Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 7, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 7, 1952
Page 10
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10 NOBTHWKT ARKANSAS TIMES. FaysrHvill*. Aikamai Saturday, Jui» 7, 1951 FARM AND HOME NEWS Young West Fork Farmer Building Dairy Herd From Handful Of Rendered Jerseys Growing Conditions Reported Favorable Over Northern And Western Arkansas O.untv extension ajffiil.s i n ] last week w i t h high yields. Good' IvrnihiM-n and Wrstorn Arkansas: stands of soybeans on most (iclds report K"'"l (trowing conditions,' wore reported by Virgil Reading, an-orilinu to, th- s t n l p Crop R e - ' assistant county agent. In Scott j P'irtiiig Scrvi'i-. |.at 0 s p r i n g ' C o u n t y corn and hay are m a k i n g ' rows produced 10,110 ami one- l i a l f i.oumis of m i l k . !.«·, a vctrr.m i.f World War I I . is r-nrollcd in an n n - l h e - J o b nun- r-ultur..! t i a i n i n g proKiJim. r i i s l i t i m w . iillliouKh hi.-, m i l k i n g j KIWII.S arc l,oin K harvested in excellent Rrnwth, with"Fat'e'corn controihng The hunitrv cul-orms ··arlor is rnmplelply modern, he i ; ( r a w f o r d County. acc-ordmK lo K. now being p l a n t e d after vetch. A : that often threaten Rurdcn a n d , Clean Seedbed Is Key To Control Of Cutworms A clean seedbed is the key to A very thin sheet of gold is translucent and transmits a grccn- lifiht. Fossil shell remalni have guided geologists almost s i n c e t h e . study of geology began. , , 1 o,lN,-,n,i grade r: m . l k . n u t in! I. Pntchr-n. .Ir. A .short I m y -i , ,, rr ,,,,Ui,, K hi,,, ,,, t o ,,,, grade ; bu S ,ness w i t h ,t. ,,,,-reased -, " C - ! l 5 per cent on DANCE EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT STEVE STARWYCK'S TRIO HIGHWAY BUBBLE CLUB « NORTH mcrease ,n soybean reportedfor lhc f eld rhc Northwest Arkansas Farming By John I. Smith no insect., in peaches in ' i County. .Small grains -c looking cowl, with some ' r.irmon clover harvested l a x t | week. Bl.ickl.enies are looking i ^'ood in I'olk County, T i t u s A. M;ir.:!i;v) said. Cucumbers are in f a i r f o n d i t i o n in Conway County, and a i o due to be ready to h a r v e s t about J u n e IS in F a u l k n e r C o u n t v . Suiilh Sebastian County's bov- .·ienbfrry harvest is slarteci-- I h o u a h the en.]) is s hort and q u a l i t y below normal. Wilson F.. Porter, a s f i s t a n l ai,'cnt, said. IP Pope County several crimson clover were In Boone County corn is m a k i n g ' Carl Hose. First, it exposes c u t - goorl growth, though w a r m e r . worms to birds and other n a t u r a l nights were needed. Heavy rains enemies. Second, the clean seed- last week damaged several crops i bed makes it easier to k i l l cut- in spotted areas of^Northwcst Ar- worms with poison bait. Bran bait, especially in connection with a clean seedbed, w i l l control cutworms. Here's the form u l a suggested by Rose: Mix one heaping teaspoon of pan's green w i t h one pound kansas. In Cnrroll County h a y . harvest is in progress, w i t h the first crop of a l f a l f a already cut. T. G. Reynolds, county agent, said, i Newton County Agent C. D.! Lcntz sairl the livestock there was WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You Since 1929 SMITH RADIO SHOP separators. herd tested The present date a f f o r d s a striking example of how our pastures arc dependent upon r a i n f a l l . Three weeks ago the d r o u t h which so greatly damaged run- strawberries also threatened our |. a s t u r e s. Orass was setting short. Now we, have an abundance of grass. Will I frf TM w i n t e r planter! oats where a we have an abundance of grass in ! K'" lm rl '°P is expected. J u l y and Ausust and September?] M n k r good with ample pasture and no water rhortage. Oats in Baxter County :;-e approaching maturity, and should be ready sometime fields of i next v.-eek, Robert O. Talbert, as- harvested · D i s t a n t county agent, reported. 'seed. '·· Check cream l Have dairy j Bang's disease. Remove c a t t l e or olhc - - · - - - . f a m i l y b u l l e t i n one pound of wheat bran. The:-, mix in a little I less than one pint of water. Spread this bait evenly over a garden just before dark. For larger amounts i use t w e n t y - f i v e pounds of bran, j o n e pound of paris green (or ! sodium fluosilicate) and two and · one-half gallons of water. This | amount will bait one acre. I Bailing before planting was j good insurance on land in meadow was steady to stronger late ° r pa5lul '.-' '"' v ? :ir - Otherwise, ./..k. A f t e r rarlv ^Mirnocc fa "" ers shouW b; »t at frst sign ! mand. Prices at the close were ' one cent higher to unchanged. The for : mostly price was unchanged. 1 All other major areas. Market livestock trade sentiment in most of the areas this week. A f t e r early weakness; : : " board in many sections, supplies were. ' njuij .'' J u l y and Ausust and September?] ' vlalt '' '« l a m i l y b u l l e t i n board in many sections, supplies were "'Juiy. This question aeain come-; hack I fo1 ' " 1( ' ssa Kes f r o m mom to thai generally equal to the f a i r to "ood i . Tox -;P llon c or to the question of r a i n f a l l in these ''' hlldrc '"' '"' vire-veisa. This saves demands. ' in£leo a of bait months and to the question ( ,f' wf " T; ''- "Quests, thanks, a funny The Delmarva area, w i t h prices '· dust , '5 cf , fcr " v ...,, ., ,,..,, t ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, Requests, thanks, a funny what we plant now. Those w h o | , " on nr a l c l l c r --"H have theii endeavor to plan some type o t ^ ' ' year 'round grazing are coming] more and, jnorc to planted supple- j mental pastures for both winter WEEKLY BROILER REVIEW and numincr. For the summer period s u d a n . grass is becoming more popular! each year. It is s t r i c t l y a w a r m ' weather p l a n t t h a t will, any rea-| The weekly review sonable amount of moisture w l l l i i z c r i ,,,.,,,,,,,. ma ,. hrl , s as , give m a x i m u m grazing from , I u l y l | ) v t| lp University of 1 15 to September I.",. The primary I,, s |i| u te ,,f Science and idea is to grow a heavy lonage n!\ m \o K y ., ml , h c D a -, ,. Toxaphenc or DDT may be used it. E i t h e r spray or The Delmarva area, w i t h prices · aus \ ^ eftal1 'TM- Th c cheapest one lo two cents higher, showed! . melhod " ! " S!n S thcse materials the only K ains for the week. The I l s to ' roat t h o S round immediately - - . . . . . a r o u n d t h e plants. Toxaphene i s I better tfian DDT where '.he vaii- [alcd cutworm is a pest. Ri-een material well ,n advance of f special- reported ^ r i, n s a s Tech, Jim Lee (lop) stands with one of his HI re:;i:.lcri'd Jersey cows on the dilry farm he is h u i l d i n u up m . r t l i w i - M of West Fork. The lower picture shows more of his cows on t h e lower pasture. In a l l , he has l!il head of registered cattle c o i m t i n i ; Ki hcilcrs and calve:;. , (Carl TI.MESFOTO) AS the dairy indusdy m N o r t h - Ijollom and across the hills. Start- West Arkansas grows, youn ing forward 1 ·t Hi p uu | lry H i i r k c t Ncws s . v j , h c ,,. s Dpp ,, rtmc nt of Agricul- . u « b i n . u i of Jerseys, plus an overgrown M a n y ' ' " ' i n . '··'' li«s built up his herd to 11) cn\vs diirymcn are ,, raise herds and lnl n*od for milk proilu of these young farmers, i n c l u d i n g : to ID cows and 1.1 heifers and many war veterans, almost l i t e r - ' calves. ally pulled themselves up by t h e ! All of his slock Is regislered, bootstraps, s t a r t i n g w i t h lluee o r ' a n d he's keeping it t h a t way four animals and slowly e x p a n d - 1 t h r o u g h the use of a r t i f i c i a l ceding exclusively. One of these men if. Jim Lhc, Whofic farm lieK Iwn miles iioi'lh- WClt of West Fork alonj; the MVIT- His a v e r a g e milk production Is rapidly approaching 11,00(1 pounds, anil last year one of his S C H L I C H T M A N ' S BROILER-BRED CHICKS NEW HAMPS-VANTRESS CROSS DELAWARE HAMP CROSS Eiiablished Over 2i Ytari Truck DtliTiriti to Many Locnliliai KHUCH1MAN HATCHERY U.S. APPROVED PUUORUM CLEAN Phonr» 347-2R " Tor Prices And Delivery Dalit ; BOX B, APPLETON CITY. MO. j the dry period. Only a small a m o u n t of growins w i l l t a k e place j urc ,. - i paigns | after d i y weather strikes. j Kortluvest Arkansas area's m a r - i "'·'*· If one docs not already h a ve:| t ( , ( u , ls slc ., rlv dm . in ,, k ] sudan grass planted for t h i s sum- j ( . l( ,sin, steadv'o,, Thursri-iv , mcr. now is the time lo get it done. 5. - qhc ( | oman(l v ,., s fili , lo ' 00 | Many prefer a termite grazing o f i , , ^ ,,,,,,.; s , ibl , r .; ' a \° ^ two palchcs planted about three i ,,,,,,,,, , ind i K i c q u ., t o ,,, ,,,,,,,,.,, weeks apart If one already has rvices at the close were un- a patch which he planted m May I changed he might consider immediate j ,,, ,,,,, Bartlesville-Floral area p a i m n s of another to a l t e r n a t e , , hc , rarkcl w , ls sll , arlv r i u n ^ a [ ^ w i t h I . Then one might consider week, closing steady on Thursd n patch planted now and another ] Offerings were adequate to slight-' planted three weeks from now. | y in cxces ,. ,,, a fni ,. , d After tjie first is graced down it! =.- ~ R can be clipped down to an even J ~~" height, and the cattle t u r n e d o n ! the olher palch. The sudan w i l l ! ' g r o w up again. At least two graz- j ings should be obtained from each j | There are three popular varie-; '^ies of sudan grass used in A r - ! j kansas--common, sweel, and l i f t . ] : They are all good. T i f t is disease I I resistant and showed up real well : hist year during the \vet season of ! July. Tift sudan seed arc on the I Market here now. For those who have idle ground and might need j grazing in mid-summer Sudan i glass might serve a dual purpose. At least do not let the a b u n d a n t grass we now ba\ e cause us to i fail to prepare for one of t h e ] worst periods of the y e a r -- t h e hot j weather of mid-summer. Mississippi area had the greatest decline, with prices off one to i two cents from last Friday. Other i major areas were unchanged 10' no more than one cent lower t h a n last week. Ar MeeUnir Scheduled Hot Springs. Ark.-W)-The Arkansas Associated Press Association will hold its summer meeting here tomorrow. Plans for coverage of the summer political eam- and primaries will be Associated Press General Executive Robert Bunnell of At- TAXES WE ARE NOW IN THE SECOND QUARTER (APRIL 22nd to JULY 21st) 1951 TAX COLLECTION 1952 IMP. DIST. TAX COLLECTION ALSO 1952 POLL TAXES RALPH TAYLOR, Collector Not white, not wheat, not rye but .1 flavor b'end of all throe -Junge's Roman Meal Bread. il-19-lf June ' ;1I1 tn will attcnd'the meeting. BOWL FOR PLEASURE Jim Benton Bowling Lanes--Adv. .····.-*».»·:·. EVERYTHING m NUMBING and SUPPLrH FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVI. HnoLViif All-Aluminum A W N I N G S " ^ Wealherproof and Fireproof Btauliful Colon PHONE 3031 FOR FREE ESTIMATE CLARK VENETIAN BLIND AWNING CO. _ II Wllllimt SUNDAY 2-6-8 DIZZY DEAN says: Mon. Tues. 2:30-7:30 "This is o great movie pitcher APOLLO pi tch2r r out ° 9 r c a t bascba " -- YOU READ ALL ABOUT IT- SEE IT NOW! FIRST SHOWING IN SPRINGDALE'S FINER, MORE COMFORTABLE, CLEAN AIR-CONDITIONED THEATRE THE CRAZILV WONVERHJL STORY of that Laughable.,. Lovable... Grinnin' Foghorn-DIZZY DEAN i It's Time To-- i Spray peaches when throe- · fourths of the pet.ils have fallen from I he blossoms. Prepare a pood sccttbed lo re duce insect (kiniayc lo garden am I crops. j Start your pasture records. | Put brood sows and Inters 01 · pasture for rhc.ipor jjain.^. | i3ogin the job of shearing th ! farm flock. Ho sure t h a t p l a n t i n g set'd i treated in urder tii pie\ out scei; borne disease.s and damping (iff. Peel fence posts. P l a n t one new vegetable o variety in your homo K*ink*n. These suRRestions come from the county nnd home demonstration agents. More i n f o r m a t i o n i. available at their offices where University College of Agriculture publications may also be obtained, ·loin a home demonstration dub Use pood- field d r a i n a g e to permit the soil to warm up for carlic p l a n t i n g and better stands. Reduce damage from cutworms. SMUihorn corn rnotworm and seed- corn maKfiots by clean seedbed preparation two wre'us or longer l before p l a n t i n g . I I'se sodium fluoride t n control rorkrnnehe.s. Plan crop rotations in order to prevent p l a n t diseases. Apply fertiliser to trees that have been in poor her.lth. A handful of complete f e i t i l i / e r applied \ in holes made w i t h a crowbar I w i l l w i v e the trees a new lease on 1 lift- Mow t h e laxvii a.s short as possible even before jrrowth begins to hasten the i;iven look. Koriili/e bulbs of ;il| kinds. This not only helps t h i s year's flowers hut develops a l,irj;ei b u l b for next year's blossoms. Use only certified l i i s h pnt.ito CORRECTION Hollywood Yacht Chair.. ..$8.50 In varnish finish Folding Lounge Choir $3.50 With armj. Ook frame LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. DAN DAILEY. JOANNE DRU K Hit Crul Ui/! ··;»: uvUuUt'iitajjidi,!.:.'.' Alto PfTI SMITH - NEWS - "DROPIY" Corleon IDNIOHT I WilliamsHolden in "Boots Malonc' MltlAM HOPKINS · HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS The Whole family Will Enjoy A Drive-In Movie This Week-End ROBERT PAGE SHIP HOWARD San Antonio Rose COLOR CAHTOON ft SERIAL NO. E Come As Ln!« As 10:30 -- See Ihe Regular Feature . . . Remain Jor Midnilo Show As Our Guesll Two Shows for th. Price of One. STARTS SUNDAY 3 Days 3 HAVE MERCY ON US! After you'v* ie*n thi« ana you're gonna be a HOWLING WRECK! GENETIERNEY OHN LUND.. I IT'S All ABOUT THE BIRDS AND THE BCES...AND SOME HUMANS TOO I ALSO: WOODY WOODPECKER CARTOON k NEWS - Sunday Niti Only Treasure Hunr For the Kiddies LOTS OF PRIZES ** Phoni 3103 DRIVE IN "I Miniaturt Golf Court* Adverti» In the TFMES - Ct D ^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^_^^^ H ^^ | ^^ NEED A NEW ROOF? ASBESTOS SIDING? No Money Down Easy Monthly Payments DrKE LUMBER CO. 30S SL Charl«t · Verbenas. Potuniat, Scsrlet Sag* and Many Other Flowering Plants · Tomato, Pepper ind ESS Plants · Summer Blooming Bulbs and Flower Seeds A D A M S FLOWER SHOP Phono 320 33 N. Block Complete Dispersal SALE 65 Head Registered Hereford Cattle All Popular Blood Line Farm Implements, Household Goods Sale Starts 10 A.M. Thursday, June 12 10 Miles West of Westville on Highway 62 Terms: Cash Lunch on Grounds W. H. (Bill) Hildebrand and Art Foriner Auctioneers F. C. MONGOLD, Owner Westville, Oklahoma THIS FINE ECONOMICAL ENTERTAINMENT BY MALCO ENDS TONITE CARTOON SEHIAL ROYAL "THE KID *"JIM THORPE FROM KANSAS" ALL-AMERICAN" UARK NOW SHOWING 1:35 - 3:25 - 5:20 · 7:15 - 9:05 HE PRINTED ALL THE NEWS UNFIT TO PRINT . . . AT A NICKEL A LOOK! PALACE ENDS r/M_/\V-C TONITE "Colorado Sundown" _"Midnight Melody" Sunday Monday II' HERE COMES THE GROOM BRODERICK CRAWFORD DONNA REED JOHN DEREK WARDEN OF THE BIG HOUSE STARTS SUNDAY BARRY SULLIVAN KEEFE BRASSELLE ·SrBILLY ECKSTINE IWDEMIUICOSKlEIB-OEIINIiiei TONGAY TWINS ENDS TONITE 'SNOW WHITE and THE SEVEN DWARFS"

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