Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 6, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, June 6, 1952
Page 7
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Jersey Joe Defends Title; Eyes Rich Purse In Next Bout HI i a ^ * - «- flbtaZ Detficcnzo Takes Lcad With 65 ln "ore Open mmuecnion · j.;TM,^.^,,,,,.,, ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,., ,,,., ^ Over Challenger pro from the Amemine lrd snn-e sional Last Round Rally By Champion Gives His Unanimous Nod By M U R R A Y ROSE Philadelphia-i/FVA million dollar shot with either undefeated Rocky Marriano or Harry 'Kid' Matthews appeared to be the next move ahead for fabulous Jersev Joe Waleott today as he celebrafd nis second straight victory over Ez?.ard Charles. ' a gr Midnight almost struck for the first 3o-year-oM Cinderella man of th° rins but he came on with a mild rally m the last round of a tame fight to win by the narrowest of margins in mammo'.h Muncipnl Stadium last night. Old Jersey, making the first defense of the crown he knocked from Charles' brow last July, thought he won by a wide He was happy about the whole thing, dull though i! was. "This ought to show -hem lhat I didn t win th« first lime bv a lucky punch." said Wslr-ott. "I hope, this settles the matter." While the onee poverty-stricken Negro accepted congratulations from a mob of well wishers. Man- »g»r F=lix Bocchiechio began casting lines to net a golden catch ' for his amazing nldtimer Champ Gel« Choica nnKsme '"" ]9f2 Ardmore Open tournament ' Thl ° Willi nf ra ' h fnr Ihe golfm? : Robe, I,, De Vicvn,n. ,he hard Waco''Tur'ne'r'"' *u , ""* ?"' j driving, aceurate pultinr; South · n ,,' ,} ",l . l, R ""- |nv " ll! Arr| ' American. Muffed S1B3 into his Z 1, " P , -r^" s "" n f nns Hillfold ins, for ,,,,..,,,,, . fivr p TM ^ ; ; ^ : , ' ^ Turners upped the ante an ,-iddi- tional $3.nnn and awards for birdies, par round alone co--t most of yeslordav. but eunuch t r . hen, Lo.-iriinc the M r,r US pl.T. , 11 were for!':r;:i'c i' s'anrl.-u-d 'inure-., rh.-ice for He V i - under par d5 lo lake over fiist place in yesterday's first round. DP Virr»p7n racked up six birdies cood [or «fin. had the day's lou-esl round which \i-as good for another $100 and sot S5 for each s f r o k e he was under par for another $25. His effort also sent him off (c 'd slarl Inward the luscious prize purse of 55.400 the added . 'aglrs and suh The bonus awards hrm .51.825 \cMcrria.v They said they '.van'cd to place the Ardmore event al their he- loved Dornick Hills Country Club course on a higher plane. Eleven Break Par The tough par 70 on this hillv was Al!]!!];. ihr Ions hilling Chicni;o:ui !!e«o!mk shot a 117--a stroke ;iho;,rj of p-ilpi ninir.riiijsi ,,f F,H':lrr,i,-k. r.i-i". Johnny Palmer of Badm. \ c and Tnmmv Boll of niirii.-n-i " (· Six- p l a v e i s sliil were :,· a rnn I position In lake nvcr the l^vi - , f ter shon'mr Ms. r. J. (nu'.-h) Harrison, ihe v e ' o - a ' : Ar!;;,,-^ .· who innk nvr the Dnn^-k I I . ; 1 . pro .lob in M;in-h. w; PI - h i . group, nn the str, ;i;r'l nf a thrc^ 33 best · h:iek on 111;' tr-rinc fi.t the s'arrh ' f M-. i , ,! ii,p p..'chen «fter i- ir;"_"'i In par nn Ihe HUH- Fd Oliver. !he - pudgv ·r ,-i;ppr. w a s r, n o nf the un"' ites He was nut in .12 hut erl -in in I-',.-! .Stewart i.i".i--. '.'..IS 111 'hi- s-ime biiat lii-is will; a flil ,-airl UPIP · Pr-nna. CIIICI-MK.'I. Skee Rie- Ti:!'.-i: Skip .-Mev.vrter. St 'burc. f] , : ;i..:-k Mayer. Si shniu; Shelley Mavfield, Ce- ur''. N. Y. W:nim:.i. ·,,,,,,,-, Oklahoma ·· s t a r , posted a 72. and Chnr- '"e. former amateur l-im from Oklahoma C,|v. 'd In a 7fi no the course " he TM,-f. posted a p a r - s h a t Yankees Gain Ground As Sain Defeats White Sox, 6 To 4 New York-Wi-The New York Yankees are collecting "double indemnity" on Johnny Sain. .1.1- year-old tobacco chewing right- hander from Arkansas. Sain was purchased for Son.nnn from the Boston Braves last year as "pennant insurance." Old Johnny paid off. winning two games for the world champions. The veteran curve hall arlist didn't fisure nieMy in Yankee plsnf 'TM year. Many thought that Ss 'n would draw his release ne- fore the season started hut John has fooled them all tfynn Slops Bosox, 5-0; Tribe Back in AL Lead ciano. th? Brockton. Mass.. be.ller . L* or Matthews, the sensational rr " Seattle contender, for another championship show in September. Onlv This seemed to indicate lhat the p r o p o s e d Marclann Matthews match for N'ew York in Julv u-on't com? off unless Waleott turn;, down a match right off with either. Marciano and Matthews are tremendous attractions and both Norris ana Bocchicchio believe that i bout \vith either would Bosion-i/pi-Karly Wynn. using his assortment of · nothing balls" lo good advantage, pitched the Cleveland Indians par t the Roslon Red Sox and back into first place. 5-n. He allowed bin four harmless hits. The Bnston pit'-hin? was almost as good as Ellis Kinder .ind Randy Gumpert permilled only o'ie earned run. the first one. The was pressed into action Tribe scored twice' in the seventh .'hen t w o members nf the an d twice in the ninth on a rnl- ?e, Kd Lopat anrl Vic Has- leelion of miseiies hy the Gold Sed down because of ail- · Sox. He has won five games. ,, , _ . ci«vennn S, Botton Q CUVtLANB BOSTON h Miksis Bats Cubs To Victor Over Giants With Homer, V won ments. Allie Reynold; more, rix The old war horse, w h o broke into the majors with the Braves in 1942 under his current bost. Casey Strneei. pitched and helped b a t . . . . ...... the Yanks to a 6-4 triumph over sYn'-p.'on the Chicago White Sox yosVrdav. w°"" ' Sain's margin of vi'lory w-oul V C'liiragn-i/I'i-KrlrJio Mik'=]':. th" nld pv-IlorlMrr, finnllv ^ni n hit vevirrday ^nrf it rnnbhvl t:ir C!-i- ratrn c/uhp in lirat ihr Xrv.- Yn-k Oian!?. 3-1. Miksis. hillr. y in hi- I^--t 2'i Irips t'i th" ph.i/' cMptipn- rrl fdi ,-i home run ^-iMi a nvn^ ahn;ird in the spvenlh tn \vm :h" pnnu-. I.rfly P;iui Mniripr. tin Mobile Moves To Lead In Southern By Nipping Travs Hi The Annotated Skinny Ho-, l.udwirk. been battered nn nccj..,,,,, l n i K ] year hut ne- er btalcn. ha= pi! h - i ed Ihe rver-hlistlins Mobile Be,,,, b.i'-k into Ihe d i n e r ' s seal in ihr. ln|'M--tiirvv Snmhern A^ncin'ion pcnnan' sciainblr-. The. letlhanded curve ball l; . P . ci.i'ifi hung up In... .p.. ,.!,.|i 'haunt lrium:ih l,,sl r.ight · six-hilter. J L 1 . ,.vri l.mie H,, the Bruins regained the lead. ChaitanooRa knorkod th« .v - lanla Crackers off ihp Inp prn-h w i t h a 5-2 det-ision; Birmingham · i ' i s again lo f i f t h place w i t n a . 4 - 2 tdte over N'ash'.illf. ,,,, Memphis Irimmed ,Nw Orleso 1 . i Mobil- used i double by Hill Antone'ln nd » homer bv i l-reese tn ohl in Ihiee ,.ill,e Ihr-y needed .. ,,(,- A | c x v ·"inc" in the f i i s l inninL' An e hy Fi^f." ,,, ihe sixih. foil,, bv Ralph .Vlunf home run p,,.. Mdod both I.iiilr Rn k,,.. Buc Pitchers- WalkBumsTo Reds Sweep Series Victory, 2-0 From Phils With ' 5-3 Win strr. II. :, o (i DiMarrir, 5 I .1 Ke!l. r"" 1 1 2 KynV?. cf 4 n l r^rnpri. I 5 n ? Piersiil r I I n Whilr r 4 0 0 Kinrl-r p - - -- ...,,,, ,,,.,,... nave b?en greater but he bad no bring in over a million dollars · nn * ln blame but himself for the television included. close call. The Yankee ace -n m Bocchicchio, however, declined milted two errors in the second "W?!T"fn7 Self immediat( ' 1uv - inni "8 that led to three unearned w e 11 fight anyone anywhere Chicago runs most money." h- The Y , nkee . cam|? ri?M hac( . with three in their half lo tie the score and won out in the fifth with three more. Sain, who won a came early in the week with a pinch- hit single, drove home the first two runs. Hank Bsuer tripled home the third. Loose fieldine by shortstop Chi- nu 5 II I'rjla for K:n l n I 4 0 1 4 n n 3 n i 7:li we can get the most money." he said. "Up to now we haven't' made a^dime. Maybe now that the people are convinced that Waleott is a real champion and not just a lucky old man, we'll b- able to make this thing pay off." The wheel of fortune has turned all the way for Waleott now. The muscular campaigner, who came nirt ;nn 'in?., K n *'on o;ii nnn nno--n E--noouc. S!?phrn-. Risen. K",. RHI-=impsnn. B.ran». Deny. Rosen. Ml'chcll :n-Krll. Roten. Milrhcl] .'- DP- Rnson. A v i l a anil Enster. Left --ClpvpUnfl 11. Boston T BB-Kinder 2. Gtlmpcrt 1. Wynn 4 SO--Kinder 2. Wynn fi Hn -KinrJer 9 in 7 innlncs. Gunipcrl 2 In ? n 4 ER - - W n n n-fi. Kinder ^-J. Gumprrt "-n W m n x r -- W y n n '6-i toier-Klnder '4. .Ti I.'--Rnhh Hurley. Paparella Passarella. T--2:37 A -- 9 6D7 piirhrr. sr,rioro-i posting Ihe viclory er the Ginnls sine Ihe National LcaEi HO represent c-J hi Ihis season apriins! Lefty n.v e Kos Inn nf Miksis' jr.-,,,,, The Giant pilch"i hits, and cM-?pl fn he tossed ;n Miksis v.-.-is ten in less l;r, u b!f ihan ,'.;pin was Koslo's Ihird los-3 a::: ''inciiuiat' 1 :, riltsburfh-i.lVU'ildne.,; bv Ihe dull'1.,-hl liraie pitr-liers pir.rd Ihe «-av for The A ',i«:i ,',,.,n.-o |,,c.rrl me \va \ [Of ' I lie A 1 n-'l.-l'rrl I ' r f s s · 2-0 win by Ibe Brooklyn l)od-l|o list t h c j . i . - i t b r t VI , Kers here yesterday. Th., win en- , Ihe fiphl IT l ·''-'led Ihe Bums In t h e i r ' " f nth-'r '-M, Ir.-U'lie Ic.'lfl over ibr. Giants, win, mnj-.riK liir mate ,if l»._t. to three full jjmnes.,n. r .Inlinny The Buccaneers tnerl hairt i, win for roolue piichei I^nine Kline. The 20-M,ir-old k'ri ·,,-,» li'V ni; for his f'irM major |e.ij. U r win .ifninM fn'ir losses Bui he v ,.·, llfl"d in the f ix-!h ,,fler fr me up but Iwo bit!-. Il.m-rver, he M n s rnnilanilv in trouble as the remit of six walks. SPORTS - - * rnyettavill., Arkan y, Jun. 6, 1952 school yijar. And thil (,( 4 poor footblll sen '\orsi! than usug! bis- l! -.e-ir Th. A;gl«« rjidn'l ".rou,-?i any poit unbeaten! -. ,. r.-ir.- K.I! suffered only ·.". c v h in -rx-:'.:, tennis and cap'ain of the tennij ttjin, 'S-.ed the entire y«»r ' nin. f.oy, was elected :-.e end nf the season. The C J. Hn'on. » sophomot*. ,. froni Fort Smith and (Jriulieg 0 the itft* b3«k«tball title two years ago. alU lh«- crumng m Soutl 71 f days ijo. compUcintly adrmnr.e the rythmic clicking Vt Cn-iiiidf s tappeii fGertrudflj i v e,.in Tonl of the open roa^Rttr t y p e i -., r.en out of the corner of nor eyi, -,.,. ^potted an enorriou ir.-i lei truck thundering dovM'th* i i c - . in-; as--, m our direction. B virtue of the fart th»t th* rlnic-t rnutr. home led up School Siree' we had fully intended to ,-mitiniie up the hill Howevtr t ..h.-iri-'-v ,,f rinuni as to tde ability nf G . r t r u d e !n beat the truck to tin 1 d . - i v c a u s e d UK to jwin| up was nn ex.-client ".n and hard pui ir-t ama^Sbact'heW^ \£ ? ^arrasoue, fi^Ved-in'thVi-In ····' ' - - Carrasquel permitted a pop fly to drop for a hit. was slmv in pick- ins it up and later made a delayed throw to the plate after iakins a relay from the outfield. Carrasouel 'unled for three of Chicago's Stewart, if Shee'y. c Co'^man. Recovn. title by capturing the last round on the scorecards of two officials. It war, back in 1947 that a losing last round cost Jersey Joe the title in his first fight with Joe Louis in Madison Square Gauden Walcoll Wins ISlh Judges Buck McTiernan and Pete Tomasco =corfd Ihe loth for Waleott. That meant the difference and a unanimous decision. McTiernan. who refereed the Pittsburgh fight between the two. voted for Wolcott. 8-7. Tomato had Joe aheid, 7-6-2. Re.feree Zach Clayton, the first Negro ever to referee a heaw- weieht. fight, gave Charles the last round but voted for Waleott 9 to 6. The Associated Pi ess scorecard had Charles in front. 7-6-2. Boxing writers were divided on the decision. An AP poll at ringside showed 21 critics had Charles ahead to 18 for Walcoit. Two more =;·-..-.;· had the fight even. *j£TM ! Charles said his weight 1 9 1 1 2 ~ pounds--heaviest of his carper-was all right and didn't hurt him. He was five pounds lighter than Waleott. No Knockdowns There were no knockdowns m th* bout and nothing close lo one. times Walcn'.t appeared to have hurt the champion Bui couple of occasioos Charle; seemed to have hurlt he champioo. But neither could follrw up any advantage. Charles, an llo favorite, suffered a cut over his right rye wr.ieh required stiiches ami bruises around the other e». Waleott bled slichlly from Ihe nose in Ihe closing rounds. Both Waleott and Charles said there would be no fifth fight h«. tween them. The bout, broadcast anrl teK'iv I coast to coast, attracted a crowd of 21.599 and a gro--.s gate nf S2in.3!3. Another Si75.nnn' wai added by the television-radio money From the total. Charles and Waleott each netted about $92.000 r.n their 30-30 spin. seven hits, pounding out a single, double and homer. H was the Yanks seventh straight over Chicago and it moved them to within one and one- half samcs of the front-running Cleveland Indians. ; M»w YnrK t. Chictire I CHICAGO NIW YORK ab r h ih r h C r s q u c l . s. 5 1 3 Mjntle. rf ) I n Zirilla. r f 3 0 1 Riziu'n ,, 4 0 0 Mlnrjso. 3b i 0 1 Buier. rf 4 n i - Robmsrtn. !h 4 o 0 Berra c 4 1 1 On The Radio New York-isPi- Tonight: NBC'- 7 Roy Rorert; 7:3f) Bob and Ray: i\Iario Lanza Songs. CBS - 7 Musfrland USA; 8 Bi« Time Variety; \Vaxworks; !):OS Capitol Cloakroom. ABC - 7 Dick Powell Mvsk-rv. 7:3!l This 13 FBI: 8 Ozzie and Har- ripl; F.:^D riislncl Atioror-;-. MBS - 7 Adventures of Maisie: 7:30 Grade Fields Variety. The defeat marked the s-v.-n'b in the j a s t nine gamis for :hr- t ; j - anlf and left them Ihrco r - i f i ' bar-k of Brooklyn Chir n-.-,-,. i.-i Ihird place, is Iwo aivi | , , | f Rames back of tb-» fjinn:-. h;,\:!-.-,: { won nine of ih^n- Ian i? ' The Gia:-.l score,! ih-,r , ·;:· ! run on \Vcs We-lrn.v.'.s hum;, 11:11 . bla.'.t in Ihe sc\-rn'i- 1 . Chlcae.D 1. Ntw York 1 f.'tw YORK CHieono -''I-' r h .il, r l Wi]li», m ?|, 3 o n Hlk-i- rh i ' '. l a w a y fr.i a Iwn-rim up- Then :n Ihe secorr} Jtnb Bnr- k'Mi-.lii · - , : - ,-, |, 1(1 - HJ. a i W v i o .'I'-k t!::i" plii-IM ll-e ii.-uall.y reli- -;d'!' (;-:·!·-]· in I,,.;,, si;:t,-,in a rnl- ·y tint pri,oncer! t;-ree runs. I1;:rry Perkow KI 'ver-l nil t h e ! - "· r . - i "- .,,,,,:,,! f,. r it,. Reds anrl si, r -, hod two tbrcnts In al- · ' . . ' \ Jills ! Forrest Main repleccd Kline and A l ' ' rilers found I, ,i:ill n;id Ihe had less luck as a walk, a sintle. liiMi-i" !'·.« ,li|y it v ,,s Ihe ;,. a walk and a single produced B ' althoush ore other p,i...iui run in the seventh. Jackie Robin- ! r( "nes lo mind. son finished ihe scoring j n t h e 1 " '-I'ltbt jurl be p- ninth by walkliij;. taklnf second 'h 11 A."""-i,i'"d Pi-;-:, i on a wild pitch, third nn an i n - . v '' llinu ·'·'''"' Krapcs field mil and home 01 . . . . . . panella's rinuble. Roy Cam- j douhllcss i ni'iicnt ant -jnle nleis If Hi Hi: ed the firhi B-n Wade lacked up his lifih Perhaps the; fell win nf the ,ea.on. The Burs have ""' '"'" "' " lost eifiht straight to Brooklyn this veir. ·hen . ."h 'v.irs tals . i i n i i 4 n ? Sci n n Km I i - rn»-, ' !S . 1 0 0 ~-nili-'- ? 1 n (I H minskj 3 n 1 Mmiirr p .1 n rt I 0 ri r-l r Tn'»l| ' for Mueller Korin !n 5 0 IM-D'eald. 3b .1 ] i 4 n n Noren. Ib 3 0 n cf 4 i fl Collins, ib n o n 2 1 0 woorllinir if · 2 I l l n Martin. :b 3 1 ? r J j j s « i n . P . 1 0 , 0 ri !J I i! tor Rnjovm h-- Fherl out for Dcnle in 9l c Grounrtea mil for Slobby ner. Wpstrum M Wcs'rurn HR--,\- R»..n,hni|7 n.,.| Minnrr l-l V I.rurr- ln,|,, ,-.1 "'"111. BalUnfnr.l -.05 A -nrhifll, InP", PH'LADC'.^'MtA CIHC .'. "'I'lrn ,-|' ',', 1 B r k r . w - l i ,'·" M " · ' 3 1 . ' Arlnm". .'.' · · ' - f -· 0 1 lln t.,,, |-.nniv If i n n h-IVr-,,.1 U r n , - n k rf -I ri n M.TrshaN I',TM." ~'' '- " " w "il»k' lBn-vn H'7ei|,il hClarn ' i n n " Kon-:in!v WMM,',.. in 4 o :' MirTM-, p | , ,-., Me-. » r ? p f , ,, ,, I.nlirk". -I, 1 1 1 rnln:! 31 3 C Tolull If s i ) ! ( 0 2 Brooklyn J, PIHbur|h ·HBOKLVN Morn o. Jb 4 f) I c llsl of i - - - ^' llshrine. 3h 4 0 S " (i r f ( ,, i r h II, I p 0 i II · f 1 0 1 - f 3 ] | 3 0 I 4 I I 4 I I I i . Snirler. cf 4 n n MerVich ! i . Hf nlnion. 21? : I (i Kmer. If .--inlu , Pnfko. If Herlle;. 1 P-urillo. rf I ! J » Mrrinn }, 3 · I .V rkltnrj , 5 n » Kirn? p M.ln c ' lfll7f; rfllrl Tol»lt 34 S II in O'h E-- Sai . ling n ? 3B-B..i Slohb^ , _ n:,n nox-e RBI Carrj-iucl r M,in. Mirlin 2. Sam 2. Wmrl- "B-rarr.nrqupl. WnMlmr .irr HB-Orr^nucl S Drnlf hiriiRn fi .\w York l ER 1. Sun ? KO-Hosovm J 1 s-ii (. HO-Rozovin 7 in J mum*' S'ohb* n in .T R A- FR -- Rn;-n. vin fi-fi. Slohb^ n 0. Sflin 4-1 pn = hrrh Vinner.-Smn 15-Ji. I.njrr- Rorovm M-5, r-Scinr. Mrtjo-.ian Berry and MrKinlry T - 2. OS A -How They Stand FRIDAT EVENING S:nn Dinner Music B:1S StarliBht Time ^:30 News 6:45 Ozark Sports Review SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W I, Prt 7 nn Wayne King Show 7:15 Gabriel Hca'tter 7.10 Hthymic Hende/.vous 7:4fi I.omhurdo on the Air Cleveland Xew York AMERICAN LEAGUE W I. 27 IS 2S 19 22 17 8:00 BASEBALL St. Louis Cardinals Vs. Philadelphia Phillies 10.30 Platter Party 10.IS Phtter r.irtv Mobile ... ! A t l a n t a New Orleans : · Chattanooga ; Na. hvi'llf : Lifle Rock . . ; M e m p h i s . ] Thunday'i Results Chattanooga .T. A:i,i Memnhi'. 2. New Oi 23 22 2-1 K KITS, Z ,'ffinftai S!5 ,-i.irlnlptna jnri 025 ooi_3 nnnnili 221 OfHI OOx--S f Hujnner RBI- Alburn. ll«nntr I'lU Klun-ewjkl. M.iMIHII. MrMll- i Pcrkowski A,l.-imi. 21! Klusirw- i. "csilakr 3B-Hnltrn. Ashhifrn I -Arlains OP-MeMlllan Bnrl Klul- · ' · k : . McMillan. Mollon and Klup- «skl. I.rfl- rhlln.lrlplila t rmcin- i ·* nB--Meyer .?. Hnnjen 1 Prr- ».'hl 5 SO--Drew* 2 llanjen I ·,nlr.^'i-ncui r. Perkowiki z IfO- r-wa 7 m 1', innlnRV Meyer 2 in , Manser, (1 In I. IMntzelinun 1 In l hi I ft K, K R - D r e w s . M'ver ! - ] . imn.en n-0. H-lnI7.ei. 'n ri.n. Knnslanly o.r, p ?r knw|V t W P - M e v e r Wm.r -PerkO'vi' 1 . nnm. anrl Sle\yftr' T-- Main in 7th. t- Grounded c Bropkiyn Pllllburph K_None RBI - Pnflto Modies nP Strlrk """ SO K h n ' so Kline .1 Kim. 2 In ' Will,,. '» i 6 Toliili I n t o double Olll fo. mr light of ihe wh" our limited experience r- \ found the AP to be di.''mu , The; ihat eein i, PITTtBURflH .,,,,| nr : , h ,,,. r , nr , h . yoll ,, M|1 , ltii , that Ihr-r" wnie l"'o v.isiSy d i f - I . fercnt reports Riven on the fight, j $ J J is lhal Jersey Jo« deserves a . i n n on Ibe b.i-k 'or wlni-.inj: even if ·' J l the fiKhl 'A,i/; .-, mile riuil Tor an 1 J i elderly Rentle.Tt'i !,;. U'alcotl n 2 o o defend his title u-|iMi none of the ? o o "f^PPrM" pave him a chance reemE n o 0 to us a feature making the fight o ; i o an evciiih.r; one ,j J J Anrl the de-;«ion by the judt'f " ^ i s final, so ".-hy no) "iv ( . ihe old '"i-' i'an:n;:ifiner the benefit of the n. p Of en ,,,-e -,'. e could have atop- pi-.l. cxcepi inai » wild-»yed wom- ,vi in a IOIK bla-k tourinf »«Hn w.,ii!d most eerUlnly hive 'de- p:.-.-iierl lierself in our back ieat if \ (.-d even slowed down. As it turned out it was th« (Irjt trip IVP had thf opportunity .if making up the new streteh of in,,, ,..,,, '"' ^ cmr ;ni and Gertrude whe«ed ' ". " - rfnd psnted in protest. And th« irir-k r.-t psrt of the whole trip came .it the top where we bluftei a plr-Kiip Into stopplni in III trip north on College: feinted right then left to outwit a milk truck cnminc in from Elklnj; ·nd i*|Uy dodged a convoy of pasnenftr can rareemr.g south toward the dawi- grade of the by-pass. I We were extremely htppy the | next day to see thtt «top «gn t had been put up for louth-btua^ ScJiool Stree* traffic a* th« touth- ; ern intersection of the by-f*l*. As we figure it that will reiluc* the number of can Involved in the accidents at the point from three cars to two. Now If »oine- (or three ( at the top of the fciil. WMki in ih 000 000 HI! 2 000 000 nofi-0 Hodncd 2B IfMt. Fiinllo 'litturfh 8 nn n !. Lapilrne 4 Main I no T-Opalnir i in wnh «R wins. 2.'i defeats and hes dunnc ih'ir alhlelir OUT OUR WAY BOWL KOR HEALTH Tim Ben ton Bowline Un««. A4r. KH. op with tk« ·he TIMBS i By J. R. Witliclm s'iani 4 .\.TJU - I. Little Hm-k COMEBACK STORY . . . By Alan Wave. Pet is; .ifi8 22 1H 2 ] 24 11:00 Platter Party 11:30 Sijzn Off SATURDAY MORMNQ ·1:31) Rise 'N Shine Haffield Help Tigers Cla Athletics, 12-2 adelphia - ,T. - The Delroii began cashing m on (hen- part of baseball's hiftrjesl trade last night in clipping the Philadelphia Athletics. 12-2. Marlin Stuart held the lambunrtioiis A's tn five hiis. Fred Hatfield. an e x - R e d Sox- «r, was one of the big batters in the Bengal win. H.itfield collected three hits, fine a double with tht bases lo.ided in the fourth. Bob Hooper star'cd for the A's. S:. l.nms I)".ro! . . . ... Thursday's Results New York fi. Chi -ago 4. Cleveland 5. Boston 0 Detroit 12. Philadelphia 2. N A T I O N A L LEAGUE W I, Brooklyn ..If) 2S New York Chi.-apr, Cincinnali . 23 St. :? Philadelphia Ifl Bn.-lr-.n 17 l'irsl,i,r C l, n Thursday's H*lults Chi-ago 3. Xru- Yi.ik I. Brooklyn 2. PlMiurrh 0 Cinrmnali 5. Pr.iladniphai 3 R'V'r,,-, fl S' 1.1,in; .') Prt. .7.12 .5!)! .511 fl:00 Rise N" Shine fi:3fl Maikels anri Weather fi 35 Rise . I' .Shine 7 00 Minutes hy Music 7 15 .lordanr.ires 7 30 oi.-isc "··15 Orc.'in Reveries H.fKi A f t e r Hreakfast 8 l'i Mnrnins De o'lon fl'3'i TIMF.S Morning Edition R--I.I (l.-ark ~ The A7orcs islands in the A lantic flcean are soni.-''mes link. .was folowcd by ,-obnny KuVal, ^'^ - ^J^ ^ land -- Dick Fnwlrr 12. fn.lartflph,. i DITROIT PMILAOILfHIA flh r h » K - Prlddy. 2h 4 : 1 .lr.r,ii IB Hatfield 3r ! 1 3 SudT ti Mullln. If 4 i | Kr:i 2h Drofw. Jr. A l l Bernini I f Glnjberf c 4 1 0 v»K r f Ornlh. of .11! M.itiki 31- Itepfj-, M j 2 .1 Reyan 3b Sliwrt, f 3 2 1 Hi'fllf K . 1 ITipmn ( 4 0 0 0 0 0 4 I I 3 0 | 4 I 2 3 0 I .1 0 f, i o n 3 0 0 3 0 0 'Innper. p 1 0 0 Kurab. p 1 0 fl I \. !rr, p 1 0 0 ( IJ 14 !,,',!. .11 J , Wl? .WS rwv_l! ; om ooi oni-- } . Kelt. .Too-l !tni-Pridrtv darv land lh;il Aiabiaii ceiyi-,,- pbers di^ro\-ered nnl in medieval writings. - S t u a r t 2. Hallif-M 3 I)n,pn 3 7' f r n i a I. Hitchcock ; B - H a l f i e | d 2 Philley. V«!n IIR-Priddy. Dropn SB - Grfith Si-Si ,, a r i DP-Hi»iiieiri Prlflrtv anrt Drftpo 2. Merry. Prifldv and Drnpn Ken anrt Hitrhrork Left --Duron J. Philadelphia « BB- S'uarl 4 HfiAner I. Kurah ? *f«ler I SO--Hnoper 1. Krmler i s*iuri l MO-.Hfioper « in 3N inninn Knr-a 1 ., f In 2 1 !. Fowler 2 in 3 R it FT 1 per ?./ Kur.ib i-S Fowler ft-0 Jlil«rl !·; HBP Hr,,r-r , d-. PB~(;in«her| Winner-Sliiarl ij.j, Loser-Hnnper ,|..Si l'--niiffv, Steven Monnehlf*. Napp T ! Oi A~2.HI*. JOE DOB SON, RlSflTHAfJDSR OF THE . _ SOY, s or Preik l.iwi 11 I II T'HK Ttiorpt f r r Olivllno TDurpe ! H.riifieM riorSen HR- DP t.e(»r Ilir'itiein .nd Left- »,!! »8-inf.n. 4 sh- Wtrl. 1 (10. Yuh. « In T W 7 ifJ f9SI- /= CO Ml-IS 0ACK YiiTH CM Of /"t C:L/ it F'fiv- 35 WiHfJ'HS . roox / ?··. -r To HANP ···.' f ;; ~. Fnr.ln .Terd A . 4 V 4 p.iil NV..V Hei-r. Ni-w Herorrl llelcasc-s Ivi'i-ai/l Mun-nw finest Slur I 1 ''" Man nn The F» II 30 Chifi-h of ChriM 1 1 45 News at ,\'non SATIJRDAT \rirxtioon 12:00 R A S E P . A M , ClevclaiH Hman; Vs Philidel]-,hi.i Alhlr-tic!, 2 SO Swing Re: S 3.oo Dunn Adobe 3.30 Pre-irifot Tr,.min 4-00 Lan . t..'!'' Rands for p.'iivh ·I -I.'. MI.-MI,,] Inieilule 5-Of) Htrmonv . S.H Heport Frr.m Tf.e pentagon 5:4^ Pepwee Reese Show / WHAT = THIS FOR f --{ THERb ASEW'T AMY PRIppiW(3 FAUCETS OC AMYTHIKJe UP MEEe. WO, AJTPTH6)WE WOJ'T BE WHEM I'M PKEP».R»C WHY i PUT THEM THERE Braves Rout Cards Behind Soahn, 8-3 St. Louis - i/fi-Tlie R o s I o n ra-,, jumped ,,,, ,,,okie p,i,. h er F'lrlie Vilhas and ln relief-r Joe . Prcsko for nine hits and rr- en runs in Ihe f n r t Inninj of , ,,,,,,,,, last nit-hl al Sportsman'? Paik Thai '.-as more than enough to avr Ihe v a v for ;,n fi-3 \ ir'orv. Sid Cordon's three - run homer 'he first irininc hinhiichttd |i al prismc U'arren Spahn, the -.v:n- inrr pitcher for the Miaies. dro'-. e Iwo of the - e v e n runs with a male. Rob Thr.rpe tied a majrn aaiie reeor4 l-.y hil'inj I v o double' in the same mrms. ; Spahn went (., -.,,, r k t ; his bit; lead arri allrmed nnly hi! Ihrourh l! / "irst seven inni He weakened in the tizhih and lowed f i v e hits and ihree bill was moie lhan equal to ihr oi-rasK.i, Me ··;. r-rer|,ied hr s i x t h v .i-. r.t the venr Peain' I.owre- canii' up wi'h hl« ^e- en') hit a' n IMII. -I. -hitler ,, the eiifhth for 'he Cards. IUTIUHT, iir. , t t N I U C K T I I . A I O M I I O U M O N W H I t K I T

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