Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 7, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 7, 1952
Page 9
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. Moscow Puts U.S. On The Spot With Zarubin! Prisoners Eat Better Thau As Ambassador; Former Envoy To Canada \Gnards Often On Koje Island From the People · tXXiS--TATS-- PETS WANTK'O. fonrt h · inpnslii i" for \ O U H K ilo. li'iiit i,I ,-iuirlrrn To the Editor: On May 9 1 was notified at the HKO Studios that I would be substituted for Joyce Holder., who was taken ill, to irake up;;e:ir- . snces on the MovieUme tour of your wonderful state. I had no idea that Arl.ansas v:as such a beautiful place and that the people v.'crc. so friendly and hospitable. I would be very happy to hear " from some of the people from Fayetteville. whom I saw and, if they would drop me ,1 hne in care of the RKO Studios in Hollywood. It was certainly nice being in FayetteviUe, and I hope I can eome back to Arkansas at some future time. Colleen Miller. Walter Wanger Serving ·As Jail Librarian , Los Angeles-'.'Pi-Fihn Producer Walter Wanger will work as a -librarian' during his three-month jail term. WanRer was taken to the Los Anselcs County Honor Farm yesterday to serve a urm for shooting his wife's a^ent. .Jennings Lang. Joan Bennett, Winger's wife, is appearing in a Chi, cago stage play. Capt. Ambrose Stewart at the farm said Wanger would be libra-i By JOHN M. IHGIITOWKR i \\ ,t: niigtnn - i;3', - A surprise change in Soviet ambassadors to j the United Stater, stirmi up speculation today, but no expressed . hopes among seasoned diplomats that Tlussian opposition to major American policies might lessen, i And Moscow put the administration on the spot in naming i Gcorgi Zarubin, now ambassador to London, as its now envoy here. j He was ambassador to Canada i when a spy ring, centered in the Soviet Embassy, was disclosed in | 194(i. The ring allogedlv stole i some atomic secrets, but Canadian 1 investigators said /Brubin wns ! not implicated. · The o u t c o i n g ambassador. j Alexander S. Panyushkin, has ; headed the Soviet diplomatic force here for more than four years. He leaves tomorrow morning for New York, where he will board ship Tuesday to go home by way of : Sweden. Panyushkin hroke the news ' yesterday at the State Depart- ·, mcnt, a f t e r making a 25-rnimile i farewell call on Secretary Ache- i son. ' i He declined to say what his new · job woulr] be. but did comment that he was leaving the United States "fon^rr' 1 and that he was "very happv about il." A feu- minutes later he said: "1 · would like to express my really friendly feelings toward the American people." U. S. Accents Zaruhin The White House and State Department had to approve Zaru- bin's assignment here br-forp if Personals J""«"3 j Recent g':os! of Mr?. ci linr |p.; Appleby were nor cnuijr.s. Mr-. Martin Hughey of \V:,:-hin ·(·.cm I Courthouse. Ohio, anil Mrs. Vcr- 1 non Scott. Chicago, 111., who "/ere en route fror.i California tn Chil ' cago. · Mr. and Mrs. U. E Fleei-m- and children. Martha ami D of {\'-,]|-, Walla. Wash., arc visitinc Mr- Flocnor's parents Mr a"d Mr* H. W. Grcathouse of GreMhrnne Springs. Sgt. First Class Joe T. Faubus. whose wife and parents, Mr. ami Mrs. Eh Faubus, live in Fayelle- vllle. recently left the Fir:t Cavalry Division in Japan for return to the U. S. under the Army's rotation policy. Mrs. Wade Hester and daii;;hler. Miss Sue Moore of Rrntonvillo, will leave Saturday for Albuquerque, X. M., to visit Mr. and Mi.-. Hc-orge E. Deyo and daughter. Bunny Sue. Mrs. Dcvo is ihi former Miss Madeline .June Moore, daughter of Mrs. Hester. I Dr. Garland Melton left today to I attend the convention of the American Optomelric Assncialion , and a meeting of the Council of i Education And Professional Guid- j ancc, being held next week in ' ·Miami. Fla. Dr. Melton, cxneiIt * Il.v JIM l l l - C K K I t j Ki.ii- J !.,:-.;. ]-.:,,, .r .(-.,,.. muni ! pi ;·,,;:, ] · ,,; v.-;,,- ,.,. .1,^ island ,,(:,-:, , :; . |,,. ;; ,,,. ,,.,,', ',,,',, Sou:!; Ki.ti an ::ii,, : - ; b, v.!.,, v .-,, :; -i. liver t!,ei:i. D.-rii,- pi-:i,,,i:,- t ,,'.,,'-' |ii.m:ts ;.b.,:i: ·..,-.:· ;,,,,,!. .',,. c.l! i-i)i.;i-t:'. i,f ··:,-;!· .,..,..,. . ·· hi|:hi-r lh:n, li,,- iii,rii.a! ,!,,-. 's u-,-' "f IK.IIIV K;;,,,; ,..-,,-.- · The Kii.l.-oo pti.uni-,-., in Knjc-j 17 ncclin.ed -i,n-'i-.ut:d: ii-,-i u,- :)1 rice, v.hl-M. !iaili-y, ()i:e ; .:jl \-,-i--.- taliii.--. he.'in-. |u.|'|.i-i. t i - d pcppe:-. fi«'i. sail i.l-.-l .-"V ....-;:-,-. They _,! three- tin .i!s a dav-- 1 nne nn,re ;!,,-,,, n., l n --il ii; ir.o-' ' unit'- nf ll.o Xi,i:h KHIY-MII ,-,r.d C'him-:e Ciir.-.niuni: ', .iitnii.. ',';,-r-n supply .-nil:,,,! iMev :-iv eai ', in ··- ' iin(-r n-i, i-.i-s IC-i. e.duri' .: daily I The nrNi-ine!" i,rep, M.e fi.n'd ! Iheiiisehr-..-. Supnlies arc -·', ]ivorr-r] j 'N OH'KKKI) DHIVING 'W P vnmit"!, n, \,,,'i, F I'd t.iinn .,,, j ,,,,.,. Jih^iuSiD' ''" ; '"'""""'" : " NOTICE Ntri'AKV I'l HLIr l),-,-i v CMiiir.-u-ni PMIITK I.t.oYu 1'AHKS ' Vl-i u!'.'^, Dirliv.n, -'I.'illh. l'if ' / . I H I ' I . A N i ; S I ' K A Y I M Y It i* lnli'ii,!i-,l in .ipr.n |,-.:·;,,,,, , | i- liillcmini; f.,nm I,, .,;, H . r i v , s.-, :4. 1II7W 1 M I I C . II -or good behavior. Otherwise he will be freed October 3. " Boy Scout Committee T6 Meet At Pork · The Northwest Arkansas Dis- ' trict Boy Scout Committee will ' meet Thursday night at Devil's . Den State Park near Winslow. during the area's Scout camp there. Scouts will conduct the commlt- Ic-? members nn a tour of the camp beginning al 4 p.m. Supper v.-ill be served at (i p.m.. and the meeting will begin at 7 p.m. Dick . Burke of Fayettcville is chairman of the committee. The rerjucst for the 1-. S. to accept him as ambassador was received only a few days ago. and the White House gave the State Department clearance to notify the Russian government that it was prepared to tin so only a short time before Panyushkin broke the story of bis own departure. Xarnbin is an expert primarily in European problems and issues. 1'anyushkm's field is the Far East. Ibituory Mr. and Mrs. Carl Starr and M,,,. i Bobby, of Minden. La., are virit- j ing Mr. Starr's brother and sister: in-law, Mr, and Mrs. Fred Starr. They aie here for commer.ccment ; exercises at the University, when ' MrSj Fred Starr is to receive a dc! gro.e. The visitors have been at- : tending a church cam]) at Pi-lit ' .lean State Park. Morrilton. and were met there by Fred Starr. ; who spoke this week at the an-' . nual Writers' Conference li.!d at the park. In addition to lh« fn-,-1 which theJ'OU's an- ncetntnnied t., n,.r-j fun.Mi '-nt-ir- AiT.entir:a or Aemri- · can c-iniK'd beef, tomafoes, peas ' and olher items vhich may be nverstiii-ki-fl in United .Vitioiis' "lint we try to keen the mo-ils ! as close as in:---ilile tn wh.-,! 1hc ; privners an- u - i d !o at home." ( said a r.-itm, : ...ikerman. t Mrals Mentical 1 Ah-ioM ail nf ihe meals aie ii|': is Ihe custom in Hod A t v p i r a l menu is a heap- in:; b-iwl of vice, formed hv fillmr iliamctcr ai"l pie'-Mnp them t o - f gelhor. a ho::\-y soi;p jn-oduced },\- ' boiiin:: tri-af. fi-:h and (Irienfa! ' vi-^c:;,l)lr-: and. for iho Xorth Koreans, kin,-bee- -an evil :mell- ' int: i - i i x t i i r e i,| heavy i:arlic and ; l u a i l i r i K f n - l i i l|,,ip|, i),,-.m-ii ;! , n ,ij., S ( i l F , y , - l t l - l . I I I - SW "I u, jl, 1), Ki'.ink I t i i - t r u l l -I , , - l l , - ^ s i.l Pr-onc l i r n v r . U M M g S|,rl,, t ,ln|,. A i r p i r l ni Inailuiil Hi-Id. I M M I H a r m . I mik- \v i i f I h u i r . v i l ' r . s :il 1(17 'I'-.T,. n s m x c y i'iii-ii. i-.. n-.,ii-i w ni ii,,,,!'»': V1IU-. I K I I . B, ,,,,-,-,,I.TM ,,, l,,,,,|. inc li-M T HI H l l M l s v l l l l H-lt Tli:. 11,11,,: S:i-!.iu Mi.; lni,lin« nelii WltlTK tott.iy Inr ,-(.py of frr li-l "Him- in Mi-lp -,,r,ir cli,l,l p!. -,t 4TO. lli?n Mi-Gi'-c Sl . Knn'.«r. niv *. ArkoiM« Solurday, June' 7, 1952 FOR RK.NT--MISfKf !.A UNM HMSifKD .· Sl - . . . . . . »J'.«i: fi! I'ti-iT I I - HOI iM.s j , r . . M. , · · !.:,(,VIM,- I - . - , , , - i'niM.-.iii.u .,,.,1 i. · l'nv.,1,- 1,01, l:.j. · I tin p.,1,1 t ' l . - , , , , - i:. SMALL .,,,»r-iii-i,. f . . . A - . , , ; , , , - CI.KAX rn-.,l J ii,..,,, .-,. IR.lnJ i HilHSY M.'.i.lMn I- i i III IHM |... I:,, ,..,- u j ItlBliiiav :i (,.-.,,,-, i TWO r,,,,,,, ; ,,,,.,, injh: ":.';' i r I FOR SALE--RFAf, ESTATI M V l.i.,:,.. ol _·« Wri!_ Clcburne CALL 5PPINGDAIE 913 · "i L' i«nt« fm nrt-ic i-V, r-*r n-onth. 6 roorn ·· · · · · '·· "··· --·:' -.'Ic'I O-.^n^r i j '.''. n '-. | ' ".'; ''·'· * '·''« "'i'-llV A CAU' SP?:MGDAIE ?n CAU SPRiNGDAL. 913 . . -. pl^nly w o r t h I! t u r n Tl) s:«, mill-,I up NEWLn-powtiL ALTY I'hone 911 N!"CF' 1,11:,-. ! vutr I,inn l,.r ,-, -,,:,; lllnrk ! UuU.NST/tlll.S ' .MM:- ,. SIM-I-I illl|!::.'-- II' .- - ho'Jnm Ijinri I**. HT psnuru. ihort . unvf-n wire ffrnr · ···I .nvj-iicr :S l,y io' pmilir'y , p. · *-i,r,i. L-ellir. tool iheii-- I ONK" N O T I C E USED CARS WANTED ?TMSI?~k'» Any Make, Model or Condition \ ^^^^^J^ ^ ^ ^UNFURNISHED T A r k' C T T D f»VS..n^n^ir., c t c , kl ? u1 ;: i S" i;^t,TMfriv£;;;E;; I /I I R h I I turn hntrhmg Ancrll Lnu-^n Cuoii- | _P_ if " ir ' *9S^w · · * w l\ L. I I Hnirhcrv. .ti'ifjn *;»tf-»r.,- ii..,,. t^,^ f.rr»il-i.- _ . _ . "",--r -- . ·. AUTO EXCHANGE |i Hdtchery. 3i;flO Gateway lln. Mo Highway 71 South Phone 2 1 8 2 ive, Jop i T M K K K mcnt. i.rlv illlilli-ii PI, Dr. Charles Holt Dies Mo. Pac. Superintendent Al Forl Smith Hospital Of Shop Dies In Hotel ' Washington -f/l'i- John Whal3n, 4'. supcrintr-ndcnt of the Missouri Pacific Railroad shops in - Lir.lo nock. Ark , was found in his hotel room hero yesterday H» apparently died- of' a hr-art Rttack early yesterday or Thtirs- dr.y night. Whnlen was attending a safety conference here. Kn» up with tln time*--rod I*-- T'MES d»Hy CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phont CcllKl 2353 ^ 8T*ll*Till*. Joplin Rendering Co. Fort Smith. Ark. - f/Pj - Dr. Charles S. Holt, associate professor of surpery at the University of Arkansas frue.i 190!) to IfHfi and fellow of both the American Medical Association and American College of Surgeons, died nt a Fort Srnith hospital today. Dr. Holt, about 72, owned and operated St. Johns Hospital here from 1909 to 1916, managed Sparks Hospital Iil.14-1942. and was Division surgeon for Missouri Pacific Lines from 1908 to 19-16. He also founded the Holt-Krock clinic here. He was graduated from St. Louis University in 1906. Six University students from Fayutieville will attend the Sienai Corps lirscrve Officers Traininr, Corps summer encampment 'r,,m June 20 to August 1 at Camp Gordon, Ga. They are Jerol il Garrison, Tiouto 8: David R Ooorcc. Sll Highland Avenue-' Charles R. Johnson. 724 Vest Maple: Edward L. Mauldin. «_i; West Dickson: Holier! F. Smith Box 1147: and Fn-d 1.. Coc,er, :i East Hock. Mure than I.mill KOTC students from about Vli colleges and uni\ ursities will at-' tend the camp. The PCHVs. whose avi'raao a c e 1 is from 21 In in anil whn have : t p - ' pclitcs to match, lepslt tlieir food. ' Thr-re aiwav-, is a full turnout fur Ihe three nieaK, n-rvcd at 0:3(1' a. m , nunn and Ti p. m. arc delivi-iol .-.inni: w t t l i the food daily to tin; coiniiottniis. IIKLI- WANTED lr.-11-lllnn _ S l r ( r | I.AVACA hrrrirs «r'ting npp --I A(. M r S f.ur irnprnveirientii * mill.* "'' '· s Miiifivny 7 1 nnMlv -.-it- - · :,i:!-l -v.,n,:i- r f-.,| unrk farm -*c-U v. ,-'-[,.,1 t, v . ,- rnr |( , lnrt , p r, r .ui w a i j v- - . 1 -I. (ir.' n fl.Ke.l. ;6.'00 ' -· I'-ii AC.'IKS .Ii,,; o f f ii.,i c hUhwiy .1 in..'--, ,., v ; l i , g r . ni-«: liltir ttircr r""ii, h'Mi,''. n^ii ·mull Darn *nfl VAN TRIES SON : REALTOR IS MI.M Snu'h nn 11 HifhwAj Hrrntwood. Artt. . ROOM .ind ' li.i.inf) fi.r""hiiif|V"n'i,," wnrklnK mm [.ivr- n \ \\-,,, ji',,7 t-'OH ;t .vr nr lcn«" Tcrm""l«ai e , "larce iTich. K!I.M front huilrting In bune*t i(il ,'.,. ^L^'lti otn-sinr. ,.. ft iniiilniiiin Ohla- : I'JnS'fi's Sli m nrni i-HjifjhJc nf M V r t i A nrrnrs «r'ti n g ripe will i work Inn turn F ivr- «· '· i,, ' * / · · · · . ' ,, / . . . U '"""K '" "u ·H'llvcr rnn,: loll. Still _,i,v«' ,,.,(,.! houdr ami rnvr ri^n,..*- t!. .V/l . , , , ' · / ! nil f f T I t\f I I T.I »* lnm-o plnnt.1. Si,,,, oil. I- h ,, ,, ,. fmnlty My].-. l,,nrh,-, i . r o p n r ' l ' RUjSFL PFA TV ffi T--I 1 ' 1 _ . _ | _J*hnnr lorn. .i;;r, Hulhton | "WJJI-LL IXLHLI I V V t IJTSIDE inwn ih'lp w'llh tnu inrr-t i NlrtV hT-dini.m "linn, tin-nl. miv.Vr Vn- ! "? .N..HIock St Phont thr I.i \ \ C l c h . Okl;,i 'IllliR .·(·fll!i(-,-)1 Mllijrfl i n j i l f l - r llClr! .Su|)C'Mni_-!i(k'ii!, H-'lp wllh Inn' inrrn ! NWK .«·.._. inn-K. 5H W e s t l)lrk- i trnnrr. l.enuiiii I"-- Wmmnw I JnclHIlea. H-u- tlNiVKlffilf Y n'n'fi unfurtiirhf,! d, KnyntiM '"iton. linen.' silk LI.OVD-V ililnks VcntlPfl ".I? ilrgfrri' , .N ^Hlock St Phont ISM t ACHKS n/ innc!. rhfrkrn houie'tnti ""'"i is. ; c_u'TMwi'.,,^"r com ' ort Mm 11Y i Bitckner Mr. and Mr^. .Marshall Whit- ; fit-Id ·":l(-i-:.-,irn-d v-ilh a picnic a! I their hone 'I'liiir: -i;,y aMi-ninon I atid c\-CMinj; fur o'nnloyo.s of t h e ' Whi'.fhjld Mo;m- ''nm'i.-my. Giie--:s ! took "Part in lro-;f f!f;:!ii;j;, c]-o:ille! ' and horseshoe jiilchina. Amiro:i-- ini.lely -111 persons aileiidod.' j lIl-t-Mt nf Mi. ami Mis. Parker' H-,::-h:nj: .Mr. and M.-. A l l a n ' Thnri.i.'in and rhildrcn. K..lhy :uid Dan, of Pasadena. Tex.ip. :i 1,-itrnom' modtrn 5 afr^- lo lr,-,,!r (,,r t - i l y home or H : i«-o' N'rw^l.-inil"""'" '" '"''"'"' f-AIIKvrKW~np.i,UNi.,,i l (,,rt,i.'l,..,l'.,, l./Uli;K~3 b!-Tri,VnT"hiM«7rTMr;ifri5i. IIKLI 1 WANTED--MALE i n!T ' inll -r«. Mudnnnn" l.llj " jlnm- | ^"'".Vh' 1 "'",, '';·"'"* l.iii.,lrj t . - n - : ilmlT ln,-«n,m i, ,1r,wn. "llirl iiioniiri- p'nrniiriKtiin ' .. lp - I'honi- :'H,7.I [ n t l r r r i l r»r I I TV/ ff\ WA.NTFIJ vo,in. ,,,,,,, f,,r .T77,'7^7^~7Ti ' " ' IIIIIIKHHI. , **--~~.v*~.*--A«ys-_ws-A-~-,-_^~^ v _^_-. . N ' l l X x r f l V h A I I V i f l .^ .iir^xrS ^^ ! ^'^^^'^r^ tnmiiat '» ? -- · KtALI L?« S^^ 1 .,r,..r, u r 11 C;; r yTMTMTMti£%X?S lK ' u \ tt !X uimt K " " " , A IOVEIY HOME-FC.R $8,060 .-l,,-,- .:..:..|. ; -rv..-. r ,. A|,|)l) in ,,,.,,,,,, ?.,,,-,,,"'""· Okl " '' lumi ' '-TM' 1 '" -fMIHTOM l,:,lln« Cull .B.lMII c (- WK I, ,w- j,,,l l,,,,.,l thu very nice In I-r.-il limn. H u n ' s . r-,v,.| : ,. v ,||,. _-,-,""". | _Tymi-r - l.iin.:.,'nx- rnnintlnl of IpArloi). M .L 1 ,"'.!,"".f 1 ".""' 'r«H«. rnrou I ""ilfcii"f)ib(;iNU i ," u '!' '""'" '"" """'"J r ""rn. prttty M. I*?. Norlh l.rvi-r.-ll | roOTIN(;.'i--w a 1 1 . r jt, »n« ..,.., I kni-lirii w . t h |.,Uul hullMni. ullll- talilr, 4 i-lialrs. ' 57 HO ltllill 1 ^| "nil t)ack M]!lni C:ill chnlr. Jl no. li,,l,y |, c ,| flpri,,^^ ' Hnvln v ( . _ . . YDl'NG innti lo npci-;itc" ilinhv.iishmj _iii;u'liliK- FtTgu^nn n C n f r i r r l n Q I J A I . I K I F . D r o o f e r w n n t r d Tho ano.'i " " Mt K, . fu Ilinlnr ro.-ii-l, ni,,-n,li,r-i whn h'iivc' Ih fnllmvlnc f|uiililii-.ili,,,,, K x-honl prrfrrrrri. » B n 27-35', , GHOfKRY." Stnrk"»nri i it iiiKi,-; MATTRESS li-« n °OI«V V |?« I '" '"'"" '"" lnr *"-'' l'i"ift»m» »-n.i :« U r; c .; ;;:,!," xsy?",-^ 1 "" j%%: ,, i tun Sclmni Di-lrict near Velcjans j lloi|)''.i! nn rlirce large !ata. Thli IS CAR CLEAN-UP \ TIME, TOO! Mrs. Anna Pearl Freelove Mrs. Anna TVari Freelove. 6fi. died yesterday at 5 a. m. in the City liosnital. She had lived in Favettovillo since 1!132, \vhen she came here from Carthage, Mo. She is survived by four sons, Elmer Froelove of Springfield! Mo.. George Freelove of Fayettc- ville, Ralph Freelove of Portland. Ore.. and^CIarcnce Freelnve: three daughters" Mrs. Hacbael Groves of Phoenix, Ariz.. Mrs. Virginia Ilurd of Amarillo. Texap, nnd Mrs. Helen Edlin of Portland, Ore.: 14 grandchildren and four great- grandchildren. Gr.ivoside services will be conducted this aflernoon at 4 o'clock at the Fairview cemetery by the Hey. Rov M. Reed, with burial in Fniivii-w cemetery under direction of Nelson'.!! Funeral Home. Methodist Church ira-l Thur'.d.iv afternoon at the home of Mrs. w. I R. Dcxlsnn with Mrs. Dud-on Mr-; ' Fthcl Riddle, Mrs. L'harlcs Hal- liff and Mrs. Haltie Cuiuiin','h:im j n s hostesses. Mrs. Robert flirjhj,,-...-. ; cr, vice president, presided'm liie absence of the president. Those | on the program were Mrs .J Fd · Rogers, Mrs. I). .\. .MI-C,,,-.,.,,-!; I nnd Mrs. Lloyd Haj?ecit. Miss Ilet- lio Smith led the devotinnal. Marsha Morton celubrated her I fourth birthday Tueidav '.vilh a Parly at the home of her (T.'ini!- parcnts, Mr. and Mrs. "l.olph Helm. Seventeen fuests a'.lendcd. was a call from her father, C'apt. Lc\vis Morton, wishing her a |.. : ,|,_ · py hnthday. Captain Morion i.', serving v.'illi the arrred force.-, in · Ciermany. Mr. and Mrs. John L. Riddle and i baby of Paris, Texas, arrived urday to spend their vacation Mr. Riddle's mother, Mrs F"-c . Riddle. ' ' ' j Miss Virginia Butler, who taught | this year m the Sperrv Ili::h j School at Sperrv. Okla., is : s:)e::d- inc the summer at her home hi -c. Mi.-,. Jobn Beiison of SpnnKdnlr. · Tin- Rev. Ilazil I.eiiford w i l l ' Pieac.'i a!' the Bucl:ncr 'Baptist r'mircli .Sinnla.v. ! The :-'i-i'.-ni.--iii:, fliil, v ..j|| ,,. rr i ' Vi-im-sii:-- .vx-t .-.,,,.,, at _ o'clock i v."th Mr.. l-:'..-.-ibetl, V.'ils'.n. j I'l'.ivi-r :.-.i-,.!if..; vil! i;,, con I t!i:cte.! i,t 7-:in p m. Wi'i|i... : .it.r,- a: tl'u home ,r Vr. : : nd Mr-. Vi-rlin K.'i-ier. i ·Mi._.ini! Mr.' Jim l-'err,-!!. v ho haver h"l,-e. !.:.-.-,.. , : ,,,-, cd here ·':··'"..· Miov.-n. v.-",,, : |-,.,,| |i,,. | v.-ii:!i-r v.nh i ..- ;,,;,,.;,,..,.,,,..' Mr. :md .Mr:. K. .1. Con;,:,-, icfl , iTIvirsday for An:i,,i) fl :i i ,;. M,,- . 1n .lull! his !-n,:hcr, Mrs. MT.'.-.ird M.'iictin:. i l , 1 '','r h t,,""'l""'v.',-'!;L7iTM' a "i' 27 ; M: : 5 "» f »-Khv."s.,,c'k^-,,frnv:n7i,fi-ji n ,,,,.' ' IHI mi " ) - p l y ' siiiii-rllilrnrli-nrti 'ofl'i!'"" t;,',,'". ! «""" """'" e!l " «''M invi.l.-r Invoice. n r i l r V I / i T l l I P sSiKSi^r: ,S ! 'S^S^ST; ! r ,, M , ^ J ' ^ -·no.r"li.-iii, iio'lV'T," 1 J A Y S K R V I l ' F - I ' l l o : Duggar-Brown . . i hr- hounht wnh imali rtown juivint-nt nnil uwnur will finance, WILKINS REALTY CO. 102 North collcca Av«, Phone 17W 11 ELI- WANTKD--KRMAI.R · 15 Openings for Experienced j --" l " v r-i., i ynru lumi rt ,' STENOGRAPHERS ''S^ ni'k^^r^- Apply immediolely Employment Office 104 West Center N ,, v , e ,n ! J^^''iti!l!f|^iEi. r 'K, w ;!,V,r nnnri sliitlfo rnurh. nthcr housphijlfi j «oodd. Jeislc ' Johnnnn. 147 KasI u;«u'AGir"iurr7«i«.r. "/om~ iJrT^. ^ nrirf C«SI.B. 11-4 hug*, o nit«r cusoi "r^vs, ""rr,:. A r,?s-' u*"TM^ AHM^ SK^'SU,,, S l i s m i l,, SI3000 prr tnnnth ,!.[,, IK UJi'in i-yiH-rn-in-i- J'linni- h:n. MATTRESS CO. I: 1 !! .Simll, Kim s: SAI.KSMKN WANTED SALE5 OPPORTUNITY " TYPEWRITERS AND ADDING MACHINES New and Reconditioned. Portable Typewritprs. Rentals TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS ." f 'n roaH to financial i'-f thsi'i all ihat-'» rc(|uirffl \t pi-rrhnse rork vcntcffca iv.-i unit properly Property m m K"(»il rcjui. pn.l n v.-fll locatM in wJiikntR iiMtimei! x of all nchoofi. c/iijr''f!t**. hiit)nojt-i(i| and etr O'^'llJ cr.i don't ncrrl the mnnry ,ind v,-tjj ·f{VT thr l).-ilfincc at Nix per c«*i m.crpii. jor thr right pcr«on. 1" 62 HIGHWAY LOCATION ~ nr.sinAnr.E iw it fmntnue on thti tun-.- h i c l i w . i v 1|-^ right In town, j.i'ii luo bincln v.-fat of the two new Wanted, 2 men who need to Dependable service department \vork and |ila to soil. Cai reces- Cash or Termi if desired sary. Experience in Real Estate 34 years in the business -. niv nmdern. ,_ : NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D AD5 ·i-nmn Th'n"."'-,1" "" r? '''"'" '" 7 ,TM nl " ,"" »"r'l" n M tnVniu l m ?r(jir"«. I preferred but not essential. Full fl D U/M I I » Ufnil o rft -M time, profitable job to men who U Dl ""-LIAMiUN LU. of Millin-ton Xaval Base, Mr:,.- phis, Toiln.. announce tin- b:ilii of j a daughter June 4. ! Mrs. Jerry Par:;:.-, -.,-orlhy -v.itn.n FORD Mrs. Lilly Kate Gulley f F u n e r a l services for Mrs. Lilly ! Kale Cnlley. fi3. whn died Thursday, will lie conducted this afternoon at 2:3fl o'clock in the Oakland riautist Church, wild burial 11 the Oakland cemetery tiniier he diieclion of Xclson's Kui'.er'tl . ll'ur.e. Palibearrrs are Curtis Crouch. i Thayer Shelton, Roy R. Bra/ea!e. Kl/.-t liultz. Hubert Danner. land Ivey, Golden Ivcy, and Ku: j:er.e Jones. · Hww|ii Cv Wnk · CU« Mr (mild wM V«M Cltmer for F»nh. · Vram _J Clm UpMilery; · OMI mi Nfct Tk«. iMn iMtni yMir F*rd finiHi, · Inttr* iMMtti, ||tssy finish wM tf«M Ftrd pclishn. W* use Genuine Ford Paints and Polishes to keep your FORD looking right! Louis G. Stockford Kuner.i; ,'eivices for Louis G. Stock[o:d. S4. of 719 West Dout;I las, -.-.'liti lu-d Tue.-'day, were held ' Tjiur.--da- a! the Xelson's Funeral HonH' chapel ,iy the He-,-. . J o h n Asbcll. liurial -,vari ill K\'ergrc-en cemeterv. T Active pallbe.ncis were fellow Masons. C.'ill linoth, Karl Weir, : Fred [{ar-flels. Bill Siscmnre, Hugh i I'fitul. and Weir. Ho:ior;,ry ' |!.tllbearers wore I.. L. Browne. I l.'.'irl M.-CauKh. R i l l Keelon, Ic'l'.ailes Sai\ei-fon, I.loyd Walker, ·John D. Mi-Fariand, .mil S. n. VVitlfiale. . Mrs. Hymn MM.IV. .:, s .--.!,' 'Moore. Mrs. l',T,:lit-,c ].-:!. \ v : ! frcd Stevens, and Mr.-. M,!'- 'New Uriti:.-.--.'. ii-l:. Canadj. :,·:·· , ·"/tranrl repre:enla!ive:; n:.:::'." Lincoln 'rt.ins-iav ovcn;m: | The Ciu-le of li.i. 1',-, (byterian Chlin-li me! v. i:]i ^,i ;.I. C. I'arks Th,:isd.iy i,f ,, IMrs. Fenimore. rirrie di:,:r: : I presided, ar.rl Mrs. Donald I'.i: iled Ihe sliidy. The Kvrmm: c,;. mol nt the home of :.-:-. \'\':;;., Brooks, v.-itli Hobcrt r,:-l-,vcii ;,-. in.^ the Bihle s t u o v . Mrs. Paul I.rr." rei:i e a:.d , ':-. j dren, Yifhie anrl B'.uiriv. o! I..,. land Air Force ha--e. S. l [ ; .'-. ! tonio. Tevas. arrived \V--in.··; : ;riifi!il for a vK,! v.-i:!-, M, . ! .-. rence's nioUier, Mr-- K H r,. i I'fc. Don Prate- han hi-,-, ,; el-.ari'i-d fn.m :hc Ai'::,y .-.:' Ihree ye.ii;: of -er i'-r i "· months of his ser-.-in- -...-a · '-;-i · · Korea. Kit email Jay P. Ketch'-]. -...!.-, , ' in l:iki-n ,,yt-r the U li.phonp. ' ' ' Di-aillini- Inr c-la^silicil ml 1034 a m .lallj. . :il) n r,-. S.ilurrlay : ! l.nrrr-lii.ns .-,,,.-1 r-n,n i-n.-rrfnlly ' in-i'li: iit.rr firs: insc-riion Nn ri.rrpc- ! I'°LI| "' 1:r "" m; " ic a "" r "* ""' '*' ' f.KRAI. NOTICES NOTICE In Tht Probate Court Of Washington County. Arh»n,,, i'mr'Uv..'.'.'^'''', 7 ,,','.'.,;';;' '···;' ( ' 1 ,:^ v c Kinii.tfi^tr'l^H 1 """' ""··'·^···'" ·I'^nnM 1 ''' " ' "'", ·'·'"' "'-' : '' "' ^-'"'i:^2 -ni'-il 'I-i,-,li-n-, ,-i:!'i I!,',- protitable j qualify and will apply themselves. Commission and bonus. Apply in peison. THE BROADHURST CO. 1031 Noith Coll'-np SPKCIAI. ,, m ,,,n,, ; ,,,v '!·,, ,,,,.,, ,,;,, "" ' - I I r i - ' S I U I H l l / H l ; ' . , , ] INC. 123 West Mountain St. Fnyetteville, A r k . Phone 2-r,'ll Larry Malone. M E r "NOnil.lTY "Sllvrr?" Cnll KLI/ABFTH J A N K S 292 __EVF:NLVCS S,)riiiR,Inle .1201. Ourk Trout Kirm K - - r Jnhmnn J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phono 24, West Fork Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake . FOUR TINE ACRFS .-\\ f l n fin*- hnmo rnnflitlng Of fi%-e I ' - ' i - ' - r f u ! rn..i,iv h.-mtwixid flonnnf «i-fi'-r.iu* ' I . !·(·!·. liiiihint and oih*r nit " fi««!tirei. Inrludlnc im»r! new ti»«ri\iein* Ali't. K.iri!*p. h«rn. .tn4 i".-,. jiMjitry houses Only onr mil* from i; of A . on good road, natural l ril wnicr. T. H. A.-C. }. you Phone 783. J" Disking - Brush Rake """t.^lt, .n^rV,,. TM. H° n H 5 in R Mrf r Clearin9 Hammond Realty Co. r1. M. JUNrS ( f n t r n r f r \ r .. _ .. ' H. H. JONES. Contractor " "' K. Lafayette, B,,x ,-i:i [.' I _ Ph_one_ 11K(i f ay.'itcviilc ETC A V A T ING" B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirf, Top Soil -- fi'ii|M»ii/_ii; ir.sur- . ~ ··_ D. AA. P A T T O N "i"i,:^,^vS",;:» A AV;r.:;;,/,;';; n : inpAi MATTDF^rrn : Phone 249 Ki'nm !S" E, l -i.."' i 'null'rlm« ""r,"-'',"; ' L ' [ -" L "'A I I Ktj J LU. "T-"-AM, HAOIO HH'AII'IS' HI n 111 . 7 tl) il p ni . QualitV new mnttre.. AnrJ "^^^nr^v^^sv^t^j^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ · "."uiujf new munreis ona MONFY TO LOAN j matlress renovatinj. KliA~Ti()ME~OAF;S I Phone 3036 I.ow interest, long term. ' 01 WEST DICKSON L'TLEY AND COMPANY. INC.; ^PFriAl n^^o^ J ALI . ,,,,,., ^,, 7,L, r r ,, , 5 u .,.,,, FOK_SAI.R._AirrOMOTIVR i Hmn,,"" 1 !,,?_""' Jm"'?,!' '£$' Phono H n l!mnnind 1372- J A J.irvin HVJVi · . v, r D.M.I: · ItKASflN'AHI (· ( I.:.-.-. . | | H - l i r . l . . . 11:,.,,' . | Chuii-l, t.r . ,!! L". , Kur.niTj', I I . , - , ., I!.,,!,,, ;;, . ... ,, SUN-TII/I vcnclltin ..limn .t'n' 1 !.;,· ;ip|»' 13.-..I HHUj'p'.-lfnp; .^c.-INmt , ., li')n. new l,n-v rntlin Jim i he i il.-il I,, ..ll-.n.,. hi-ri-i. H JliVhwj WA.VI'FI) TO nilT W'H) . I r r i r M - rofr, K ..r.iN,r"r. f i f Chrnp I'hnnp ..iftgn I'") COATS llcnson. 295J . H)K H A I . K - K K A I . rST/VFF P.Y O W l j f T . ].', "m-l-ci i ,-. ,;....;. rn Outifanc'ing Suburban L i - t i n y R A N C H E S -'· \ SALE OR TRADE ! 200 U.OOO ACRES : Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas THE BROADHUR.T CO. 1031 North College. Phone 2487- t ri.iv- iiii.,r- \MKP ih.)d« trees ROt^ W.I'IT Kayclir villi- school haj. * f i r . pl.icr.v eoM ro.irj:. quici and WHEELER REALTY CO. KF.At.TOR rk rhr.i'rr I I - i S - . : : - l . - . . , , , , ' v.'.n:c t.- Mi A ln'i-r ::', : on- -· I " r . Ii.-'-.-...:,.. A.V.-,,.,.,. ' I, LEGAL. KOTICP. K A I I M A l . l . A MIM. i .',.|lrt,i ,,,.,»,., :iml i,ll,i.r i-i|ui|,,,t,-fit I'l.i,,,,. ;,i,;,.ij M'l'I'liHcYc-i.K. Hi, n 7 | ,,,.,,,.. . ,,,,, 'PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service ·TMTM n £'^ -,,,,,. LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO. ^^^^^± CRAVENS r f : Phons hf-f\ OflR MnrtU DI A ,L 1,'nn owr uo,.». . .. ... ·* -- ··· · AB5HIER-BRYAN 'Yaw Wtndly Ford" Prairie Grove Mr. anil Mrs. firmly Holm :iml son. Jdhnny, t,f IiiKlf.vnmi, C'alif., arrived Mnndny In vi-ii .Mr. Hclm'ii p.irciils, Mr. and Mi.- Dolph Hclni nnd family. Mr. ; Mr? Clyde l.nrns and d.iiiKhlcr, .Itirlith. nf K.-msns f',ly. Mn., ;n,. U-IUIIK Mr. nil Mr;. Oiitdy Helm over Ihf Mi.'s l l f l c n I.nnife Winn of South finlr, C'.'tlif. ,-itiml Ihu \vprkend tn sprnrl Ihf 5:immer \\-:lh hrr Kr.tndji.'iifnlr, Mr. .inrl Mrs. J. .1. Kirllfr The JnyhPitrris f'l.iM nf ( h e OM'.S :» Noel. Mn.. Icfl Fri'Mv S,,n nn-rt. c.-ilif.. .I.-III-IT l.i- lm;irtl Ihe I'SS F ' t c x .11.d j fin m-friM 1 : ilu!v. Mrs. J. M. !.':IWFY.II nf S. AIM, r.ilif, u-!,,, ],:,-; IH-M: 1 «ursl nf her p.ii'-niv ^,'. .,: -: Kr:ir,k n.'irrrlt. !i f: l-'-i'i.iv !"i ; lininr-. Shi* :'.n? :irrn:r.|'.:ir . -I I ("J-'IITftt. U'hl U i j ] !I,r.|;ij ; i. \vri-ks \vilh )lf-r. I Mr. ,-nid Ml?.. F-i Tit.: Icy ·· . nics.i, Toxn 1 :. nnd ^:rs ('i-,,, Csrlcr (if SiTir.B.' v ' r,f Mr. .iii'l Mr-, f:," , WiUnn, i Mrs. Ch.'.rlf-E KiUrcll and , r d t c n rf H.ll tlc-.\-||lc. (',:'.., I Thnndflv " ,:h hrr n a r c n v . nnd Mrs|| Wil'.mi « » T-l.l. :,M-I ; · - ! - , , . , . , , | ·,,,, rn- k n . . - - · , i Hi-!,i ,,i i: i! i , , , | . t |j,-.,.,,,|,.,,,., . '·' " ' · · - - li"" t.j ,;.-.:·,, t,i.t tluri- I---: l,..f-n l;!"l in t l , , - ' . I f , - , . ,,( Cirrk ·'.'n rin','u"'"- r - ''""" "' v ''"' ; ' n '- i..i'il!i!M""/(-|!-,'r?"«'wV,,I tVi'r '''i''|" }',', Tl-.- ' K.i'-';" 'Tl! 1 r"'i'-'ri.'i''rllV""f,l '"i'i",'. 5 NW-, n , ,,.,. s r , ,,;,,i ;',,;,,, "in- r - . i l .M,I,. ,,(| ,).,. \v'i-^t Mi!,* "' 'in- s i : i , i,! Hi,. ;,-y.- , ,,( ,|,, Mv, in Si-,- :ii. 'r,,,, :n \,, r .|, II n :"i W . . I ",i,.;,i,,,ns ;:... ; Phone 6d6. I'OU.TRY ^208^Nor^h^Block POR RKNT--MISCKI.I.A.VKOtm l'l,"m- trr, _ p h r : r n r n t ' ' n'3'- 14:i ACHTS I'UK .Kinr ?:tril ili-nv, Siiprniir 'i u .1 I , i · dr'uui- I'l'iiiu. jc.'ii,:, fucli'in K,nr.,,itr-rrt t i'1'l KO- nil,;-. l,nt,y ,;,, K:.I- 1-1 f ilc/i n [i],, Knmr..i ,-KKit AN'-I-II rry. X'lli (inlr-wnv Mixoiirl. |,l;i,,,f _ 1 _ 7 KDR HAI.K-HOME NKKI1S I t K F H K i r . H A T t l i t r-x'm ' .nil- I,.,- ,r.,,,.|-l,i,.vi,-.| ,,-, ,,,:, ,,,,,,,. I'll '-',I,,|,N. ·li-r. HUM I,BV IIIM-LKX iwi. n-fl* Will |,,v. ii'- :i! (;i,li-i prHtap, -r.l' Ci ."'iini tniniihpil fr.r .''i*! i-ni'i'iu .-u N - ' i t h D-.ii I'tl'MII- 11HV.V N K W I . V 'li-i',r ,i,.| liinil,hi-.l .1 ri ii.ii'Kl. .V,J lr,|| B u,i, K7lin4 ,.M,I,: ri'KNISIIt.1) .iwirln.i-DI llvlnj , ":',"'. r"" 1 .* """" '""""'""- mi."., ' Who's Who i For Service i Consult You' Classified ; Service Director*' ' ' i r - l . S'. V . ' l ' . . - ,,,1 I,..,. I ... .,:,!. r:,, k ,-,,,,,, «·;;; .--,.,. - - = : I... ,,,,, ,,,, ,., ' S l . A l . Hn-hnrd M (,r^r^ HKAI:TIKI:I, 'F,! . * . . . in..i, , . . H A N U l ' A I N T F I ) I t . f i t . * t ' , X . - » l ;,U, 7 1 '"-·I l '.'i-h. $«rOfi "--":.'l"irl-./. H . ' r . , . , '" l ' , r k A · »n p o i t f r - . t i K itr- |.AKI;I. i Mn In ,it*-l Mm i i . f f f - r r p i l i-licil tip*!,,ir I ' NOW .iVni.iiiiii. ii",.!«*.. 'minpi~^u.ninr C)nnrhiii_.« M'TiMiTP/1 N C R A V j t i l i . r *»nti" K r f r '*--- ·- -- Krr .-,l C! )(1 , 'l 1 N l ,,rn,,k. SlfWlli? N O T I C E n».'in-'j tup i - r . , , ^ f,,r rjunliu n - r r - « r \ \ i . y (i^riimtfil » rftoi'i fnrniirif.l rh.nrli^ s.,:i- , - v f r y R . , t , i i ' t » y ftt, ii'inrnt Firll fl."*r t'.ll* p.irl miiiinnit Tiir - i - i i k .irvii-i- i.r l - , f . ' tf.ft 00 Mfrldlx flVHIIUMf -01 Wflt U'lir ii.lnnn/i',..,, 1771- III). M-"Hi'mi- PhnuP 7 4 1 or rlr. I 1 K A I TV SHOPS i u ·!. !,t ,u " i ..' ,,.. '.''','·' : H.,, I , , , . , : , - - . , , - ,, , . i.-,,., v ,.. v . i: , ,, ! Hiirrnc* wuiil*i,,(, »M »__l)ir«^, n ,,,,,,.. ,,,, fHlCKKTI-S Hr.Mn'V SHOP ! I KH.IAIn t HtlKK ' Jai N nmot Phiine ix, UTLEY COMPANY, INC. .KAi.rni.s L E N n r n s INSI:ROHS II I. !::: y '.- 'ft! HM .(,07 A U T O M A T I C APPLIAHCE*~CO: A BeMt.r Pl«« lo Buy itotpaint I I H. Block DEALER Ph. 131 200 * Yours of Servic* 20,000,000 Pohcyholdori 20% ; ;: Savingi MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO -" INSURANCE ri ; :x ; 'v.;;:. ; Z'i^ ~~~^i " Savin o» (or p"^'^ n.k."" M.,,,11- . I'lK.n. Hf-t _ _ . . . . ; C O . M I ' l ' l t ' . S T ' , - . r r I. - ,'.-.,r ' , -l.(|.|r,. n G " lrl * F "l» nr'.. A 71 Nnrlr, F,..- .,.,,fl. rlny n( thu wi-i-k nil I DOOM iinhirnillKil lPArirff nni\ ^A I'hnnit 24.14.M p r l .« M'rtll "Mn' J '\V"Mrl,..'i. Spi-ni-i-r Ciii s t i t i (i- 121 .H-,,,11, Unlvmlty I The Ritter Agency Loam |. a | «,,_,, Rial Eitalt Ea»t C*nt«r

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