Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 24, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1974
Page 8
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ASOmCWLTEAM STATISTICIAN, I HAVE A FEU) ' FI6v*ESTORERXr- CXK1N6TH6 RWT SEASON, WH1E W WERE IN RIOHT FIELP NINEW EIGHT RY BALIS 6WNCEP OVER VOK HEAR. KVEN1Y-S1X SfMUNf? BALLS ROUEP THROUGH WUR LE6S ANP WO WOFrePTWOKUNPKK FLV eALLS..MWFiacIN5AVEKfl£ FOR THE EEASON WAS XXX) · / HENRY, VOU'RS GETTING 1 TOO FAT! YOU'LL HAVE TO 30 ON A DIET ! i-*m .8 ' " 3 'tt *l WWOtR. COOtD ft HIGH- WIRE 'AJCTtST CROSS THE "60RGE WTH A 6IRt OH HKBACK? ROCEKIE 'HiaH- WIRE v»rfH six PEOPLE ON M{ BACK. X'VE WALKED A WIRE ACROSS H1W3ARA FALLS, AfflOSS THE ACTWE CRATER OF KILAUEA COULD Y DOMT TEMPT HE, \OUNG 11 vou DO rr \ FRIENP. i 1 S ASAtW?^. \ TORMENT ME. X LOSE WY 14 FORA I BALAHce.T. TOPPLE Hfi I - ,,,,,.,,... I W Mtt.Y...T''«ETHEM' INGE, HEAR THE SCREAMS. 1 ct:smutw 5r vou A POSTCARC «O* 6AWPI . OUT WITH A CHJC SHtlK-- \WINA KEAS WXjXT IT SAV ? 'sOtASOOP jt AINT BSWT THAT VOJ RSAPS SOW? M4iU TH5S PAYS IS THAT VOU Pl£ Of- VtPV " X ^O'RG CLOSE, TH* MftJLMAN SHORE »S ^ MfllAJ -- LfiTE TOOW- H6 MUSTfl K. STOPPED Of=FflTTH' VWLX)eR HflWKLEV'S F6R A TEA BREflK WHO MEEDS IT"? -- LLeLN\t HENSHor t LONOOM VO'SOLP OUR Ll't- ^ wow.'.'- -Believe/tor AW/| : , . ( . . · · . ^^^M^^^^Mfl^^yn^^^^^^ I . ; '|j\ , -, ,\-i ff FLEW 178 KITES --eACH' MEASURING ·3 Feet OR 4 FEET-ON ONE LINE Jan.1%1974 Submitfeilxi Jules H.MJIT, fllbuftr^ic. IN THAILAND WERE FORMERLY MADE Of- '·' »torthw««t AVtTTiVI.Li. »K *. 24, BUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM LESTER L COLE'MAN, M. D. Birth Control Pills No Protection For VD ON THE DOOR OF THE TOWM-HAU- OP MOMS, BELGIUM, IS A MINIATURE REPLICA OF AN ANCIENT FOKT/Ft£O CASTLE WHICH ONCE STOOD ON THE SPOT FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Dear Miss W.: When people Would you believe it that one of my friends says that birth control pills are a protection against venereal disease? I can't convince her. Can you? Miss G.W., Ohio r r become · fixed and rigid about any idea it is usually impossible to get them :o change their minds. In medical matters it is amazing how dogmatic some people can be in :hc face of total 'ignorance of the facts. There'is absolutely no foundation to the idea that birth control, pills can prevent ven.ereal people who delude themselves with this kind ol nonsense invariably run into serious trouble. One of. our children is not veil coordinated. Medical aiid ye examinations uie normal. low can we pursue this fur' her? Dear Mrs. T.: |S~ ,4N'AH'LL0ASH IM TH'SKULL- O' AWYOWS WHO DEMIES ir.'!- _TURN M£ BACK *5W UAOYi' *^-~- ~3. KID A ! .. YOUN6 6IRU UK6 iOV TO KISS M WHAT 0U MD )S *w*~l CORA'S [BROTHER IS OUT unmiMiiin Look in the section in which your birthday comes, and find ,vhat your outlook is, according to the stars. F O R \YEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1974 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Study reasons for existing limitations. Concentrate on significant issues without neglecting minor items. A good day for taking unusual steps. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to'May 21) Better than ordinary advantages. But DO put first. things first and, in all things, look beneath the .surface. Don't be taken in by superficialities! GEMINI (May 22 to June.21) Curb a tendency toward HE STOPPED OUT IW TH' FRONT VARD F£R A TREE BREflK recklessness a n d ' irresponsibility. This is a day for walching-and-waiting. Al situations MUST be carefully assessed. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) While some changes are taking place, your general situation is governed by beneficent stars. Begin helpful discussions and stick with any tryins ';ters that may still need B. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) A day [or reflection, digging in to reappraise conditions. Be ready, nevertheless to move ahead when situations - so demand. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) A day calling for carefui discrimination. Don't -waste time on nonesscntials while you neglect more vital matters. You may get some good ideas from others now. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) You will require more than ordinary patience now; will also have to be extremely careful in making decisions. Turn thunbs down on dubious schemes. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 .to Nov. 22) Some opposition likely. Listen all, analyze, interpret carefully and, thus fortified, ·ou can plan effective strategy or overcoming it. SAG1TAR1US (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) Examine your inner feelings .0 determine your true sentiments and sense of values. 3therwise. you may be misled by your emotions. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) · Don't blow up trifles beyond all proportion, and DO be careful not to misjudge others. You -could get the wrong'angle on their activities through your own misinterpretation. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21': to Fe . 19} Mixed planetary influences should put. you on your : toes Birth-control pills .'?rc: hormones. They: have- no :antibacterial effect. Many of these strange-ideas come .up because young people avoid'^talking' to' doctor's, .abou hirlh control pills. They buj them through illicit channels For this reason they are ignor ant about how the pill work: and what the contraindication: are for its use. A great danger exists' when birth control pills are used b. irresponsible youngsters wh feel they have a right to pro miscuous sex. This Is one o the reasons why venerea iscase has reached epidemic roporlions. Mrs. O.T., S.C\ Clumsiness p. o o r coordi- lation. inability to concentrate, evcrsal of, letters and d i f f i c u l t y n reading are only a few of he characteristics of children vho may -be suffering from dyslexia. . Complex eyo studies and neurological examinations thould be pursued by you to rack dovyn the reason for your child's lack of coordination. Dyslexia is a comprehensive disorder with m a n y ramifications. Many . 'of its subdivisions are diffuse and strangely affect the. development and irowth of young children.- Specialists in the field ara devoting themselves exclusively Lp a greater understanding of its cause, its early detection, and its treatment. S p e a k i n g o f your health...Everyone should b* taught the fundamental rules of first aid. Your local Red,.Cross chapter has excellent courses for beginners and advanced students. ' , ' B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) now. There's a special need for adaptability and efficiency-also a sense of humor! PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Don't crowd yourself in the early hours, so that you become overly fatigued.' Some-- in- teresting.situations arising after noon will demand your corn- South dealer.. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH * A J 4 » Q 9 8 5 » 7 4 2 * Q 7 2 WEST EAST 4 1 0 9 7 2 * Q 8 5 plete alertness, ment. good : judge- · A J 6 3 + A K J 4 Q 109 * 10 9 8 5 5 3 YOU BORN TODAY ',are roundly talented, extremely ambitious and your enthusiasm for life and all that it has to offer dims.- You are artistic by nature and have a special affinity for music; could excel at designing, sculpture or interior decorating. Some what paradoxically in the circumstances, ,you are also very good at finances; , are thrifty, practical and can handle money and properties carefully, even with little training. "You are extremely sympathetic - - t o the underprivileged and will fight unceasingly to help them. SOUTH * K 6 3 » A K J 10 6 4 3 .* K 8 5 Birthdate Phil Rizzuto. baseball player, TV sportscaster. Crossword By Eugent Shejfer ACROSS I America's or Davis 4 Drunkards 8 Not amateurs 12 Girl's name 13 Scarlett's home II English river 15 Rural 17 Killed 18 Stannum 19 Artist's crayons , 21 Charm 24 Roman 601 25 Irish sea god 26 Weep convulsively 28 Urge 32 Kind of school 34 Sorrow 36 Alleviate 37 Auto 39 Sleeveless garment . 41 Polish river ·42 Ocean 44 Latin name 46 Spiritual overseers 50 Sea bird 51 Packing ring 52 Doughiest 56 Tree of Morocco 57 Girl's name 58 Weight unit (India) 59 Mountain lake 60 Ruler of Tunis 61 Pig pen DOWN 1 Surpass 2 Grape 3 Provided with grazing land 4 Jewels 5 Paddle 6 Snare · 7 Menu Jtem 8 Diversion 9 To anger 10 Russian -city 11 Stitches 16 Sesame 20 Science (abbr,) Avg. solution time: 24 min. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 21 Mountains . 22 Simple 23 Quantity of hemp fiber 27 Round scarf 29 State of being past 30 Son of Isaac 31 Optical . glass 33 Part of horse's foot 35 Recede 38 New: comb. form , 40 Mountain crests 43 Biblical name s 45 Swiss , canton 46 Map of town site 47 Subtle emanation 48 Asterisk 49 Rational 53 Curve of ship's planking 54 Harden 55 Attempt .the bidding: outh West ¥ . Dble North 2 ¥ East Pass Opening lead - king of clubs. It is said that some of the best plays in bridge are made away from the table. Post-mor- lems often reveal plays -winning plays -- that simply escape declarer in the heat of battle. Here is a typical example South got to four hearts anc West led the king of clubs Declarer ruffed, crossed to my with a trump, ruffed ther club, played another rump to dummy, and ruffed dummy's'last club. Having prepared for a possi- )le endplay, South cashed. the K-A 9! spades and e x i t e d - f r o m lummy with the jack. He was loping to find West with the lueen of spades, which seemed likely on the bidding. In that case, West would have 'ound himself thoroughly end- )layed. But there's many a slip 'twixt .he cup and the lip, as South soon found out. East won the spade with the queen, shifted diamond, and South went down one. That night, while trying to [all asleep, declarer realized that he should have made the contract. All'he do was discard a spade:on the opening leld of the king of clubsf West would have been rendered . helpless - by this play. Let's ' assume h e ' s h i f t e d to a trump a t . trick two. Declarer wins in dummy, ruffs the seven of clubs, , cashes the K-A of spades and ruffs the jack. South returns to dummy with a trump, leads the queen of club's and discards a diamond on it. West wins hut is stymied. He must lead a diamond or yield a ruff and discard -- and either play hands declarer the contract. The moral seems to be that it is'easier to play well seeing four hands than two. PONYTAIL 15 26 53 38 23. SZ 27 20 35V 53 14 17 28 40 58 "It's going to be fun doing my homework tonight..., my parents are going to be gone, and Donald and Hobie are coining over)" , ' ' . , WANT ACTION? Phone · 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS For best results, give full description MM* start your Classified Ad for 7 days. You m»y cancel it when results ara obtained. You'll only b« charged for the actual number of days th» «d . ran. ' . · ' · . " · . ' . : ' . i · ·

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