Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 6, 1952 · Page 8
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June 6, 1952

Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1952
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

j-*--MOKTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMfS, FcvtftavID*. Ark. Friday, Juno 6, 1952 ( STOP IT, I SAY---/! v - BEFORE YOU i V, HAVE AN ·/] , · . ( ACCIDENT/; .i A - ' - ~- "· -··'. - --· \ I * M i i i i -r^ J i No Sabotage Evidence In Freight Train Wreck El Dnrarlo, Ark.-i/T'i-Mif-sourl Pan/in R a i l w a y o f f i c i a l s say "Ihfrp wa;. no rvirlmrr of saln- l.ifio invnh-rd" in Ihp (Irr^ilinfilt of in cars nf a froi^ht train at | nmtnn-criicman Linn Oil Company's rhpmira! pl-'int NOTICEB NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES ! f I A ^ I F I F D A n 0 " O «MYN D DM" N N S T"NO'« N * L L L H J .) I I I t U A L/ J BE II HKM'I V K U D. thr Srnalr ol SAI,F;SMKN WANTED l_.EfiAL NOTICES _ ._ ~W«*NiNG~ORIeit~ANR~NOfICE" i In The Chencrry Court Of ' Wifhin|t«n County, Arfcinut ·. Df-lnin A .Ifnkin* and Sadie D Jenkins. Plaintiffs vs. I,'..;n nnrt Ti'lp Cnin- ·.:rov Hrcoivrrs. A s - · the S t a f f of ArkaniiiF and ov Hiiiitp nt HT)rr*fnt«MVfl « Mawtfv of All -h* M»mncr« Rinded lo E»rh WANTED AT ONCE-- Rawleigh Dealer I in West Washington County Write I RawlriKh 1 .*, Dent. AKE-15U-F, Mrm- SALES OPPORTUNITY f(ppair v.-nrk WHS hoH up "n lh^ track, hnwpvpr. hv Shmff O. E. Mnurtr A Allr Or: rs. ! !| ,--· rx/i ;· CKV I-' i.-o-- \ : 'i! ( rc;v;A'.o-k-r-rc£ J r- ;, -r o; .··_·.:./ ('·-':·· j -^ ' ,o ^'-^-i i .'/·.' v.:.j ,_v Uolonri Loan nnrt Tlllr Bishnp. Thp fhnnff. who s a i d ATM"TM'ar P i!"i!rS.'l..v C flMkinc CIO oil workPiv WTP iin! '" th. \siicn! nr Suc- and M.v.irt? A Me nt th* state nt Art'itna« linn j Wanted, 2 men who need to ITM, 'f^Trlnrnv'si nr" r.!""'TM j work and like to .sell. Car neces- 'f ,°'a""'^"'~""i ,""m"*%v ' s a r X- Experience in Real Estate · preferred but not essential. Full · time, profitable job to men who qualify and wiil apply themselves. Commission and bonus. Apply in person. n of the St.ife nl There I. n e r r r v I MFETD A OF HIM. TO F-OI TI-fROlJr.H WITH MV PLAN. PAPA.' VOU'RE . ALREADY' C'lOOCJ.'" . 5UPPFR 1^ ALMOST V READY. ^S-vpv ,n r , 7/ «rs-, --r--^ *·'- i I mrn t 'i Irn " · · · · · · " · Ihe rom plain', ol the j»!a:n- OOUTI M'ltrd lhat rnpair work u'nulH nnt j Notice is hereby civen t h a t lhrr- tmn · rorilmup ''until thp r;iusp of the I hin hp ° n . fl|rrl m "V ""ice. a, ^Cierk M«pit wm-k i? rirfrrmiisp.J dofinitrly." u-nTnun-V" 1 '^ L °" rl "' ll ' nmt '~ .1. W. Trndwrll nf Ml (In Rock, M'.paf riivi'-.ion pupf-rimr-mir-nt, raid hst nichi 'hat a ".un kink" j r;nnrv] ihn dfi-iilmrnt. Tho "kink" ! and-iiulcmc f a rail uii'ifr rx- treme Mm licat. THE BROADHUR5T CO. 1031 North College of tiv Siiir-liu-nt KCLu, opportunity for men and ·omen to cp|| hospitnlizattim in=ur- nci- in X n r t h w c s t Arkansas Com' I'BBjnn nn-l renewals All leads furn- :hpd rrc-e Contact K-\ Morgnn. ·on w. E,ro n Huildrng. 7 3 0 !a "· " '- 9 p. m. I Medical Groups, Ninth District Hold Meeting A ''njnhinpd meeting nf t h f- WrifhmfiloM C'nunty Medical So- nrty, I'IP Bcn'on County Morli- CH! Snripiv nnd Ihn \jiith C'rujti- M'lnr Diptrii't ".-as br-m.,7 held t h i s ! afirni'jon at Lake K e i t h , C a \ c Springs. The af!»rn"nn pi"-r-;un I'p^an [ at 2 n'r-lnr-k. ;mt\ dinner vill he scr\Tf\ ,nt 'i.'ifl o'rlnck. "hi- mrnlinfi will;** tlie pl.i'T nf thp annual It:-' nunt v pif-nir nf the Iipnlnn and V.'ashinpton rminty sorieti^s. A n ntitstntulinK flavor--.InnHP'S Rnmrin MP;I| Broad 1 1 - l H - t f | ,i!l /Min jvirt ff ihr- Norrhi-.'i-i f;;nrUT of lh« J-.'nr'rT';'-* nii.-.ncr ')( Srcijori 0 Tnwinh-n Id Nortli 1'3 V.'rt*. rifTrr.hrcl at hT.mnmc i\' a |i-»int "" rnris Wf-t '.t p l;p Souih- c.i-.t rnrnt-r nf -:-\:\ fnny ;HT^ l i . i r - f . ih.-nm M-rih :.3 f . - n - . ih-nf.- T' ' A ,lfn t h f .i» i FOK S A L F - - A U T O M O T I V E "~GCOD CLEAN CARS hnrn sn s'.lhmiltpri Ihp Cnvernnr «h^!l ' I · I f "TTM I Ji-Hh.i llvr rlav, altrr rei-pirl nl «-r.|. |l |npfn I mMPQ L"."..?:" 1 ;? tTM "IP F^n-lnt. r.t rh. JL-IUCI Ul I I UUUO E.Z. Terms -M | varancv In thp pvrnt Fhnnirt within five davs tn anrximt nr fail in nine. A!--' .M--l.r r .,,r.--i =uhmit · tn fill 'irn ^p narnp of i ·rrls: ihrnc-p Simhr ni n rn-is duo Has ins · pn nf li-pn WEDDIMG CAKE9 A SPECIALTV ! WEDDIN CAKES A SPECIAL-TV ! Card Of Thnnki | -.h in rxprc-.v ruir «incrrp , Ihnnk thrni fnr th^ brautilul finral . .Lick nntam- AnH 0 Hi': the quirtjnc "f 111" Til IP ! s;mif m prti!iniiT-; Ihrrcin ' All pnr.snn 1 ; rl*: 1:111115 rnul lan'l"-. or · mv in'rrnc; thrrrin. nrr h^rrhy u-;irn- vl tn appear in th.* rourl w i t h i n BIX vork.« fn-in lhf d.Tr- nf !ho fir.-l . Mrs Jnhn nfi f '·JO +IH f SIX, SEVEN, -^r :X5 IC ( X P T C T V--* THATS MO 11- - 10 IX) THAT /EXtf?Q5c ME5 I'-XtlPOSE ? ^C, TPVIMG TU COMTPd. HJS T'PcK?.' / VDU CALLED TWE F^LCE ? I KJU'REMEETN'tM AT V. ATUMMEL? THEBE W2 MEET; POLICE CARRYING THE: REMAINS Of JAKE HAWKS IN A BLANKFT. WORKWlTHASMttE llhr nnt hr irl nllr- shr ^ h n r i nrnrrrd to maks the anpointmrnt i 1950 Buick Super 4-doOr bus. ' f SF:t-fu)N rh 3 tCP Term» of cwce or ! A i l the extras $1695 ' th nf ' *urrf"!Sfir nhall ne ai)nn:ntcrl hv th^ Spptrnn 2 for a trrri of trn vars. 'Irr np for carh m«*mn«T of the H-rinng-Rpview Jlno 4nnr*l. A Com- iRfinnpr m,iv tie r**ninvrri Bv ire nvotrmr nnlv tnr the samp : annlv lo ulhrr ron=titutinna! . . . nflfr a vipwrrt h Fir»t !)i e t mv hand n^ ri'-rk nf thr XVaFhint'tn-i Cl'.,?nmrv Cnurt nnd *hr Srnl thereof oil this 23th riov of M,iv. 19:.? (SEAI.t R-rh;inl n G'Pi-r Clprk "'I .l'inr r..K!-"n-' 1 7 .T:ih ".."WARN I~NC on DC* T tn ThP Chancery Court Of Washington Coumy, Arhaniai ' Lois S'.rntn-n Ptamiiff | Dayinn Frnnk P'r;it!on D-frnrlnnt Ion is vvarrtv-I in .nppr^r in thi? Court rontplainl nf !hp pl.iinnff in the above utw» the pxpiranon of the 1 1950 Pontiac (8) 4-door. Radio a n d healer. V e r y l o w mileage $1695 | 1950 Ford 2-door. Heater. A!most new t i r e s . . . $ 1 4 9 5 1949 Mercury 2-door. R a d i o '^rs I anal neater, sun shade MTM* · SI 495 c"iirt fnr thp ] 1950 P l y m o u t h Suburban. 16,000 miles, 'ike new $1595 Hia ith ncht arnrai rrvirw and annrai lo or ivithnut or?- KlirnDtirirt m favnr nf Hnv fnirlira t?v the (iovrr^or nr the t r - a l rnurt. flnrl ; 1947 Buick Super 2-door Rad r O providcrt fiirihrr. tn «Hrtition lo the j r:chl of rnofirrti?lion nrrrmahrvr rp- ihe thp I I tpn 'nate mav at least nf its itieinhrrs; a rnnn- should oc rpinnvrrt thcrclrn-n. i;rocfrr1, whpn in Sfpsion. to nrar flfiv all fvirir-nrc prrdnrnt tc thp reasnn* tor rrmoval The mpnibpr nr nirtntiiTi nr«* my hand and -:P,T| nf this thi5 Kith day nf Mav 195''. R i p h n M n G r ^ p Chancery C l e r k Chewing dees it Get i htppy Ijttlt ]i/ t . Chew Wriglcy's Spearmint Gum. Helps you on the job. Work go« faster, e»sier. PlPl^-3 anrt tn hp tCDiCFpntcd notoif Ihp c **n- j me hv ipcat Counsel HIPPP nrorcrd- : IHES cnnfluclpd nv the Srnalo shall tp pithtic and a transcunt ril the i tcMinionv ^r nparrl shall rip prpnarrrl ! nnd preserved in Ihe murnai of the ! Snnato. Thp taktns nf cvirtpnce oilnpr ; orally or bv dervsition ^hall not DB · hnnnri hv HIP Inrrnai rules nt evitlpnce. · Unnn thr roncln^inn nl thp n panne. li-2:i .10 Jnpp R-r i lhc Scnale. sittmc ns a tinrty in ' · """"''·'·""' | m err i her or rnpmbctP nl the Commis- | sinn ov a majority vote conducted Dy i srrrpt nallnt. : I SECTION 5 Vacancifs-Fiflinn. Va- I ! cancips on the C'u in mission duf to [ resignation?, deatn or removal Jtiaii | hp filled DV appointment o) the Gnv- j thuty riavs trom Ihe (lalp nt *nrn ^ac.incv Uoon tailurc ot thf Governor to fill the vacancy within thirty davs. the rom a mine Coinmissinners shall i make the appotnlment for the une*- j pirpd tprm. I SECTION 6. The Commission shall : appoint a LJircciut nl tlichwavs «nn shall nnvp such dutips a* mav oe . nrrsrnbed Dy the Commission or by : B!a Iule APPHUVE1); M a r c h 20. 1951. nnd heater, good fires. A real nire car. Only. .$895 1939 Dcsoto 4-dcor. Four new-tires $250 HATLEY BUICK CO, 30 East Mountain St. ' Phone 21.1 and 182 .._..-. !-;·,. ;. N ':' MA A" ! : ; "" , \ / ' LJ MARRIAGE /V) LICENSE A\ BUREAU. K''V ^(i^r.W '.: ' / I * "·'·'*··] i|7 : . 0; MARRly :: ®F!i'";S j :S M LOCXfl LIKL II I'MGONNAl Gl r OOTA THir- P1.INI) RO. CANNON W WAY 1H' RIVER , II L tIAVTA MYSflT GILLS AW GL'ALI f! I OH.WtLL...I'LL iO 1ACK 1 IITilBCAM AN'/ SCE HOW ITGLTft IN HIZKt.'. A POUND OF WHITt SUGtR l» CAl OWNEl' BV WOOOSOM HOBBS1H FOUND ITS WAV HOWE FROM KOKOmO IND. To AUGUSTS GA -J11MILCS IN J/PWS' i? i f ^. India CANNOT NftME HIS OWN HEIR -BUTHfCANIXSIS'aTE HIS HEIR'S HEIR f JP.^R il:il . S' 3. DANNY LONDON BORN DEAF BNODUM6 WAS HIT IN THE HEAD IN . THE BOXING V ilMG SUDKI/IV J FOUND HL | \COULtlBOTH SPfiflAT S T A N D A R D S P E C I A L S For Thursday, Friday and Saturday '50 Chev. «1-door. Powerglide, S radio, heater. Dark blue ! finish $1545 '50 Chev. Deluxe 4-door. Radio and heater. Tan color $1475 '50 Ford club coupe. Radio, heater and overdrive. Low mileage $1495 '50 Ford 4-door. Heater and r: Hnrr\ I over drive. Black f in- ^'itcVfuc! I ' sn $1445 4 l °$}7\f ' 4 9 C h e v - Delt Jxe 4-door. Radio miir w. of liunm-iiso. ,nin p : a n t j healer. New maroon .ar. M iiu'ic^ w m Sjinnc- : paint. 2 3 y O O O actual Sro. 4.J7-P.- I,rw; R Ijnuliv. ; m j , e s $ ] 3 4 5 '49 Chev. tudor Styline. Radio and heater. Almost new tires $ 1 2 4 5 \v j ' 4 9 Ford tudor Custom. Heater, M K I good tires. Dark blue $1095 I'.Ii'c F '"^h ' r\ ^ I* 1 H" ^ Chnv. Fleetrnaster 4-door. M: T.VI Sis'ton. p 4 miles s i Radio and heater. Extra itM.llo nn Hi-«,iy "2. Srr. IS. . fnnf ·R. ii'iiiR Su'tnn Mpflrlnw 1* "« $995 ;,,i'. r '. ri ^j- - - - , , - - . -- . - ' 47 Cliev. 4-door Fleetllne. Radio and heater. Dark green. Extra clean $925 CHINCILLAS NOW avai!afl*, limited suppj quality Chinrhillns Rr^i^frred N. C. B A Visitors welcome Frpp litrr-iture Sre nt Clyde Timbrook. 5JS Cunior MOT1CK OF AIRPLANfc sf'HAVl.Nt; li is intrnripri 10 snrnv ii^rtmn^ of i 11 itnlos W of'laip S^ Soi| 4. in-n?. iKinw Spnnsd.-dr Airport ns lonrlinp fiel!. H;ilph Hoivcll .1 milt^s S. Of Fnyrttevillc SW :!!!. lfi-:!(l Dr Frank KiRKall. 4 milr-; S. of Prairie InartmR fiPlrt. Tom Harci5 1 mile nf Ihuiisvillp. S ,T1 H17. T2fi. n« vour rhilfJ havr ,1 ' ." Address K n o m . St , Kan;n; City 6. , ^ j '52 Chev. Pickup. Brand new. j Below list price. '51 Ford Pickup. Radio and heater. 7,000 miles. Chev. Pickup, Deluxe cab, 16,000 miles. One owner. Any Make, Model or Condition '^ CMC Pickup in good con- N O T I C E lUSED CAR5 WANTED IAUGH TIME 'n vo-iiA',AMv.i.^p. l^nri.-.^ A v r t l l . A f ^ l I . A \ - V I An, I ) , '^Ap . in MI K^-O-.V V - ' . \ \ ; K I . ??-pin; H/VWT VO' rVIViM'Al t. T A C K E T T AUTO EXCHANGE Highwny 71 Soulh Phone 2182 ,1' WANTED--MALE mnrhin 1 QKAUKIFH I'Vrpu dition. ! '40 Ford Pickup. Bargain. j Many others. * We do our own Financing. S T A N D A R D Used Car Lot Corner Cnnter Church Sts. pickup, pxrpllont condi- Arn.irATIONK.i ni.-imr ro.irh o;. Ijlln«in: qii.iln hiKh Mhfin; hnj;l-t vin . ni p'.v Siiprriniri nrnnl Trailiv.i C X r K H I K N C F . I l r t ilin Tr.i 71 ir-uth. Spnr AI.I.1S fhnlti dnln Trnrl H i g h w a y ft "That on* for you ii Trlrrrfo: nci- 27-.Ti ·iqll 1 K.n ponnrH An- Irir 1 ' Offn-r. fitiili. ^. MuskoRpp. okla ·prrator.'rhnnc 1'ARMAl.l. A i nnrt nthrr pq f ^ i H HAiii.F.v-n' r-; 'T.fl 11 jn ftll-rrop rom- iicrr;: S p r i n R H i g h w a y 71 HELP VVANTKD-- FEMALE 15 Openings for Experienced STENOGRAPHERS Apply immediately Employment Office 104 West Center STFfNOGRAI'UF.R llnlvrrmly A'liranrt- mv Ip«Minrnt 40 hnur wrr-k $11500 in $i;towi jwr monlh rirpmd- -11* »pon*)(ppr[fnfr^Pnnnr_flW W A~f¥ACM Twin t«1. Appfy in prrsXn . Vll Wr»t i)i-*k- __ _ TORtJYn'r. HO 4 1 . 74. prrfrct ng rnnflition Phonn .17.11 PACKARD-WILLYS"" Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone 666. 208 North Block W«ltr«»M. rt , y ·tan Apply , n Vi GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 63c Hdhnd tro*. lecVir

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