Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 7, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 7, 1952
Page 7
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Ardmore Proving Interesting Journey For Touring Pros ^Aivlmore. Okla.-'/Pi-A ,ol; hn!e» ® W Walcott Wants An-lmore. Okla.-'/pi-A jol; ho!e Ih! touring professional!: sav ha? no equal possibly held the key today to the wmntr of the SB.000 Ardmore Open Golf tournament. Such golf names as Tony Pertr.a . o" Cincinnati. Al Resselink of C'hi- c. go. Tommy Bolt of nuiham, N. C., and Skee Rte?el nf Tulsa! OkJa.. will attest to ihe sternness of the "cliff hole," the par five 533-yard i6th hole at srenic Uorn- iel; Hills Country Club. It was on this lahulous hole thst Penna took a nine, Ees:elmk an eight, and Bolt and Riegrl sevens to make their task harder as thev headed into today's third round of this rich Southern Oklahoma links event. Besselink, however, was in better shape than Bolt. Riegel anri . Penna as the field of professionals and 12 amateurs toured the 70 par 6.433-yard course in quest of gol'j and glory. The 23-year-old Besselink. ninth among the money '.vinners on thu 1852 PGA circuit with $5.261, war. tied for the lead with Shelipv Mayfield. Cedarhurst. N. J.; Ralph . Bbmquist of Ea^le 'irk. Calif.; and Julius Boros of Mid-Pines, N. C. at 1.37--three under par. Rijht behind Roll was Roberto ' de Virenzo of RUT.OS Aires, the first round leader: D a \ e Doudns of Newark. Del., and Johnny Palmer of Badin. X. r., with 13R. At even pur HO wore E. .1. (Dutch) Harrison, the host professional, and (wo California^. ,(im- mv Clark of Laguna Beach and · Jarry Barber of Pasadena. Boros shot a four-mder-par fifi to earn 5100 in bonus money for the best score of the second round. The "cliff hole." designed by Perry Maxwell, the well-known golf course architect, was especially disastrous to Besselink. He went into "Old Stonefare" four-under par and apparently was in com- · mand to assume first place. He misfigured the toughness of the hole »nd shot an eich'. The hole has a natural stone · wall 40 feet high anri 150 feet long guarding an elevated green Some 20 yards behind the green is out of bounds. Besselink whammed a wood shot against the cliff on hi" second, hit his third out of bound?, hit another almost out of bounds. pi!ched en in six snd t-vo-putted Riegel's seven !?'; him with a 76 after an opening 69. Penna's nine gave him a 75 on top of a ' 69 for 144. A score of 152 qualified for the final two rounds. Blue Man Favored In Field Of Eight For Belmont Stakes £im?a New York-iflVEight of the na- iinn's top three-year-old! ere i-ntered today fnr the running of the mile-snd-one-half Rrlmont .·stakes, with i record purse of .581.400 earmarked for the winner of the - - t e s t of champions.' Headed by the flashy Blue Man from Arthur Abbott's White Oak Stable, winner of ihe Preaknws and certain favorite at post lime 12 45 p. m. C.R.T.). the field will comprise, in addition. King .lohe. Armageddon. Master F i d d l e . G-'Hcri Clove?, plvmpic, One Count and Sub Fleet. Brownies Use Homers To Beat Yankees, 9-3 Bigger Share " 01 Next Purse [SPORTS Nw Ynrk-i/T'-The Rrn'.i-ns broke thp Vnnkpp?-;' four-came s'rrvik eMerday. whipping Pace Dyck Flammed two homer?, one u-ith tun men on base, and Cmiri- n-M- r -IrJed another round-tripper with two tin. K ' "niTiM shared the =tarrinc IT'!?? -'-ith Ihe e x - Y a n k s by pitrh- inc hrlhant relief hall for six in- ninc?. The 31-ynar-nM kntirkle- | hnller 'lowed three r " · in his | fireman stint to gam credit for the 'Ti v nnVn r s Ex-Bosox Stars i To 1-2 Victory Ore,- Boston iAS Tlnicj, layc^evillt. Arkonsai,. Saturdoy, Juris 7, 1952 Extend AL Lead Philadelphn-i.Ti-The Cleveland Indians rxlc-nrlerl their Amciican I.eacue lead o-.-cr Boston In t\vn ·games hy hiimhlinR the Philadelphia Athletics, 11-J. here last nighl. Bob I.enion was allov.-ed tn i coast to his fifth victory behind a 14-hit ntiack. Bobby Avila. Tribe sec'mri- sacker. collected fo'ir hits in fo n- Inps to the plate to pace the al- tiok. He drovt in five rt:ns and got his second homer, too. The Indians turned a fielding misciie by first hisemnn Billy Hitchcock into five runs in th» second innirif. Thai o -j I b u r s I kayoed starting A's pitcher Hsrr Byrd. although all the runs u-ere unearned. Al Rosen hanged a home run in tr.c third with two mates on base, .lot- Tiptnn smacked a home run foi the losers. Cl.v«|.n« H, Philldel.hla 4 CLEVELAND rHILADILFHI* 3h r h ah r h Simpson, rf 1 I Joost. H 4 1 2 Aviln. ?h s 2 4 Kull. -h 3 0 1 ,ib j 1 1'phillo. ,-[ I n n Dnby c l 5 2 1 irm»]. i t MiTSell If 1 ! ·! Vain, rf Faslc-r. I h 1 1 1 Mio'lhi. jh Boone. n 3 0 1 Hilrhc k . Ih Cnmbs. s» t o n cThoma; " i l l Tiutoil. c t 2 2 Bjvd. p i Wright, n Cain was the Brownie the ramp win. Bob ! slarter. I Tom Morpan oneni ; on the mound for the Yankees j ' J "'.\ ' : ' n b i ' - - l a tu-o-run ' omcr to his own cause. Bui i' wasn't enoiiph. C.'ouitiuy's homer in Ihe 'i'lh kayoed him. St. U-j-j 9. Hew York 3 ST. LOUIS NtW YOUK «l r h ah r h "un? 2h r, n 1 Mintle. r f 4 1 ] nolrljlj-,. n , ( | | R lzz u!,,. . , 2 n d Dplsinp. If 3 i i| Brldf\v pr. ss I n li Nicrmn. rf 4 n I Bnurr. rf 1 (I 1 Cfiurlnff^ r i l l Rcrr;i r . I n n Rivrrq rf I 'I 'i MTVCHlrt. 31, 4 n j Dyck. Sb 4 :| n Wnndbnp. If 4 n n M?nrn. 55 1 n 1 Collins II, I n - Dpm'siri. «s 4 n l Mirlin. 2h 4 1 1 'an\ p | o (l Morgan p " l l artapp i n i KUMV - . p n n n Harrnt. p 3 n n aBrovn l n n IMiller. n n n n Cup Team Holds Lead Over U. S. MunfiekK Smt hnpes v.-.'cp hi-h first Curtii: Cup _. lil^nn 20 year? a en Six ancles m^trhes ihr t w o - d H v rornpriii!!!" hy I' e en The Hi i l\vn of ihr ihrrp fr.n:--i J)i M--';.-i:tn te;mo : i f,,. \-rr In Tinals I.m - M i / l^r Cnin 'n ut for Ku-/.n for Millpr :ro York F--npnnr^'n. n-rnitn RBI- -M*r · 1. Courtney li. Dvrk *. Mir?»n ''. M DruiEI lf l 2B Rspp. C'o'lins nn M-- lin HR -Dyrk 2. rmjr'nr-. Mnrgp S--Riiantp. Nirman. U"f! - S ' I -mi^ \Vu- Ynrk 6 BB-Cain I. Mnrenn Kii7»'-a ?. Miller 1 PO -·.·rr n ,i Mnrcan ? Knrava ?. Milln 2 HO H in 3 Innmr s !n 4 1 .Miller : in " K u r R i. - . HBP-Mnraan . Amrricfins MP.PT ha\'c 1'CPM br;M- cn. TtT rln«pst Bnt.iin h»y- cnmp to a tXuninh \vn,^ H HP in ]',*?.(}. Today's malrhrs pitl-vl Ilomthy Kirby i if A!l;uif;i. I'nitrrl S':iif-5 A mat fin- rhampinn. nnain. 1 -! .lf\,M Hnnjild nf Srntl.ind; Pol'v miry nf Knrt \Vnrlh. Trxn?. nunm^' iV.-r.i Palprscn of Srn:];uiri. M»r Murr, y Claire nnran, nf ClpvclanH. ,-T.I::T France*; Stephen?, of!aiv Gf-TC l")r!\lnpp, of f'nrvaljjt.. n t . iig-iinst Philnmona (larv'^y. nf jn land. ,inH Marjorie 1 Lind.;a' . i Prratur. Ml.. aE»»unst Eli/r*!.··-: I t, 1 It r I r Rr-ri s-'.x-rt Wall .pMhaj-r;i rn-Hilr* it - t ^ . - i i r n DP? roil ·' t 1 ' ^ !· 5 p l f t v - · Th" t - A - . f |el:v- t h a J er.^blcd the H f'i: (vn run-: :mrl -T limihle ^nd U ' i ' - i i m hnrv.iM r'- ;ii: Te'i f-r-v. '" 'fie "ver fie · 1 'f a'l'fvpri *i\ "MT* n;r. hy Ilnrn i'l 1 ! 'i"t K v r r c Ml. v:i'-'l S " ] - \ - n r | 1 ···'i-.'f B " , t t l ; t f ( ' ·i\ ; · ! [h,. In-, ·Ih K r - l l v.alkr-d nnhle h\- F\-n« '· Hill 1'rnry w -;j.: The Int. rlrnnrd **· behinrl the · \ - H j n r j Indian 1 ; BOSTON : -jj, f- ij 1 M :-:in ,-f 1 | '| ;-.,-, r,,, n ·],, -, (| j '"·t'l'-li M 1 l'l Q ' ! ' t . 1! 4 0 1 '··' ] l . rf \ n ·» »:· S ,, - n r. · v p n n n V'"':.ifr ! n n "····'* M : * -,-,. ],,, · i M - i f H - k tn O'li \iy .Ter-t". ,l':p W.ili"i,'» * ] ] - j ,1 i,,V". Hue showdo · n ·.;] ·. nr JM-V"* 1 Marry MritihPv.i-H. i;\ M a i r ^ m linut k*»pt ! rune: hnpp;ng on t nf t0x:ni; mnrt !..-;;iy I- f iv R' n "i;r"h;'i. n^-in, lifer '·'. ihr h e a v y \ . cishi - h ^ n i p , .n. - ^ r i · y o M r r d a y t h a t hi- .'III-;, ear n l - j ' forming for thn ln!prna!''inal Ilnx- ; me Cliih t h i « Srpijv.ibrr ui.ifyi. . thp l tianiji r-ii|!r'-!s '15 [ic; cpiil (.f j Promoter Jim Norn: nf MI» \W IHR ihc chamn at'Hin^; eni-.rr M, ( »- s ei , n\ r j i e hard -hil tin", i:nb f '-'it r n M.'.n .rtim 1 A! thr «mp iirne Nm-ns r- eityer \n h n \ e M n H h e ^ e a t - i | M:n - i-i.ino lia\-e it nut m an e i i r n i n a i ; - n bom in ,\-" \'r»i k liU ne\! mniilh. Fr»i a while, it v s : ; ! C H ! n - ; c d . t h .T l f i S ' 1 1 ^' 3 s ready 1 f i » j , '.vntlrn ^f(. Rut today there ·«,;)«, 1 every indication t h a t ,he bo\ nf. | fie* natural vvnnid be mnHf ^Cer | nil. If the lira in trn?)$ invnh rd in itip rie^J pet th? rommap ' .^'rnich'f'ned out on ihe paper-. 11 if fight miffhi he settled and iiMpounccd today. j MaMimakrr ' * A 1 Wnll nf the ; IRC j-Hid "'"P are rarne:;tiy tryms In makp it." ' " ; Killer MaMhe-r? or Maivi;,nn ] \vnuld he a crept able to Dof-hic- ' chin. "Rnth nre Rnod si»rarii(in-.," _ Felix said. "Joey M.ivim. lipht heavy weight champion, i* in the . p'rnirp. tno." Th^re w,n« a very c^' 1 ^ pnesibih- ' ly t h a t if WalmM f i e h t s eHhrr STiLL CALLING 'EM . By Alan Movtr 4 1 1 4 1 1 4 n i 3 n o I n n .1 i 2 0 o n ed Ihe i ! p . S. triumph- m HMl llripi . Totals Lown Pitches . Chicago Past Braves, 7-2 Chicago Cubs were hot at the bat in supporting 9 fine pitching performance by Turk I,own yesterday. The combination resultrd in a 7-2 win ovr;- !'·:? P.oston Brave?. Chieago's 12-hit attark included , a t'iree-riin double by Roy Smal- 1"V in tri* second. Gene Herman- · ski's two-run homer in the third . and Hank Sauer's sixth-inning single which gave him his 49th ana 50th run-batted-in o[ the year. Four Boston pitchers attpnvleri to Mem the Cub battine «-ith Vern ; Bickford the starter and loser He has lo?t six and won one. Lown. in top form, yielded one run in the. seventh on two singles and a long fly and gave Ed Mathews a pitch which the Braves ( t^ird baseman bel'ed into the stands in the ninth. It was the 10th win in the la?t 13 game? for th? hard-driving Cubs who 5ti!l rest in third place. IbFain Ml 14 Totali' " . . . (or Wricht .. c-0 out fnr Goldflk 1 0 n ( l o p 1 n n 0 n o 33 « * K--Foulrrt out (or Wrifht in S*h h--Bounc-d out fnr OoldsW in 81 h '· c Fanned far Hitchrork in 9th : Cleveland . 050 3K 1 m'--11 , Philadelphia . 000 n?n n -- ^ E--Hi'chcork. Jonst RJ31 Bnono. , Hogan 2. Avila 5. n-jscn ". Mncboll. . Tip!nh » M.JMki. K-ll 2 B - A v i l A . 1 Jno-1. 3B-- M)jtski. Dnin HR--Ro«en i Ticton. Avila SB--^vi'a S--Kel! DP ' --Boon?. Avila anri Eastrr, Tip'on. J.Too^t and Hitrheork: Joo?:. Kt!l ,in'l Hitclit-ork LvP--Cleveland 4. ' Philadelphia 3. BB--B.vrd 2. Wricht 1 SO -l.cirnn 5. \Vripht ?. Znldak 2 HO-- ByrH f, in ! ; i innings: Wrijtht .1 in V,: Lrmon 1-4. ByM S-n. Wricht -1-4. --BvfJ : Z - ' t i V - S V v . n t 'V'imm?r. C.ricvc. Napp T~? 1ft. A--74.431. Chicane 7. Bo ton 2 BOSTON CHICAGO .T'j'.hroe. of i n o Miksis ''h i n n Thorps, rf 4 0 1 E'mhol**.. rf 4 ' 1 Mjthsws. 3b 1 2 2 H'minski rf -i " i Cordon. If 3 0 1 Saurr if 4 n » Cooper, c 3 n n Atwell. c 3 ; i I)nno\-an. p n 0 n °ramcja c 1 0 n hWhlsf n~nt I 0 fl Fond. Ih .1 ! l Crowe Ih " ft n 5rr^r-- 3h ^ 1 H TTReson. Ih 2 0 n SmMVy «j, 4 0 ^ H 'sfield. 2h . i n n Lown p 4 n l Login, ff 2 0 0 B ckford. » ] 0 0 .Tones, p n n o Cole p n o O 1 S' Ciair*. e 1 n 0 Totals 31 2 4 Tot.-,1, 54 7 l? a--Flifrt out for Jones in 6!h h--Struck o-.H for Donovan in Sth Chirafn 032 (W on\ 7 E--Nnnr nni--Smallcv 3 H^ Pki 2. Saurr ?. Cooper M.nh^us :B - F^ndv, Smalltv. Baumholtr R^u^r TIR--Her man'kt. Mnthcws SB Miksis. Hermiiuki S - - A t - rll Left --Bnv ton 4. Ch;r,i?;o 11 BB--Bickford 1. .trine* ?. Co 1. Donovan 2. Lown ? SO-- Bickforrt I. .Tor^s 3. Co]^ i, r.o^-n .1 IIO--Rirkforrl fi in ? innmgp 'p;trh- ffl to thr*-** hitter* :n .IrHi .Ionf^ 'i in .1; C^le 3 m :. Donovan 0 in l' R ER -Bfrkfr,M S-S Jones Q-ft Coif 2-?. Dono\-)»n 0-0 (.own 2-2 HBP --· Dnnovan iMiksrsi WP-- Lnwn PR~ Cnnper Winner--T,own i 2 - 2 i T,n.trr-- Birkrford · ? - « · r- G o r e . Conl«n Sfrtvart an^ Gnjsl.rlmo T--2 M' A-- fnctlial) T.ri72 Pancho Meets Poncho In Pro Cardinals Squeeze Past Phils, 5 To 4 St. Louis-'/P:-Wilmer "Vinr- ERT Bf?nci" Miz*ll failed to pn the dif-'.- if.-e n^nin last night, but the -St. 1 on Cards managed in ben! Ihe Philadelphia Phil?. 5-1 any- \VRV. It markrd the fifth straight Ins-^ for the Phils. Curt Simmons started ajtainpt Mv.el]. and h". tno failed lo slay arnunrl fnr th' 1 fin : sh. Rnth r=tart- rrs s n t nut nf ihr gamp in thr- 51?v- rnth vith neither figuring in t^e drrisinn. Csrd relip'er Al Brazlt- vas r-'riitrd with the '-''in and ""'· fireman Jim Knnstanty tnok the lo«. A lon^ fly by P-Nuts Lovrey ri-iv- -n the v.-inninq run nff Knn- stanty in the last nf thp seventh nitev *'-c Phil- had rallied tn tie the srore in thr tnp nf the inning. Pirates Del eat Giants' Alaglie With Ease, 8-1 PiJI.iv.n^h -·/?·- Thf l . _ ! pin Pnt.-;ii;!Ch PiraiPF f'usnd ihr X;-.- tmml Leieue'? le^dinp pitrher nn mvctorv i^. 1 -; msht a. c they haneed nut ;in R - 1 win n\-rr the Nv Ynrk and are flinaer Sa losr. HP prcvm; c ] y had won nine in a rn-' Mash" !.i?'0fl until tho f i f t h anM v.-n.c trailmc ."-! n' t h a t pnmt. Th*» K-.iiit p'ar hid wt-. ]3 5 i fiair.Ps nvc : - iho Pintcs hrfure Ian ni^ht. I.i'tln M':iray Dirki^nn, the Kufp' 20-can*e winner nf l^ year, Fh^rp ',r' ni^ht :" r^nir th( inutr. ]|o .i!in\i.-rd ihf Giant In-.p p-n in thr ihird when |jnb» Thomson homered. Brooklyn Defeats Cincinnati, 6-4; Increase NL Lead Cincinnati - i/P - The Brooklyn Dodgers stretched their National League lead to tour E.imes las! nicht by clipping thr Cinrinnali Per 1 -.-. 6-4. as the runner-up Ne-A- York Giants u-rre suffering a dp- fp-.' ?t Pittsburgh. Preacher Roe. the veteran are of the Dodger mound staff hurlrrri r-hnloiil hill for the nnriRcrs throu-jh pichl innine r . .'i? his matrs mill a M:-rlin ndvantace. Thp Prp.- \\ -.irrost came apart in thi? ninth. -llnwinE the Rc-ds to rally lor four inns. .loe Black rclipyprt 'o save the win. It \va= Roe's f i f t h ^'in of the season without a de- eat. Women's State Golf Tourney v Opens Monday El Dorado. Ark.-i/Pi-The week long Arkansn? Women'? Gnlf Tournament pets underway here Monday with the state's top shot- makers ^ninc fT the Mlp won !;· t p;ir by Mrs. Gordon Perrin of El .Ooririo. Mrs. Perrin w:ll defend her t j r ' p at the El Dorado Cuuntr.v Ci.ih in 13-hole match play The finals -- ,-ilso IB-holes--will be jilayr-d next A tronhy fi.r the lournament medalist wii; IIP inausiirated with Ihis year's event The award will he donated by Mrs. Helen Alexander of stuttssirt. lone a power in state women's co'f.'i v.-i-- ner ivill keep the trophy for '''r vear and will be civen nrrmanent Iossession of a minialure replica. How They Stand NATIONAL L E A G U E ' girls hit Ihe ball ,-iM' IT , : r v . Vak'ntino, fi ar.'l , and Mrs. Georg 4. , Misses Rile were beatrn, ? Patersnn and c; , hy and DeMos.' Donald and Prii and o'Sul'r-an and 1. hy MI---"! r.ey. MJ...PS K i r - howPrl to Ml.-'S '. .1 iind 2. Connolly Bids For British Tennis Title Manrhrrter. rnnl-nrH-'·?;-.\--.r-r- |-!'»:i. M;jurrrn ('nnnully. b:'i.-. fm f hf X^rth^rn l.a'.vn Trnni-; CiiTjn- pionphin today npainst the F,i:':Mi \Vi_:h:m?in flip jtnr, ,Mr5. ,!e;ir . Mr? HinkH thv.-n fl fill-Am(?rir-;*n f Nines Win Two Tills From Van Buren TIlP F.-lvrili-vill,. Rmj Club lnsrlwll tr-nni:; v.-on (v.-u c;imps frrm their Van Buren rr-unlfr- :'.-irt.t; yoslrrriiy hfiornnon in thf Van Blircn diamonrl. Till? Fayetf- 'k a rloco. ' l l - l f ! ·h 11. rial of lli ! lv C'a!:f.. ihrce ti II" 1 (:rs: time MIT.. Brouch ly'i . b"pn beaten on ;in Fr.clich pr.T ~ rnurt by an EllKli^hv. nman. MJSS Connnliy, the ^enrali"n from San DIPS", f'nlif.. cninerl tl;e lar-t rnunr! by lin...ii :1 - ^] r c Jean Walker-Smith. Britain's Xo. ] player. 6-?. 4 fi. fi-0 Frank Setlfnian and Dnn Candy play fnr the m'-ns* r!n-*if- crn-.' n in an ri'i-Au':!ra!nn final. Srewart Bats Chisox To Win Over Nats, 4-3 doubled \'-lth t"-r nut aiyl 'hr ba^ep Inarieri in the eitrh'h i:~' ii.;; last n;eh' tn gi-.-e tr.e rh;'-a^.i While Pox a 1-.1 vir. o--ci i t - broke a Pal" Hn-f- ·· e - c a m e In,- villn mid \ it-^r-.-, \' Mi/;-ii.-_'li dmnj; Tl,' equal- 'n- '· lln-er r. -:ri,. n 'I"!" .';..-. ( plays U',.-.'i-..- i ):ame at \\'e? !(·· i'l f; 'ir; A l t Pann\- iander · v.-dn in i' tea m League Private Leads In Pentathlon Trials the ?!lr '.on't be Nrv Ynrk ( " h i - ' rapo v/as mn^iHered u likely fpot Mobile Loses To i Travelers, 8-1, i i But Keeps Lead (Bv Thr AssorlMwl I'resn) Despite a dismal Fhnu-m^ thrii . TflFt tirnf nut. Mobile kept its hesi- ; tnnt prip on firM plar» lorlay H Ihr Southern A^nciatlnn. Thr Hears ' : '-Tyed up h^·^a^|^^ In nnd K^\'- Orle^nr ?r*»m**d df'er: mined 1o hnil'l up Insini? 5trrakc I I,ittle Rork's Jnhn W e i - : · .flopped Mnbilf rold u-ith ft five- hitter a* the 7Vhs rnpped gn fl-J Herisi.-in. ADsui^ dronr.ed it* ;nr- ond Mrnigh( tn Chnttflnnngft. , r i-4. nnd New Orleans hnv-pri ,-iKgin tn I'IP Mcmphi Chickf. 6-4. In f hf fourth Southern di?f:!e. the nirrninflham n^rnns trimiiicd Nashville, fi-.^, erorint; niTiffior im- pnrtani vjr-torv in the h.iltlf for fifth nlare. I.iUle Rork J.-irH t!ire" Mobile huirs for 14 hit*: in lh*» Trav« p ^-v ronqunyt. Catcher Dtikc Doo- !·'»!«» slammfri four hits in four tnej: and Hsnk N'svfirro. Trav ihird baseman, had three for three lo pae. the winners' a t t a r k . Women Growing Taller, Say Experts In Dress Business i by th" R«v. D. L. ll.v DOROTHY ROF · A*M,rl a t,d Pr» 8 Womrn-s Rdltor . mamed h]nc 'ais-fpfi-two. eyes of hlu-. . ." n.vkns Ir ^mZir^^'U^r .h;;! , ·"«^-R,.v0.rncr,ndM b ,L.. of ihr. yr "» n!lnew . b1| h of Fayeiu- JL"i« in ' Vlll1 - wr1 rnnrr "" d Ma ' 1« *v th* " Kcv. Arnold Simpson. teller, Wept Poinl. N Y.-iyi'i-i; Sla'ns p^nl^thlop rnmiidat»; lo Ihr hoj-^o^ to-l,-!v - h i p ? ,ii--i f i h n . i . i c A f . , i r - m : , i i !.v. i, Irc'eil ff,r :|)p li;;: ',, 'he finHl ptjiif- . 1 1 [.in A vrr'.Ti! Se;i!!|... V.':. ; \-h tn-^liv .?. t a k e thr final i-hampinn- 'in !l:f tr a 5 p,,t l.nno A!l t!'" i'hM-::co n ·Si-ir" S!-f-:i. u ho f l ! ! t lo;. a f | , Tennis Finals Fights Lost Nioht CTpvrlnnd-i/P'-Fnn'-r^rn Pan- fhrt) Sofiura nf G-nyaiuil. Krtifi- dfir. Rnd Rirhard iPar.rhni Onn- ?'^!cs of Los Ancrlrs rnllidr tnday tn drridr Ihr W^r! ·!'.·· ^:j!dnnr prn- ffF.-fonnl tfnni.; rh.impinnship. Oonr^lr*:. inrlo^r prnfcssionfll titlrhoIdcT, had a ? jirpnyinjjly ?a^y tim* last niRht in miMing th* defending rhumpion, Frank Kovacs. nf Oiikl.ind, Calif., fi-.^. 6-3. fi-3. P^Rura advanced to th/* final Tfti«id Thursday hy downing Don R'JdRe of lyis Ancrlr*. 6-0. fi-.X Kw. «p with IH* Hmf«-- rnm (By The AssorlateH Press) Now York--C,irl · Rono" Oljnn. Ifil. Unnolu'iii. oiitpnintrH .Iimrov Reaii. Ifil. NYu- Canaan. l"«r.n . 11 Phrincmv. An? - - P r t ' v Spr\-in. IfiO. Los Antjflr.. oinpoinlril Willie VaiiRhn. ISO, Im Angp!»s. 10. The Courts Chancery Court Sue Harris vv Kirkfey n Harrii: Derree nl rtunrre to p:a : nti((. »warrtme rmtnrlv of minor ehll- 1rfn of parties |n plamtiff. Little 'Roek 8. Mnh',1.' 1 c .. Rrnokh-n '. NV« V'.rk H Chira",, f'innnna'i ^' c^; ] f : ( j j r 1 PhjI^i'^phlH rt Ro«ir,:i e PillMvn-ch W 1 . P,-i .11 1 1 73?. S3 i fi .firui . . 2 7 IS f i n n 23 23 .sun 2^ 2t .4^,ri in 2.1 4 ; '.i 17 2S .405 ; 2 .37 94 1 Yesterday's Rpiulls il, 7. FVv'n i» PiiKbiii'Kll fi. ,\r , Hin'ildvn H. C;nr , S;. Loin- s. pi,,] ? AMERICAN |i Mn 1 -!'.!, r NV-\ 'rork Waih;MCtn;i : f 'hn-acn ! s: l.-iuit |rhil.i'l(ip!'.i.-i 1 Dr-ti-nil Ye«terd«y' Reiulli St. I.onr 9. Nf-i flrvn|.,n'l 1 1 Ph Deimit 4. nn--:n»i Cnii-sgfi 4. W j ' h i TM. n 2. -v Y o r k I ·inn-ill 4. LEAGUF ?f) '.'i ··'.!'; ?."i 2'i v,i; 2? IH iiii 23 2fi .VTi J3 :'4 4S1 O'l ^I, ] f 2 in ?: if,: 1 1 ·" P 1 "* 311 Y o r k 3 ;i "(iton .1 i SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Mobile A'.Unla Ne\k Oriesn.s ( hatt^ndoga ! Nashvill? il.itil- Rock . 1 Memphis Y««l«rd«y'i Rutulti Meir.pni 1 fi. Ne-i RirminRhani fi. ^ C'haftnnorysa ^. ^ W 1 . PC t 3 - 2 1 ^ ' 1 .in ?3 M-ir, 3:; :.'. '.K; 3ri 2fi «,3fi 2T 27 50(1 ?i 2« 472 2^ 27 Ifin 17 ,M ..121 i ;ah\ i!! S ,'l'in'a t. i i i - i ]·. l H T T P ; '.''1 r.;i ; |, ; ! h · i i T", ' , ' ' . ' ' " " '' : ' ' ' ' iwn n : t A 5ho,-| f l y i y .V X, -,,-,'.. 11 '-'.' flfi'-ppM hv 5PrnnH i,;, · ;··,- F.nyrJ FU-rr f '. r ; , {-...·,!_.-..,. f . ,,;..., Shea Ihpn V/.tlkr-l O i r . ' r ,\: ,, r . and hi: Kdrisr* R-i|-.,.-- /, M .,, , ,.'. . . _ st.'.fip f'-r :r n!"-''' Ma i v (ir o-,. ^ n r j Hr,-,,V j.j., .^u^e ijiirnhnr v. P : O p c - ; : r : " f ! r Ch!c*cn *, Wjtthlnitton 1 C H I C A G O WASHINGTON '" ;i ' h .,,, , | .T-.f t 'i"! it 4 ] ? v,,^, T,. .. (i / n '-ll-i '.' t i l li-nn- , - f . ,. If"!'- :'-i " I ' : \\.t,"'",\ 'I, \ \\ iir.iu*/ .h r! I! ;in rnnn ! ' : ' " f"'il'r!l'/in rf " i' - r'- l "'' V · Lnllfir r n rt Milirr ·'V i · l^'I'r .. ] i, ,. (, r , , , . , ' - ,, VsCVi'^'. p ·' i! '[' ' '*" '"' ' ''' " '' tn'ni-Ki fi 'i r, sV-'i' 1 n 'i' I j'l^nr, p | o , : K ' , - - , 7 ; n Tfl ' i^ .1? 1 s T.v ii* .--. ·; a SmsIM fnr r;- ^-r 1. R-,:i [nr Sh/i-i'^v" m ''W " ' W r r i ' in 1.' r n m t ^ r f r n - n r r ).- l.'i!l»r f f-r/Muvlf--) r,.,t' [n r i" fll . ( ^ . v Chif ft^n f.-. | ;/,', f -,, W.wh-n«-nn I.K, r-y,,, -^f, F. Vim- fl.k'-r |,n;ur PR! n a k » r nohnn^'in S'i*i ; «;».. . B r t .1 -f( Sl^w*ri f-inspn*. Sv.^r- :· |)|- y fl ,. »rM \rnnn rn:f .-,*" n u ^', r f, lnC' ft ri f. nn firmer,-. ·· i-l--^ ·, Griijim r in 7 i( -i.,i In-tt,-.^ n , ? R A- V.l» f.'r .v.-.i 5 1 «,,, i ,, HBP Sh^ -H' h n - ' , s (f -iTi^.n -,. iTffVrrVii*.. iih' hTV/' h f"^r ' " l1| ' ir '.^ Winner flri'u.rr VI I/M»r '"'IhV, I West Pork Mis? Joan Hill has returned home (or the suinmrr. She i;,v hcen attending thp Universirv fm th*. past ypar Shp i- vnrkmjj m Faynttrvillr and ··'·ill drii-f ^rh day. S h » w a * to 1 r a v p S .1' 11 r d -t \ for nus^.r-llvillf. vhfre *h» vill hr tnnid of honor m the ".-rddmr "f Mis.. Martha Mcfrarkin finn^a- ·Ifjnah Cqntrell has anni«jnf-M that there will h*- a R'n- St-ont paper drive, hoginning Mnnda- ;-t . r ..10 p rn and fontininnj? until thp lown ha; hr/*n covered H* a:k*'d resident in hnnHlc prrap P^JIT and havp it rr,v]v fnr 1hr IJHVF Mr and Mr*-- Clr-f.r^p Fr^^/p ;ird urdsy mornitiK fnr St-if-k'-in. Mn whrre thev will .vpcnd f hn w*»vk- r-nd w i t h Mr. Krreze's fi^rr Mrs Mi-drr-d JTi'lrr Mr a IK! Mr;- A t * ' , Daij'Jrr ·! K;in*-a«; Ci1\. . h;i\'f hc-n 11' Riirf.1-; of Mr. and M;= .1 O Pl-il- is for t'.c p,-,M wr-rk. Thp ClHU'!- prnj,- may hn H)p hit Invp , next gniprnlinn. .says : · thf dress hii?inn.«-.s v.-h 'sluHylhg !hc lions of Arneriran wf»n The raf by year, tinn, nn-L thorr's no tctlinp uhr-re it may r-nd. Thii v.-as th" nin^n^n nf n crnup nf f \-jir-rts v. ho met rr-pni- 1V | r t I||U |] ;fT t l ] P piubifrn nf "drew M//·.«. in Iho mo^nn j-hnw- rnnm o/ .( f-iru-nrfl-lonliinj; imrni- · fartnrer n.ui.f-rl Fitfh, h^h above thn icTminvr rqn\nn. ( - of \rv, i York's c;um'?nt reni^r. | Adds X f w Llnr I In rpsponi" to grnwin^ pr^^.sNjp : from huyrrs, Ftirh is .idfling 1 I fall Iinr a .'perinlly proporli croup nf '!rf5s"P sired f"r wf:rnfn fivp ff-n ft'-, ; : n4nvcr. "T?]!" ? hon% anri ·'!:,!: · Hri-ari-r.^nts in e*., r r* 'hr- rrumtr hn \ - c B ! prnpnr-i HOWL FOR HEALTH Jim Bcnton Bowline Lio«. Adr. In the TIMFB-- It In Romanian Purg hi? on-r! t hn nround thi« fir A n f.'o-i'n.n" M i-nt - f - . r tt ; r "lalf c.T.n at 'h^ ii'iotn-,. . A ,- n.nrh;n,i I.aiton. r.-.-nci r.( a hn;. r.illrrl "T.ill an-1 Tanori-'l" in [)"· - crly Hi!^. C;,||f S.'ild M r - l.aitoi: "Thrift doiiht t l , r t -/.'im":! arr tailT, (.-pen- iiv m Cii'ifornia ^ia··r)p 11 ? nur -m- shine. or i.-ir « a ] air, i-.r H..I-. he Flvr "Tall" Area. rllir and : In C h i r a f i ANA PAUXfK. lOTg-tim» tr.tni at Priir.n Minister Stalin «i:J on« ot the lop po-A-er.i In the Communist h^rsrchy in Rom.lni.1. hu lost her K- ' :i ih'- pf!.l ; r.-il ''id? IVvca pvi··!·.«. 'nrl'iMms Mrs. Pauktr, .'tll-pn-A rrful Politburo. A nr-A- n::(. i-.;r.j:r.,-^rl O f n i ne m enj. IITI hit horn .innniinepcl In the 5iuch.irc.rt press, f/ntrrnatianalj Shaving Crcwi. has it- . H.-nf Ani;iev Th.i: er^ ir.inird .1 i he A IATTE*tD R"l POW rt'tf^ piggy-tack on « romrmU «t hrnrt of t worlt r l f t n i l rftuming tri A Kojr iftltni) compound. Thf injure! prmonT rot in nn nrKumrnl with t Mlow POW »nd th« mekim iluln t »n.) till ihe mnn iiemu rnrrle,| *» uruek In Ul« hf«d by roek. Thnlo hy 1KI' nUtT ihnlo|friipriT IXn Bchtncho. (lnlrrn*ttm*l HmmdpKntm , h-in»n unil M.-.-, .«'h ol F'.is fltfMlie .Iiir.^ fi hy f'oiinty ev P Annie Conk. | uere innnird . .Indue \\';it C s r t e r . ll'nrv M u i r h \ .Ir , «nrl Mi.'^ Shu e\ Ann ( '"Ilii-r. t'n'.h o( Uol fip'inff*. \iere onrned ,I.;ne ft hv the He \v,Mi.i :n H. WY|in»n. Mov r,nnule\, Rprmcdsle, .ind Mi»« K.ltif Alt»f, IVWilt. wo*

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