Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 24, 1974 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1974
Page 13
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FHS Student To March In Macy's Thanksgiving Parade PREPARE FOR UNITED FUND DRIVE .. .(I.' to r.) Pope, Dr. Bishop and Collier United Fund Drive At University To Begin Thursday; Goal $11,500 Plans for the 1974 University of Arkansas United Fund Drive were completed Monday by Dr. Charles Bishop, President of the University of Arkansas, Royal Pope, Chairman of the University of Arkansas United Fund Byrd Hopes Fears Will Be Allayed WASHINGTON (AP) -- A key Democratic senator says he hopes Nelson A. Rockefeller's confirmation hearings will ease public fears that "big business, big oil and big banks will benefit" from the elevation of the wealthy New Yorker to the vice presidency. Though such fears may not be totally erased, Sen. Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia said in an interview, he thinks the American people should be reassured by "the tremendous experience and knowledge" Rockefeller would bring to the vice presidency. Both Sen. Howard W. Cannon, D-Nev., chairman of the Rules Committee, and Byrd, member of the panel, said they saw little obstacle to confirmation of the former New York governor, based on 'Monday's opening day of hearings. Rockefeller returns today for more questioning by the nine Rules Committee members. On Monday they asked Rockefeller about matters ranging from his personal and family finances to his approval of New York's law. LACKS DRAMA The day's questioning lacked the drama and tension of prior events in the vast Senate Caucus Room, such as last summer's Watergate hearings, or the Rules panel's sessions a year ago at which President Ford was approved for the vice presidency. Even Rockefeller's vast financial holdings underwent few detailed questions as he repeatedly insisted his family's economic power is overrated and that his own acts are not influenced by his financial holdings. "If I had spent a lifetime abusing economic power I assume I would not he sitting here today," Rockefeller said. About the only cloud on Rockefeller's generally bright horizon was questioning about his role in a 1972 effort for renegotiating of a controversial Navy contract for F14 fighters being manufactured by the Grumman Aircraft Corp. on New York's "Long Island. LETTER DISCUSSED Cannon asked Rockefeller about a July 8, 1972, letter to key officials of the Committee for the Re-election of the Presi dent, Clark MacGregor and John N. Mitchell, and to White House aide John D. Ehrlichman, and a memo suggesting a phone call to then Vice Presi dent Spiro T. Agnew. "As governor of the stale ol New York, I always tried to · represent the best interests ol my constituents," Rockefeller said. But he made clear that as vice president he would do nothing to favor New York over other states. After the hearing, Cannon said the use of influence in be half of contracts is something "done every day," adding he only wanted to make sure Rockefeller wouldn't continue to favor New York interests. Asked the prospects for Rock efeller's confirmation, he sai that "outside of that, I see no problem." Asked If Rockefeller was i shoo-in for confirmation, Byrd replied "I wouldn't say he is a shoo-in. But as of now, he looks good." Rejection Urged WASHINGTON (AP) -- Twi arms-control advocates hav urged Congress to reject ad ministration requests for $4f million additional for nuclea: weapons tests. They said the accelerated testing program would be view er] by the rest of the world as i U.S. attempt to beat the March 31, 1976, effective date of the threshold underground lest bai treaty signed in Moscow July 3 ommittee, and Carl Collier, nited Fund Drive Chairman. According to Ruth Ann Mcandless, executive secretary r the f u n d , the University of rkansas Drive will commence hursday, Sept. 26. The goal r the drive is $17,500. Mrs. McCandless said that nited Fund campaign goal is 49,460. She said that volunteers llected $6,557 from local busi- esses Sept. 19 in the Business ivision Drive and added that ean-up for that drive will also ke place Thursday, Sept. 26. Local businessmen who were ut of town during the initial Jsiness collection will be con- cted by volunteers or they iay mail donations to the nited Fund office, Box 1053, ayetteville. The United Fund supplies nancial aid to more than 20 orthwest Arkansas organi- ations. It is responsible for a jge portion of aid to such ·Gal agencies as the Fayetle- lle Youth Center, Fayetteville umane Society, Salvation rmy, Abilities Unlimited, Boy couts, Girl Scouts, Fayetteville elief Association and the Fay- ;teville Youth Dental Program. Bumpers Sees Party Race As 'Wide Open' LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Gov. iale Bumpers said Monday hat he admired Sen. Edward il. Kennedy, D-Mass., for placing family considerations ver any political aspirations e had." Bumpers said that Kennedy's ecision not to seek the 1976 emocratic presidential nomi- ation had thrown the race ide open. He said he thought the presi- ency has a "tendency to be ery destructive to the family nit. "I had always felt that if Sentor Kennedy did seek the nom- nation, he would start out the ost viable candidate," Bump- rs said. "It would have been ery difficult for any other can- idate to have caught up." Bumpers said he didn't know ·hat potential Democratic can- idales would benefit most ·om Kennedy's withdrawal ut he mentioned the names ol ens. Henry M. Jackson of Vashington, Walter F. Mondale f Minnesota and Lloyd Benten of Texas. "There are all kinds of very apable people that I'm sure ill emerge as Jumpers said. candidates,' When asked what effect Kenedy's announcement woulc ave on his own plans, Bump- rs laughed and replied, "None the Democratic hatscever." Bumpers, ominee for the U.S. Senate, as refused to comment on peculation that he might be a andidate for the Democratic ational ticket In 1976. Fittipaldi Prevails MOSPORT, Ont. Imerson Filtipaldi, Brazil's McLaren, moved by Nik Lauda tfcLaren, moved by Niki Lauda vin the 200 - mile Canadian Jrand Prix Formula I auto ace. Economists List 22 Legislative Proposals NEW YORK (AP). -- Twenty- one economists have endorsed a package of 22 proposed legis- ative items aimed at eliminat- ng some government quotas and stimulating competition within certain industries. With a few reservations and exceptions duly noted, the economists signed a resolution supporting the legislative package at a day-long .conference on Monday in · preparation for President Ford's economic summit conference in Washing- ion on Friday and Saturday. The action was the nearest .hing to a consensus on anti-in- "lation measures discussed at ,he presummit meeting. But -wo other economists in'attend- ince, J. Kenneth Galbraith of Harvard University and Nat "oldfinger of the AFL-CIO, re- 'ujsed to sign the resolution, They said the proposals were "irrelevant" to fighting inflation. The 22-item package, proposed by Thomas Moore of 1he Hoover Institution, included: --Repealof the meat import act. --Repeal of import quotas oh dairy and other farm products. --Reduction or elimination ol entry barriers into trucking. --Allowing licensed airline: to operate in any market, and permitting them to withdraw from unprofitable or undesired markets, --Prohibiting resale price maintenance to encourage "competition at the retail level. Alan Greenspan, President Ford's chief economic adviser, said the participants in the conference had been chosen because of their varying opinions and a consensus was not expected -to result from the dis cussions. Greenspan, tlie conference moderator, said the discussions had helped narrow the' areas from which specific monetary and fiscal decisions would be made. A -Fayetteville High School student has been silccled to he among 102 students from across the nation to march in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and the Tournament of Roses Parade. Tom Pitts, a senior at Fay ettcville High, and son of Mr and Mrs. Floyd Pitts, 70D Sang is drum major of the high school band. He will play trom bone in the two holiday parades. The 102 high school students we're selected to march under sponsorship of the MacDonald's Corp. The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade will he Thanksgiving Day in New York and the Tour nament of Roses Parade will be New Year's Day at Pasa dena,- Calif., prior to the Hose owl football game. Pitts began hi s music lucation at the age of six with ano lessons. He began udying trombone at Ramay Jnior High School. He has 2en named first trombone in e All-Region Junior Band; r s t - in the All-Region Senior and; second chair in the Allate Band; and holds positions Gymnastic Classes Offered At Boys Club The Fayetteville Youth Center and Boys Club. 815 California Drive, is offering gymnastics classes for boys and girls . in grades 1 through 12. Lessons for boys in grades 1 to 6 will be held Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 to 4 p.m. Classes for girls in grades 1 to 3 meet Wednesday and Friday from 4:30 to 5 p.m. Girls in g r a d e s 4 to 6 will meet Wednesday and Friday from to 6 p.m. A new program for boys and girls in grades 7 to 12 has begun this- year. This class with boys and girls combined, will meet Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. A new series of swim* lessons will aso begin this week at the center. Instruction will be of fered for ages three years anc up w i t h all ability levels in eluded in the program. Instructors say that there is no charge for the lessons except a current membership in the Fayetleville Youth Center anc Club. Parents are asked to contact the Youth Center at 442-9242 for further information and regis tration. HAVE YOU WRITTEN A BOOK? The field editor ol a well-known New York subsidy publishing firm will be in Fayetteville in November. He will be interviewing local authors in a quest for finished manuscripts suitable for book publication. All subjects will be considered, including fiction and non-fiction, poetry, juveniles, religious books, etc. If you have completed a book-length manuscript (or nearly so) on any subject, and would like a professional appraisal (without cost or obligation), please write immediately describing your work and stating which part of the day (a.m. or p.m.) you would prefer for an appointment^ Please mention your phone number. You will promptly receive a confirmation for a definite time and place. Authors with completed manuscripts unable to appear may send them directly tons for a free reading and evaluation. We will also be glad to hear from those whose literary works we still in progress. Please address: Mr. John Carter CARLTON PRESS, INC. M Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10011 Phone 212:243-8800 Adult Education Classes Begin The Fayetteville Adult Edu- ation Thursday evening classes egan Sept. 19 with a regislra- on of 204 adults, representing decrease of 32 from last ear s enrollment. Registration for the following hursday evening classes win e open until Thursday. Classes elude electricity ; bridge; "TM a " relations; investments; ? r' a , nd wo ° dcr aft. Call .151 for further informatihn. TOM PITTS .. .to play trombone in parade in the All - Region and All- State choirs. In senior high school, he was named first trombone in the All-State Band, won slate anc regional honors in choir and played as a member of the University-Northwest A r k a n s a s Symphony. He is a member of the Fayetteville High A Cappela Choir. He. plans to make music a career, either as a teacher or a member of an orchestra. To Visit Korea DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) Syrian President Hafez A s s a i will head a delegation on a visi to North Korea before the eru of September and will mee with North Korean Presiden Kim II Sun, the Syrian govern ment announced. Wycliff Dinner Set For Oct. 1 Wycliff Associates will spon- or a complimentary dinnor on "uostlay. Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. at he FaycUeville Holiday Inn. 'he purpose of this dinner is o create interest in the Wycliff Associates Bible translation enterprises. The dinner speaker vill be Floyd Lyon, who was assigned to Peru [or service vilh the jungle aviation and radio service. He will share stoics from his life as a jungle lilot. For more information and reservations, c o n t a c t Mrs. Edwin Whiteside at 442-9239. Northwwt Arkansas TIMES, Tues., Sept. 24, 1974 * FAYETTEVILLE, A R K A N S A S 13 Credit Package WASHINGTON (AP) - Poland will be able to buy $28 million worth of U.S. farm commodities under a new commercial credit package. The Agriculture Department said the arrangement will enable Poland to purchase $8 million worth of cotton. $4 million of tobacco. $10 million of rice and $6 million of tallow. The loans, financed by the department's Commodity Credit Corp., bear commercial rates of interest and must be repaid in installments over a maximum of three years. Considers Hearing WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sen. John L. McCIellan, D-Ark., says he is giving consideration to requests for hearings on legislation to prevent a shutdown of state-run lotteries. Sen. Hugh Scott, R-Pa., made public today a letter from McCIellan lie had written Sept. 11 asking for early hearings. 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Sony Model KV-1710 Trinitron® Color TV 17-INCH DIAGONAL SCREEN Orig. 469.95 444 100% solid state circuitry and automatic fine tuning, automatic color and hue in one push button control. Instant picture and sound --no set up adjustments. Illuminated channel indicators and rotat- able VHF telescopic antenna. Front mounted speaker and front mounted controls. Top mounted easy carry handle with simulated walnut grain cabinet. Weighs 57 pounds. * Simulated TV reception Model KV-1710 Appliances--DILLARD'S--First Floor Juliette FM/afc/AM Digital Clock/Radio Wake to music, sleep to music, wake to alarm. Large numerals. Smooth and quiet digital film movement- Digital numerals denote alarm time setting, hour, minute, and second. Up to ~60 minutes sleep to music conrol level. Drowse button for extra sleep iimc, Precision tuning with large spun aluminum knobs. High impact plastic cabinet in walnut grain with brown front, accented with beige, chrome and brushed aluminum trim. Model FD6-10G6 ' . 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