray pledged the aid of every law enforcement ; agency in the stale in tracking down the killer. Burris was shot he emerged from his Locust The choice of M a c A r t h u r was also a victory for supporters of Taft, candidate for the GOP presidential nomination. Although the designation of M a c A r t h u r had been protested by backers of Gen. was fired today as manager of the St. Louis Browns by Owner Bill ! Vreck and Marty Marion was : named to replace him. Veeck, in making the announce- I mont through the Browns* front concussion grenades, bayonets, | office here, said he was relieving tear gas and fists io subdue the j Hornsby "for the good of the club." rebellious 6,400 North Koreans.; Hornsby hod a three-year con- The Reds were armed with spears, : tract with the Browns, but Veeck knivcs rocks and firebombs. i made a settlement with him, the Surrendering prisoners w e r e ' Jcrins^of which were not an- hustled off to the new enclosures. Horns b y took OVCr lhe Browns Grove home"Saturday night. Nine ' P\vight_p._ Eisenhower, T.iffs chief i SI. Louis - (/Pi - Rogers Hornsby pellets Irom a shotgun struck h i s : ' " ' f a c e , killing him instantly. Seeks Power To Operate Struck Firms President Asserts Issue Squarely Up To The Congress Washington - f A P j - President Truman asked Congress today for power to ieiie and operate lhe struck stool industry. Before a hastily assembled joinl session of fhe Senate and House, Trumao said ths choice lay between federal seizure and use of tho Taft-Harfley act. A Taft-Hartley injunction against the strike of 650,000 United Stocl workers, he said, "is by far the w o r s t of the two approaches." Si.-indim; on the -peaker's eMa* in (he Hoi!.-.* 1 chamber, Truman told lhe sf-n.ilors and represents- t i \ o - thi.' Supreme Court h«d rul- od uK;mi:-,l prosidontijl seizure of tlic :.[ix-l r n i l l r , but hart said Coni;i ess I'ould \ uty to take private property. He !,'iid: ''The i;.suc Ir squarely up io Congress." Outlines Terms T r u m a n declared a seizure law Peaceful Move Rejected Brig. Gen. Haydon L. Boatner, had ' this season after Seattle club lo managing the j Pacific Coast: Siege Ended At Radio Berlin British Report Concessions Won the Koje commander, had given j League championship last year the Reds a ehance to move to the j fc ^ccck. whoj tew East l^mgM -·'·· - Radiu Berlin- yP)-Briiish troops moved '· new quarters peaceably. Communist leaders chose to fight. Boat- nrr met the resistance v/ith force in his campaign to gain uncontcst- cd control over the prison pens. The battle wss witnessed by prisoners of two oilier unruly compounds--78 and ,77. Shortly a f t e r the fight ended Boatner told prisoners in 78 to i'd ready to be shortstop for the Browns t h i s sea- movcd-or clvc.° The prisoners son and is generally credited with · ' s p a r k i n g the club to an carlv \vin: n i n s streak. Ho. was hired by the; s e i z e d , Browns last year following his o u t - j ' right release from the Cardinals. He served as manager of the Cardinals in 1951, but was replaced by Eddie Stanky at the end of that Hak Woo,. : 'car. He will lake over the voice vote was taken. I Seconding speeches for Mae- I A r t h u r included one by Mrs. A. C. I Remmel of Arkansas. i Hep. Joseph Martin of M:issa- 1 chusetts, House minority leader, who has praised M a c A r t h u r ;is a possible GOP presidential nominee,' was named as permanent c h a i i - ; j man of the convention. Walker New President Of Boys Club obeyed. And loaders in compound 77 sent word they were ready to move on Boatncr's command. They will be moved tomorrow. Warning Issued Boatner personally had ordered North Korean Col. Lee 0 TMmhlo ! compound 76 leade.-. to assemble . the PO\Vs for moving. refused. At 5:45 a. m.. loudspeakers ! Brownie reins in t o n i g h t s game . $12,000 Verdict In Damage Suit Returned moved into newly constructed compounds. If you move quietly you will not be hurt. If you resist vou do so at your own peril." The Communists ducked i n t o freshly dug trenches and waite-.i. Fifteen minutes lalor the paratroopers attacked from several directions. * Twenty minutes after Ihe f i g h t - ing started, Red Colonel Lee was captured. Tents f l n m o d and wooden build- inps were torn from their f o u n - dations when concussion Rrcn;ides which explode w i t h o u t scattering death-deal ing fragments--,el off fivos and explosions ir. POW caches of gasoline. Paratroopers bounded into the prisoners' trenches. Bayonets plunged into Reds who resisted. Some of the wounded fought ns long as thev could move. Thirty minutes after the f i g h t started the field was strewn w i t h dead. Many of the dead prisoners were slain by follow inmates a f t e r trying to surrender. In the trenches t h a t s u r r o u n d e d all buildings bodies of dornpitatcd Communist? were found. about a ball club by remote con-' sia's Radiu Berlin headquarters trol," took the action in Boston.' early today, ending a seven-day Veeck said today he thought he;siege which won several conces-. had selected the right man, but he siuns from the Soviets. The British j The Fayetteville Boys C l u b Board obviously had been wrong and was ; said they lifted the blockade on ; °* Directors elected James L. admitting his mistake. He single:!-the station inside their zone be- Walker president of the orgai out no p a r t i c u l a r instance which : Cirjf . c ;* had served i t s - purpose.! zation for the coming year, at led him to make the move. ' u n d e r its pressure, the Russians ; meeting this morning .al Kei-gu- Marion has been the regular ' los , cncd t n c i r squeeze on West : son's Cafeieria. He succeeds A. D. Berlin to the extent of yielding -McAllister, Jr.. who was elected several border areas they had ; second vice president for the new year. Other officers of the Boys Club include William R. McNa'ir, first , vice president, Mrs. Joe Grumpier, secretary, and H. L. Utley, treasurer- i The five officers are elected to !serve on tbe club's J O - m a n Ex- j c c u t i v e Committee. Other members of the committee are Dr. C o y ;Kaylor, Suzanne Lighton, Alcum Eason, Jr., A l l a n Gilbert, Jr., a n d the Rev. Edward Brubakcr. Thirteen vacancies were f i l l e d : to round out tho 40-member Board ' of Directors caused by expired terms and resignations. Those appointed to f o u r year terms were: Dr. Kaylor. Harrell Hull, M i l a n Creighton, Walker, Alsey Holland, James McDonald. Mrs. J. R. Bos- · ton, Arch Cloud. Mayor Powell Rhea and Frank Lewis. W. C. W h i t f i e l d . Jr.. was ap pointed to a three-year term, and Ellis Sheitnn and Su/anne Lightun w e i e given tv.n-yeur term". The board m e m b e i s a t t e n d i n g lhe meeting dlso di:;cus^cd n pio- posed c o n t i a U w i t h the W a s h i n g ton County Fair Association for locating the club b u i l d i n g on that property. No action vas taken. Melee Wrecks Equipment In Kentucky | A Circuit Court jury this morning found for Mrs. Carl Roberts of Hindsvillc in her damage suit | against OseaV Willikowski of Fay! ctteville Route 1. The jury Vward- I ed a judgment of $12.000.. i Mr?. Roberts had sought a $20,Vanceburg, Ky.-(yPi-About 50 '000 judgment and her husband a state and county officers were similar amount. Willikowski in called in today to preserve order , u r n asked $20,000 damages from in an isolated pipeline project i n - . t h p Roberts. varied yesteiday by 250 men who ^^^ ^ a ^ r \ ? a n f ] t h e i r two chil- 12 workers weie reported "injured° riren wcre \njurerl-thc parents The trouble was said to have'· a n d on ° chllri ^ntieally--Septcm- started over a union's attempt to bcr 4, 1951, in a collision between ·" ~ " their Jeep and Wiltikowj-ki'.s truck on Highway 45 east. Willikowski suffered a knee i n j u r y . The Roberts contended W i M i - kf.vski swerved across the highway into the path of their Jeep. organize the gaslinc workers. Bull- rlrizers pushed six trucks over an embankment to destruction, several tractors and bulldozers were wrecked ar.c! windshields of other ' vehicles were broken. Damages wns estimated at $25,000. County officers and stale po- · licemen were called, but the unidentified attackers vanished before they arrived. The injured, none seriously h u r t , were taken to ncarbv Maysville and Morehead. Willikowski charged the Jeep was operating without lights. McClellon, Fulbrigh^ Favor Aid Measure Only Seven Fires In May, Report Shows ! , Mosf Popular Pop Contest Near End The contest In select Northwest Arkansas' "most p n p u l n r pop" w i l l close tomorrow The winner w i l l be announced in the. TlMKS on Friday. Four toon K a y e t t e v i l l e merohar...s are sponsoring tho contest, in which H prizes will ho awarded. Ballols for n o m i n a t i n g popular fathers a i o p r i n t e d in today's TIMES. They may be ..-lipport out, filled in. and d r l i \ e r o d in person lo nny of tlicso-l-l j-torei.: Kayottc- Wnshincton-VT'i - Senator C l e l l a n ( D - A r k ) voted w i t h the majority yesterday to pass a compromise $(5,447,730,750 foreign aid b i l l for t h e new fiscal year. Senatni F u l b r i ^ h t ( I ) - A r k ) was paired for lhe measure, which was j j n sent t I'n.-Hdent T r u m a n . Kayettevillc had n n l y s e \ e n fires .. during the monlh of May, ;;nd no Baltimore - - .Inhn Fo:,trr by l h e Fire Dpparf.ncnt. The m o n t h l y department A-as n , pd (0 l h p CiK . r n u n n l ] i 5 t \ M , )V C h j p f R n r I \ s l ; f , ] l n n . o ' nf , h o s r v p n .,!.,,,,,, f / V l k npp . (r , 1l; , , n ^...^ hr ,, TlC and ot:e a l a r i i re.suItrd f i o m a ninnr f i r e in n business house. Two v:eio tho result of j;ras:i fires and the remain ing two i n v o l v e d Garfi^ld Leaves 5100,000 New York-i/!VActor John Gar- fiold l e f t an e^t;lte estimated at S l O O O O n O a r f i n l d left most nf the «iuio!ijODiies. estate tr, hi-i widow, Mrs. R o b e r t a ; W i i r i n R the month no alarm:. ' G n r f i e l d . She wns named exe- 'were a n s w e r e d outside the city cutrix. 'liiiiils. Stales tor lay to "make rlear t v '.e conditions uiuivr v.'hirh our r o t a l i - atory s t r i k i n g power would be used' 1 against Soviet aggression. S u r h a statement of mtentior.?., · I l p p u b l i t - a n M c h i t e t i of mesc- peace tH.-aty, "wr.uhl 1 our li lends, who now · may jccklesslv t-l.n t an atomic war in which they be. the first v i c t i m s . " would H u n t ' s has the r:*;ht g i f t for Fathers Day. I A d v ) Pace Certain Allies Can Meet Communist Challenge WashinKtoN-f/TVSecretary of the A r m v Frank Parr. Jr.. disaRrcerl with' Maj. Gen. Daniel H. HmH- vtllo Drup, H a l l Tire C o m p a n y , ; S0 n that L'nilcd N a t i o n s forces in in the a b i l i t y of the Cy Carney Appliance, I'rice-Pnt-! Korea lack the m.-Hiprnver lo fac-c of our n a t i o n and th' ton, Kayetteville H a r d w a r e , Turk*:;, ! the C o m m u n i s t hoi Mrs and w i n A l l i e s tn meet any r" lhe- war. most about the s i t u a t i o n -- h a v e t o ' HiuHvin, who snirl in his n r i n - lOporl. in;tl lntervi"w, "I'm not :;ure why "For my p a r t , I'll put my we'ie oven f i g h t i n g , " said lal Hi- C Quaker Ilrtif;, K a i r w a y Hardware, Word's Ico Crrani ( / : i r k C:ie;ui. ' "Any r . p i n i n n tn lhe or*, F a v e t t o v i l l e P l n m b m K «»d "mtejl Nations for,ITS HriW Company, ( i . r r t e n h l ^ , ^ ^"^ J o w e h y , Kellry lumbers - C . i t y ; r ] n r p f l i .. j; , ronlr.iry If. e v n y t h i t i R months Lumber Company, and Pioneer t h n t our liiRhrsl m i l i t a i y lenders service a. rm A d f o i e r - 1 of our tff which ke. "d on an if fommu- I'ace de- Thc s e n e l a i y rommenl iiilei view in Los Ann"l'-s bv Hudrlson, n n-seive o f f i c e r who i ; r e t u r n i n g t o civill.'in l i f e a f t e i 2 ) dive d u t y , i n c l u d i n g commandei nf the i in the field--the men who know , DlviKtnn in Korea J, ".Secret.try I'ace is a f i n e tfentlf- man, and as .secretary u n d f i i i b t - i-illv )i;is acc^s:. lo i n f n i m a l i n n not av.iil.ibl- in a pooi old h i c k e n - dowii c o m m a n d i - i ) u t IKC k ft mn pi-i.snnal exjiei u-nce " A n oil c o m p a n y e x i ' c u ! i v r u n t i l his tet-.iU In d u t y , Hud'-tson :aid he exp'-cls 1 be nut of the. A r m y w i t h i n two 01 t h r e e dayr.. ^^^^^H^^H ^^^^^^BIH^^^^^^Hmi H^^^^^^^^^^^KH^^^^H^^HMKPF i : Benjamin Morccll (left), Jones and I.aughlin Steel Company, and Phil Murray. CIO president, rinilr : at one point in steel labor dispute tall-::; during rceciS in \V;i i :luiu:ton, D. C. Mm eel! he.'idod no mduslrv';; three-man team and Murray the labor group for the joint bargaining conference, Tho talks collapsed last ni^ht Trial Opens For Tuck Bishop Faces Charge In Tooele, Utah Toce.le, Utnh-f/Pi-A murder trial against convicted Arkansas sbyi-r Tuck Bishop, ali:is Carl B. Anderson, opens her? today. Hishnp, who failed to return to an pi iion following a Christinas f u r - lough, is c-harfiod with the fatal .shoot inn of two bunkliouse. companions ;it Ophir, Utah, on April ri He was serving two life : : on- tcnces in Arkansas, for killing t \ v o men at Spnngdale, Ark., when he was granted a Christina;; furlough. lie was charged with kiiliti^ IUN others, but never Iried on those two counts. Bishop was declared a fugitive when he did nut return to prison. He was located through fingerprints, as a jusp-ict in the bunk- honsc murders, lie identified hini- "' ' ' ' 9 l Foreign Aid Biii Sent To Truman Washington - f/Pi - The Senate yo.strrd;iy p;.s ,rd a S6.4 17,730,750 compromise foreign aid bill and sent the measure lo the White House, where Preside! it T rum, 'in w;is expected to :;i:;n il Fortv-nne DfiiKicral.-. Jiiid Kl Hepubh.-.,];-. jimed to qivi- the bill fill vt.!e ; . Klcven .senatoi.. oppo:.e.i M-- in He- publican ·: jnd ;i k.ric Uen.:n j ,.t, ()!in Johnson (IKSCj. President Truman h.vl n V.ed for $7,900, ()00. ('()() for f o n - j ^ n ;u(i » . Fulbrighl Honored With Oberlin Degree Oborhn. O h m - f S p c c i a l ) - t'. S. Sen J.imr-:. V.'illiam Fulhri;:ht of A i k..n; ;u n-cer ed the honorary doctor of ],v.'.'.s decree ye.-:toi(l j \ Irom Oberlin Colifjjrv F i \ e nlhfi:. r'-'-c-^-efl honoi.ny drf.K-os ;it the Pi-fM-nlin;; I!:- d r y t e c 'M Sr u.i- tor FulhiiKhl. 1'n-Mdrni V.'illiam K. Stevenson ii.sf-! thr. itaUon. "P.uilder tt n new . s t a t e c r a f t (.f HiU-ni:it!(in;il hariii"ir, tht'iu:-.h international undci st.indm;:. Men id of s.'.-nids in'.o jiowshai- 1 . .ir.d of :peai: into pi iijiin;' hook:.." Poultry Market -- Tho pfiulln tr.ilrkt't tar];iy n* rr- [mrU'it Ijy the University of A r - knns.'u Instiluto of Scu-nro ^;irt Technology and the Dairy nnti Poultry Mnrkrt Nowi Service nl the U. S. Department of Acrloul- lure. Northwest Ark.'ins;^ in ;i r k c t .'.lr;i(ly td In m. '-upfiln-f lii^ht on '.!/.· I.VI'I '!.*! II..' . ...I.'IH..|V l l l - U-r tin- wnclit. .l.-ir..iii'l j:"'"l. ti;iilllil! ;ii'1ivr. I'i Id". p.ixl 1 'i |j fnilii. ii|i \n 2 |i in . lu.iilfi' i.r fryris nil wi'ichls (S'j-.'l'i HIV i 2S-2D mit:. n |b, mostly 20 New Assistant City Engineer Hired; Man Added To Police Force By Action Of Council i_u r_n 0 inoor Jonn ,^ii]M,i iry 9~ has t w o full-hm? ;t:;::i:M;int.s, :i'- r~\ i ,i . 1 1 i i t.,e rosuu ,.t .-,,·,,,,,, .,!,,,, i;,., Blythevi 1 Ic Has nigh! at a moctiri;; f*l the City T An P\ l l a.unni A :'.,.r,,n,i ;,.,,: : .t:; ! ,i..-M:,,-. lUU-Degree Heat old l.H'hfrcii/. -- v;;i': hji'C'l M ;i * , Li'.llc Rock-i/l'i-Tlii- trni|HT:i- :.;,!;.,·· of 5 2 , .i .1 m»n!h I', i.-pl:..-,- ,,,,.,. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, ., ,,,,, v ,,. ,,, r , i; , y ..,, two p.-irt-titni- ii;:.ift:i:il- whn have lily|||,'Villi- :,s n t.M u! A r hi'i'ii \vr,rkim; in the c i t y -n Sim ·, i V ...v.-clti icil. T!.,' I.'S Wf:i!h-r Un- offl'j,'. The tv:o wt-rt 1 :Julents "it I'cau Hi Lilt!'' Ho,-k , I .IK( thr-rr !·; the Univenlty anil li'M :!,· i ily n,i : 11:11 nf .-, !· !MI, in !h,- ln-at The when,^,I wai. out I.i,'!i,'ifi:.' f:. \vr;ttl, I-!:,' i: f r n ·!·.·!· t '.r-,.:i:qon a! !:finipi''!'.riK ( ';ic e^Uf^i 1 .':'. Die I.-!!!- !i;;i;i;i; ::,!::;·,'.'! :.. !r : ;r;r:r: ;;·" v. 1 :!!: versily by coi'n;; jrjli'irm e. M.I- ivi, :.'.llri- ;:.n. ?.(·:; hiiffoy rxiilainrrl. lhrr,u;;;i Knriay. Tl;i Couil'-il ,'i!.,n .-iKi-eeil. nijun Tin- t|jfniniiii-ti'r i-hiiilj'"l ;·. '.I'J'^ii] of Aklei .'nijil flej;rees ;;l V.'il:nn ami i!7 at Hunt of lhe Poh'r CoTr.Mir,!(:c. to Stuttgart anfi Jom-.^buio, while employ another p., lire. nan Kir the Uaidanelli' and Fayelteville re- c-lty force Thi-i will allir.v ll»- city jxirtcil hiKii;, of 83 .- the tooled pnlicemen tn work eiplit-hnur ...pot:; in the: hcat-balied :,tate. s h i f t : ; rather Ihan Ht-hr,nr - - - -· stretrhr's as at pn-i'ol I n t l i - d i ' - ft i T 1 cumr,,, v.-lmh I.M-, .:,l.-i .1., IhmyQr I 3]f fl tirm. U w,:, bn,N i; lr. .,,,1 i .,,:,-- |||IU!fCj i UHC titmini! Fhe Chief l',uil Hkelv,:! that fiiemwi v.T.ik 12-hour . | i v ; , _. . ave.a^e 72 hour, a -.veer. .-.u-ii. 1 U f A A A i l T A f Skelton cni.l Ih" .... u v.-o, k CO ||||CC MUlUj hours one v:erk .Mid »·! t h e n e x t . Th.e C'oLillcil voted l::i:Miinou' 1n r. t T i add thr' e x t r a patiolnian. who v.d! jtOlen 1 TUCK he hired l , y t t e C , v , I S c i v L , - , C . . l I : - i | $ R e c o y e r e c ] mi* ; ifin. : !n f.thrr ;u-1:0!l ':: ! l.i;'h!. t! '· TJiicr ;,i ( "-ji;i'i! -lie : : · . · - ' . . l e u r itniii il .ij'i i - r - i \ :·! !(·! L ; . - I | . " } , - i . i , j ].·;,,, ,.r /··_ ; j [ ( . ]., · i . ; - ' } ; ; ,, ; ,. i ( t _ ;IN I'Oiir n f f l : -ci; ··)"!! ' - . ' - . ' - t ' \ t u \ \ - \ . . i n - p , · · ; · T - , · : ( · , , ! , t nti MU v r mi t i n .:: In Iv.-i « · : ) J'.'it; · - ! , f, ltl , · ] , _\ , ( . . ; , _ . _ · , . - , · ' : · ;.,;, ; , r - r n - ;iii'i !('·!)'·', a ; t f - f ' 1 -.. i;|yon p»-;!:;f,ji ^: ;: : i j ; ,j. ., , ,;.,;.;i i c i - o v o r e ' l of 1 -.('(· p'-:-:.i-ins v.-h,fi'f j . i M ] i r t t v |. ic '.(·:'.'·!·:(.:-, ' :. 1 !r!. l :v ;r- V l t:o- .·j'.:':V r,: :!./. ;:!!(··-. A t t f i i T u - v " I 1 .· cci; A ! 1 - . ' ! .,:,! M--'ii.!;ii::bur^ A i k n . .on. icpic. ·'·n1:i,;* Ui- i,i'i|,f-r - 1'. (;:n! !',·(·:, ;ii/. ..'',-. \ ; , - ; J - . :.,,/! D'' 1 ..ll-'.v i i.-t A |!HV F r v ; , : ·-,-.;,,:, - A . - . - o n n|,i'i;, ,'i'iH } . : , - . nf. 1 b'-en, li: A ;, cr.- ,.r--l l,v A l f h ( ",·,:;·]. ·', '.?, lie-In f I':'-''.' IN '·»' * ''lll'T 'if t h e : ft c i S t u - ' t , v.-.,.. . t .,;,.., ,^,,, · ;,:!-. ..· i\ l'.,: ...; I - - , , 1 (,.,.. · [ , , · [ · - icljn p ·:.. in.-.,, ., [;; pi,: .-e t l i - - ;.!!'·'.- A ! ·'. I'll .1 ! ; . n e M'-'-R '''-'"· !')(··.!'·: /, '!, -M MM-.M; C'o.'i:- :.M'-!''.i Hi T i l - p. i t ! «i 'Ov/n V.-,'i I- ;··' '· ! V.V *. M"-ii. ! ii!: S'n-cl .'ip. 1 .!'. :i; 'i 'l.i' h 1 : ! . '.i 1 - : : i c \t,--.,'n\ l'"i'i '- ·· - · : ' · - ' ! "...,:i ' . . , '.','.\-n Tiu-;e"v/;r' ) -.h.i'U-r.'.hi!. n:--". - "'"·-·· ' · : · ' ! · · ' - ' · - '-''''· ' '-.r- . r- a '. i . ( · ' ( · . ' · · , ' : . · I . ' ' · · ' . . · · f " . 1 ' · . ' : ' · " I ' .,l!r-. Diiiin;: f h i - ( r , i i ] - " uf P . . . ; . - ;' r · · · " ' ! ' ' · · · · ii - . · ' : . -'i: 1 · ! h;it.-, ;i pp.p'j ..! ". tin:, t 1 '" | . . - ' - *'··'·'·"' i ' - " lion ov: t - i tl.«- I'ljihiiil, ' '·,,,,,,,,[.. 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M Hlv.i : ,i.'l A i k in -.1 . -- T.I: ! lv 1'Hi.l'. tins M.p r r n t e r ' n r t in- «.1i i - i - t AMerrj...n '- Vl!h ^I'l'-I 1 - :.'.i"«'M'.| Ihun.ln Hcfln. i.illi-il JiUriiti'.n t - i t'l.- l . u t ' b t . v . r i . I..n..,:i .w N'.-l ir.ucli pl:i( i d ( « . | Hi.- di i v n - . 1 pnl. ) ) . · 1'. " ..,,. ...,,| ,,.) ,! v. · ' - i . i r u M - ! ' . ' ; - " Hlr Dfrrrh 1'olirf l - i . ! , ; , 1M, L 1 ],|i .-!.! t IK HIM - A l l ll. 1 l - ' i n . T ( ' ! ! · ' '. ] S K v l i ' - l . t l n i - - M . I " i.lil-. t t r * l l l : l r l | ; - . . T ' · ' 1 ' - f " i : .1 . « ! l ' . , : · · i - 1 " f tn«- in ,i In.' M! I t . i / f n - r .in ·.··!· 11 ii- ' :i'n ' l!l1 I"'' 11 ''' 1 v : 'ii'' t ' h i i - f l\'.u 1 \ V - i t t - 5 ,HiM ,!.nii|- 1tn- i li.iM'-i- f ' f s i ' t l i r ; 1 '' " : S! I- OI "' ; ^ t ' h h i . V . l f r , '.vhil i VoNTiNrKii ON pAiK THiui: ·· -i p.tticnt In · M. l^ui.t hospital. 1. PPI mit the tf)vernm«nt to chan;;f.' tho v.-atft-:; arid working ronrtltioiu, of the steel workers. The ;:ovornmeiit hnd bern prr- farecl tn rar.e ?,tefl wages under the presidential sci/.ure. hut was ?. Provide for a method o[ te- tcrnilninfi just compensation (or the mill owners. Truman rocoro- mcndcd special boards within the framework of the economic stab- ili/.ation prosmin. A factor in the stnko was the failure of the steel indiUtlry In net nuvernmcnl assur- .·inccs of price increases the industry deemed net-eisary to pay hi^h- "In this way,' 1 the president said, "the legislation can assure continued ilccl production and fair treatment fur both parties during ijovrrnmont operation." IliU Injunctlve Powers Truman rondemned of the Tafl-Hartlcy Act':; injunctivc power:; ,15 ", unfair and quite po:/;ihly ineffective." He said the union h.'i'l voluntarily postponed strike Hftinn for 99 days as compared with tho Taft-Hiirtlcy flO- day rooliM'j-off period.' "It^ iTiift-iiarticy) effect wnukl bo to require the workers to continue. wutifinR for another lon-^ period \vithout change in their wa^cs and working conditions," he ::aid. "'This would be K r °5sf v unfair. Tho Wage Stabilization Hoard, the government iiRcncy rharped with responsibility in I'lfl.'jr. matters, has found -- and ·IK- (-(tmp.'tnies have admitted -'hat thr v.-firkfr*; arc entitled to improvement in -,.-a£C5 ar.6 work- nip eonditinns. . . "The n-sult r,f t;^ fl Tall- Hart lev type m junction in this dilute would he to take sides with the companies against lhe worker!-." Favors No DrUy If C'ncie:.s fchouM zo against hi:. juiK-iKCiU mi Taft-Hartley. Tiuin.'ill ini;eil tl'.nt It \ o t C pow- ei · i f a:i ir;:;:iedi;:ii.' injLinctio:i t wi'linut -,v;i;iinK f"r the f a c t - .luiiu.; I'epo:; ii;, a .*.pei:iLt! board H.I row re*iuinrd- by that statute. Truman ;:;nd C'fmcre.^s should act '.M'.h t h r e e objectives in mind: 1. "Tu .-ecu re r.^eMtUI stcrl 'J. ''To assure treatment to bulh p.iitic- " '.'. "T'l i-ni ritira^e the parties !'» ct:!»' ihetr diffeiencr.s throu^n Tr'nvin .-··lii'd the miils la.-,t A p : ] ! . ,i. '.ir,-^ ur.ilcr ·,-.h.i'. he ten:',ed t.,e ;i.h'M-i-fit powers of his off i c e Thr j-tct'l ir.dc.^ry went to ·(:!.;·; ;illil t h e : '-l.'Ure W.t.i UpSt t ]\ .\ hi'tniH- Mij-ieinc (.'n;jr: ru'.- iru: i. i M..I.-I iv uf :,··,: -..eok Ti ui:;.m '..,v!M''t v.; M iiiliiTClH t'" ·'· ''' I:,r:1eih i'cl v .'if'.et tho court dr- ( ! · : . ) ! ; . thi- j.ti-rl v. 01 kcrs \v .ilked (.-l;! 1'rodurtioii "Kssrntial'* I 'AMihn · now for Ciin^ress tn ;-ive tisiii ihi.% pi'-.ver. Truir.un told tl:r !,'k r iij',ni:, n-. Mi'emn, words t h a t full si-ale pioduaion nf steel is absiilulfly nccossary In t!ie \M"-tein'. program. He added: "Tlio issue df pence cr \var ham;s m the b.ilance and- stcftl is a \iial el^miMit in the outcome." When the steel pe.ire talks col- lajisr'i htst niitht both the indvu- Ir v ;unl the union snid; "We have KIVHI ;i-sutum-o to our (tovtm- ment thnt we \\ill cooperate tn ax* Minn* ptmUieiion of military rr- (|tiiiemrnl.i eit^ntlal to our forctfl en«a«ed ir. cnmbatlLift Communlrt

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