Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 7, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 7, 1952
Page 2
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2 NOKTHWKT A«KANSASJIMB, NyetHvlH., ArkoiM., Saturday, Jun. 7, 195? Church News Names Drawn | Winficld nrrm«on, Mrs. M. C. Cas- «jr. Mrs. O. O. Thompson Mrs sld - v; I Clifton Wade, Mrs. Ralph Wed- Mrs. J. H. Conyors. Mn. Jor " n Kion. ; ( ' r u n i p l o i . Mrs. Paul Gulslngor,!,, Clrcli- VII c h a i r m a n Mrs. Joe ! Mr«. Herbert H n t l i r l r t , Mrs. p au | i PenfHeldX co-chairman Mrs. Bill Mll.-im. Mrs. Com J ' a r k r r ; Y o u n k i u . Members: Mrs. II. O. Magbul-Masih To Speak At First Christian Church Pension Campaign Extended At.Methodist Conference Amos, Mrs. Floyd Backitrum. Mrs. Mrs. H. o. I'di-ter. Mrs. M. L. Springs, Ark-(/P)-The Lit- ! out of 185 missions (,nly 23 have The liev. Samuel Magbul-Masih t h e met or cx'-eeded their goals l r u i n Kason, Mr., fi.'ll. r. lla'ni-.lns, Mrs. Coy K. " M'' 1 . .'ii.^. .;. \j. rmK, .*"«"« ijuujjiu Horn ine first Uhns- Mrs. W. w. Hamc.v, Mrs. Roy Scott,! l i a n Oiurch lor the a n n u a l Sum- I Sam mcr p YF Conference at Lake Fort ' Miss H.'ittie Williams, Mrs Smith, where he will serve on the r o r .,.,,,, M r , K l n r a l d . Mrs. II. C. K n i R h t , Mrs. i Porter- ,, ,,, ,. ' R. B. M.-mvHI. Mrs. K. M. Meade.i Mrr,. A l l a n Reynold. M r s i Mr, Mn ',, v'^el Mr, w Mr.-, Jamss T !'h,llip»; Guulys Sanders, Mrs. W. J. Km,,- Con I Mr wis lev Cordon ' " ' " Jne Stone, Mrs. W. A. Stor-! Davis' MrV w D Tl HV I HP e U J I I 1C - National Church Council Select From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attend 4* *£··* M fe ni*i*a«*a* ...-..-_ ._ . *·%·· J. J.V4 FIRST BAPTIST '·WAI/riCIt L JOHNSON. PMtof f.30 · m Sunrtaj School ..loss ». m. Mormng Wonhtp « 30 p in. Htiptiit Tnumni Union 7:30 p m Evening Worihip CENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN C EDWAHD nRUBAKtn. Putor Wllliatn E. Gihion, Minuter to Btu* ·4«nj ' , » 45 n m Church Srhool 'TlO-Si «. m. Mornlna Worihip TIHBT PRESBYTERIAN JAMES w BUTLCK. JR. Putor ' Wltliain K. Glbfon. MttlUter to Stu- S 4 S · 10 M M Anlhrtn m Sundny School i n l n i Wnriliip "The H e l l n n l Morn H a t h HIKD8VILLE BAPTIST CHURCH CHARMS DAY. Paitor in 00 n. m Kunriay School U i M «. m. Worship SrrvlP* 7 00 p m. Tralnin« Union S no p. m Worship Service ^ Werfneiflny, 7.MO p m , Preycr Sorv W. M. U. Fuurlh Krldny -t- Soulii l,wusl 'liireet , .f : !5 " "'· s ""lny School · 1:00 a m Mornlns Worship r.:3(l p m N. Y. P. s. Prayer Meet- KM I N V P. -- ·· ··· " · t - . a. Progrin is n. m A d i i l l Prayer Bnnd ,-;!() p t'ptliiosdi.'y. *7^o trrrntm: "1'roiprrou* Prodi*!*!!" .. 4..1U p n',. J u n i o r t'cljnwihlp Union V n r n M n n Hihlc Srhooi. Ftrit ChriMiitn Church. Momlny through ·jfrldny, 0 D. ni. ·f ·T. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL M A R ! US J LlNDLOrr. nvctot "Tiiniiy Simdiiy K.uti o in j n t i y Communion 9'3Q ft m Komily Service llrMJ ·. m. Morning 1'rnycr »nd Acrmim CENTRAL METHODIST I L DYKES JR.. I'ulor D tin n. m. Hnly Communion IP (KI a. m Wesley Fmmrtntlon Codec Boiir a M ·. m Church School , Id n in M o r n i n g Worihin Service r . Anlhtm: "Thc Silont SCH"--Ntldllnf- vr SolaiM: Mri W. j. Smothen Tr,o . "1'm.vrr"--Guiori Sermon: D. L. Dykci. Jr 6-0!i p n; Wnicy Koundfttlon G'fHi p. nv Y n u i h flrmip* 7:30 p. m Evening \Vorahlp Sirrvlva A n t h r i n ; "Come I'ntft Me' --Tschnl- Holo nichnrd Crrrr Smii'iiv D I. D v k r f t . Jr. Uroedcust over KtifUl Servlt-u . m.. Prayer Mecl- rulny, 7:00 p. m.. Vliilollon BiDtiit Ford C o m m u n l t j Church First Sunday 11:00 a. m. Hov Uean Second Sunday 11:00 «. m. Rev. D. Third Sunday 11:00 a. m !Uv. Alfred Wh!t«l«j rourth bund.y: u ; 0o «. m. Rev. V C. Erwln 10:00 r m E«ch SuncUy. Sundn Schooi + WEDmcTON METHODIST CHURCH A L. HIUGfi. I'Mtor 10:00 t m. Sunday School 11 00 ». m and 7:30 p m. r«arhlni ttervlcei on rourth and Fifth Sunday JEHOVAH'S 3rd Floor Rfd Croni Frldiy. 7:30 p m P S?rvic« Frirtay fi:« p. m., Thcocr.Uo Mm- mtr.v School Rimrtuy, 7:30 p. m. Watehtower Study SECOND BAPTIIT N V. DRAKE. I'aaior H:43 a in Sunday bchooJ. .0:45 a m Homing Wurthlp 7:00 p. in Btiptlit Training Union 8-(Ml p. m EvcnitiK Worship WcrJnusduj', 7.30 p. in , Prayer Meet- inff WEST FORK ASSEMBLY OF GOD D K A N H A M nnd STKEI.K. Pastors 9.45 a. m. Sunday School I I 0(1 Morning Worship »:30 p. m. Christ Ambassador Service li:30 p m Junior C A. Service 7311 p ,,,. Evaiisellsllc Service Wednesday at 7:30 p. m.--Prtyer Mi-cling and Uible Stud/ rinST CHHIBTIAH ROUKKT MOfTETT. Pastor ? 4'j n. in Sunday School 1" 00 it in Sunday School CUllci Id.'.n a in Mm n i n e Worth! p i (K p m D S. F. l' jQ p ni Chmt.nn Youth Fellow- ·hip and Uii lihn Keliowxhlp BT. JOHN'S LUTHEHAH A r k a n s a s nncl Ui'-kbon 'IV! 641 or 372 mKDKHICK G U M / . 1'astor S:HO a m Smmnv Scnool 0 40 n 111. Adult Blhlp ClAM 1030 n. m Nuricry open* 10:4Ir it m Sunday Uorshlp Sermon: "Vimon of tin.- T r l n u n e Choir AmliMii: " U r a u t i l u l Savior" · Mrs F. A Gum* and F r a n k Gm/le r -t- FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST. SCIENTIST | » 3U a in Riint'ny School I 11 OU a in Sunday Srrvirc 1 C.« p in KGHH Sunday Radio Wi'rtnesrtay. 7 45 ncndinc Hciom In · day except .Suniui.v p nt . meellnl. liiirrh open each nnd holidays. WEST fOBK BAPTIST R H nice. Pisior ·:45 n m Sunday School 11:00 a. m. Mornlni Worshljj ":j«! ». ro. Banilst Training union 7:30 p. m Xvcnlnt Worship BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH HOY W HUD. Pastor 631 Mijilon sireft 9 15 «. m Sunday School 11:00 · m Morninf Worship r.:30 p. in Tralnlnt Union 7.30 p ni Evening Service Midweek Prayi"- S,-rvic-e-Wedncs day p. m. 7 CEHTHAL BAPTIST JACK DEAN Pastor »:1S · ni. k u n d a y Echool. 10:50 « ra. Morning Worship 7:00 p m Baptist Training Course a. 00 y m Evening Worship 8 00 p. in Wednesday. Prayer service. FULL tfOSPEL TABERNACLE TOMMY GIBBS, Pallor 1000 a in Sunday School. 11:00 a. in. Prtachlnx. 7:15 p ni Evan»ll«Uo acrTlc* Wrdneiday. 7:30 p ni Midweek Prayer Service. frlday, 7:30 p m PYPA Servi-«. BLACK OAK BAPTIST IIOW A M D I'ltlCHAFtl") i'aitor to 00 n m School I I 00 a in Preaching Srrvic* 7 (H) p m Trfllnln* Union 8 oo p m Preaching Servloe Thundajr 7:30 p. m. Prayer meeting OTI1A TACKKTT. Pailor 10;00 a. m Sunday School ) i : W a. ni. Sermon 7:30 p m. Ivening Servict m i 1?r pl '" Fr "' ny ni « h t B 'blt atudy and prayer incut.IK WIGGINS MEMORIAL METHODIST AHNOLD B1MPSON. Paitor Souih Church and Third StrMta ».45 a. m . Church School II 00 M. m. Morning Worihip «:jtl p. m. Y o u t h F*IJowihlp 7:30 p m Wonhip WF.ST FORK CHRIBTIAW JUHN ASDELL. Mmlsler 8:« n. m. Church School 11.W a. m. Mornlnl Worship ana umrminlon Prcnchlnj tvcry flrti and thlril + . CALVAHY TABEHNACLE n.iJ" 1 Soulh Street BMYL E BKTH. PjVtor S:?» n ' m - r , M , or " l "« Service Prayer °«"v«.nc« Messn,e , n d 7 10 P n '" Ev 'P«"'"r Services ' fred Hrown. _Mrs. Ccorsr Caudle, Kort Smith; t h p licv. Bernard r,- .-..U...V., , .., u ^IIIIIN, IOP JtPv Bprnarn Mrs. Morris Collier, Mrs. E. J. Dy- Burr.v of Paris, the Rev WilHam 1 Malotte of Rogers, and Mr. Moffett. ess; Mr?. Thomas Ends, Mrs. John Hilton. Me. K. H. Hook, Mrs. J. F. l l y l a n d , Mrs. Ralph Lewis, Mrs. \V. B. Lunsford; Mrs. Mcarl McKinni%-, Mrs. Rex Perkins, Mrs. .1. M. Phillips, Mrs. F. A. Pothast, Mrs. Kli/.abeth Rccs; Mrs. L. A. Sands, Mrs. E. H. Hillside Adventures By FRED STARR New York-(Special)-The rein- nation of its problems, especially lion of Christianity to the rapidly as related to the Christian mes-. changing racial, political and so- \ sngc. is nf unpr: cial conditions in Africa, south of trance." He said unprecedented impor- the conference the Sahara, will be the basic | v.'ill focus mnjor atte-ition on is- theme of a special conference sues related to race, the seculari- beinK called by the N a t i o n a l . zation of African society, the Council of Churches of Christ i n . elfish of Western ideas and primi- thc U.S.A. at Wittenberg College,! live l i f e and the colonial struc- Springfield, Ohio, June 1R to 25.' ture. Other topics to be dealt w i t h Uiza- and 7:SO i Service Saturday, Testlmon \l + First bunda." Third luMa School S.-30 a June--the month when so m a n y , ......... ,,. ,,,,,,,,», ,,,,.,. j,. n . say. "I do," and then don't--i Sponsored by the ---- · - . - -- -- bayle Mrs. John I. Smith. Mrs. j slipped into these hills with n o ' Council's Africa Committee t h e ' Include agriculture, industriaiiza- nonnirt fanyricr, Mrs. Pearl Yerkes.! more sign t h a n the increased ac- I conference is said to be the m o s t ' l i o n . " r n a n n n r i TM f a l L i r c l c XII c h a i r m a n Peggy t i v i t y among the birds, as i h e y . w i d e l v representative g a t h e r i n g modern currency. , , , , " " ' c °- cha '»"»n W i l h e l m i n a . g o about rearing their families. on Africa held In North America I l i n k l e . Members: J'cse - Ames, -- ·- · · Belly Ames, Margaret Christie, V i r R i n i a Clinehcns, Bee Crane; I across the meadow as day » CCD Marjolcne Gable, I.ulinp Gil- into the hills, and the last chal- breth, Bonnie Heinrich.-,. M a d e - j Icnge at the sun's going down. I l i n e H i l l . U n i o n .Iminc A n n l ^ n n e Il.Ti-n ..«* 4 ^ r..,.] . . . . . . . . ' n ...«. in,,,,,, c ». ,-.. ,.... t = ., clu ,,, num, mi:,-iu'i T °P figures in public life, the J'csey Ames, The q u a i l s are busy nesting, i during the past decade. Reprc: ?ovcrnment, foreign missions and ret f ' h c i i f i p T h p i r r-ull ic (1m r;,.^, ... ,,.- . c.nv,fI|:,.A_ ,/ in « : _ _ ^ ,-^. , t h n Phnrph u'ill arlHrace (Via A r _ -- -i "··- "JLlCiJ- i l L S l l I l E . Their call is the first to ring out sentalives of 30 major Protestant t n o Church will address the As- denominations and seven A f r i c a n ' scmbly. A series of papers dea:- Kovernments, along w i t h dele- '"S w i t n many phases of African gates from the United Nations and , fl " '"''" k ~ '"'""'""'' introduced to ser\'e as ni : « m ning Worship 7:30 p. m. line H i l l . Ilek-n Jones, Ann .Jones, have yet to find a nest which thcv i t n e u - s - s ^e Department are ex- · t h c basis of g r TMP discussion and Ruth Kendall. Janet K o l h , R u b y 1 have ;i tendency to tuck a w a y ' " """"" LmKlebach. Lola Mae M r F a r l a n d ; · out cf sight in the grasses As a Mary Gail Owenby, Joyce Stan- ! buy, to discover one was mv'ereat ton, Betty Yragcr, Dorothv Young, i est ambition. Mai'Kuerile Cowan, Helen P u i c e l e , ! Wonder if there's a body who W i t h Carey, I.a Verne K c n n a n , : could tell us something about the Honi- oHn r*lr,,~ !,,,,.,. H1^,t_l:..- 1.-.[,:, . . , . , . . , . * "UUUL tnl- Sunday-Hev. Virgil Erwln ° F TM , o Chambers, Madeline habits of a kildee? We have l l n n r i n l i e m Williams: i iriKly aoquired one. It appears to Mildred Hood, lietlv Stale.., ! be a lonesome critter f l v i n g 'low Margaret G n l l e n , Palsy Freeman, i over t h e country side and emit- Chrisline Irwin, \Vanda W o o d . i t i n u the weirdest cry Mavhp Vanda Burcb. Dexter Brown. Pet; - j there's a mate setting on some By BurroURhs, a n r i J a n e l l c Smith. . CCRS somewhere about", but there . ' . - , e r '·» P. m. Worshls Ser " APTI!IT in 00 a m. Ulblc Study 1050 a m. Worship Service .7 (Mi p. in. E v e n i n g Classes »! (ill p m Worship Wednesday. K.OO p. m., Prayer Mecl- fON'S CHAPEL S MILES KAHT ON HICIIWAV U 9 ;10 a in Sunday School Sii'iennlvntlent--Turner Drown Auxiliary «v«rj [ourin Monaty )M l n - io-« 10.45 a. . p,,t or 2 u n d «y Horning Worship 7 : in '.30 p mg P . ,,,,, m Sunday School. ra ' ., Morn lng Worship m *""* f 'P"* meeting m Evangelistic Service *- Thurid «J'. Pr^er DM.I. A T I S T CHURCH l p. in. B. T U h a u n t i n g cry. The bird is that not too common j pected to attend. At least 40 delegates will be Africans, many of | whom are being sent by churches, ( . .. ., . governments and private organi- I (IQ O i l 0 zations. ! In a Call issue this week lo the ' 400 delegates to the "North Amer- , lean Assembly on African Af- i fairs," the following objectives'. , ,, , were outlined for the conference-! r, c , ctor , of _. st ~ Pau ',f E ?' s ; 0 P al , . , Church, a n d Greg Allen, Univer- :,,,,· , f pplica _" on ,of Oinstian f sity student, left Thursday to at'" "" ~ ~ ~ ry Commission ;enth Province , , ' ho Rev - M»"us J. Lmdloff \ 11 i ne application or uinstian f sity student, left Thu principles ta every phase of Af- tend the Canterbury ncan life which unlike thc West i meeting of thc Seven Montana Minister Pilots Own Plane Over Vast Parish Fallon. Mont.-i/Pj-Mont.ina Is so j so far ns to poke"'tuii"at "a fpl'ler ,, ,,,,,, ,..,,, ;,,,.,_,, -..,-I w , lal ... sn ,, n f o r l u n a l e as l n1 TM" . * '^"^ I . ^ M 1 I 1 I U I 1 hereabouts. Maybe the rascal is actually lost. As much as I like In, I can't be of much help. He may even be a bachelor kildee, and t h a t eerie cry or His could be j.i proud boast, lie could be going big one L u t h e r a n minister Ic'nilh Donald D. to the earth and uonalrl ].). j^oehl pastor of the ond\ l L t " L t i ^'^ /.ion and Bad Route" Creek Lu- ·' ', ,1, TMJ? °j t u l 1 '? kcc P 1h theran churrhpf, is probably t h e , ,. , and to '"PP 1 -* only flying m i n i s t e r in M o n t a n a . s u " tl10 U P in Washington with Summer and winter. Mr. Tlochl s l'TMding money, flics his t i n y plane from Fallon to I Enfly this morning, when I o u t l v i n s towns in sparsely settled i wadccl through the lush meadow eastern M o n t a n a . He was sold on I to d r i v e up the cows there was ' secular and the sacred." (2.) An iTM ~r n 0 ' plcx problem arising out of draws no distinction between "the in A u s t i n , Texas. Mr. L i n d l o f f is secretary of the province, and Allen is the delegate from the local Canterbury shift from a primitive arid 'tribal , C p u r p o r c o( , ho m p c t i n g is to to a modern society." elect delegates to' the General ( i ) A thorough examination of Convention in Boston, in Septem- East-West relations with a view · ber and to prepare for a college to their application to present- '' conference in Norlnan, Okla., in day problems in Africa, especially j December, to colonialism. Luiunidiism. : · (4) To stimulate action on thc Rev. P r U f l i y irt Of f o r p i f f n inicciritiK Knii-rlr- 1 ' . ce and Bible w " kly 'ARMIHGTON BAPTIST U M KHEIS. Paslor lil'lio a ra Sumlaj School 11:00 a. m Morning Worship CM p ni. B a p l l a t Training Union ; JO p. m. Evangelistic Service W cclnosday 7:30 j» m. Prayer Meet CHUHCH Corner Duncan and Ston» .. !. m Sunday School I0.5S Morning Worship "^ " ThC (:h " llc "8« of way of t r a v e l when" ho"flow', no kildee TlhouehThe rrnfs?!,=,-» ^'^u.^^^o^r.s i ii^s^^ie,; r\^^ i the t a k e more t h a n tw,, i,ou,' S by c,,;^ ^^^TMf***·! ± . his i T h e minister-pilot says is i , .. , . . . . . . . - . i - a i . plane also opcrales cheaper t h a n | l" an " n K the June corn in the west a light car. "My hobbv mnkrs my fnr l. v . bere he came zooming work easier. I can travel faster "eross thc f i e l d like a jet plane by f l y i n g t h a n by d r i v i n g , w i t h o u t i crying as though his heart was the nervous strain driving i-,m i breaking. pipduce. j j r no | 3oc ] v can , M n n v t h i n o rhis ! ;^7^e"^ 1 ,^, t ^ r r lxiul lhis iW - v TMTMTMTM ^ ; " l.cks n^'ntemince I'lciliti"; I WTM"'-"TM' has a bulletin on him. han 1 v sa - v l part of foreign missions boards i » . r . n i' in this country, as well as mis- ; At j f . r Q U l S sions and churches in Africa to j shape policies and procedures T"^ R e v - Lon M. Prunty, rector more in line with the changing ' ?! st - ?.?".'' s Church in St. Louis, needs and conditions in Africa. Dr. Emory Ross, executive sec, *ar.v of the Africa Committee ! L '".?'"',? ' lu . nclav ',, , ! said -r r ic ^ ?r, e ".^ -^TM »«^ w ««- ^^ ast s'ronghold to join the i prc ach at the morning prayer rn world, a thorough c.xami- service at 11 o'clock. - . , Mo., will be guest minister at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Fay- pon I h c B 'I' 11 " Tralnihk Union i S '. Evening Worship Sc °°' ( '°''" GREENLAND CHUhCH OF CHRIST OKIS MALYI:R. Mmistet 10 Oy a in Church «chooL 11 (10 a ni Sermon 11 44 a m Communion Servlc* 7.30 p m SonB Ser -t- ice and Bible . GOSHEN METHODIST I S M. VANCtV. I'aslor 10 00 a in .Sunday School 1 I I l» a in M n r n l n i Worship ; 7 00 p m Evening- Worship I-AYETTEVILLE BIBi.E MISSION , MO Dt.OCK SOUTH (,'ULH.US. : I n t t r d r n o m l n a t l o n a l I HOMKR MOUTTET, Taslor . BT. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC : ·« · '" Sunday ,-nuul . l A T i i l ' K l . ' i m A R I ) II M A L O Y P a s l o r : " M · m "ornlni Worship I''.:.l'luy ..'^»irs 7 .lit nnti 9 30 H in : ° m Y l ; u n R ^topics Sprvica: · T!lurnri,iy V au p tn Novcns Massrs 7 Of) p r . n P v r f n K r l l M i L - Scrvk- Df vol.nns V . c t k i h o M.,^1. Monday through J u n t i i S u l u r r i n y Mass 7:00 a m first l-iiilay Mass. 7 00 *. m. Mrs! S/ilur.-!(iv Mnss. 7 00 a ra Contcn* i r . n x 7 00 10 B 00 p m brll.rc ,ili Miinscs J. C H U H C H OF CHRIST M l l i t l MrCLl'NC. Mmlsm UVst Ct-nu-i t n n N o r m Uocuat » ( i u i.i llibk. stuoy. Weili i '"« Choir wul psday. 7:30 p TARMINGTOH METHODItT I A .. [1IGC.S I'uilor [ 1(1 ^ a --.. Sl;r,.Uj School | H:00 a m. anil 7:30 p m Pr«achln« i hprvire on Urst. Second and Thlr! j biinitays I ·*· 1 NORTH SIDE AS1EM1LT OF GOD S A M U K I , E BHllCB, P*«tor 1« w n. m Sunday School J l W * m Sermon 7 ;m p m Evnngoli»no Serrict. T u c B i i n y . Voun« People 1 ! c. A. *«r vu-cs. , ,10 p m t'ridnj I'rnynr Service. 7 i p [». Satu.d«j «t!p A n | C S D A L E BApT , IT mi. Prayer Mecl. '. Ju p in \\dii ' i : i n f i and Ulhlr- Si »dsy P r a y e r ily for all ages I SUGAR M O U N T A I N BAPTIST »nd ' R E - F, MOIUJAN P.KKU ' ARLir MOriTrj.LER. A f l i t M l a n t Paitor ' 1000 » m Sunrtity School ; 7:30 p m EvaiiKOlisttr Mciiaca | Wrrtneidty pmyer inrellnf at 7*30 I P m. , HIGHLAND COMMDNITT bt« : 10 50 t in Simony iM-h.nn 11:15 · m Mr,rnlnt Worihip Wcdncidny nt£ht. 7:30 p. m . Prater ervictl. tf07 UnuKliii SUPBI I «i a m Kun.lny Scliuol ? «0 P m tvcnmi Worihip CHRIST'S CHURCH rui:n u r c K M J i i r i t ) Pwtor 4(1? Wl-nt R n r k SltPtfl »*: a m hur.riay School l') 110 a in liiljlo v:l)()0i U 00 a rr, Worship Scivlc* Oomrii'imon P R E S B Y TERIAN LINCOLN BAPTIST C H U R C H ,,r JBSRF C C O I . K M A N Pi S f h m , l iniK W u r s h l p ln| Union liif W o r i h i p p f.i,| ( . iv r i i n » l , . , n hniL-nvrir 11. I ' r f d t h l n i Hrrvlcf »m1 K r i d f t y 7 4S p n, I ·« mid I ' m j c r Mri Hurkclbury As / , WArkonsos M K d u l K Srrv- is. w i t h r e d 100(1 a in Su 11 0" a m ! 6.30 p ni '1 7 30 p. ni | CLKINS COMMUNITY CHURCH 10 00 a in .Sunday School WALNUT GROVE COMMUNITY [CHURCH 8unday Srhooi 10 30 a m IIINDSVILLE P R E S B Y T E R I A N CHUHCH TOM Wll.SoN. I'asior i n oo s m Sunday Hi houl 110,1 . ,,, w,,,,hin Srrvirc. J'lrsl and Thinl Sun.lnys H K . N N E I I DAVli. I'nslor ARI.KN MOSTELLAR. Assistant Pastor 10 00 a. m Sunday School. 7:30 p ns Evanjthsllc MrsssfS Wcdncsdny. 7:30 p. m. Prayer Me«i- rndaj. 7.30 ft. m . y 0 Lnf Paoplc s meiMini. v JOHNSON BAPTIIT CHURCH E M LOCHE. P.lstor 10 Oo a ni .Sunday School 11 00 a m Worship Sen-leas 7 IHI p ni. Training Union fi t'O p m. Evening service Wednesday, 7.30 p m.. Prayer Mest- ln| SEVENTH DAY ADVENTUT :i7 SOUTH STHtET SATIJI1UAY. 10 (ill n in s.ilihBth Srhooi 11 IH1 n in C h u r c h Servlc*. 'I'ucsd/iy. 7 30 p. m I'rayar metllnl SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST W II S I I A H P . rnalnr Six MHr« norttuvtsl I0i«l n m Sumlay School .11 00 a ni Mornlni Worship 7 30 p m r v = ; i ; l l f worship '...·lini'sday. 7:M p. m., I' r a I Meetlnt CHURCH OF JEiUB CHUliT OF LATTER DAY IAINT1 J A M K K M . E T C I I E H . Kldtr suulenl Cnlon Illua n«om 10.30 a m. £,;,,,isj Ichool. « n n P ' TM « 00 p ni. menT""'" 1 Wcdnesday. 7:30 p. nv. Bible Study ' -r- FIHST ASSEMBLY OF OOD OONALI) WALKKR. Paslor · :«s a. m Sunday School. 11:00 a. m. Preaching. «:00 p m V. P. Claaa. 7:30 p. m. Ivaniellstio Service* '.'30 p. m Friday. Oil,], study ':» p m. Tuesday, C. A. a«rvm OAKLAND BAPTIIT (Six Miles Northeast) I. S. WHITELEV. Pastor 10:00 n. m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m Morning Worship. 7:30 p m. BYPTC :30 p m. Evening Worship Wednesday. 7:30 p. m. Prayer m««t- ng a. MIOVIDEHCE BAPTIST WALTER JESSER Pastor i H i f h w u y It West) 10.00 a. m Sunday School 11.00 a. m Mornmc Worship. 7 3 0 p. m. Training Union «:1.1 p. m. EvailBellstlc Service Wednesday. 8 p. m.. Prayer M«et- . and a hangar. U n t i l he c:in b u i l d 1 , v . sa - v l h c r e is onri on the shelter. 1m iil.-mh must sit in the ° . c of a tre e irog, and a kil- open. conic b l i u a r d or dust storm, i dee is just as important, I'm sure. Mr. Roehl first learned to fly I Made a t r i p reccntlv around his in 1943 when he was a c.idct in I route with a mail carrier It's I the A r m y Air Corps. A f t e r his ! p l u m b amazing how much the fierhin.-irv. apringfield gnidu.'ile'd in 1851' 111 He · Youth Musical r r Cos Co. ·idav. 7 JO ·rogram M o n t h l y 7 p nv. Third Friday fel- mshlp Supper. Brotherhood and W. M. It. Meeting! GREENLAND COMMUNITY HOB CORNELIUS. Pnstor ··U a ni Sunday School 11:00 K m Morning Worship Wednesday 7:1S. midweek Pible Study and Prayer Service ·f APOSTOLIC FAITH CHUHCH NKOI.A MOOKE. Pns'or IliXliway 71 South 10.00 a m Sunday School II 00 a in Morning Servlc* 7:.Vi p m. Evangelistic Servlte ' Wednesday, 7:30 p. m.. Mid «ek servlct ST. JAMES BAPTIST (Ntgral 1 W WEBB P.SIM IP 35 · m Sunday School 11:30 a m Morning Worship SOO p m Young Peoples meeting 1:00 p m. ftvangellitlo Service ·T. JAMES METHODIST IN»ro! A I. nilCHANAN Paslor t'4,1 a m flundiiv Aci^s: I I on a ii, Morning Worship, (.U p m Youth fellowship. t.M p m Night tertlcti. rrcat jo3-, letters with little win.,,,,,,.,,-,, ,,, ,.-,.,, | lnw envelopes from Please Remit He d i d n ' t forKot hs flvinf. either I °" " 10 f l r s l of t h c month, and let- j In 1940 he took his private pilot's ! l c r s t ' cl « ccl in hlack . really knows icense. Ho plans expansion uf his i nl "' lit . vour fver.v day habits. I t 1 nai-k country church visits. G r e ; i t t r ''"icht be well for the banker t o ' duties onl.v convince him t h a t f l y - j consult your mailman before' I'll 8 i' K t . n n , o n c ' "/' tn "verconie : makin K you a loan. He could like- I s o n a ^ n t r''"lion and'Th 'eo'll'e ' ' J ' tC " v ' h o t i ' c r or " ol J'ou «re a ·' of his parish. -?30 Enrolled Af Baptist Bihlo School .The First Baptist Church's Va r a t i o n Bible Sshool will havp pic- E°t around to naming this one yet, Hies on Friday, which will be the last day of the school. A man wanted to know if the calf we talked about last week was for sale. What calf isn't? One, t h a t arrived in April was named! April Splendor, by a couple o f j l i t t l e girl neifihbors. They haven't' 1 and we'd better not put her up for sale u n t i l she is duly chris-j The school's enrollment rrnch- : tened. | ed 230 yesterd.'iy .ind I h e average I Tnp TMan inquiring about the ·ittendance for the week VMS 215. ! price of the calf went so far as! :he Inrgest n v e r n q p n i t e n d a n c e in 1° opine that there's nothing q u i t e ' the history of the church. ' as exacting of your time as a ·st a t t e n d a n c e day was Friday ; Jersey cow and a speckled hen. I when 221 were present. i The m i l k i n g has to be done and Boys and girls \vtin wish to en- the chickens fed in spite of b i r t h week of t h o . i r . g or dying, weddings and di- Monday : vorccs. I On thc other band I've known of j many a mortgage being paid off by those two exacting ones. They've also educated a lot of I yonngcns, bought a lot of organs,' pianos, t-adios, washing machines, Not Luther's Church Luther did not found or create a new religion. The Reformation was simply a return to the old Bible Truths, especially the supremacy of the Scriptures and salvation by faith. It was against Luther's protest that the Church of the Reformation was called Lutheran. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Arkansas and Dickson roll for t h e sernnd si-honl m n y do so on norning at 8 o'clock. Announcements St. Paul's Episcopal Church Ste. Teresa's C h a p t e r w i l l have . n d i n n e r m e e t i n g p. m., w i t h Mrs. Highway 71. south. League of fit. Church w i l l p guests w i t h Monday nt and will buy a toodly number of L ., ' television sets. H a l l Stuart, ; Layman's : ,, 1he Following Business Firms Dedicate This Schedule Store «Cy Carney Appliance Co. ·rampbeir-Bell ' H Sometimes it seems the speckled! hen is more exacting t h a n thc cow. 'i "»· i.,'iymaiif Y "" ( ; m " l i l k l h o rnw . l " r u her P.-inl'i Kpiscop-il '"" ln pnsliirp ami forget her for n l e r l a i n wives ami '" S 1 1( '"- '"" !llc " cn f" 15 ITOl to be pi.-.-.ii- .Mippcr Tnes- n " 11 '' lod ' fccl ' kp P' shooed out of. ilii.v nt li:.1il p. m. in the bome of ""' f l "wer be.t, and she doesn't I Mr. and Mrs. V i n c e n t M.-i.vstoad i ll " vp much k n a c k for h u n t i n g u p : llaskell Heights. In c.'ise of ruin" 1 "' 1 ' mn lccl1 - However, she the supper w i l l be held nt t h e i ' ' " o s " 1 '''" ; " f'ls'b', and doesn'tl Parish linn kick your daylight:: otil while l a y - | j ii'u: .'in city. *'r ! , ! ^'''r" * :| "' r . rl1 ,- ,, . i l i o u llihlc Srhooi nt Christ's U M l e f i v e u( the Mrs. R.ptisl i ,·,,,,,,.,,. T l l p m o n l j n c (,,,,,,,/!;. ,^ C b u i c h w i l l meet Monday nt l ..10 , ,,, n i im ,,. .hv-agi, i h , » next week p. m , w i t h Mrs. Lewis 120 Picnic Will Conclude Biblo School Program Arr-fririMlmeiit of S chllrlrcn . m me ev h»s been reported, by the Vacn- i tomorrow. i with a picnic concluding the pro- ' i The picnic and exhibit of completed work will be held at the C ' i l y IlospPal Park. Mothers And f r i c n i l i of the c h i l d r e n are Invited. j The work will aljo he displayed nt Ihe evening church service*, UNTO YOU ... WHICH IELIEYE 1 2:7 Deep within the heart of every mon and womon U the ntceiiity for seeking and Finding God ... The needs for doily living can be met fully only in Christ. FCHRISTOFFER?YOUANEWUF_E ] FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Walter I. Johnson, Pp.tor Sermon by the pastor Mornino Worship Hour 10:55 Xroideiit o¥«r Slatlon KGBHI Sunday School 1:30 Sermon by the poster ETenlng Worihip Hour 7.30 Training Union 1:15 The Nursery i« open of oil service* WELCOME

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