Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 9, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, June 9, 1952
Page 5
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Father Of Order Of Rainbow Resident Of Me A'ester, Okla. NOflTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES. foyeHcville. Arfcomm. Monday, .:«n» », 1»52 ... cible fnr membership in the Order nf Rainbow. However, a girl fines nnt have tn belnns In an Eastern Star or Masonic family tn he- They were sent as representatives come a member. The new three-story huff-hrirk structure was completed in May. It will he dedicated next month-possibly nn Sexon's birthday Julv 8. The famous founder of the canb.atinn had bnlh legs tatort as a result nf an infection Richer, president nf the club, w a s . under ,-pveral years ago. Despite his '" charge of Ihe business session. =rhnn h a n d i c a p ' ' ° " ' .-rv,- ..-- ,.-,.-_. I arbon te: The Rev. Mark w! Soxon. 73. "/ether nf the Order of the Rainbow fnr Girls, will see 2fl v e ^ i s of work with his organization culminated next month when the new half million dollar International headquarters building is dedicated in McAlester, Okla. The Reverend Scxon claims that the thing thai pleases him most about the new building is the fact that it bolonss lo the girls of the Rainbow. "It was Iheir fees and dues that paid for the structure." he reports proudly. "No outsider was asked to contribute a penny." A former Christian Church pastor, he has lone thought about Ihp need for a fraternal order for young girls to 50 along with the DeMolay order for young men. In 1922. Sexnn, a veteran Ma- Ron, appeared before the Eastern St«r order in MrAlester and ap- ! pealed for the founding of the organization for young girls. As secretary to the Scottish Rites bodies, a position which him Jn tnuch with DeMolay organizations ell over Oklahoma. He caln- ed much useful knowledge in working with youth groups. The Eastern Star approved his brainchild and he was assigned the job of working ou[ a proper ritual for the propound companion organization. The rainbow symbol was suggested by him by an illustration on a Masonic chart , . ._, .. , , woishin services at Ihp First Bap- ,,. The ritual hy more than Ifin.nnn list Church, in Ihe absence of th-ir Mel active- members of the organic- . pastor Rev. Stanley Jordan who i nciisl Church tion and over a half million who tf on a lour in Europe. Mr. Cole- church a few years ago in Ihe capacity of educational director. The Panama Canal Society of tht put w«k in Norman. Okla., where th«y both were enrolled in a writers workshop course at the University of Oklahoma. Mr. and Mrs. Clark live on North Thompson St»eet. Mr. and Mrs. I,. M. Freemever, Charles Lafferty. Mrs. Ella H«as Mrs. R. Foster, and Mrs. Kenneth Paap of Sprlnjriale attended the Seventh Day Adventist Confer- j ence held in Gentry last week. from the church here. The Springriale Chamber of Commerce sponsored a chicken. ,, . , . . ,, .. dinner at Oak Grove School Fri- ' nounr '' rl ""lay. A " Ihrce h?ve ,|. day night. 'ready taken up their nciv dune; Mrs. Mallory Hawk entertained the Rnnklnvers Club Friday morn- ,. ... r- ing with a breakfast at her home'Lyons are doing research nn Ihe ?.TJ: 'i??:i5r s , t .i5?ii n !?".i ( ': 1 !', r ! i : D - E '.p | '.TM«i ir».«»i K nf t,^ s .i,,. Mtract wilh C-irhiflf and Chemicals Company. Dr. New SlaH Members'Assassin Takes Life 01 Sooner County Attorney Science Institute Thrpp lieu s t u f f member* h n e been added by the University Institute of Science and Technnlogy, W. W. Origorieff. director, anal- p thp campus. Dr. Jack K. fMrlfnn nnd Thomas bus ga The Arkansas slate convention : Dr. and Mrs. S. P. Stublx and .Hi- also completed a'-, ear nf t «, f \. of Rainbow Oirls will be held in children nf West Huntsville Street I doctoral work, including chromat- Fa.vetteville. next week, with 500 le" Friday mnrninf on their Vi-!ographic studies of organic cmi- registrations alreadv in. entlnn. They will visit friends and! pounds on a Naw contract He is relatives In Mississippi. : married Mrs. lone Austin of Springdale entertained the Tru Blue Club Thursday. Memorial services were held Shoots Jack Burris As He Conies Out Door Of Home Prvrir. Ok'v-r/r-Th* inl*n-.iv» investigation into th* 'Tarpfitll." planned, cold htnndrd rrurnr" nf M«v: OOIIIIM- At'nrn^ .lrk Pur- ri= i.« progress SHE rapid lv ;ii-rnr rime tn crimp FV-iTfli; ("h"*f Gmrsp Wil-"Mi W i I? n n and f{v* a c ** n t s arnvr-d at !h* scene nf ihr eh'.:Vi!ii! vr-ctprdav and tonrt charce of the invrshj;*- 1lon. Springdale and Lyons I _ Thp Immanufl Rapfst Church of ' Spnngdalr oppnpri a revival mppt- inc Sunday mnrning which will 1 continue through .Mine 22. Hov. Clydp Lpslie, Arkanpas missionary anri pastor nf church, is Ihr rvangrlist. mrrtines are bring hpM in a on Highland anri Plcnp^nl Stropt SnrviiTe hp^in al fi oVIork cnc Sunday nftrrnnon at Silent Grnvp coni*tpry. Thp Rev. Roe Matthews conducted the service." and Hsys jf^ . Millor directed the song n^rvlce. thp Thp if-nt Mi. and Mrs. Chris Ahlschede left Friday morning for Kirkwond, Mn., whrrft Ihpy visited their son- of Tina. Mr. AlsrhPrie only spent the weekend. Mrs. Ahlschede will stay fnr two more weeks with The Rev. T.ucirn Cnlprnin ut _. · ... , -· Littln Hnck WHS ciiosl sprakpr at Tma whilp her parents spend the both thp morn in R and pvpninu va S al A n . n in Chicago. evening h~s t"*o childrpn. i aitcnod Centenary , C'ollfgr* anri rpcoived his master's 'dfRrep from Lot'.isiana Stpte Vni- 1 vers-ity in iflfif). ! Dr. Nathan Gonrffifl. vho has I hud KPverfl years' rxperirncp in city planning anri related aiihjpr-K has ho?n emplovpd fir rrsp-arrh in urban rede\'elopmcnt anri city planninc. She will work with William S. Bonnor. nciinfi director nT the institute's division nf social science. Dr. Georcia received her Ph.D. from Ihe University of North C;irnlinr. last yptu. after J studies at Reprf Cnllcpe and nt have ranched the age of 21 Thr ritual fakns one hour In run thrnuch anri teaches in ICP- *nnp: A belief in the exisfmrr of a Supreme Being. Ihe prcM truths of the Holy Bible, tn sp*?k Ihr dignity of character, a cnncpptinn of Children attending the "Wesley j Cornell University. ethodist Church and First Meth- [ . Under Bible Schools were Final classes were held at the Firft ! Wnv A t Methodist Church Friday night/ ' Sunday. A cooperative lunch was erved at the noon hour. Cant. the hiEher things in life, effective ' ''^ck Phillips. Fayetleville. i; leadership, church membership, . president of the .sociely. patriotism. cooperation V - i t h .._^ r - ^'^ ^l rs - -Tames Neal and certificates were presented I T ;,.,,, , i ,/n A i to the children. Mrs. JtH Brown ' _ t" 1 ' R^k-l/Pi-Arkansa wa.« in churn- of the Firjt Meth-. Sch " nl Kirl.;--.1.14 s t r o -i g coi- odist school, and the Rev. .Tim ! v « r s«i "n ramp Rohinson yester- Workman headed tht Wesley d "- v fnr lhe npeninn of the inth Methodist school. ' 'annual Oirls' State. Speakers on I , The Wiiifiome Sunday School opining day included Governor | , f Class of the First Baptist Church McMath and Mrs. Joe Tavlor. equals, love of home, and service Wpst Kmms A '-'fn"e have been i «'']'. mf;l a ' 7 , : ; in P-m. Juenday at I Sean 1 * " i ' i . i o n v i f i . i \ i i . t . ,.;^;,i,, TM : - n » _ j : -n _ FT, . In* hnrVift nf Mi-r W A U B p - r J ! » l . » r . . i . to humanity. Any teen-aae girl recommended ',, w anri rii , UBh ,,, r . hy a member of the Kastern S t a r i W v a t t Rnwver and son or Mason in good standing is rli- ' Mr. and Mrs. K. R. Clark ' visiting in Mad'i.sonville. Texas, for th * nolT ' e "f Mrs. W. A. Hsrdif ter. Legion Auxilisn Jhe past week with their son-jn-' nn Theodore Drive. jc.imp. president of the American sponsors of the and Mrs. i spent There are mis daily newspapers! in Great Britain. ' Announcing RED BIRD CAFE I have sold th« Red Bird Cafe ro Buena Hall and wish to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to my many friends and customers for the wonderful business that I have enjoyed in the past. Your continued patronage will be appreciated by Buena Half. You will still receive the same Home Cooked Foods you have enjoyed here for a number of years and the same courteous friendly service. Mrs. Cleo Hinkle NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT OWNED AND OPERATED BY BUENA HAIL Same Courteous Service Excellent 1 Foods OPEN EVERY DAY EXCEPT SUNDAY RED BIRD CAFE West Fork Mr. and Mrs. Vol Davis had as their juest for the past week, Mrs. D»vij' brother and sister-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Thurman of j . Georgetown. S. C., and his brother- Autl-ir-.ritie.'; arc r-heckinc slor^c in the area In find u'hn.h sc;|. on huckthol. the pellet t h a t wat fired into Burns' face frorn a distance i of seven to in (o.-t Saturday nicht · as ho emerjjed fiom his l.on: c t flro\'e home If they (mil the -Irire t h a t sold the pellpl. !l-ey believe the ou-n- : PI could learl tllPin !n t h e killer. An a?f'nt who ;r:!;H ihnt hjv name he withheld STld they a r c j inveslicatinc Ihp possibility the county .-iiioi ne"'s death was link- · ed in somp way lo the bootleg j u-hisky t r a f f i c in thp cmmtv I Another aaenl. Pid Wllsnn. nil- i pd out the original notion thai ] someone had shot Burris hecaute ' he sent him to jail. | "i'lfi it necn pnnieonr- t| 1H t Bur- i . ris had prosecuted," Wilson paid. ' i "thai mnn '\'ould ha\-e h^cn \.|ri- | : dicti\'p ,-ind ina\'be \vould lia\-p ' 1 boasted about what he had done ! H ' « h ! T h a t fort of man prohahlv would , have met Burris on the street and j shot him oppnlv." j Meanwhile. District .ludec .ins], Lee Evans appointed a Prynr it- i lorney, William M. Thomas .It-. to ' replace Burris as county attorney i tempnrarily. ! Assassin Walla By Hnnr | InvestiCf'tnrs say the killer ' crouched in Ihe crass near lh- house and \valched as Buiris worked on an air conditioner. I Burris went in to gel a SCIP-.V driver and hammer, kissed hi wife. Melha. playfully, and then walked outside. i The assassin WHS wah'ne or m as he came throiiKh fhp d-ior. ! in-l«w and ulster, Mr. and Mrs. Don flare of Rosevi!'!", r.iiif. t*on Karnef of Little Rock spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Ev a Karnes. The Assembly of r,.d church i-Eeation Bible School i ill slart Monday. .!'ine ifi. Thi.« yen the pliSRes M-Ill he he!d in Ihe p''e- ninis. Mi« Vivian llmins "' iTulra. Okla., «·!!! he supennlend- | «nt. | Mr. and Mrs. F,d Sample. Mi. iind Mrs. Ralnh Crawford .-.-1-1 i daughter, and Mrs. F,. V. l.uo-i: ' were guttit of Mr. and Mrs. Syr-"; Adtms of Rogers, for a fish ':-y Thursday evening. , Mr. and Mrs. Buell Woods h a v e ; ar their gt:e.t. Mrs. Woods' father, Nell Cruse of p r »iri* Grove. Sim- day guests were Mr. and Mrs. William M. McKinnev of For! Smith. .1. W Walker or fayelteville delivered the morning sermon a t ; the Assembly of God Churrh Sunday. ; Dr. and Mrs. Alford Hat.hrnck '·ifilr.d in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ray Sunday. i Not white, not wheat, not but a flavor blend of all Ihree-- Junge's Roman Meal Bread. l-19-t Mrs. Burns, who said she. thought she hearrl .1 firecracker co j off, invrstiKnlnd and found her husband Ivinc face up. his (ra- tures distorted from nine bnrk- shot prnntrnlions. It was the ynunc rounly alinr- i noy's third ierm. Hii iri-m expnr'i next year and he was not r;un- naicning for rerleclion. H« "-a- i r i n ;md reared in Luriist Gmvp .-in'l \von eloriion to office shor'lv a f t P i his disctiaree from service in WoiM War II. Tl'n -.cirntifir term, cenuc f,-!]'.. "icliidc". Ihe house ral. the User.! iHe l:on, the mountain lion nnd ; others. j Certain fishes have .social hd- : ders exl»'iding to the last |r,«.|.. rnembei- of a school, pays the Ka- . lional Geographic Society. i Th" Angln-Kayptian Sudan !· all Inn surrounded hy F.gvpt, l.ih- j ya. French l^nualorial Africa. Mio Belgian Congo, nntish-ptotm-ird Uganda and Kenya, Ethiopia and F.ritrea. A Newspaper Route Means Dnr* \OflR Son. Have a Routr.?, More Money to Spend and Save This Summer · FORTUNATE it Ihe young fellow who h.s « roqul.r ne.wjp*p»r route thii iumm»r. He't the htad of t preiper- ous little busmen enterprlie, thtt p t y t him w«ll for a fnw hour« of e»jy work each w««k--givei him plenty of cash for iporti, clothei, hobbiti, fted timei and invingi! During hit ichael vacttian he hat eitra epportunifn to enlarge hi« reute and profiti -- contact newcomers, tell non-iubieriken, obtain vacation orderi, and e«m»»te for the tpeclal awardi we offer te carrier! wh» ««cel in lum- mer talei *nd lerylee activltlei. At the ume time, he it gaining the batlc builneti experience every young man needi to get ahead in the modern builneu world. That'i why newspaper routei are in great demand thii lummer. So if your ton it eager to have more money to tpend and lave today--and m»re training to help him luce»ed in buiinen tomorrow--urge him to apply for the fint r«ute theft available in y«ur area. Call our Circula. tion Department. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Build Another , . . With Insurance You can't protect yourself against such hazards . . . but you can guard against complete loss. Insurance is always your best bet. Consult us about all your insurance needs without any charge or obligation o n y o u r part. Renner Company, Inc. 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