Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 9, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 9, 1952
Page 10
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, J MOfTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMK., ArkanwH Monday, June 9, 1952 Van Fleet Says Allies Ready For Push By Reds; Hudelson Not Hopeful Of A Victory Politics Charge Made By Doctor HST wacOMES ACHKO " HOME Seoul, Koic.-i-(,l'i-(; n .I.-nni". A Van Fleet said torl.iy t h e t!.S JJighth Army is ie;nly, a l e r t a n d tit to meet any Hcd i.!fr-i:;ivo in Korea. Thc cumin,inder of (he United Nations f i u h t i n i : m a c h i n e ·aid its morale "is !m:h--a!ir.i,' I (a a point of wUhini; thc enemy Would a l t a c k . ' : -""The E i g h t h A r m y i.-, r e a d y , ·lort antl f i t lo meet ;my ofjrt, : ,ive trhlrh (he enemy may r n d i h l y decide lo l a u n c h . " Van Fleet de. elareri. "Thai e f f o r t would be At- fcated." ;. In Los Angeles, the outturn;; tommander of the -Ifllh D i v i s i o n , M«J. Cm. Daniel 11. lludclvm,' s«ld last nigh! he doevn'l ;ec huw Che United Nalions can win the War in Korea. "We simply don't have the m a n power to stand up against the Communist hordes, even though Our equipment is the he::t there Jit," he declared at IJK Angeles International Airport, fleneral J l i l d - «lson took California's N'adonal Guard division overseas 21 m o n t h s Igo and led it into combat. He is frturnlnK home In leave the service. J,«00,00n Redi Av.lUblp ·' U.S. military authorities have estimated the Communist potential tlr-lklng force Is approximately 1,000,000 men, about ,100 t a n k s and Mlf-propcllcil guns, aii.1 i lion planes. ; Ground and air action cnnlinued to pick up slightly on the western front. U.N. defenders again Mon- boat off Chinese who have been t r y i n g since Saturday to win l i . u k a l u l l position they lost west nl ('hoi won. F"in Allied patrols fought long .icljun:. S u n d a y night and Monday n i o i n i n g i i o i i h w e M of Yonch(;n. ' sniiih of Choiwon. US. Air Fuice ;ind M a i i n e pilots c i i n c c n l l . i l e d on fins*.- support .·(like:. S u n d a y n i g h t . Ten IJ-Zflv ' i l n i | i | i e r | bomb loads nn Hed troop:, :' and Hed f r o n t l i n e inslallationr,. . N i n e U.S. 13-2(1 Superforts Sunday ' n i g h t dn.pped IKl tons of high ex: plosives on the Sonchon rail ' bridge. HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatcherv Carroll County REA Plan July 8 Meeting H c n t n n v i l l r - (Special) - Mem- bfir; of the Carroll County Eloc- trir Cooperative, ItEA, will hold , their amial meeting at the /air- j grounds in H e n y v i l l e on July 8. I The directory in this section include Mrs. Oscar Sears of Benton vilie, Hoy Broadhurst of Pea HltlKC', Alton Wheeler of Best, F. M. M i l l e r of Southwest City, and : tho manager, K. A. Gates of Ber' ryviile. | Meml)crs will have an oppor- | H i n i i y to learn more about their i coopcrfltlve and to take part in its i a f f a i r s at the meeting. A f u l l day 1 i.s planned, including enlertain- | men!, an appliance show, demonstrations, und an address by John n. Thompson, member of thc Ar! Icansas Public Service Commission, on thc rural telephone situation. 1 Benton County Receives State A : d For Schools Bentonvllle - (Special) - County Treasurer Powell Henderson . announced today that he has re! reived $211,003 from the state Dep a r t m e n t of Education as the final payment of the minimum budget aid. The money will be credited to .'·alary, operating and debt service to each school, nnd will be allocated as follow;;: Bentonville, $5.472; Decntur, SUSS; Gentry, $2,383; Gravettc, $3,2115; Sllonm Springs. $5,441; Hoscrs, $9,193; and the County District, $2,064. . _ Wnthtrproof ind Flnproof Biiuliful Colon PHONE 303) -' FOR FREE ESTIMATE CLARK VENETIAN BLIND Ir AWNING CO. II Williams EVERYTHING M nUMIINO an* SUmiCS FAYCTTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVHNMINT AVI. ummer Hits Truman! Formed Commission Chir.iKo - f/l'i - Tlir prosirlr-nt of the Americiin Mfdic;il Asr.orjMJrtn chjirfic-M Ind.'iy Pr.-.xirlrnt Tnim;in'.- commission to M u r l v thc "fir;ihh fKM'fls of Ihr n f i t i o i i . " v/fis crrntof! "for thc purpii'-c nt removing ;i very troiihlrsnme insiic f r o m public ronsidf'rntifin d u r i n g ;m clro lion ycnr." Dr. Jnlm W. Clirm of Snn Francisco miule It p l a i n th;it thp "is:;uc" ho wns referrinj? to u;i; Mi'. T r u man's oflfin-rep. i al(.'d proposal fnr N new plan of ferjpr.-ili/crl compulsory sickness in.sunmt^ which the · AMA h;is s;jjfl wmjJd mt-an "socialized medicine." The commission he r f f f c r r r l to is a group of doctors nmi laymen j which says it is simply n fact- \ finding nrgiinixrJtion .on a cnnlro- ver5i;il subject -- but which t h o ! AMA contends injects "pnlitu-s" i Into tlie field of medical c;irc. ' Dr. Clinc, retiring as prt-sidenl · of tlie AMA, made his s t a t e m e n t in an address prepared fnr tlie! opening session of the Mouse o f . Delegates, policy-making group of j the organization, at the AMA's ! annual meptinfi. 21 Persons Injured In Amusement Train Wreck Buffalo, N. Y.-WP)-Thc gaudily painted t n i n i a l u r c train a t t h e j zoo picked up speed. Its S u n d a y 1 passengers -- most children -shouted gaily lo their friends, | Suddenly there were .sci earns · from 200 onlookers as the tiny train lurched f i o m the rails at 10 miles an hour. Two cars over-1 turned. Twenty-one persons were injured -- but thc most seriously. hurt was Shcryl Warren, six. w h o ! had a compound f r a c t u r e of t h e ' leg. About fifl persons were report- j ed aboard the amusement train. \ Restrictions On Down Payments For Houses Relaxed Washington - (/I*i - The government today relaxed its restrictions ' mem luuay lejaxen us re.MriciJuns g^mmm ai · in how much you mutt pay down j fllflf 0ff NfUflAfl to buy a nr-w house. Under t h e . _ V l l l V v l J MVIIIVU By State AP Organization Hot Springs, Ark.-OT-The new | new proeram. elective Wcdncs- ' day, purclifiscrs w i l l 1)0 alkr.ved to ; m f j k c dov.'n p;,ymcnts 20 lo f0 per : cent loss I h n n those now requhed ( under R c f l u l f i t i n n X, which has hcen in effect n e n r l y two years. On the least expensive houses, down payment requirements were : eut in h a l f . On the most expensive. ; c ha'irman" of°7he"Ar!ansas Ysso- i they were reriured 2(1 per eent. | da , eri Prcss Association is Car- | The relaxerl controls program ! roll McGaughey, associate editor means t h a t only ive per cent w i l l of the Arkansas Gazette. Me- I be needed in down payments on ! G.iuRhey who was named chair! some houses and t h a t the maxi- , man at the group's summer meet- [ mum required will he 40 per cent, i infi here yesterday, .succeeds Eu- I The action was announced today . Hene Smith, managing editor of I I by the Federal Reserve Board. | the Joiiesboro Sun. Ted R. Wylie, j Here is what the board order j editor of the Northwest Arkansas ! will do: I Times at Fayetteville, Ark., was | ' elcctcri vicc chairman and ehair- | Salt is used in the manufactur of steel and various chemicals. NEED A NEW ROOF? ASBESTOS SIDING? No Money Down Easy Monthly Paymenli DYKE LUMBER CO. 30t SL Chatlei I m a n of thc Ncws Commit- PRSSIDENT TRUMAN greets Secretary of State Dean Achcson at thc Wu:hini;tnn National Airport on the lutler'a relurn from Paris and llonn. The Chief Executive acclaimed Acheron's Kuropean mission as "a crcat contributionTM to world peace. (fntcrnational Sonndjiholo^ SENIOR IN 1934, GRAD IN 1952 1. On houses costing $7,000 or i less, five per cent down payment 1 will be required; it has been 10 : per cent. . J- N. Hciskcll. editor of thc Ga- 2. On houses costing $25,000 or : zette, was reelected to a five-year ; more, 40 per cent will be required; ; tcrm on t n e Executive Commit- I it has been 50. tee. | 3. On houses between those fig- i ures. a sliding scale fixed require- 1 rnents at a sum between 10 and 40 j ed a trophy for the best news pio , per cent of the sole price. : lure of the year entered in the The order applies only to new ! stale Associated Press photo con- housing, t h a t is, private residences , test to Charles Nichols, Memphis ' built since October, 1950, when Commercial Appeal photographer. ' Regulation X went into effect. | Ken Johnson, the Commercial Selling an ILLOGICAL MARKET is an ECONOMIC WASTE GEORCE S. Ou4VnU4- C^rtAWUWvK* C.nlr.l Dlvlile chkig* t, IH. .d 1925 In other action, C. E. Palmer of the Palmer Newspapers, present- There were no controls houses b u i l t before thc effective dale of Regulation X. Lock Picking . . . . . _ _ ., . New -iork - tip) - Sumaili has ; trick Appeal's Little Roek correspondent, received the trophy for ! Nichols. Plans for coverage of the 1052 political campaigns and elections ! were discussed by the delegates I from the AP's 25 member news- ' 1aperE in Arkansas - Tne meetins also was attended by AP General Executive Robert Bunnell of At, anta . Tnp AP w i l l s l a f f , he two picked up a trick or two since i gubernatorials candidates in the moving to the Bronx Zoo from the Democratic runoff primary this Belgian Congo. The gorilla has ! summer learned to pick locks. She's al- ! _. ' ,, .. .,, , ready done it twice on her stecH n T hh ° fa " m , c !, tln * W1 " be held cage door in recent weeks. Yes- j Octohcr 26 at Conwa y : tcrday a new lock was installed. K u m a i l i apparently does it by using her I h u m b n a i l as a combined screwdriver and tweezers, and her lips as a monkey (no pun) wrench. Hut her efforts get lier nowhere. The door separates her indoor and outdoor compounds. She always gets picked up before she can pick any more locks. Tempco Floor Furnace -- WITH 10% SUMMER DISCOUNT Garbage Disposal In-Sink-Eraror 20°t Discount for June and July Close Coupled Water Closet as low as $26.50 Lavatory 18"xl5" Vitreous with Center Supply $23.50 New and Used Water Systems Used 2-Comportment Sink Used Water Closet Water Heaters AGA Approved $41.40 BROODER EQUIPMENT STEEL, COPPER and PLASTIC PIPE and FITTING CLOSET and BATH SEAT FAYETTEVILLE Plumbing Heating Co. JACK ROBERTS, OWNER 310 North West. Phont 730 Mary Henderson Takes Demonstration Post Bentonville - (Special) - M i s s Mary Henderson has been named . assistant h o m e demonstration agent for Benton Counly, according to an announcement made lo- day by A g r i c u l t u r a l Kxtension Service o f f i c i a l s at the U n i v e r s i t y and County Judjic W i l l i a m II. EIH field. Miss Henderson graduated from thc University Saturday, J u n e .7, where she received a B.S. degree in home economics. During the summer of 1951 she served as j u n i o r field assistant in North Sebastian County, and she IKI:: been active in all of the home economics activities al Hie University. A n a t i v e of Fort S m i t h . Miss Henderson has been an active 4-11 and community leader. She succeeds Mrs. M a r i e l t a Morris, who resigned and assumed her duties today. Bill. AlltN, *..:u v.-ai au| lo nave K ra.Uuated from Marietta col- ' JCRO. Marietta. O., In 1934. po.scs with his family on receiving his \ iliplnrnn Him year. Allen needed only six credits in 1934, Lut had to ; |;o to work lo cam a living. This year lie drove 72 miles round trip ! nncc a week from McConnctavillc, O., lo make up the deficit in an cvcniiiR class.-He is owner of the Central Market and Locker plant ill McQmnelsville. Intmwtim Used by thousands in reducing diets -- Jungc's Roman Mea' Bread, i Eccp ip with the Umes-- rat the Timu dailT. ' · Verbenai. Petuniti, Scsrlel Sage and Many Olher Flowering Plants · Tomato. Pepper tnd Egg Plantt · Summer Blooming Bulbi and Flower Seedi A D A M S FLOWER SHOP Phonn 320 33 N. Block Health Clinics Planned For Benton County Bentonville - (Special) - sK county health elinies have been scheduled d u r i n g the next 12 l a v t . according to an a n n o u n c e m e n t lu- Miss Ortavia LOWIVV, «-uun!v health nurse. Typhoid booster elinies w i l l !.· held at the Amdent Si-huol ,lune n at 1:30 p. in.: ;tf Silent Grove J u n e a at 2::i(l p. m.; al lictllel Heifihts June i n al 10:30 a. m.; and at Cherokee C.'itv J u n e 17 at 10:311 a. in. Two pre-sdmnl clinies arc to be held at M a y s v i l l e J u n e 11! al 111 a. in., al Sulphur Springs J u n e 13 at 111 a. ni. Doctors Use Sandpaper To 1 reat Face Disfigurements B.v MIYN'K C A R E Y ' i n t h e i r sandpapering t e c h n i q u e ( lni-;i.".u - i-l' offer:: t h e y .lon-.cti'ilcs used "coarse, HIT- , an an! in t r i - a ' . i n i : various f a c i a l i l r s:indi).-iucr rolled on a .-.tcrile i.'i:ifi-:iiri.:r.enl.-, the A 1:1 e r i c M n linndine' 1 and applied bv h a n d - - Mi'dii-.d A.~--.«-ialion \va.i l u l i l lo- or a incthanicallv-oin'i-atod i-mcry ·^ · i'tonc. !'-. Cl.iiiv I.. S l r a i t l i and ycvcr- In a n o t l i e r exhibit Dr. R. R. al p i l . i : . t , c !-ur;:er.v colle.-iKUe.s of Savers of the U. S. 1'ublic Health Delron ;:aid :::.iid p ;,perin» of t h e Si'i-.'ice and several c o l l e a g u e s ' skin -- u y u a l l y a.- a f , , l l n w - u p in ; : ,id m.-iiiy of the nation's chil- :'ui ::er\--- i , f u - l c : i h f l ; , inward i'i a.-- dren , : u f l e r from icad i ··.-^onin^. : "'- 1 l"n:pl.- p i t - . |i.«-|; in.-n-l..:. t a l - The iii-, : -t eoivnio!-. ,-:,u?e of this I"";-, eindern,a!l;s or carbiiii i n a i k s le;-d-p.- :-onins. t:i-y v:,iii apiicars In in c v ; i l u ,i -i . ! - : . · n,., i :» i:,|i: ;,, |, ; ,l lc , l - a b i t ol chev.-in^ iiair.t of the in ;, n-icntifie nl,lai".:p..'; lead cribs, t o y s , ! exhibit al toe A M A ' s a n n u a l i'i;rnilur.'. v.-oodwuri: such as win- | inn-|in,r. openinic l,,,!,,y for : , d., v .'sil|s. -.mi the c.:l:i,' of p a i n t - I w e e k - l o n . : : e.., .on v.-|;h an e\- ed :':ul fallen | aim l!.u;i". : peeled a l l e n i l a n c e of :;o;r.e I j . u u O '! l,:\v re ·omincnded t h a t no e il- j "Mile l l a l i i i n ' s liocleis. i\r be iiy«,l in r e f i n i s h i n g iir'.i;l;3 : The nieelin.-i. coiinilutes orran- o; f n r n i l n . c intendi.-' for 1150 :y i/erl niedicin..-':: "bif show," and " l - i l i l r r i "uniirs tin: pi';iili'nt com-! includes cn.ii i-tinTOi-t ielecasls n[ JHK i as d e c l a r r - ; n the iab"'' niciiical advance::. .-I-'orly ("H-liidcs the presence of The De'.roit : invoolB .s::iil t h a t l.-od." i WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You Since 1929 SMITH RADIO SHOP With the Dnitrol Jr.' that Rives you perfect control of desired water temperature... that automatically turns off burner if pilot goes out See the many other outstanding features that mean oceans of hot water at lowest cost I*t us show you the CHAMPION today. RUSHING PLUMIINC HEATING CO. US Pralrtt--Phtnc 535 CHRYSLER SARATOGA 6-I'ASSENCER SEDA.N NOW SHOWING 1:05 - 3:05 - 5:10 - 7:15 - 9:20 PLAYING BOX OFFICE OPENS 6:45 Every Page a Peep Show! Hurry - Hurry - Hurry Only 1 More Miles ·*· * 8:00-10:17 PALACE BEGINS TUESDAY -- 12:45 a The Living, Loving, Fighting Conquest of the Great Northwest ·k Woody Woodpecker Cnrtoon it if Kiddie Land * Merry-Go-Hound - Slidei Swlngi - Teoter-totter Pony Rldti Minialur* Oolf Court! DO\T LET YOUR WIFE DISCOVER THIS TOO IM! Women by the tlinusnnds are discoverinf in the beautiful Chrysler Saratoga the easiest "bis car" of all lo handle . . . the most uenerously comfortable lo ride in ... anil the most instantly responsive to their command. That's why we say to you . . . nnrf i/aur trijt "Come in and see for yourselves what the Saratoga does for you." And do it now, M mf you decide on any car ... not later, when you may regret not having all I IIP things you tan Imtc in a SaratoRa! Yes, it ii a hi c with big oar power . . . a Iroatli-tiikiiiR ISO H.P. performer ( t h e most revolutionary V-S engine in r, yoars) thai answers to the touch of your toe with d e l i g h t f u l gusto. And it doesn't call for premium fuel, either! Does your wife think there's ton much r»r hero to handle? . . . let her try its Power Steering that does -1 'S of nil the steering work and gives /!« limn greater control on the roml anil when parking! Is she safely-minded? Chrysler Power nrakps give her quipktr, safer stops . . . with up to lico-Mirdu Ins font pressure. She'll appreciate Chrysler's Safety-Cushion dash panel. And in case of a Wow- out, she'll have thc assurance of Safety-Rim wheels that won't "throw" a tire. * How about comfort? Comp, hoth of you, for a ride! . . . feel how those amazing Onflow shock absorbers "liquidate" even the worst road humps. Chair-high seats plus big, big windows fet even the tiniest little lady see out properly. Doors open wide . . . and she can keep her hat on! Here, in short, is the car beautifully designed for men niirf women. The liveliest, best handling car in America. The car you'll both be glad you saw first. Why not stop in today? NOTE: rw,r SI,,,,, ,,,^,j ,,,, r ,TM. n ; ,, » · CHRYSLER TIIK FINEST CAR AMERICA HAS YET PRODUCED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO., INC., 420-621 North College Are.

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